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Politics / Re: INEC May Disqualify APGA From Contesting Anambra Governorship Election by dozern(m): 3:33am On Jun 22
INEC wants to cause confusion in the already heated polity in Anambra. If this letter is anything to go by that means inec is losing it. The commission needs to consult her legal officers before displaying ignorant in the gallery. They should read 85 and section 87 of electoral act as amended 2010. APGA must field a candidate come Nov 6 election in Anambra. What happened in the case was like what happened in the scripture where two ladies were dragging a baby. The rightful owner asked the king to keep the baby when he grows he will choose his mother. While the jealous lady requested that the baby should be shared equal btw two of them. The stranger Jude Okeke of Abatete in Anambra who is not a party member is being used by PDP to cause confusion in APGA. There is no cause for alarm
Politics / Re: Governors Rooting For State Police Are Inviting Anarchy – IGP by dozern(m): 7:44am On May 21
Who ever that is against the quest for state police is benefiting from this current nepotism. Who with a reasonable brain will oppose the state police. Don't just pick up one disadvantage and over look the numberuos advantages. Haba

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Politics / Re: Army Blocks Onitsha-Owerri Road In Imo (Pictures, Video) by dozern(m): 4:52am On May 07
I don't know why a very simple thing is difficult for this presidency to do. Let them change in their behavior and not by suffering the civilians this crisis will stop. For once let the presidency true nationalism in her governance. One tribe/religion cannot hold all the important security post. Other tribes are not goat , especially the Igbos. Stop nepotism ! Declare herdesmen and bandits terrorist group. Fight the bookoharam , herdsmen and bandits with equal measure at which ipob is being fought. Finally, for the Unknown gun men, I have expected the police to publicly apologize to the masses for long brutality , injustice and bribery and corruption meted out to them. In the south east and south south even south west police had exhibited unprofessional attitudes towards the innocent youths especially by the sars. And truth must be told, it was not started during Buhari regime. But let Buhari solve it once and for all. These and other reasons are the main reason US , UK and other countries believe that the solution to Nigeria complex insecurities is the hand of the presidency. Nobody wants crisis, but don't expect some people to succumb to injustice and marginalization. My opinion
Politics / Re: Insecurity In The South-East: IGP Baba Redeploys Anambra CP, Senior Officers by dozern(m): 9:01am On May 01
FG should reshuffle the entire security system to accommodate every tribe. One tribe fulani can't hold all the sensitive post in the national security and expect other tribes not to agitate. Nigeria problem does not need external help to solve it . Mr President Buhari has the solution. 1. Declare herdsmen and bandits terrorist groups and go after the criminal herdsmen. 2. Restructure all the security heads. Appoint qualified people from all the regions. 3. With immediate effect remove all the fulanis from all the armed forces.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Presides Over Security Meeting by dozern(m): 4:28pm On Apr 30
Make Buhari continue. Make him no run. He will rule so tey he will start begging for resignation cool cool
Properties / Finished Bungalow House For Sale In Awka,anambra State by dozern(m): 4:11am On Nov 08, 2016
two bungalow in one compound of 1 1/2 plots of land for sale in Awka @ very affordable price. it is fenced and with nice gate and security wire fence. the price is 13 million naira,but there is room for negotiation with the rightful owner. At the location a plot of land is sold at 7-8 million. genuine deal. contact me on 08169957079

Properties / Finished Bungalow House For Sale In Awka,anambra State by dozern(m): 4:06am On Nov 08, 2016
two bungalow in one compound of 1 1/2 plots of land for sale in Awka @ very affordable price. it is fenced and with nice gate and security wire fence. the price is 13 million naira,but there is room for negotiation with the rightful owner. At the location a plot of land is sold at 7-8 million. genuine deal. contact me on 08169957079

Nairaland / General / Where Can I Purchase Stoneflex Cladding Paint Materials In Lagos by dozern(m): 3:10am On Aug 03, 2016
Please I need someone's urgent assistance on where or link on how to buy stoneflex cladding paint in Lagos. I need it urgently. 08169957079
Politics / Re: How EFCC Almost Arrested Aisha Buhari’s Impostor – Ribadu by dozern(m): 8:04am On Jun 23, 2016
my own opinion on this Aisha impostor is that,why would Buhari and his wife Aisha being dragged in the mud then didn't show much interest to uncover the real Aisha. As a public fig and former president, Buhari and his wife if innocent would done everything to see that the issue was treated. For instance, recently,I was wrongly accused by my landed of impersonation. I discovered that the landlord is not showing any interest to identify the real person. I personally took up the matter and discovered that my landlord is the same impersonator. So my blame goes to Aisha and Buhari by sweeping the matter under the carpet,hence they know the implication.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Can't Help Saraki's In His CCT Trial —S'East APC by dozern(m): 11:25am On Apr 13, 2016
Some buhari friends want to kill his ambitions for 2019.The 5% people during last election will be converted to 30% in 2019. They want us to keep hating buhari for not carrying Ss sE along, while they will sieze the opportunity. Believe me the SE and SS vote is still untapped that will mar or make another president. opinion
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Statement That He’s Not Finished With Nigeria An Expensive Joke-muric by dozern(m): 11:15am On Apr 13, 2016
I don't like commenting on posts here. But I am compelled to comment, these group is the problem with Nigeria unity. This Muslim group will by themselves break this country. If they say GEJ is corrupt, what will they say about the likes of Ibb,obj, atiku,abdusalam ,Abacha,buhari etc that laid the foundation Gej inherited.Why can't we come together and denounce all those people that put us where we are today. I am happy that my state Anambra is doing very well in all the areas this group mentioned. If we can say that all the past leaders were corrupt and buhari is a repented corrupt man who wants to deliver Nigeria, I will be happy and feel United. Most of the past Muslim leaders in Nigeria were more corrupt than Jonathan.

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Politics / Prophetic Message Of God To President Buhari by dozern(m): 1:02am On Mar 12, 2016
Bishop Uchenna Okonkwor Drops Another Prophetic Warning Message Of God To Pres. Buhari (Must Read)March 11, 2016newsflashondgo@gmail.comNews,Opinion,Slider7The prophetic revelation I had concerning President Buhari of Nigeria. Greetings to you all .Thismessage of God almighty first came to me on the 25th of December 2015, I was mandated by God to tell President Buhari of Nigeria this prophecies.First God said Buhari has boasted in secrets of his intentions to wipe out Igbo’s by planting soldiers all over the Igbo land and also with the intention to use Biafra protest to wipe out Igbos becauseof their intention to pull out from Nigeria. God told me that Buhari came to power in Nigeria with the spirit of AdolphHitler and with a mission of killing the Igbos as Adolph Hitler killed over 6 million Jews.The Almighty God told me that because he has boasted with some foreign powers that are Islamic in nature that he will raise an internal matters that will crush his Government as from March, 2016.The Buhari led Governmet will be by then but will exist as if he is no more.God also revealed to me where Buhari is sitting on a black table and Iasked the spirit of God,why is he sitting on the black table?God told me that his government has been darkenedby the angels of heaven.And either he rules with blindness or with a condition that he cannot be able to perform his official duties.I began to pray again and to ask God why such a terrible situation.The spirit of God told me to tell Buhari that he will not let him tolive to fulfill his evil plansagainst His people, the Igbos and against the body of Christ in Nigeria.God expressly revealed to me that Buhari hastwo demonic agendas given tp him from the pit of hell.The first agenda is to pull down the churches in Nigeria and to stop advancement of the gospel work from the North to all parts of Nigeria in general.The second agenda is to ipe out Igbos and to close down all gigantic businesses in Nigeria and hotels been owned by the Igbos.God told me he is the African Hitler as Adolph Hitler is of Europe.The spirit of God also told me to warn Nigeria Vice President, Professor Obasanjo that he will pull him out of the governmentin a mysterious way because he is an unprofitable servant to the GOD ALMIGHTY.God also told me that he will personally open up a lot of things .President Buhari has covered under his carpet while he is busy looking for people more innocent than him to probe and prosecute.God almighty told me that people shall run away in mass out of Nigeria is when he will begin his judgement against President Buhari Of Nigeria.The Almighty Father also told me that Buhari’s war against the igbos is a divine mandate given to him by the heaven for the actualization of Biafra as a nation and for wiping out Buhari and his men as pharaoh,the king of Egypt was wiped off with his men in the Red seaas they were busy pursuing the sons of Jacob.God told me to tell Buhari that the blood of Igbos he shed during the Nigeria civil war is still crying unto him in heavens and he willnot wait any longer to take fullvengeance on Nigeria for the blood of Igbos massacred in northern Nigeria from 1966 progrom to 1967-1970 civil war.There shall be more deadly terrorist sponsored groups emerging from northern Nigeria with a divine mandate to pursue Buhari out of power.Igbos will not fight Buhari but God said, He will use internal force from his own home and among his people to crush him and his government to pieces.God bless you for reading. You will surely live to witness the programs unfolding.Thanks and be highly blessed for reading through this message.Brgds,Bishop Uchenna C Okonkwor
Business / Re: Myths About Naira Devaluation - Nonso Obikili by dozern(m): 10:31pm On Feb 16, 2016
I agree with you bros. But the major problem we still have in Nigeria that affects everything thing is tribalism. When is Nigeria government going to promote Aba manufacturers and nnewi automobile. When are we going to focus on reality instead of theory.Let Hausa go back to groundnut production. Let Yoruba go back to coaco and igbos go back to Palm oil production. But it suprised me to see a Yoruba man condemning Aba product just because it come from igbo land and vice versa. We are causing more problems to ourselves by not promoting our product
Music/Radio / Re: Please Download And Rate My Brother's Song. by dozern(m): 2:16pm On Feb 11, 2016
It's nice just downloaded it. playing it right now and some guys are asking who be that. Nice one
Culture / Re: Benin Kingdom In Edo Is Yoruba Territory — Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi by dozern(m): 11:52am On Feb 11, 2016
Mr. It's simple for you not to understand it.What oba of bini meant was that Yoruba land has being in existence with their system of kingship when the son of oba of bini (Prince )left and wandered into Yoruba land where he established a kingdom and become the ooni of ife. It doesn't mean that the son of oba of bini is a Yoruba. For instance, a fulani can go to any place and establish their Emirate or whatever doesn't mean they are from the place.
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan, Ben Bruce, Peter Odili And Others At Wike's ThanksGiving by dozern(m): 8:48pm On Feb 07, 2016
Dear mods I joined this forum since 2008/09,my reason is to get information of the happenings in naija. But since the mods is so tribalistic than an village illiterates I decided not to be member of this forum. I was banned for no just cause,even when I sympathized with alleged Hausa men who was kidnapped and killed. I wonder the kind of brains the moderators of this forum possess. For your information, I am a biafran of igbo extraction. Go and die if you are not happy with that.


Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Moved To A New Parish As Assistant Parish Priest by dozern(m): 12:00pm On Jan 31, 2016
did I hear you say independent priest? Who told you that. No priest is independent. All priests are a typical example of Jesus Christ. They supposed to suffer. I don't know why mbaka allowed material things to influence him to the extent of partaking in politics.
Crime / Re: Photos Of The Hausa Keke Drivers Murdered By Ritualists In Enugu Revealed by dozern(m): 11:54am On Jan 31, 2016
**** I strongly condemned this act. Look at those handsome young guys. I so much like these young Hausa boys living in igbo land, cos they are different from others. This act is so demonic and babaric. Just because of wealth. God please accept the soul of these young men.RIP


Politics / Re: Obiano Flags Off Housing Estate Project, Inspects Ongoing Roads, Bridges (photos by dozern(m): 11:01pm On Jan 26, 2016
Ngozika housing estate phase 2 700/800k per plot.if you are interested contact me.
Politics / Re: Economy Downturn: Redeploy Adeosun From Finance Ministry , Group Tells Buhari by dozern(m): 10:16pm On Jan 19, 2016

My guy, it seems like you never received the memo and that is why you are here trying to teach IPOD wailers and children of hate basic sense. No one takes those guys seriously on NL any more and they are generally ignored because everyone knows they hate Buhari and pretty much everything that moves and is not Igbo. Good luck trying to talk sense to a people only targeting Adeosun because of her ethnic group and not because of reasons which can be borne out by logic. The woman has already announced her solid and sound thinking publicly and any sensible Nairalander or Nigerian would know she cannot perform miracles for where Nigeria finds herself today courtesy of the PDP.

The irony of the matter is that these hateful elements you are wasting your time with are the same folks who supported GEJ blindly for the 5 years he was President and even gave him 100% of their votes to continue for another 4 years yet they are already preaching that Adeosun, only a few months in office, should be removed. Dude, learn what Nairaland is about lately and learn to ignore the children of hate and their impotent rants and ultimatum. Everyone who loves Nigeria is getting on with the job at hand while they are busy trying to settle scores 24/7. How will any sane or objective person ask for the removal of a finance Minister who has only being in office for three months? Is that fair or logical? This alone shows the motivation of those calling for her sack when they rabidly and blindly supported Okonjo Iweala, for many years, while she only made a big mess of Nigeria under GEJ.

Mr you have really exposed the hidden agenda of nairaland against igbos. But let me tell you with federal government or without federal government,igbos must always be more successful than your tribe. How can you people impose an incompetent person to such a sensitive post and you are hear spewing nonsense against igbos. You think the bad economy will only affect igbos alone. My dear if it affects the nose it has already affected the mouth. Anyway,my people are making outside niaja and benefiting from dollar increase over naira.

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Celebrities / Re: Fan Slams Genevieve For Buying N29M House In Abuja & Not Developing Igboland by dozern(m): 10:22am On Jan 07, 2016
How much has she made by the way?Someone adviced her and you people are here attacking him. I have properties in sabon garri kano including a big hotel along new road in sabon garri kano. My dear those properties are going to be forfieted. Afterall the hotel alone has given me ×3 of its money which I used in building a big hotel in Asaba along summit junction by women affair. All the properties I have outside igbo land have been duplicated in onitsha and Awka before last years election when we finally decided to settle in the east. It is act of foolishness and stupidity for a right thinking igbo to keep building house outside igbo land. unless the money spent will be realize immediately. So you guys that think igbos are still being decived should think again. Gen nnaji should make use of her money properly cos she has no money to start with. In my state we have billionaires not one,but many young billionaires.It's God doing.

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Politics / Re: 2016 Budget: Breakdown Of Sums Allocated To Presidency, Mdas, Others by dozern(m): 10:56am On Dec 27, 2015
Why are u so upset about someone's comment?You really act like a real bokoharam. Your temper is much like that of animal. Haba
Politics / Re: Judge Withdraws From Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial by dozern(m): 6:07pm On Dec 23, 2015
I sincerely appreciate Hausa and Yoruba hatred to igbos because they want to separate. May God visit all of according to your heart desires towards igbos and kanu. Infact the reason why I know that Nigeria will fall is because of yoruba n Hausa hatred


Politics / Re: Buhari Presents 2016 Budget Today by dozern(m): 9:41am On Dec 22, 2015
for the rainy day. So when you support your thievish "heroes" as they plundered and stole, the result is bound to be hardship. What we are experiencing now is not a DISTINCT AND SEPARATE UNRELATED INCIDENT. When a nation has low foreign reserves, it's currency value will suffer against strong currencies like the US dollar. Wailers think this is an "excuse". I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU....UNTIL YOU GET FREAKING REAL, AND STOP THINKING LIKE 5 YEAR OLDS, you will remain the butt of every educated person's joke. Thank your lucky stars that your hero was sacked and steady hands took over. There would have been an implosion in this country by now. The entire facade of "fastest growing-rebased-economy would have come full circle. See what is happening to our main source of revenue. THEY SHOULD HAVE SAVED OUR MONEY, NOT STEAL AND WASTE IT. Mtcheew!!

Oil price, December of year

2008: $46
2009: $82
2010: $97
2011: $105
2012: $94
2013: $100
2014: $54

Current: $36.3

I am not in anyway supporting any corrupt government. But my take is,why is it that GEJ is the only person who stole our money. What happened to ibb,Abacha,abdusalam abubaka,obj, all the northern leaders we have ever had. If buhari is really capable as he claimed. if he is decent as he claimed. If he is really the good example as he claimed. Let him work and stop this Blame game. He said in his campaign that he will change Nigeria even without school cert we agree.Pls we need change. We all know that our past leaders sucked us dry. We are waiting for the change.But for now what we are seeing is unlawful president who doesn't respect the rule of law. Let him show a good example then we can learn from him.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Released Unconditionally By The High Court by dozern(m): 1:42pm On Dec 17, 2015
Good news.

I hope he stops preaching hate.

Love & peace is what we need.

What message of hate could be more dangerous than that of shekau of Bokoharam who has sworn to kill all Christian and Islamize Nigeria
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, Immigration, SSS 2012/2013 by dozern(m): 11:16pm On Dec 10, 2015
I think the employment is going on secretly. I was called to submit my cv. But the reason why I am doubting the person is that he said I should pay some money. But what I saw here gave me the impression that the man may be legit.He made mention of replacements. Though am not afraid cus the man is from my town.
Properties / Nice Hotel For Sale In Awka Anambra State. by dozern(m): 10:02pm On Dec 09, 2015
A 38 room hotel with enough facilities at a strategic location in Awka Anambra state is for sale @ the price of #500million naira. Price is negotiable.Interested contact me on 08169957079
Food / Re: 5 Foods That Helps In Increasing Sperm Count. by dozern(m): 9:35pm On Dec 09, 2015
who in the house know where I can get this stone for house decoration.my contact 08169957079

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Nairaland / General / I Need Help On How To Get This Stone by dozern(m): 2:35pm On Dec 09, 2015
Pls house can anyone link meh on how and where to get this stone for house decoration. It's urgent. contact 08169957079

Politics / Re: Gov Willie Obiano's Legacy Projects In Awka photos by dozern(m): 12:52pm On Dec 08, 2015
I am in Awka live. Obiano is marvelously working in the capital city.The three gigantic flyover nearing completion stage.Especially Aroma and Amawbia junction.The new view of Awka has made me not to leave Awka for any other city again.I am back to Anambra God bless my gov Obiano.For those fighting him are wasting their time.I am not from Anambra north Sen zone,neither I am from Agulueri.Am from Aguata Anambra south Sen zone. Obiano Will do more great work if these psychopaths as opposition will allow him.Anambra adigo nma.


Sports / Re: Nigerians Expelled From Senegal Stadium For Displaying Biafra Flags by dozern(m): 1:41pm On Dec 06, 2015
I want to say this to you nairalanders as Nigerians. Biafra agitators are not sponsored.It has become part of us. If Nigeria govt silence us today what about tomorrow? I have never been a part of any street protests by IPOB or MASSOB but I am more Biafra than the protesters likewise millions who are not coming out. FG can't stop this cause. The solution to this lies in referendum or equity govt.If FG can't implement the outcome of the national conference I tell you this agitation will stop.We need good governance devoid of ethnic marginalization.Igbos has been hated so much by Hausa Muslims and Yoruba. Forget about the few politicians who benefit from Nigeria looth. This present gov't in Nigeria will never benefit the poor and especially the igbos.


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