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Crime / Re: See The Little Boy That Was Shot But Still Saved His Sister's Life During Attack by EvangelistNdudi(m): 2:24pm On Mar 20, 2019
I only pity the boy because he's going through pains at the moment.
Na him parent vote for 4+4 and they must live to enjoy their fruit for the next 4 years.
Kudos Herdsmen.
please let us think as human being
are you telling me that all northerners (i mean 100%) vote for Buhari
how do you know that his parents are not among the few people that voted ATIKU

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals Live Draws & Fixtures by EvangelistNdudi(m): 1:35pm On Mar 15, 2019
The only team that can stop man city in this UCL is another MAN CITY we are the citizen, we rule the city
Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Election Results Announcement By Mahmood Yakubu, INEC Chairman by EvangelistNdudi(m): 7:34am On Feb 26, 2019
His people r too foolish to deny themselves a Senate President. I'm sure there will feel sorry for voting him out
But Kwara people are not stupid for voting out Senate president abi
will Oloriegbe give them that? don't just insult a whole state because of your stupid thinking


Politics / Re: Buhari Checking Who His Wife, Aisha, Voted For? (Photos) by EvangelistNdudi(m): 10:32am On Feb 23, 2019
How sure you ar dat he was checking Wu is wife vote for..
go and watch the video and stop this childish question
Politics / Re: Breaking: Buhari, Tinubu Others Attends Emergency APC Caucus Meeting Today by EvangelistNdudi(m): 11:48am On Feb 18, 2019
What's snext
how to rig

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Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim ticket: I am proud of my role in stopping Tinubu –Saraki by EvangelistNdudi(m): 9:50am On Feb 12, 2019

Buhari had contested three times before 2015, he never for once chose a Muslim as his running mate. I wonder how that would have changed in 2015.

Saraki has an inflated sense of self. How much did his Kwara contribute in 2015 sef undecided? Just less than 600k votes. If those votes were deducted, APC would still have won. How much did he contribute? 200M according to him undecided If that is deducted, the campaign wouldn't have gone broke either. undecided

We dey watch am.
my brother please don't call him a liar on this because he is right
we should not allow party to take away our sense of reasoning
almost everybody in APC knows that TINUBU is taken on SARAKI and KWAKWANSO (sorry if i didn't get the name right) as revenge for stopping him to become Buhari running mate
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: AFC Bournemouth Vs Liverpool (0 - 4) On 8th December 2018 by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:28pm On Dec 08, 2018
Salah just increased his lead as the highest goal scorer in the league now. 9 goals now. grin
still behind that Arsenal African guy, he has 10
Celebrities / Re: Adetutu Alabi Aka Eleven Paz Throwback Photos With Tribal Marks by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:36pm On Oct 23, 2018
she should stop deceiving herself, there's nothing beautiful about tribal mark.

tribal mark has to stop. it's horrific and mentally derailing.

i doubt if you read the lady (The Model) post.
you only read what the OP post (what he want you to believe)
the lady said it was a way of beautification to them then, not now, that simply means she's campaigning against tribal mark

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Politics / Re: An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu By Ifedimma Onwugbufor by EvangelistNdudi(m): 4:22pm On Oct 22, 2018

Thanks for the clarification. I strongly hope that someone someday will restructure the country but I doubt if Atiku will.
well for me, i will rather give the man (Atiku) that promise to Restructure my vote than giving it to someone that never believed in it.
Politics / Re: An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu By Ifedimma Onwugbufor by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:33pm On Oct 22, 2018

What happens in the event that Atiku loses and Obi doesn't become the VP?

So now that you want these gentlemen to forget about referendum for now, would you support the request for referendum if Atiku fails to become President?

Note that I am not querying your choices but just seeking clarification(s)
I guess i can answer your questions
igbos are not just supporting Atiku because he chose Obi as his running mate, Atiku promise to restructure the country once he become the next president

remember, what Igbos were asking for was (and still is) Referendum or Restructuring
Politics / Re: An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu By Ifedimma Onwugbufor by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:14pm On Oct 22, 2018
This is the most stupid write up I have ever read, you’re not blaming the one killing innocent people but the one killed. You sound very cowardly submiting to your oppressor. Kanu is the reason federal government will want to build any infrastructure in the east that you will enjoy in the nearest future. Kanu is the reason Nigeria is considering Igbo vise and Igbo this that. Let him secure Biafra Ojukwu tried but failed, not because it’s was not the right decision but because of unfortunate circumstances. Now the time is right for Biafra to come to existence.

Who will loose millions of family and forget the cause of their death? Biafra needs to exist because Ojukwu went to war and he has the support of igbos

You don’t make sense
i believe the writer made more sense than your post, go back to the write up and ready it slowly this time.
a leader will not mourn A "dog" and categorize human being that lost their lives as "others"

leadership is a function of your action not your arrogance, if you cannot bring your own kinsmen together with your action then you are not a leader

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Health / Re: Ajibola Otunbusin Becomes The Oldest IVF Mom In Africa (Photos) by EvangelistNdudi(m): 2:32pm On Oct 22, 2018
SmH... Often feel sorry for Nairaland sha. After we don enjoy news finish for Twitter, una go kan dey chop left overs.. Congrats to her
i guess you are right on the "left over" part
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Ooni's Marriage To Naomi Oluwaseyi 'How Many Altars?' by EvangelistNdudi(m): 5:47pm On Oct 19, 2018
There's definitely going to be a clash of interests. You cannot serve two masters. Light has nothing in common with darkness.
that is if she is truly into the light (not make real)
Health / Re: Buhari Signs White Paper That Bars Public Doctors From Owning Private Hospitals by EvangelistNdudi(m): 10:37pm On Oct 18, 2018
Good one...naija doctors are misusing d opportunities. They will refer you to their own hospital for an ailment they can treat in d public hospitals.
i have never supported him but on this, i'm on the same page with him

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Politics / Re: Jubilation In Anambra As Atiku Picks Obi As Running Mate by EvangelistNdudi(m): 8:14pm On Oct 12, 2018
and there goes all the clamour for biafra; vanished in the air like vapour
people clamour for Biafra because of the wickedness of this present administration.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar And Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Posters Flood Social Media by EvangelistNdudi(m): 1:21pm On Oct 09, 2018
May my father Shut up there! What is he saying?
Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar And Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Posters Flood Social Media by EvangelistNdudi(m): 7:08pm On Oct 08, 2018
My friend it's better you align with Hausa person as a South Easterners than Delta Igbo person, those guys are not Igbo and the worst part of it, they don't wish well for South Easterners.
I live with them and I know what am saying.
May God forgive your soul with this your comment, i am an Igbo man from Delta
once again may God forgive you.


Politics / Re: Tope Elusogbon, PDP Chieftain, Beaten In Osun Rerun (Video) by EvangelistNdudi(m): 5:57pm On Sep 27, 2018
There is a country call "shitthole" with a "lifeless" leader in a political party call "Against People's Choice" has done the evil again in Osun
Politics / Re: Senator Mohammed Abba-Aji Defects To PDP In Borno by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:42pm On Sep 24, 2018
Let's try to reason without sentiment. Bring your chairs closer and present yourself with an open mind.

First, take a deep breath...

The journey begins...
I could remember vividly when majority of us were busy celebrating APC as we now do to PDP and I was prompted to ask; what is the APC and PDP made of? People! They make the policy. The quality of the content represent the container.

Now, let's say Mr. A. has a potential of making a house dirty. He lived at RM 1 for few months due to his habitual life style of making a room unkept. However, his friends, fans and families began blaming the room for becoming dirty instead of the person living in it.

Mr. A knowing how lazy in keeping a room clean decided to evacuate to RM 2. families, fans and friends began showering all manners of praise for leaving the dirty house in finding a new place.

Just as his attitude wouldn't want to change, only few days he turned the room to a garbage still families, fans and friends open another pot of blames on the room, Some called it dirty house with many unprintable words and still not blaming who lives in it.

Seeing how RM 1 has been clean and beautiful again during his abscence Mr. A. decided to go back to it. Again, families, fans and friends began praising RM 1 for being clean to accommodate Mr. A.

The question:
Was the problem the room, or the person occupying the room? From the above you can tell the answer already.

The same reflect our state of politicians. Instead of us (majorly the youths) putting blames on these politicians we are here celebrating them when they switch parties. If Today, Buhari and every other member defect to PDP, we will still be celebrating.

The problem has never been the container but the content.

A law should be passed so every 'touch and go' remains in a particular party rather than jumping from one party to another engaging in political prostitution.

If we stop celebrating these people and force them to remain where they are in building their arena, then we can start hoping for a new country.

Thank you for your time.

Abeg! Who get talk show I want feature.
To talk dey hungry me.
i thought of this particular issue you posted some days ago, what we have is what i call "two gloves one hand"
Politics / Re: Osun 2018 Governorship Election Results: INEC Official Announcement Updates by EvangelistNdudi(m): 9:31am On Sep 23, 2018
this is the authentic results
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Just Cityzens - Manchester City Thread by EvangelistNdudi(m): 3:25pm On Aug 19, 2018
My Aguero will go home with the ball Baba na Baba

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo And IGP Idris In Closed-Door Meeting by EvangelistNdudi(m): 2:54pm On Aug 07, 2018
The meeting is about Saraki. Expect another NASS invasion soon.
you truly know about Nigeria politics
Politics / Re: Remi Tinubu Ordained As RCCG Pastor As Bola Tinubu Attends Convention (Photos) by EvangelistNdudi(m): 2:47pm On Aug 07, 2018
Adeboye keeps playing politics with the lives of the Nigerian Christians
Adeboye is just a business man
Celebrities / Re: #BloodOnTheFlag: Celebrities, Others Protest Killings In Nigeria With Graphic Ph by EvangelistNdudi(m): 12:29pm On Jul 02, 2018
This is the reason why as Christians we need to be detribalized and devoid of hate. Even though I'm a born again Christian, the hatred Christians have for Muslims cum Fulanis is the reason why they blame every killing in plateau and middle belt on fulani herdsmen. The media has successfully demonized Muslims and Fulanis with fake reports and unverified news. This is why i like organizations like MURIC always fighting for the interest of Muslims while we Christians have no one but the greedy politicized CAN. Instead of preaching love amongst all Nigerians, our useless bishops like Oyedepo is busy preaching hatred while attention seeking celebrities are blackmailing the federal government. We Christians are truly the problems in this country .
you are heal in Jesus name
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's Revelation About Donald Duke & Omoyele Sowore In Her Book by EvangelistNdudi(m): 10:01am On Apr 23, 2018

Wetin Sowore do? You are just sensationalizing. There is nothing special in what I read there. He revealed their conservation. So? What more? The conversation wasn't even cordial afterall.
Besides, stfu about "withdrawing support for Sowore 2019". You never supported him. We know people like you, your sentiments and where your heart lies. undecided
my brother don't just read, please digest it.
some politicians are sponsoring this Sowore of a guy to publish some kind of stories
you might not agree with me until you know what many do not know
Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: Omoyele Sowore's Manifesto by EvangelistNdudi(m): 11:05am On Apr 20, 2018
I prefer to see his track record in governance on a lower scale before assessing his capabilities. Anyone can draft a lofty manifesto
that is why we keep on recycling old brain up there because we are too scared to try fresh and young Brian in that position
Good morning


TV/Movies / Re: TSTV Is Finally Here!!! (pics) by EvangelistNdudi(m): 6:06pm On Apr 01, 2018
The sassy decoder is currently being sold at #3,500 and comes with a free month subscription.
monthly subscription is how much?
Religion / Re: Is It Right To Be A Christian And Join Secret Society?; Pastor Shares Photos by EvangelistNdudi(m): 12:42pm On Mar 18, 2018

If you are interested in a cleaning job at airport road in Lagos, WhatsApp or call me on 07036886202

NOTE: any interested person(s)should contact me before 3pm today 18/03/2018, as you might likely to start tomorrow

thank you
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Barcelona Vs Chelsea : UCL (3 - 0) On 14th March 2018 by EvangelistNdudi(m): 9:26pm On Mar 14, 2018
English teams are no teams. They don't even come close!
EPL teams really need to step up their games in champions league, EPL teams performance in champions league is really poor
I was thinking 3 or 4 team from EPL will go through
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Chelsea (1 - 0) On 4th March 2018 by EvangelistNdudi(m): 2:21pm On Mar 04, 2018
haha,was because they play big team ok.arsenal arsenal chelsea.dont be deceive.this trend is basically 4 blues
yes i know the thread is for blue,
but mind you, not just blue but SKY BLUE
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Chelsea (1 - 0) On 4th March 2018 by EvangelistNdudi(m): 1:38pm On Mar 04, 2018
The third time in a week City made the FP cuz it's a must for the mods to do it grin grin grin
I thought i was the only one noticing that
City is here to stay, no mod can hide the name


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City (0 - 3) On 1st Of March 2018 by EvangelistNdudi(m): 10:24pm On Mar 01, 2018
man city are the noisy neighbors not d other way round
formally yes, city was
but everybody knows who the new noisy neighbor is now

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