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Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 3:33pm On Oct 31
wcepartners.com was registered recently. The domain is 2 years old. (Reference - Nairaland.com is 15 years old). Interprete this info anyhow you choose to.


Investment / Re: Why Are Nigerians Still Investing In MBA Forex, BARA And Others? by IamDavid(m): 11:44pm On Oct 27

Bittered Nigeria youth, you see why the rich keep getting reacher and the poor keeps going the other direction .... Be waiting for another 20years to see the downfall of a man company, same way you wish to see some one business crumble , Oga I assure you say any thing you lay your hand on as well will crumble
Curses... that's typical of MBA "investors". I'm not surprised. Don't worry, enjoy your "investment".
Investment / Re: Why Are Nigerians Still Investing In MBA Forex, BARA And Others? by IamDavid(m): 6:23pm On Oct 27
Some dim head don't know any thing about forex, how MBA makes their money really, you think with one million naira you can survive the market, it's only by grace, you think banks makes their money only from the money they deduct for sms charges, see ehhh, I'm no paid agent or advertiser .... You need professional, what I mean a big time expert to survive the market... If you are not willing to take risk , get the hell out of here.

By the way, not everyone is destined to make money, MBA has been in existence going to 3 years, if they can survive Covid 19 era , well I don't know what say again.
Bla bla bla... Bernie Madoff ran a ponzi for 20 years

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Investment / Re: Why Are Nigerians Still Investing In MBA Forex, BARA And Others? by IamDavid(m): 6:21pm On Oct 27
I have the answer. If MBA forex crashes tomorrow, Nigerians will still invest in any branded investment with zero effort and juicy returns next year.

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Phones / Re: Pixel 4a Vs Pixel 3XL by IamDavid(m): 2:21pm On Oct 27
I'll advise you go with the 4a, better image quality, better design and longer software update. Except you're a die hard gamer, you should be fine with the speed of the 4a.

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Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 10:52am On Oct 27
I've been an observer of this thread for a while and with all I can see here and other sources, I can say I'm 95% sure that MBA forex is a ponzi scheme.

It's quite funny how some people "defend their investments" with so much aggressiveness, cursing people and all. The money in your bank account, do you defend it? Yet you claim your investment has zero risk, still you curse people who advise others not to join. What does it matter if you don't need them to keep getting your so called "ROI"?

I just smile when I see some give "analysis", that seem detailed and convincing, because I've seen forex scams(ponzi) do better analysis, and still end up crashing.

Btd multiglobal, is a case study. They were so analytical and detailed in their dealings. Customer service was excellent. Physical offices were close to the people. They even have annual conferences for their investors where they serve food and invite reputable people. Eventually, people discovered it was ponzi when it crashed. There were reports of suicides, etc.

One time NASDAQ chairman, Bernie Madoff, an actual financial guru ran a huge hedge fund investment scandal for over 20 years, eventually, it crashed. Suicides in numbers.

I've participated in many ponzi schemes (funny how none claimed they're ponzi lol), and I've actually made profits in many of them. But I stopped, because it's a fraudulent business (to me anyways). So when we advise people to exercise caution when dealing with such companies, we have our reasons. Especially those who don't understand the risks.

I wish you all the best in your pursuits.




Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 11:36am On Oct 23

You are a big Fool

Keep defending Jabolo and Theoutsider..... you dirty thing from Ibadan.

Go and edit your own life first.

Why can’t you click on the the monikers and see the original posts. Keep deceiving yourself with your hatred and skepticism about MBA.

cheesy Your insults got to me too... wow... well, it has no effect. Have a good life. But guys, do your due diligence before you invest into any venture. I repeat, do your own research. I wish you all the best.

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Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 9:06am On Oct 23
Shuei, Jabolo the Outsider, 50nizzy don naked you. You are truely a criminally minded person. Don't even come here to rant again with your two monikers. Jabolo the outsider shame on you. Your shirt don tear for back, we don see your yansh. You be pety thief!

Edited: that is not a proof that Jabolo is the outsider. Anyone can edit texts and make it look like original quotes. Blame nairaland algorithm on that.
You see that?


Politics / Re: President Buhari's Address On EndSARS Protests (Full Text) by IamDavid(m): 7:54pm On Oct 22
You planned the release of inmates and you have just confirmed it today. All the members of the cabal that is destroying Nigeria, my God will judge you. Only if my assumption is false, but if not, my God will judge you.
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 12:15pm On Oct 22

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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila, Fayose, Soyinka React To Lekki Shootings by IamDavid(m): 5:32pm On Oct 21
My question is who sent this men, I mean the security forces to shoot the protesters?

Who? who? Who?
Who else?
Crime / Re: Police Station Set On Fire In Orile, Lagos (Videos) by IamDavid(m): 11:29am On Oct 20
Hired thugs
Politics / Re: ‘I Stand With Buhari’ Group Seeks Police Protection For 10 Million-Man March by IamDavid(m): 10:27am On Oct 20
Nigerian politics sha... Which kind tin b dis one again... I'm not against anyone to remain as president, just do the right thing, gaskia
Politics / Re: Tinubu Appeals To EndSARS Protesters To Call Off Protests by IamDavid(m): 10:01am On Oct 20
We appeal to Tinubu to help us appeal to the president he gave us to govern us actively and correctly. Things are going south and we can't keep quiet. Till that is done, we can't stop protesting.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IamDavid(m): 9:08am On Oct 20
Since we can't differentiate between hoodlums and genuine protesters,why don't we kuku end the whole crap?
Or should people's properties continue to be looted and destroyed because we can't separate hoodlums from genuine protesters?
We will protect our properties,livelihoods,interests and loved ones at all cost,even if it means using deadly force.
We dey wait sha!
Lol... end the whole crap? You're talking as if the county was in a good condition before. I pray you never experience SARS brutality. it's terrible bro, and it has to end. Do you know how well Nigeria would have grown if not for bad governance? There has to be a change.
If stuffs like this (unending protests) don't happen, things would get much worse.

I'm fortunate to witness the beginning of democracy in Nigeria, and I've watched things deteriorate as the years pass by. It's far from normal. Some countries are getting better. Look at Rwanda, right here in Africa. Leadership has a big role to play in the change we seek. An annoying attitude I'm seeing recently in many people is selfishness. Once they have one Camry, a wife and two kids, they don't care about anything again. It's wrong, let's fix this country before it gets worse. My 2 cents. The protests continue till we see "visible changes"


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IamDavid(m): 8:30am On Oct 20
am also involed but how do we ensure hoodlums like this dont hijack the prostest?cos it seems we dont have any strategist to do that...the genuine protester dont have control over the hoodlums and notting concern police
Now that's hard, and it has been my headache too. Meeting at few locations in good numbers can help, instead of scattering all over.

The government sends people to disrupt and discredit the protests, some poverty stricken people also use this opportunity to steal, erect road blocks and collect money from people to allow them pass, some engage policemen with whom they've had issues before, all to the peril of the aim of the protest. The problems we have in this country ehn... they're just too much.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IamDavid(m): 7:59am On Oct 20
This can happen any day. There are touts and extremely poor people all around Nigeria, who would do anything to "eat". The hoodlums are not part of the protesters seeking a reform of the police and a better Nigeria overall. Personally, I know so many people who aren't poor, I mean having from hundreds of thousands to several millions in their bank account who are actively involved in these protests. I'm involved in the protests too. Are you telling me such people will go ahead and loot a Coca Cola truck?? Come on na...

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Loot Truck Load Of Coca-Cola Products In Edo State by IamDavid(m): 6:10am On Oct 20
state sonsored stuff.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IamDavid(m): 6:06am On Oct 20
their serious blunders , breaking prison and attack RRS.
It's really saddening to see comments like this. You think protesters will break into a prison and free inmates?... Come on, wise up. Grow up. Don't fall for cheap tricks. All those stuffs happening is just government's agenda to tarnish the image of protesters... Initially I thought it won't work on anyone, but sadly, few people like you have refused to see beyond what they show you.

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Investment / Re: I'm Really Confused On Treasury Bills! by IamDavid(m): 6:21am On Oct 19
Each time I see treasury bills, piggyvest safelock comes to my mind. You easily get 10% per annum on any amount you lock. it's Cool and secure
Investment / Re: What Profitable Business Can I Do With #1M? by IamDavid(m): 6:16am On Oct 19
With that amount, we can make 20k everyday. Sport trading, it pays brother. Note not gambling
Show us way boss
Investment / Re: What Profitable Business Can I Do With #1M? by IamDavid(m): 6:16am On Oct 19

If my intention is to scam, may God punish me and my generation. Anyway, I'm not forcing anyone to believe me or invest with me. I have my investors. I'm only creating more awareness of my business. I come in peace!
In what do you invest to get 15% ROI monthly?
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 7:44pm On Oct 18
In all honesty, someone bashing MBA forex all the time shouldn't bother investors (if it's truly a genuine investment). And that brings me to another point... The way you guys are fighting jabolo... It's actually sending a negative signal to those who have discerning spirits. If you guys are sure of your investment, leave jabolo alone. (If you truly don't need new investors to sustain the business).


Investment / Re: Share Your No Loss Winning Forex Strategies And System Here by IamDavid(m): 5:28pm On Oct 18

If u can't give freely for others to benefit, others will do. Thanks for your advice
Why are you like this naa... Some of y'all hate to hear the truth. No one will share the strategy he discovered and fine tuned after years of handwork and several losses... you think say e easy? I don't want to call you a joker but you sound like one. Let me advise you, learn forex from YouTube and free books... There are so many of them. Then, fine tune your knowledge by yourself. Teach yourself. It will probably take several months or years before you can confidently call yourself a good trader. Then, you won't even feel like teaching anyone trust me.
Investment / Re: Share Your No Loss Winning Forex Strategies And System Here by IamDavid(m): 9:39am On Oct 18

Is ok if you don't wish to share. We differs sha. If I have one working strategy, I will comfortably share. We are wired differently though. Thanks anyway.
Baba, truth be told, no one will ever completely share his winning strategy. That's potential millions/billions of dollars

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Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 10:40am On Oct 17

so the other days they make 100℅ gain where do they put the excess unless you are telling us the loss will always be 100℅ higher than gain.
I'm not saying that, my point is that one can't be so sure (speaking for myself anyway). I've participated in a joint forex investment before, our returns per month varies. The founder decided to close the investment when we were at a 10% loss. (after months of varying ROIs). So we got 90% of our capital back. That's how I expect forex investments to be, but MBA forex may be truly superior in their trading techniques.


Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by IamDavid(m): 10:19am On Oct 17
Good evening house. Investors and nay sayers, I have one advice for y'all. You don't need to fill up this thread with curses. If the investment is real, it won't need new comers to keep it running. I'm a forex trader and there are months when you make as high as 30%, or even more. The slight issue I have is the guarantee they give. There are months you lose, sometimes as high as 10%. Well, I can't say how good their traders are or the bots they use. But really, there's no need for curses. if it's a ponzi scheme, it will crash no matter how hard you try to save it and if it's a legit investment, naysayers can't crash it. Peace.


Education / Re: COVID-19: 181 Students, Staff Test Positive In Private Boarding School - Abayomi by IamDavid(m): 9:23pm On Oct 16
They should shut down schools
Some of you will just open your mouth waaaaaaaaaaa
Education / Re: COVID-19: 181 Students, Staff Test Positive In Private Boarding School - Abayomi by IamDavid(m): 8:40pm On Oct 16
Abayomi go and sit down. Your time has expired.

I wish I had the energy to take this to twitter, to discover if any student / parent has children in any corona inflicted school, but it's not worth my time. It's probably fabricated to frustrate the #endsars protests


Politics / Re: Aerial View Of Tinubu's New Mansion In Ikoyi - Sahara Reporters (Photo) by IamDavid(m): 5:15am On Oct 16
Typical Nigerian mentality.

Can't an accomplished politician prosper in peace again?

A man that singlehandedly built Lagos from scratch doesn't deserve to own a mansion. Now I know how backward people's reasoning are in this part of the world.
He built Lagos from scratch... you're a fuuuuuu

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Education / Re: Bamidele Impeached As NANS President Over $200K Embezzlement Scandal by IamDavid(m): 4:39pm On Oct 13
Politics / Re: WTO: Okonjo-Iweala Will Not Win – Kemi Olunloyo Tells Ngozi To Move On by IamDavid(m): 8:31pm On Oct 09
Olunloyo na fuuuu

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