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Politics / Re: Hamisu Chidari: Kano Will Support Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition by ehinmowo: 10:06am On Oct 24

Tinubu over osibanjo for so many reasons but importantly I want a northern Christian In aso rock as the number 2 citizen

It willing be VERY VERY VERY difficult for a moslim to succeed a moslim. The heat never start. You go see tge full heat as we approach 2023.
Religion / Re: Maureen Badejo To Pay Daniel Olukoya 6-figure Damages - Court Orders In London by ehinmowo: 10:04am On Oct 24

Was that what Bible said ?

This is how the forgiveness would go if I were the pastor. She pays, I use the money for charity. Forgiveness complete. Rubbish!
Family / Re: What Is It Like To Grow Old And Never Be Married? by ehinmowo: 9:59am On Oct 24
I hate it. I’m 41, never married, no kids.

I’ve been close…twice. But ended both relationships when they were caught cheating.

I’ve dated several men since then, most older than me, and they seemed to be in no hurry to even be in a committed relationship. Which is crazy to me that these men are mid-40s and still trying to hangout with the guys and party. I met a whole guy group of friends in Houston 2 years ago…all single, all 36–45 years old. They were throwing house parties during the quarantine…parties!! ��

When I was in grade school, I was told to get a degree, don’t get pregnant, just enjoy being single, make friends, keep dating, and the right man will find you.

Now that I have two degrees, traveled the world, developed hobbies, and avoided pregnancy…my doctors are telling me to just be a single mom because I’m running out of eggs as I type this message. �

I beat teenage pregnancy to be considering single motherhood at 41. �

Damn you, parents, counselors, pastors, and everyone who gave me that advice. I can’t get that time (or my eggs) back. I hate being single at this age!! ��

I don't know you. But I can deduce that you are a typical "African woman". Taught with the virtual of sanctity of matrimony. I also feel, your knowledge and exposure might be affecting you in terms of standard when it comes to choosing a conjugal partner.

Notwithstanding, marriage today has changed from the way it used to be. Because almost all the factors that once held marriage, like religion, knowledge, indoctrination, education etc, have changed in the face of science and technology. While some few women are still taught the virtue of marriage, it's almost none existence in my gender.

If I have to write the thoughts coming to my, I would write an epistle. But in summary, I offer you these options. 1. Get pregnant as a baby mama. 2. If you have old friend back home whom you think his head is still correct or someone whose judgement you can trust enough to connect you with potential suitor in Nigeria, do it ). 3. Do invitro fertilization.

The problem with the other two options is that as time passes, you will feel lonelier. As people get older, they seek a partner to relish the moment with.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: Some Yoruba Politicians Are Pressuring Me To Beg The Presidency by ehinmowo: 9:34am On Oct 24
Nothing matters to the west ,except politics ,i feel for igboho ,he has fought like a man ,the people he is fighting for are not ready.

STFU mofo!
Politics / Re: Locally Assembled Gunboats by the Nigerian Navy! by ehinmowo: 6:38am On Oct 23
Africa is TOO backward.
Politics / Re: FG Identifies Sunday Igboho’s Sponsors, Discloses How Millions Were Sent by ehinmowo: 1:29pm On Oct 22
No matter the narration that the Fulani led govt is trying to portray, Sunday Adeyemo is not and cannot be a terrorist or a fugitive. He remains the defender of truth snd the the people.

They kept putting the southerners in bad light while shielding their terrorist brothers.
Politics / Re: CBN: Enaira Will Make Government Be Able To Send Payments To Citizens Directly by ehinmowo: 4:49am On Oct 21
Wait o, this e-Naira wey CBN dey shout up and down no be just wallet?

Does it has its own exchange rate? Like N100= 1eN? Is it blockchain? Those that know more about this project should enlightened us. because from a distance, e-Naira looks like poo to me. But perhaps I am talking from the position of insufficient knowledge

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Politics / Re: No Going Back On EndSARS memorial Rally, Protesters Reply Lagos Police by ehinmowo: 5:29am On Oct 20
The NPF ought to be sued for that useless utterance. Imagine police willfully and publicly setting aside the consistution. That's treasonable!

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by ehinmowo: 7:14pm On Oct 18

Yes Israel was recognized in 1948 by the British, doesn’t mean it started that year.....
4000 years back who will you find in Nigeria ?
Time travel to Israel to that year then tell me

First set of Nigerians start leaving here not more than 400 years ago
Please make una no vex me this morning

all those guys shouting Israel was created in 1948 should please know the difference between recognition and creation. Thank you

This is non sequitur! Isreal, like China did not exists as a state, hence they did not take off until after independence when structures and systems were put in place. Hence, longevity is not synonymous with development. When Nigeria had set up systems and structures, UAE was a barren desert trying to find her footing.
Politics / Re: Airforce Denies Payment To Bandits For Return Of Anti-Aircraft Weapon by ehinmowo: 2:41am On Oct 18
How can you believe such a news

The narration looks like an action movie grin

Do you have tangible reason not believe it or you are just being emotional?

If govt could pay ransom to bandits to free kidnapped children, is it protection of president they wouldn't pay much more?


Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by ehinmowo: 2:37am On Oct 18

The state of Israel is older than Nigeria

Israel was created in 1948. Nigeria was created in 1914. Even if we decided to romance our ego and use 1960. The difference is just 12 years. Liberia is over 100 years yet not doing well. South Africa became independent in 1994. Yet is way above Nigeria.


Romance / Re: How Do You Answer This Question? by ehinmowo: 4:40pm On Oct 17
As a hustling guy, just concluding your service in days. Just little savings....
A lady asked me this:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Guys, I have been thinking about this and I am Confused.. I feel I am the only one in this kind of dilemma.... The truth is that I plan on working and save enough... Then probably start an eatery and food stuff business in the next few years but not within 5 years time...

I am xo much confused...

So ladies and gentlemen, where do yourself in the next 5 years??

If you want to go far, avoid going into so called serious relationship as a young graduate. Those questions don't mean shit.

I will not come here and demean women. But living your life by want a woman told you is a recipe for disaster.

Years ago, I was working as a factory worker. There was this bursty lady who was in charge of production. The young manager would have pluck out his eyes for this lady. The more the manager did, the more difficult she made things. E no reach 5 months wey I get there, I don dey chop this lady. Me wey be bloody factory boy. I ended up breaking up with this lady when I entered school. Come and see cry. Meanwhile baba manager dey simp over her without smelling her pant.

It is what is. Shit happens. She be correct babe. She no dey loose. On the contrary she dey principled to a level.

Don't let any woman talk disturb you. Listen to them. Care if you must. But be a man. because that girl wey dey ask u abt ur dreams fit dey pay the bills of another nigga wey shabi hin game.
Romance / Re: Help !!! Bae Said I Dont Know How To Press Bress by ehinmowo: 4:22pm On Oct 17
She said I go too hard on her bossoms rather than handle it lightly ...but I know I wasnt hard, I was just handling it.

Now she said I should go and learn how to press bress... please fellow NAIRALANDERS... how do I press bress like a pro.

Thanks for ur help,
Ur insults are welcomegrin

She has given you the answer. It's called FO*NDLE. Not squeezing the life out it.

Something is wrong with Seun o. So I no git spell fon*dle in peace without hin yeye bots changing it?

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Politics / Re: Osaki Diri Electrocuted While Answering Call With His Charging Phone (Pictures) by ehinmowo: 6:45am On Oct 16
Bloody liars and illiterate bloggers.
There IS NO WAY answering a call while charging a phone can kill someone,unless the person touched a live wire.
NO WAY and anyone who believes such news in this day and age needs to be taken to one remote village and dumped there.
Oga calm yourself down. The way over 100 people don like this shows ignorance is high in this country. Answering or receiving calls while charging had killed many. If u like dey blow grammar there, you hear?

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Politics / Re: Osaki Diri Electrocuted While Answering Call With His Charging Phone (Pictures) by ehinmowo: 6:43am On Oct 16

Don't you know that it's a very dangerous thing to do?
Crime / Re: Paedophile, Pregnant U.S Teacher Arrested For Raping A 15 Years Old Boy (Pics) by ehinmowo: 6:25am On Oct 16
It seems in America pedophile women outnumbered men. Because there's no single week i do not read of women raping young boys in America.

It's always shameful as a lady reading stuffs like this. Having a Love Machine within one reach is far more better than this disgraceful act. If i am horrrny i use my dillldo and masturbate. Na masturbate i masturbate i no kill person.

Also, i can't imagine myself leaving a monster looking dicck with veins allover it, and play around a boy of 15years old.. it's not my portion.

Diccck is sweet no doubt, but not a toddler's own.
You will be amazed how many pedophile women we have in Nigeria. At least 3 out of every 10 males have experienced sexual harassment here. Na d female own people dey carry for head. And society continues to bread sexual predators as a result of that.

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Romance / Re: This Is What I Did To A Young Lady Who Told Me She Was In A Serious Relationship by ehinmowo: 1:14am On Oct 16
You are heartless as u come shop her 200 naira how body come do u . I blame d girl for not been smart

An average lady loses hee brain when she sees free money, no matter how rich she might be. Imagine d stupidity. U no won bill your bf but u can freely bill a stranger.


Romance / Re: This Is What I Did To A Young Lady Who Told Me She Was In A Serious Relationship by ehinmowo: 1:13am On Oct 16
I know you are bigger than #200 airtime, you should have ignored her, or educate her on why she should not be asking someone she turned down for a favor.

Baba leave dt matter. D nigga has done the best thing. Person wey no gree take her mama training and freely bill stranger na she u won dey form preacher for?

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Romance / Re: Ladies, What Are The Qualities You Want A Man To Have Before Dating Him? by ehinmowo: 8:41pm On Oct 11
Have money
Be loyal
Then be very very good on bed

I don type insults b4. But I don dey old pass dt level.

You expect somebody to go and make his money and come and submit to you. And be killing himself to satisfy your broke ass puna?

Death to every simp!!


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Couple Accused Of Selling Nuclear Submarine Secrets by ehinmowo: 7:14am On Oct 11
Omo this guys are on a long thing. They will definitely get charged for Treason

Imagine for just $100,000. Something that is not up to half their combined annual salary. Human beings are inherently greedy.


Politics / Re: Market Southern Presidential Candidates, Be Treated As Traitor: Northern Youth by ehinmowo: 2:39pm On Oct 05
Pata pata, we go divide this country ni

Mallams who feel is their exclusive right will have the chance of rulling themselves as long as they want.

Is so simple as ABC.

These ones are irrelevant na. Na these yeye aboki dey talk wey u dey listen. No need for mich noise. In Buhari's voice, "2023 is not par"


Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by ehinmowo: 5:45pm On Oct 03
I read everything. The earlier the south wakes up the better.

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Romance / Re: What Does She Mean By This? by ehinmowo: 6:20pm On Oct 01
I proposed love to this lady, and she said

She is sorry but she can't return the love

I asked if she loves me but she said NO but she likes me

I asked if I should forget about her and she said, ' Let's be friends, anything can happen'

What should a guy do In this kinda situation? Thanks

Plsand please read the redpill on this platform.
Politics / Re: Dapo Abiodun Signs Anti-Open Grazing Bill Into Law by ehinmowo: 1:04pm On Oct 01

"Bread" dey produce anything? No be for chops bread be?

It's Breed not Bread! wink

You should have known it's typo
Politics / Re: Nigeria Receives Last Batch Of A-29 Super Tucano Aircraft by ehinmowo: 5:43am On Oct 01
What have been able to achieve with the first batch? angry

One shot down by "bandit", three needs servicing, the other two are used to protect Aso Rock

This is my hypothetical answer. But don't be surprised if the real answer is similar to this.


Politics / Re: Dapo Abiodun Signs Anti-Open Grazing Bill Into Law by ehinmowo: 5:41am On Oct 01

It is not the exclusive of the Fulanis, you can start a dairy farm in the South with breeds that can produce about 25 litres daily.

Pls tell me the bread that can produce 25 liters daily. You never know. You might have access to better information on this topic than me. I will like to know that bread.


Celebrities / Re: Stop Addressing Me As Tega's Husband - Ajeboh by ehinmowo: 11:18am On Sep 30
Simp has spoken

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Religion / Re: Stop The Killings - Pope Francis Tells Buhari by ehinmowo: 8:34am On Sep 30
SOE is not economic revolution, its just military presence and govt taking control

You still don't understand. We don't enough hand to secure a single region let alone over 900,000 km2. No technology. No intelligence. No modern weapon. And state of emergency requires money.
Family / Re: Why I Refuse To Help A Pregnant Woman, What Can You Say On This? by ehinmowo: 6:31am On Sep 30
I refuse to help a needy pregnant woman because I am running from my real self. Yes, I needed to save my peace and sanity

In 2018, I move to a new place, a married woman with children started and always comes to meet me to give her whatever she wants from me which I always do. One day, the husband came to me with anger, and told me to stay away from his wife. I said, OK.

Even If i use common sense - helping people I know has landed me in too many conflicts, they are just too over many for me to overlook anymore.

Because of the many years of constant betrayals that lead me to regret my life, I move to a new town and decide to start afresh. In the past I have shown too much financial care and love for women that backfire and work against me. so I decide to stay focus on myself for the first time of my life.

After living in this new place for about six months, a pregnant woman who also live in the same visinity ask me to help her. She told me to lend her some money.

She told me that, she had not eaten since morning and she wants to cook something to eat and her hubby is out of town and will be back later.

She told me she will refund me when her hubby comes back. She was pregnant, hungry and need help.

I badly wanted to but I instantly had many flash back and I told her, I don't have the money right now. I told her, why can't you go and meet that your fellow business woman down there? she may be able to help you, she replied me with God forbid.

The money she asked me, I have it in my base, three times over but I refuse to give her. I painfully refused to help her because nigeria society has made me look like a fool.

To save my peace - I just have to only help strangers and not give help to the people I know

Did I do wrong?
What do you think?

Bro I will say two things to you.

1. Do not stop doing good. BUT DO IT WITH WISDOM. I would advise you give her half of what she asked next time. So dt she doesn't have the impression dt u hv surplus. And if dem no pay u back no give dem more.

2. No be only females need help. Most males have turn their backs on fellow guys. Whenever you hv opportunity to help a nigga over a vagina, pls do it.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: President Buhari To Declare State Of Emergency In South East by ehinmowo: 6:25am On Sep 30
If that will bring back sanity in the region, then it's welcomed even though the move look suspicious

This what I hate about southerners. They always look at issues with one lens. Have you ever wondered why Fulanis have been allowed to wield weapons for years? Yet they keep arresting any strong man from the south. Mopping up any weapon here.

As bad as IPOB or ND militants could be, which I don't blv, they could be the liberation south would need in the grand scheme of things that the north is brewing. Blv it or not, these folks arr coming down south. And security agencies will be deployed to prevent reprisals or fighting back.
Religion / Re: Stop The Killings - Pope Francis Tells Buhari by ehinmowo: 6:09am On Sep 30
The killings in Nigeria has gotten out of hands, Buhari should just declare state of emergency in the entire country abeg

With what resources to enforce it?
Family / Re: I Told My Wife Not To Kiss My 6-Month-Old Son On The Mouth: Am I Wrong? by ehinmowo: 4:11pm On Sep 29
My wife is fond of kissing my 6months boy in the mouth. I personally don't like this and I have told her to stop it but she refused.

This issue in causing a serious argument in my home and I want to take a serious action since she has refused to stop it.

Please I need advice from experienced parents.

I was abused sexual as a child by a cousin staying with us and there are cases of incest around me. I don't want any of this to happen to my son.

The teenage girl staying with us always sees my wife kissing my son in the mouth and I am afraid she my copy it and start doing it.

Please am I wrong? Am I over reacting? Is it a normal practice? Please advise me.

I think you are wrong. Those things strengthen mother-children bond

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