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Travel / Re: Trucks Collide With Bus In Lagos. 2 Women Killed, Six Injured (Disturbing Pix) by Estiara(f): 5:58pm On Sep 02, 2020

God will have mercy on us. I had an accident two days ago too.

I was in a kèké seated with the driver when suddenly this tanker came out from a junction. The kèké was on top speed, the tanker guy too failed to check before entering the main road.

It was an ugly sight as the kèké guy swerved his steering towards a property, at least it's better than heading straight under the tanker.

If you dey commot for morning, enter your house back, you no know Wetin God do for you.

My spine aches like mad till now, I sustained some minor injuries though, but I should consider myself the luckiest. No one died but,.....

You should go to the hospital for a thorough checkup so you don't develop health complications in the future. You should also get your disc checked, it's of utmost importance.
Family / Re: Get your affordable kids educational android tablets by Estiara(f): 7:40am On Aug 11, 2020

They function offline...

You have the liberty of downloading more, or sending apps from other phones through xender to device

I tried searching for you on WhatsApp with the phone number you provided to no avail. I'd need two of the tabs.
Family / Re: Get your affordable kids educational android tablets by Estiara(f): 4:52pm On Aug 10, 2020
Is wifi needed to use the pre-installed educational apps or they function offline?
Celebrities / Re: Simi Surprises Female Fan On Her Birthday by Estiara(f): 3:58pm On Nov 30, 2019

you are not weird.... its just that

1. you are not easily distracted
2. You are very logical
3. you are modest
4. you make the best of your current environment and situation
5. you do not give a cent Fu*k about any celebrity(exception of those who do things you like sha)
6. you are not obsessed with the celebrity internet life
7. you are not covetous, greedy, gluttonous or maleficent.

I admire how you analyzed his/her personality even without seeing him/her. I like how you think.

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Celebrities / Re: Teddy-A Bachelor Night, Bambam's Bridal Shower, Traditional Wedding Tomorrow by Estiara(f): 7:35pm On Sep 06, 2019
Toilet corpuuuu grin

We go pour you water now!
Education / Re: WAEC Result: Meaning Of Held, Witheld, Outstanding And Others by Estiara(f): 2:36am On Jul 28, 2019
I'm not sure about the explanation given concerning witheld results. Sequel to my first attempt at WAEC, my French result was witheld despite the fact that I was the only candidate in my school. Not until I registered for a resit before the result was released with C6. Now I have three complete O'level results; two WAEC and 1NECO. They just wasted my time.
Celebrities / Re: Patoranking Daughter, Wilmer Baptism In Georgia (Photos) by Estiara(f): 10:14am On Jul 08, 2019

He is one of Georgia's best artist he recently featured pato


Such a lovely melodious song with clean meaningful lyrics.


Health / Re: 10 Unknown Dental Facts by Estiara(f): 7:14pm On Apr 29, 2019
Anyone knows a competent and affordable dentist on the Mainland in Lagos? I need a dental alignment surgery. Thanks in advance!
Education / Re: Am I Too Old To Further My Education? by Estiara(f): 2:51pm On Apr 25, 2019
Do not try option 1! I repeat; don't go to Benin Republic for a university education! Better to attend a private university in Nigeria and go abroad for your Master's degree. If you can't afford Nigerian private universities, do a DE into a federal tertiary institution. Forget Benin Republic! I've got acquaintances who attended some so-called private universities in that country and I therefore wouldn't encourage you to attempt it as a result of many negative outcomes I witnessed...

By the way, 24 is still very young. I'm in my early thirties and looking forward to a nursing degree.

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Celebrities / Re: Kate Henshaw, Shan George And Empress Njamah Throwback Photo by Estiara(f): 2:28pm On Apr 25, 2019
Hello friends, please I need a Hotel Room Attendant job or any ssce job. i reside in lagos if there is any available vacancy do let me know. Thanks
Call or text 07017568836

Where do you reside? Island or Mainland? Can you work as a janitor? Salary is between 35-40k.
Education / Re: Babcock University In Pictures by Estiara(f): 6:52am On Apr 25, 2019
Great Babcockite. Its a good school because of the people you get to meet there but to be honest their research output is quite poor especially when you compare it with Covenant Uni. They also have some very lackluster lecturers who are only there because they are members of the seventh day Adventist fold. The food back then was suicide but if i had to choose which private university my child or family member will attend, i will consider Covenant Uni and Afe Babalola Uni before i consider babcock. Nice pictures though. I believe babcock,covenant,abuad,abti american and pan atlantic uni(lagos business school) should form a kind of ivy league private university association to conduct research and exchange knowledge and other ideas in a bid to improve excellence.

I like the way your thinking faculty functions. This is a brilliant idea! Hopefully, they see this and put it into consideration. It would be one of the most outstanding academic breakthroughs for Nigeria.
Religion / Re: Was Samson In The Bible Ever Saved? by Estiara(f): 11:07am On Apr 14, 2019
This answered one of the few questions I do ask myself about Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs.

From Samson, to Abraham and Sarah. In fact, I've questioned their inclusion in the list of the precursors of faith in Heb 11. In verse 11, reference was made to how Sarah believed and conceived but it was recorded in Genesis 18:12-13, that she laughed within herself upon hearing the prophecy about her having an heir in the future and even before that, offered her maid to Abraham to bear a child in her place (Genesis 16).

Abraham himself faltered. He went ahead to lay with Hagar. However, in Isaiah 51:2, the Scripture talked about looking unto Abraham... and Sarah... This, I think, is against the "Christian" tenet (of faith), although not against the Jewish traditions.

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Celebrities / Re: Adetutu Alabi Blasts Simi For Degrading People With Tribal Marks by Estiara(f): 7:39pm On Mar 30, 2019
Simi just dey Bleep up lately sha

I once told a guy at petrol station, 'se mo jo eni ti o kola?" before I realized baba really had ila

Na so baba wan vex say "kilo se awon ti o kola?"

Me wey no wan continue the wahala just wave the ila topic away

The way I'm laughing right now... May our mouth not put us in trouble. Baba change am for you, you sef change the topic sharp sharp. grin grin grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: John Mahama Wins Presidential Primaries To Run In 2020 Election by Estiara(f): 9:46am On Feb 25, 2019
This is the problem for Africa. Former President coming back to contest again. What for ?What are African youth waiting for? Doest it mean no any other person in that country.

We miss Jerry Rawlings! sad
Crime / Re: Lady Tied Up For Vandalizing Properties After Getting High On Drugs. Photos by Estiara(f): 8:48pm On Feb 24, 2019
Seriously? Space booker from the underworld. undecided

Back to the topic. It's indeed disgraceful to be seen like this, even worse because it's caused by oneself. How would she feel when shown the photos or video? I hope the lady gets the help needed. Please, stay far away from drugs and insanity will keep its distance from you.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Show Their Zanku Legwork Moves by Estiara(f): 8:42pm On Feb 24, 2019

May the gods roast your scrotum

Well deserved punishment for the insensitive homo sapiens! grin grin grin


Politics / Re: How To Check Your Polling Unit Online And Confirm Registration Status by Estiara(f): 7:03pm On Feb 15, 2019
something wey no dey open

It does. I just checked mine, it's valid.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola At Lagos University Staff School In 1971. 46 Years Throwback Photo by Estiara(f): 12:19am On Jan 18, 2019

Some have eyes but cannot send e. cool
Continues singing...

Some can see but have no eyes.
We have eyes and we can see.
Glory be to Thee oh Lord.
Celebrities / Re: Charly Boy Shows His Daughter, Son-In-Law And Grandson by Estiara(f): 10:30pm On Dec 14, 2018
Fine daughter,fine grandson....makes one wonder,are they really related to charly boy

Have you seen Charly boy's wife? She's a beauty to behold.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Job Recruitment (5 Positions) by Estiara(f): 10:32am On Dec 09, 2018
We still lve our life's
Thank u
We are ok with our 20k job in the south and west

This comment is hilarious! I've been laughing uncontrollably. I remember about two years ago, my monthly income was 16k. I'd take that anytime any day over hundreds of thousands in Borno, so I feel you bro/sis. grin grin grin
Travel / Re: 7 Ferry Safety Tips You Should Not Take For Granted by Estiara(f): 10:20am On Nov 29, 2018
LIFE JACKET; of utmost importance! I like water transportation.

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Business / Re: Banking Activities Paralysed In Sagamu Today by Estiara(f): 3:27pm On May 23, 2018
Nigeria needs more security personnel

Nigeria needs competent and enlightened security personnel with integrity.
Business / Re: Banking Activities Paralysed In Sagamu Today by Estiara(f): 3:25pm On May 23, 2018
Ogun state is one of the most hopeless state in Nigeria. They should just merge with Lagos to know whether their redemption will come.

NO! Biko (please), let them stay on their lane. They shouldn't aggravate our security challenges.
Celebrities / Re: Pat Ugwu: "Dating A Funny Girl Like Me Is Very Risky" by Estiara(f): 6:49pm On May 10, 2018
Last last Village girl nah Village girl no matter the packaging, who wears 'hair' and "body" net to swim in a swimming pool that looks like 'fish pond", with her face like Irish potato.......l angry

This is the definition of ctrl P. Dude just dey vex anyhow.
Have you guys met before? Lol. I'm still laughing. grin grin
Celebrities / Re: 2shotz Turns Photographer And Filmmaker In Texas, USA (Photos) by Estiara(f): 4:11pm On Mar 06, 2018

Where is d location and how much are we talking about??

Did you read the part where I mentioned that it's absolutely free? The location is Gbagada Lagos but you have to register online. Check the poster for further inquiries.

Celebrities / Re: 2shotz Turns Photographer And Filmmaker In Texas, USA (Photos) by Estiara(f): 10:05pm On Mar 04, 2018
Here! And it's absolutely free!


This guy made my childhood stage very memorable

I can remember how I would avoid lesson just to watch African music on Silverbird television.

God bless you bro.

Who would recommend a place I can learn this photography?

Celebrities / Re: Tobi Ibitoye: Nigerian Singer In Romania' Winning Hearts Of Romanians by Estiara(f): 1:06pm On Jan 12, 2018
Why do you say France is depressing?

Romania, the best European country.

I hold that country dear, as well as the City of Cluj-Napoca. Spent a good 5 months of my life there before moving to the depressing France and Germany.
Family / Re: Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets In Minna After 17 Years (Photo) by Estiara(f): 1:47pm On Dec 21, 2017
That it is a sin, I cannot say but it surely isn't fornication.
It's a procedure I could consider if in the future I decide not to be married, I want a child and effort for adoption proves abortive.

Science and techonology giving happiness to Humans.
But, i have a question to ask.
If a single lady chooses to have a baby thru this artificial insemination without commiting fornication..., will it be a sin?
Science/Technology / Re: Goat In Yobe Gives Birth To 'Human-Like' Creature (Photos) by Estiara(f): 9:59pm On Oct 29, 2017
What I see here is a premature that has fully evolved into a goat before the delivery took place

I stand to be corrected tho

No, you do not stand to be corrected, that's exactly what happened; premature birth.


Science/Technology / Re: Goat In Yobe Gives Birth To 'Human-Like' Creature (Photos) by Estiara(f): 9:57pm On Oct 29, 2017
why are people so stupid in this country thinking a human sperm can fertilise a goat

it is impossible for a human to fertised a goat because of different DNA alignment.

that is a premature goat

Thank you for this scientific analysis! Can't comprehend why some people reason the way they do, thinking a human sperm can fertilize a goat's egg.


Health / Re: Emmanuel Oyediran, Beggar Undergoes Surgery For Colostomy Prolapse by Estiara(f): 11:15am On Oct 16, 2017
are they the one in charge of the gofundme account of this man? Planning on doing something for this man the new week but am happy the operation is successful but I still feel like doing anyway if is a token. May God accept my my generosity and reward me

Yes, it was Kola Onifoto that brought the case to the attention of the public and created the gofundme account for the victim. As for Esther Ijewere, you can get across to Kola Onifoto through her. She's also an activist. God bless your kind heart.

Health / Re: Emmanuel Oyediran, Beggar Undergoes Surgery For Colostomy Prolapse by Estiara(f): 12:10pm On Oct 15, 2017
Not sure if someone can still make donation to gofundme account created on his behalf

Go to Facebook and search for Esther Ijewere or Kola Onifoto himself. Contact either of the two.

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