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Properties / Re: Need A Purewater Factory by edogho(m): 2:41pm On Jul 24, 2017
Already gotten what i was looking for.

Thanks all
Properties / Re: Nigerians Can Now Own Houses With N30,000 — Osinbajo by edogho(m): 1:25pm On Jun 03, 2017

The federal ministry of education needs annual review of standards of learning institutions in Nigeria. With the kind of porous brains on this thread, 9ja is in trouble. grin

True talk, only i don't see that as the work of the government,,,,, Me believes each man owes it to himself and his society to develop himself as he passes through life. But...

That's the problem with common sense. You get to face moronic talks almost when you thought you're socializing. You can barely get a good time listening or speaking with some people.

I know your pain mate
Religion / Re: Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit? ??? by edogho(m): 1:05pm On Jun 03, 2017

This is very deep.

The word "rich" here is used in reference to a spirit that is also referred to as "fattened" in the spirit.

You know the story of the prodigal sons? It depicts a spiritual reality. There are two kinds of spirit on the earth. One is loaded with spiritual attributes that enable a person to posses spiritual power and more often, such persons use it for vain things. THAT is the rich spirit. They know God but choose rebellion. The prodigal son here.

Then there is a second kind of spirit that is born into the earth without that kind of human power, they are poor in spirit. They easily seek after the power of God and keep the faith. Some may not yet be believers, but they are easily converted. They are the son that stayed with the father, had no spiritual riches of their own, and did not ask for their inheritance like the prodigal son did.

Some atheists here may fall in the first kind of persons. Not that they don't know God, but their spirit is haughty and full of pride. smiley

Which one are you? undecided

Properties / Re: Need A Purewater Factory by edogho(m): 2:40am On Apr 30, 2017
pls what location do u need d factory sir

Sorry for the late reply and for not stating a preferred location for that's also important to me.

I'm looking at Idimu-Igando axis.
Properties / Need A Purewater Factory by edogho(m): 3:16pm On Apr 28, 2017
Hello fellow nairalanders,

I'm in need of a pure water factory to purchase.

Whoever has any(Lawyers, agents, owners) is welcome to contact me.

Here's my whatsapp contact:*****

Note that i must inspect the property and it must still be in operation or recently stopped operation for i intend to begin production only a month after purchase(We both know there must be some little adjustments for my own convenience as to work).

Thanks and i do await your messages.
Business / Re: Which Business Can I Start With #20000 by edogho(m): 3:05pm On Apr 28, 2017
recharge card
buy/sell bed sheets
buy/sell slimming tea
re-sell data
go to onitsha and buy bale of clothes and sell in niger
invest in bitcoin (online)
meet a tailor and discuss selling cardigans to secondary and primary schools. the machine is just 35k.
import fuel consumption reducing agents.. for generators and vehicles then sell.


Hello my brother from another mother

Long time

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Health / Re: Doctors Gave Her 10 Days To Live. Now A Year Has Passed And She's Still Here by edogho(m): 1:31pm On Feb 16, 2017
No one needs a doctor except a surgeon. Learn to heal your organs using your inert catalysts.

Billyonaire please tell me how one can wake and use these inert catalysts.

I beg of u to educate me more on this
Religion / Re: Jesus Of Nazareth. Enemy Of The State. Executed For Treason by edogho(m): 6:53am On Jan 30, 2017
Jesus of Nazareth was executed today on the orders of the Roman State. Method of execution: Crucifixion. The charge under Roman law was treason, and under Herodian law blasphemy against the Temple. The evidence against this anarchist was so strong that authorities of both the Roman State and the Kingdom of Herod concurred with the arrest and execution, and he was subjected to trial by both governments. And in a rare uprising of spontaneous collective justice, the mass of people who were gathered for Passover called for his execution as well. The mob affirmed their loyalty to the state, chanting, “We have no king but Caesar.”

Friday’s execution ended a career as an anti-government agitator with a long history of lawlessness. The family was in possession of falsified, illegal, and unsanctioned genealogical records which claim to indicate that Jesus was of royal lineage, and undermined the legitimate claim of Herod to the throne. The malicious claim, which has been spread widely among the people, is that the King is an Idumean and not a Jew. The king is tormented by this claim, and laments that shortly after his father’s rise to power the genealogical records (which would certainly have proven his legitimate right to reign) perished in a mysterious fire, likely set by anti-government agitators.

Even as a young child, Jesus was recognized as an enemy of the state and was sentenced to death by the current King’s predecessor, Herod the Great. Subversive foreign agents lied to the king, and with their help Jesus and his family escaped the lawful orders of the government authority by illegally emigrating to Egypt, where they remained in hiding until the death of the king. Afterwards they are known to have illegally immigrated back into greater Israel, where they settled in Galilee, toward the edge of the kingdom, and far from the swift justice of the capital region.

Jesus, who is also treasonously called The Christ by his followers, embarked on a public career roughly three years ago, with the assistance of his cousin, John, who himself was executed by the state for lack of respect for the office of the king.

Jesus’ criminal career included public insults of the king (calling Herod a ‘fox’ and ‘a reed blowing in the wind’), implying that the Roman state was under God and not properly the other way around, harassment of government officials including at least one tax collector and one Sanhedrin member, as well as ordering and/or encouraging them to remit wealth back to the people from whom it was lawfully taxed. He was also guilty of a series of actions which treasonously called into legitimacy organs of the state such as Herod’s Temple. For example, he offered forgiveness and fellowship with God to sinners, violating the temple monopoly of public expiation and forgiveness. Furthermore, he illegally trespassed on government property and interfered with state-sanctioned money-changing operations which were properly operating with the permission of the appointees of the king at state-approved exchange rates.

He was able for a time to avoid arrest through a tactic of cleverly disguising his anti-government propaganda in the form of coded answers, suggestive but ambiguous analogies, and confusing aphorisms, by which he managed to gather a following without giving clear evidence of his treasonous views. However, his anti-government propaganda eventually became undeniable: Predicting the destruction of Herod’s temple, and even denying its legitimacy, declaring it to be “desolate.”

His execution was swift and merciless, and his disciples have been scattered. Authorities are confident that his name will quickly be forgotten, while Rome, the eternal city, will last forever. The temple built on the power of the Roman state and Herodian kingship will stand forever. Authorities assure the people that the ultimate punishment on which all state power rests, death by execution, is the final word on this short episode in Roman history.


This here is a fact except that Herod was in truth an Idumean , from Edom...
Pompey aided his father in many ways to ursurp power from the ruling Maccabean ruling class.
Herod himself relied on the powers in Rome to make himself King sending his brother off the throne and marrying Mirianme the last royal princess of the Maccabees.

How did the Jews ever let this slip still escapes me. It has served them well over the years. Something big is coming I swear.

With even d once peaceful Christians taking to arms. Making death threats everywhere.

Like this Otemanuduno's doctufos has some truth in it. abi na only me dey see all dis things happening?

wetin even concern me sef, me wey no dey go church? d bombings better go where d Muslims want jare. Mad people in all these religious mess.
Family / Re: It's Stupidity To Divorce Your Wife Because She Cheats On You - Nigerian Lady by edogho(m): 2:55am On Jan 27, 2017
We already knew, right ? That woimen cheat to explore, men also cheat to explore. But why una dey cry to see God-fearing and morally grounded man ?

Methink man must remember that he is an animal and needs no marriage to raise kids, after all we all drink cow milk even though we are not cows and we are obviously not offsprings of cows. We are just a confused specie. We want marriage, yet we Bleep around.
Wise words.
Religion / Re: Is The Jehovah's Witness Religion Christianity? by edogho(m): 5:42am On Jan 23, 2017

Yes He was a mighty and terrible God to Israels enemies.
I want a terrible God to Nigeria's enemies jor. Leave isreal own. My country surely needs one. cheesy
Religion / Re: Is The Jehovah's Witness Religion Christianity? by edogho(m): 8:30am On Jan 22, 2017

No jw are not Christians

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ-God in the flesh:
Joh 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

jw follow a jesus who was an angel, in other words jw follow a false jesus

Christians believe in one God

jw believes in almighty god jehovah, and mighty god jesus, two diffrent god's there.

Almighty and mighty are names for the one true God:
Gen_17:1  And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.

Deu_7:21  Thou shalt not be affrighted at them: for the LORD thy God is among you, a mighty God and terrible.

ur God, terrible
no wonder

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Car Talk / Re: 5 Small Things Nigeria Police Will Use To Catch You Big Time by edogho(m): 4:39am On Jan 15, 2017
such things dont happen in kano aswr, dunno why
with knockout everywhere in the north, they dare not na
Business / Re: Brief Summary Of All My Business Encounter In 2016. - I Take A Bow by edogho(m): 10:47am On Jan 13, 2017
.. ..
Daddy I sent you a PM.
Foreign Affairs / Why Hitler Hated The Jews Despite Being Jewish-born by edogho(m): 10:13am On Jan 13, 2017
Most of us must have heard a lot about Nazi Germany and their leader the man Adolf Hitler.

We certainly have also heard that he was only attacking Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide have been made to believe they were his prime targets. Even the Jews claimed the man Adolf Hitler killed more than six million of them and have gone to great lengths to make the whole world believe such.

My questions although are numerous on this issue. For I know and I'm very sure Hitler attacked anyone against the Nazi government even homosexuals and Gypsies suffered greatly even if they weren't necessarily against the government.

Why would Hitler want to attack only Jews one may ask, and in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, why would they be his prime targets?

What did they do to deserve to. e the sole targets?

Came across many ideas on the net but let me just share this link and I believe all we heard of WW2 is all hoax. Truth is dead and buried in the sands of time.

History is just "His Story" and as we are familiar with, only the victors creates or re-creates it.

Here's the link: www.lovkap.blogspot.nl/2011/05/why-hitler-hated-jews.html?m=1
Education / Re: Dilemma by edogho(m): 4:45pm On Jan 10, 2017
Heard free radicals are the causes of such ailments. I can testify to have healed my ulcer by just avoiding them with great effort(avoiding anything that causes and taking vitamins to replace the rogue oxides. Breathing exercises included cos more oxygen is needed to complete them

No pain since then...

will like to know this drug tho especially if it works for rheumatism and arthritis. My old man and woman needs this please.
Education / Re: Cosmic Telecommunication by edogho(m): 4:27pm On Jan 10, 2017
The chief reason, that the rich stay away from the poor and assembly of the poor is because the poor are rooted in poverty and poverty is a function of ignorance, its gets worse when the ignorant refuses to open his mind for new rhythms of knowledge outside the confines of his/her comfort of understanding, and understanding foisted on the poor masses by the global elites, who have become enlightened by wisdom, wisdom they acquire which is different from what is taught in regular schools which the poor masses school and score excellent grades. You scored grades because you passed the exams successfully on what you were taught. My question as always, remains, and this question is not targeting you as a person, it is for people like you who feel they know a lot based on what they learnt in their public schools. I ask you, "What if all that you were taught are lies ?" Why do you think successfully inventors and pace-setters had to drop out of school or engage in private self education ?

You see, you and I, will never meet, and too bad that you will never get to know the person behind this monika, but one thing I can assure you is that my imprints are not matched by people who are closed minded, thinking they know alot when they know only the coded lessons designed for the masses. UNTIL you learn something else outside what has been designed for the masses, you will NEVER be able to invent, you will depend on people like me and the blood lines that stumble on these knowledge for all the basic needs of your life.

I wont win every war, because I am not interested in winning. There is nothing for me to gain in an anonymous forum that I can afford to own, I am just passing by.

Have a pleasant day, and keep following my threads though I have no intention of following yours. I hope you get the meaning.
Following your line of thoughts makes one think not only out of the box but out of this existence.
I admire your courage to challenge the norm, in truth me thinks you are different and I feel same.
can't forget your words on the "elites making the masses to struggle to pay bills so their awakening will be delayed".
I have always seen it like that too but I'm not exactly sure how to leave that .matrix of existence so I'll have enough time to focus on self development.

Admire you good sire, and please don't stop posting your thoughts on matters here. In the case of you writing your books and leaving nairaland, please do take me along. I'll surely buy your books.

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Religion / Re: FIVE Sons Of God Almighty And Their Attributes by edogho(m): 12:12pm On Jan 08, 2017
Five Sons Of Almighty God And Their Attributes:

The first sets of beings made by God Almighty are called the sons of God. Here are few of them and their behaviours.

1. Atum- He is the god of Civilization and truth. He made human beings In Egypt and few other places in Africa. He is also called Eartum or Tem. He does not like humans to be worshipping him. His first and only wife ever is Gaia, also known as Mother Earthus. Many things have been knowingly and unknowingly named after him, such as herbs, ‘Atom’, Totem, etc. Atum hates war and loves peace.

2. Yahweh- He is the god of jealousy, evil, disaster and wickedness. He made human beings around Israel and Eden. He is obsessed with being worshipped, such that he would not desist from killing anyone who doesn’t worship him(those days when he still had power). He adopted the land of Yacob(the deceiver). His last wife was Asherah. His other names are Nymphidis, Jehovah.

3. El- El was the god who made some human beings In Philistia millions of years ago. He conquered many lands and his name replaced the names of many gods whose lands he conquered. He is a son of god with much intelligence. He co-named ‘Sumeria/Samaria' the name IsRaEl(Israel) with Isis and Ra. He does not enforce people to worship him most of the times.

4. Olorun-He is a god of Odua, a fragment of Nigeria. He is also known as Eledumare. He has children and made some. He does not accept sacrifices from human being. He is a god of patience, goodness and love. His character has been replaced with the name of the evil god of Yacob called Yahweh to the modern day children of Odua, but the traditional people still recognise him distinctly from Yahweh.

5. Allah- He is also known as ‘Lar-gas’. Millions of years ago, many thought of him as the Holy Spirit, but in the actual sense, he was very violent and evil, just like Yahweh. He once had a fierce fight with Yahweh and they both fell into a ‘bottomless pit’ they made for human beings. Now Allah rules the Arabians and many parts of Africa with violence and terrorism.


Oladeegbu, Jacksonville, wilgrea7, Gboyee4fun, Promise01, Felixmor, Anonymous, Hardmirror, Hopefullandlord, Realmindz, Lordcenturion, Ranchoddas, Hahn, Urahara, Sonofluc1fer, Junia
Come now otemanuduno.

You once said God Almighty resides in our brain. You also said he has children
is it safe to say all this his children you're talking about including your dear Atum and Yahweh are also inside our head or brain?
Don't get this at all.
Education / Re: Forget Everything That Geography Taught You About The Solar System Model by edogho(m): 4:20am On Jan 07, 2017

That is a good point, but at altitude of 33,000KM, I am supposed to seek curvatures. There is no curve, what you see is atmosphere. Firmament, which is a result of optical illusion. Take a good zoom camera or telecom and zoom it, you will see farther down. Its flat except for trees, houses, mountains and valleys.

Are we going to believe the Earth is round because science says so, even though we can touch, walk on, and see a very flat surface from here to South Africa ? From here to Afghanistan ? From here to Russia and from here to Australia ? Where then is the curvature ? Oh, the Ocean is there curvature yet Ocean doesnt spill over into deep space ? Oh Gravity. That absolute nonsense. Gravity is the weakest universal force. Infact, I do not believe gravity exists. The planet is flat, rotates like Compac Disc surface, very slow, and sun sun covers 360 degrees of the flat surface in 24hrs. Casting light and shadows as it turns around the surface of the round shaped flat surfaced Earth , just like the old turn-table player, that the needle plays tunes why the disk rotates.

Now me thinks I understand what you're saying. nice one @bolded.
Keep on posting your researches, they're mind blowing.

You didn't answer my last question tho... and please don't ask me to go figure it out.
Any ideas on what lies beyond Antarctica hence the ban?
Education / Re: Forget Everything That Geography Taught You About The Solar System Model by edogho(m): 6:40am On Jan 06, 2017
I forgot to tell you that we can not go to the edge of the planet, you know why ? GOVERNMENTS BANNED access to Antartica, you cant go there. They know what is there. Now, it makes sense why American Businesses and Government behave the way they do. And they mean it when they say they are the greatest country on Earth. Russia knows the truth too. Only if the everyone knows that this system is about divide and control.

The bolded's got me thinking. Any idea as to what's there?
Share please...


Religion / Re: What Did This Man Do To Deserve Such A Horrific Fate? by edogho(m): 11:40pm On Dec 25, 2016
MrMinister, this is one of the stories that don't make ANY sense!

I even when I was a Christian always wondered what he did wrong and the funniest part is seeing preachers use this story and pulling whatever lessons they wanna pull out of it by inventing extrabiblical additions like saying "He didn't put god first" or "He valued his possessions more than god" or "he should've given much of it to the poor and kept working"

Escapes me too.
Its either I'm too dumb or the writer was just being funny...
To hustle na badt tin again
Religion / Re: What Prophet Mohammed(peace Be Upon Him) Said About Jesus! by edogho(m): 11:32pm On Dec 25, 2016
This must be from the book of comedy.Lie nus 28:1-8
Properties / Re: For Sale At CITIVIEW ESTATES WAWA Along Lagos Ibadan Expressway by edogho(m): 3:20am On Dec 23, 2016
You forgot to state price bro.
Share the price lemme see if my wallet can take it
Religion / Re: Karma: by edogho(m): 3:18am On Dec 23, 2016
karma ko ,karma ni ,,,,there is no karma anywhere

Just d consequences of every action, that's what morons call karma.

If you be smart, you can kill all consequences with your will n power over every action you make.
Ask OBJ.

I always ask those who spread this karmic nonsense.
Nnamdi Azikiwe, IBB, OBJ n some smart crazy politicians in this country, what karma have they experienced plus all the spoilings they've done?

Karma is just a fraudulent venture used by the elites to keep the vast majority of common people in check.
Consequences are real and can be avoided but karma is a fraudulent venture believed only by the common people n I tell u wat, u get what u think especially when you don't put measures in place to protect your neck.

I don't believe in karma, I only believe in protecting my neck whichever way I can, damn the consequences to hell, I'll escape them anyway I can but if I be stupid, they'll get to me.

That's what me thinks about the fictitious karmic nonsense.

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Family / Re: When Your Mother Takes All Her Money To Pastors by edogho(m): 3:16am On Dec 23, 2016
Reverad means GREATEST in LATIN. DOMINO MEANS GOD in Latin. DOMINO REVERAD in latin means GREATEST GOD. So you saying Reverad is a demon means you are saying GREATEST is a demon. However, yahweh knows his father ALMIGHTY GOD and he can't deny this fact. May the LIGHT OF GOD ALMIGHTY SHINE UPON YOUR BRAIN IN OTEM'S NAME I PRAY.
Any African language to even call this Domino Reverad?

Me prefers my African tongues.
Religion / Re: What Do You Believe About Jesus And Why Do You Believe In Him by edogho(m): 5:45am On Dec 21, 2016
Children of darkness:
Talking about Jesus and never quoting the scriptures.
God's wrath will surely descend on all of you, Sooner or later..
Spoiler spotted. Carry your "God's Wrath" elsewhere.
Religion / Re: Ex-witch Reveals The Satanic Nature Of Yoga by edogho(m): 4:21am On Dec 21, 2016
What kinda thread is this?
People are becoming slow by the second.
Religion / Re: Atheists Protected By New Law That Obama Signed by edogho(m): 8:50pm On Dec 20, 2016
Me thinks it has done its part n should be discarded in this our time.

Sowie to all fragile minds. Still wondering why our non fragile minds can't creat nada. But I'm comfy wif my style.
People say its sitting on a fence, buh who cares esp when both sides are uncertain .
Religion / Re: Only Tithe-Payers Are Qualified To Receive Blessings - Oyedepo (Video) by edogho(m): 6:22am On Dec 20, 2016
If you tithe your money, you have wasted it. Better use it to help your fellow human being.
as in MMM

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Religion / Re: Afterlife: The Fear Of The Unknown by edogho(m): 6:15am On Dec 20, 2016

they may be correct to an extent... but it doesn't mean they're 100% correct.. its wrong to enforce one's beliefs on others.


most of these guys are ignorant of the damage their forceful views give

Maybe correct to an extent?

How about "maybe wrong"?
No one is correct until they prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are correct.

Just as the op stated good broda, as far as anything beyond the physical is concerned, NO ONE CAN BE TRULY SURE.

And I'm sure no one can force anything down my throat or head, u must contend with me and win first, but over my corpse, lols
Religion / Re: Do You Have Any Questions About God , The Bible Or Christianity? Bring Them Here by edogho(m): 2:48pm On Dec 19, 2016
KingEbukasBlog, u asked d question o. mine is much.
Not liking all the labels ppl give themselves, neither atheism nor deism can describe wat I think abt life n its not something up for discuss.

But since u say we should ask, hope I'm qualified to ask too cos on here the fight between believers n unbelievers is somehow.

Can u just explain to a fellow Nigerian how the gods of their forefathers are demons and how those of their slave masters are angels and true gods?

I still can't reconcile with that as a reality, tried but couldn't fix it 2gwther. Maybe u can do better.
Please note I know the bible never stated how but what. If u know where the bible stated how please tell me good broda
Religion / Re: Afterlife: The Fear Of The Unknown by edogho(m): 7:36am On Dec 19, 2016

sir, we're saying the same thing... no one is sure and no one has the monopoly of being right .. whichever is the right view of the afterlife or if there is an afterlife, we'll find out when we die
I tell u dis broda, some people here and in my family, neighborhood thinks they're perfectly correct and wants u to join them in their preconceived self-believed correctness. Hence u see them go about trying too hard to convince u about their faiths.

Was once like that, but now it all makes no sense to me.
When I meet people, I see the person not the religious views of that person. What help will that do anyone.

My word, mind ur biz, unless u want me to rebuff u n ur religion if u tell me I'll go to hell just as a preacher I invited into my own house did to me yesterday.
Thinking I'll not entertain any preacher anymore, he was just so arrogant and annoying.

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Religion / Re: Why Do Atheists Shift The Burden Of Proof? by edogho(m): 5:34am On Dec 19, 2016
Dumbest thread of the decade.

How can one expect another to go find proof for their own claim, their own claim?

Just like asking someone on an anonymous forum like nairaland to prove my dad is not Donald Trump

These peeps sha


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