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Politics / Re: Looting: IGP Orders Police Commanders To Reclaim Public Space by Goke7: 8:15pm On Oct 24
so they are ready to go back to work now, awon oloshi
Sports / Re: Lekki Shooting: Super Eagles May Boycott Remaining AFCON Qualifiers by Goke7: 6:55pm On Oct 21
especially with the yeye coach we have its a welcome idea to boycott afcon grin
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Governor Seyi Makinde Walks Around Ibadan Streets, Addresses Protesters by Goke7: 6:25pm On Oct 21
All na bobo, trust any Nigerian politician this period at your own peril

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Attack TVC Studios In Lagos (Video) by Goke7: 12:35pm On Oct 21
the media is under attack, channels has shut down too
Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: Who Gave The Order? Fredrick Nwabufo by Goke7: 9:40am On Oct 21
TVC just went off air, guess they are being attacked!

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Politics / Re: Stop Shouting Massacre. by Goke7: 6:50am On Oct 21
Massacre or not, what happened yesterday night was senseless, no govt can have my suuport on this.

Op Stop playing it down. Both FG and LASG goofed on this one and they will pay surely for this
Celebrities / Re: Lilian Afegbai Deactivates Instagram Account As Her Mother Confesses To Killing by Goke7: 5:33pm On Oct 20
Truth is the endsars protests may consume more people than we thought.

Lots of our elites are involved in too much crime in cooperation with Sars and other operatives including our religious leaders that I fear for the most.

Too much skeleton in many cupboards
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Adamu Garba Sues Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO For $1bn by Goke7: 4:33pm On Oct 20
this should be a joke grin
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Imposes 24-Hour Curfew In Lagos by Goke7: 12:02pm On Oct 20
Benin template execution and implementation grin
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 11:20am On Oct 20

Precisely. When PMB goes, they go also. Don't we all remember Michael Aondoakaa under Yar Adua or Pius Anyim under Jonathan? Where are those opportunists and accidental beneficiaries of power today in comparison to Tinubu who power flows through naturally, perpetually and effortlessly decade in and decade out?

The guy you respond to sounds like a power groupie who views things from an office worshipper perspective.

He is yet to make the important distinction between those who are naturally powerful by virtues of their character and deliberate actions as against those who step into powerful positions by dint of good fortune or coincindence.

The former always endure while the latter come and go at the courtesy of truly powerful men like Tinubu, PMB, OBJ etal.

You've said it all. case closed
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 11:17am On Oct 20

All politicians have opportunists and hangers-on, Tinubu inclusive.

Even LGA Chair, has his own "oso-ahia".

As long as they have Buhari's undivided attention, they are as powerful as you can think.

as long and powerful as APC is still intact, APC has lost some states because they went apart in those states and same will be at the National level if they continue to go apart. Folks in Abuja are tenants for as long as the landlords [PMB and Tinubu] are still together
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 11:09am On Oct 20
the bitter truth that jagaban haters has refused to accept is

APC needs Tinubu to remain in power, while Tinubu doesnt need Apc to remain relevant.

this is what most folks don't understand. Very easy for Tinubu to bargain with another power bloc like he did in 2011 and shifted to another in 2015
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 11:06am On Oct 20

Abuja don't blame him or perhaps I don't know the Abuja you refer to.

Those who lose out blame him.

The Abuja I refer to here are those in the top echelons of the Presidency. Those with real power, not those @ Blantyre Crescent.

Have you seen them blame Tinubu before? NO.

top echelon bawo? they are all opportunists at PMB's pleasure
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 11:00am On Oct 20

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!! I,d love to see the Northern power hungry hawks try to tame Tinubu who is a darling of the Western world that would love to see him as President and ally with him in a heart beat.

It is in Nigeria we do sentiments, religious discrimination and tribalism. Neutrals, like Westerners, can view Nigeria with an unbiased eye to see what is obvious that numerous bias and prejudice prevents Nigerians from seeing.

Is it a coincidence that any foreign dignitary who comes to Nigeria on "official visit" also manages to pay a 'courtesy' visit to Bourdillon when Tinubu is not at all an offical part of the Nigerian Government?

Why no visit to Atiku, IBB, Balarabe Musa, Peter Obi, Orji Kalu, Ken Nnamani, our senate President or even Obasanjo?

obasanjo and IBB still try but the rest na local champions grin
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 10:55am On Oct 20

Those in Abuja knew about his contribution and yet his wife complained of how he was been sidelined during the President's first tenure.

We knew about a few things that happened around and within Edo State & Oshiomhole these few months.

Those in Abuja respect him but perhaps have their own motives.

Those guys before them in Abuja used the powers to their own satisfaction as well.

This is Nigeria Politics. Abuja calls the shots, to a very large extent.

so why do the abuja people blame him anytime they feel they are loosing control if truly they call the shots and they are that powerful. we deceive ourselves too much in naija. You have all the power but yet you are not sure of the power. what a contradiction
Crime / Re: 4 Hoodlums Breaking Shops During Curfew In Benin City, 2 Caught by Goke7: 10:47am On Oct 20
all the empowerment program obaseki dey do for the youths for edo na scam grin
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 9:53am On Oct 20
Tinubu would sponsor a protest that he is been called Ole at Ilasa?

Why will he sponsor the protest? Let us assume Buhari is asked to leave, will he take over?

Let us say he is disposed to it, there is nothing he can do at this stage to stop it.

We arrogate too much powers to the man.

If he is involved, those in Abuja will smoke him out and he knows.

The agitations for this strike is not just ENDSARS alone, people have been trying to vent anger from the outset of the Buhari administration, but one way or the other, it is either the NLC scuttles it or something else blocks same.

Now there is an opportunity, the clamour for better governance must come. Many want the strike to go on to cause a change in the Governance-style of those in Abuja and in the State Govt Houses.

Let us concede a bit that he likes what is going on, he wouldn't risk it.

smoke how? but for his contribution those in abuja will not be there in the first place, we are also arrogating too much powers to the guys in abuja. We have forgotten that before them some folks were also in the same abuja
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 9:50am On Oct 20

His next political move will land him inside EFCC cell. The best bet is for him to keep mute and stay away from Nigeria now until the tension is doused. The Fulani leadership are desperately looking for ways to implicate him before 2023 so as to retain presidency.

He can't go down alone, reason it's very difficult to tame him, he's got every clout you can think of, media, economic, grassroots, political capital and even international diplomatic capital some of which Buhari does not have as President. Such a man is difficult to tame even when in opposition they could not get him.
Politics / Re: Why I Think Tinubu Is Sponsoring The Endsars Protests. by Goke7: 7:57am On Oct 20
Tinubu this tinubu that. You guys should continue making the man popular, by the time he makes his next political move, pls don't come and cry here o. Na laugh we go dey laugh una

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths Should Stop Protests And Focus On Taking Over Power In 2023 by Goke7: 6:57am On Oct 20
This op that makes so much noise on nairaland don tire for protests, interesting.

That's how most online noise makers are, no liver na to dey abuse tinubu dem sabi, shior
Crime / Re: Hoodlums Loot Truck Load Of Coca-Cola Products In Edo State by Goke7: 6:41am On Oct 20
I remember that year, babangida must go protest in Benin, make I no talk shall

I remember too, protests in benin will always turn to riots, same with the June 12 protests.

Benin has always been an hotspot, their blood too de hot

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Politics / Re: Endsars: Hoodlums Loot Truck Load Of Coca-cola In Edo State - Video by Goke7: 12:05am On Oct 20
Edo peeps fall hand no be small
Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Using EndSARS Protest As A Plot To Overthrow Buhari - Miyetti Allah by Goke7: 5:52pm On Oct 19
This is utter foolishness, no wonder some folks feel we are just living with some barbarians hence the need to go our separate ways.

is Tinubu the President of Nigeria? awon werey oloshi

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Unleash Mayhem In Ikorodu, Two Feared Killed by Goke7: 2:36pm On Oct 19
people are using the protests opportunity to settle scores, what's the business of endsars protest with land matters or cult matters like what we are seeing in Benin. This is just barbaric abeg
Religion / Re: Pastor Enenche Leads Prayer Walk For Nigeria In Abuja by Goke7: 2:15pm On Oct 19
Can we separate this prayer walk from civil rights protests pls. Prayer walk is what I do often with an envangelism group I belong to.

It's not when we are to protest for good governance we remember to do prayer walk.

Nigerian christians still need more enlightenment on civic rights and duties. We are damn too religious abeg

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Police Reacts To Attacks On Police Posts In Benin by Goke7: 12:22pm On Oct 19
Be like say benin people still dey election mood.

Where is their governor sef

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Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Leave Peter Obi Out Of Ezu River Corpses, SARS Murdered Them— MASSOB by Goke7: 9:43am On Oct 19

Honestly I don’t know what to call the liberal Yorubas. It’s just like people trying to play America kind of politics/lifestyle in an insane country like Nigeria.

I followed the Igbos closely and how they always blame El-Rufai for any Fulani attack claiming the buck stop at his table as the governor. They will be like he is complicit in deploying the police/soldiers and he is purposely murdering his people.

Peter Obi was governor in Anambra while this atrocity took place and the way the SARS masterminded that massacre is barbaric and unjust. Now people are calling Peter Obi out for it but a lot of them are trying to isolate Obi from it even tho he was the governor of the state. They also stylishly say they are waiting for Obi to talk about it to defend himself before they can give online judgement BUT they don’t give other people the benefit of the doubt if people accuse them.

Even the MASSOB that ought to be hard on Peter Obi are here saying other things by going soft on him.

Everyday they will come here to abuse Tinubu even for things that’s none of his concern and the docile Yoruba liberals who doesn’t even understand the game will join in the bandwagon while forming sophisticos.

Today also you can see how they abused Awolowo and how they have always made sure to de-market Awo even for things that’s none of his concern.

I only pity this generation of Yorubas we are churning out. They are playing Jesus in a country like Nigeria and while others are guarding their own, the Yorubas will be the one in the front attacking their own forming advanced IQ.

You can’t build a cohesive force if you collaborate with outsiders to destroy your own leaders all because you’re forming liberal

when you read history even Awo was attacked by his fellow yorubas despite all the great things he did, it's has always been a huge issue in Yoruba land from the 1960s and it boils to everyone wanting to be leader at the same time when it's only one person that can drive an agenda at a time. This is why our land and people are easy to penetrate.

The Igbos despite having one of the worse atrocities of SARS committed on their soil were even hesitant in joining the protests initially, omo na wa for them o!


Politics / Re: #ENDSARS: Leave Peter Obi Out Of Ezu River Corpses, SARS Murdered Them— MASSOB by Goke7: 9:32am On Oct 19
one thing I know Peter Obi has lots of questions to answer if he comes out again for any political ambition and to my SE brothers una see how e dey pain when your own or hero is attacked.


Food / Re: EndSARS: Ijebu-Ode Protesters Kill Cow, Roast It At Protest Ground (Photos) by Goke7: 8:50am On Oct 19
my ijebu people no dey dull o

mhen but see the spectators on the bridge o, poverty die die die
Politics / Re: Orji Kalu: Awolowo Told Me He Did Not Trust Babangida by Goke7: 4:13pm On Oct 18
How old was Kalu in 1987 when. Awolowo died ?

I thought I was the only one asking this question
Politics / Re: Orji Kalu: Awolowo Told Me He Did Not Trust Babangida by Goke7: 4:03pm On Oct 18
how old was kalu to have interfaced with Awolowo who died since 1987, na wa for some lies o

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Religion / Re: Oyedepo: "Nigerian Youths Have The Right!", Endorses EndSARS Protests by Goke7: 3:39pm On Oct 18

Canaanland recorded it’s least attendance for 2 decades today. Roads to church were block. When I first got to church I thought service wasn’t holding, this must not continue not on Sunday. People should be allowed to serve their maker

Reason the bishop spoke out today abi

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