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Politics / Re: Buhari & The Vampires Around Him Never Wanted Tinubu To Be President - Omatseye by diamondy: 3:01pm On Mar 11
grin angry angry
Now i know you are not ok

[ ;Dquote author=Gbadugbakun post=128883391]Buhari saw what most Nigerians couldn't see. Look at where we are today. To see food chop na problem. undecided

Yesterday was women day in my church. What they gave us as refreshments was zobo and puff puff. Whereas other years the women would cook varieties of soups, swallow and rice.

I deliberately went to church that yesterday so that I can fill my empty stomach but I shock as they started sharing nylon bags with 3 small puff puff and I plastic bottle of zobo. I couldn't cry.

I chop am sha, but e no belley full me. cry[/quote]
Family / Re: When Is The Right Time For A Child To Start School ? by diamondy: 5:16pm On Jan 17
Your dealer get beta product. Omo komo grin


Politics / Re: Who Else Is Having Problems With Loading IKEDC Token? by diamondy: 9:14pm On Nov 23, 2023
God bless you bro. You are a life saver

You can fix it in just 2 steps below:

Step I:
Enter your meter number and NIN to link your NIN to your prepaid meter in under 2 minutes using this link-

Step II:
After linking your prepaid meter to your NIN, go ahead and make an electricity purchase on simply buy units from your bank app or Anywhere else. You will receive 2 sets of tokens separate from the light units tokens you bought. These 2 tokens are called kct1 and kct2.

Enter the 1st set of token into your prepaid meter and press enter. Enter the 2nd set of token into your prepaid meter and press enter again. Your meter will migrate successfully.

Step III
You can now enter your unit tokens to load successfully and wil not see a rejected message when next you load.

Most common problem
If you have linked your NIN to your prepaid meter and you have made a new electricity unit purchase but did not receive your ktc tokens or only received incomplete tokens, then click the link below and enter your meter number to receive your two sets of kcts:

Religion / Re: Free Sex Is Still Not Free by diamondy: 10:58am On Oct 08, 2023
Thumbs up brother


Who's that guy up there saying, "sex is sacred shit?"

My friend, whatever you believe in rules and stirs your purpose and direction in your earthly sojourn. In days of the ancient, Cleopatra, Julius Ceaser, Casanova, and all the kings and queens of the Roman empire had sex recklessly. Nothing happened. The only one thing that happened to them and will one day happen to everyone else is Death.

Sex is overrated. We're way more than seven billion people presently walking the dirty face of this gad damn Earth. They'll all one day bow and sign out! and in comes another different set of people to walk in their trails.

In the year 1207, men and women had sex.
In the year 1809, men and women had sex.
In the year 2022, men and women are having sex.
In the year 3009, provided these bastards don't wipe the human race, people existing then would have sex. From morning to night. Sun up to sun down. And by that time, you saying that sex is sacred, would have long been dead and even your bones would have melted and you go back to being dust.

Have sex. There's nothing sacred about it. This shit talk sounds like an African thing.

The only takeaway that I want you to get into your head is that; with the prevalence of all sorts of viruses, diseases, and infections, it's advisable to protect oneself. Condomize your dick and take extra caution.
Music/Radio / Re: Peter Obi Mourns Mohbad, commiserates with family by diamondy: 6:32pm On Sep 19, 2023
Gbajue president. Thanks alot for the message

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TV/Movies / Re: Adekunle And Venita Rip Pere Apart As Drama Roleplay Turns More Dramatic by diamondy: 3:36pm On Aug 10, 2023
Hmm. I have nothing to say maybe the person behind would have something to say sad
Politics / Re: Kashim Shettima Shares Photo Of His Undergraduate Days In UNIMAID (1989) by diamondy: 11:27pm On Mar 11, 2023
Wuwa ika!!!


Ma rerin


Religion / Re: Enenche’s Daughter, Deborah & Sam Release Pre-Wedding Photos by diamondy: 10:17pm On Dec 04, 2022
Why your lips con black like this. Abeg reduce your weed smoking

Unique kinda photoshoot just like me and my babe below

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Eloswag Wins Head Of House Game - Week 4 by diamondy: 7:09pm On Aug 15, 2022
undecidedI no catch fire

Useless show grin

Quote me and catch fire instantly tongue
Family / Re: My Girlfriend Wants Us To Wear Same Attire To Her Niece traditional marriage by diamondy: 1:23pm On Jun 21, 2022
grin grin grin
Baba you are not ok lol
She is trying to mark her territory.

That girl is marking her territory, staking ownership on the guy and showing off her prize before her family members. The guy will now get there, her family members will be telling the guy to do quick and pick date.

Pick which date? Guy wey just pay for IELTS.
Foreign Affairs / Re: India Receives Military Supplies From Moscow Amid Russia-ukraine War by diamondy: 3:08pm On Apr 16, 2022
Stalin is from present day Georgia not Ukraine. Lets always get our facts right because here is educative .

There was nothing like Russia in the Soviet Union.
Only the Soviet Union..
Stalin's you are saying father is from present day Ukraine..
They were all Soviet Union noting like Russia invested in which countries

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Bans Boris Johnson From Entering The Country by diamondy: 2:38pm On Apr 16, 2022
grin grin
I guess Putin would go to the UK or U.S either undecided
Hahaha, what dose Boris Johnson need to do in Russia..
Stupid move grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Says 'We Realized That Ukraine Will Not Become A Member Of NATO' by diamondy: 10:21pm On Mar 15, 2022
Baba you get brain. One cold heineken for you comrade

It is true that every sovereign Nation has the right to part of any association they deem fit, However while at it, they must not do so, so much as to affect their neighbor. This is because , where one’s right ends, that’s where the right of another begins. Even the S.40 CFRN 1999, which provided for freedom of association also subjected the rights under the section to S.45 CFRN 1999. We all know that allowing Ukraine to join NATO will bring security threat to Russia and in all reasonability, it is only wise for Putin to act as much as he could to prevent such. No one is preventing Ukraine from joining any international organization, but they must not do so as to affect their neighbor(Russia), same way the United States Government wouldn't be comfortable with a Russia military base in Mexico under the guise of “international association”.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Troops Are Raping Women In Ukraine - Dmytro Kuleba (Foreign Minister) by diamondy: 2:02pm On Mar 05, 2022
I hope you said all these when Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Vietnam , Libya , Palestine were all invaded . I guess they were all sovereign states too maybe apart from Palestine . No be only Kingpele , you na Balogunmessi you for be

Wow,everyone supporting Russia invasion of Ukraine ,a sovereign state is a very foolish human being, the fact that they are even justifying it ,with war crimes of western states in the past, in this 21st century is rather unfortunate and absurd..two wrongs does not make a right ,if a state or a person kills a human being or human beings unjustly in the past, it doesn't justify another state doing same presently. putin is a mad man, full of demons of death and pride and his end will be unfortunate.because if u can't create a human being, u don't have any right to kill a human being,no matter what.if putin is strong as he want the world to think ,he will be able to secure his state and border,even if he is surrounded by his perceived enemies.again if Russia is as powerful as putin is trying to show ,the western powers will never be able to contemplate attacking him because every one is afraid of the mighty and powerful. Putin had no real reason for invading Ukraine...even if a sovereign state like Ukraine decide to join EU,NATO,AU etc what is the business of Russia, by attacking Ukraine ,sane people have seen the reason Ukraine ought to joined this groups in other to protect their country from bullying mad man like putin.

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Romance / Re: He Met His Girlfriend In His Friend's Room by diamondy: 10:14am On Feb 02, 2022
Catch not caught bro

Did he caught them knacking or what?? undecided
Una go just dey confuse person undecided

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Celebrities / Re: Actress, Iyabo Ojo & Her Daughter, Priscilla Look Like Sisters In New Photos by diamondy: 6:25am On Jan 25, 2022
A lion can never born a goat grin
Family / Re: Beautiful 60-Year-Old Woman & Her Daughters Cause A Stir Online (Video) by diamondy: 6:24pm On Jan 24, 2022
Nawa o. She looks finer than the kids sef embarassed

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Sports / Re: Media Coverage Is Disrespectful To AFCON - Ian Wright by diamondy: 8:36pm On Dec 30, 2021
Remember thats our rainy season here. Hence tournament wouldnt be held


Lol, no we dont undecided. Summer in this context refers to June/July.
Sports / Re: Media Coverage Is Disrespectful To AFCON - Ian Wright by diamondy: 7:45pm On Dec 30, 2021
I don't get. Do we have summer in sub saharan Africa?? shocked

I dont think the Afcon is getting as much flak is it is potrayed to have. In my opinion, i think its just hard to sell the Afcon to the rest of the world because of the timing. The organizers ought to understand that even the World Cup is played in the summer when all other major leagues are on break.
If Afcon were to be played in the summer, it would get as much coverage as possible. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, even the European Championship cannot compete with the Leagues in terms of coverage. The Qatar world cup is getting as much flak due to its timing as well.
With this outburst, clubs will start to boycot African players. CAF should move the competition to the summer.
Politics / Re: Police Take Over APC National Secretariat In Abuja by diamondy: 5:34pm On Nov 17, 2021
grin grin grin

APC is just a special purpose vehicle that was formed by some disgruntled elements to capture power. They have no ideology but came to kill and destroy. They have succeeded in turning Nigeria to the undisputed poverty capital of the world. Nigeria is now officially the most dangerous place in the world right now all thanks to this devilish party from the pit of hell. Anything to aid their destruction is welcome by every reasonable Nigerians
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Shouts At Santos After Portugal Failed To Qualify For Wolrd Cup(video) by diamondy: 8:11am On Nov 16, 2021
You are not ok walahi grin grin

PENDU will always be PENDU... I remember when the King of San Marino, Lithuania, Andorra, and Luxembourg removed the countries arm band and slammed it on the floor like hot Amala because he couldn't control his emotions.... Some of his brainless fans defended him online....

Now, look at him talking to his father's agemate as if he is talking to one of his numerous Spanish side chick because he wasn't giving a Penalty and couldn't get a chance to score his favorite Tap-ins and run to the corner flag to jump like a monkey that wants to fornicate.

When we talk, some of his oloriburuku fans will say he is being patriotic.

Choose your GOAT wisely.


Celebrities / Re: Battle Of The Year Dance Show: Glo Announces Mega Millions To Be Won by diamondy: 5:57am On Oct 20, 2021
Let me allow the person after me to comment undecided
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Fighter Jets ‘scrambled To Intercept US Spy Plane Over Black Sea(pix) by diamondy: 7:47pm On Jul 08, 2021
KGB colonel


Mossad can only intimidate Arab herdsmen like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Not Putin a former KGB chief. No secret service is more secretive than the KGB.

We see CIA classified info spilled everyday. cheesy

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Set To Open His 168-Room Hotel In Madrid (Photo) by diamondy: 7:45am On Jun 09, 2021
Enemy of progress undecided

Im still not impressed!!!!!!!
Politics / Re: Unemployment: What Tinubu’s Recommendation Tells Us About Him - Oke Umurhohwo by diamondy: 6:09am On Mar 31, 2021
Career / Re: Why Ekiti Police Sacked Pregnant Policewoman by diamondy: 6:57pm On Jan 28, 2021
You and the dude behind you are not okay. grin grin grin grin grin grin

You see one of the many disadvantages of FORNICATION right? smiley

Instead of Constable Olajide Omolola to concentrate immensely on her post-trainning experience in the field, she chose to dedicate her time to "POST-PENIIS" experience in the bed.

Not only has she lost her job, but she was booted out in an unceremonious manner all because of her unceasing appetite for PENIIS.
Celebrities / Re: Onyeka Onwenu: Why I Rejected Fela’s Marriage Proposal by diamondy: 6:33am On Jan 17, 2021
Bros you are not ok grin grin grin

Thank God u did,
That Nigg was highly irresponsible.

Which grown ass Man will comfortably seat out with a sleekly pant and his manhood dangling while wrapping a puk of Marijuana if not mentally derailed.

People pappa
Education / Re: OAU, LASU Break Into Top 1000 World Universities Ranking 2021 - THE by diamondy: 12:10pm On Sep 03, 2020
Greatest lasuite. Articulate lasuite. Greatest gbagba artiuclate gbogbo. Nice one grin
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole, Obaseki Difficult To Reconcile — Oba Of Benin by diamondy: 12:06pm On Sep 03, 2020
Thats their problem undecided
Family / Re: The Biggest Mistake In Marriage Right Now For A Guy by diamondy: 11:48am On May 22, 2020
You are not ok i swear grin angry grin

That's not the biggest mistake..

The biggest mistake is to marry a Nigerian girl.

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