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Politics / Re: Falz, Others In #EndSARSMemorial Car Procession At Lekki Tollgate (Pictures) by jackyraw09: 11:31am On Oct 20

Why not visit the families of those massacred if such exist? Anything short of that na just cruise them dey catch

Exactly, sit down in the comfort of your home and tell these brave action takers what action to take, fool !
Family / Re: Share Your Crazy Experiences With Last Borns by jackyraw09: 10:59am On Oct 17
Mymum last born own worst pass, he was so humble at some stage but later he just change he was asked to leave with me in lagos on knowing to me that my mum used him as minister of information on me everything that happened in my home he download everything to her , so after eid- fritri he never came back, thank God, my mum always busy going to market and comes back late unknowing to her that the guy has join curtist, he always asked for money from her and she gave him without asking him what he's doing with the money, from there he started smoking India herm, drinking alcohol, and engaging in carrying ashawo and boom he engaged in gay with a friend, so he came home late and so I came down to village and I called him he will tell me I shouldn't disturb him oooo, I was like what's going on later I found out all this atrocities behavior I told mum but she told me that I'm jelouse of him the way the boy is dressing can u imagine so I kept quiet later he got admission to ilaro polytechnic I help him pack load to school after 3month in school he join another set curtist in school again deferent from the one he belongs to before, so he lie to her on daily basis and collect money from mum, so in the group he spend for them alot so they gave him high rank, along the line I came home and I discovered he as change I told mum this boy as join curtist again that's where fight happen so I beat him and he went to arrange is member to come and beat me and I told him that will be the end of ur journey in life that's where mum believe all what have been saying is true so along the line he have mental issue I left everything I'm doing to take care of him as my brother I can't look him like that, so after he was okay the shamed couldn't allowed him go back to school he had to withdraw and we enrolled him to cotonu University boom again the guy continue is way again and going from one club to another and he failed exam again and each time anything happens I'm the only one my mum would call and crying but if I told her she's the one who cause it from day one she will turn it for me and fight so I just leave them and there problem but now he just graduat and she say she don't want him to go and serve due to his behavior but now I think he as learn a lesson and moral of all is don't let us spoil child because is last born it destroy their life's

Brother how far nah?? Why you so stingy with paragraphing grin


Family / Re: Share Your Crazy Experiences With Last Borns by jackyraw09: 10:41am On Oct 17
I am a last born...
My siblings dey do me shege since mom died in order to get back to all the ills i did to them but believe me, the only thing they can't trash out from me is the inbuilt laziness i had while growing up tongue tongue tongue..

Most times, dad comes to my rescue..

grin grin Inbuilt laziness - y’all last borns do the most

You just described my brother (our last born). Some times I just feel like flogging this boy for no reason other than this angry

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Food / Re: The Snake My Fish Net Caught by jackyraw09: 10:32am On Oct 17
Setted a net ... "Present continuous future tense"
The dead snake sef will be gnashing it's teeth with this your sentence sef...

Sherlock Holmes. Relax, this is Nigeria not britain grin

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Religion / Re: If You're Grateful To God For Anything, Please Jump In Here. by jackyraw09: 9:35am On Oct 17
Alhamdulilah for his unlimited mercy and blessings on a sinner like me cry


Family / Re: Help, My Child Is Already A GENIUS @ 3! by jackyraw09: 11:29am On Oct 12
Hello friends, my daughter is very far ahead of her peers (class mates and outsiders) academically and otherwise. She started school when she was 2yrs. 3wks in school she had already knw how to write 1 to 10, A to F (I mean write not just to read).

Now she is 3yrs and she does things extraordinary. She can write 1 to 200, Aa to Zz without anybody assistance. She does her H/W alone, can read and spell two letter words. She sings a lot. I wanted her to play at least one musical instrument b4 she turns 5.

Two yrs ago, I had this vision of grooming "exceptionally intelligent" kids btw 9-12yrs to study outside their normal school curriculum. I mean a 9yr old kid in JS1 answering physics and advance maths question. Am still working on it. But my child is just 3yrs old and i am begining to be afraid. Married with two kids, an average of 30k monthly income as a private school teacher, I think, I lack the financial resources to push my daughter to where she deserves.

I need proper advice on how to guide her now.

Whatever you do, don’t place a 9years old in jss1 because they are a “genius” - they will live to regret it. I was a victim of this same thing, you might be more intelligent than older students but you can’t be as mature as they are so it is likely to lead to identity issues later on as you can’t really get along with them. It’s not worth it

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is The Shortest Time You Have Been Employed? by jackyraw09: 6:35am On Oct 09
Sometimes after I finished secondary school, I was working as an after-school for this dumb ass rich kid.
According to the contract I was suppose to go through his school works with him on a daily and also teach him Arabic all for around 5k.

I started this only for his mum to chip in the house-help who is a complete illiterate without no increase in salary - so I was tutoring the two.

I think I Quitted after 2-3 weeks, couldn’t wait for the first month to complete - talk about extreme fickleness, looking back I could’ve waited for the month to end before bailing OR just let the woman know I’m not comfortable with tutoring both her son and house-help for that amount

Employees should learn the art of negotiation - it could mean the difference between a job u enjoy and pure slavery


Romance / Re: I’m Starting To Feel Insecure!!! by jackyraw09: 12:28pm On Oct 04
Beginning to feel somehow this days, and it’s majorly because of my height.

So I just turned 21 this year July and then I discovered I’m 5”5 in height.

I’m not really into girls for now, but then when I’m ready for the relationship stuffs I don’t think I can approach ladies cause I think I might be at a disadvantage because of my height.

I do get ladies that are attracted to me in school, I believe that’s because I’m fair and intelligent. Top 1% of my class, just graduated with a very good result too.

But I think it just ends there, I kind of feel bad about my height.

For those who will say I should go make money, that isn’t my problem now because I’m doing quite good financially for a 21 year old. The issue now is how to improve my confidence because I feel I’m at a disadvantage when I’m ready to go into a relationship embarassed

Is it even possible to add a couple of inches before 25?

Be wise enough to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses bro.
You can’t do much about your height but would you rather weigh yourself down with negative self-opinion or just ginger yourself up and focus on using your intelligence to win the ladies over? The choice is yours
Politics / Re: We Were Never One Country - Bukola Saraki by jackyraw09: 12:24pm On Oct 04
No matter what he says, I quickly turn my attention to kwara state then return to see if I can reconcile his "wisdom" with the development in a state where he and his father had ruled for years.

God bless you bro, you said my mind..
Romance / Re: Loosing My Mind [GRACE2GRASS]{sapa} by jackyraw09: 8:15am On Oct 01

thanks. Really Appreciate...

3813011916 Eco ikechukwu
happy independence to you

You still get mind de celebrate independence undecided undecided


Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Showers Mercy Eke With Money At Her Birthday Party (Video) by jackyraw09: 5:17pm On Sep 30
Damnnn niggar

If this Bobrisky catch mercy for bedroom

I just dey pity mercy
And for all those confused about his source of wealth....
Bobrisky is into grindr anyday anytime twice on Thursday

na gay format this guy take dey huzzle for grindr
Him go ask any of he friends for overseas probably all those Arab countries like oman, Bahrain and Kuwait make them help am logging

Immediately them logging for am then he profile and online details for grindr go dey show overseas whereas he dey Nigeria.. then those Arab gay men go dey add am
Only my real niggarrrs here on Nairaland Will understand

Loudest nairalander ever. I hail you
Phones / Re: I Hate Making Calls: Am I The Only Human Who Hate This? by jackyraw09: 11:56am On Sep 30

Depress? Naaa! I've mastered the act of dealing with life problems since I was 11, nothing on earth can make me depress. No pleasure, nor pain, nor rejection.

Isolation is a powerful tool to unleash spirituality, the more isolated you are the less human you become and the more spirit you become. It's a key to spirit realm. More powerful than prayers, chants and incantations.

If you can trace some historical spiritual books, most communications with the spirit realms took place in isolated places.
Take a clue from the Bible for references.
Abraham communicate with God in isolated places
Moses as you know always left for the mountains
Jesus always left his disciples behind into isolation when he wants to communicate with God.

Let me not derail my thread

You don de ment bro grin
Celebrities / Re: Davido And Tiwa Savage Buy Patek Philippe Gold And Diamond Watches by jackyraw09: 10:14am On Sep 30
Man when I look back to when I used to waste time arguing or replying some people on this forum I smh. The first page of this thread shows a high % of ignorance, full of posts yet no one could differentiate a patek from a bussed down ademars piguet, nawa undecided
Nairaland / General / Re: Some Very Bitter Pills To Swallow by jackyraw09: 1:57pm On Sep 28

Things lazy people say

Not everyone hangs with losers

Captain Obvious

Things lazy people say

Things bums say

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Not everyone hangs with losers

Things clueless people say

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

You should write a book on life, I’m sure it will be a bestseller, Mr KnowItAll wink

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Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija: Yousef In Tears As His Fans Gift Him An Iphone: Pictures & Video by jackyraw09: 8:37am On Sep 25
Stupid man copying the ways of the infidels.

Really? “Infidel”? - only a terrorist or someone capable of evil will use such word to describe another.

Wake the Bleep up man. Live and let’s live, last I checked this dude is 18+ and can make his choices

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Celebrities / Re: 'I Had Fs On My Report Card'- Moneybagg Yo Flaunts His Car, Money As He Turns 30 by jackyraw09: 12:58pm On Sep 23

No mind am! Him no even talk how he was able to make his wealth

It's possible he's laundering money self!

Which kind business give am all these profits! Person wey fit show off all these still get alot of money somewhere!

Person wey no get proper upbringing go follow wetin him talk to heart!

Y’all focus on the wrong things smh. Even a dumbass should know Moneybagyo is a popular rapper with huge fan base. Fame == Money in other parts of the world so stop seeing everything using the lense of an unexposed Nigerian

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Sports / Re: Ronnie Brunswijk: Vice President Of Suriname Plays For Their National Team by jackyraw09: 2:45pm On Sep 22
Phones / Re: Reno Omokri: Nobody On Earth Needs An iPhone13 by jackyraw09: 11:35am On Sep 19

The other point y'all miss is that you don't need anybody to tell you to live within your means. People buy Rolls Royce, there are people right now on a waiting list to buy the Rimac Nevera, Bugatti, Bentley. If you can't afford it and you buy it to impress someone that's on you, you don't need anybody to tell you that.
All these motivational speeches is becoming counterintuitive to what they should actually do.
I remember 2 years ago when Otedola was photographed with a featured Nokia phone and the whole motivational speaker geng didn't allow us to rest. But the same Otedola is on Instagram, do you think he's using the featured phone for the Instagram or an Itel amdroid? the same Otedola bought 3 customized Ferrari for his daughters, I didn't hear none of them motivational speakers coming to tell us not to buy Ferrari.

I think we're all pass that stage where if you have just enough to get by and you use all that to purchase something that doesn't appreciate, then that on you. All these recycled news doesn't cut it no more.

Why did you quote me to write all this?
Phones / Re: Reno Omokri: Nobody On Earth Needs An iPhone13 by jackyraw09: 8:07am On Sep 19
Oga stop claiming he missed his point. Someone says "absolutely no one" needs an iPhone 13, which is a very dumb statement to make, yet you're claiming he missed his point?

Let me simplify the logic;

You can do without your “wants” but you can’t really function well without your “needs” - now tell me, what category do you think an iPhone falls into?

Don’t let that go over your head smiley


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Keeps Showing Me Chats Of A Guy Asking Her Out. by jackyraw09: 7:37am On Sep 19
Good evening Nairalanders, pls there is something that has been bothering me for sometime. My babe has been screenshotting the chat another guy has been asking her out. Please what is her motive of doing this? Is it to make me Jealous or to proof her loyalty to me? Please Nairalanders help me out here.

Young man, your girlfriend is a manipulator - be careful

Drops pen

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Phones / Re: Reno Omokri: Nobody On Earth Needs An iPhone13 by jackyraw09: 7:22am On Sep 19
Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

'No one on earth' even Bill Gates children and Dangote children?

Those who can afford it will certainly buy it.

I can afford ot but I will not buy.

You missed the point entirely. Read up on the difference between NEEDS and WANTS lol

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Celebrities / Re: Actress, Eniola Badmus Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss Transformation (photo) by jackyraw09: 7:18am On Sep 19
Akpo EWA
When she was busy eating all the food nko

She no remember again grin grin

Never make anyone whose making progress, you fool !
Sports / Re: UCL: How Ronaldo And Messi Performed In The First Games For Their New Teams by jackyraw09: 1:41pm On Sep 16
Ronaldo with three goals already and Messi with zero. Reason we were saying Messi should try another league to prove his dominance in football. I know my GOAT. The anointed one Cristiano Ronaldo.

Modified : Y'all crying cause of my take, I care less and I stand by my words.

Ronaldo has practiced versatility for years by playing among different teammates. This is messi’s first season playing with people he is not familiar with. Give him time to adjust
Family / Re: I Find It Hard Expressing Myself And It Is Killing Me by jackyraw09: 12:44am On Sep 07

Shut up if u have nothing to say to help the dude. U talk too much.

+1. That boy acts all knowing and shit but the few times
He posted pictures of himself/his “niggarrrs” they still look like they need help lol

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Family / Re: Please help!! My sister is being used. by jackyraw09: 2:32pm On Sep 05
Story of my life lol. But trust me I ended up quite well compared to my “users” who thought they were the smart ones.

Nowadays I live by one rule - “be good, but don’t be a fool by trying to prove your goodness to everyone, only prove it to your tribe (people that are good to you) . always put yourself first”
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Thanks Cavani For Giving Him His Man Utd No 7 Shirt by jackyraw09: 3:58pm On Sep 03
I swear, this old fraud is a glory hunter. The only player that ghosted in Euro finals and starts forming coach on the touch line. In Champions league finals, he scored inconsequential goals after his teammates had already done the damage and shamelessly claimed the glory.

Cavani na idiot. When the old fraud came from Manuted, Raul never gave away his No7 to him until he left Madrid. Cavani na Chicken, big boys like Raul will put the old fraud in his pocket.

Bruv you sound so bitter about life. Fix ur mind in order to have a better life.

I’m not even into football but this is the second time my attention is being drawn to ur posts in threads related to Ronaldo no thanks to the level of bitterness you harbour towards someone you only see on the screen lol . Live and let’s live man
Family / Re: Never Go Into A Relationship Without Being Stable In Life by jackyraw09: 5:56am On Aug 22
Relationship needs care and attention, irrespective of her financial status you'll need your own money for self esteem and confidence to avoid see finish!
I remember Jemi my lover, this girl showed me all lights I had to call her aside and tell her I'm not financially buoyant to be in relationship with you RN, Omo she started funding me till I found my foot again true love exists for real.
Don't go for 1st daughters or lastborn.

I was in agreement with you till the last line. I perfectly understand the issue with 1st daughters, but what’s wrong with last borns ?
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by jackyraw09: 11:18pm On Aug 07

Here we go again...your friend was denied for financial reasons with a CC of 5m does not mean automatically u start advising others to get CC of 8 or 9m. Everyone’s case is different . Everyone’s expenses are diff and so the amount they will be required to show as proof of funds will differ from individual to individual based on their total expenses including living expenses in the city they going to.
So guys pls read my previous post prior to this and do the math add up ur tuition for a year , living expenses a year , accommodation for a year n flight cost to determine your financial obligation. Like I said naira is not stable n fluctuates frequently so if u will like to add a little more to the total u get that’s fine as well. It’s wise to.

On another note, if ur friend presented financial documents that were not authentic they will be rejected for financial reasons as well.

Guys there is no one size fit all for how much u need to show to the embassy as proof of funds. Embassy has given you guidelines in their visa requirements so Do your math people !

I equally have a couple people last month July who had a cc of 6m to Warsaw n they were granted visa.
So again guys do ur math ! It’s simple !

Do not submit a fake cc either the embassy WILL verify it and trust me u will be denied !

Hope this helps ..

hi bros. I appreciate the good job you are doing here - My sister will be enrolling for the next available session and she's counting on me to make it happen. However, i am a very busy individual and will be more than happy to have you as a direct guardian through the various steps involved.

Please tell me a way to contact you and no, you won't be doing this for free as I respect people's time and schedules.

please let me know

Career / Re: What Skill Can I Learn With N20,000 by jackyraw09: 2:04am On Jul 29
Bro use the money to buy food and data then stream videos YouTube.

You can learn almost anything on YouTube for free.

Good luck as I was in these shoes years ago but right now it’s different
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This USA Conference Invitation Genuine? by jackyraw09: 1:41pm On Jun 28
Just to make things easier for you,

Next time you come across such “enticing” offers via email/web/social media

Simply perform a Whois lookup of the domains



The look up for the hotel website shows this domain name was bought November 2020

And for the conference, the domain name was bought earlier this year meaning everything started less than a year ago so how exactly did they get your contact?

If it smells like fish, it’s likely to be fishy smiley

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Programming / Re: Facebook Is Suing Me For This by jackyraw09: 10:45am On May 04
you not within their jurisdiction bro, fear not. Only thing now is to get right back on the platform, its alot of buggy apps
on the various app stores so don't think they have time/willing to invest resources to drag every single developer to court

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