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Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 4:18pm On Nov 04

Normally it doesn't. The client did an extension on his end. That's what CS told me. Also, deliveries outside the order page could create issues should an argument come up between you and the client. The order page keeps it organized too.

Lol. Shey you dey wind me ni? I've been on fiver for over half a decade with over 1k orders. "Make another delivery" extends auto complete time automatically. There's no way the client can extend the completion time on his end without going through you by opening a dispute to extend the time. The CS that attended to you might be high or is a noob, or maybe it's you that misunderstood him/her.

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Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 12:39pm On Nov 02

I made a delivery to a client which should have the 3 day acceptance period clearing yesterday. However, I made an additional delivery yesterday only to have the acceptance date increased to the 15th. Normally, this shouldn't have changed the date.

Take Note.

Normally, it would affect it. Next time you want to make such additional deliveries, submit it as an attachment in the chat area of the order. That way, you don't alter the auto complete time.

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Romance / Re: I Want To Bleep Every Girl In Campus by Dandy1(m): 2:52pm On Jul 09

Hmmm what happened to him

MF got HIV, now he looks like a walking dead. �
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 3:31pm On Jul 03
Please can anyone help me solve this, I can't seem to verify my phone number cause the verify button isn't working even after filling in the correct 4 digits.
Please I need help ASAP.

I gave you the solution above
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 3:30pm On Jul 03

Use a laptop

Download Puffin browser on Google play. It's how I solved it when it happened to me. Login on it and retry the verification.
Sports / Re: Drake Facetimes With Israel Adesanya Before UFC 276, Reveals He Bet A $1M by Dandy1(m): 7:25am On Jul 03
Israel, you for avoid that call like a plague. You no fear the drake curse? shocked
Business / Re: Upwork Thread (Questions/Help/Advice) by Dandy1(m): 11:40pm On Jul 01

I don't think you need to DM, this is public information and I'm sure someone else would probably DM to get same info

I would probably be banned for posting the link, but googling the gtb domiciliary account would point you to a link with the requirements.

The requirements are the same for most banks except the initial deposits which is usually $100 for most banks but $0 for GTB. The banks have this information on their websites

From the GTB link(Copied and pasted)

Also, the savings domcillary accounts are easier to obtain(GTB doesn't have it) because the reference forms aren't needed and I think they should work fine also with payoneer
They do have some limitations, I think they don't allow direct deposits over the counter(You can't deposit raw dollars into them yourself) and they don't have cards.
You can't visit any bank's website for more information on their dormicillary account offerings

Thanks for your swift response. How about the withdrawal. One withdraws raw dollar cash to exchange at BDC or Street rate right?


Business / Re: Upwork Thread (Questions/Help/Advice) by Dandy1(m): 11:02pm On Jul 01

last withdrawal was exactly a month ago.

Yes they do charge, especially if its huge( like 500+). Its usually about 1 - 2% of the amount and I'm not sure its GTB charging it, I think its the intermediary banks

Sometimes they don't though, for smaller amounts

Hey bro!
I'm really interested in having you give me more tips on cashing out Payoneer funds via GTB's domiciliary account. Normally I shouldn't need this, but Payoneer disabled Payoneer to Payoneer transfer on my account. I have tried all I could to get them to restore it, but they won't.

I have been really shortchanged over the years using their direct bank deposits, when I should be selling the dollars at black market rates on Binance and paxful for maximum gain.

Can you please list the requirements for opening a dom. account with GTB and how to finally cash out/convert to Naira for maximum gain? If you don't mind, I can DM you for more conversational chatting. Thanks
Business / Re: Upwork Thread (Questions/Help/Advice) by Dandy1(m): 10:49pm On Jul 01
I belong to this closed group for freelancers in my niche and recently many people have complained of account bans. Mostly Africans and Asians. The Africans were quick to play the victim card. Claiming Upwork is out to eradicate freelancers from SubSaharan Africa. But further investigations showed they violated Upwork’s T&Cs. The most recent being acting as tools for money launderers. Yes, they launder money via client and freelancer accounts.

- Another interesting thing is the budding romance among freelancers. I would never have guessed people could meet foreign partners via Upwork groups, but one happened o. Normal normal na. Anywhere man and woman dey, things must occur.

- I had an argument with this Asian chick. I wasn’t even referring to her anyway. Just dropped my opinion on the obvious bias against Africans and she took it personal. Started shit-talking Nigeria. I don’t know which of you broke her heart. She seems to be very knowledgeable of Nigeria and Nigerians. She go dey alright… grin

Y'all doing all those group and shit on Upwork? I never really got a hang of the PITA platform. Seems no matter what I do, I can't really gain ground or get really established on there. It's way easier to get started on Fiverr than on Upwork because Fiverr algorithm kindda supports a new entrant for a period of 2 weeks to one month to help you get a foothold. Plus the UI is user friendlier.
As long as your gig description is good and you're good with the SEO keywords relevant to your niche, you're on your way to excelling on Fiverr.

But that Upwork's shitty*, no matter what I do, it ain't yielding. I was quick to get approved and get my first work on there. I even bought lots of connects when they first started selling and kept bidding, but no way. I guess the 2nd client which I got immediately after the 1st f'ckked up my streak by making an order and not submitting the file to work on. I messaged the mofo like cray, she didn't reply until the order expired. So I just lost interest in the site, since I was doing great on Fiverr already. Even had my hands filled.

I might try it again someday soon though.
Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 5:45pm On Dec 05, 2021

You made a valid point here... No reasonable importer in all d markets in Lagos at present, declare d actual worth or quantity of goods imported... My advice, just pay up and pick your goods. Ensure you do d needful next time by pleading with the shipper to under-estimate d worth of the item before shipping.

I reached out to the seller. He actually devalued the item even though I didn't request he should do it. He said he put in the invoice.
Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 5:40pm On Dec 05, 2021
Your purchase exchange rate is N407.
They must have used the parallel mkt rate in their own calculation. Just guessing anyway

No, I think what those guys do is go online to Aliexpress and search for the item to get the price. In my case I was unlucky because they miscalculated another superior version of what I bought. The names are almost the same with just difference of 2 letters. There are 2 versions, the costlier one was what I was charged for. When I calculated the 202k they estimated, it was exactly the price of the more expensive version. See pictures below.

Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 5:20pm On Dec 05, 2021

I suppose they employed their dubious "Customs Valuation" as against the item's actual worth during Duty calculation.
They do that a lot.

Just get the item's invoice and any other supporting document that could establish the actual amount your purchased it and ask the Courier company that shipped it in to send same to the Nigerian Customs for a re-evaluation of the applicable tariff.

It will be reviewed.

Thank you. I already submitted a letter of request for revaluation to them, but from my findings it seems that hardly works. I am awaiting their response while I look for money to pay, in case the levy is not reduced.
Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 11:33am On Nov 30, 2021
cry cry cry

Anyone who has any idea on how to go about this or help out kindly do. Attached is a screenshot of the actual amount paid at checkout. Lalasticlala and other mods please help for more audience.

Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 10:09pm On Nov 29, 2021
No vex sir... Go there and beat them all up

Ha! O ga o. With people like you, this injustice will be encouraged. You think if Nigeria produces a usable equal to what I ordered, or even something close - I would have bothered myself ordering from abroad? So whenever we buy things we can't get locally, they should slit our throats for it right?

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Business / Re: Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 8:45pm On Nov 29, 2021
There is nothing you can do OP just try to negotiate with the person in charge there...this happens not just in Nigeria alone but in almost all African countries

Ha! That's really crazy. Do you mean one has to pay about half the price value of what you ordered in order to get it. You are definitely wrong and are encouraging this unjust exploitation. Who does that? Pay half the prize for duty? It wouldn't even happen in North Korea. Even Kim won't be that heartless.

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Business / Exploitative Outrageous Duty Charges By Nigerian Customs by Dandy1(m): 8:15pm On Nov 29, 2021
I couldn't find a suitable sub-forum for this topic, so I used the general. Kindly patiently read through, if there's anyone that can help - please kindly reach out.

I'm going to be apt and sincere here. So I ordered a musical studio equipment on the Aliexpress 11:11 sales day. The total sum I paid for the item at checkout was $280(114k naira). Free shipping was part of the deal, so it was mouth watering. Normally, I would have used the service of Nairaland trusted shipping agents like Justi4jesu, but she doesn't do Aliexpress the last time I checked.

Fast forward to today, I was called to come pick up my parcel at the local post office. The item was stated on the listing to be shipped through 'Aliexpress standard shipping', I don't know how it ended up in the care of EMS. I reached there, and some sort of invoice was brought out. The attending agent looked at the papers for a moment and told me I would be paying about 39,600 for the clearance. What!!!

I couldn't believe my ears, so I told her to please pass me the document for observation. I saw the estimated value of the item was put at #202,000 naira. How come? It stated on the paper that the custom duty was 10%,which is #20,000. Plus all other trumped up charges, it summed up to #39,600. Plus 1k5 for shipping from Lagos, over 40k. That's about $100, using the current official exchange rate.

I bought a $280 dollar item and I'm being charged $100 for collection? That's like 43% of the value. Even if I am stinkingly rich, which I am not; it's insane to pay such amount. It's like buying a 1milli worth car and paying 430k to clear it. I am an obedient citizen and all, but inflating the price of the item I bought just to cash out big through tariff screams corruption to me. I am very sure just a fraction of the amount will be remitted to government coffers.

Please if there's anybody who has an idea how to go about beating down this obviously outrageous charges, kindly help out. I can print out the issued invoice on the bought item as proof of price if there's a need. Thanks.

Lalasticlala and other mods, I will be glad if this can make front page for more awareness of this unjust situation. Thanks

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Culture / Re: Olukere Of Ikere Ekiti Now Recognized As An Oba In Ekiti State by Dandy1(m): 8:08am On Oct 09, 2021
Fayemi is a fool. E wan ignite chaos for the peaceful town. SMH
Car Talk / Re: Vibrating Car Engine: Causes by Dandy1(m): 3:23am On Sep 12, 2021
I just want to drop it here that when the big black hose that connects the engine combustion chamber is not tightly in place, it can cause the vibration in idle issue. That was the case in my situation. I just tightened it properly and vibration disappeared. Thanks to someone who earlier dropped a hint on this thread. I hope this helps someone
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 6:13pm On Sep 09, 2021
Anyone in Akure, Ondo state that is a young smart mind and is very good with English listening skills?. i.e, If you can easily watch Hollywood movies without using subtitles, and you have a laptop computer. Send me an email - dhandyrule at gmail.com. I will train you in Audio editing and sound engineering.

If you are good enough, you can start earning during your training. By the time you are very good, I can employ you as as an assistant fully with a good enough pay.
Autos / Re: Neatly Used Honda Civic Now Available by Dandy1(m): 8:13pm On Jul 17, 2021
900k sharp
Autos / Re: .... by Dandy1(m): 7:21pm On Jul 17, 2021

V6 or v4?

Answer this question OP
Autos / Re: Clean Used 2001 Toyota Corolla 750k by Dandy1(m): 6:13pm On Jul 17, 2021
Is this still available?
Career / Re: Share Your Experience As A Freelancer by Dandy1(m): 11:00pm On Jun 30, 2021
please I need application to spy on my wife phone most especially that Whatsapp ,she is always on that WhatsApp

Mumu like you. People are talking about making money here, your dumb head is thinking about catching a cheating partner. Up your game bro


Career / Re: Share Your Experience As A Freelancer by Dandy1(m): 10:54pm On Jun 30, 2021
I make money literally everyday from designing.
Once you are good, then you're good to go.

You get referrals. In fact na you go tire.

I don't use upwork / fiverr nonsense. Lots of competition.

I get most of my clients from nairaland! Yes, clients full here. Both home based and foreign clients..

If you want to learn how to design. Send me a DM (P.S NOT FREE)

LOL. You are short changing yourself. If you are as good as you said you are, then you have more chances of making more money with foreign clients. Nowadays, I catch my clients on freelance sites and take them out of there.

Working from home is sweet, my neighbours think I'm into yahoo or something. �


Family / Re: What's It Like To Have Your Wife/husband Cheat On You? by Dandy1(m): 7:09pm On Apr 06, 2021

You see this snooping, any time the topic comes up at work, my colleagues always say I am dulling. They be like “babe check!”

One of us was forming baddest guy, a veteran snooper told him to calm down, that if she touches that his iPhone, she will tell him things.

He gave her the phone, she was like, “Why are you always going to Fola Osibo after work, who lives there?”

Omo! The guy was shouting. “Show me how you got there. Show me what you pressed. Babe abeg, show me!!!”

That's only because he puts on his phone's GPS location and also grants apps permission to use it. The dude is not tech savvy. That kind trick can't work on some of us tech smart ones.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Is My Strong Ally - President Buhari by Dandy1(m): 7:38pm On Mar 24, 2021
Ok o. These old heads no wan gree give young people with modern ideas and smarter moves chance.

Off point: Whenever I'm driving on the highway and see these okadas riding recklessly in front of me, I always wished I could just hit them from behind and watch them fly up in the air like in Grand theft auto without consequences. But then I remember this is real life. �

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Computers / Re: This Insane Laptop Has Seven Foldable Displays (Photos) by Dandy1(m): 7:09pm On Feb 08, 2021
This is particularly good for music production and sound engineering. Hence the display on the fourth picture below which has Ableton Live, Hu-he Diva and other plugins on.

You can for instance open FL studio on one tab, open the mixer on another, open the Playlist on one, the step sequencer on one and plugins(effects and instruments) on the rest. No need to dey open and close windows every time, you have have every interface right in front of you. Faster workflow.

Music production and sound engineering is sweet. I play with fantastic toys everyday.


Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Oxlade's Manager, Ojabodu Ademola Arrested During Protest (Video) by Dandy1(m): 12:16am On Oct 13, 2020
Fool. Who is he crying out to? His fellow yahoo yahoo criminals. Yahoo boy forming artiste. All of you will rot in jail. Police needs to really deal with these miscreants. Rubbish.

You are just being stupid. That you are so unlucky to be a talentless aboki doesn't mean everyone should be like you. I don't blame you though, I bet you don't even know who wizkid is because you listen to only your aboki music.

I know of a record label that paid Oxlade 1m or even more just for him to feature on their artistes song. Do you know how much of that he makes per year from such features alone? Not to talk of shows. Yet, he left his life of luxury to risk his life in the face of bullets and all you can talk is this rubbish you typed.

Like everyone had been saying, go and borrow sense. Not everyone is as miserable as you. Olodo
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 4:38pm On Jul 19, 2020
I'm here on the 1000th page. I wanna give thanks to beatzone for this wonderful thread. It touched my life in a really positive way. Now I make some cool amount of dough on the side freelancing.
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 8:37pm On Jul 02, 2020
You can now receive funds into your debit card balance once again. Payoneer just lifted all limitations.

Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by Dandy1(m): 3:56pm On Jun 30, 2020
Yippee!!! Payoneer card service is back online folks �
I just paid for my domain name yearly subscription with it. But it seems you can only spend what is on it, and can't move new funds onto the card.

The bank transfer is obviously available though, but Zenith Bank is a pain to receive bank deposits with. They make me write a stupid currency conversion letter every time I withdraw to the account and submit the hard copy in the banking hall. Bullcrap

Music/Radio / Re: How To Become A Naija Producer - Video Included by Dandy1(m): 3:39pm On Jan 07, 2020
Here is a fool proof comprehensive tutorial with picture guides that will help you learn how to make your own beats so fast.


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