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Politics / Re: Rivers Re-run: Police To Withdraw Politicians’ Orderlies by Jackrich: 1:18pm On Dec 06, 2016

Atlast, this Rivers State is getting the attention it should have received a long time ago.

The Politician's should use the cultists/militants that they have empowered with so much guns, grenades, bazookas, rocket launchers, Cutlasses,Arrows and even Juju to protect them.

This Rivers State will be beaten into submission by the APC.

The State is just too important to be left in the hands of a mad man like Wike.
Well, it's obvious your dumb nature will never learn from history even if it's a 1yr old history. We'll use the militants , thugs and cultists just like we did during the main election and the rerun and whatever the failure personified called 'Buhari' wishes for in Rivers State he'll get tenfold.
We will kill,rape and maim even our own just to keep it that way - Rivers State belongs to the PDP and we will use every means necessary to keep it that way.
For the records this is TRUCKPUSHER. I told you before and I'm saying it again.

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Romance / Re: The Horror Stories About American Women With Nigerian Men by Jackrich: 12:31am On Nov 26, 2016

You have 4 college degrees??
Pray tell,how many Nobel Prizes have you won with those your worthless, toilet paper degrees??
Stupid old witch
I can bet my black ass that you guys are fighting over a diick. grin
Romance / Re: The Horror Stories About American Women With Nigerian Men by Jackrich: 12:30am On Nov 26, 2016

kiss My loff cheesy
Politics / Re: Buhari Rocks A Snapback At APC Campaign Rally In Ondo State by Jackrich: 4:54pm On Nov 20, 2016
The face of recession is real. cheesy

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Romance / Re: The Horror Stories About American Women With Nigerian Men by Jackrich: 2:14pm On Nov 20, 2016
Dumb Azz!

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Romance / Re: The Horror Stories About American Women With Nigerian Men by Jackrich: 2:06pm On Nov 20, 2016
Will you keep quiet?
You African American babes are so ignorant and dumb!
You think every African guy that wants y'all wants to swipe green card out from you lots!
When you were so "in love" with him, did anything like background check occur to you?
That's why your guys call you lots dumb..

Or should we talk about the "American babes" that fly into Nigeria on a daily basis coming to collect "garri spray" and "golden showers" just for some peanut "$1000"..
I even blame the guy for not coming over there and abandoning your sorry a.s.s


Politics / Re: "PDP Mismanaged Nigeria For 16 Years" - Buhari by Jackrich: 1:50pm On Nov 20, 2016
You still dey bend mouth ? grin

Your olodo General never fails to disappoint with his comic relief. grin

HayFeeCee !! Shame cheesy
Travel / Re: APC Bus In A Fatal Accident In Oyo, 4 Dead (Graphic Photos) by Jackrich: 4:01pm On Oct 31, 2016
This is Jonathan's doing angry
Romance / Re: How I Played A Ph Girl (pictures Added) by Jackrich: 2:32pm On Oct 31, 2016
there is this babe that stays close to my house, she forms like say she be gold, i have been packaging her since no show cheesy, the day before yesterday she lost her phone and was gisting me about how using her small android has been hard, i told her that i can give her my iPhone 5, based on say i dont use it anymore, she was like so what do i want? i said i cant bring her home because of my girlfriend, so i will book a hotel and call her, after i booked i called her and she came, i told her that i will give her the phone in the morning before she leaves, after doing my work yesterday night, i packed my things preparing to rush before she wakes up but the girl no sleep oooo, anytime i move she will turn and face me, oboy i couldn't sleep, dawn came and she woke me up that i should empty the phone, so she can take it, i use sense delay forming say i want to transfer my games inside , i now said that i cant that, i know one of my guy that can, i texted the guy down that we were coming to him shop, that he should lie that the phone is locked to my sim , when he told her, she wanted to die , i stood there forming shock, later she sends me this text , ph girls tongue tongue tongue
And you actually came online to bleat about it ? smh

If immaturity were a cap ,you'll wear like it like a crown.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Radioman In The North East (Photos) by Jackrich: 12:56pm On Oct 31, 2016
Looking for whitebeard to give him his award.... grin

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Events / Re: Bride In Delta Runs Out Of Wedding Reception, Says She's No Longer Interested by Jackrich: 10:19am On Oct 30, 2016
Look at the face of the horrified groom who couldn't believe his eyes. grin
Romance / Re: Whose Brother Is This South-african Based Nigerian? (18+) by Jackrich: 10:52am On Oct 29, 2016
Who sabi am ?

Romance / Re: Whose Brother Is This South-african Based Nigerian? (18+) by Jackrich: 10:49am On Oct 29, 2016

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Family / Re: 13 hypocrisies and Idiosyncrasies of Polygamy by Jackrich: 1:37pm On Oct 28, 2016

Since you are too lazy to read before commenting let me come down to your understanding with just one of the points listed.

Do you know that many young guys have been practising polygamy long before marriage?

How many ladies have you wooed on nairaland not mentioning offline?

How many girlfriends do you have presently?

People like you who come online to yapp ends up being a big polygamous guy.

Pastors and the bible preaches about fornication yet people still indulge in it.

Irrespective of your age, you need to grow up and open your eyes to the facts I wrote.

It will take some of them an entire lifetime to have a basic understanding of what you just wrote down.
Politics / Re: It’s Time To Arrest Jonathan — Lagos APC by Jackrich: 12:25pm On Oct 28, 2016
Over feeding dun dey worry some people.
You want to arrest Jonathan ?oya nau !! grin grin
Business / Re: Exxonmobil Announces Major Oil Discovery Offshore Nigeria by Jackrich: 8:56am On Oct 28, 2016

Good news all the way... I nor dey lie to masef, we don't have any other thing going for us presently.. I'm a firm believer of taking care of the here and now, if you are not alright today, how do you have the mental strength and resilience to be alive for tomorrow?

To diversify needs gazillions of cash which we have no access to at the moment and time to develop which is almost 20+yrs too late...

For goodness sakes, we don't even have stable power supply, how are we then supposed to leap start the race to full economic dependence in 10yrs (give or take)?
Typical mindset of a parasite.

The Nigerian people can make out something out of themselves without having to depend on free oil money while waiting another 20 years.

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Business / Re: Exxonmobil Announces Major Oil Discovery Offshore Nigeria by Jackrich: 8:50am On Oct 28, 2016
Mbok, can someone pls explain what this means?ExxonMobil holds 27 per cent interest and is the operator for OPL 223 and OML 139. Joint venture partners include Chevron Nigeria Deepwater G Limited (27 per cent interest), Total E&P Nigeria Limited (18 per cent interest), Nexen Petroleum Deepwater Nigeria Limited (18 per cent interest), and the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company Limited (10 per cent interest).
It means the facility would be operated by Exxonmobil while the respective companies gets their cut of their percentage each - These companies are more of a quashi partner and they do have a major input the running of the facility ranging from operational module,facility purchase ,appraisal drilling to running cost and the overall boss the DPR contributes nothing but gets her 60% yet we owe both for operational cost/maintenance cost and zero investment during field development.

In pidgin English : Na exxonmobil dey carry am for head.


Culture / Re: Erediauwa Crowned 39th Oba Of Benin by Jackrich: 2:14pm On Oct 20, 2016
Edo state needs total deliverance from the powers of darkness....
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

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Politics / Re: Terrorists Are All Over The Place, We Must Be More Watchful, Buhari Warns Read by Jackrich: 8:20am On Oct 05, 2016
Ok baba we've heard you but over 50 million of us are Hungry including the terrorists.PLEASE DO SOMETHING.
grin grin grin baba no send una .

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Politics / Re: President Buhari To Travel To Germany On October 12th by Jackrich: 5:30pm On Oct 02, 2016
Predict President Buhari's next travel destination and win one cow.

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Crime / Re: How A Man Grabbed Kidnap Suspect Who Broke Into Granddaughter’s Room (PICTURED) by Jackrich: 12:57pm On Oct 01, 2016
Ahhh! That name sounds familiar..

Romance / Re: Man Deceived By A Lady He Was Toasting Laments by Jackrich: 4:26pm On Sep 30, 2016
Wrong of her though, just remind me about a story of a girl that gave a man a wrong number only for her to realise he was rich and she started running after his car to correct the number, it's either you tell him no or when he calls you politely let him know you are not interested and having your number isn't his right but a privilege. You can also tell him your man is a police or army officer that you don't want him to beat you on the ground of cheating on him.
You've never met some desperate guys ,you'll regret giving out your number and they can actually ruin your relationship if you have one.

As a guy , if you ask me she did the smartest thing.


Romance / Re: Man Deceived By A Lady He Was Toasting Laments by Jackrich: 4:25pm On Sep 30, 2016
Something of this nature only happens to those deaf and dumb guys that won't give up or change strategy when woman refuses to honor their romantic advances. They keep pushing until they get mocked. smh


Crime / Re: I Raped My 15-Year-Old Daughter Under Influence Of Forces Beyond Me - Suspect by Jackrich: 1:35pm On Sep 30, 2016
Just saw the name....

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Crime / Re: I Raped My 15-Year-Old Daughter Under Influence Of Forces Beyond Me - Suspect by Jackrich: 1:28pm On Sep 30, 2016
[size=20pt] igbo kwenu grin grin[/size]

grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Jackrich: 12:55pm On Sep 29, 2016

I will attribute your outburst to poor reading comprehension.
My question is still relevant and is independent of the comment you quoted.
I will rephrase. What do those who accuse Igbos of coveting/ grabbing land think Igbos want to do with their land?
Has an Enugu man ever laid claim to land in Imo state that he hasn't purchased or been gifted and vice versa?
Knock yourself out because I won't waste my precious time trying to educate you on something you already know and if for the benefit of doubt we should assume you do have deep rooted reading comprehension ,are you also not aware that your brothers have opened countless threads in this forum and other social media platforms laying claims to Bonny,opobo ,Port Harcourt , Etche ,Ogba and the list goes on or you'll simply feign ignorance on this one too? undecided

Continue deceiving yourselves ,I do not just want history to repeat itself.You guys are great people and such should think on how you can make your five Eastern States the Biafra of your dream.
Unity by force is slavery.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Jackrich: 12:58am On Sep 29, 2016

You are very correct my dear.
I think i will soom give these retards a break, afterall they are nothing but societal degenerates, misfits, urchins and vermins.

These people are just profligate and impertinently shameless jackasses.
One wonders why You will never see a yoruba man begging others to be yoruba or accept yoruba identity. Many Ilorin, Itsekiri and Lokoja people reject yoruba identity even they are linguistically yoruba but you will never see the yorubas begging them or insulting them to accept yoruba identity. Why are igbos so shameless?
Arguing with these dolts will only make them to shout louder .On several occasions we have challenged them in this forum and they simply resorted to insults which is their stock-in-trade.

I'm personally waiting for them to declare their phantom Biafra republic without the blessings of the too many ethnic groups that makes up the Niger Delta which they love to annex and force them into an unholy union even as they habor this deep hatred for the same people let's see how that pans out. grin

Hope you guys are seeing how they are cheering at the different criminal militants groups that springing up in the Niger Delta using the marginalization and oppression of the Niger Delta people as a front to commit economic sabotage and environmental pollution even as we all are well aware that they are simply pawns and criminal enterprises that are being used by politicians to settle political differences? But we are watching.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Jackrich: 12:46am On Sep 29, 2016

To do what exactly with the land?
I've never quite understood these land coveting/ grabbing accusations.
You're probably too blind to see where I highlighted his initial submission where he clearly and categorically stated that and I quote '' If push comes to shove ,The Igbos will reclaim their land wherever it may be'' that means the original people that inhabited such places for ages actually fell from the sky and the land belongs to the Igbos? smh.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Jackrich: 5:31pm On Sep 28, 2016
Very sensible and balanced view. Not all Ikwerre's are in denial of their Igbo identity though; Francis Ellah is an example. If push comes to a shove, the Igbos will reclaim their lands wherever it may be. Those who wish to see themselves as Bini, Yoruba (eg, Rotimi) or Hausa (eg, Rochas) can relocate.

You can read about Senator Francis Ellah from Ogba, Rivers State here: http://joachimibeziakoezeji.blogspot.com.ng/2010/06/chief-francis-ellah-this-was-man.html

Ka Chineke gozie Al'Igbo.
Everyone knows that the highlighted is the primary reason why you want them united to you at all cost ,even as that same greed will be your achille's heels keeping you under the mercy of the Hausa/Fulani kingdoms.

You want their land and not the people simple .
Celebrities / Re: Timaya And Empress Njamah Hang Out Together (Photo) by Jackrich: 4:47pm On Sep 28, 2016
Empress would be d biggest fool to allow timaya distroy her office again.
grin grin grin The same office wey she dun carry give people wey no get style reach Timaya ?

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Phones / Re: Girl Sells Her Belongings To Buy Iphone7 by Jackrich: 3:03pm On Sep 25, 2016
What's all these nau ? so we all ahve to listen to how you can't manage your pussy again ?
op sad

Simply invite her over and slap the spirit of an Iphone 7 from her brain and reset her thinking process to factory reset after which you'll seize the other iphone and wait for her reaction abeg.

Guys be making immature ladies girlfriend . shocked

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