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Music/Radio / Re: Hottest Rappers by hax: 12:54pm On Oct 25, 2012
Meek Mill would outdo KL lyrically?
You gotta be out yo gaddem mind lmaooo
Music/Radio / Re: Free Mason. Rick Ross Ft Jay Z. Download. by hax: 9:43pm On Sep 23, 2011
not been here in a while, awww,

i miss nairaland cry

@mobinga they say it's also his 3rd six series coupe, *shrugs*
Music/Radio / Re: El Recommends: 2010 In Nigerian Music - As It Happened by hax: 3:11pm On Jan 09, 2011
i can't think of any bigger event than dagrin's death right now. . . maybe barrister? lol

eldee, if you make your diss track with abdullegend number one eeehhnnn. . . tongue
Music/Radio / Re: El Recommends: 2010 In Nigerian Music - As It Happened by hax: 1:32pm On Jan 09, 2011

Now that's my bro from another mother.

Charming humour,incendiary wit and enchanting expression-Daily mail

Simply exhilarating-New York Daily

A befitting expose of the outgoing year-Nairaland Chronicles

A breathless,"mapping" review with an unusually high IQ-Becomerich

Lyrically tight and B.O.B-less-Hax

Iya Basira shekpe inspired-Slimshay


you dey find my trouble abi? na you first mention B.o.B. for 2011. shame on youuuu! lmao

but the write-up day lyrically tight. B.o.B. no fit do am naw. tongue
Music/Radio / Re: Rapjunkie Presents: The Nl Hip Hop Mixtape 2010 [free Download!] by hax: 3:11am On Jan 03, 2011
oya children let's stop fighting. tongue

will download it later, kinda disappointed tho, thought there would be more tracks by nairalanders on the mixtape. . .

anyways, all of you should follow me now now shap shap on www.twitter.com/obaf_ i'll follow back.
Music/Radio / Re: El Recommends: 2010 In Nigerian Music - As It Happened by hax: 10:30pm On Jan 01, 2011
semid leave eldee alone o. he's doing a good job. let him take his time lol.

happy new year nairaland

2011 must make sense

Music/Radio / Re: Nigerian Parents Paid Rick Ross $100,000 To Attend Son's Birthday by hax: 10:10pm On Dec 23, 2010

lol what's with all the "is it your money?" talk?
Nobody is having a heart attack obviously, what's the purpose of the thread if people can't air their views?

Anyways, still a foolish way to spend money in a poverty-stricken country like Nigeria.
my love. . . been looking for you everywhere. sad
merry xmas in advance!

and though the 'isityourmoney' talk is kinda annoying, it doesn't make any sense if stolen money is spent wisely/in moderation either. . . lol
Music/Radio / Re: Rap Is Dead by hax: 8:58pm On Dec 23, 2010

J.Cole, Slaughterhouse, Pill, Lupe Fiasco . . . do you want me to continue??
awww. . . you like Pill. . . that's so cute.

see? one rapper we both like. tongue
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 10:07pm On Dec 22, 2010

It's obvious u know next to nothing outside Shad and The Roots . . .
lmao. why you hating?
yes i know nothing outside good music. or do you want to compare any of their albums to MI2?

the Nigerian music scene is foreign to you, bleep that, music is foreign to you . . .that's obvious.
Now, I'll ask three yes/no questions . . .

1. Has M.I proved that he's a great rapper with M.I, Talk About It, Illegal Music and the many collabos he was on??
2. What is the most popular beef song in Nigerian hiphop music??
3. Is M.I 2 good music??
i quote PackFM
'they don't know what to expect from the niqqas they respected'

that applies to you, MI, and hip-hop nowadays in general.

just because you've dropped a near-classic doesn't mean you should be a one-hit wonder. what would have happened if Nas dropped MI2 after Illmatic? 'eeehn, i've dropped a classic, i can afford to make crappy music'.  this reminds me of jay-z's kingdom come. a little drop in standard compared to previous albums, and you will get grilled, because we expect good hip-hop from probably the best mainstream rapper in nigeria right now. too bad though, some peeps like pop. but it's all good.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 12:53am On Dec 20, 2010

Attention all so called hip-hop heads, u guys are too few to be as significant as u think. u constitute lets say 5% of d music audience and believe me, 90% of this 5% reside in lagos. and most of u wont even buy an artists album even if their mothers brought it to your door steps. u rather down load frm d net and u expect an artist to base his career on pleasin u, oh please.
- Talk About It was hardly for the heads. it still sold millions and spawned crazy singles like safe and crowd mentality.
- in hindsight, Talk About It was genius. a classic. he managed to keep it hip-hop, while keeping it accessible to the average fan.

after realisin TAI and illegal music, MI has NOTHING to prove to u. it was not time to make his own music which he did on this album.
most great rappers are allocated one classic album in their careers. Nas-illmatic, jay z-reasonble doubts, biggie-life after death, tupac -all eyes on me. so free MI joooorr,
i can authoritatively tell u dat in d north, his fans are buying it in multiples, either for their mums or babes!
lol @ jay-z having 1 classic album. what happened to the blueprint and the black album?

and TAI was being bought in multiples as well. . . no one complained. MI2 just had to be watered down. i hope illegal music 2 makes sense ooo.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 2:16am On Dec 19, 2010

As I said before, your idea of music is punchlines, hardbeats and 'deep' stuff. . .
awww. . . you know me so well. let's get married.
i've said many times i don't really care for punchlines. i DO have an ear for wack punchlines, and i feel the need to call them out when i hear them. i appreciate a sick punchline every now and then, but almost everything's cliche/overused now so you don't hear them often. too bad.

there's nothing wrong with your view, it's just different from mine.
I prefer 'Talk About It' and 'Illegal Music' but I do see a reason he'll do songs like 'My Belle oh', 'Number One' and 'Wild Wild West' and I'll be surprised if you understood, your view is myopic, and I'm tired of repeating myself.
i wonder why you bother to argue sometimes. you're basically agreeing with me.
i understand why he'd do 'my belle' and 'no. 1'. you do too. to please the mainstream and sell copies. the difference between me and you is that i don't like them and i think they're wack. do you get it now?
if my view is myopic, what's yours? you basically like everything that's pop and mainstream, so you think you're cooler than everybody else. thats your business ma niqqa. whatever floats your boat ma niqqa.

Hehehe . . . I'm confined but I listen to the 'drug raps' and the Wutang Meets Indie while still having time to listen to pop music.
We should find a new definition for 'confined', and also change the definition of good music to mean 'hard beats' while you're at it cheesy
mainstream and pop.
this is what you mean by expanding your sound right? to include more pop production and more singing right? good for you, everybody's doing it now. i'm sure 2010 was your best year of music in a loooong while. while everyone is arguing that hip hop is dead you're wondering why they're even complaining in the first place. because you love your pop music so much, that you don't get enough listening to real pop music, you have to hear even more of it in hip-hop. i understand, and sympathise.

Hehehe . . .that's what they said about Eminem's funny tracks. Oh yeah, you also think Eminem is wack, my bad. tongue tongue
keep putting words in my mouf foo.

Oh so you forgave him?? Wow, isn't that just nice?? All is well with the world.
yup. he's dropped another sick album. all is indeed well in the world.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 12:39am On Dec 19, 2010

When you understand that music goes beyond 'hard beats' and bragging pnchlines, then I can have a conversation about music with you, right now you're just another one of the blind hiphop heads that think Talib Kweli is MJ.
yes, i admit i'm kinda old-school when it comes to the hard beats, so i'll let that slide. but the album is full of WACK bragging punchlines innit? if he went all conscious and i was hating i would have understood that statement, but it doesn't make any sense, since he was bragging, and he wasn't even doing it right. compare it to the conscious sh-it on the track 'talk about it'. even the hook wasn't TOO out of place on that track.
in your mind you now know alot about 'music'. lmao

Listen to yourself . . .''he didn't use a 'hard' beat.'' grin grin . . . 'corny hook about beef and ponmo' . . . forgive me for not being confined to your myopic views on music.
yup. you're confined in YOUR myopic views on music. where jay-z ignoring his street/drug raps and b.o.b rapping 20-second verses and MI2 singing about beef and ponmo is cool. cheesy

Now because someone uses a Nigerian joke that's being there since forever on a hook, he's committed treason . . . I guess he's wrong for not using 'ham and stuffing' instead.
no one makes a diss track and sings about beef/ham/goat meat/shaki in it. it's just wrong.

Oh . . .so now you're giving advice on how to make good music. grin grin
But didn't you guys throw your toys out of the pram when Kanye sang on 808's??
i didn't like it. but i didn't hate it either. i knew he would still make something as good as MBDTF, so i quickly forgave him.

It's official . . . the hiphop head should be cut off . . . .from music. grin grin
yeahwhatever. lol
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 11:49pm On Dec 18, 2010

Oh, so you agree that more Nigerians bought this one??
It doesn't hurt the music, it hurt the music, it hurts the hiphop . . . and I don't care bout what you like either, we've never agreed on an artiste, why should we start now??
did i say that anywhere? i was just wondering why you cared so much.
sometimes i wonder why you listen to hiphop at all in the first place if you like corny pop production, corny punchlines, and corny hooks about beef and ponmo. look at the albums you've been hyping over the past few months.

BP3. i think i remember you saying it was better than American Gangster sef.
B.o.B's cra-ppy adventures
now MI2

pop. poppy feel-good trash.

If you're not comfortable with a Nigerian album with a rapper using phrases that everyday Nigerians use, get a visa, they lifted the quota yesterday.
seriously? if he's going to use phrases nigerian's use everyday, he's better off SINGING them instead of rapping them because they aren't deep enough to hold anyone's attention for a whole ALBUM. which is why you probably let the beats drown out the wack punchlines and nod your head thinking 'hmmm. . . it's MI, it's nice, it trended on twitter, and 300 billion people bought it, it must be sick.'

Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 11:22pm On Dec 18, 2010

What silly businessman will put 20mil on an album if he's not sure it will sell?? You do know he has to make a profit right??
yes. by selling out. nobody complained that TAI was too 'hood' or 'hardcore'. it was just right. but he STILL had to water it down and make MI2.

I'm done bruv.
I can't argue with you about sales, you obviously don't know what you're saying if you think M.I 2 didn't sell more than Talk About It.
and why the fxck should i care that 30 million other people bought it if i didn't like it? why do you care about sales so much. Talk about it was a much more cohesive album, had better production and had better lyrics. MI2 was a rapper seling out to make money, and it hurt the music in the process.

and @eldee, if it's nigerian to spit wack punchlines like 'in their mouth like toothpaste'. . . it's no wonder people try to swim to the USA.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 5:09pm On Dec 17, 2010
@eldee- yeah. whatever. good pop music.

reminds me of B.o.B, just that MI is more lyrical.

i remember the good old days of safe, anoti, money, blaze, talk about it, crowd mentality, and even when he wants to please the mainstream, he makes blaze and area. smh

at least i can't see anyone saying MI2 is better than TAI. . . right?

@tosin- eeeehn. i'm not complaining tho. props to him. he did a good job of what he set out to do. but i'm still very disappointed.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 4:57pm On Dec 17, 2010

@04ka- that's the link to the thread with the songs.

@tosin- i would, but as i said i skimmed thru it, it's probably just not my thing. where are the hard beats? (eg. crowd mentality, safe, anoti)
the beats are so. . . *yuck*. i thought i was listening to a d'banj/kelly hansome album.

he made this album to appeal to the masses. and he succeeded. thats cool. lets just see how illegal music 2 goes. . .

@eldee- nope. MI2 is not good hip-hop music. no way.
Music/Radio / Re: Any Fans Of Curren$y And Wiz Kalifa In The House? by hax: 4:47pm On Dec 17, 2010
*bumped for 04ka*

if you like ignore it again.

and i haven't checked if they're still working btw

serves you right
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 4:40pm On Dec 17, 2010
if you thought that sh-it was perfect, then there's no point arguing with you.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 1:25pm On Dec 17, 2010

Dude . . . I remember you had a link to PackFM's song on some thread . . . I'm a big fans of the Graffiti song and I bleeping hate rappers.
Do you have the album.
if i find it i'll post it here for you.


no i havent,, if u have em send to punchlinee@yahoo.com, or just send the dopest tracks of its too much stress 4u to upload the whoe album.
e be like say you dey madt.

i stressed myself to post everything for you in one other thread and you're asking me to send another one to you. google it yourself.

@topic- didn't feel M.I. 2 at all. the beats are just. . . undecided
the corny punchlines. . .
the horrible singing. . .
couldnt stand it so i just skimmed thru it. i'll try to give it a better listen tonight maybe.

wild wild west is my favourite song as well. and i think TAI is 10x better @bhydemi
Politics / Re: What Made Nigeria So Populated by hax: 1:20pm On Dec 17, 2010
What makes the country overpopulated?

Gold circle.
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 12:13pm On Dec 13, 2010
@eldee- Shad's TSOL is a classic.

@04ka have you listened to them currensy/krit/dza albums?
Music/Radio / Re: Favourite Rap song for 2010 by hax: 5:04pm On Dec 12, 2010
PackFM - I fxcking hate rappers
Shad- Yaa I Get It
Roots- Doing it again
Trademark da skydiver & Currensy- Roasted
Big KRIT- Voices
J. Cole- Enchanted
Joe Budden- 1000 faces
G.O.O.D music- So appalled
Kanye West- POWER!!!

will add more later tongue
Music/Radio / Re: 53rd Grammy Awards: Nominees by hax: 10:06pm On Dec 05, 2010

my broda i tire o. i saw the roots live in london, 05. they are amazing. how many hip hop artists can jam live successfully, with live instrumentals. how many? nas is a visionary
no one's sampling anymore. apparently it's alot of trouble to clear samples these days. and uncleared samples will get your sh-it shelved forever (see pharoahe monch- internal affairs). everyone's using live instrumentation now. but still the Roots have perfected their craft. been doing it for the past 15+ years and they're still the very best. 2 sick albums this year, how i got over and wake up! with john legend. and they have one of the best and most consistent rappers of all time, black thought. the roots have never put out a wack album. and they've dropped 9 or 10. definitely my favourite band of all time.
Music/Radio / Re: 53rd Grammy Awards: Nominees by hax: 4:10pm On Dec 05, 2010

are you nuts or not-so-smart?.don't mean to be hostile but comparing that douchebag(Kanye West) with slim shady is simply outrageous and silly.
true. eminem is a better rapper obviously.

Kanye West's latest album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is a masterpiece. . .

better than the likes of 808 and heartbreak no doubt about that. . .
true. . .

but don't really think it can't usurp eminem's recovery.
and this is where you lost the plot. MBDTF is being hailed as a 'classic'. Recovery is being hailed as a 'return to form'. and their last albums were flops (808's and relapse). why's no one calling Recovery a classic? because it's same old eminem, weak punchlines and poor beats. at least MBDTF has better beats, is much more cohesive, and much easier to listen to, even though the rhyming is hardly top-notch.

Drake is a better lyricist
where did drake even come in? and when did he become a good lyricist? smh

Eminem rules!!.
he once did.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Music Section Awards 2010 -Nomination |In progress by hax: 12:08pm On Dec 05, 2010



Nellaluv tongue tongue
thanks alot my darlings. #nohomo @ibime tongue

means alot to me. didn't expect it at all. embarassed

will vote later jor. *currently leaning towards the person who put me on crooked I and joe budden*

you know yourself tongue
Music/Radio / Re: Eldee Recommends: M.i:2 . . . $4.99, £3:20 On Mytruspot by hax: 12:03pm On Dec 05, 2010
still haven't listened to MI2. . .

is it worth the hype? yay? nay?

interested in vector's though.

ooh and pink friday. tongue
Music/Radio / Re: Hiphop "beefs" Good Or Bad? by hax: 11:52am On Dec 05, 2010
i don't like beef really, i'm kinda indifferent. i like good music. so if someone's hatred for his fellow artiste inspires him to create excellent music (eg takeover, ether, hit 'em up, etc) then so be it. it's the hatred of the police that makes gangsta rap flourish. it's the hatred of discrimination and gangster-ism that makes street poetry and commentary flourish. it's the hatred of women that makes misogynistic music sell. it's the hatred of poverty that makes niqqas rap about selling drugs and bragging about their dough. etc etc

it's all about hatred. tongue

*is a proud hater* tongue

oh and it's not only beef that 'gets ugly'. T.I and Weezy went to jail and it had nothing to do with beef. imo, beef hardly gets ugly anyways. (see: iceberg slim kissing MI's ar-se, jay-z not replying anybody, 9ice and ruggedman, soulja boi dissing lupe fiasco, wale and kid cruddy (sorry, kid cudi, who said i hate him but i won't say anything) nicki minaj and lil kim? c'mon! etc )

edit- and also, most of the beefs we get these days are from people seeking attention and relevance anyways, eg, mc hammer, lil kim, the game, etc etc
when last did we see two BIG rappers like Nas and Jay-Z beefing? now it's one has 500k fans and the other has 50k fans. now all the famous rappers are kissing each others as-ses. see Drake and J. Cole, Kanye and Nicki, etc

the days of beef are gone jor. everybody's vegetarian now. it's better for business. tongue
Music/Radio / Re: 53rd Grammy Awards: Nominees by hax: 10:43pm On Dec 03, 2010
emma bowin:

jay-z blue print 3 is one of his greatest works and it is a blessing to this decade.
pure comedy.

Music/Radio / Re: 53rd Grammy Awards: Nominees by hax: 9:19pm On Dec 03, 2010



B.o.B nominated for rap album of the year? sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiit!
Music/Radio / Re: Rap: Diss Lines That Make You Go Whoa! by hax: 9:17pm On Dec 03, 2010

If you knew me, you'd be shook of me/
I get tired of looking for you, shoot up your mama house, and let your backside look for me/
Aaaaah, heat. classic. that beat was crazy.


50 hit Jada hard and Jada never did reply
'And I don't got a problem with clout/
You ain't get shot again yet, so what's your second album about/ (Nothin'!)'

'going against me is like playing russian roulette/ busting two tecs/' - eLZhi
Music/Radio / Re: Jesse Jagz Produced Ice Prince's Oleku In 30 Minutes by hax: 9:08pm On Dec 02, 2010
MI2 trended worldwide because all non-nigerian people were tweeting about the movie lol.

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