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Celebrities / Re: Inside Dirty Water! DJ Cuppy Set To Release New Music Video in Dubia. by Idrismusty97(m): 8:45pm On Apr 02
She is going to Dubia for this when she can go to Aba or most part or the southeast for free dirty water everywhere.

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Politics / Re: Governor Ortom Prostrates In Church, Celebrates His Victory (Photos) by Idrismusty97(m): 6:47pm On Mar 24
If Ortom and Ipeazu can be reelected why not Yahaya Bello and Gaduje?
Politics / Re: INEC Official Results For 2019 Presidential And National Assembly Elections by Idrismusty97(m): 12:31pm On Feb 24
Nothing sweet me pass say Saraki no dey return to Senate, e sweet me pass Buhari reelection self.

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Education / Re: ASUU Strike: What Is The Resolution Of The ASUU Chapter In Your School? by Idrismusty97(m): 10:05am On Feb 06
Some of the students wasting their lives at home because of the strike are among those shouting "Buhari till 2023".

grin grin grin

I have said it. There is no need trying to help anyone in Nigeria anymore. Let everyone bear his/her cross.

Also others who already wasted their lives at home in 2003 or even 2013(Their longest strikes) are among those shouting Atikulate. Let's keep politicizing ASUU, the real gainers are the politicians with private Universities.

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Crime / Re: Stealing Of Panties: Nigeria Police Reacts To Rampant Reports by Idrismusty97(m): 1:01pm On Feb 01
I remember long ago it was pictures, the rumor spread everywhere and even now some older generation still think someone can use your picture for ritual. But then Facebook and Instagram happened and now nobody cared again, In fact they will even shove their pictures at your face. This pant thing too sha pass, The problem are those who spreads and believes such ridiculous rumors not those who partake in the act.


Celebrities / Re: I Was Tired Of Giving Him Money - Uriel Reveals Why Her Last Relationship Ended by Idrismusty97(m): 6:06pm On Jan 30
Because of Boxer and singlets you gave him that you even remove the pen inside.

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Education / Re: I'm 21 Years In A Federal Uni, Should I Start Afresh In A Private Uni? by Idrismusty97(m): 4:57pm On Jan 24
Saw this late but what's wrong in saying the truth na Amakababe? You are anonymous, Nobody will bite you. That way you will even get decent advice. Well since i know your real reasons i will advice you to go to the private Uni if your guardians can afford it. Also you don't have a choice, You still have to start all over regardless of whether it's a Private or Public school.
Politics / Re: New Video Of President Buhari In Jos Got People Talking by Idrismusty97(m): 4:56pm On Jan 21

If obasanjo is an agbaya.. Your father and your whole household can spend 40days 40nights washing his feet
Even when he was president he was just an Agbaya with little to no influence on his region self. Talk more of now. Tinubu is a million billion times more relevant than Obasanjo, Even Osinbajo now.

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Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Appointed As Atiku Abubakar's Youth Campaign Coordinator by Idrismusty97(m): 11:44am On Jan 21
I thank God for her life, Chop Atiku dollars wella sad. An Atikulate should contact me for youth ambassador o! I will chop your dollar and even sleep well during the election knowing fully well it would be a monumental defeat for your candidate.
Politics / Re: Olawepo Hashim Presidential Rally Live In Abuja by Idrismusty97(m): 1:18pm On Jan 12
Is there any money paid to those who bear "former presidential contestant"?
All these are just the groundwork and preparations for 2023 election. For now Buhari is literary a God and Atiku is the second most popular. But in 2023 it would be a different ball game and frankly i don't have much confidence in Osibanjo or APC/PDP winning. 2023 would be a political war zone with a lot of major candidates for the masses to choose from not minding zoning. No politician will ever command the followership and respect like PMB ever again.


Education / Re: ASUU Strike: ASUU Seeks Public Opinion On Twitter by Idrismusty97(m): 10:26pm On Jan 08
noted, she go no were! I will make her understand even though I wasn't educated I'm learning & schooling here in nairalad.
Lol but they can call it off on Thursday or Friday tho. Depending on what the members agree on, But until it's officially been announced they haven't call it off yet.
Politics / Re: Rabiu Biyora Defects To PDP, Received By Atiku (Pics) by Idrismusty97(m): 9:44pm On Jan 08
Lol he is just preparing for 2023 elections. Everyone knows this election is a done deal for Buhari.

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Education / Re: ASUU Strike: ASUU Seeks Public Opinion On Twitter by Idrismusty97(m): 3:24pm On Jan 08
I thought the strike has been called off.im confused here.my sister is going back tomorrow to unical.is she lying?
Either your sis doesn't have sense or she has other plans. Save a sis, One dude somewhere is hungry and want some lunch cheesy.
Education / Re: ASUU Strike: ASUU Seeks Public Opinion On Twitter by Idrismusty97(m): 1:58pm On Jan 08
Who are those idiots clicking on full bla bla
I am one of those idióts, I am sure calling off the strike will win the poll but voted for full compliance regardless. We just want to eat and break plate, watch as they embark on another strike in a few months time if at least 50% of their demands wasn't met. And i bet you that strike would be the longest ever since election is over and the FG isn't on a tight spot anymore.
Business / Re: BUA Merges With Cement Company Of Northern Nigeria In ‘largest Deal Of 2018’ by Idrismusty97(m): 3:24pm On Jan 01
Dangote right now in serious pains
Lol Dagote that is building the largest refinery in Africa? He is moving away from cement to dominating the petroleum industry. Once the refinery is completed only Lagos alone can give him more than he have ever made with cement, Not to talk of the whole country.

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Politics / Re: See 40MW Kashimbila Hydro Power Dam In Taraba Delivered As Promised By Buhari by Idrismusty97(m): 9:50pm On Dec 31, 2018


Your god promised 10,000 MW by the end of January 2019, but could only deliver 40MW after 3.5 years. And your conscience tells you that is OK? Oh my God!

May God of Heaven handle your life in 2019 the way Buhari has handled electricity in Nigeria. Amen.
Amen! And may your life forever be handled the way PDP handle Nigeria for 16 years. Patiently waiting for your Amen.


Politics / Re: See 40MW Kashimbila Hydro Power Dam In Taraba Delivered As Promised By Buhari by Idrismusty97(m): 9:49pm On Dec 31, 2018
Atiku will build far more
Atiku that is the largest importer of Mikano generator? Mumu


Education / Re: A Deep Critical Thought On ASUU By A Twitter User - @fimiletoks by Idrismusty97(m): 3:07pm On Dec 28, 2018
Lalasticlala , Seun

Education / A Deep Critical Thought On ASUU By A Twitter User - @fimiletoks by Idrismusty97(m): 3:00pm On Dec 28, 2018
Can't screenshot everything so i will just copy and paste here and give credit to the author. Before we blame the FG or even the students read this.

"I attended a FG university, graduated as a Medical Doctor tuition free. Highest amount I paid per session to the university was about 20k for 8 sessions. Roughly 200k for a course that would have cost me about 4 million naira in a private University.

Thought it was free? No

There is no free food in Freetown. The FG funded my education, subsidized my tertiary education with millions of Naira. I would have paid 4m to get that degree.

Multiply this by the number of doctors that have graduated over the years, engineers, lawyers etc.

Your education comes at a cost, the FG is taking billions in cost to educate some Nigerians, don't say FG is not funding education. They may not be doing so well but it is a huge burden.

I have been working as a doctor a decade, no loans on education..

How much have I paid back as taxes? Who will fund the coming generation with dwindling resources and rapid population growth. There is no free thing anywhere, somebody must pay for it.

What is ASUU asking for

Multiply the average cost of getting a degree in private Universities by the number of students who get free tuition in FG universities and you will have an idea of what the actual cost is to the govt.
ASUU has no right to shut down the universities based on that agreement.

ASUU is well aware of the economic indices, from recession to slump in oil prices and marginal growth in revenue.

Sacrifices must be made till we can find a sustainable way to fund tertiary education."

"University education is a privilege even in developed parts of the world. Basic education is a fundamental human right. Right to free and compulsory primary education. Right to available and accessible secondary education..

Right to available and accessible secondary education (including technical and vocational education and training), made progressively free.

ASUU should realise that in the scheme of play, they are on the lowest rung of the ladder. The least of our worries..

The reason why we have mass illiteracy, mass under-development and unemployment in Nigeria is simply due to the skewed focus on ASUU and the Universities.

The FG has been subsidizing a privilege while neglecting the basic right of its citizenry.

I said this earlier on my TL..the FG subsidized my Medical degree and numerous other graduates of federal tertiary universities at the detriment of millions of kids out of school who are constantly being denied their basic right to education.

ASUU is not our problem in Nigeria unfortunately the FG went into an agreement to spent such a whooping amount of money on them. The FG is also the highest employer of academic labour ( ASUU ) with huge recurrent expenditure on their salaries and allowances.

FG to shift it's focus and revamp the system. China has 99% attendance in primary schools but only 9.5% of Chinese citizens have bachelor degrees.
My phone was probably made by a Chinese with basic education. Their kids exposed to coding in preschool


Dwindling revenue in sharp contrast with rapid population growth has now made it impossible for the FG to continue to subsidize tertiary education and fund ASUU. The decay in the educational sector is an obvious result of this fact.

It's time to let go..choose quality over cheap

Let the FG set up an educational loan system and a scholarship system.

The FG cannot afford tuition free system for every Tom, dick and harry especially the lazy and unserious students who on campus to constitute nuisance.

30% enrollment on scholarship..

1m naira per annum scholarship..give this to the best brains. Crunch the figures from JAMB statistics and factor it into our budget..

Grant the universities autonomy, let them charge their fees. Students who did not qualify for scholarship and cannot afford school fees..

Will be offered educational loans to the tune of the fees needed per session for 4 years and 5 years respectively.

Students can pay back once they become gainfully employed.

NUC as a regulator would ensure that Universities don't charge arbitrary fees or exploit students..

I am a beneficiary of the tuition free / subsidized system and I was lucky to get good and quality education. It is no longer feasible and we must tell ourselves the harsh reality.
Somebody must pay for quality education. Either the govt or us the citizens..

ASUU will keep on holding every govt by the jugular, they will go on strike with this system till infinity.
Trending hashtags and sentiments on this issue without valuable discourse around it does not show any form of intellectual acuity..

This present system has outlived its usefulness. My father enjoyed it in University of Ibadan - he had a room to himself, had meal tickets, sponsored exchange programs, free tuition, free shuttle to school..

I enjoyed it with a slight decline in quality, now it is dead..

FG should hands off and channel resources to other tiers or forms of education. We need people with skills, we want to assemble cars, phones, we need textile to boom, we need people to fabricate steel, we need IT programmers, we need skilled and mechanized farmers..

We need business men, the Ladipo type..who can turn 1m to 10m in few weeks. We need e- commerce skills. We need people to make shoes and garments..
We need to quickly grow as a nation..we need people to operate cranes, forklift, excavators ..

ASUU should realize that the method of funding University education and holding the govt to ransom via strike actions is outdated

No sentiments, the FG can no longer fund quality education for everyone.

Let ASUU resume and continue to channel a path to sustainable financing."
Nairaland / General / Re: Different Types Of Signatures & What They Can Say About Your Personailty by Idrismusty97(m): 11:06pm On Dec 18, 2018
Stop lying with baseless submission. Most people that use initials are uneducated.
Nairaland / General / Re: Different Types Of Signatures & What They Can Say About Your Personailty by Idrismusty97(m): 11:05pm On Dec 18, 2018
Just like horoscope this is highly refined bullshît. I can't sign in peace again because one îdiot conjure up one nonsense.
Health / Re: Chinese Factory Worker Miraculously Survives After Being Impaled On Spikes (Pics by Idrismusty97(m): 7:04am On Dec 18, 2018

You're not nice. At least thank God for blessing the country with good health care system.
Lol if God near China they would have long hanged him for corruption and incompetence.

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Health / Re: Chinese Factory Worker Miraculously Survives After Being Impaled On Spikes (Pics by Idrismusty97(m): 7:02am On Dec 18, 2018
I dare say with our health situation this "Miracle" cannot be replicated in Nigeria. Miracles like his only happens when they have a functional government and health care system with highly skilled doctors and technological advanced facilities. So God is really competent there even do they don't believe. But we that believe, One look at man body and at our health system, God wouldn't even know where to start from lol. You think this is your staged church healings, Don't bring this type of critically injured person to your pastor o, He will just faint cheesy.

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Celebrities / Re: Simi Advised Against Wearing Anklet By A Follower. She Replies by Idrismusty97(m): 10:31pm On Dec 17, 2018
Am much interested in men growing their beards
Simi can keep been simi..
Forget beard oil, How much for the fake beard the dude later wore on the right?


Politics / "God Never Said Don't Be Corrupt"- Segalink(one Of Atiku Most Vocal Supporters) by Idrismusty97(m): 8:37am On Dec 17, 2018
#EndSars Campaigner. A midget hypocrite of an Activist. From Corruption is worst than Incompetence to this? These are the people we want at the corridors of power? They can't even deny Atiku us brazenly corrupt with all the glaring evidence now they are trying to sugarcoat and water down corruption. Never again!

Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels With Her Younger Sister (Photos) by Idrismusty97(m): 5:53pm On Dec 15, 2018
You can tell she isn't an actress immediately...She isn't bleaching.
Politics / Re: Buhari Missing As Trump Meets Bukola Saraki For US Africa Strategy Meeting by Idrismusty97(m): 4:04pm On Dec 13, 2018
Well Saraki is still our Senate president irrespective of the party. While we see APC, PDP and 2019 election what the US see however is a Nigerian Senate president representing our President and the country.
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Stuns In Transparent Outfit (Photos) by Idrismusty97(m): 12:13pm On Dec 12, 2018
So she is 18 now?
Education / Re: University Of Lagos (UNILAG) In Pictures by Idrismusty97(m): 9:01pm On Dec 11, 2018
Futminna isn't half as fine as this but the graduates are the most employable in Nigerian. Every firm and employer want a Futminna graduate, Keep bragging about fine flowers. Who finest help? Get your degree and logout.

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Religion / Re: Shiloh 2018 Pictures From Around The World by Idrismusty97(m): 7:43pm On Dec 09, 2018

This is 30,000 seat New creation church by Joseph Prince in Singapore - the richest nation on earth. And blacks constitute very small or minute part of that church - if any sef.

So why aren't we like Singapore?

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Religion / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Blasts Apostle Suleman, Hails Oyedepo Over Jibril From Sudan by Idrismusty97(m): 6:28pm On Dec 09, 2018
When Nnamdi Kanu starts commending you just know you are finished.

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Celebrities / Re: Femi Afolabi-Brown: Morayo Akabashorun's Husband revealed.. Pictures by Idrismusty97(m): 5:01pm On Dec 07, 2018
She must be a weakling. If you must stand for what's right, do so even when everyone thinks you're crazy. I know for a fact that her outburst wasn't a mistake or misguided. She started a fight she couldn't finish.
You know for a fact? And now her apologizing means she is a weakling? You don't know that one for a fact? Ok o.

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