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Web Market / Re: The Domainkingng Thread by Emasky4real(m): 11:02am On Jan 08, 2018
My domain Taiwoemayosan.com was due for renewal on Saturday. I renewed yet after the expiration period, I couldn't gain access to my site. Domainking is saying my domain has expired. I lodge a complain nothing has been done.
This morning I got a mail telling me to confirm the transfer of the domain. I click on confirmation only to get a charge of 2000+ as transfer fee.

I didn't ask for a transfer, besides I paid my due before expiration. You guys should do something about my domain because my business is getting affected already.

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Crime / Give It A Shot by Emasky4real(m): 8:36am On Oct 23, 2017
Give it a shot!

Have you ever found yourself in a state where you know exactly what you should do and believe you have all it takes to do it but due to fear and some limiting beliefs kept the idea to yourself without giving it a shot? If you have been there, you would know how painful that can be.

You are probably thinking you are too young or need more skill to implement the idea. At some other time you might think you need to get some certifications.
Even when you don’t default in any of the above areas, you may be wondering what people would say if you give it a shot.

It is quite normal to think that way, but never allow such mindset to stop you from doing what you ought to do. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to expect to be as skillful as your role model or mentor before you implement your idea.

You know what? Everyone you see at the top today was once at the bottom. People who are highly skillful in one area or the other today know nothing about those areas at a time.
The way to go is to learn, and practice, and if you make mistake, learn from your mistake and keep improving on your performance.

An expert didn’t become an expert by being perfect at the beginning, an expert is someone who has made every possible mistake any new comer could make in a particular field and has learned the right approach to such mistakes. This is often achieved by studying, learning and practicing. By making mistakes and learning from them.

To become an expert, you must first start as an amateur. Equip yourself with knowledge as much as you can, then start. Let go of your fears, if possible do it afraid. If you fail, people might make jest of you. It is normal to be mocked.

You don’t become anything by just thinking you want to become it, you become what you want to become by performing the task that is related to the title you are seeking.

A writer writes, a speaker speaks to people in forums or seminars. A pastor preaches to people in the church, an author writes a book, a singer composes songs and sings.

The road to being is doing. Mere intention will make you nobody; you must bend down and get your hands dirty.
If you don’t try you can never succeed, neither can you fail. It you don’t give it a shot, how would you know you can be who you wanted to be?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nobody and not even you can tell what you can do until you do it.”

Your potential is unlimited, and you are more talented, creative and more powerful than you think.
Never allow fear and self-limiting beliefs to hold you down.

Be unstoppable.

Just give it a shot and see how it turns out.

©Taiwo Emayosanlomo

You can visit www.taiwoemayosan.com for more of my inspirational articles.

I wish you a happy day.

Crime / Re: Notorious Kidnapper Murdered Gang Member, Inherited Dead Man's Wife by Emasky4real(m): 4:17pm On Jun 13, 2017
Nkan be.
Career / There Is Greatness In You by Emasky4real(m): 7:15am On Jan 16, 2017
An author wrote, “Your background is not the
reason why your back must be on the
ground.” You are what you make of
yourself. You will become great not because
you were raised in a city; there are so many
people who grew up in the city who end up
mediocre people and people who rose from
villages to become great leaders in life. Follow this link to read the full article.
Romance / Re: 11 Ways To Make Your Partner To Trust You In A Long Distance Relationship by Emasky4real(m): 3:01pm On Jan 15, 2017
This applies to any relationship near or far. You missed one essential element which is being realistic. If you accept that absences sometimes does not make the heart grow fonder and real patience and effort is required. Long distance is not for everyone that's a pertinent point.
You are right.
Romance / Re: 11 Ways To Make Your Partner To Trust You In A Long Distance Relationship by Emasky4real(m): 3:00pm On Jan 15, 2017
Oh relationship again
Romance / 11 Ways To Make Your Partner To Trust You In A Long Distance Relationship by Emasky4real(m): 11:48pm On Jan 14, 2017

“Love is a gift of nature, but trust must be earned”
--- The law of trust

Onome (not her real name) was wooed by a handsome young man. She told him she already had someone she was dating. The young handsome man asked if the person she was dating resides in the same city. She answered no. The handsome young man in an attempt to persuade and convince her asked how sure is she that the so called guy is not dating another lady where he resides, a statement made to burst Onome’s confidence in his boyfriend. To the surprise of the young handsome man, Onome said, though he’s not with me, but I know what he can do.

So many people have failed in long distance relationship because they are not able to play by the rules that are critical to the success of a long distance relationship. In this post, I am going to show you eleven basic things you should start doing that will make whosoever you are dating now have total trust and confidence in you, even when you people don’t reside in the same city.

1. Be Transparent

The word transparent means easily understood, or see true. It also means free of deceit. You are transparent to your partner when you show to him that you have nothing to hide. We generally believe that when a person is trying to hide something, then there is something he or she is doing that he doesn’t want other people to know. You are not transparent when you don’t allow your partner to have access to your mobile phone, you are not transparent when you have to move to a corner to receive phone call, so as not to allow him or her to hear your conversation.

When you do any of the above, you have started planting the seed of doubt in your partner. He or she will start wondering about what you are trying to hide. That will consequently lead to mistrust.

2. Don’t Tell Lie

One of the ways people destroy their partner’s trust is by lying. You might have been telling the truth all your life, it takes only a second of a bursted lie to ruin the trust and reputation your honesty has earned you over the years. Some of the possible lies that can destroy your relationship include the following: lying about where you are at a particular time, being on a date with another guy, and telling your partner on phone that you are in your bedroom, telling your partner you have stopped calling your Ex, only to still be getting in touch with him in reality.

One thing you should know is that some persons are very inquisitive, even when they have no reason to doubt you, they still want to find out if what you said is the truth or not. It may take them a very long time to unravel the credibility of your claims, but they won’t give up. They will test the consistency of your claims, they will make enquiry about your claims. If you are a fake person, no matter how smart you are, you will be caught.

If you are not ready to be truthful to your spouse, then you are building your relationship on a faulty foundation. Lies destroy trust and lack of trust can lead to a break up with your partner.

3. Don’t Double Date

Jealousy is part of the human nature, and it is more intense when it comes to the game of relationship. Most people don’t subscribe to sharing who they really love with someone else. When you are dating a person, and give him the impression that he or she is your “one and only,” but because you don’t live together, you started dating someone else just to catch fun. When you do so, you are actually playing with fire as far as your relationship is concerned. You want to it your cake and have it. The problem with such game lies in the possibility of getting caught by your partner. If you are caught by your partner, that may be the end of “Solomon Grandy” for your relationship, ‘cause he or she may find it difficult to trust you and consequently call it quit. He or she may end up forgiving you, but his or her trust for you when both of you are not together would definitely be eroded.

4. Be careful How You Relate with the Members of the Opposite Sex

How you relate with members of the opposite sex has a way of influencing your partner’s trust in you. If you are the type of person that always goes about in the company of the opposite sex, your partner may start getting worried if you are really faithful to him or her. There are chances that he or she will start suspecting that you are having affair with any of the people you are moving with.

It gets worse when many of your opposite sex friends have your phone number and keep calling you regularly, no guy will feel comfortable seeing his or her partner receiving consistent calls from the member of the opposite sex. When you do that often, mistrust will start setting in.

5. Let Him Have Access to Your Phone and Social Media Accounts

This is not really compulsory but it is the easiest way to earn unshakable to trust from your partner. By allowing him or her to have access to your phone and your social media account, you are giving him the impression that you have nothing to hide from him or her. Transparency displayed in this manner breeds trust.

6. Call Him Regularly

One of the powerful pillars of relationship is communication .In a long distance relationship, when you call your partner regularly; you give him or her the impression that you are always thinking of him, a feeling that makes him see himself as important to you. He would believe you have his interest at heart and that you care so much about him or her. This little gesture of regular calling breeds trust. When you fail to communicate with your partner regularly, he or she will start wondering if you have started seeing someone else. He would want to know what is taking your attention away from him or her.

7. Make Effort to Resolving Conflict When There is Any Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is part of every relationship. The problem and challenge is not that you and your partner have issues, what matters is the ability of the two of you to come together and settle your dispute.

You will earn the trust of your partner if you always make effort to ensure that the conflict between you and your partner is resolved, but if you are the type with "I don’t care attitude," even when it is obvious that you are the one at fault but always unwilling to say sorry or make effort to resolve conflict between you and your partner, you are giving your partner the impression that you can do without him or her, that she’s not important to you. When you keep doing this in a long distance relationship, your partner will start suspecting there is someone else you are seeing that is giving you the guts to be acting the way you do. This may eventually destroy his or her trust in you.

8. Let your friend or family member call him or her once in a while

You have to be careful about applying this rule. When you ask your friend or family member to call or speak with your partner in a long distance relationship, you make him or her feel important. You give him or her impression that even though he or she is not around, you are crazy about him or her. You gave him or her impression that he or she is all you have even though he’s not around. Doing that has a way of boosting your partner’s trust in you.

9. When He’s in Doubt Prove That You are Saying the Truth

There will be times when your partner will doubt your words or claims for reasons best known to him or her never make the mistake of telling him that “if he doesn’t believe you, he can go to hell.” When you do such, you will heighten his doubt. Instead of acting that way, prove to him that what you are saying is the truth, except you actually lied or deceived him or her. Making effort to clear his doubts is a way to earn his trust.

10. Don’t Take Major Decision Without Informing Him or Her

One of the ways you can destroy trust is to make major decisions in your life without telling your partner. There are tales of couples doing things such a building a house, buying a land, taking loans without the knowledge of their partners. It is better to let him know ‘cause when he or she finds out, he may find it difficult to trust you. For example, he or she might just assume that if you could do those things behind him or her, how sure is he or she that you are not cheating on him. The end result will be nothing but mistrust.

11. Be Predictable

On a general note, if you want people to trust and believe in you, you must be predictable. Let your way of life be so clear that people can say what you can do and what you can’t do. You must have a clear personal philosophy that governs your life.
In a long distance relationship, the more your lifestyle is predictable, the more your chances of earning your partner’s trust and vice versa.

Original Sources: http://www.taiwoemayosan.com/2017/01/11-ways-to-make-your-partner-to-trust.html

Written By Taiwo Emayosanlomo.

Over to You

What is your opinion about this list, and which other ways can one earn trust in a long distance relationship? Feel free to share your thought below.

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Crime / Re: Southern Kaduna Crises:retired Police Officer's Wife, Mother, Father, Murdered! by Emasky4real(m): 5:06am On Jan 13, 2017
May the soul of the dead RIP
Web Market / Re: The Domainkingng Thread by Emasky4real(m): 9:38am On Dec 05, 2016
I am planning to renew my domain. Is it possible to do that by paying directly to your company's bank account?
Literature / Re: Please, Recommend a good book for a depressed fellow. by Emasky4real(m): 7:52am On Dec 01, 2016
Good day good people in the literature section. Please I need help, am a lover of books and I find my motivations from good books. Please am so depressed right now because the business venture I invested my cash is on a hold and now the supplementary list is out and my name too is not there. So I feel so depressed because I believed that the business will be successful and I will also gain admission but am left with nothing now. I just feel this year is a total waste but I believe I can Still keep going but I need a good motivation right now. My archive can't help me now. Please I need a good recommendation for my spirit to be back. I good book can help keep me going, I don't want to start drinking beer or having any bad thought so as to wave myself off this depression. I Still want to push further and be in the right part.

I may not need this in front page but all I need is your help, please am counting on you guys. Thanks.

Send Winning Paradigm for tough times to 08063027629 on whatsapp. I will forward you a book that will inspire you to keep moving. Book format is PDF
Education / Re: 21 Tips To Make Distinction In All Your Courses As A Nigerian Undergraduate by Emasky4real(m): 2:06pm On Nov 29, 2016
Very useful article
Education / 21 Tips To Make Distinction In All Your Courses As A Nigerian Undergraduate by Emasky4real(m): 12:34pm On Nov 29, 2016
I decided to write this post for the purpose of granting the request of one of the readers of this blog, an undergraduate of university of Benin. He wanted a guide on how to make distinction in all his courses. As much as he’s going to benefit from this article, I also believe you will benefit immensely if you are currently undergoing an academic program in any institution of higher learning.The ideas and academic success principles I am about to share with you are what I have personally applied and have seen worked for other high-flying students I met in the course of my academic journey from primary school to the university level.

What to do to make distinction in your courses include the following:

1. Desire to Make Distinction in All Your Courses Badly: Every achievement in life begins with a DESIRE. If you must make distinction in all your courses, you must have a BURNING desire to achieve that feat. With a burning desire, you will be able to go through every pain and stress necessary to birth your distinctions. When you are faced with obstacles, a burning desire for academic success will propel you to focus on solutions rather than problems. It will keep you going.

2. Write down your goal: Your goal here is to make distinction in all your courses. It is not enough to just have it on your head that you want to make distinction in all your courses, it is important you write it down in your personal journal. Writing down your goals makes them appear tangible and achievable. It is essential that you paste it where you can see it every day. You can paste it beside your mirror or somewhere in your room.

The first thing I always do once I resume for a new term when I was in secondary is to make a list of all my subjects and write the grades I want to have in all. I did same too when I was an undergraduate. The result is that my mates marvel at my academic performance. Some folks in my secondary school days, especially when I was in J.S.S 1 taught I was not ordinary, because they could not imagine how I achieved the feat of making A’s in virtually all my subjects. The reason lies in the fact that I decided to make A’s in all my subjects and I know that if it must be, I must have certain amount of mark in each subject to attain the goal, so I put in the needed effort to achieve my goal. I went on to be among the top 10 graduating students in secondary school out of over 200 hundred students, and graduated with a second class upper from the university. Without academic goals, you can hardly be an outstanding student.

3. Get the course outline of all the courses for the semester: what will be your class of degree, whether a first class, second class upper, second class lower, third class or ordinary pass at the end of your degree program is a combination of your performances in all the semesters that constitute your degree program. Your ultimate success will be determined by the success of each semester. If you can endeavor to do well one semester at a time, you will come out with a satisfactory class of degree, at least a minimum of second class upper.

To have a successful semester, the first thing to do is to get the course outline for all your courses. Everything you are expected to know for the semester is in the course outline, and its content is where your test and examination questions will be drawn from. It is an essential tool that you must have.

4. Get the materials for all your courses: In higher institutions in Nigeria, lecturers usually prepare handout for the course they are taking, and each student is expected to get a copy of the handout, so that they can have access to the components of the course. If you want to make distinction, it essential you get all the materials for your courses. Buy all the recommended handouts and text books for the semester. If you can’t afford them, borrow from those who bought and make photocopy, it is cheaper.

5. Attend lectures regularly: if you want to make distinction in all your courses, it is imperative that you attend lectures. When you are in class, listen to the lecturer. Compare his teachings to the content of the course material. There are some lecturers that teach so many things that you won’t find in the course material, while some teach word for word of what is in the course material. Now, for the lecturers whom you cannot predict what they teach based on their course material, it is essential that you attend their class, in fact don’t miss their class, if making distinction is your goal.

Some brilliant students don’t believe in attending lectures because they believe they can always read, and assimilate the content of the course materials and pass exam. What do you think would happen if most questions are set out of the content of the course material or if the lecturer expects students to answer certain questions based on the explanation he gave in class? Such students no matter how brilliant they are won’t make a distinction in that course. I once failed a course that way. I got to the examination hall only to see questions whose answers can never be found in the course material.

If you must boycott any lecturer’s class, let it be the class of a lecturer whose teaching can be predicted based on the course material. Without attending his class, you will pass if you study the course material properly.

Another reason why it is essential to attend lectures is because of continuous assessment. Continuous assessment is the combination of your class attendance, your contribution in class, assignments and test coupled with the final examination score. Not attending classes will make you lose some mark which may cost you a distinction in that course.

6. Read, Read and Read: If you don’t like reading, you may not be able make distinction in all your courses. You must be ready to read. Try to know the studying method that work best for you and the best time of the day that you can assimilate things faster. To some, their prime time is early in the morning, some prefer afternoon while some get the best out of studies when they study at night. It is your responsibility to know the reading method, and time of the day that works best for you.

If you must make distinction in all your courses, it is imperative that you cover all the components or content of your course outline. It is essential that you read your course material(s) from cover to cover, and digest them properly.

7. Get Past question papers: Research shows that about 50% of questions set for candidates during examination can be found in past question papers of that particular course or subject. Past question paper is a powerful tool you will need to excel in any course. Make effort to get the past question papers of all your courses as early as possible, and learn to use them as the semester progresses. Study the way the lecturer structures his questions, and apply it as you study his course material. Frame questions based on his pattern of setting question for all the contents of the course material, and learn to answer them in the best way possible.

8. Do your assignment and submit promptly
: Assignment, whether individual or group is one of the components of continuous assessment. Failure to do and submit your assignment may cost you a distinction, no matter how brilliant you are. For this reason, cooperate with your lecturer by doing your assignment as soon as possible and submit when expected.

9. Always prepare for impromptu test: There are days you will go for lectures as usual, only for the lecturer to tell you to get a sheet of paper, write your name and matriculation number, and your course code. The next thing you will see is questions on the board. If you didn’t anticipate such test, you will be thrown off balance. And if you fail such test due to lack of preparation, that may cost you a distinction. To avoid such failure, I suggest that as soon as you are getting to the middle of the semester, you should always expect test any time you are going for lectures and always prepare in advance.

10. Find out the marking style of the lecturers: if you want to make a distinction in a course, it is important you know the way the lecturer expects students to answer his questions. Some lecturers want you to give them verbatim what they taught you or what are in their course material, while others want you to come up with something out of the box but still in line with what you were taught. Having this knowledge and answering his questions based on his expectation will earn you your distinction without stress. You can get this information from senior colleagues who have passed through the lecturer.

11. Prepare adequately for examination: At the end of every semester, you are going to write exam in all the courses for that semester. If you have followed the previous instructions, you will definitely be prepared for the final exam. You must make adequate preparation for the exam. Adequate preparation include, covering the course outline, reading all the recommended course materials, reading the note taken in class during lectures and practicing past questions.

12. Don’t miss the revision class prior to exam: Examination is never a battle between the lecturers and students. It is the joy of every good teacher to see that his students excel at the end of the semester.
During final revision that precedes examination, the teacher most often do their best to give students hints on possible areas that questions are likely to come out from. Prior to this time, they have set their questions, and submitted them to the faculty management.

By being attentive to what the lecturer says in the revision class, you will have a glimpse of possible questions to be expected and areas you need to focus on in the course material or lecturer’s note. Missing such class can cost you a distinction.

13. Choose your friends wisely: it is important to note that the people with whom you associate as a student play a very big role in your academics. You must make effort to relate with students who are serious minded; students who have burning desire for unlimited academic success. These set of students would challenge and motivate you to be up and doing. Associating will them with keep you alert and help you to focus on your academic goals. Always remember that “he that walks with the wise shall be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed.” It is better to be a loner as a student than to be in the company of unserious folks. Choose your friends wisely!

5 Things to Do On the Examination Day

The examination day is the day to reap every effort you have been making right from day one of the semester, so if you make any mistake that day, you may end up losing your reward. I suggest that you do the following five things on the examination day.

14. Be early to the exam venue: It is essential you get to the exam hall or venue at least fifteen minutes before the exam commences. This will give you the opportunity to relax and get your mind ready for the exam.

15. Go with all the needed examination kit: This may include your pen, mathematical set, your Id card, and everything you will be in need of in the examination hall. Don’t go to the exam hall with the plan of borrowing anything you will need. Doing so will slow you down, and can even cost you your distinction.

16. Write your name and matriculation number where they are needed: There have been cases where students submit answer booklet and forget to write their name and matriculation number. To avoid this mistake, write your name, matriculation number, and course code as soon as you get your answer booklet.

17. Read the instructions thoroughly and comprehend them before you solve the questions:
Take note of the instructions in your question paper and solve the questions in obedience to them. Most often, examiners use such words as list, state, enumerate, discuss, explain, and define and so on. You are expected to answer the questions based on the command or instruction given in the question paper. Disobedience to instruction due to error in understanding the instructions or answering the question in a way that is not consistent with the instructions simply to show the lecturer that you are brilliant can cause you fail.

18. Write legibly: If you have a bad handwriting, such that only you can read your work, you will fail no matter how brilliant you are. When writing examination, write in such a way, that even a blind man can read what you write. When you give the right answers using clear and legible hand writing, you can never be denied of distinction.

19. Work with time: Duration of time is always allotted to examination; it is your duty to make sure you answer as many as possible questions within the time given. If you know the answers but too slow to solve all the questions before the time elapses, you will lose your chances of making a distinction. What you need here is speed and accuracy.

20. Revise your answers before submitting:
Don’t be in a rush to submit. Nobody is given a distinction for being the first to submit. Check your work properly; make corrections where necessary before you submit. And when submitting, make sure you submit in the right place because there are cases where students of different levels write exam simultaneously in the same hall. The school management often makes such arrangement in an attempt to curb examination malpractices. It will be a great mistake to have your script mixed up with a different group of students due to your own error. This kind of mistake is probably why some students do have missing script issue. Once again, make sure you submit where you should submit.

21. Keep praying till you see your result:
You have done your best, now it is time to leave the rest to God. The kind of prayer you should pray is left to you. You must have it in mind that God will help you only when you have helped yourself by following the instructions in this article.

Original Source:http://www.taiwoemayosan.com/2016/10/21-tips-to-make-distinction-in-all-your.html

Author: Taiwo Emayosanlomo, success coach, blogger, and motivational speaker

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Religion / Re: Nine Church Adverts That Will Amaze You by Emasky4real(m): 1:33pm On Nov 06, 2016
These banners show the extent to which most churches have made people superstitious. They made their members believe that external factors are responsible for their problems.

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Web Market / Re: The Domainkingng Thread by Emasky4real(m): 1:32pm On Oct 27, 2016

Please note that if you have already created the emails on your domain then you can access your emails from here: webmail.yourdomain.com (please replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name).

If you are unable to access the webmail using the above link then please tell us your domain name that you have registered with us so that I can guide you accordingly.
I have

You can also contact us by raising a support ticket from here: http://www.domainking.ng/support or you can also email to us at support[at]domainking.ng or via instant Live Chat on our website. Our support team is always available to assist you with all your queries.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries or need any further help.

Best Regards,

I have been able to access it. Thanks.
Web Market / Re: The Domainkingng Thread by Emasky4real(m): 8:52am On Oct 27, 2016
My domain was bought from domainkingng.com I created a personal email address recently, e.g info@mydomain.com

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Business / Re: HELP!, Kindly Suggest What Bussiness One Can Do With N5,000 by Emasky4real(m): 1:08pm On Oct 17, 2016
What business ideas do you already have in mind?
Career / 4 Reasons You Should Stop Putting Your Hope And Trust In People by Emasky4real(m): 10:23am On Sep 30, 2016
“Don’t expect
anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a
trust fund; maybe you have a wealthy spouse.
But you never know when either one might run
-----Mary Mary Schmich. Click on the link here to read the full post.
Business / What Are You Doing With Your Money? by Emasky4real(m): 10:35am On Sep 28, 2016
This post will show you how money gets out of your pocket, and help you to develop empathy for those you think are stingy or have no financial responsibility. Read and share. Click this link to read, www.taiwoemayosan.com/2016/09/what-are-you-doing-with-your-money.html?m=1
Business / Re: Nigerians Are Worried About Economy - Dr. Folawiyo Kareem Olajoku by Emasky4real(m): 10:22am On Sep 27, 2016
I smell front page.
Crime / Re: Man Stripped Unclad For Snatching Woman’s Bag In Abuja (pic) by Emasky4real(m): 2:23pm On Sep 23, 2016
Crime is sweet to the perpetrator, but the result when caught is always bitter. #saynotocrime


Career / Re: 6 Mistakes You Will Likely Make Between Age 20-30 AS A Young Nigerian by Emasky4real(m): 12:31pm On Aug 30, 2016
am not there yet but @ 24; no regrets whatsoever.

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Webmasters / Re: Looking For Nigerian Blogs That Centers On Personal Development by Emasky4real(m): 7:12am On Aug 28, 2016

Was using Opera mini
Opera won't work. Try Ucbrowser.
Webmasters / Re: Looking For Nigerian Blogs That Centers On Personal Development by Emasky4real(m): 6:51pm On Aug 27, 2016

Was an interesting read but couldn't comment successfully because of recapt.. it was like your blog was cut into two, That sidebar isn't cool on mobile if you ask me.

Good to know you read the post. What is the name of your browser?
Webmasters / Re: Looking For Nigerian Blogs That Centers On Personal Development by Emasky4real(m): 9:09am On Aug 27, 2016
Hi personal development bloggers in the house. I just published a post on my blog. It is titled; 6 THINGS TO CUT OFF IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE.You can click on this link to read, comment and share.
Career / Re: 6 Phases Of Life Every Nigerian Graduate Passes Through-by Emasky4real by Emasky4real(m): 7:32am On Aug 10, 2016
Career / 6 Phases Of Life Every Nigerian Graduate Passes Through-by Emasky4real by Emasky4real(m): 5:48pm On Aug 09, 2016
I was reflecting on life recently and some random thoughts came to mind among which is the topic of this article, being with my jotter, I quickly documented the idea and decided to do a write-up on it. If you are a 21st century Nigerian graduate, you will definitely agree with the phases I discussed in this article,

because any Nigerian who is a graduate of this century is either currently at one of these phases, or just moving from one of the phases to another.

I grouped the phases into six (6) and they are:

1. The joy of graduation Phase: The dream of every student admitted to a higher institution is to graduate one day, most especially at when due. The joy of graduation phase is when as a graduate you realize this goal of becoming a graduate. Depending on the course you studied, on graduation you are addressed as a professional in your course area. If you read law, you become a lawyer, if you read medicine you become a medical doctor and so on. When you wrote your final exam, and result is pasted and you find your name in the list of successful students, your joy would know no bound. At last, your wildest dream has come to pass. The joy and happiness you experience at this phase is so profound that it can’t be described in words. If you have passed through this phase, definitely you will agree with me that my assertion is true.

2. Awaiting NYSC Phase: In Nigeria, every graduate is expected to serve the nation for a year after graduating from the higher institution. This exercise is compulsory for all graduates except few who met the requirement for exception. The awaiting NYSC phase is the period between leaving school and joining the national youth service (NYSC). To most graduates, this is a resting period, and to some, usually few, the hustle for the dream job begins. Some enroll to learn skill, volunteer to work for NGO or company they would like to work for after NYSC, some took temporary job to make some cash, but the majority spends this period in frivolity. How long this period will last depends on how effective your school is at mobilizing graduates for the National youth service program. The awaiting NYSC phase ranges from weeks to months and sometimes a year even more, it all depends on your school.

3. The NYSC Phase: This is a phase every Nigerian graduate desire to experience. In fact most graduates have been yearning for this phase as far back as their secondary school days. Seeing a corps member fully kitted is something the average Nigerian envy, and always desire to be part of. This period is characterized by joy, happiness and great hope. The camp experience is always full of fun, and spending a year in one’s place of primary assignment is also exciting. This is one of the stages in life when the average Nigerian graduate feels a high sense of achievement. It is important to note that what you do or fail to do at this level has a way of determining how life would be for you after NYSC.

4. After NYSC Phase: The after NYSC Phase begins from the day you obtain your discharged certificate. This period is a challenging phase in the life of the average graduate. However, how you manage the previous phases will determine how you will feel or how challenging this face would be. The common question people ask themselves at this phase is what next? Having achieving your goal of becoming a graduate, and ready for the world of work, your next level is getting into your dream career or getting your dream Job.

This phase gives birth to two other phases. You may pass through the two and you may not, it all depends on your situation and how prepared are you for the real world.

5. Job Searching/Starting a Career Phase: The after NYSC phase always gives birth to this phase and to the average Nigerian graduate, it is a very challenging phase. This is the phase where you begin to search for the dream job, or you launch your business. Most graduates at this phase follow the former path, which is searching for the dream job. Your success at this phase depends on how prepared you are for the phase. Also if you have people who are highly connected and influential that can fix you in your dream job you may not have issue. If you are well prepared for this phase, you will get your dream job on merit. How long this phase will last can’t be defined. For some it may take few weeks, for some months, for some 5 years and above depending on who is involve.

6. The Display of Success Versus Hibernation Phase: This phase is worth mentioning. It is one of the phases given birth to by the after NYSC phase, which is a direct result of what happens in the job searching/starting a career phase. Those who succeeded getting a job or have a booming business would take to their social media account to display their success. Graduates who count themselves successful at this phase show off their achievement by uploading pictures that they took at work on social networks such as facebook, twitter and instagram with statements that depicts that life has been good to them. Example of such statements include: Oluwa is involve (God is involve), Jesus did it, level don change( there is change of level) and so on.

On the other side of the display of success phase is Hibernation phase. It is a phase no one pray to find himself, but the truth is that thousands of Nigerian graduates ended up at this phase, not because they are dull, or not brilliant, most of them are there because of the Nigerian messy system. This phase is hell on earth for Nigerian graduates. It occurs as results of failure at the job search/starting a career phase. The majority of graduates you found at this phase are mostly graduates who have been unable to secure a decent job after so many years of leaving the university or polytechnic. They have applied for jobs, written aptitude test, went for interviews as the case maybe but have not been able to secure a job.

They also lack technical skills (trade or handwork) they could employ to earn money by providing service to people in their community and some of them who are interested in starting a business lack the capital required to implement their business idea. Graduates at this phase do all kinds of odd jobs, not because they like it , but because they have no choice of what they could do to earn a living. They become tired of life, depressed, frustrated and totally helpless. The average graduate passing through this phase has the likelihood of seeing the years he spent for obtaining a degree as a waste, having seeing his or her childhood friends who probably didn’t go beyond secondary school doing better financially.

All these negative experiences would make the victim graduate exhibit a kind of behaviour I called HIBERNATION. They will start hiding from their friends especially classmates due to the fact that they feel underachieved or living far below their potential. It is the shame that such feeling brings that often leads to hibernation. They are always on social media, but they will never post anything on their wall, or upload new pictures unlike their counterparts who are at the display of success phase. They will stop calling and try to avoid chatting with you. You will see them online, send them a message. They won’t reply until you log out, so as not to maintain a steady communication with you. The most dreadful question you can ever ask this people is where are you now? What are you doing? How much is your monthly take home? Questions like this make them frustrated, and make them sad, simply for the fact that they are not proud of what the answers are.

If you are currently at the hibernation phase, I want you to know that being there is not the end of life. You will definitely get to your next level if you keep trying. Always remember that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Written by Taiwo Emayosanlomo


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Career / Re: It’s Better To Fail In Doing Something, Than To Excel In Doing Nothing! by Emasky4real(m): 7:17am On Aug 09, 2016
Great post. Thanks for sharing.
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Politics / Re: Ondo Governorship: Borrofice Favoured To Pick APC's Ticket by Emasky4real(m): 9:40am On Jul 14, 2016
I think this game shouldn't be about APC or PDP. I our goal should be voting for a credible candidate that can deliver irrespective of party.
Career / Re: Seven (7) Top Excuses On The Road To Success. by Emasky4real(m): 3:12pm On Jul 13, 2016
you're misunderstanding me, just to clear a point that with all those excuses exclusive you won't succeed with all your hard work else God favors you and ceteris paribus!!
Now I get you. I also believe that there is an element of luck in achieving success. Luck is the God factor as you have rightly said, and without it, no amount of effort will amount to success. However, we should always have in mind that luck is beyond our control. Our role is to put in the needed effort, just like a farmer who plant his seed. If we don't make any effort we need no seer to tell us what our result would be. Thanks for your kind reply.

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