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Family / Re: I Easily Get Angry And Keep Malice A Lot, Please Help by jbrodaly(m): 5:15pm On Jan 03
Happy new year NL.
I am posting this here because i really need help and i know a lot of people visit this section. Please i need urgent help as i don't want to continue like this in this 2019. Don't come and start insulting me please.

My problem is that i easily get angry and my anger doesn't go away easily. Very little things make me angry. Things that are not supposed to make me angry.
I can live in a room with a person for one year or even more without saying a word to the person just because he/she angered or did something bad to me.

I'm a quiet guy. People say i'm an introvert. I always try my best to avoid trouble. I am in my mid twenties buy have never been in a relationship.

This my problem of easily getting angry and keeping malice has been troubling me. I don't like it but still can't stop it. It is affecting my relationship with my family and close friends. And how can i even go into a relationship with this issue i'm having.
I find it very difficult to completely forgive.
I always envy those who are sociable and who don't easily get angry. I always wish to be like them.

Please i need your help/advice. Please this is not a spiritual problem, so don't start telling me about deliverance.
I would appreciate if this can be moved to the front page.

Hi. Do you feel you suffered abuse or neglect especially from your dad when growing up? Maybe your mum or another woman had to take care of you without the help of male? Are you a mummy's boy? Could you also be angry about something you don't know exactly what it is? Take some time off and ask yourself questions, do research and then seek solution.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "Being In Church Is A Must To Secure Your Redemption" by jbrodaly(m): 9:11pm On Aug 12, 2018
Where did he get this from? 9ja made pastors make una fear God o!

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Sports / Re: Adu, Lamptey & 20 Teenage Superstars Who Failed To Fulfil Their Potential by jbrodaly(m): 10:42pm On Jul 31, 2018
Nice one Op Do you remember Owen hargreaves?
Religion / Re: How Nigerian Churches Are Taking Advantage Of Technology To Make Global Impact by jbrodaly(m): 10:29am On Jul 01, 2018
It depends on what we mean by "impact".
Celebrities / Re: Sophie Alakija Survives Accident With Her Family - Husband & 2 Children by jbrodaly(m): 8:44pm On May 08, 2018

Who is Sophie Alakija? Many of us wouldn't know her and why she made news if the poster hadn't attached "Wizkid's Ex" to introduce her. Use your brain.

What is "use your brain"? People asked questions and you have to resort to such nasty words?
Celebrities / Re: Sophie Alakija Survives Accident With Her Family - Husband & 2 Children by jbrodaly(m): 2:50pm On May 08, 2018
Do we have to tag it "Wizkid ex"?
Religion / Re: The Secret Behind MFM Fire Prayers And Why You Must Start Praying Them by jbrodaly(m): 8:38am On May 06, 2018
The day your eyes get opened you will regret ever wasting your time praying such prayers and encouraging others to do the same.


Religion / Re: Why You Must Not Speak Ill Of Men Of God by jbrodaly(m): 8:38am On May 06, 2018
It is common these days to see people making mockery of men of God due to one thing or the other. If you know the Bible; even when a man of God err, it is not appropriate for people to speak ill of them. Rather pray for them and leave them to God for judgement.
We can all learn from 2 Kings 2:23-25. Have a blessed Sunday.

OP how did you arrive at your conclusions? Have you heard of the word brainwash?


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: A Graphic Designer Needed by jbrodaly(m): 3:05pm On Mar 08, 2018

Has your query been resolved?
Hi, yes I got help. Thanks
Family / Re: 'I Moved Out Of My Parents House Because Of My Mum" - Lady by jbrodaly(m): 11:38am On Mar 04, 2018
. Ask her mum,she has the answer to ur question.
You wrote it and I would like you to explain why you thought her life will be incomplete without a man. Do you know what toxic parenting is? Dont be quick to support things like this.


Family / Re: 'I Moved Out Of My Parents House Because Of My Mum" - Lady by jbrodaly(m): 11:35am On Mar 04, 2018
Toxic parenting. How I wish Africans can understand the concept of toxic parenting is!


Family / Re: 'I Moved Out Of My Parents House Because Of My Mum" - Lady by jbrodaly(m): 11:33am On Mar 04, 2018
Your mum is a woman like you and she knows the truth that you cannot be complete as a woman without a man.
Who told you that she cannot be complete without a man?


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: A Graphic Designer Needed by jbrodaly(m): 11:08pm On Feb 28, 2018

What's sought of concept? Am a graphics designer, here's my what apps handle 0705 998 3444

Hey.Could you check your number again? I couldn't find you on whatsapp.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: A Graphic Designer Needed by jbrodaly(m): 11:17am On Feb 28, 2018
Hi guys!Thanks for your prompt replies. I will contact you soon.
Art, Graphics & Video / A Graphic Designer Needed by jbrodaly(m): 11:20pm On Feb 27, 2018

I need a reliable person to design a concept for me. Affordable price please.
Family / Re: Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by jbrodaly(m): 6:31pm On Feb 27, 2018

It's not really peculiar to Nigeria. A lot of stories like this in the U.S. Contractual agreement wouldn't let me divulge specific details but I've edited books for at least 4 people in the U.S who had crappy parents. Especially the Mums. Most times though, either one of the parent is battling with some form of mental illness.

One example that i can point to and is easily verifiable is Aisha Tyson's book "How i retired at 26." (see the cover picture below)
I do agree though that it's a big problem in Nigeria. Hopefully our own generation having experienced a parenting style to not adopt for a child duly learn and treat our own children better.

Thanks a lot. I didn't say Nigeria only. I know in the US it happens but not so much in Europe. Its is a mental health issue in many cases. I have been doing my research as well.
A major problem is that the society does not help in this matter. We hope for a better society.

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Family / Re: Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by jbrodaly(m): 3:46pm On Feb 27, 2018
No parents are perfect but one should not go on in life damaging a child. A child is not your property. Please let the younger generation learn this lessons.

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Family / Re: Did You Have This Kind Of Parent As A Kid? How Did You Survive? by jbrodaly(m): 3:14pm On Feb 27, 2018
This is a peculiar situation to developing countries like Nigeria. It is why they are backward because they destroy their children. No one who grows up in such environment will be close to his parents. I know many who suffered the same and they walked away. This is because the parents usually don't stop this harassment. They keep doing it even when their kids are grownup and have their kids. My own opinion is that for protection sake I may have to stay away from them for a while. It is complicated but one has to act safe.
Not trying to blame anyone....


Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by jbrodaly(m): 12:20am On Feb 15, 2018
Due to the numerous "i want to start programming, which language should i start with" threads on this board i decided to create a thread that will address this issue. I am not a wonderful writer and i won't say i know it all but i will try. I urge every one on this board to correct me where i err an also contribute in whatever way you can to make this thread worth it. I will try as much as possible not to be biased in this write up.

I am not going to go into detail in defining what programming is because i will assume before entering this thread you should already know what programming is. But in summary programming is the act of creating whatever you want with your brain and computer programming is the act of creating whatever you want with your brain and a computer. You can read more from


Programmers could also be called software programmers, software developers and other big-big names you can think of.

Feel free to ask your questions, i will try and answer the ones i can my Ogas in the house will help me with those i can't answer

Please every Programmer should try as much as possible to check on this thread once in a while to help answer some questions Newbies would like to ask.

I encourage people to start with python. It is easier to start with and understand. You can build on the knowledge gained from python to learn other programming lingos.
Health / Are You Having Enough Of Oxygen?! by jbrodaly(m): 11:04am On Jan 09, 2018
Not having enough enough oxygen in the body and indeed the brain can have terrible effects in the life of a person.It could affect your daily life, friendship/relationships etc. Let's take time to find out what could possibly wrong with us or around us especially when it lingers for some time. The following are the effects of not having enough oxygen:
1. Damage to specific brain regions deprived of oxygen. Various brain regions tend to coordinate different functions, so some functions might be severely crippled, while others remain intact. For instance, the injury survivor might be able to understand language but unable to speak.

2. Changes in mood or personality.

3. Difficulty with memory, including the ability to recall facts, names of objects or people, recognize faces, learn new information, or recall autobiographical facts.

4. Changes in motor skills. A number of brain regions help coordinate movement, so if these areas are damaged, you may struggle to walk, write, or engage in other functions.

5. Chronic pain. When the brain is damaged, it may incorrectly process pain signals, causing you to feel pain even when there is not an injury.

6. The inability to feel pain, or to correctly respond to pain signals. For instance, pain in your arm might feel like pain in your leg.

7. Difficulties with impulse control. Many brain injury survivors develop addictions, aggressive behavior, or sexually inappropriate compulsions.

8. Symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

9. Dementia-like symptoms, including confusion, memory difficulties, and signs of rapid brain aging.

Somethings that can be done to increase oxygen in the body:

1. Make sure your apartment/office is well aerated.

2. Go out for a walk.

3. Do more exercises.

4. Eat less fat. Etc.

Don't always think that you are under any demonic attack or something because of strange feelings in your head. Check your environment and make a change.

You can google too find out more symptoms and what could be done.

source: https://www.spinalcord.com/blog/what-happens-after-a-lack-of-oxygen-to-the-brain
Family / Re: Share Your Challenges As A First-born by jbrodaly(m): 10:50pm On Apr 18, 2017

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, the challenges and how tough it has been as a first born child.

Why is Life not fair to us?

This has been my thought in recent days. I think were the problem starts is that many parents have less experience by the time they have their first child..So they abuse them; that where most depression starts from. They(parents) decide for them or want to..The child get confused. Now, these things might not show until he is a grown man... A lot to explain.. But talking about prayers.. I believe it's one thing to pray, it's another thing to pray rightly. Another thing is that firstborns should not to add to their already damaged roots which only God can sort, by getting involved in immoralities. Lastly, is that you've got to fight!Fight! Fight!


Family / Re: Pls Help, My Mum Is Suffering From Megalomania And Am Begining To Hate Her. by jbrodaly(m): 2:10pm On Feb 20, 2017
Dear Op, please deal with any frustrations first. Then you can handle the issues.
Ask yourself questions you can answer. Take time to do this. You said you are very hardworking ,which means your could be under some pressure from work. Also, try to find out what other pressures that keep you irritated. You need to be systematic. Are you dealing with some forms of depression? You might need help yourself. From there you can handle your mum's issue. A person that is not "complete" in mind would find it difficult handling the slightest provocation. What is your relationship with other people? Did you just get out of some crisis? Please deal with this. If you can reduce contact with your mum for sometime do it. This is to avoid any silly reactions to her "attitude". Remember in the end there will always be a solution. Take it easy!

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Crime / Re: Chinese Customs Seize Three Tonnes Of Pangolin Scales Imported From Nigeria by jbrodaly(m): 11:28am On Dec 28, 2016


Really? I used to see this animal in some parts of Benin back in the days. I like the creature. It is a slow moving creature. I was thinking it is already extinct.
Business / Re: Let's Do Some Thinking Together. by jbrodaly(m): 11:04pm On Dec 08, 2016
I believe it is not possible for any country to opt out of the current monetary system. It is the system right now. It has been like that for hundreds of years. An not until something new comes up, It will remain.
As for the system being unfair. If the originator(s) did that in with such intent, it is possible that it worked for then.I doubt if it still the same. I heard the use of money started in the modern day Turkey.If that is true,you can tell that it is no longer in their favour. What I think has happened over the years is that competition has brought out even the most disadvantaged economies/countries into a better state in terms of the benefits of having a monetary world system. I know there are manipulations in the system. Nothing can be perfect.
Romance / Re: Am I Too Introverted? Please Help by jbrodaly(m): 7:18pm On Nov 15, 2016

I never had any experience.. .....
If I were a psychologist I would be in a position to say if it good or not. But you don't need to worry so much. Try and at it. Maybe you should start by going out alone then get used to being free with people you don't know. One has to do something that is the secret. Out door exercise would be of great help to you on this.

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Romance / Re: Am I Too Introverted? Please Help by jbrodaly(m): 6:38pm On Nov 15, 2016

No, why this chilling question.?
If you have not always been this introverted, you may have to find out why now? The reason for the question is that some experience just make you "draw" back like a snail withdraws into its shell. But you know, sometimes there could be no reason for worries,It could be a stage in life.
It could also happen that you are becoming wiser. But try mixing up with people even if it means just meeting up at cafe or something. Such friendship doesn't have to go beyond such a place.
I hope I made sense to you.


Romance / Re: Am I Too Introverted? Please Help by jbrodaly(m): 6:18pm On Nov 15, 2016

Nairalanders, please am I too introverted or what? Is there something I'm missing? Please.

Have you had some terrible experience in the last year or so?
Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by jbrodaly(m): 1:46pm On Jun 25, 2016
I vote Mimzy cc: NLJega

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Italy Vs Sweden: Euro 2016 (1 - 0) On 17th June 2016 by jbrodaly(m): 2:04pm On Jun 17, 2016
Go Sweden!
But the Italian side have experienced men!
Nairaland / General / Re: 15 Visible Signs To Know That Your Friends Are Not Actually Your Friends by jbrodaly(m): 1:35pm On Jun 01, 2016
No one is perfect, basically the moment yu step out to socialize get ready to meet different kinds of personalities, My one Kobo is Never underestimate or overestimate the power of friendship.
You are right!I think we all point fingers whereas the other four point back at us. There is a saying ,I can't remember exactly how it goes.
"...If everyone heard of what the others have said about another,there will be only 2 friends left in this world"-unknown source. There is a truism in that. To me the only two friends are a deaf, and a blind man. The blind man could whisper something without the deaf knowing and the deaf could gesticulate with his hands and body without the blind knowing it. God is the only consistent friend. Even we have problems with our siblings we never say ,they are no longer our siblings. Footballers are paid millions and they will still fail at the most crucial times,yet the clubs don't fire them.So why do we expect others to be perfect towards us and we aren't perfect towards other?All I can say is that man is complicated. We owe no one nothing. One has to be wise when dealing with people,it is that simple.
Sometimes those we call friends are not friends but acquaintances.

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Family / Re: I Didnt Like My Dad When I Was A Kid And Still Dont Like Him Now I'm Grown Up by jbrodaly(m): 8:15am On May 28, 2016
what about Eminem who hates his father and mother? Nicki Minaj who hates her father etc. Not trying to encourage hate for one's parents but........
Thanks a lot for educating me on that.What i stated was that-"I have never heard ...."But please find out about what these stars really think. Also the way a Nigerian would hate is different from the way westerners hate.Just the same way a Nigerian would love.Example you can see this links:

Family / Re: I Didnt Like My Dad When I Was A Kid And Still Dont Like Him Now I'm Grown Up by jbrodaly(m): 11:03pm On May 27, 2016

I hate him with passion.


Man you are hating yourself! Hate has no direction,from hating one person you begin to to hate others.But in this case you are hating the blood that flows inside you. It is being used as a weapon against your life. I have not heard of any man who hates/hated his dad or mum that ever made it in life. I am very sure you are the first son. Things happen in life. There are things I need not write here. I pray you overcome this "burden".

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