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Health / Re: Help! My Head Is Embarrassingly Big. Makes Me Sad by Hostermipo(m): 11:43am On May 05, 2022
I’ve been battling with this for years. It seems my head is a big bigger than that of others. I always wear faze caps but people still see my big head.
Please I need motivation o. I don’t know if it’s reason why some babes will give me their phone number and refuse picking my calls afterwards cry
I can’t even wear Those Hausa caps cos my size no dey there .

It’s really affecting my self esteem

Accept yourself, you can't change it, so the earlier you understand that the better.

Joke about it before people does, flaunt it with confidence!

It may not be easy at first, then you will get used to it.
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu To Meet APC Senators Today by Hostermipo(m): 1:25pm On Mar 16, 2022
Sports / Re: Did You Grow Up With This? What Is The Name Of This ball In Your Area? by Hostermipo(m): 12:17am On Feb 20, 2022
For a moment I thought we are the only one calling it PANKE! You too much

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Business / Re: Foolproof Methods To Grow Your Business Online by Hostermipo(m): 1:17pm On Nov 24, 2021

now your content are 100% correct, and I agree.
Thank you �
Business / Re: Foolproof Methods To Grow Your Business Online by Hostermipo(m): 12:02pm On Nov 24, 2021

well your content did not align with your heading.
as far as I am concern all what you just said involve money

Thanks for the observation, there was a mixup. The heading has now been corrected. smiley
Business / Foolproof Methods To Grow Your Business Online by Hostermipo(m): 5:47pm On Nov 23, 2021
In this digital age, a lot of businesses – ranging from the established brands to the little startups – use the internet and social media as a means of growing their businesses; from participating in and keeping up with trends, online challenges, and even tik tok dances. Brands are harnessing the potential of the internet to maximize their business growth, which is no doubt an excellent strategy, thus, the reason I have come up with the best easy tips to help grow your business online.

1. Establish a social media presence:

You should have business accounts and pages on popular social networks such as Classflick, Instagram, Facebook, Tik tok and Twitter. You should then aim to constantly make engaging and relatable content that serves your audience. Some days back, I saw a video on the Instagram page of a popular business. Two of their representatives were doing a trending dance while standing in front of a wall which had a huge sign of the business’s logo. The video went viral and brought a crowd flooding their page.

Engaging your audience and potential buyers on social media is a good way to start growing your business online.

2. Identify your niche

Your niche is your focused portion of a market that your business serves specifically. It is essentially your small sector of a larger market in which you specialize in.

You as a business owner, should define your niche; what specifically you do; what problem your business solves;
what demands you meet. You should aim to make your niche as specific as possible.

After identifying your niche, you should dish out contents that align with it, content that the audience in that niche would be interested in. For example, if you decide to sell jewelry, your content could be things like how to maintain your jewelry pieces and how to spot gold plated jewelry that has been camouflaged as real gold.

3. Utilize paid advertisements to reach your target market

Ads, they’re practically everywhere on the internet; from the gentle pop-up photos to the aggravating videos that play in the middle of YouTube videos.

Popular social media like Instagram and Facebook offer paid media that would be helpful in reaching your target audience for a reasonable fee.
Ads has proven to be effective in growing your business online.

4. Use email marketing

Email marketing is essentially sending promotional emails to a group of people, usually in mass quantities. It has been found to be a cost effective way of digital marketing.

Another reason why email marketing is favoured is more people use their emails several times a day. A research conducted by Radicatti found out that there are 3.8 billion active email accounts. Email marketing gives you access to more people than any other internet platform.

The people on your email list are also more likely to become customers than your followers on social media. The work done when people sign up to receive emails from you – filling in their email addresses and also confirming them – shows they are more receptive to your message and are more likely to purchase from your business.
Email mail marketing has decades of track record for growing businesses.

4. Organise Classflick Contests

Classflick is a social media created to help businesses and individuals grow, improve, popular and get better.

One of the unique features of Classflick that makes it different from Instagram, Facebook and other social media is the contest organizing feature.

Learn how classflick work here

An effective contest marketing strategy can drive brand awareness,
promote your products and services, do market research, and get new
leads into your pipeline using social competition.

Is your brand taking advantage of promotional contests to engage with its audience?

Leveraged by some of the most successful social media marketers for brands and
companies of all sizes, contests are a popular marketing tactic used by
brands to gain new customers and re-engage with old customers. They can
also help drive awareness about a brand and its products and services.
Contests are great for advertising purposes, improving customer
engagement, and gathering information for market research.

5. Improve your search engine visibility

Search engine optimization is a good technique to raise awareness for your business, increase sales and revenue and grow your business. Improving your website visibility on search engines’ page rankings will lead to potential customers finding your website and thereby your business too.

Two SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips are:

Make your website mobile-friendly

- Your website should be accessible to all mobile devices.

Use engaging and useful images

- Websites with images generate more traffic than those with pure text.

Search engines also give more favor to articles with bullet points.

However, growing your business online can be a tough journey that requires commitment and hard work; but it can also be the key that unlocks the door to sales and revenue for your business. All races and people from different professions, living in different parts of the world use the internet, therefore going into digital marketing can give you access to a whole lot of them.

Source: https://classflick.com/blog/how-to-grow-your-business-online/

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: So I Got A Job by Hostermipo(m): 2:06pm On Nov 12, 2021
Earlier i made a thread seeking for a job - https://www.nairaland.com/6490860/need-job-lagos
Because my job was nothing to write home about.
Fast forward to this month i got another job,there is nothing God can not do right

Thank God even though it is the same job description,this time the pay is bether than the previous and is an agric based company (poultry farm)were i get to learn dnd eat free food lol grin.

God is good
Congratulations but please don't join the bad wagon of stealing Farm produce. I wish you all the best

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Programming / Re: Can Developers Do Without The Use Of Google Or Stackoverflow? by Hostermipo(m): 5:36pm On May 26, 2021

Lastly can a developer do without google or stackoverflow or any developers community forum?

One of the most important tool or skill a developer must master is knowing how to use Google
Family / Re: Help Anytime I Get Angry I Destroy Things by Hostermipo(m): 1:49pm On Dec 21, 2020
Anytime my wife makes me angry I destroy things, the first day she made me angry I destroyed the television remote, another day was the dining table and yesterday I smashed her Android Samsung phone even though I later became remorse and bought her a new one.

I am afraid I might beat her one day.

What is wrong with me and what can i do to stop it?

A person has the habit of banging his fist on the table hard when he is angry.
But he doesn’t do that when there is flimsy glass table in front of him.

A person has the habit of throwing whatever is there in his hand when he is angry.
But he may not do that when there is a $1500 brand new phone in his hand.

A person has the habit of kicking something in front of him when he is angry,
But he may not do that when there is thorn bush in front of him or infront of the wall.

So if you notice the common thing here

When a person is angry— most of the times— he subconsciously knows how to show it without hurting himself.

The extension of this behaviour is,

You show anger only on people whom you think are not stronger than you and who don’t have the power to harm you back.

For example:

When a server is pouring you water and it spills on your shirt, you will shout at him. But, when your boss is passing you coffee and it spills on your shirt, you might not shout. You may even smile ‘It’s okay.’

You will think twice before you show anger on someone who is than you.

But with people whom you think are lower than you or whom you take for granted, you show it effortlessly. Because you are clearly aware, they can’t hit back at you or that they will come back to you irrespective of whatever you say during anger.

Don't always save your worst temper for the one who loves you the most.

I hope this helps you
Source: https://www.quora.com/q/psychologyrelationship/What-are-the-most-interesting-facts-about-human-behavior-19?ch=10&share=c1300c36&srid=uWDu5


Phones / Re: Guys, Share The picture of the Home Screen On Your Phones. by Hostermipo(m): 2:45pm On Oct 18, 2020

Please explain
Download Aris launcher on play store
Phones / Re: Guys, Share The picture of the Home Screen On Your Phones. by Hostermipo(m): 8:38pm On Oct 17, 2020
Hold my beer! wink


Celebrities / Re: Which Celebrity's Death Pained You The Most? by Hostermipo(m): 10:09pm On May 03, 2020
NIROBI season 4


Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Hostermipo(m): 9:12pm On Apr 14, 2020
We started as friends. We were so close she could do anything for me and I could do anything for her.

I am broken.....
I shall rise again in no time, and when I rise... I AM GOING TO BE A HEARTLESS MONSTER.
These hoes... non virgins or virgins, young or old, I shall toy with their emotions and break them....


Why do want to bleed on people that did not cut you. Only weak people to this.

If you have balls face and deal with who or what has hurt you but on some innocent souls. You may hurt someone who will change your life for good forever.

Brace up, don't be weak after just one punch!

Be a man!
The best kind of revenge is massive success!

Be successful to a level that will make her regret.. I believe you are more than hurting innocent Souls

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Science/Technology / fff by Hostermipo(m): 3:24pm On Apr 04, 2020
Computers / Re: Why Microsoft Windows OS Is Widely Used In Nigeria by Hostermipo(m): 4:02pm On Jan 30, 2020
As a developer, I can tell you that Windows is sh*t!

Mac and Ubuntu all the way.
as a developer can you kindly tell us why you think Mac is better than Windows?
Programming / Re: What Programming Language Can I Use To Start As A New Programmer by Hostermipo(m): 8:02am On Jan 11, 2020

There is nothing like algorithms or data structures in HTML high guys in programming look down on it. I myself don't consider it a programming language they are for designing web pages not programming.
html and CSS may not be a programming language, but it is very very good point to start your programming career, besides I haven't met any programmer that doesn't know html and Css, it will let get familiarised with basic tags, principles and some coding experience, it is a very soft point to start... alot of people saying OP should start with node JS, JavaScript e.tc. I don't how easy that will be without understanding html and CSS... starting with high end languages will frustrate you easily, because anybody that will teach you any code will expect you to have atleast acquired a bit of knowledge in html and CSS. u might not find your programming journey interesting if you don't start from the absolute beginning, although you don't have to spend much time on it but just learn the basics, then proceed learn other things u wish to learn

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Programming / Re: What Are The Downsides Of Being A Programmer by Hostermipo(m): 11:27pm On Oct 14, 2019
To those who may understand

I have being coding for years.. But lately I observe that am becoming more of a recluse. I go to work come home eat, code and sleep .. work, code, eat, sleep and so the circle continues.
It may interest you to know that my job has little or nothing to do with coding. I just code for the fun of it repeating projects or looking for challenging ones.. Once am 80% done I lose interest and start looking for another project, programming language or framework

Below are some programming languages I have used to develop, elibraries, store manifest, accounting apps, hospital apps, school apps etc..

I started with excel then dabbled with visual basic before heading into web . HTML and css. Javascript took me a long time to grasp but no sooner had I gotten the hang of it I had to add jquery and its various flavours to really enjoy web development. Soon I met Bootstrap and speed of frontend design rapidly increased.

My first backend language was php with mysql: worked with it for several years. I used frameworks like zend and laravel but really did not like them . they seem to limit one and create unnecessary head aches. So as soon as I mastered OOP with PHP i decided to build my own mvc backend framework . which I did with good success.
Python was next . to say the truth Its quite easy to learn and very flexible. I started with pyqt framework . building an image editing app using sqlite as db and also worked on some data management (lovely). Then I tried rebuiliding some of my old projects with django then djangorestframework. To those trying to pick a programming language to learn.. python is the best.

For the last year and a half I have been on react, angular, node. Built my first mobile with react native. But it seems learning does not end.

Had to use a lot of devops recently google cloud, aws, kubernetes, heroku, chef etc

However am still eyeing my first love c++. always been scared of it though its the first language I read through the entire book thats 10 yrs ago without developing one single project with it.

Youtube and stackoverflow have been my best friends but now I think I really need to start making money from these knowledge and GET A LIFE

Well from my years of experience in programming, the downside I can say is that you will really enjoy been alone, enjoy your own company, think majorly only about your codes and bugs, spend donkey of hours in front of your PC, it makes you think you are smarter than everyone else (which may be true actually lol)... although it feels good

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Accept This Job Offer Or Continue Job Hunting??? by Hostermipo(m): 10:32pm On Oct 02, 2019
Hello All.
o I can get all the advice I need as much as
although the pay seems bad but you can just decide to take it for a couple of months so that you can be able to add to your experience , it may increase your chances of getting a better job

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Travel / Re: Stranded Corpers Seize Azman Air Laptops After Cancelled Flight (Video) by Hostermipo(m): 6:28pm On Aug 22, 2019
self control is a virtue, there are other means to protest.
NB: To all those people quoting me, cant reply you all individually, but please know that those corpers broke the law and can be arrested, there are civil ways to address things, i have experienced it a few times, its not worth losing my cool for, losing it wont make me get to where am going to on time anyway, in civilized countries, those folks will be in jail for theft, harrasment etc
Most times when we do things in anger, we end up regreting. Pick your fights wisely.
well said
Crime / Re: Driver Crushes Two Thieves To Death After Snatching A New Bike In Ibadan (Graphi by Hostermipo(m): 11:35pm On Aug 15, 2019
That's how he took people's life for a crime that did not take anyone's life. We Nigerians should be careful..
it saddens my heart to see people been killed any how in Nigeria, no regard for human life.... Robbery is a great criminal offence which deserves heavy punishment but equating bike with two human souls is much more grievous
Programming / Re: After Learning Programming What Next?? by Hostermipo(m): 1:52pm On Aug 01, 2019
Good day guys! OK like it is been a year I delved into programming focusing on JavaScript and a liitle Php - of course apart from HTML /CSS (they are a must) . I discovered until u find yourself in that environment where u will need to constantly use these languages to solve real life problems ,they will be as good as useless . In those periods I learnt SQl and I can quite use it to a reasonable extent. Of course I didn't neglect WordPress too. I also learn graphic design softwares especially coreldraw and Photoshop ( I can do this better for now) . I took some Digital marketing courses online within that period too. The thing is that :of what use would all these be ,without applying them to solve practical problems . One can only do this with consistency and to be consistent one has to be in that environment. Please if there is any individual or organization as the case maybe who is willing to provide this environment I have been seeking ,I will remain grateful forever . I am not a fresh graduate though ,I will be willing to learn very fast .I just need that enabling environment to grow especially in programming.I am in Lagos mainland . Anywhere in Lagos is fine . Thank you . I hope someone who can help sees this .
Build something for yourself , come up with an idea

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Programming / Re: Top 20 Websites To Learn Coding With Java, Python, SQL, Algorithms, And Git For by Hostermipo(m): 1:50pm On Aug 01, 2019
YouTube.com I have learnt alot from YouTube than any other place

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Programming / Re: How Do I Get A Programer That Design A Site by Hostermipo(m): 1:04am On Jul 08, 2019
Hello guy please i need urgent assistance want to get the people that develop a particular site my company want to do thesame or similar thing but want the developer, kindly assist.
visit this website they have the best programmers for your work https://ostanet.com.ng
Education / Re: Oyo State Abolishes N500 Examination Fee, Declares Education Levy Illegal by Hostermipo(m): 2:06pm On Jun 24, 2019
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has abolished N500 examination fee in all secondary schools across the state.
The Head of Service, Mrs. Ololade Agboola, who made this disclosure, urged principals in secondary schools to comply with the free education policy of the state Government.
Agboola spoke during a meeting of the Permanent Secretary School administration with the principals in public secondary Schools held at comprehensive High School Oke-Bola Ibadan.
The Head of Service admonished teachers and principals of the secondary schools to comply with the education policy of the present administration in the State.
Agboola said (Five Hundred Naira) examination fee across the secondary schools in the State have been abolished, warning that no Principal should send student away from the school.
She said, “I have the directive of His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde to discuss with you today, the school principals on how we can move the secondary school education forward in Oyo State”.
She said the present administration in the State under Governor Seyi Makinde has put an end to the Education Development Levy for all secondary School students, declaring it as illegal.
She opined that the State Government will create call centers where parents and the general public will report school that refuse to stop collecting illegal fee, just as she advised Principals of Secondary Schools to stop collecting fees that have not been approved by the State Government.
She then appealed to teachers to always stay in their duty posts, saying that the present administration will not tolerate lateness and absenteeism in the school, just as she solicited support for the state government in carrying out its education policy in the state

Read more here https://thickmatch.com/oyo-makinde-abolishes-n500-examination-fee-declares-education-levy-illegal/
I think the governor should be careful, he can remove all the fees if he is ready to fund all the schools properly...same was done in Osun state and no fund was gotten from the government which leaves the schools with no money to print exam papers, exams questions were written on the board

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Phones / Re: Help Me With A Phone That Has 3GB RAM And 32gb Rom by Hostermipo(m): 8:03pm On Mar 27, 2019
Plz can someone recommended a phone that has 3Gb ram and 32Gb rom to buy within the range of 30k to 40k
Lenovo k5 play 3gb/32gb..... it's beautiful...check it on jumia
Forum Games / The New Country by Hostermipo(m): 5:17pm On Mar 23, 2019
hjfjdjjcueiici dki iwii jejjv
Programming / Re: Rate Dis Webpage Design by Hostermipo(m): 9:09pm On Feb 17, 2019
Comment on the error...
for better correction
The color is too flashy, yellow is not cool at all. well done

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Politics / Re: Presidency Replies EU, UK And US On CJN's Suspension (Full Statement) by Hostermipo(m): 10:37pm On Jan 27, 2019
Two wrongs cannot make a right
Programming / Re: Status Saver Review by Hostermipo(m): 8:04pm On Jan 09, 2019
Am looking for 20 people who I will gift Glo data to download and review my Status Saver app on Google play store. Whatsapp me on 08078879490

well done bro
Career / Re: Drama As Scared Nigerian Cadet Refuses To Jump During Military Training. Photos by Hostermipo(m): 8:47am On Jan 08, 2019
He should be summarily dismissed without question angry

This is enough to dismiss him, how can you be scared of preliminary Paratroop drill? angry

They don't dismiss because of that, what you have seen is the making of a military officer, Officers are not born, they are made. .. you will be surprised how tough he will later turn to be.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Count Down To 2019, What Are Your Resolutions? by Hostermipo(m): 3:01pm On Dec 28, 2018
4096 x 2160 4K resolution, lolz .. Happy New year in advance to everyone

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NYSC / Re: The Four Worst NYSC Camps In Nigeria by Hostermipo(m): 3:48pm On Dec 10, 2018

Read More At https://www.brainnewsradio.com/the-worst-nysc-camps-in-nigeria/
Osun State? i bet you have never been to osun camp, it is actually one of the best. I thought I would see the likes of Niger state

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