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Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by jantavanta(m): 3:23pm On Oct 20, 2020
Foreign Affairs / Re: Everyone Using English Should Pay 1 Euro Per Month To The United Kingdom by jantavanta(m): 7:42pm On Jun 01, 2019
Because English is a borrowed language. Therefore, the borrower must pay licence fees smiley

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Nigeria Is The Future Of Africa,mankind And The World, German Envoy Says by jantavanta(m): 6:29pm On May 30, 2019
He knows what he is saying. There is no need to go outside Nigeria for pilgrimage. Nigeria is the New Holy Land.

President Macron of France visited Afrika Shrine, Angela Merkel of Germany visited, Israeli President and Prime Minister want to visit Nigeria, our PMB was invited to Mecca.

More Presidents are coming to Nigeria to make friends in advance. Those who do not have the eye to see, will be perplexed.

“Nigeria is the future of not just Africa but of the whole world and mankind” German Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr Bernhard Schlagheck has said.

Travel / Re: Young Girl Dies Inside Plane From Sudan To Nigeria by jantavanta(m): 9:39pm On May 26, 2019
For a long time, people from Northern Nigeria have been going to Sudan and Egypt for schooling.

There is a Kanuri community there.

Generally, Nigerians see Arab or European education as the best.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Spread Of Wahhabism Was Done At Request Of West During Cold War – Saudi Heir by jantavanta(m): 12:46pm On May 20, 2019
Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program to arm and finance the mujahideen, in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, prior to and during the military intervention by the USSR......


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Taiwan Passes Same-sex Marriage Bill, Becoming First In Asia To Do So by jantavanta(m): 9:27pm On May 17, 2019
They've already been practicing that for a while (tho secretly)
It's good they had to come out bold to push up for all eyes to see..

Same goes to Arabs
.. Most of them do shît and also get attracted to people of same gender.... Instead of hiding out, maybe they could come out openly too......

Europeans, Asians and Arabs seem to be more into it.
It seems Melanin gives Africans more resistance to large scale same gender attraction?
Religion / Re: Nigeria Female Traditionalist: My Greatest Regret In Life Is Going To Church by jantavanta(m): 11:48am On May 15, 2019
Nigerian female traditionalist shares are greatest regret in life is ever going to church and believing in Jesus Christ

My greatest regret in life was

1: Ever going to church
2: Ever rejecting my root
3: Ever believing that there is a mansion up there for me oh please
4: Ever believing that there is a man up there that will someday come and take me
5: Ever believing in your Jesus Christ
6: Ever believing that Oku Mmuo is hell fire, how can hell fire be Oku Mmuo ?
All brainwash


This is the kind of Slay Queen we need. One that slays neo-colonial mental slavery.

Japanese, Koreans and Chinese have their traditional spiritualities intact. We admire their development, but nobody says that Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are going to hell fire.

Why is it only Africans that are threatened with Hell Fire for embracing their ancestral spiritualities?

Why is it only Africans that are threatened with the label: "Pagan"

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Crime / Re: Police Receive List Of Animals To Sacrifice For Detaining Chief Priest In Edo by jantavanta(m): 2:49pm On May 08, 2019
A failed attempt by neo-colonial stooges to attack the Benin Monarchy.

We admire Sony and Toyota. But we overlook the Japanese Shinto ancestral shines that could not be wiped off by EuroArab missionaries.

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Crime / Re: 7 Kano Airport Officials Who Plant Drugs On Passengers' Luggage Caught (video Up by jantavanta(m): 12:32pm On Apr 26, 2019

No you don't get it.........
The passenger will ...........

There's actually such case now a girl has been arrested and she didn't check in any luggage but a tag belonging to her was found on the drugs. Saudi authorities have only agreed to release her if the Nigerian authorities present the person(s) who did it.
I hope you get it now

They have been doing this evil for years in Kano airport

That seems to be only one thing that could save Zainab. But I wonder what International Air Travel regulation says about tagged luggage that a passanger does not claim is his/her own.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Lady Caught With N24M Cocaine In Condom In Her Vagina In Hong Kong. Pix by jantavanta(m): 11:31am On Apr 20, 2019
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Stop Speaking To Me When They Find Out I Dated A Black American? by jantavanta(m): 8:59pm On Apr 15, 2019

They are nigerians.

Many Nigerian men who immigrate into USA have experienced culture shock from many Black Americans that words cannot describe.That is the same way they would treat a Nigerian man for being with a Black American woman.

Even speaking good about a Black American will arouse suspicion.

Here is my own explanation; there will be other explanations:

In the 70s and 80s, we watched sitcoms like Good Times, The Jeffersons, Different Strokes, Bill Cosby Show and we emigrated to USA expecting to meet every Black American like those we saw on the sitcoms. But instead, we came face to face with the hidden side of that society.

I communicate with African-Centered Black Americans, but I can to some extent understand the historical and psychological forces at play in a society whose society was founded on a mix of racism and chattel slavery, complicated by what I am now hearing about the past existence of Black Slaveowners.

I have been accused of making up excuses for 'akatas'.

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Education / Re: Is Studying Engineering In Nigeria A Scam? by jantavanta(m): 10:53am On Apr 14, 2019
Going elsewhere to study and return has not proven to be the solution. Many people return to be useless. The older generation lecturers where sent to choice institutions of learning abroad, but that did not solve the problem.

An engineering curriculum that teaches Africans that everything discovered (or discoverable) was by one white man or the other has a negative psychological effect on our ability to develop.

There is no civil engineering text book that teaches that it was Africans that built the pyramids of Egypt.

How can Pythagoras, who travelled from Greece to Africa to further his education turn out to be the discoverer of a theorem of a triangle, when the biggest known triangles where the basis of the Pyramids of Egypt, thousands of years before he came there to study?

The name "Chemistry" is derived from "Chem" or "Kermit" another ancient name for Africa. Why do all our chemistry text books, from Physical Chemistry to Organic Chemistry, teach that all discoveries where from white people?

algebra is from Al-jabr
alkaline is from Alkali (don't you have a friend called Alkali?)

It was Africans, called Moors (not Arabs)who crossed into Europe through Spain in AD 711 and established the first European universities. Fine, their language was Arabic and their religion had become Muslim. But the knowledge was African and not Arab.

Before we go abroad to study we should find out more about who we really are, so that we do not advance in self-rejection.

For over 2,000 years we have been transferring science & technology from Africa to Europe. No text book will tell us, because our schools are for the purpose of economic colonialism. If you are locally educated to produce Iron and steel and design cars, how will expatriates (or colonial master returnees) have the opportunity to come and pack your dollars?

Nigeria's Ajaokuta Steel Plant can produce the best Steel from our "sweet" Iron Ore in Itakpe, that is why it was masterminded not to be completed so that it does not disturb the "world market".

These are some key challenges facing the Nigerian engineering graduate.

Knowledge of Self is the starting point.

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TV/Movies / Re: Old Ogtv Channel 25 Uhf by jantavanta(m): 12:48pm On Apr 12, 2019
Hi all,I've got the likes of Dave grusin(mountain dance), earl klugh(i dont want to leave you alone any more), Peter white( the closer i get to you), Spyro gyra( Nu Sungo), L A jazz syndicate(i gave my love to you)..Also i have some soundtracks for those who remember Uncle Jimi odumosu's 1984 movie "evil encounter"and "fiery force" performed by Wally Badarou.
(1) Wally Badarou - keys
(2) Wally Badarou - Mambo
(3) Wally Badarou - keep on trying
(4) Wally Badarou - Jungle
Hope this would help some of us flash back our memories...

Thanks for sharing. How about Dave Brubeck (Take Five)

Culture / Re: Black African Nobility Of Ancient Europe by jantavanta(m): 12:07pm On Apr 02, 2019
Viking Origin of the Name "Blackman"

The Blackman function exists in the fields of statistics/mathematics/signal processing.


But looking through a Google search result of Blackman, one may not find any Black Man bearing the name Blackman.
Upon further examination of the Wikepedia search result, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackman
there is a list of over 40 names known to have that surname.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Blackman, Originally Blæcmann[/i], is an Old English name meaning [i]"dark man". The name was once given to Danish Vikings who settled in southern Scotland. It is also listed in the genealogy of the kings of Bernicia. Early on, it was commonly used as a first name. Variations: Blackmann, Blachman, Blackmun, Blackmon, Blakeman. Depending on how the old Anglo-Saxon blaec or blac were translated, ...........

In an attempt to disclaim the obvious implication of the Danish Viking settlers of southern Scotland being Black men, the article further states that:

" the surname could also have had the exact opposite meaning from the above. "Blaec" meant dark/swarthy while "blac" meant fair/pale. The spelling of both words and their meanings were often confused and, over time, became interchangeable. "

In earlier posts, it had been discussed that the Vikings were Black people. Reading further from The African Heritage of the Vikings and an African Prehistoric Europe Part 2 by our distinguished researcher Marc Washington


R0a DNA evidence shows indigenous African population replaced only centuries ago by modern Danes: click

we see that the archaeological features such as filed teeth, boats, writing scripts are very African in origin and appearance.

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Crime / Re: Man Sexually Abused By Their Housemaid At 7 Years, Speaks by jantavanta(m): 2:29pm On Mar 29, 2019
Almost 80% of boy child have experience one form of molestation or the other. Especially 80s and 90s

Maybe because that was when maids and "aunties" started to take over the home as mothers became full time workers.


Literature / Re: LONE WOLF By Onyeama Victor (crime Thriller) by jantavanta(m): 8:11pm On Mar 20, 2019

I try to post daily, but I always end up observing that the posts are removed. Don't know why though..

Please anyone with info on how to rectify that or reasons for removal should please enlighten me

I think when you have too many posts per interval, it activates the spambot.

Try combining your replies/posts/updates into one post per day. Then try one post every 12hrs, followed by one post every 8hrs, then every 6hrs....until you arrive at the shortest possible interval that will not activate the spambot that is hiding your updates.

Better still, try contacting the moderator to help unhide your posts.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Would WW3 Engage, Affect And Influence Nigeria? by jantavanta(m): 9:11am On Mar 12, 2019
Arms Marketers should forget about WWIII.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Female Vegetarians by jantavanta(m): 9:27pm On Feb 23, 2019
Hiii jantavanta, you can send me a message +2348059043648

Wow! After a decade of waiting. cool
Family / Re: My Letter To Women With House Girls by jantavanta(m): 9:06am On Feb 20, 2019
"As a clinician, it's my duty by law to look out for any sign that a person (esp child) has been the subject of beating or physical violence (even if the child comes to hospital for something unrelated). .........

I have encountered a number of such cases and I dare say majority of them are Nigerians and guess what, 100% are women. angry sad"


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Culture / Re: Africans Were The First People Of The Ancient Americas by jantavanta(m): 8:07am On Feb 20, 2019

This skin tone probably comes from their Aboriginal Australian ancestors , we Africans know that we have nothing to do with the American continent. Black Americans are the biggest hypocrites they complain about cultural appropriation yet they try to steal the Native American identity , not just the culture , the entire identity. Disgusting slaves.

A DNA Search for the First Americans Links Amazon Groups to Indigenous Australians:


There is nothing wrong in the indigenous Australian contribution to the population of Southern America or to the population of Japan.

There is no disconnecting Africa from the founding population of any continent.

It is still Africa populating the entire World, via land and sea, #WhenTheWorldWasBlack.

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Travel / Re: Nigeria Have Suffered (my Experience On A Visit To India). by jantavanta(m): 8:28pm On Feb 03, 2019

Now you understand a little bit why Idi Amin chased them out of Uganda, Idi Amin is not a nice guy, and I don't support anything he did except this. Indians hate blacks with a passion, you will think we killed their GOD, truth is we are their GOD, Buddha was black, ask any Indian what colour is Buddha and watch the Idiot smile sheepishly.

Krishna was also black. The central figures of all Indian religions were black.
Politics / Re: African China by jantavanta(m): 11:32am On Feb 02, 2019
The big question is What's Africa?
............. detriment of African tradition and thinking.

We are taught we are descendants of Abraham, that Jesus is coming soon, and life is about honouring one's parents... Such nonsense..

Miseducation is a crime against humanity. The minds are trapped by the productive imaginations of their ignorance. As they look to the skies waiting for a Messiah, they fail to see all the opportunities for growth around them.

The minds need fixing, need rehabilitation, need to see God in the mirror. To fall in love with themselves again.

The same Abraham that became Lord Brahma in Asia;

The same Ab-Ra-ham, originally a title for King/Pharaohs: "Heart of Father, Majesty Sun God Ra";

The Sun God Ra, originally a component of Maha[b]ra[/b]j Ji: King of Kings of all Hearts.

When the world regarded Divinity as Black and African. We are getting back there.
Travel / Re: Luxembourg Becomes First Country To Make All Public Transit Free by jantavanta(m): 9:28am On Jan 26, 2019
No Western World country developed on their own effort. Without Africa, they would have remained 4th World countries tribes.
Sports / Re: Nantes Fans Pay Tribute To Missing Emiliano Sala In France (Photos) by jantavanta(m): 10:53am On Jan 23, 2019
How come nobody is pointing fingers at his 'village people" over his disappearance after signing a huge contract?
Culture / Re: Akata Planning To Relocate To Nigeria by jantavanta(m): 1:36pm On Jan 11, 2019

i wont say it is white supremacy, it is long gone, .......they are now where the corrupt go to show their wealth while the pastors and imams bless them. parent who suppose to be an example to their children are just not concerned. personal and moral responsibility is what is missing,.......efforts to live by those standards.

It is like, we are now ancestraly disconnected, with adopted ancestors in far away lands, that we can only read about in Books.

For hundreds of years Europe experienced what you are now seeing in Lagos. We are now 2nd Europeans.

Moral responsibility gradually ended where Sin and Repent gained ground.

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Culture / Re: Akata Planning To Relocate To Nigeria by jantavanta(m): 4:59pm On Jan 10, 2019

I like what you wrote about the business culture, .......
.....for the supremacy battle, maybe, but I noticed the value system has gone down, i don't understand why but something is wrong somewhere even with the abundance of churches and mosques in Lagos, those days of family reputation and name is dying gradually, ........

@thebosstrevor You are observing contradictions that emanate from the master plan of Mr Colonizer. They dumped on us what they were fed up with, to evacuate natural resources. They knew we have the origin of Divinity, so they immersed us in the Deification of White Supremacy, to disconnect us from African Spirituality and render us economic slaves.

We have imported our Gods, so we must seek foreign exchange at an increasing rate to import our needs from them, enriching some few Nigerians. We abandoned Black soap for Joy soap; Locust Beans for Maggi; Agbo (herbal drink) for Chloroquine. undecided


I have lived on the mainland and on the Island ..... ...There is no battle for supremacy . All I try to correct is that the insistence that Lagos is culture-less and its all about the hustle. ...... Neglect it at your own peril

@morpheus wink I was just just being alarmist to spice up the conversation. Yes, culture is like a compass in 'Gidi.

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Culture / Re: Akata Planning To Relocate To Nigeria by jantavanta(m): 1:14pm On Jan 07, 2019

Yes you may intrude.
I appreciate you asking a question about something that is puzzling you.
I use the word "brother" a lot here on N.L. cause it's a "term of endearment" that is used in the Black American community. The word "sister" is used also.
Unfortunately, I haven't chatted with a lot of females on here...but I have used the word a few times when referring to them.
I love your diagnosis of me having an "identity crisis" of sorts...lol. i guess you could say that.

@Mobilia, I have been following your conversation with @bosstrevor and @MrAkata

As you are set to discover Nigeria, be prepared for a country that is still trying to discover itself. Most of what we know is what we have been told in History books written by victorious Mr Colonizer. You may in the process discover some things which we do not know. I am always open to that. You have a Nigerian parent, so you do not have to go through the Ancient Egyptian route to discover Africa.

It gets to a stage in Life, after struggling to pass exams and getting a job, accommodation, spouse, etc. one begins to ask "Who am I in this world?". I think Sisters tend to ask that question more than Brothers, as observed by @MrAkata. Perhaps it is a division of labour among genders.

@MrAkata in interested in business. No problem. Every possible link is useful in doing business, be it academic, cultural, recreational. There is something called business culture, which varies from place to place. Some places, it is to meet in a restaurant. In some places, it is to know each other's house. So, how do we eliminate culture in trying to do business? Sometimes, the mere mention of a favourite English Premier league football club could even foster a business relationship. We all human.

@morpheus24 and @bosstrevor seem having the age-old Lagos Islander versus Lagos Mainlander "battle for supremacy". Maybe it is similar to that of West Coast vs East Coast in USA. smiley

I have to go for lunch. Welcome to Nigeria, the Origin of Life.
Religion / Re: Pastor Walter Masocha Sex Scandal With Married Daughter, Resigns by jantavanta(m): 9:06am On Jan 03, 2019
I think she could be an adopted daughter. Don't think she a biological child, but even at that.. really disgusting.

Daughter or step daughter?

probably step daughter

You are doubting one of the best kept secrets of our times?
Romance / Re: If You Are A Ratchet Akata, That Nigerian Man Will Never Marry You For Real by jantavanta(m): 7:28am On Jan 02, 2019

Making excuses for these pathetic lot.

Even during the brutal era of Jim Crow, black folks were not this useless in America.
the men were largely responsible, and had families that they fought for.
we had black doctors, engineers, lawyers, we had Thurgood Marshall and the list is endless.

If they did not crack during the jim crow era, why is the family unit in that sub culture done for after Civil rights?

They are the ones damaging themselves (along with Section 8 too)

No excuses biko.

Black folks were equakkt dehumanized in Africa by colonialists, so its not as if we as Africans had it rosy either.

I agree with you that we also had our challenges. I am not supporting any xenophobic behaviour towards us. I relate well with those of them who have decided to make Africa their Spiritual Center of gravity.

Colonialism was a more advanced form of slavery combined with Jim Crow. They allowed the slave trade abolitionist, William Wilberforce, to have his way because they were moving on to the partition of Africa.

Now we are are in Neo-colonialism.

African Independence was for their faithful servants in Black Skin to compete to take over and eliminate any stubborn African leader who did not agree to the continuation of economic disenfranchisement of Africa.

The opppressors of Black Americans realised that the family unit was their strength and cracked it by the spread of Crack in the 80s and State support for family units to break up. As a consequence, those Black Americans I may be seen to be making excuses for, have been switched into autopilot self-destruction.

Our dehumanization in Africa was more of economic and psychological/spiritual and did not involve direct physical confrontation with Racism (except for apartheid South Africa and maybe Zimbabwe).
Romance / Re: If You Are A Ratchet Akata, That Nigerian Man Will Never Marry You For Real by jantavanta(m): 3:14pm On Jan 01, 2019
There is 400 years of separation between the not-so-desirable Black American woman and the Nigerian desirable.

During those centuries, America built it's prosperity by practically wiping out an entire race and zombiezing them into the mental state of The Living Dead.

If we are attracted to America's prosperity, we have to understand that Black Americans fought slavery, fought Jim Crow laws and fought for Civil Rights to make America conducive for us to emigrate into.

I am not asking anyone to be attracted to the ungroomed large-tattooed "badly brought-up" incoherently-dictioned sort. But at least, be empathic as you maintain your safe distance. Their minds are being damaged by a school curriculum and broadcast media that tells them that they are a Nobody in History, so they are living out that classification.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by jantavanta(m): 8:04pm On Dec 31, 2018
Any Caucasian Canadian citizen who tries to put down Nigerian immigrants, PRs or citizens with self-elevating denigrating comments of Black People should explain what why his/her ancestors sailed from Europe to Canada.

The original inhabitants of Canada were Black People or Black aboriginal native americans. The name Canada can be spelt Kannada, to show that it is not an European name.


Canada has successfully hidden their history of enslaving and wiping off the indigenes and claiming to be a safe haven for Black People who want to escape from American racism. There are "grades" of citizenship. You can be let in without being let in.

The power Nigerian immigrants need is to be fully conscious of the real history of Canada and Africa. Without Black People, The Americas would not exist. But we need to free our own minds. Racism is an economic tool to reduce your share of the Canadian Cake, which you are contributing to.

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Family / Re: Nigerians Advised To Buy Black Dolls For Their Kids. See Reactions by jantavanta(m): 4:36pm On Dec 30, 2018
All right. Is this doll preferable?


I grew up seeing Nigerian girls with Caucasian dolls. It was much later on that I wondered why that standard was set for them.

After being colonized by Caucasians, and being given religions that propagate a Caucasian deity and a Negro demon, alongside text books that illustrate all great people as Caucasians, Nigerians are inclined to wish "better" for their girls through Caucasian dolls, as an advancement through self-rejection.

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