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Foreign Affairs / Re: Boston Globe - The Media Are Misleading The Public On Syria by Embosman: 4:59pm On Jul 29, 2016
This missy babe needs eye cleansing, how's it possible to not see the atrocities committed by us directly or indirectly in M.E. Like does she really believe us and her allies Saudi,turkey are fighting Isis? While they repeatedly sing Assad must go, how convenient that Sunni Isis works towards achieving that feat.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Philippine President Blames US, UK For Middle East Violence by Embosman: 12:35pm On Jul 11, 2016
Lmao grin grin naira started with I believe Philippine is ripe for colour revolution. How people don't see through us bs is amazing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Comic Implication Of Brexit by Embosman: 5:41am On Jun 30, 2016
Zis iz difikot
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Arrives UK For His Concert by Embosman: 7:05pm On Jun 29, 2016
BURNA cool I actually feel sorry for people that can't enjoy his music.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To Life In Prison by Embosman: 7:31am On Jun 19, 2016
Wild wild west.
Foreign Affairs / Re: About 2000 Syrians Converts To Christianity As 500 Received Holy Communion. by Embosman: 6:37am On Jun 16, 2016
It just sad that Muslims backed by uncle Sam will try to kill them...ironic
Foreign Affairs / Re: Day Of Reckoning? Syrian Forces Backed By Russian Airstrikes Enters IS Capital. by Embosman: 8:57am On Jun 05, 2016
Isn't raqqa the city saker said is going to be a riddle for Moscow?

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Business / Re: Why Can't A Country Just Keep Printing Money And Become Rich by Embosman: 3:20am On Jun 02, 2016
Currency is used to measure value and facilitate transfer of value, value is the important thing ie the wealth, having currency don't mean shit without a corresponding value, so if you print more money without improving your productivity, you're are basically using more currency to purchase the same value, but like people have said it can be done if well planned this is because there are some values that are not rewarded. You know money is also a store of wealth so for instance, a famer that consumes his own produce has somehow bypassed the market in which he sourced the resources to produce the goods, so money can be printed to measure that value that was not accounted for. But never print money that has no corresponding value that's inflation.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Response To Russia: US Plan To Send Aircraft Carrier In The Mediterranean Sea by Embosman: 1:17pm On Apr 23, 2016
Just waiting for Russia's 5th columnist to be purged...

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Forces To Begin Withdrawing From Syria by Embosman: 7:59am On Mar 17, 2016
I wouldn't say I anticipated the withdrawal but I knew sooner or later Russia would have to sit down at the round table with the US and others.

One thing remains,the West stands on an Assad exit.I believe now they've toned it down to striking an agreement with Russia that would see Assad voluntarily leave power in a space of years maybe two,three or four.Assad's stay in power might be used as the levelling field against ISIS,Assad may remain just until Daesh is ultimately defeated and Syria has reached a point of stability for governance.

Probably if the West ha pursued this earlier,there won't be so many crisis in Syria today.

It is worthy of note that the only reason why the United States refused to invade Syria is because of global projections due to it's past records.As the world's Super power they have to be seen as the guardian of peace and not the escalator.Seeing that Syria would not be stable without the right leadership which the US would not be able to guarantee,they refrained but instead they gave support to Syrians who wanted a regime change,if the moderate rebels had over run Assad's forces and ousted him,the eventuality of leadership in Syria would not see a negative impact on the United States as they would not be held to any actions taken or not taken.

Russia has weighed the coin and they understand the consequences that awaits any mistake on their part,hence they take the easy way out while still lending their voice to the issue.I think that's wise and respectable for them to have done.
Like the leadership issue in Libya right? What do you mean by moderate rebels? People that get employed by Isis et al. right after graduation from CIA training facilities.
How does the recruitment process go self
CIA: What's your name
Him: Nasir Yusuf
CIA: Are you a moderate that want Assad gone?
Nasir: Yes
CIA: Alright, take this guns and go and fight him.
CIA: *thinks to himself* I hope he wins so we can get those pipelines and cripple Russia's energy market. Lol

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Forces To Begin Withdrawing From Syria by Embosman: 7:44am On Mar 17, 2016
How to know you have your head far up putin's asz

* refuse to acknowledge Russia reason for Intervention was to protect Assad initially and accept his narrative of going to fight ISIS

* Dismiss any claim Russia was not bombing ISIS enough as propaganda

* Turn around and celebrate Russia's withdrawal as a successes for stabilising assad ( a theory you dismissed earlier) without the total defeat of ISIS

Crankery is a disease

Lol... The way to protect Assad is by destroying his enemies i.e. the hegemon proxy fighters.
Lmao he didn't destroy Isis enough...mehn where have you been? Okay what has your all mighty hegemon achieved bar create the mess in the first place?
Match Russia's objective in the first place to what's happening now i.e. a relatively stronger Assad and a political peace process on the way. Pls give it up lol.


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Offers To Swap Detainees For Kidnapped Girls by Embosman: 12:53am On Jul 09, 2015
Who exactly are boko haram. who are we negotiating with?
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity To Continue As Importers Run Out Of Bank Credit!! by Embosman: 4:08pm On Jul 06, 2015
Thought some pple said fuel scarcity toward the handover period was to frustrate gej

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Health / Re: Common Foods That Cause Food Poisoning by Embosman: 6:39pm On Jul 05, 2015
iranu. you for talk say make we no chop again.
Properties / Re: Where To Buy Cheap Property Or Land In Nigeria? by Embosman: 11:56am On Jul 02, 2015
Northern states are cheap. But not safe.

Land is cheap in Ibadan and Ilorin.
With N300,000 you can purchase a good land in Ibadan. Direct sale.
If you are serious, I can guide you well to the right landlords in Ibadan and Ilorin.

I love Ilorin more than Ibadan and I will soon own a good place in Ilorin.
In fact, I want to live in Ilorin GRA. Far away from the harassment in Lagos.
where can you get cheap land in ilorin. For how much pls
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Calls Out MTV Base For Not Nominating Him For MAMA Awards 2015 by Embosman: 5:27pm On Jun 12, 2015
There's a campaign against him. The guy is unique and damn good despite the style. For him not win is sick let alone not get nominated.
Politics / Re: DEFAMATION: Deji Adeyanju Sues Japhet Omojuwa by Embosman: 4:28pm On May 22, 2015
Deji ain't even a match to japhet. Deji tweets like someone who's not aware of our common goal.
Politics / Re: Militant Group Claims Responsibility For Delta Pipeline Explosion- PUNCH by Embosman: 6:22pm On Apr 03, 2015
once posted the comments below and was called names and referred to my post as a threat. Gradually, I shall be ticking off the events as they occur.

How do we avoid the impending dangers to Nigeria’s economy and existence under a Buhari presidency?

 We must need to face reality as there is no magic in governance.

Extremely hard times lies ahead for this country if Buhari ever emerges victorious. 

How do you explain to a Niger Deltan that despite GEJ's achievements in almost all sectors, roads, bridges, railways, agriculture, automobile, alamajiri schools, new universities, fertilizer and ghost worker scam elimination, freedom of press, FOI, free and fair elections, power sector. .........etc, he is still booted out.

What will stop the creeks from going haywire again? Buhari will send the troops to the creeks and together they will set the oil facilities ablaze.

OBJ's use of JTF force could not help as no Oil producing company will risk producing crude and killing staff in a volatile region. 

GEJ under Yaradua had to get down to the creeks to to talk to these boys and effect the amnesty program because they found him as a representation in government.

It will be impossible to convince a ND minority albeit a militant that their own was not persecuted out of office. And that will be the theme of their new struggle.

 The long term solution to this mess is implementing the Confab report and enthroning true federalism.

A lot of opportunities are springing up around Africa and the IOCs are already geared towards investing in these newer and saner climes than invest in an unstable Niger delta . 

And while these troubles persists, the oil producing companies will simply withdraw their personnel from the volatile region and all foreign investments will seize in all sectors.

 Unfortunately, even if the Nigerian troops kill 90% of the militants, it will take just one militant, a dynamite and just one strategic location along the multi- kilometer trunk lines to continue to wreck havoc to the Nigerian economy. 

Fast forward to 2019, if we remain one country and without a civil war,, we will be an economic wreck with no allocations and salaries, no capital projects, no hope with dollar exchanging for 400 naira and we are worse off than we were in 2015. 

Cos the truth is that without crude proceeds for now, Nigeria is finished. And then, we'll be screaming another 'Change' because we would have learnt a bitter lesson in the hands of the Fulanis, Tinubu and Saraki.And then we will ask.... Why were we this silly?

And before you quote me, make sure you outline in clear terms how you or Buhari will avert this obvious calamity staring us in the face

Only last week, they creek boys seem to have resumed activities by kidnapping at Yoho facility operated by Exxonmobil and have shut in 80KBD already.

Are we ready for this for the next 4 years?

The entire world stands to benefit from a crisis in the Niger delta. Its not a coincidence that USA who abandoned us at the height of bokoharam is busy shouting for change in govt . 

Crises in the ND will reduce supply of crude to the Oil market and that would drive up the price of crude for producing countries.... But at Nigeria's expense.

Is Buhari is any way a better Democratic president than GEJ? Is this risk worth it?

Nigerians.... Be Warned!!!
in summary we should allow nd threat to hold us down by allowing gej to continue abi?


Business / Re: CBN Officially Devalues Naira by Embosman: 1:51pm On Feb 26, 2015
I think this is bad, this is an easy way out to creating demand n it is bad in the long run. naira is worthless it's why pple r not demanding 4 it. the solution is to improve and increase quantity of local goods so that pple will demand 4 it cos of quality n we enjoy the advantage of economy of large scale production. If this is done pple will genuinely seek 4 naira cos of it quality (worth). Devaluation is just reducing price to induce demand. There r other factors that affect demand n we should be focusing on them not price.
Politics / Re: Ekwueme Explodes: Why Jonathan Won’t Get Block Votes In South-east by Embosman: 11:50am On Jan 10, 2015

is that the best you can say? shame on you. So even if God talked from heaven that gej is clueless, you would even insult God? You are a worthless pathetic piece of .......
Politics / Re: Jonathan Shedding Crocodile Tears After Polarizing Nigerians – APC by Embosman: 2:54pm On Jan 09, 2015
[quote author=SparkAngel post=29613926]
but girls on nairaland are fine ooo
Politics / Re: ” Ekiti People Will Vote For Jonathan” – State PDP Tells APC, Buhari by Embosman: 7:53am On Jan 07, 2015

Thank uu grin
imma give u raw. am I welcomed?
Politics / Re: Buhari: Army Ridiculing Me With Certificate Scandal by Embosman: 8:11am On Jan 04, 2015
It's either GMB certificate has been mishandled by the military or he didn't submit while entering(hahahaha) do you belive that. my say is he can't find it.
Politics / Re: Igbo Coalition Threatens To Dump Jonathan Over Poor Infrastructure In S/East by Embosman: 7:52am On Jan 02, 2015
This people are so ungrateful! What else do they want from GEJ? He has adopted "Azikiwe" as his second name, he gave Ojukwu state burial, he made and igbo son, Peter Obi (Okute ndi'igbo) the deputy director (south) of his campaign team and he is christian.. Haba! The man has tried naw ahn ahn.. Igbos please vote for him o, he will do more.
I need four hefty men.

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Politics / Re: President Jonathan Made N43m And Paid N6.26m Tax In 3 Years by Embosman: 10:42am On Dec 30, 2014
who see my babe?
she just commot
Politics / Re: Sule Lamido Accuses Buhari of Divisive Campaigns by Embosman: 10:36am On Dec 30, 2014

Look 4 sometin else 2 rope Buhari.... Dis is not his voice.
People wer fighting back cos dey wer disenfranchised of their votes and rights. How is dat his making?
wonder why pple are not stressing on the fact that he is against rigging.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Choice Fuels Anti-jonathan Sentiments In North by Embosman: 11:36am On Dec 22, 2014

The last time i checked google ,it was Dr. Dre cheesy grin
an you can lie, no be biggie
Nairaland / General / Re: 5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like A Sissy by Embosman: 11:50pm On Aug 28, 2014
oboy e pple are bad!! that Indian guy sighn yadav na the real bad ass. I cut cap for Murphy dude was on fvcking malaria. Churchill is mad!! The York guy too sick!!! White death was fvcking having fun man!
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid : Spanish Super Cup (1 - 1) On 19th August 2014 by Embosman: 1:52pm On Aug 19, 2014
Bleep madrid, they've been there since only God knows yet not a football club. castilla is prolly the most bleeped up academy. destroying transfer market.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING! UK Minister Resigns Over Gaza Policy by Embosman: 4:35pm On Aug 05, 2014

The Jews in Israel bought the lands that they occupied from the Arabs during the British Mandate of Palestine. The Palestinians failed to accept the demarcation of the land and decided to declare war on Israel in 1948. Unfortunately they lost and Israel used military force to seize even the land that was allotted to Palestine and even the Sinai from Egypt.

You cannot sell your land and ask for it back because you dont like what the purchasers are doing with it. You cannot fight a war, lose and expect your territory to still be intact. The fact that palestinians are stateless is their own fault.

I agree the Israelis are a bit high handed but when someones sole mission is to wipe you out, you tend to be paranoid. Hamas build their tunnels and missile launchers in schools and mosques. They urge their people to use their bodies to shield these military installations. Then they use their dead to gather international sympathy.

Look let them fight from now till kingdom come, Israel is here to stay forever.

so if jews buy a land in nigeria they are free to call It israel? The problem is not jews living in the land. There were minority jews in the land even before the zionist came. The problem is a state of Israel in palestinian land. maybe Britain should have settled the zionist in nigeria.
Family / Re: What If You Have An Academic Blockhead For A Child! by Embosman: 9:20pm On Aug 02, 2014
You people should hit the nail on the head. The op wants to help the child ACADEMICALLY. why suggest talent? Personally, I believe excellence in school is by choice. I was a blockhead in pry 2. Infact I repeated it. my grandfather changed my school in pry 3 for the better though and I realised the money was too much for me to be carrying last so I stepped up my game. balling ever since. Talk to the child, everybody has the ability to comprehend. maybe he doesn't know how to study. talk to him serioisly and truthfully on the VALUE of education and help him realise the importance.

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