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Crime / Re: Enugu, Crime Capital Of Nigeria – Survey by DoffMan2: 2:59pm On Oct 22, 2013

Well.....if that is your opinion, I have no reason to make you think otherwise...after all, this is an anonymous forum.

I am not for a second bother about that whatsoever.

That is exactly my point.
Crime / Re: Enugu, Crime Capital Of Nigeria – Survey by DoffMan2: 2:46pm On Oct 22, 2013

Calm down and slow down ......take your early morning sermon and shove it to the darkest part of your body.

So, you've been stalking me and I've never notice your presence on NL...or is this an alternate moniker? undecided

The questions you should be asking is why the level of ethnicity so high to record level in Nigeria today?

You will locate the appropriate reply when you are able to determine why some people now feel another ethnic tribe is behind their woes..the lack of or stunted growth of their region and a general paranoid.

Nigeria have never had it this bad....until some people start dividing the country not along class-line but on primordial sentiments of tribe, ethnic and religion all for their political leverage.

So you Mr Man....stop looking at the wrong man.

Typical cop out reply!

I'm holding you accountable for your own statements based on what you posted earlier, or are you trying to say you are an Igbo lover?? All it takes for anyone to see the history of your posts is to click on your profile and everything is apparent in a few minutes. I don't care where anything originated from, BUT YOU FORM A LARGE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You and others like you from both sides. Are you the only Yoruba man who read those so-called "started-from post"? Come on, who do you think you are fooling? You revel in ethnic bashing like this. You start it, you stoke it and drag it on past it life expiry.

You ask where my presence has been? Just because, unlike you, I don't post on every topic doesn't mean that I don't read them!! There are severall thounsands of people who read comments on Nairaland, get angry, but do not post. There are enough deranged people on nairaland available to post replies, so why bother? Its not like the Nigerian govt reacts and makes policy based on what's written on nairaland?? All this is purely an ego my-dads-car-is-bigger-than-yours trip.

Which still begs the question - what is the end game? What do you all stand to achieve?


Crime / Re: Enugu, Crime Capital Of Nigeria – Survey by DoffMan2: 10:53am On Oct 22, 2013
ilugunboy: Some people must be having problem with Yorubas.....all their predicaments and woes in Nigeria is caused by Yorubas.


All one has to do is read your historic posts to see why some people have problems with Yorubas like you.

You are one of the most biaised and bigoted people on nairaland. I really have to hand it to you, because it takes a lot of "something" to be consistently negative about Igbos; day after day, week after week, year after year. Whenever there's any news relating to Igbos, you ate sure to be there. No letting up, no slipping. It makes we wonder what the end game is? What do you guys (both Igbo and Yoruba) hope to achieve? Score brownie points? An ego thing? Remember there are millions of impressionable youths in Nigeria who now have access to internet and are following these threads. They probably have never had any problems with the other tribe in real life but are now being forced to take sides and believe the other tribe hates them. Its beginig to affect their music (afrobeat) because they believe they all have to take sides (see recent negative comments about psquare, wizkid etc). The once dominant Naija afrobeat is bring polarised along ethnic lines (to the advantage of Ghana) so much that fellow Africans now know that davido is yoruba and flavour is Igbo, when they were previously just Nigerians. Can the same be said of the Ghanaian musicians? Do you know what tribes they belong to? After the music industry, then what next as these millions of youths grow older?

Do you guys actually realise what the results of your crude oil inflated egos are leading to? Is Nigeria ertanally cursed?


Politics / Re: President Will Probe Minister Of Aviation — Presidency by DoffMan2: 9:50am On Oct 20, 2013
nofij: As though Mr Gulak is free from corruption in anyway
There was a country...

You point to me the person who is free of corruption, both in govt and opposition.

I think Jonathan should go further. Public office holders since 1999 should be investigated.
Politics / Re: BBC Claims Abuja Was Built On Stolen Land by DoffMan2: 9:21pm On Oct 18, 2013
mmark12: Whoa lots of UK haters in this forum. you can disagree with article but these hateful remarks shows that Nigerians still has a long road ahead.

Dont forget Britain does lots of trade with Nigeria to our benefits

SHELL: Largest Oil & Gas,producing the biggest crude oil, larger than NNPC -UK
Guinness Nigeria: Subsidiary of Diageo - UK
170,000 Nigerian students per yr: Destination - UK Universities
British Airways / Virgin- UK
Standard Chartered

WHY THE HATRED ? na wa oh

By the way pls stop comparing their economy with ours, theirs is way way way better than ours. U don't see their citizens struggling to immigrate to Nigeria

Don't mind them jare.

The BBC REPORTER(not UK govt) might have got his facts wrong but that is no reason to rubbish the UK as if Nigeria is better. Uk remains one of the richest countries in the world and your brothers and sisters are still falling over themselves to enter there both legally and illegally. International millionaires & billionaires still remain queuing up to spend money in the UK in a way which Nigeria cannot even dream about at the moment. Where do you think your leaders and millionaires come to to clear their heads of the madness of Nigeria without mopol/army, and without the fear of getting robbed, kidnapped or assassinated?

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Politics / Re: BBC Claims Abuja Was Built On Stolen Land by DoffMan2: 8:16pm On Oct 18, 2013
Cajetan speaks: Gwari people have been compensated [size=16pt]severally[/size] with brand new houses and money but they prefer to sell them out and still live in huts...

severally [ˈsɛvrəlɪ]
1. separately, individually, or distinctly
2. each in turn; respectively

sev•er•al•ly (ˈsɛv ər ə li, ˈsɛv rə-)

1. separately; singly.
2. respectively.

Adv. 1. severally - apart from others; "the clothes were hung severally"
2. severally - apart from others; "taken individually, the rooms were, in fact, square"; "the fine points are treated singly"
individually, on an individual basis, separately, singly, one by one
3. severally - in the order given; "the brothers were called Felix and Max, respectively"



Politics / Re: Festus Odimegwu Resigns (Chairman Of National Population Commission) by DoffMan2: 8:30pm On Oct 17, 2013
Until we in the south (SE and SS) learn to play the game the way these mofos have been playing it, we'll continue getting shafted by them!

The more reason why Nigeria should split so they can play the GAME to their hearts content. Imagine how smoothly thier country will run with agbadas swirling everywhere.
Family / Re: Where Did Her Libido Go? by DoffMan2: 5:41pm On Oct 17, 2013
Kanwulia: Very natural and I love it!
I can actually look at a man and forget he has a PEHNIS!
Shakara don h-end!
Gooooood riddance!!!
The benefits are numerous. cool

Sleeping on my own bed without a man in it is soooooooooooo refreshing!!!! cool

I can only get in bed with a guy for ONLY A LOT OF MONEY. cool

Can't remember the last time I got HORRRRRRRNY without thinking real harrrrrrrrrrrrd about it!!!

I can actually get dressed to look good for MYSELF without thinking of a MAN!!!
It reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally feels good!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! cool

I think your's might be menopause tinz.
Car Talk / Re: How Does One Control A Car When Front Tyre Blows Out On High Speed? by DoffMan2: 4:33pm On Oct 17, 2013
lomomike: Composure is the key here. Knowing you have had a blown up tyre yet trying to stay calm while bringing the car to a controlled stop is very very important. When running on high speed and a tyre suddenly blows out, DON'T go any where near your BRAKES and DONT suddenly turn your STEERING WHEEL out of tension or fear. Most people will suddenly slam on their brakes (when a tyre burst, all the weight of the car shifts to that burst thus the car will tend to dive or dip in that direction plus the inertia might forcefully steer the car towards or away that burst tyre violently; slamming on the brakes or suddenly turning the steering wheel Will result to a total loss of traction on one or more tyres, or violent sudden shift in car weight and this could result in loss of control or roll over or a somersault, or violent careering of such car suddenly off the road ultimatly leading to a crash) immediately you experience a burst tyre, that brake should not be touched. Grip the steering wheel firmly and gradually bring the car to your intended direction (on a straight line), gradually take your legs off the accelerator pedal. Keep holding the steering and guiding the direction of the car till it slows down very well then you can finally pull over to the shoulder of the road and stop.

Please at all times ensure you stick to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended tyre specification. Also don't run too fast on roads that you aren't sure of. Maintain equal tyre brands, type and rating on all wheels, plus don't over or under pump your tyres and finally don't use bad, expired or substandard or worn out tyres.

All this one na story.

It depends on what speed you are doing. If are doing less than 40mph, then the above MAY apply. If you are doing motorway speeds, greater than 70mph, then its a different story. I was a front seat passenger of a car that had a sudden front tyre blow out doing about 70-80mph. From the time we heard the loud bang to when the car came to rest lasted about 10 secs. TEN people standing by the road were affected. SIX died on the scene while THREE died in the hospital later. A baby who was being carried on her mother's back survived.

It was carnage and it took me a long time to get over it.
Culture / Re: There Are Many Igbos In Rivers State. by DoffMan2: 10:34am On Oct 13, 2013
Let me repair your ignorance. Okrika is not Igbo though has some Igbo elements. It's more Ijoid than it can ever be Igbo. Eleme is one of the units that make up Ogoni. Others are Khana, Gokhana, Tai. Andoni is also not Igbo.

I'm not even sure you're Igbo. You created this thread to plan a seed of discord.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily people on nairaland are deceived?!! I would go as far as to say that the person who opened this thread is YORUBA,
Politics / Re: Guinea Bissau Apologises To Nigeria Over Attack On Embassy by DoffMan2: 3:39pm On Oct 10, 2013
What a good day to flood the FP with irrelevant stories to push this one down and out.
Celebrities / Re: The BULL!!! Otunba Mike Adenuga,banana Island Breathtaking Mansion by DoffMan2: 10:04am On Oct 10, 2013
Politics / Re: Guinea Bissau Apologises To Nigeria Over Attack On Embassy by DoffMan2: 9:58am On Oct 10, 2013

And to read some of the xenophobic comments on NL in the past two days from so-called "suave", "cultured", "tolerant" and "civilised" people?!


Politics / Re: D Truth Behind Dangote’s Wealth, D Cabal,tokunbo Ban And Impoverishing Nigerians by DoffMan2: 5:04pm On Oct 08, 2013
Gayigaskia: This is just noise about nothing, you Igbo gonna keep whinning i guess just like Ojukwu did until he died. Please leave Dangote alone , the truth is when giving your fellow igbo the same opportunity as Dangote, he will be so egoistical that he will fail in a matter of months.

Good thing you mentioned Ojukwu. How egoistical was his dad when he was the richest man in Nigeria without monopolies/govt patronage? How did he fail?

And why brand everyone on this thread Igbo? Or are you guys trying to monopolize NL as well?
Politics / Re: D Truth Behind Dangote’s Wealth, D Cabal,tokunbo Ban And Impoverishing Nigerians by DoffMan2: 10:24am On Oct 08, 2013
Latnok95: At least there is a story behind his wealth.. And he has never denied that the government plays the major role in is business..

As for the price of cement, he determines the price, nigerians determine the supply.. How on earth do you expect him to crash the price when nigerians (Masochists) enjoy buying it?

Am looking forward to seeing him above Carlos Helu n Bill Gates in 10years time tho.. *Hate the man, Love his business thinkology*

There is a story behind everyone's wealth.

Looking forward to seeing dangote above Carlos & Gates?! What a flawed way of thinking!! In Bill Gates's America, there are over 400 billionaires. In Carlos's Mexico, there are over 12 billionaires. Look at the financial figures for those counties and compare to Nigeria. If there was a Dangote type person in America, he'll be worth TRILLIONS!!!

When will this slave (Massa Massa) mentality stop in Nigeria? You are looking forward to Dangote topping those people at your's and millions of Nigerians expense?
Politics / Re: D Truth Behind Dangote’s Wealth, D Cabal,tokunbo Ban And Impoverishing Nigerians by DoffMan2: 9:45am On Oct 08, 2013
dridowu: how is Dangote wicked ? Y cant u blame FG that has been supporting since day 1. Anytime anyday the man is a smart guy. Pls next time blame the FG that keeps their eyes wide open when he is impoverising Nigerians.

Are you saying we should leave him alone because we have a week FG? Ignoring the fact that he has done the same with various every govt since 1977 (except Buhari's who actually went after people like Dangote, but paid for it when Dangote backed iBB's coup), the fact remains that there are lots indightable offences being committed by him that he could be done for. DANGOTE IS CULPABLE IN HIS OWN WAY.

Imagine a football match where the match officials are corrupt and have been bought over by one side, thus winning the match 100 - 0. Will you say the side who bribed the officials were just "smart" and should be left alone? Will you advocate for those objecting (so called haters) to shut up and go and do their own bribing instead?

Dongote's (and all those others running corrupt cartels and monopolies) day of reckoning will come along, just as it came for Rockerfella (whose model he is clearly following) in the USA decades ago.
Politics / Re: Nwabueze Quits As National Conference Row Grows by DoffMan2: 3:54pm On Oct 07, 2013
Mayor_of_Lagos: No, Nwabueze is upset over something else and it will be revealed soon.

There is huge gap between matters of ethnic culture, nativity, value system and that of a constituted democratic process.

I dont know about other groups but Yorubas are not concerned about 1914 alone, we are also disatisfied about 1906; we did not consent to either union that we were forced into and want out of it or rearrange it in ways that our interest in it is fulfilling.

This SNC situation is a matter of nativity and race. The process should draw a racial map of Nigeria. Each race should convoke within its group and appoint a single voice to speak for it in the national conference. Whether you are 1million in population or 50million; one voice per race. Ethnics should identify with a racial type.

Keep NASS out of this because it is a democratic process empowered by constitution of Nigeria and not customary laws of the races.

Jigawa is a state, not a race, therefore the utterances of Lamido are inconsequential and ought to be put aside.

Tinubu is speaking for APC, which is not a race, therefore his utterances are of no consequence to the mission.

We need to listen to Egbe Omo Oodua and Afenifere, Ohanaeze, Arewa Elders Forum and other racial groups. Tinubu, Lamido and NASS should step aside. This issue is above their interest and sphere of responsibility.

You are my hero today.
Business / Re: Nicon Hilton Abuja Back In The 80s ! by DoffMan2: 9:26pm On Oct 06, 2013
ayobase: In the 80s. What a vision, even when Abuja was yet to see the light of the day!

It means that Hotels of this kind shouldn't be limited to exotic environments like VI. Building a majestic hotel in Oshodi as Berem purported aint a bad idea.

Build them first, and u see people trooping in, thus "tushing" the area.

Se you don recycle my topic eh?


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Music/Radio / Fuse ODG's 2nd Single (AZONTO) debuts @35 In UK Top 40 by DoffMan2: 9:15pm On Oct 06, 2013
You gotta admire this guy; first "Antenna", then "Azonto" (no. 35) in the UK top 40 charts. That's a record for Afrobeats. No beaf, no noise, no boasting, just quietly getting the job done.


Politics / Re: Awka: Anambra's Capital by DoffMan2: 6:25pm On Oct 06, 2013
Ikengawo: Hopefully i'll break the taboo that seems to be among out anambra posters against posting pictures of the state grin



Posting pictures of a town or city should include ANY thing of interest and should not be restricted to WHAT THE GOV DID!

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Politics / Re: Pictures Of Abandoned And Dilapidated Telephone-Booths In Abuja. by DoffMan2: 11:32am On Oct 05, 2013
omaigala: It is so heart rendering to see most of our vital facilities go extinct in the cold hands of the preventable monster call "Lack of maintenance".

I really don't know what the ministry of information and communication and the people at the helm are really doing...

What about Nigeria Communication Commission? They don't care...

Why is it so hard for us to maintain our belongings? Or is it a curse? Why! Why!! Why!!!

"Who will pls bell the cat?"

I don't know what the fuss is all about. Its the same thing here in England. Everyone has a mobile phone so phone booths are derelict/vandalised.


Politics / Re: National Conference Will Create Disunity– Kwankwaso by DoffMan2: 9:26am On Oct 05, 2013
You were married to a woman by force/arrangee, meanwhile,

- you despise her
- you believe she is beneath you
- you violently dominate and control her for years
- you violently and regularly sexually molest her against her will
- you beat her up at the slightest provocation
- financially, you leave her in a state of deprivation
- her children are neglected and die before you eyes

Someone suggests that the situation cannot continue and suggests mediation, and you say it'll destabilise your marriage?

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Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele Finds Love Again by DoffMan2: 4:58pm On Oct 04, 2013
Nollywood Star Actress Funke Akindele after a tumultuous first marriage which recently crashed has found love again according to MJ Celebrity Magazine.
Jenifer, as she loved to be called;
 Funke’ secret love for an aide to former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has been revealed. Jenifer is said to be deeply in love with the new found lover.
According to MJ;
Funke Akindele went extra mile recently by procuring a Honda car for the lucky Bode, who was though an aide to former governor, but not as rich to have procured a car for himself. The love for Bode has totally overwhelmed Funke as she is so in fun and proud of the new found love.

If Funke is richer than Bode as reported by our source, definitely, the star actress must have learnt how to love and love indeed having suffered a setback in his first marriage to a ready-made rich polygamous man.
Once beaten, twice shy. Good luck Funke

This babe no dey learn at all

Like say I dey single, me sef for try luck too. grin

Funkiii babeee, Omo ele, sexy mama, I got ur back honey.... No letting go, nobody else matters except you, my world begins and ends in your heart and without you this life has no meaning for me; I might as well be dead!
Education / Re: LUTH Medical School Female Hostel Idi Araba, Lagos (Pictures) by DoffMan2: 8:25am On Oct 04, 2013
Secret_Dreams: Quite normal in federal universities, anyways let's see what ASUU will do with the money when they get it.


You go wait tire!!! All Nigerians are the same, from the thug in the street to the pastor to the professor to the politicians. A lot of outstanding "personal" projects will be executed with that money.


0lumide: Why would Bayelsa State government own a house in Lagos used to stash Weapons?

Where is the fucking intelligence OPC was bragging about? And what was Gani Adams doing at the burial of a man who sold weapons to militants that bombed Yoruba land?

This is a serious matter! This is not the first time the Niger Delta is connected to an attack on Lagos. First the Atlas Cove was bombed by the stoopid militants, now Bayelsa State Government bought a dirty, Shanty house used to stash weapons in Lagos state.

This is not the time for some Edwin clark or some Afenifere to start trying to bring focus on Boko Haram and North. This is the time for the South to start pointing their fingers to the south of Nigeria.

The freaking paid hacks and tom foools called Afenifere started pointing North as soon as the matter was blown open. Why should we blame the north again? Isn't The house used to stash the weapons owned by a southern state government? Everybody is trying to downplay the matter.

When a military officer pointed accusing fingers at Azazi for masterminding the escalation of Boko Haram attacks, everybody said the north was trying to cover up their filth. Hasn't the military officer been vindicated?
Azazi called for American troops in Niger Delta but the US refused and instead built a mission house in the north.

Mend bombed Abuja but Jonathan was quick to say they didn't even though Mend took responsibility. Azazi was accused of gun running in Kaduna and years later, he was killed in air crash along side the Kaduna state governor (Coincidence?).

Ask yourself why a Boko Haram "fighting" for Northern Muslims have majority Northern Muslims as casualties? Don't give me the Taliban excuse because Talibans don't bomb the Taliban controlled areas so your analogy will fail. Have you heard of Hamas blowing up Palestinians? .

If the east should start going anti Jonathan, Bombs will start rocking their terrain too or we will have the usual scare tactics of bombs going off.

Ijaws are creating a problem they will never solve for themselves. Let's be sincere for once and face the truth in Nigeria. People with evil and secessionist intents are manipulating the "northern factor" of the issue. Yes we all know the Northern corrupt elites want to keep power in the North but that is not possible in the 21st century especially when the nation's economic backbone is in the south. Let's not kick a dying dog to give say it barks too much noise; we may end up turning the dog to a wild beast.

This is not an Article.

What a load of tripe!

The desperation grows to alarming proportions. shocked
Celebrities / Re: Maheeda Shows Off More Of Her Private Parts In Transperent Swim Suit by DoffMan2: 10:57pm On Oct 01, 2013
That nyash make sense die.
Politics / Re: Buhari, Fayemi, Others Visit Tinubu In London Home by DoffMan2: 8:14am On Sep 27, 2013
See their faces.

But Nigerians are not , ehm, "photo friendly". Years of shouting, cursing, hating, boning, poor diet and lack of exercise have left them looking like goons.

All the money in the world can't correct that.


Politics / Re: APO MASSACRE: Obasanjo’s Sister Owns Building? by DoffMan2: 8:45pm On Sep 25, 2013
Politics / Re: This Is Lagos, This Is Ambition, This is Priceless. by DoffMan2: 4:04pm On Sep 25, 2013
deor03: What is the attaraction for people to sell things close to rail lines in Nigeria ?
You never see anything. They use the rail sleepers for firewood if wooden, and for construction or fabrication if concrete or metal.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Abuja In 1987 by DoffMan2: 4:42pm On Sep 22, 2013

And lost the future.
Others countries like Indonesia , Malaysia ,South Korea ,India ,china were building

Power plants
Steel plants
Science ,tech and clinical research/manufacturing hub
Chemical plant etc

Now we are importing crap from those countries.
Can anybody here remember does crappy daewoo cars ,crappy samsung tv etc of the 90's.

Guess what they are doing now.
They are using the money they make from selling us crap to build many modern cities .

Very true.

All that money for a brand new city while the rest of Nigeria (pre 1999) remained stuck in the doldrums?

How much does FCT contribute to Nigeria's financial income?

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