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Education / Re: 66 YEARS TODAY: 9 Things You May Not Know About Albert Einstein by Hushbingo(m): 9:51am On Apr 19
Nothing special about this man...

Education / Re: Armageddon: 5 Times Jehovah Witness Predicted The End Of The World And Outcome by Hushbingo(m): 9:31am On Apr 19

Who's the son of man?
The son of man is Christ, The King. The Jesus that died for your salvation even though you do not know this...

For one thing, you will find the word of the scripture amazing if you give it a try. Honestly, there is alot to cover everyday life filled with love, peace of mind and absolute wealth.

I can relate with you if you don't mind. My name is Dave, what yours ?

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Politics / Re: Hundreds Of Yoruba Women From Diaspora At Ooni Of Ife Palace Over Yoruba Nation by Hushbingo(m): 8:38pm On Apr 18
These ones are not prostitutes for Italy, not human traffickers, drug traffickers or nonsense baby factory ritualists, Ndi-criminals that constitute the 5% women population that never have life outside criminality.

Your wailing and bitterness have not started yet.

“All of us that you are seeing here today are top-notch professionals. We have medical doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, engineers, development experts, journalists, academic dons, top bankers and entrepreneurs among us. The majority of us are working at blue-ship public and private organisations,” Kuku-Onayemi was quoted by the group, Yoruba Nation, on its Twitter page to have said
You're bittered and full of tribal hate. Your mind is filled with so much tribal evil than the narcist against the jews.

You have a life outside Nairaland. This hatred is not good for your health...

Mind you, i am not a Northerner or an Igbo....

Can't you just comment without tribal trolls and accept every body's opinion as his and nothing to do with yours.... Even if someone distribute hate here, disregard the person as someone foolish.


Politics / Re: Do Other Countries Print Money As Claimed By Emefiele? (Fact Check) by Hushbingo(m): 4:03pm On Apr 18
Isn't that what all your foolish tribesmen on NL dedicate their pathetic life to. Why is your father worried sick others are entering the dirt with you.

Only foolish igbo should own the monopoly to bebabtruabl jingiost or what is Kanu's life long job again no be tribal jingiost ? How many times did your dead brain Igbo father wrote to caution him ?

I'm not Igbo, i don't care about Nnamdi Kanu.... I'm not from the North too...

The thing is, somehow i feel it's immature of people to relate everything to tribal sentiments and religious bigotry. For one thing, i am a Christian and a dedicated Traditionalist, though i don't worship idol officially, i still feel the need to respect my cultural inheritance even though i sometimes participate in Islamic rites too...

I won't engage in this useless tribal war with you, i don't see any sense in it. I just want you to think outside these.... Remove tribe and religion first before having an opinion..

Btw, my dad is a senator, an elder statesman and a respectable member of the Ijaw kingdom. it's very uncultured of you to direct your insult to him when i didn't say anything to dehumanize you.

TV/Movies / Re: I Hate ZEE WORLD WITH PASSION by Hushbingo(m): 1:39pm On Apr 18

Get a TV and standard decoder in your room. Then get an installer to connect your new decoder to the family decoder (both must be registered under the same person otherwise it won't work, or do change of ownership).

You only pay a fraction of the original subscription for your TV - just R100 (N2,500) in South Africa, I don't know about Nigeria. You can unsubscribe once your dad is better and you go back to your place.
email me SA beneikume@gmail.com

I'm planning on relocating to your country
Politics / Re: Do Other Countries Print Money As Claimed By Emefiele? (Fact Check) by Hushbingo(m): 10:18pm On Apr 17
I am yet to see all the Igbo clowns on NL criticize this collosus in failure labelled cbn governor. If Kemi failed 2% as pathetically as this jew from hell I wonder if his Jewish tribesmen would not have beheaded her in broad daylight.

Till date the jews from Alaigbo claim Kemi is a failure but they are yet to tell us what this disaster is. The first bastard CBN governor from 1999 to be printing billions that was never earned n the bastard Kanu is not saying anything.

My msg is more to all the Yorubas supporting PDP. Especially, those claiming Tinubu should let go of his ambition for Igbos to take over. Can you all see no igbo is insulting Emefiele till date ? From 1999 till date which CBN governor ever failed as abysmally as this totality in failure ?

Fashola that picked up a camera at lekki scene is till today called a failure n dragged across all online platform but here is a true definition of FAILURE glaring to the dead n blind.

Have you seen him being dragged ? Some foolish Yorubas when Igbos start dragging your politician continue joining them. The day will come they will help drag your father pant as well.

Make we de drag foolishness with those breeding failures but insulting your own politician that are even trying.
take your tribalism epistle to the Aboki that needs it...

No one give a fuuuuuk again

No tribal jingoist needed here...Your tribal sentiments is only generating revenue to Nairaland and not helping your life.

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Romance / Re: What Are The Implications Of Dating A Girl Having Sex With Her Brother. by Hushbingo(m): 3:26pm On Apr 17

You are surely into one of these pinto schemes in town disguising as FOREX business. Blame not the poor girl. It is the natural turn to loose fortunes in get rich quick scheme.
I make money from Binary Ogar... It's not a scam, you can research and stop this your fear fear mindset towards what you don't know....

I don't tell people to invest under me, not at all. I tutor them... It's not a by force something.

I lost money in my business, not in my trade.... I av a business that based on contracts from contacts that's where i bleeped up.

I can show you a video of my trade from the beginning to the end and my profit plus withdrawal too. Don't condemn what you don't know

Crime / Re: Policeman Caught On Camera Asking For Bribe From A Spaniard On A World Tour by Hushbingo(m): 12:20pm On Apr 17
Nigerian Policeman caught on camera requesting bribe from a Spanish man currently on world tour with his bike

My old buddy Omoruyi K, left Nigeria to Spain Just after we left secondary school...

How time flies
Spaniard paddy


Romance / Re: What Are The Implications Of Dating A Girl Having Sex With Her Brother. by Hushbingo(m): 11:06am On Apr 17

You nor try.
On to say wetin ?

Na her past.... I just don't know how i am a victim of another person's incest...
Romance / Re: What Are The Implications Of Dating A Girl Having Sex With Her Brother. by Hushbingo(m): 10:47am On Apr 17
Yes me.... Anything ?
Romance / What Are The Implications Of Dating A Girl Having Sex With Her Brother. by Hushbingo(m): 7:53am On Apr 17
Hello everyone,

I want to know the implications of a girl having sex with her brother would have on her boyfriend.

A girl that was a joyful victim of rape and later craved it to the extent of seducing the rapist in an hotel....

What is the implication of incest on a girl's boyfriend.

Please i need Answers..

I have lost roughly 21 million in less than six months.... Major contracts and even good opportunities ..
Romance / Re: She Told Me Her Honest Story But It Made Me Lose Interest In Her by Hushbingo(m): 7:39am On Apr 13
[quote author=DenreleDave post=100741422][/quote]I broke up with her.... I can't suffer for a sin i didn't commit.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Nelson Mandela's Lookalike Go Viral by Hushbingo(m): 9:43am On Apr 12
The Day I saw a lookalike of myself Was the day I nearly freaked out. I saw my carbon copy live...
The way GOD does His things are unexplainable..
We are Just the work of his hands. He does whatever he wants to do with us.
mod abeg banned this morafuda.... He's spamming all the trends with his religion

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Romance / Re: She Told Me Her Honest Story But It Made Me Lose Interest In Her by Hushbingo(m): 9:58pm On Apr 11
Have been friends with a babe at my workplace and from her frequent visit to my office plus the way she calls me to check on me . you could easily tell that she likes me .

One thing led to another and we ended up kissing , after the kiss I told her to tell me about her past relationships plus her sexual life .

She opened up to me that she was introduced to sex at 8years old by one neighbor uncle ,
she told me how the uncle take her to his room and ask her to play with his Prick and sometimes would make her suck it ,she claim she couldn't tell her mom because she will beat her mercilessly

She said she officially started having sex at 10 ,she disclosed that she had done 4 abortions so far although the abortions were for the same guy . mind you she is just 24 years old

She claimed she's telling me all this because she loves me and wants to be honest with me .

But hearing all that I was weak.. this babe is from a wealthy family , she travels to yankee like someone going to a neighboring state plus she is an MSC Holder , unknown to her I have decided that I would marry her because she's educated and wealthy family is like a bonus but now she actually disgust me and I wish she didn't tell me all that ..

Ladies are doing shit behind forget all that pretty gentle face.. if I was to judge with the face I could have bet with my life that this babe was a virgin or atleast not that experienced in sex ...

and pls ladies if you have such dirty past ,I think u should keep it to yourself...

I'm just lost for words , wish I could unhear everything
My ex gf did eight abortions for her ex.... She was just 24.

So abortion is a common thing in this modern times.... She initially told me one, until i found out from the ex that was disturbing her fone, she finally said the truth but that didn't change anything... Atleast your own is remorseful, mine always have someone to blame but herself.. always defending herself one way or the other...

I'm sure you will make the right decision later, whatever decision you make is right at the moment.



Health / Re: AKA‘s Fiancée, Nelli Tembe Commits Suicide, Jumps Off A Skyscraper by Hushbingo(m): 9:50pm On Apr 11
Suicide is a Spirit.
It is a wicked Abnormal Spirit.
It is a Destructive Spirit..
If you sense yourself having such thoughts! Seek for Help. Talk to people who understand Spirtual matters.
The Spirit needs to castes out in the Name of JESUS..
Someone needs to cure you.... This is not the way to preach salvation, you're just spamming threads morning till night... Don't you have any job doing ?

Do you know that most nairalanders would just skip after seeing your first italic sentence... Your contributions are always out of order... You and that lady MANNNABBQGRILLS need to be banned indefinitely for spamming every thread....

Everything is not religion, atleast apply common sense principle too... Even the Bible sef, i sure say i know am pass you..



Nairaland / General / Re: Nigeria printing more money could lead us to Germany 1922 (pic included) by Hushbingo(m): 9:08pm On Apr 11
Governor Obaseki seems to understand how economics work. I have watched this man make sensitive contributions to economy status...

His sense of economics is just too brilliant. I am a graduate of economics and statistics so i probably know a little about this currency value stuff....

We will need this man in the next election. Someone that brilliant should contribute to the economy
Forget Tinubu, honestly he has nothing to offer, you and i know this... Let take this tribal thing out of the theatre, we need someone with brains not an old man with dementia and unable to find solutions to x-2=1.....

Now to the fact...the MANNNABBQGRILLS is a lady. By all indications, the zonB buhari fan is a woman, not a man... Except being gay, most of her writings show high feminism...

Buhari is a monumental failure. Years back, i would gladly say nothing affects me in this country since i make money from a source other than the govt.... But now, i begin to see everything clearly. Most especially the numbers of people calling for financial support..

Forget tribalism, let's forbid these old men that have nothing to offer in power.


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Celebrities / Re: Comedienne Ada Jesus Down With Strange Ailment, Begs Odumeje For Forgiveness by Hushbingo(m): 9:31am On Apr 11
Dem don send am stroke....
Romance / Re: Did She Bring Me Luck Or Just Coincidence? by Hushbingo(m): 8:53am On Apr 11
I once had this experience. Lady told me she was helping out.... I believed her though cos no doubt how things were working out... Money was pumping in everyday and I was very happy...

They are among us, spirits in flesh..... Some to build us, some to destroy us....


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Have An Entanglement With A Doctor. by Hushbingo(m): 8:33am On Apr 11
I experienced this a long time ago... Stella was my first love and then lots and lots of funny stuffs happened. I was very young then, just got into the university. So i found out about this and told her to chose between us... Mind you, she was around 21 to 22 years old and the said doctor was in his 30s, probably married sef..

So she chosed oga doctor.. I left very fast... Two years later, her family, both extended and ancestral came begging me that she loves me and she wants to die.... Me i nor ku ku send, i didn't flinch, i av moved on the day she mentioned doctor, i didn't even miss her cos i was used to her sorry ass cheating....

So guy, forget that dog.... Her eye go clear cos d doctor go still drop am.... But wen she comes back begging, don't b a second hand, don't accept her cheap ass back...

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Will You Receive A 25k Salary With An Msc Degree Because You Can't Get Job? by Hushbingo(m): 1:14am On Apr 10
How then can I learn BT?
Paid service.. WhatsApp tutorial or attend my live seminar in Delta State for only 50k
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Will You Receive A 25k Salary With An Msc Degree Because You Can't Get Job? by Hushbingo(m): 12:49am On Apr 10
Do you have any tutorials on binary trading? If yes , can you send them to me?
No written one....

Business / Re: CBN: Why We Banned Cryptocurrency In Nigeria by Hushbingo(m): 7:01pm On Apr 09

I would be glad if we can talk in DM boss. Pls kindly reply to DM so i can gain access to messaging you directly.
Thanks ��
I have lost that email, email me directly beneikume@gmail.com
Politics / Re: Will Atiku/Obi Make Nigerians Proud after Buhari/Osibanjo the Candidates Flop? by Hushbingo(m): 12:28pm On Apr 09
Oga stop dreaming, it can never happen. Atiku/ Obi is going no where.
how market ?
Politics / Re: Will Atiku/Obi Make Nigerians Proud after Buhari/Osibanjo the Candidates Flop? by Hushbingo(m): 12:27pm On Apr 09
It will be another lying festival.

Atiku is broke. Workers in his university are only getting half salaries. He borrowed billions of Naira for campaign and has already promised us that he will sell Nigeria to pay those he borrowed from. Buhari blocked all the free money he and Obasanjo were getting and that’s why they are so mad at PMB. These are very desperate people, under no circumstance should you vote for them. PMB is the one anointed by God to take Nigeria forward and no man can change God’s plan.
How market, Mr annointed
Business / Build Your Website That Accept Online Payment And Sms Plus Custom Email by Hushbingo(m): 9:33am On Apr 09
I can help you build a website that accept online payment and very easy to use. Plus you will get a custom email and free sms services available...

This is an offer you don't want to miss, a trial will convince you.

Email me on: beneikume@gmail.com
Business / Re: What Investment Opportunity/business Do You Know by Hushbingo(m): 9:30am On Apr 09

how did you go about it pls
Hello you dm me, how may I help you ?
Business / Re: CBN: Why We Banned Cryptocurrency In Nigeria by Hushbingo(m): 9:29am On Apr 09
hello you dm me... How may i help you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Will You Receive A 25k Salary With An Msc Degree Because You Can't Get Job? by Hushbingo(m): 8:32am On Apr 09
I need opinions. Share your thoughts pls.
Will you take the job if you can't find a good paying one or move on?
I spend more than 90k monthly on food and other miscellaneous as a bachelor in this country where prices go up every day... How do you intend to cope with than peanut ?

Don't mind those peeps talking about getting work experience bla bla bla

Like someone said, better start farming, it will pay you better until you get a better job. I don't work Govt job or for anybody, i do my own thing, trade in binary and i pretty well earn above $500 a day.... It's an experience something though... Started with $25 profit daily and with better risk management, i managed to get here...

Plus, i farm too, i get bored with the computer thing all day so sometimes i just go to my own garden and water my groundnuts, waterleaf, check my plantain and banana and even clear the weed around my casava farm...

I also do web designing, the contract comes once in a while but it pays too... Plus my new seminar project where i get invited to lecture on how to trade.... Banner is out now for my next week seminar...

You can do more for yourself than wasting your time settling for less.


Business / Re: Dangote Is Selling Cement For 1,150 Naira In Zambia by Hushbingo(m): 9:48pm On Apr 06

A particular tribe are not happy because it's not their person that's enjoying the monopoly...if it were... hmmnmm they would have said how no one else can be smarter than them!! Would not have referred to it as wickedness but as business acumen!!
Stop this tribal war... Everyone is being reasonable here you're just displaying your childishness
Celebrities / Re: Ummi Zeezee Threatens To Commit Suicide by Hushbingo(m): 10:35pm On Apr 04

Seun Dominique Justwise Mynd44.
Rule 1.

1. Please post all threads in the right section, and don't derail threads by posting off topic
MANNNABBQGRILLS using two Monika.... MANNNABBQGRILLS breaks the law too.


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Romance / Re: A Girl Is Addicted To Me Like A Drug And It Killing Me by Hushbingo(m): 8:40pm On Apr 04
All this small small girls wey never 16yrs ooo e dey shack u say she dey addicted to u.u better free her before her parents come for u.
she's 26 yrs old final year Pharmacy student.

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Business / Re: How Long Does It Takes The USA Govt To Know If Someone Died ? by Hushbingo(m): 8:38pm On Apr 04

You're nothing but a worthless criminal

Hope you get caught and rot in jail
Why are you so filled with hate ?

I don't even understand the logic behind hating me that you don't know.

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