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TV/Movies / Re: Eric Took Advantage Of My Weakness - Lilo by ginggerxy: 2:33pm On Aug 04
A very devilish show

If you're watching BBN and you're above 18, your head is not correct

All these strange entertainments that the oyinbos brought to you will kill you

What a foolish generation, I'm so ashamed of the tribe of Israel

Funny things , hausas-fulanis barely watch all these shits

But Yoruba and igbos are known for all sorts of devilishness
That's why Lagos State will be amongst the first to be punished very soon

lol I don't watch bbn oo, but talking about Hausa and Fulani not participating in the show making them morally superior to the igbos and Yorubas is a hoax . Maybe bombing is part good moral too
Politics / Re: Julia Gillard Backs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's WTO-DG Bid. She Reacts by ginggerxy: 7:31pm On Aug 03
Delita is not Biafra and noi is not ibo but pure Delta
a fool is a fool that's all


Religion / Re: Chris Oyakhilome: We Need Leaders With Brains In Africa by ginggerxy: 5:51pm On Aug 02
We also need genuine pastors in Africa not yahoo pastors
please stop this foolishness pastor Chris is not your problem

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Romance / Re: I Want To Leave My Boyfriend For A New Guy. by ginggerxy: 10:28pm On Jul 31
Nairalanders, I'm about to do something my conscience doesn't agree with but it feels like the right decision to make. I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for the past 6 months. I love him. We were good friends before we started dating. I'm someone who doesn't trust easily and I like to assess a guy for a while before dating him. I assessed his intentions and I realised he didn't just want to have sex with me and leave. He loved me just as I loved him.

Three months ago I met this guy. At first I just saw him as a friend, but as I got to know him I started noticing the good qualities he possessed. He's very attractive, very intelligent and wellspoken. My conversations with him were so immersive. The little time I spent with him always left a profound impression on me. Soon I noticed I had started developing feelings for him. I was still in love with my boyfriend nevertheless.

One day the new guy asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I did. The next day he called me and said that he didn't want to interfere with my relationship. He said he had feelings for me and he couldn't remain friends with me when he knows I have a boyfriend. I told him that I had feelings for him as well and that we could still remain friends but he refused and suggested that we stopped talking. He hasn't called or texted me since that day.

This situation has left me in an emotional turmoil. This new guy represents everything I want in a guy and as much as I don't want to admit it, he possesses better qualities than my boyfriend. I can't imagine a life where I can't talk to him anymore. I really like him. His decision has left me in a dicey position. It's unfair to leave my boyfriend who has always been nice to me for someone else, but the new guy doesn't want to have anything to do with me again as long as I'm in a relationship.

Please I need advice. I don't want to make the wrong decision.

it's just a mind game from the new guy . Trust me he is a good player and you won't see his moves till it's a checkmate . Just stick with what you have if you don't want to regret at the end . And the reason why you think you can't do without him is the reason he doesn't want to talk with you . It's all a game plan


Travel / Re: Photos Of Airpeace 124-Seater Embraer 195-E2 Aircraft by ginggerxy: 10:02pm On Jul 31
Impressive. Nice one Onyeama
onyema not onyeama
Sports / Re: Timo Werner Says Lampard Was The Main Attraction For Him At Chelsea by ginggerxy: 10:25am On Jul 29
Always wanted another German in my team since Ballack and Schurrle.. they are mentally strong set of people on the field and they know how to score...

They mostly have strong foot for thunderous strike..

Ozil excluded. He's more Turkish than German

Werner, Ziyech and paulisic combination upfront is gonna be a festival of goals harvest for Chelsea come next season....

Remember when we decided who wins the league like drawing Tottenham for Leicester City we won the league the following season.

Now we have beaten Man City for Liverpool, you do the math yourselves.
no team did Liverpool any favour this season, they were miles ahead of all EPL clubs this season infact they outclassed every one

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Crime / Re: Video Of A Lady Arrested By Ibadan Police Goes Viral by ginggerxy: 10:57am On Jul 23
For those who dont understand Yoruba, let me help out with translation of some questions they were asking her

1. When they ask you not to sleep around you will not listen.
2 The boyfriend you were fxxking, why did you leave him?
3. You saw an armed robber and followed him, you are destroyed
4. Why did you quicky agree to date him?
5. Answer my questions or i will get angry with you. What did he tell you he was into?
6. Did he not tell you he is an armed robber, a kidnapper. You are gone.
7. Is it not someone that disvirgined you? Where is he? He does not have money right?
8.The person that disvirgined you, where is he?
9.Or have you not been disvirgined?
10.You were sleeping around with men, that is why your boyfriend left you
11.Which school did you go?
12.How did you get to this guy? Is it not his money?

that's more like harrassment rather than interrogation . That guy is a pervert

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Crime / Re: Woman Defrauds Victims Of N179m, Uses N139m For Sport Betting, N1m To Pay Tithe by ginggerxy: 3:28pm On Jul 21

EFCC can easily request transfer receipts from her bank and Beting regulating Agency
you can't ask someone to provide a Lost bet slip grin .
Crime / Re: Woman Defrauds Victims Of N179m, Uses N139m For Sport Betting, N1m To Pay Tithe by ginggerxy: 3:15pm On Jul 21

Ipobian amaka

Gambling is not an investment, when will people learn? Sport can never be 100% predicted

Akin Alabi don chop this one money and that of her greedy "investors"

so you believed that story of gambling with 170m plus ? That story is from her lawyer
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City : FA Cup Semi-Final (2 - 0) On 18th July 2020 by ginggerxy: 9:48pm On Jul 18
I said it before and I say it again. "Arsenal is the best team in England"
shut up
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Ends Special Status For Hong Kong To Punish China, China Vows Retaliation by ginggerxy: 7:23am On Jul 15
I don’t just like this guy at all compare to Obama.
Trump, This is somebody who doesn’t mind getting ahead of other people and leaving them behind, even his own wife. This shows that Trump is an insensitive go getter and cares mainly for himself: boss mentality. I would imagine this worked well in the business world and that trait is highly valued in that kind of world, but when it comes to interpersonal interactions, it says a lot about a person’s view on other people.

Obama, This is somebody who values people, especially his loved ones. He would never leave them behind and if they’re lagging, he’ll lag with them too. This is a person who is a leader, not a boss. He will adjust his pace and actions to match the person with him. That’s a great usage of interpersonal skills.
running a country is like running a business, if you can't make decisions that favours your country at the detriment of other countries then you are not fit to be it's leader


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United vs Southampton (2 - 2) On 13th July 2020 by ginggerxy: 8:16pm On Jul 13
Not going to be easy.
Anyhow by 10pm today, top 6 will be:

1. Liverpool =93pts
2. Manchester City =72pts
3. Manchester United =61pts
4. Chelsea =60pts
5. Leicester =59pts
6. Wolves =55pts

man is loosing already


Politics / Re: Arthur Eze: Only God Can Make An Igbo Man President by ginggerxy: 11:03am On Jul 13

its not about being emotional ok
of course , it's about killing one another
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Aston Villa -(2- 0) On 5th July 2020 by ginggerxy: 3:08pm On Jul 05
Liverpool don turn laughing stock
are you serious?

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Food / Re: Molokhia Soup: How Arabs Make Ewedu Soup (Pictures, Video) by ginggerxy: 12:30pm On Jun 27

If you are looking for posion.
This is what poison looks like..

I would rather drink sniper than oha soup.

Looks like something cannibals made up in a hurry.
that's not oha soup bro , Don't know what you posted there . Just calm your nerves . everything is not about tribe .their lots of food I do not eat and it's not about tribe it's just choice .
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Caught In A Monkey Trap By Reno Omokri by ginggerxy: 11:32am On Jun 25

Ask your pa that question
oh! I see you a fool

Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Caught In A Monkey Trap By Reno Omokri by ginggerxy: 11:25am On Jun 25

APC having a meeting ( NEC / NWC ), Ibo and PDP making Noise and making Tinubu trend online

What are this dunce expecting as the outcome of the NEC meeting chaired by Buhari? Which of Buhari's resolution would ever favour PDP and Ibos

the last time I checked ,Reno omokri is not an igbo man . So why calling the igbos when your brother is the one making the noise . Or are you a fool?

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Branded Most Selfish Footballer After Not Taking Penalty In Napoli Game by ginggerxy: 3:02pm On Jun 18
Of course Ronaldo is the most selfish footballer ever. He doesn't contribute to team play, always waiting for tap-in and penalty, let's not forget that he blames his teammates when things go bad.

The only reason he keeps jumping from one club to another is because of his selfish aims,he wants to prove that he can do it all without his teammates which is no true.
you probably started watching football in 2018

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Romance / Re: She's One Year Older Than Her Man. Should She Be Worried? by ginggerxy: 7:23am On Jun 14
She's a confused entity... The guy too is insensitive to women manipulations. She lied to get words from his mouth that she can use against him later. She's just been smart as to covering her misdeed. The ideal thing to do is to await her punishment for lying but now she's eloping before the punishment comes. I do not see any maturity in there. Both of them are to blame. Whether or not they come together, the lady need apologize for being deceitful about her age. And the guy shd learn by understanding women manipulations henceforth
my thought exactly . She manipulated the guy and end up acting the victim. Some ladies are so manipulative , you lied and made the guy to fall deep for you then you revealed your true instead to ask for forgiveness you are busy trying to blackmail the guy emotionally.

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Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-iweala Celebrates Her 66th Birthday Today by ginggerxy: 9:47am On Jun 13
Delta State amaka.ona go dey claim our successful people
try and hide your stupidity sometimes.


Romance / Re: Lady Tattoos Boyfriend’s Name On Her Face To Prove Her Love by ginggerxy: 3:15pm On Jun 11
Kaii grin grin

Can we sacrifice some people to the gods for the betterment of Nigeria?..

If so I sacrifice her oo grin grin
the gods have taste
Health / Re: Baba Tela Tests Negative For COVID-19 by ginggerxy: 3:11pm On Jun 11
Faulty test kits everywhere


Politics / Re: Osinbajo On Igbos, Biafra And The Civil War by ginggerxy: 10:44am On May 31
Yet fuulish Igbos will insult this man, what he has only done is to talk good about them...

Ebhoes are ungrateful.... They pour insults on him every time, yet he loved them....
this is the kind of statement that will make igbos love him ? It's an obvious move so quit it already.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido To Move To His House With An Elevator In Banana Island by ginggerxy: 5:36pm On May 29
I wish I can move in with him

I love Rich and famous guys
don't worry your sister is already moving in with him just wish them well
Family / Re: I Feel Depressed! My Cousin Beat Me Because Of N100 Biscuit by ginggerxy: 3:24pm On May 22

Thanks dear

But where do I do

I got no friends around.... I still got admitted this year
And the only people I know are my schoolmates who probably are in their various houses

I'm stuck here
My biggest mistake was not traveling back home when the virus was just new
are you up to 18 years?
Crime / Re: Woman Accused Of Killing Agulu Youths In Anambra & Using Church To Cover Up by ginggerxy: 11:02am On May 20
Where is the freedom of religion.
if she decides to worship satan how is that anybody's problem?.
everyone has a right to practice whatever religion of their choice. Make una free that woman
even what you eat , sometimes you don't have right to everything you feel like eating
NYSC / Re: Guys, Don't Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC. See Why. by ginggerxy: 3:30pm On May 19
What you just Successfully Committed is a Logical Error: The Hasty Generalization Fallacy.

Just because you have been with a girl or more doesn't give you bedrock to Categorize all girls going for Nysc as Cheaters and advising guys to terminate the relationship.

We still have girls that served or are serving that are still very much loyal to their Boyfriend
ignoratum of hasty generalisation
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hong Kong Lawmakers Fight Over Bill To Criminalise Abuse Of China's Anthem (Pix by ginggerxy: 11:16am On May 19
Hong Kong and Taiwan want to be independent from China but mainland China won't accept. China is a terrible country

Meanwhile, see how their lawmakers look fit
see how young they are looking
Health / Re: Sierra Leone Appoints Laoluwa Adejayan As Head Of COVID-19 Task Force by ginggerxy: 12:17pm On May 17
No media, No Noise.
I'll always remain an Ọmọlúàbí
so nairaland is a beer parlour cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele's Childhood Throwback Picture by ginggerxy: 6:14pm On May 16
Mbweke.....Ugly duckling

some people can never be nice in this life grin

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Sports / Re: Cute Photos Of Cristiano Ronaldo With His Children by ginggerxy: 3:59pm On May 13
One of those children resemble Messi... grin
while non of Messi children resemble Messi! grin


Health / Re: 2 Coronavirus Patients Abscond From Oyo Isolation Centre by ginggerxy: 5:19pm On May 06
I just keep wondering why we keep hearing this kind of news, is there no security in the isolation centres This country is gone for good.
your question should be why are Nigerian running away from their isolation centre , what is wrong with the facilities here in Nigeria ,why is it only in Nigeria you hear about people running away from their isolation centre ?

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