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Politics / Re: Pics: Bola Tinubu Will Win DELTA State by DoNotMakeItWors: 8:12pm On Nov 19, 2022
If I didn't witness the rented crowd trooping in with chisco bus, and all manner of rented buses and sienna ... I would have been deceived by this Photoshop pictures and propaganda.

Take it to the bank ... No resident of Warri is in that crowd cum Photoshop pictures.

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Politics / Re: 2023: We Can’t Force Candidates To Attend Debate – INEC by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:45am On Oct 28, 2022
You get market to sell.... Now they call you to come and tell us more about your products,,, you say LIE LIE,,, say you no wan come.

And you want us to buy your market ..... Oga you must hold person like me at gunpoint for me to buy that your goods even if a million zombies try so hard to cajole themselves into making such a costly mistake.
Politics / Re: FG To Install New Flow Meters, Take Over Production Data From Oil Firms by DoNotMakeItWors: 10:16pm On Sep 06, 2022
You want to install a different metering at flowstations I guess,,, whereas the data from the existing metering system haven't been properly accounted for.
Majority of oil theft happens at the loading platform and not along the export pipelines from the flow station.

Buhari and APC simply want to do another elephant project to fill their pocket.

How do you explain that with all the security and regulatory agencies at the crude loading platforms, the amount of crude that enters the platform can't be accounted for and no one is being held responsible.
Politics / Re: 2023: I’ll Handle Security While Tinubu Will Handle Economy - Shettima by DoNotMakeItWors: 11:17am On Aug 27, 2022
This sounds familiar. I wonder where I heard this before...

"Buhari will handle security; Osibanjo will handle economy grin"

I keep asking.... After 7 years..... Where's the security where's the economy
Politics / Re: Equatorial Guinea Detains Large Vessel Accused Of Stealing Crude Oil In Nigeria by DoNotMakeItWors: 6:56pm On Aug 17, 2022
This country is a joke.... A vessel arrived the country, landed and anchored in a loading platform. Had it's tank filled up,,, then moved and it's tagged "theft".

Like crude oil is a piece of paper that you just pick on the floor.

With the DPR at crude loading platforms, JTF, and all the authorities, a vessel was loaded without clearance

When the house keepers are ready, they should tell us who let the rat inside the kitchen to wreck havoc .... But watch out how this issue will die a natural death.

When millions were dolled out for purchase of presidential form... If only we knew that it's our collective asset that's being liquidated by few.
Crime / Re: Photos Of Hon Mbazulike Iloka & Late Wife With Soludo by DoNotMakeItWors: 7:00am On Aug 13, 2022
sometimes families contribute to it, something similar happened to my mom she left and her family insist she go back she did I nearly died before she took her hill yet the same people who are her brothers and sisters insist she stays even if she died, non of them offered an helping hand, my mom left u won't believe it was me and my siblings that stood by her when everyone refused...if she had stayed she'd dead by now, I can't imagine how I and my siblings would have survived without her now...sometimes families and friends contribute to it

Exactly.... Most times family is the culprit. They force their daughters to stay in abusive marriage for their own 'selfish' reasons.
Either because of bailouts they get from the abusive husband,,,,or they are protecting the reputation they held in church and community,, or they feel the woman will inconvenience them if she returns.

In all,,, na who wear shoe knows where e dey pain am..... Women got to be selfish sometimes too,,, forget what family and people will say.

Leave if that's the only option you have to live!

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Romance / Re: Have you ever had a lucid dream? How was the experience? by DoNotMakeItWors: 10:32am On Aug 08, 2022
Mine happens most especially when I happen to be in danger in the dream...

There was a time being shot in the dream was a norm. But what normally happens is that immediately the shot is fired (most times at close range), I will tell myself .... "You are in a dream, wake up now or else you will die. Sharperly I will wake up. At the point when I wake up,,,I do feel pain at the spot the shot is fired.

It's been long I had that kind of dream though.
Romance / Re: Why Are Handsome Men Always Lonely? by DoNotMakeItWors: 7:58pm On Jun 19, 2022
What a good time to be ugly .... Lots of attention from gels no go kee me grin

Who say there's no strength in weakness shocked

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Angrily Walks Out Of Northern APC Governors Meeting by DoNotMakeItWors: 5:38pm On Jun 06, 2022
Only with our eyes shall we look and see the fall of the wicked

Waiting for season 3 of this interesting movie grin

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Politics / Re: APC Presidential Ticket: 17 Govs Stand Behind Buhari On Preferred Aspirant by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:32pm On Jun 03, 2022
If only the man who claimed to have so much power really understood the laws of power... He would have known a better time to leave the stage

Now, all his respect and ego is about to be messed and he will die as a political failure.

There shall be crying and wailing in Rama. .. grin
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Buhari Sacks CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele (details) by DoNotMakeItWors: 2:16pm On May 25, 2022
Crime / Re: Gunmen Behead Abducted Anambra Law Maker by DoNotMakeItWors: 10:34pm On May 21, 2022
Events / Re: Why I Won't Attend My Cousin Brother's Wedding Ceremony Today by DoNotMakeItWors: 8:03pm On May 21, 2022
And because you weren't there, the wedding no hold ba ??

He even try send you a soft copy,, person like me will just ask my mother to call you and I will earnestly pray that you don't come atleast make food reach people of goodwill.

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Romance / Re: Help - I'm About To Start Dating Two Sisters (accidentally) At The Same Time. by DoNotMakeItWors: 5:26pm On May 21, 2022
You v no balls. Let the older sister know you v switched.
Don't try to eat two fruits that ll poison you.
And if I catch a man like you in real life. Be sure I ll render you impotent & miserable before I add the worst to you.

Haven seen your comments... I just shake my head.

If not that I have given my life to Christ grin I for say make we try.

I go chop nama, chop aboki and NOTHING will ever happen. (if you use the leaves and roots of great anunuebe tree to prepare soup for me, I will eat it to finish and lick my hands)

Two sisters isn't a new thing... Have been there and neither eclipse of the moon nor sun happened.
Politics / Re: ₦80 billion Fraud: How AG Idris Made Money From Controversial Platform (IPPIS)- by DoNotMakeItWors: 4:25pm On May 21, 2022
If we all live with the consciousness of death, there's definitely going to be limit to some madness...

Unfortunately, our politicians live like they will live forever
Romance / Re: Who Was At Fault In Your Last Relationship? You Or Your Ex? by DoNotMakeItWors: 4:38pm On May 19, 2022
And it came to pass that when son of man wanted to make a life decision of who's who, I decided to run CIA on aunty ...

Aunty who will always accuse me of playing away, struggling to check who calls and who text.. making me feel like small demon for my small small sins.

As I run CIA on aunty WhatsApp.... Hmmmm

Aunty told me that she went to a gf house for job hunt and from there she will visit me,,, as I cool down dey download matters arising, it happened that the so called gf is a guy she went to spend days with in a state different from here. Straight from there aunty came to my house in a different state.

As if that never do, aunty was in my house planning on going to spend days with another guy in her home state .... Worst being that the said guy is married with kids and aunty is fully aware. Infact aunty is nothing but a s*xdoll to the married niggar.

My brethren,,,I come find out say me be learner for away match matters but aunty was busy crucifying son of man for nothing

As I play the cassette give aunty. ... She deny am once,,,I never told her how I got to know. She admitted after strong convictions from me... She thought I went spiritual on her (till date she still believe so)

Na so I liberate myself .... She was among the first to receive my wedding IV about one year later.

We are still in talking terms though.... I needed proof and proof I got,,, atleast no one played victim card for me when I sent IV

Ike agwugo dibia uwa....


Foreign Affairs / Re: The Hidden Underground City In Finland Built In Case Of Nuclear War (Pictures) by DoNotMakeItWors: 11:04pm On May 17, 2022
I just cried my eyes to stupor seeing this, what will happen to Africa should nuclear war start

We go enter inside GeePee tank and cover ourselves

Bunker na bunker grin

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Romance / Re: Do Women Also Watch Porn? by DoNotMakeItWors: 1:54pm On Apr 26, 2022

Ebe aji karịrị Amụ
Gịnị meziri ịkpụ nna oo
Ogbago m ara oo grin shocked cheesy

grin undecided
Okwa ndi nwe ikpu ga akowa ije aji na ikpu

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Travel / Re: Age Issue On Marriage Certificate by DoNotMakeItWors: 1:49pm On Apr 26, 2022
I guess there should be a way to correct it on her passport by swearing affidavit for correction of age and have the card reprinted (not too sure) to tally with what's on her marriage cert.

Or go to a court, tip them and have them issue you another certificate.

When I went to return the registry copy of marriage registration (after church wedding), the lady there wanted to cajole me into paying them to issue me their own (registry) certificate claiming that the one church gave me looks ugly.... I refused though because I trust the church own pass grin

So.... I guess you can work with the marriage registry unless you insist on using that of the church,,, then you should find a way to talk things with the church. Nothing is impossible in Nigeria.
Romance / Re: Do Women Also Watch Porn? by DoNotMakeItWors: 7:16pm On Apr 25, 2022
Aji kariri amu... cool
Crime / Re: New York Mum Stabbed 60 Times. Killer Sends Chilling Text To Her Husband by DoNotMakeItWors: 6:20pm On Apr 20, 2022
The husband might have found out about her kukere Waka(if there's such), plotted her fall and sent the text to cover his tracks
Health / Re: Swiss Man Left In Intensive Care After Suffering Lung Injury From Masturbating by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:17pm On Apr 16, 2022
Aji kariri amu! grin
Business / Re: Bet9ja’s Website Hacked By Russian Blackcat Group, LASG Responds by DoNotMakeItWors: 10:24pm On Apr 07, 2022

Barca Don even cut am undecided cry

cool you for jejely cash out oo grin
Better days ahead...
Celebrities / Re: Saga: I’m Now Paying ₦5.1m For House Rent As Against ₦200k Before BBN by DoNotMakeItWors: 10:21pm On Apr 07, 2022

If you believe I write anything here to spite you or anyone?
Then,you really need to be calming down.

No offence Bro... Wahala too much for Naija,,, head is always boiling grin
One chilled bottle of your brand

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Celebrities / Re: Saga: I’m Now Paying ₦5.1m For House Rent As Against ₦200k Before BBN by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:48pm On Apr 07, 2022

The whole statement could have still gone without the highlighted.
Do you want to oppress we that we struggle to pay 12k rent per year.?
Bros get out!

And you forgot that you are still trying to oppress someone who lives under the bridge with no 1k to afford a space per annum.... Having nowhere to call home.

And you failed to see the struggle before the amount.... I'm responsible for what I wrote, what you understand is your business

Business / Re: Bet9ja’s Website Hacked By Russian Blackcat Group, LASG Responds by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:34pm On Apr 07, 2022
Make dem no do oh

My 3m remain like 3 games to play oh cry cry cry

One go still cut am grin

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Crime / Re: 4 Secondary School Students Remanded For Sexual Assault on female colleague by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:10pm On Apr 07, 2022
Ike gwuru konji shocked
Politics / Re: Mass Defections Loom From APC Over Adamu’s Chairmanship by DoNotMakeItWors: 7:50am On Apr 05, 2022
And they will defect to other parties ba

After someone will tell me that party A is better than party B

We better learn how to vote for People and not Party


Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Set Imo Council Secretariat Ablaze (video) by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:29pm On Apr 03, 2022
Aji kariri amu

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Celebrities / Re: Saga: I’m Now Paying ₦5.1m For House Rent As Against ₦200k Before BBN by DoNotMakeItWors: 9:13pm On Mar 22, 2022
Sha no come tomorrow and start begging for 5mil to sort one of two when life hits you ...

We no say make you no flex life,,, but be sure you are fit for unforseen,,,, not after you expect me that's struggling to pay 400k rent to come and bail a 'millonaire' you out

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Romance / Re: My Story. Sexlife,cultlife And All. by DoNotMakeItWors: 8:27pm On Mar 22, 2022
Aji kariri amu!
Romance / Re: Reasons Why You May Not Date Or Marry The One You Love That Loves You by DoNotMakeItWors: 7:33am On Mar 21, 2022
Marry man wey fear and love GOD
Preferably a winner member
They fear GOD and listen to his servant so u won't have issues, they are also ordained to be Giants so it's a good choice

Better you go for someone with good moral standard. Who has a policy for his life and keeps to it,,, who will not do some certain things not because 'bible says '.
For every 'Don't do' in the bible, you can as well see many places to say 'Go ahead and do'.
So being a Winners member isn't a yardstick for a sane person to measure.
Afterall na for church scandal plenty pass.

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