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Family / Re: , by Eketem: 4:49am On Mar 13
Follow the welfare route.

I believe you are looking for closure.

It is not juju, he made his decision as much as it hurts realize that it is on him not you, let his reason be his problem not yours.

Most importantly free your mind, love yourself and your son. Life is too short to dwell on what ifs, If you have the gift of life make it a quality life


Politics / Video Of President Defending Post Election Violence 2011 by Eketem: 3:32pm On Feb 18
For those who forget, here is a video of the President defending murder of people from post election violence in 2011.

Today he calls for extra judicial killings so when members of the opposition are shot and killed he can defend and justify it.

God help us

Politics / Video Of The President Calling For Electoral Violence by Eketem: 8:52pm On Feb 11
The president in his reelection campaign in Taraba is heard saying in Hausa " Everybody should be ready if there will be trouble so be it"
Watch video

Family / Re: I Need Advise On Best Way To Handle My In-laws by Eketem: 11:57pm On Jan 06
First of all, you need to stop with the need to want to please everybody.

Secondly I hope the house papers are in your name or kids name, this isn't about fake submission, God forbid he dies the next day they are probably kicking you out because a husband like yours will leave his family as next of kin.

Thirdly, share bills and responsibilities. Sit with him, have a clear and concise monthly household running budget including fees, water, food, light gen etc. Pick the ones you will do let him pick his own. If for example he picks light, water and food the day food finishes and he gives excuses buy for your kids and shut down, you enable this behavior by taking all the responsibilities and he is also setting you up to look like the devil while he pleases his unsatisfied family.

Then stop with the people pleasing. If they don't like you relax and enjoy your life and stop trying to force it.

Meanwhile I hope you have a savings, if you don't please check with all these banks that give interest for savings and start, those asset management accounts where you put money and cannot take out anyhow, save your money and watch it grow, the job won't be there forever and when money no dey you will see full scale hatred by his family and even your husband.

Time to start planning your future and kids future .

Single women stop doing audition during dating use the time to discuss these things, family finance and role of inlaws in your life


Politics / Re: Farooq Kperogi: "Amina Zakari Is Lying About Her Relationship With Buhari" by Eketem: 6:34am On Jan 06
Politics / Farooq Kperogi: "Amina Zakari Is Lying About Her Relationship With Buhari" by Eketem: 6:07am On Jan 06
Amina Zakari is Lying About her Relationship with Buhari

By Farooq Kperogi

Mrs. Amina Zakari just said to the BBC, “I’m not [Buhari’s] niece.” That’s flat-out mendacious. And it puts a huge question mark on her honesty, probity, and trustworthiness. A person who can lie this casually about something as basic and as verifiable as her relationships is disreputable and unworthy of the responsibility she's been entrusted with at INEC. So what is the truth?

In a December 27, 2018 article, Mohammed Haruna, former Daily Trust columnist and current INEC commissioner, confirmed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s biological sister was once married to Mrs. Amina Zakari’s father. That makes Amina Buhari’s niece. This is the definition of a niece in the Oxford English Dictionary: “A daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.” Amina’s father was Buhari’s brother-in-law. So Amina IS INDEED Buhari’s niece.

But that’s not all. At some point in his youth, Buhari, who lost his father at a young age, came under the guardianship of Amina’s father, the late Alhaji Hussaini Adamu, who was emir of Kazaure, Daura's "next-door neighbor." I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs.
Amina Zakari’s brother, Alhaji Najib Hussaini Adamu, in early 1999 shortly after he became emir, when I was a reporter for the Weekly Trust. I stayed at the palace for days. So I have some familiarity with the family.

Buhari has never severed his relationship with Amina’s father’s family even after Buhari’s sister's death. When he was chairman of PTF, he got Amina a consultancy contract with Afri-Projects Consortium (APC), “the sole manager of the PTF projects.” In Ray Ekpu’s widely shared June 2018 article titled “Petroleum Trust Fraud,” we learn that the late Salihijo Ahmad, the Adamawa-born boss of APC, “admitted to Newswatch in an interview published by the magazine in its April 19, 1999 issue that it was APC that wrote the proposal which defined the mandate of the PTF.”

It has also been established by several people I spoke with today that Amina Zakari was nominated to INEC commissionership by Buhari. This fact, as I pointed out in my Saturday Tribune column, isn’t enough to vitiate her neutrality. After all, Jonathan defeated Buhari in 2011 while she was INEC commissioner. But deceiving the world by concealing the nature and depth of her relationship with Buhari shows that she’s up to no good this time around.

Another evidence of Buhari’s continuing relationship with Amina’s family exists in the fact that Mrs. Amina Zakari’s biological brother, Alhaji Sulaiman Adamu, is Buhari’s Minister of Water Resources. In both African and Western kinship dynamics, Buhari and Amina Zakari are related. If Nigeria were a functioning country, Amina would have recused herself from her current role at INEC in view of the widespread concerns raised by several stakeholders about her ties with Buhari. But Nigeria is an anything-goes banana republic.

Also note that Amina's brother, that is, the current emir of Kazaure, whom I interviewed and interacted with in 1999, was executive secretary of PTF. Buhari gave him the job. Ambassador Kazaure, Buhari's Chief of Protocol, is also a relative of Amina's. Finally, as most people know by now, Amina's mother is from Daura, Buhari's hometown. So her ties with Buhari are pretty strong.


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Family / Re: How Can I Divorce Expressly? See My Reasons by Eketem: 6:55am On Jan 02

Divorce. Divorce. Divorce.

Divorce isn’t always the answer to marital problems and should never be taken lightly especially when there are children involved.

This should only ever be the last resort if all else has failed.

Besides, there’s always three sides to every story:

~ His side
~ Her side
~ The truth

Based purely on your side of the story, you need to do some serious soul searching and ask yourself why your wife changed overnight.

The first few years of marriage are the honeymoon stage. You courted this woman for 11 months. That’s quite a while to have studied her. There is no way a person can keep up the pretence for 11 long months (unless yours was a long distance relationship?). There must have been red flags. You just chose to ignore them.

Nonetheless, there HAS to be a reason why she’s suddenly turned 360os on you. Obviously there appears to be:

1. An emotional black hole in your relationship. The ex turning up is a symptom of the underlying issues with your marriage. A woman would only turn to an ex or another man if her emotional needs aren’t being met. For example when discussing with your wife, do you seek her opinion / input or do you wave aside her views? Do you say “Thank you” to make her feel appreciated when she gives / does something you are a recipient of? What is your sex life like with her? Do you take the time to satisfy her needs? Or is it all about you, you, and you? Is life with you one endless boring routine? Or do you make efforts to spice it up?

2. Trust Issues. When a wife starts stashing away huge sums of cash in secret, it means she’s preparing a nest egg for herself and her kids without you in the picture. Most times this action arises from betrayal or if she perceives you to have betrayed her. Have you ever cheated on her? Or done something to make her feel insecure in your union?

3. Immaturity. A refusal to acknowledge one’s fault / mistake and apologise accordingly is usually down to misplaced pride and immaturity. Wisdom comes with age. How old is your wife?

For a marriage to work, both parties have to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. You have to ask yourself if there’s any part of you that wants to salvage the marriage. If you do, then you need to ask your wife if she’s still interested in the marriage too.

If the answer is “yes” from both of you, then both of you need to make the effort to save it. Start by seeking help from a neutral third party such as a marriage counsellor. Book a couple of sessions with them so you and wifey can talk through your issues.

Your problems didn’t start today. They’ve festered for over four years so you need to be patient and not expect everything to be miraculously resolved in one day. A lot of patience, perseverance, and constant communication will be needed to get your relationship back to a healthy state.

It is well.

I hope you read that she stabbed him

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Family / Re: How Can I Divorce Expressly? See My Reasons by Eketem: 6:54am On Jan 02
Please if your partner violently attacks you like she did with a knife male or female please report to the police for documentation even if you plan to settle it at home, documentation is good for times like this and God forbid if the spouse kills you or you resort to self defence.

Please leave the house first, Separate first then start the proceedings.


Family / Re: How Can I Divorce Expressly? See My Reasons by Eketem: 8:32pm On Jan 01
What kind of marriage did you have?

If it was only traditional, return bride price or go to a customary court representing yourself and that's all, If it was a registry wedding you need to get a lawyer . There is no fast divorce, the court will ask you to try counseling first. However if she doesn't object it makes it easier


Family / Re: Children Sitting In Front Seat Of A Car by Eketem: 1:39pm On Dec 22, 2018
Kindly understand that the reason why your 9 year old should sit in front is for her own safety, If God forbid there is an accident her lungs are not strong enough for the airbag.

She stays behind till 12


Family / Re: No Privacy In My Home by Eketem: 2:56am On Dec 22, 2018

What if there is no father in law? No responsible mother in law with a responsible husband would abandon her home to cause problems in a new home.

Kick them out

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Family / Re: No Privacy In My Home by Eketem: 9:17pm On Dec 21, 2018
Tell your wife it's time they leave, let her get a maid. If they refuse report to your father in law

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Family / Re: My Sister Is Crying Inconsolably After Giving Birth. Please Help! by Eketem: 3:33pm On Dec 16, 2018
Your sister may be facing depression, she needs to be taken to a hospital and receive counseling alongside her husband.

Please you guys need to call a family meeting and ensure she gets help IMMEDIATELY, God forbid she hurts herself and the baby

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Family / Re: Everyone Blames Me by Eketem: 7:53pm On Dec 14, 2018

she doesn't look like shell say sorry
but I'll pray
I have forgiven her though

That sorry is mostly in the far future when she is old and needs you
Politics / Re: 2019 Election: Vice Presidential Debate (Live Updates) by Eketem: 7:51pm On Dec 14, 2018
Obi even lied, saying Nigeria spends 50% of its revenue to service debt....

That's a fat lie...

That's the truth. Most of the contracts, trains debts etc are serviced from our income from oil

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Family / Re: Everyone Blames Me by Eketem: 3:21am On Dec 14, 2018
You have to understand that your mother has issues not you, mentally remove yourself from that situation.

As for the abuse by your principal google project alert and send them a message reporting it, they will take it up and believe me your principal will be stopped from abusing others too.

Your mother like so many others get away with abuse because people wrongly believe a mother is always right and perfect plus being a widow makes her an extra victim. Some of us faced worse, remove yourself emotionally from her grip stop expecting love or anything and stand up for yourself, when you get older she will use tears to be manipulating you reporting you everywhere don't fall for it, if she is serious she will apologise for the trauma she put you through before you genuinely forgive her
Family / Re: My Girl Mother Is Frustrating Me. by Eketem: 2:10pm On Dec 13, 2018
is it a bad thing to wash for ur mom. If u cook for ur mother in law does that make u a slave. U were born foolish and lived ur life in a foolish way

Fool at 40


Family / Re: Help!! I'm Going Crazy!! by Eketem: 2:10pm On Dec 13, 2018
You are already a single mother just make it formal and move on, you are not married in any way, he just has a wife to come give him sex and go home.
Family / Re: My Girl Mother Is Frustrating Me. by Eketem: 5:32am On Dec 12, 2018
First problem here is you are not smart, you think having AC and washing machine means you are ready for marriage.

Second thing is you are a hypocrite, you want to be close to your mom marry a woman that will become her househelp, weekend she is supposed to be resting like a human being she will go and be slaving for your mom but you don't want her own mother to protected her, so you sef weekend go and be cutting grass in her mother's compound and cleaning gutter.

Last thing is you are abusive, go and get help, violence is not the best way to resolve conflicts there will be more conflicts after marriage. You are almost 40 I hope you don't enter your 40s with foolishness


Family / Re: Advice A Sister by Eketem: 9:23pm On Dec 09, 2018

@eketem, could you please mention the insurance company and the particular policy. I will really appreciate your response

Check reliance HMO, prohealth, prepaidmedicare google them
Family / Re: Malice Keeping Between Couples by Eketem: 11:34am On Dec 08, 2018
Beating you pulling out your hair but you are concerned about malice smh.

Go and beg as usual, weak annoying women when he kills you tomorrow people will be demanding empathy

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Family / Re: Should I Continue Giving Money To My Friend's Wife? by Eketem: 3:48pm On Dec 07, 2018
Sit with your friend and inform him of the constant requests. You have your own issues, people and health insurance


Family / Re: Family Planning Methods. by Eketem: 9:42pm On Dec 06, 2018
Go to a family Planning clinic, there are several options apart from injectables

You can also consider using a condom, condoms are a means of family planning too
Family / Re: Please Advice Me,how Can I Seek Custody Of My Child by Eketem: 12:57pm On Dec 06, 2018

Thanks for your urgent response Sir

I don't have a record of financial report but I have supported her through birth and most times gives her money to spend.

The only contact I have with the kid whenever she brings her to my house but now,she is avoiding me seeing my daughter and only picks my calls at will.

I will try consulting the local Welfare Office as suggested sir...I will really appreciate if they grant me the part custody and visitation to the kid

You made a serious mistake, you should have sent through her account because now she will deny that you have not supported the child from birth and it will seriously count against you.

If you have pictures of you and the child it can help.
Every man who has a baby out of wedlock should be smart enough to document contributions, these things can get messy.

They can deny and now give a heavy bill for pregnancy, birth and post birth to discourage you


Family / Re: Please Advice Me,how Can I Seek Custody Of My Child by Eketem: 10:29am On Dec 06, 2018
1. Do you have records of your financial contributions?

2. Before now have you been physically present in the child's life?

If Yes, you can start from social welfare, make a report in the social welfare secretariat of your local government secretariat.
Note that you won't get full custody of a child under 7 except the mother is incompetent.
You are however entitled to visitations and even part custody.
If social welfare mediation doesn't work you can approach family court.
Family / Re: Advice A Sister by Eketem: 8:44pm On Dec 05, 2018
Eketem, I don't understand why u r hurt and pained of my post? Who is cursing at u? Who is emotional blackmailing u? Can u remind me when I robbed or asked u for money

You know sometimes when u r favoured and lucky, u think others are lazy.

Calling on my God shouldn't be ur problem at all. Despite in tough times I still appreciate him cos he has done so much for me.

I am not favored or lucky neither did I call you lazy I only gave advise that will help with medical bills and prevent a situation where you will be needing donations for bills. An insurance policy of 43, 000 saved me all this stress, it paid for antenatal and birth and visits after birth, it really helped me have peace in that area.

Insurance really helps if you calmly select a good policy and clear all blurred lines.

We all go through hard times but plans like this really help, at least if you had insurance you will not be worried about money for hospital bills.


dont people pay taxes in nigeria

Countries with universal health care include Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

so yes theres what we call free health care

These countries have health insurance Sir

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Family / Re: Advice A Sister by Eketem: 5:41pm On Dec 05, 2018
My dear, u right about the insurance and counselling of a thing. But, pray not to be a victim of problems u can't explain. I don't need empathy or anything from u. I only pray for God open every close doors for us. Funding Ivf twice is not an easy journey. I believe in God whom I served. The money u think u can help me with today, people are dying and leaving theirs behind. But, here I am, alive. Glory to God

=Eketem post=73575571]Why do Nigerians not do health insurance? With 20k - 50k insurance you are covered from antenatal to birth and even 6 weeks after in a standard hospital.

You cannot feed now, you will not be able to pay bills God forbid it is CS nko?

These marital counseling classes should guide intending couples on how to really plan and prepare for their future even on small income.

As for the current issue, I don't know.
I am guessing the aim is for people to feel empathy and contribute money, I expect resident investigators to come and dig in, my own is just to advise on getting insurance so people won't be begging for hospital bills

Madam cursing at me will not solve the issue, why is it harder to plan and then late emotionally blackmailing people by shouting God.

Life happens to everybody but some plans in place can help cushion the effects.

I am sorry for the challenges you have gone through
I hope things go well


Family / Re: Advice A Sister by Eketem: 5:38pm On Dec 05, 2018

shut up stop talking like you are not a nigerian..if you have free health care why do you need insurance..blame the leaders of nigeria

There is no free health care anywhere, somebody somewhere is paying for it. It doesn't cost much to have insurance and avoid these embarrassing issues


Family / Re: Advice A Sister by Eketem: 2:56pm On Dec 05, 2018
Why do Nigerians not do health insurance? With 20k - 50k insurance you are covered from antenatal to birth and even 6 weeks after in a standard hospital.

You cannot feed now, you will not be able to pay bills God forbid it is CS nko?

These marital counseling classes should guide intending couples on how to really plan and prepare for their future even on small income.

As for the current issue, I don't know.
I am guessing the aim is for people to feel empathy and contribute money, I expect resident investigators to come and dig in, my own is just to advise on getting insurance so people won't be begging for hospital bills

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Politics / Ganduje Donates N10 Million To EFCC And ICPC Event by Eketem: 6:41pm On Nov 26, 2018
The Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, has donated N10 million to the organizers of the National Anti-Corruption Marathon.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Crimes, ICPC, Athletic Federation of Nigeria, AFN and other stakeholders organized the first National Anti-Corruption Marathon, in honour of President Muhammadu Buhari, for his fight against corruption.

Announcing the donation when he received members of the main organizing committee in Abuja, Mr Ganduje promised that the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti Corruption Commission would collaborate with the organizers, as an official partner, to ensure success of the event.

He said his administration not only engaged in sensitizing the citizenry on the evils of corruption but also reorganized and strengthened its anti-corruption agency to offer optimal professional services.

“Before now, people find it difficult to access the services of the agency but we established offices across the 44 local government areas so that the services can be available to the common man”, the governor stressed.

“We also facilitated the recruitment of additional personnel and subjected them to training by professional agencies like EFCC and ICPC so that they can deliver.

“We also ensured cooperation with these agencies and that attracted international organizations to support us in reinforcing our anti-corruption system.”

The governor stated that as a result of the renewed professional and vigour of the state anti-corruption agency, highly placed individuals such as Permanent Secretaries in the state civil service and a commissioner were removed and prosecuted for involvement in corrupt practices.

Earlier, the leader of the delegation, Jacob Onu, told the governor that the organizers intend to “use the image and popularity of marathon races to create massive awareness and bring together all segments of the Nigerian population in support of Mr. President’s fight on corruption in all facets of national life”.

“This will strengthen unity among the citizens of this country and also satisfy the desire to exploit and harness the abundant talent in our youth for national integration,” Mr Onu said.

He added that the campaign was aimed raising national consciousness on the scourge and danger of corruption to the country and humanity in general.


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