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Crime / Re: Single Dad Commits Suicide After Being Tricked Into Sending £500 To Woman (Pix) by Kandeed: 5:39pm
True saying bro

But I want to ask a question

If the fraudster that killed this man later repent,

Will he still be punished or not ?

Always remember whatever bad thing you do, you'll suffer for it either you sit on same table with Jesus or not. Paul (Saul) suffered terribly and also died terribly for his atrocities. David whom God loved suffered for his wrong doings

So whatever bad thing you'll surely suffered for it. I knew what i went thr when I stopped yahoo. I remember how what ever I did turned against me for a long time bfr I went crying for mercy
Crime / Re: Single Dad Commits Suicide After Being Tricked Into Sending £500 To Woman (Pix) by Kandeed: 5:26pm
"He appears to have been scammed by a person or persons purporting to be a woman or women from Africa. He was hugely impacted."

Nigerian "Online Businessmen" strike again... But, how daft are these foreigners, especially the Caucasians??! Sending so much money to online strangers you have never met in person or at the very least video-called...

It's hard for me to pity some of these victims at times. Even my 6 year old knows better than to fall for such washed out and dumb tricks. SMH!!!

The reason why you talk like this is cuz you grew up in an environment where everyone is on the look out cuz he's fellow Negro is either tryna rip him off or fraud him so over time trust has long become a scarce commodity. it's not like that over there an average white nigga don't see any reason why his fellow man would wanna scam him that's why they trust themselves not to fraud each other. Besides you wan dey scam with ur real face over there? you're a goner, so don't blame him.

on the Bolded above I'll attribute that to the fact that you've not left the shores of Nigeria bfr, if you have you'd know anything you want except life can be ordered on the phone and most times you make a down payment to show commitment and it doesn't fail, you get what you buy (competence). thus, over time it's become a normal thing for them. the only thing nigga Yahoo guys do is capitalize on this their easy TRUST that's all. Plus, faking a video call has now become easy, just get a 10sec muted video of the person you want to use

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Procures 32 Fighter Aircraft, Drones In Six Years by Kandeed: 12:57pm
And you keep rewarding those that crash it, even the pilots.

A pilot crashed a billion Naira fighter jet and the army is celebrating him.

So he should have been beaten or locked up?
Car Talk / Re: Car Washer Wrecks His Client’s Car After Driving It To Buy Food (Video) by Kandeed: 7:57am
Unfortunately, nothing will happen. Owner will have to fix or sell his car, the culprit will return to work, after tops 1 week.

Well this would be so if the car owner decide to pity him and just let him be. That's why ion drop keys for these folks in the first place


Politics / Re: 2023: North Preparing Ground For Violent Takeover. by Kandeed: 7:52am
A great degree of sanity will be felt in Nigeria, if we can just get rid of the North.

So many Nigerians gain from the North....and Nigeria is not getting rid of the North until we've made provisions for the Northern Christians


Politics / Re: Yoruba, Igbo Betrayed S/South, N-Delta Won't Support Kanu & Igboho —Senator Owie by Kandeed: 7:47am
Y'all can't even support urselves.....when Tompolo had issues with FG, nigga had to sort himself out. so atm SS/ND is inconsequential to the matter on ground


Politics / Re: NYSC Should Be Suspended, Southerners Are Posted To A War Zone by Kandeed: 9:52pm On Jul 24
Dem complain take give you??
Romance / Re: Video: Angry Lady Destroy Boyfriend House For Allegedly Cheating O by Kandeed: 9:37pm On Jul 24
Can't imagine my GF doing this to my own House. Well, I can't stop her tho but when she's done she should jejely pick one from the picture below so myself to can display my own quota of strength

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Romance / Re: Is It Wrong To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find Wife Material? by Kandeed: 9:35pm On Jul 24

Don't bring Nigeria into this and don't BLAME BUHARI.. This present youths are too lazy, they want quick things. Can endure any pains.


I'm not blaming Buhari in particular but the leadership. and it all boils down to our leaders, Nigerian youth are not lazy the way y'all seem it to be.

Ok I'll like to apply for Jobs but I gotta know a God father, my own is inter state travels that aid/boost my business but I can't travel without budgeting ransom for kidnappers, lemme manage the little I got but each time I enter market prices of commodity triples, so how do you expect youth in that country to survive if they don't go into crime

PS; I'm not encouraging crime, just stating the obvious here
Travel / Re: Air Peace Aircraft Tyre Bursts At Ilorin Airport by Kandeed: 9:28pm On Jul 24
A popular politician will die this year.

An aircraft will narrowly escape crashing.

There will be more reports of collapsed buildings in this remaining half of the year.

Killings will increase.

Buhari's health will get worse and the presidency will hide it from Nigerians.

Team Nigeria in the Olympics will perform badly.

This I have seen.

Lmao grin grin
Travel / Re: Air Peace Aircraft Tyre Bursts At Ilorin Airport by Kandeed: 9:27pm On Jul 24
The aircraft's maintenance crew has a lot of questions to answer... lipsrsealed

All other aircraft's should be granted immediately till investigation are properly conducted.

Lmao Grounded not Granted
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find Wife Material? by Kandeed: 9:24pm On Jul 24
and when a lady tries to pretend she is not conceivable, cannot cook, i hope you will also understand.

She cannot hide those two
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find Wife Material? by Kandeed: 9:23pm On Jul 24

How many men can be like our father's [the responsible set ]?

When now we have boy's in male body doing nothing apart from sagging, dying their hairs,wearing the latest fashion dress,thinking that life is about money, sex and fûcking. With under developed mentality, no emotionals and low IQ chasing only worldly properties without planning his/their foundation.

But all the same it's not all of us. our clime has programmed it to be that way while on the other hand things were easy for the learned and there was hope for the common man back then with lil exposure, that cannot be said of our dispensation esp with the sect of leaders we've got. Youth will get back on track (not all tho) if this country get to function.
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find Wife Material? by Kandeed: 9:20pm On Jul 24
nobody is rubbing anyone's ego here. Let us face facts, can you take the shit you dish out?

What he's trying to do is not shit.....that to me is not bad except for the fact that he'd want to seem like he's not learned or hasn't been to the four walls of Uni. that he wanna act broke to prolly see someone worth the search is not bad
Romance / Re: I Need Advice: I Want To Commit But Something Is Holding Me Back by Kandeed: 9:16pm On Jul 24
What's he even saying e?

This is a jss2 student no doubt.

Cus I couldn't understand what he was saying, didn't even convey any message, just feel like seeing him and pressing knock in the middle of his head.

Simply put or lemme say, make us understand at 18 you were still in jss 2 simple. at 18 many of us were already in 200L

You guys should stop trying to demonize the guy. "what happens to gently advising him to focus on his education first et al. do you guys even know what Youthful exuberance is at all??
Romance / Re: I Need Advice: I Want To Commit But Something Is Holding Me Back by Kandeed: 9:12pm On Jul 24
You are so silly. Will you stupidly get out of nairaland? BTW where is your father from?

You don't really have to be hard on the lil guy if you really is civilized. he's 18years old and therefore fit to go into a relationship anytime he feels like stop tryna demonize him
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find Wife Material? by Kandeed: 9:08pm On Jul 24
If a woman lied to you that she cannot conceive children, will you still go ahead with the marriage plans?

Lets be guided

If the reverse was the case will you be happy?

y'all are the ones rubbing the ego of these girls to think Money is the most important thing in marriage. how bout building with the husband like most of our mothers did

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Kandeed: 8:47pm On Jul 24
With all the advice the op has received from this thread to make a wise decision and save his life. He is still going to do the opposite. grin

grin grin

Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Kandeed: 8:38pm On Jul 24

She needs your understanding, dear. All women need that from our man. If you love her, you'll be attentive to her emotional needs.

Who's this?? he should do what??

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Kandeed: 8:00pm On Jul 24
she's all that because you're a simp. her type would be gentle as a do e when dealing with a real man.

Grow a pair! When next she throws a fit send her out of your house. Show her craze. Throw her stuffs out. It's either she vows to you or fxck away forever. And trust me, whatever happens after that you win

God bless you bro
Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Kandeed: 7:50pm On Jul 24

To a large extent, yes.

what you should make mario22 understand is that the girl must be ready to change and besides therapy is stressful and somehow hard especially with schedule

and it'll be hard for the therapy to work, why's cause the guy does not seem manly enough to calm her down if it takes yelling so putting her up to meet her schedule when she doesn't want to might make her still change it for him
Politics / Re: Igbos Hate Themselves/not United Delusion by Kandeed: 3:55pm On Jul 24

TBH you are dull
Mr dolapo

u should know the meaning of that name bfr using it outta context
Politics / Re: Igbos Hate Themselves/not United Delusion by Kandeed: 2:54pm On Jul 24

Dummy!! It was clearly stated "arguably" the richest...

Can you now tell us how Yoruba's are more united than the igbos without involving Nigerian politics please?

if it's 'arguably" then it should have been "one of the richest". work on ur Comprehension sad
Politics / Re: Igbos Hate Themselves/not United Delusion by Kandeed: 2:42pm On Jul 24
what nonsense illusion is the they're are the most successful and the most richest. mtcheww. Na kuku monkey wey never chop hin neighbor food dey always talk say na hin mama food sweet pass


Politics / Re: Igbo Not Silent On Nnamdi Kanu, Ohanaeze Tells Critics by Kandeed: 11:25am On Jul 24
This topic has Igbo in the heading, it will reach FP cheesy
Make I book space here cheesy


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Crime / Re: Bike Thief Burnt To Death by Kandeed: 10:53pm On Jul 23
Not fake news... I was there live. The thief stabbed the owner of the bike before snatching the bike. He fell from the bike while been chased at Afiesere Secondary School cos of speed-breaker.

First time I'll really agree to the usefulness of speed breaker
Politics / Re: Do Not Be Deceived. "Afonja" And "Flatino" Does Not Play Out In Real Life by Kandeed: 10:50pm On Jul 23
birds of the same feathers fly together.
Look at this bigo.t forming nonsense on-top who no notice am.
get out of the cage, travel and learn. very uncivilized thing.

Why are you coming for my head?? did you read where I said i don't hate Igbo at all??
Romance / Re: ‘I Want To Get Married’ – Feminist Breaks Down In Tears (Video) by Kandeed: 10:49pm On Jul 23

One spotted

Y'all don't give a cfvk but saying No to anything under a skirt is really hard for you guys

Good night please

I have got better things to do that has got more brains than you men

Say hello to my new friends

Lmao I guess you folks don't got nothing to offer other than that shit btwn y'all legs, something very disgusting anytime I accidentally look at. not all guys are sex freak and not all guys worship the only thing y'all got to remain humanly useful, the better y'all know that the better for you


Romance / Re: ‘I Want To Get Married’ – Feminist Breaks Down In Tears (Video) by Kandeed: 9:44pm On Jul 23
Men on nairaland are so swallow minded

the truth is sensible guys don't give a fvck bout y'all liabilities in the first place


Autos / Re: Toks 2008 Toyota Camry (leather Seat) For #2.9M by Kandeed: 9:37pm On Jul 23
OP this is Xle v6 not Le..
Le does not come with leather seats...

why if I may ask tho.....does it tell the difference in the quality btwn the two?
Crime / Re: BREAKING: Gunmen Kill Another Nigerian Army Personnel In Bayelsa by Kandeed: 9:31pm On Jul 23
Anything other than least 15 dead bodies of cultists is unacceptable from the Army.

Anyways I feel the Military Police should handle military death and not the regular police sad
Politics / Re: Do Not Be Deceived. "Afonja" And "Flatino" Does Not Play Out In Real Life by Kandeed: 9:29pm On Jul 23

Oh really?
I have never been in the east tho

Only thing I don't like about igbos I have met is that, they don't want u to learn their language and sometimes it's odd, they can talk about u in ur presence

They usually do it

I was in my now ex girlfriend's house, they are Igbo but have been in Ekiti for a long time, so they speak Igbo, Yoruba and English

But the mum deliberately switched to Igbo and I am sure she was saying some things about me.
It was a turn off, I never went back

You even try wey Igbo girls dey attract you. they don't attract me at all and ion even see anything that would make me pass the boarders of the SE let alone staying 3days except perhaps I'll be touring states like Calabar n A/ibom to visit some attractions centers and I have to pass thr States like Abia. funny enough ion hate Igbo people but I just don't like their way of life, judging with the few I got to meet and deal with.

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