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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 1:06pm On Jan 05, 2022
Looks like the year started good, 7 pages no cusses, fighting, even swearing. Let’s see how long we can keep the peace from here on!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Online Evaluation Test With MSF/Doctors Without Borders - What Should I Expect by Eddee(m): 1:57pm On Dec 04, 2021

Do you work with them, I'd appreciate any help i can get from you online folks

I asked a question, you responded with one. Sorry, I don’t work with or for them!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Online Evaluation Test With MSF/Doctors Without Borders - What Should I Expect by Eddee(m): 5:11pm On Dec 02, 2021
@southsultan - What role did you apply for? That will determine the help or resources I can share with you.

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Career / Re: Working As A Teller In A Bank And Working In An Accounting/audting Firm by Eddee(m): 3:59pm On Nov 17, 2021
Good day, please, i will need your advice on this two options available to me at the moment. I am a graduate of Accounting in a state of dilema on which of these two options to choose. I have an offer to work as teller in a bank with #80k plus as salary and also to work in an Accounting/Auditing firm with a take home pay of #50k with an option of enrolling for ICAN in the next diet . I am confused on which one to go for career wise. Your advice needed urgently!

Regardless of whether the audit firm will pay for ICAN enrolment or not. I’d strongly advise you to choose the audit firm. Financial audit/verification/investigation, compliance and assurance is a career path that you can easily branch out to Logistics and Supply, Finance and Admin, Accounting and even HR in two years if you are a fast learner. The contacts for networking required for your next career move are in the organization’s clientele.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 5:27pm On Oct 29, 2021

Now, is my problem each morning I start my car to warm it my car vibrates and every components on the engine bay also vibrate but after a short warm I turn off engine and restart again everything becomes stable no vibration at all.

What could be the likely cause?

You already have the answer- pay a short visit to a mechanic to pull DTCs related to misfires and the cylinders responsible.
Car Talk / Re: Oil Not Showing On Dip Stick by Eddee(m): 7:45am On Oct 10, 2021

My experience from my uber cars .. During my early yes of uber with no experience with car maintenance. I used a 2003 camry at the time on my fleet. I was using 20w50 xhp The engine kept shorting oil with no sign of leaks on the ground and little white smoke coming out at morning start up very little smoke.

So my mechanic advice to top the engine with 20w50 and sell the car.. So anytime a buyer comes to look at the car . we start the car up to clear up the smoke before any buyer shows up . And that is how we were able to sell the car
.. And from there on I vowed never to use 20w50 oil again.......

Surprise, surprise- the chief proponent of integrity for oil and car sales finally coming out of the closet. You should bury your head in the sand in shame, you’ve admitted to defrauding someone who trusted you. Well, Nemo dat quod non habet!


Car Talk / Re: Abuja And Environs, Remotely Follow Your Car Repairs Online. by Eddee(m): 2:02pm On Aug 21, 2021
Nice thread chief. If the Accord owner ever decides to sell, grant me the honor of first refusal.

Parts were installed, wheels balanced and vehicle was aligned as should be, after which it was test driven.

Your guess is as good as mine, so smooth... Buttery smooth ride with no noise. cool grin cheesy
After test drive, the car was washed and owner took back his sweet baby happier than he came back. cool

Dedicated to Gentlelife50


Autos / Re: Closed by Eddee(m): 9:32am On Aug 21, 2021
Great and commendable initiative Gazzuzz. All the best to the successful applicants.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 3:10pm On Jun 19, 2021

Long time. Na tibao dey rescue peeps now o

My guy normally- how dey go dey go?
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 10:23am On Jun 19, 2021
Thanks sir.I already made the decision to change the steering rack which I am told will cost 110k but earlier Issh was with the mech that cheated me in to believing the front absorber cost 160k

Not trying to hold brief for your Mech - but cheating in this context is subjective. There are different prices for the same item from different sellers. Also the question of brand comes into play. An MB Star part will cost almost twice the cost of a similar bosch/hella OEM part which in turn will cost almost 4x the cost of the usual Tibao knock-offs. Choose your battles with mechanics wisely.


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 8:55am On Jun 19, 2021
Good pm Ogas!
My 2013 glk 350 power steering leaks oil and I was told I have to buy a new power steering .Can it be fixed because I don’t have that much to buy a new one

Try this first. Least you can do is be sure, the pump not the rack is your only challenge.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 9:45pm On Apr 15, 2021
bro are you in calabar? I stay at state housing, and would love to get a reliable mechanic for my benz. Cls500

Chief I’ve been away a while, I’ve got some nice folks who have the experience to handle your ride. You’re in luck, my office is at State Housing and I am always around Petesville and Ug Wils after work. Send me a pm, let’s share a drink or two and get to business.
Car Talk / Re: From Gazzuzz To Radautoworks And Back Again…my Story. by Eddee(m): 2:40pm On Apr 11, 2021

Bros,leave trash for lawma biko. Make gazzuzz wear sit belt sit down for back dey drink origin. This matter don wear condom already.

Senior man, die the matter just this once. I mean over 400 billable hours wasted on issues that clearly emanated from the past? Reason am, just off your mic, allow normalcy return.


Car Talk / Re: From Gazzuzz To Radautoworks And Back Again…my Story. by Eddee(m): 2:30pm On Apr 11, 2021
Dear Gazzuzz
Dear Radautoworks

My comment is inconsequential in the greater scheme of things but I beg that you end the hostilities immediately. I’m not asking that we go back to one big happy family circa 2018, but it’s the right thing to do now. The tit for tat was fun while it lasted, but you’re two astute business persons, and all round great guys. Don’t worry I’ll handle Tunde personally!


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 2:44pm On Apr 05, 2021

Nah. I don't own no RX330.

I own a watered down Godzilla R35 aka V35 Infiniti.

That’s a proper sleeper - memories of my failed dalliance with that sweet quad exhaust M35 readily comes to mind.


Happy Easter.

Was watching some Mercedes Benz ‘meet and greet’ videos on IG a while ago, and I didn’t see your car as per ‘brand ambassador’ - look on the brighter side of things, your ‘00 W210 relic will be a collector’s item on how not to build a rust bucket 50 years from now.


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 11:10am On Apr 03, 2021

Hahaha we know you're on a Corolla... complaining about fuel economy now enroute Toyota Yaris..... I might suggest to you the Honda Fitz.... cheesy cheesy cheesy

The speed we talk here are for your crickets to dream about.

Good to see Auto’s senior mischief-maker still has a sense of humor.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 10:40am On Apr 03, 2021

We'll 200km/HR sounds better. Then I can join body for that hb machine

Felt like trolling you this morning, so I will! I am willing to give the M112 the benefit of the doubt, but I bet your current car’s suspension can’t even handle half that speed without things breaking and vibrations to rival an angry volcanic eruption. But my Charger and even the IS does that constantly with ease and I have evidences.

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 8:44am On Mar 26, 2021

Stay in your Corolla. I'm sure you're progressing to the Toyota Yaris....

Come WhatsApp make we talk offline. You know how much dem dey sell Corolla? E sure me say e cost pass your w210 and even 211 wink


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 11:15pm On Mar 24, 2021

Cha cha tokunbo 2018 AMG now na 13m. If you doubt me, check this thread grin


So 2014 highest go be 7m grin

Senior man you don’t mean it! So, e sure say amdman fit run am foreign for the up and coming? grin

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 7:10pm On Mar 24, 2021
Hello House.
I want to get the e63 amg 2014.

Any tips?

Where una dey see dis money?


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 7:08pm On Mar 24, 2021

Mobil xhp or Mobil 1 ?

1st 26k
2nd 28k
3rd 7k

grin grin

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 2:31pm On Feb 21, 2021
And it begins!

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 8:39pm On Feb 09, 2021

Car must have been bought as is ,or at a very ridiculous price.
If so lipsrsealed


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Eddee(m): 7:51pm On Feb 09, 2021
Sir I have a c230 2005 model with 271 engine(i4). Got the toks car yesterday at ladipo tried to start the car but the car compressor wasn’t enough to start the car. Car a mech he tried to start it had d sound and said it an engine related issue that d compressor is low and that I should change d engine just like that cry. Please help me on what to to the whether to recommend another mech at ladipo there to know what exactly is wrong

Did you buy this car “as is”?

Get a mechanic to run proper diagnosis on that car immediately. Meanwhile, start exploring non-violent ways of accessing your refund!
Car Talk / Re: MR T-MILEX/CARQUEST/RAD AUTO WORKS 2020 Diagnostic Scanner Christmas Giveaway by Eddee(m): 12:51am On Feb 09, 2021

Blender door actuator is stuck open. You need to take dash board apart to fix problem.

lexini take that car to her workshop or to Ogba unless you can do this yourself grin


Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom, Ibeno Islands Tour With Some Nairalanders .... Photos by Eddee(m): 6:54pm On Feb 03, 2021
Obong owo, @nkanakpanika - I’ve sent you a pm. Please respond, I’d love to come to the beach from Calabar through Uyo, then Eket next weekend. Cheers
Car Talk / Re: Question On Starting System by Eddee(m): 5:08pm On Feb 02, 2021


Happy New Year Eddee smiley

Happy New Year Ma, May the good Lord Bless you immediately wink

My referenced post had a sarcastic undertone grin

By the way, a lil bird just told me offline that you are into “freight and forwarding” - I guess, I know who will handle my next items. Had to rely on Amazon to handle this shipping because I wanted it delivered as fast as possible - currently dealing with confirmed p2181 and p0118

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Car Talk / Re: Question On Starting System by Eddee(m): 10:38pm On Jan 27, 2021

Okay. Apart from the fee they wrote on their site is there any other hidden charges along the line of shipment?

No hidden charges, the charges are based on weight (packaging usually plays a key role here, so it’s best to consolidate your items, I assume they are more than one). Why not try GIG Logistics? My sister used them a fortnight ago, she’s yet to receive the items so can’t give a review for now. Give them a try, after all what could possibly go wrong? grin

Car Talk / Re: Question On Starting System by Eddee(m): 8:53pm On Jan 27, 2021

Bro. I trying to register at the site and my registration is being declined. Are you aware of the possible cause? The message from the site says incorrect details or payment details. I filled the form correctly and I have tried 4 different payment cards and I am still being rejected. What kind of payment card do you use?

Email their Customer Service- I have a $ dorm account - Naira cards work perfectly also, but only a mad/rich man will use his Naira Master/Visa Card for international purchases during this critical/blackmarket rate times.
Autos / Re: Crazy Grand Cherokee SRT8 With Borla S Exhaust For Sale N3.4m by Eddee(m): 10:20am On Jan 14, 2021
dbamiroyahoocom - is this still available? How can I get across to you?
Career / Re: Private School Vs SFH Contract Offer by Eddee(m): 9:21am On Jan 08, 2021

Bro, I'm not saying he should settle for less, but he should think twice and well

Well, what do you sell or train - Quickbooks, Tally or SAGE?

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