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Business / Re: I Just Made 7 Million Naira Luckily With Crypto. How Do I Invest? by IamDavid(m): 6:44pm On Dec 13, 2022

See your head like not expecting any .. why post it then .. blind scammer.. help your family members first .. then after face your village people we are not interested .. Ewu
You're sick in the head. Wtf is wrong with you? I'm not even interested in sharing any strategy (it's not even effective anymore), the more reason I'm trying to diversify. Only came here to read business advice and all I got are insults! You don't have any reason to be bitter if you reason am well
Business / Re: I Just Made 7 Million Naira Luckily With Crypto. How Do I Invest? by IamDavid(m): 6:29am On Dec 13, 2022

No one will DM u.

Lol. Not expecting any. It's really funny to see that's what y'all think my intentions are but it's fine. It's a free world.[code][/code]
Business / Re: I Just Made 7 Million Naira Luckily With Crypto. How Do I Invest? by IamDavid(m): 11:44am On Dec 12, 2022
This one na scammer.
Lol. You don't have sense.
Business / I Just Made 7 Million Naira Luckily With Crypto. How Do I Invest? by IamDavid(m): 9:24am On Dec 12, 2022
Reviewing the year, I have made over 7 million (over 8M actually, but I've spent a bit too, so 7M+ is saved), via crypto. However, at this point, I'll like to diversify into a real life business and keep just 2M for the crypto trading (as anything can happen, crypto is volatile).

I thought I was prepared until the money came. Your suggestions will be appreciated. I am single and can relocate to any city if need be.
Business / Don't Be A Victim. Opay Is A Fraudulent Bank. by IamDavid(m): 7:37am On Nov 25, 2022
I saw a thread here on nairaland sometimes ago about how opay was planning to block accounts with significant funds in them this November and beyond. I thought the author was just, goofing around, I was enticed by the simplicity and UI.

Alas, it has happened to me and several people I know. Millions of naira and hundreds of thousands are being frozen illegitimately by these Chinese scammers.

They are unresponsive on all platforms.

If you have an opay account, take this as a reminder to do the needful make their breakfast no reach you o.

Opay if your agents are here, just know you can't steal our money and still operate here. It's simply impossible. You're definitely going down

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is It A Crime To Be Honest In This Country ? by IamDavid(m): 9:14am On Sep 08, 2022
Is it a crime to be honest in this country ? Referencing to the post I saw here yesterday.


I had my own share too, though it's long but I need your advice.

The episode started when the Suffocating and comprehensive ASUU strike is becoming more elongated.

My mum discussed with her boss if I can be working with them depending when ASUU will call off their strike.

Fortunately, they affirmed to my mum's request and I was employed to work as a secretary.

Note: They are both husband and wife running the organization.

My role is to write receipt for all payments entering the organization account, write and ensure all the payments of the day are updated before the next day.

As a result of the nature of my work, this give me access to the boss office as I may need some things to take there. Even if other staff want to access the office, they will inform me first, then I will collect the key and give them whatever they need in the office.

Things was going smoothly until a fateful Friday I was accused of stealing.

The scenario happened like this.

As the secretary of the organization, I do resume work by 7:30am and close by 5:pm.

Apart from the cleaners that tidy the compound. In most cases, I'm the last person that leaves the office. And whenever I'm leaving, I collect the key to the office and park the bags of the boss and his wife into their car, check whether they bought something and ensure everything is placed in their car.

That fateful day, as usual, His wife wasn't around, then I look for the husband to collect the office key and he told me that the office is opened. With no further delay, I moved into the office and carried their bags. As I was going, he stopped me and check the bag. He claimed that inside the bag, where he packed money, the money has been rough handled and the nylon bag that housed the money was found tore.

Then pandemonium began. He insisted that a person has accessed the money and I was the only person that has the privilege to enter the office. I was troubled and confused. My perplexity was so high that I don't even know what to say.

I tried to explain to the best of my knowledge. I tried my best to exonerate myself that I knew nothing about the money. I told everyone that I met the office opened and I ain't aware that the office was opened. Most times, if I see the office ain't closed. I will close it because it's close to my office. But on this day no one to bear me withness. Every odds look against me. We left there around to 5:30pm that day.

I even told my boss that he should count the money that I don't perceive anyone entering the office. But he kept saying that he didn't know the amount he put there and he can't give the precise amount that has been stolen.

Beforehand, I noticed that the environment is full of jealousy. The staff jealous themselves. They envy each other and there are lots of faction within the organization. To be on a safer side. I didn't join any caucus or faction. I play my role diligently and discharge my duty responsibly. I don't do favouritism as I make myself to be honest in all things. There are many evil things that I'm aware of that goes underground but I don't interfer in it or report it except the bosses know by themselves. With my altitude, well with this I thought, I was loved by the boss and his wife.

When I got home, I wept profusely because no one to bear me withness, everyone seems I'm the thief.

I explained to my mum what happened because she has left earlier. She pacified me and said. If I'm not guilty of the stealing, nothing will happen to me and they should use whatever they want to use to look for their money.

On Monday we resume back to work. What happened on Friday kept pondering my heart, the wound hasn't been healed yet another mysterious thing happened again.

My own office is at the front of the boss office. My table and chair are placed there but it doesn't look privately. It looks like a reception before entering the main office. I got to my office next day to find that #3,600 has been smuggled into my drawer.

Chaiii! No one to bear me withness again about the money I saw. All things look like I was the one that stole the money, and just hiding under the guise of innocency.

I was extremely perplexed, different thought were ruminating my mind. One thought said if you give them the money they will say you are lying that you just kept it there. Another thought said, who knows, perhaps they are putting you under integrity test. Well! I carried the money, luckily the wife was around and I explained how I saw the money and handed it over to her.

When the husband came, she told him exactly what I reported to her and the husband responded, he might be the money they stole on Friday. He continues, definitely the thieves has returned the money as a result of their actions on Friday.

The matter dies there and no one ever made reference to it again until today when the boss (he) asked me to prepare a bill for a customer.
I've done that already and also listening to him and the customer while they were conversing. In a nut shell. I heard the customer telling him that he wants another bills too. Therefore I was preparing that too, unknowingly as I was preparing it, I have covered the first bills with lot of books on my table. As the boss arrived, he requested for the first bill he asked me to prepare. Unfortunately, it's no where to be found again, �‍♂️. I tried to explain to him that I was also preparing other bills the woman mentioned. I think that was the only mistake I made thinking that would make the work faster for the woman to collect the bills.

All of a sudden, I noticed that he has been seethe with anger. He shouted at me that I don't have regards for him, he said, he asked me to do something but I'm doing otherwise. Before I could utter any statement to clear myself out. Everything has already scatter, he remained deaf to whatever I wanted to say. He insisted that I'm not working with them again, he chased me out like a dog that I have to go back to take my phone.

Amongst all the turbulence, I kept begging him. I prostrated on the floor to show that I'm sorry. But he didn't even looked at me.

For the sake of my mother. I don't want to do anything that would affect her relationship with her bosses, I would have said. I'm not working again and not even bother to beg.

To cut it short. His wife signaled to me to meet an erderly man close to the place, possibly he might listen to his pleas. I did as instructed by his wife, "God bless that woman" The erderly man followed me but another thing bursted. He said apart from this, that he can't employ somebody that he doesn't trust. He made it known to the erderly man that I'm not trustworthy using the past money that was stolen as a case of study.

That moment, tears began to roll down from my face. I didn't know what to say in the midst of everyone. Everyone was just saying, please forgive him, he will change, he won't do that again. I looked at myself and said this is humiliation of the highest order. If I take any step, it might affect my mum too and lead to the termination of her appointment. I don't want her to be traumatized.

I remained calm and crying bitterly. Well! he accepted the elderly man plea for me and they concluded that this is yellow card, that if I do anything bad again, they will resort by giving me red card.
Since ASUU is still on strike now and there's no way I can say I'm leaving there without having implication on my mum employment. Who knows, what will happen next that might get me roped and I will be given red card couple with humiliation. I want men with wisdom to advice me on how I can justify my resignation peacefully.
I don't want anything to backfire on my mum. I don't want her to be traumatized and I don't want them to transfer their aggression on her.

I just want to leave there peacefully because I can't see myself working there again. Even all these things was written with my unbalanced emotions. I know I have been traumatized and accused falsely but I believe I will bounce back strongly and soon or sooner God will revealed the perpetrator in Jesus name.���.

I will be glad if this can be moved to front page.

Resign. Find a way to convey your thoughts, if you can't write it well, contact a friend who writes. Let them know the exact reason you're resigning
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by IamDavid(m): 7:43pm On Jul 06, 2022
Latest update!!!

Search "acarb" on telegram, it will bring up "Advanced Crypto Arbitrage", this is where the tutorial will take place.
Investment / Learn Crypto Arbitrage From The Best, For Free! (limited Slots) by IamDavid(m): 4:18pm On Jul 06, 2022
Arbitrage is one of the oldest and easiest way of making money. It's literally taking advantage of price differentials of items, either in the same market or better still, different markets. Technology has however taken this to a whole new level. Quick, numerous informed decisions can now be made, thanks to the aid of computers.

However, traditional finance has extremely huge beasts who consistently milk and dictate for the market (Blackrock, Renaissance, etc), making it difficult for the retail investor to make anything substantial.

The crypto market is relatively new, and there are numerous opportunities for those with inner eyes.

Thankfully, a free telegram group has been created to help as many as possible understand and take advantage of the opportunities, by themselves, for themselves.

Join the telegram group for more details

Search "acarb" on telegram, it will bring up "Advanced Crypto Arbitrage", this is where the tutorial will take place.
Business / . by IamDavid(m): 2:06pm On May 23, 2022
Investment / . by IamDavid(m): 1:49pm On May 23, 2022
Phones / Re: Oraimo Takes Green Experience To Abuja,Open Flagship Store In Capital City Today by IamDavid(m): 12:54pm On May 16, 2022
I love there products just they are many fake products of oroimo out there its hard getting the original ones
Order from their website. It's cheaper + you're sure you're getting the original.

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Politics / Re: Court Refuses Emefiele’s Request To Restrain INEC, AGF Over Ambition. by IamDavid(m): 2:20pm On May 09, 2022
A dollar is now #600. This !d!it is probably more clueless than Buhari. He must never be president.

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Crime / Re: My Womanizing Friend Took Loans From 40 Fast Loan Companies by IamDavid(m): 2:05pm On Mar 30, 2022

Thank you. But to those threatning to come and arrest me. I know I will come out free. But I hate police arrest. I have never been arrested by police in my life.

They can't do shit to you. They're all empty threats
Education / Re: UNICAF, A Huge Scam? by IamDavid(m): 1:34pm On Mar 29, 2022
I can say with absolute certainty that Unicaf is NOT a scam in the slightest. It can just be tricky to navigate the online platform sometimes, and some students can get lost in it a little.

I've been at Unicaf for 2 years now and haven't had any problems at all.
You just registered this number to make the comment. God will judge you
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Tomato Causes Stir At Shoprite After Her Daughter Was Molested (Video) by IamDavid(m): 5:21pm On Mar 27, 2022

These actresses keep stealing people's husbands to the extent that stealing has been ingrained in their offspring's DNA.

You have luck it's in Ibadan where morals are not crudely enshrined, your thief of a daughter should try it at Ogbor Hill then come and pull this same stunt there.
Have you finished spending the proceeds of your MBA loot?
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Says She Doesn't Love Me Again & No More Sex From Her.... by IamDavid(m): 6:31pm On Mar 26, 2022
Don't listen to what most of them say here excerpt you want to destroy your home. I think your wife is battling post partum trauma, sometimes when women get angry we say things we don't actually mean. Find out what you doing that is making her angry sometimes you men do things that makes your women angry without knowing it.
Surprised the some men are busy saying divorce your wife even the ones that are taking shit from their wives at home are here telling you to divorce your wife sorry for any person that will take rubbish advice from social media on how to handle their marriage or relationship seek the face of God or you go see your pastor.

Pas potum ni... The chance of the marriage returning to normal is less than 10%. I believe there's nothing God cannot do Sha but really, we need to stop patching relationships and forcing it to work especially when a party is obviously riding another, what nonsense...

Most likely she has been showing signs during the courtship but the comrade didn't have the confidence to call it off, he probably tried to make it work and this is happening. Whether this marriage or another, I wish op the very best in life, he doesn't deserve this treatment.
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Says She Doesn't Love Me Again & No More Sex From Her.... by IamDavid(m): 6:20pm On Mar 26, 2022

O ma ga o!

Some stories inside a thread are even more interesting than the thread itself. undecided
E be tinz comrade
Romance / Re: Why Are There So Many Single Guys At Over 30? by IamDavid(m): 12:11pm On Mar 26, 2022
Women are at the receiving end? Stay there make trousers dey wear you. grin grin Do you see women opening threads upon and down Nl searching for love or seeking advice every now and then like men do here?

Why do you think women support baby mamaism grin ( if that's a word) ? You think they can't close legs and demand marriage first or even avoid pregnancy?

Why do you think women no longer find it worthy to stay in an abusive marriage or manage a marriage?

Do you think all women want to get married?

The problem with most of you men is that you think the world revolves around you, so if things aren't going the way it ought to the problem is with the other person but not you. Keep deceiving yourselves while women are silently enjoying and loving the way things are going now. grin
These statements are very easy to type online. However, maybe it's my circle but all the old unmarried women I know are not happy about it. They're envious of people with settled families.

Babymamaism is not their first choice no dey cap for here.

I'm not even in a gender war. I love women and I always advocate for establishment of working families (I'm a product of one and I'm a believer also, I think these factors influences my view about life and I absolutely love it)

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Romance / Re: My Sister, You Have Been Dating Him For 1 Year Plus & You Dont Know This by IamDavid(m): 11:34am On Mar 26, 2022
Na true o
Romance / Re: Why Are There So Many Single Guys At Over 30? by IamDavid(m): 11:23am On Mar 26, 2022
1. They don't have money to marry.

2. Most women have raised their standards, so somw men are not finding it easy getting the kind of women they want.

3. Too many women have taken the "highway" so wife material aren't in abundance anymore.

4. Some people have become "woke" and uninterested in marriage since they can simply cohabit, or have baby mamas.

5. Finally, some men are genuinely scared. With all the bad marriage stories louder than the good ones.

Women should keep raising standards o lol... But really, ladies are at the receiving end. My boss married a 28 y/o at 38. They're doing very fine now. My point is, men can always look down and marry when they're ready. Ladies, your game becomes more difficult as you age. Take this into consideration while "raising standards" too, add some realissm biko, it's for your good.

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Romance / Re: Why Are There So Many Single Guys At Over 30? by IamDavid(m): 11:18am On Mar 26, 2022
They are looking for money. That's the case in over 70% of cases. May God help us. However, despite the economy, many men above 30 live independently and ladies, hmm, some of them can at least feed too. We should realize that most of the expenses come from multiple children. Nigerians should really be considering getting married and having just one baby and be fine with that.[b][/b]


Investment / Re: Canada: Nigeria Tired Me! Which Road Lead To Canada by IamDavid(m): 7:54am On Mar 26, 2022
People have moved with lesser than that tho
Crime / Re: How I Got Scammed Of ₦150,000 On Fairmoney by IamDavid(m): 7:42am On Mar 26, 2022

Such has never happened to me and I can't wrap my head around it.
I'm just very depressed.
People have said everything but let me add this. It will be hard to recover the money, however, it is possible. You need confidence and maybe small money. Walk into the beneficiarys bank (blessing) and explain everything to the customer care with as many proof as possible. They can help you block the account. However, the can not block it for more than 48 hours except there's a court order. I heard you can get the order (bankers order) in Ibadan for 70k.

Again, if he has withdrawn the money, it will simply be more difficult to recover as you'd have to wait for him to credit his account before the reversal can be made. If you don't take it lightly, the bank will contact him and warn him that they will blacklist him if he doesn't credit his account to make the refund possible.

Another headache which is likely is that "Blessing" is not the actual scammer, the scammer just used her account number (most likely, deceptively) to receive the fraudulent funds. Blessing will use all her strength to prove her innocence too.

Now you see how hard it is. The bank too may not be too gingered cos trust me, they're handling bigger fraud cases.

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Crime / Re: Fuel Souvenir: Court Sentences Erelu Okin To 27 Months In Prison by IamDavid(m): 10:34pm On Mar 25, 2022
I see her bribing her way out of prison, I see her being silently released.

This I have seen.
You no read d post I dey sure


Crime / Re: How I Got Scammed Of ₦150,000 On Fairmoney by IamDavid(m): 5:20pm On Mar 25, 2022
I saw a post about how I can earn ₦50,000 VIP grant weekely on fairmoney app and I decided to apply because I'm going through financial difficulties.

I clicked on the link on the post and I was redirected to


It looks identical to Linda ikeji's blog which made me believe it could be real, after following all the steps that was listed on the article, I was also redirected to this website.


I was directed to log in my fairmoney account and to enter the OTP code that was sent to me through SMS by fairmoney, I entered the code on the site.

The next message I received was that ₦150,000 was transferred to Esther Blessing Odion (access bank) from my fairmoney account, a transaction I did not initiate.
I called Fairmoney to make a complaint about this transaction which I didn't perform and the transaction indeed happened.

That was when I realised I'd been scammed and I don't know what to do . I might commit suicide because I don't have any mean of repaying. I am a student and I was considering taking a top-up so that I can pay my lodge rent which is already due.

I'm to pay
64,240 this month alone.
I don't know what to do.


Make "Esther Blessing Odion" popular already. Get that account blocked at the bank. Unfortunately, they use third party accounts to do this kinda work, but blessing Odion is definitely related to the scammer. Might be an innocent usdt seller but still, when dem block in account he will tell the world who used his account.


Family / Re: What Benefits Do Married Persons Enjoy Better Than Single People? by IamDavid(m): 3:27pm On Mar 25, 2022

Is Davido alone? Are his offsprings outcast?
Are you Davido?
Car Talk / Re: Ever Since I Bought A Mercedes Benz, It's Been One Trouble To Another by IamDavid(m): 8:50am On Mar 23, 2022
yeah, that I drive a million naira car doesn't stop me from being an African foodie

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