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Travel / Re: Travelling To Phillipine Any Idea: by kenflipper(m): 9:10pm On Nov 15, 2008
This guy was beheaded in philliphines after he was kidnapped.

Travel / Re: Travelling To Phillipine Any Idea: by kenflipper(m): 9:06pm On Nov 15, 2008
May GOD help you all when u get there!, hopefully this will shut my critics up!
I didnt mean to stop ur dream of a greener pasture abroad, i m trying to point it out wit out sugar coating, there are so many additions to alot of little known countries. Pls judge for urself more pics in the coming!, for those of you who re familiar with philly you must have heard of the town zamboanga! that was where a black American married to a philly lady was beheaded. America govt did not border much cos' they already warned about travel risk to philipino on their website.
Kidnappings is nothing knew in philliphines,

Travel / Re: Travelling To Phillipine Any Idea: by kenflipper(m): 1:37am On Nov 14, 2008
It is the worst mistake you will ever make in ur life!, Not only would you have wasted such huge amount on airfare. You would be lucky if you arent jacked, stolen from or killed. Philli is one of the most useless society in the world. Cotonu is better organised than they are. They have the worst child abuse in the history of humanity. You could find kids as young as 5yrs eating from dustbins and by kids i mean hundreds of them, human life is very cheap and a dispute with some one will cost that person less than $10 to demand your life. Where philli citizens are seeking the slightest opportunity to dash into Nigeria. Pls rethink ur purpose of travelling, even if u have a friend there i bet ur friend is stocked and lying to you!!!, As you already know most travellers dont tell the truth cos' they dont wanna loose there value back at home.
Travel / Re: The Best Residence For Black Foreigners? by kenflipper(m): 1:40pm On Nov 13, 2008
NIGERIA!, is still the best residence for all races, black, white, blue, green, orange,
Travel / Re: Nairalanders In Tennesse U.s by kenflipper(m): 8:22pm On Nov 09, 2008
If Tennesse is boring why dont u try other states?, i'm sure Nigerians are scattered all around.
While in Tennesse you can still catch some fun, visit the smoky mountains in Gatlingburg, u will certainly have a swell time near by there is dolly parton's dollywood.
They have a bus that will ferry you to dollywood and back within various destinations in tennesse, Call them.
Travel / Re: Genuine Statement Of Account - Way Out by kenflipper(m): 11:58am On Nov 05, 2008
silly being, how could you post such here, knowing the internet is an open access to all. The embassies they re going to apply from has taken note! In ur aim to seek needed clients you have just exposed them to scrutiny.
Travel / Re: Need India 6 Month Visa by kenflipper(m): 11:51am On Nov 05, 2008
Wait oh!, e be like say this thing na bidding process see the rushing for visa contract.

Me i can get you 5months visa,
Travel / Re: Afghanistan And Iraq Visa- Free For All! by kenflipper(m): 3:01am On Oct 26, 2008
@Jassie what are you waiting for ? why havent you gone to afghan or Iraq, You smell of bad breath.
Travel / Re: Please Guys, I Need Your Help! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee by kenflipper(m): 2:31am On Oct 24, 2008
Kenforum i m interested i wanna drive from Bahamas to USA pls tell me where you built the bridge linking Bahamas and United states.
Travel / Re: Urgently! Ticket Price To Uganda by kenflipper(m): 1:04pm On Oct 19, 2008
Try Ethiopian airline.
Car Talk / Re: Lagos To Ban Illegal Car Dealers From Jan. 1, 2009 by kenflipper(m): 12:52pm On Oct 19, 2008
Simple fact!, they aint qualified to be in the position they hold as govt worker!, How can we vote these guys out, before they take away our rights to breath oxygen? this is a very serious issue and isnt funny at all, Nigeria will be the only country in the world where an individual cant sell his car from his back yard. Other countries create positive records, we only create negative records. They could band indiscriminate car dealership locations or such without govt approval e.g street display,which prevents free traffic flow. But not when i m selling my car to my cousin or friend in the compound of my house. These guys are crazy oh, obviously they required mental examination. What is the internet for??, You see this is evidence that these guys cheated to obtain their bogus degrees while in school, Why else will they be affraid of Using Information Tech to fight crime in this age. They should simply create a data base for stolen cars which should include auto infos and pictures, Car owners should be required to take both internal & external pictures of their cars and store it in a safe place to be turned in when their vehicles are stolen so that the website can be updated. and the masses should be well informed to use the data base to make inquiry about the car they intend buying and equally report it if necessary via the website, if discovered to be on stolen list that is how you use the masses to police themselves.
Travel / Re: Visa Granted! by kenflipper(m): 4:36am On Oct 03, 2008
I assume your intention is to go there and stay permanently. If that be the case ask ur aunt to file I-130 for you as a relative of her. If she pays her taxes regularly has a good job, hasnt lived on govt welfare or food stamps for the past 5yrs and never been to prison it should work out well for you. It will also give u the right to live and work in the USA. Its a lengthy process tho!, You would need to Fill 5 copies of form G325A and send to her via post along side ur passport size photo 2 x 2. I hope she shares ur DNA cos' if she aint ur aunty by blood it would be denied. This process is only for blood relative. You will be required to do a DNA test in lagos before ur visa will be granted.
Travel / Re: Happy Nigeria Independence -48 Years, What Are You Hopes For Our Country by kenflipper(m): 4:54pm On Oct 02, 2008
While i may agree with, i disagree on the type of fight we need at this age.
Blood fight now will be disastrous to the nation and would neither benefit the country for good or the people. We dont wanna experience what liberia experience where peoples hands and legs are chopped off and left as cripples. What we need is to change our minds into battle fields. Yeah, let our minds do the battle. We could mobilize to vote out the rogues, Yes results can be stolen but overwhelming victories are difficult to overturn, So lets make it difficult for them. And we shouldnt always think of the presidencial election as our sole responsibilities, the local govt chairmanship, senators and governorship elections are more important to us cos' they are the closest to us. If we put the right people there with the right attitude they can checkmate the president thereby giving us better result and the local govt. chairmen and governors are responsible for our day to day local development not Mr. President. Plus dont forget we have one of the strongest military in Africa, which could crack the Niger Delta if they had wanted to, they are only showing brother love, because they themselves understand that d situation there is a shame on the Nigerian govt.
Travel / Re: Complain by kenflipper(m): 3:52am On Oct 02, 2008
You should have been happy that ur post was thrown to the trash, rather than complaining bitterly. If u meant well, then sorry ur wellness ment sorrow for the vunerable. NSK DOESNT EXIST OOOOOOOOOOO. Its a useless document even an I.d card is better than NSK passport.
Travel / Re: Cocaine Tragedy Nigerian Dies In Senegal-spain Flight by kenflipper(m): 3:44am On Oct 02, 2008
Hope they learn!!!
Travel / Re: Happy Nigeria Independence -48 Years, What Are You Hopes For Our Country by kenflipper(m): 2:36am On Oct 02, 2008
Certainly Nigeria have failed as a country and as a people. The leaders have deviated from the goals of our forefathers, I am sure our forefathers looking down at us are wishing they had allowed the brits to stay a little longer. However the goodnews is that all hopes arent lost!, there is light at the end of the tunnel. What is happening in Nigeria is worst than a recession or depress and liken to a failed state. Hard work and sacrifice is one way out!!!. Doing the right thing is another step in the right direction. Nigerian youths out numbers the old hunters. We should begin the process of rallying for the next election and ensure that among the candidate to emerge, we choose the one that mostly share our vision and ideals. Secondly we need to vote out those senators that arent represent our views those who get to the house and forget the mandate and mission of the people.

Believe more in Hardwork and miracles, yeah!, hardwork does pays and miracles does happen if our hearts are open to receive it.

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Travel / Re: Fake Travel And Human Trafficking Nigerian Immgration Service Arrest Two girls . by kenflipper(m): 6:34pm On Sep 30, 2008
How could anyone in this age use a fake passport to travel to any country much less a west African one!
And this same girls would say they didnt know they were gonna be prostitutes or sold as sex slaves, COME-ON!
Edo-state girls have stringent rules in securing a Nigerian passport that must have been responsible for them using a fake passport. These girls have bastardized the image of the Nigerian woman abroad what a shame. If only they had little education. She was gonna be a hair stylist there, Yeah right! is she able to speak alittle bit of french. Does she know how terrible the CFA currency is?? I also think the guys from that state should man up!, they remind me of the no good gang-bangers and so called AA in the USA, who would always blame history and conspiracy for their situation. trafficking on a lady is a great crime against humanity and GOD, have we all lost our sanity or am i alone on this one. Where did we keep common sense in Nigeria? they should be tried for possession of fake passport and should be give maximum sentence to serve as a deterrant, ignorance is no excuse. Upon all the vocational and skill acquisition training centers in Benin, they are simply lazy, lack self determination, completely absent when it comes to common sense and are the most ojukokoro women in Nigeria. Tho!, not all Edo girls are like this but the percentage of them in the mud is simply overwhelming. Even the Igbo girls who are generally known for their "money is a must attitude" do apply common sense in the way they go about it hissssssssssss.
Travel / Re: Fresh Moves to Stop Nigerian Prostitutes Influx In Italy . by kenflipper(m): 7:04pm On Sep 28, 2008
Personally i believe parents should be the main focus and should bring up their kids with christian values. The media equally have a larger role to play in creating awareness and government should provide opportunities for Nigerians to manage their lives back at home. For a Nigerian to give up all and decide to move to cotonu or Ghana is an insult to our Nation. If a Nigerian decides to travel it should be the USA, Canada or UK where tho! one might not get all his/her rights but can get a certain form of right!
Govt needs to act fundamentally, provide electricity and good road networks and assist local farmers in the village with small loans, then ask the citizens to take advantage of the opportunities.
Travel / Re: What The Heel Are U Guys Doing Oversea by kenflipper(m): 5:20am On Sep 27, 2008
While there are some who get carried away and forget home when they travel, there are others who refuse to loose their identity and uphold the fundamentals of their upbring even after adopting a second citizenship.
Business / Re: Did You Receive This Mail? by kenflipper(m): 4:29am On Sep 25, 2008
Thanks to all who replied, its ironic that youthful minds become wasted minds when applied negatively. I hope that the 419s would realise that they are fast runing out of ideas, and apply their minds positively.
Business / Did You Receive This Mail? by kenflipper(m): 8:09pm On Sep 24, 2008
Is this a joke or what? pls let me know if you received this mail, i have a nagging feeling its a scam. If not why would anyone wanna be interested in me when that person doesnt even know me in the first place hisssssssssssss. One of the red flags of scammers is having multiple email addresses, writing you with one and asking you to reply with another!!!just incase if the sender mail is blocked.

From Kelly desmond
My name is miss Kelly John viewing and going through your profile today in www.nairaland.com has made me to became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so that i can send you my picture, for you to know and see whom i am.
Here is my email address( kellylarrybaby@yahoo.com) believe we can move from here!
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
( kellylarrybaby@yahoo.com)
Travel / Re: Nijas In South Africa ? by kenflipper(m): 2:47am On Sep 23, 2008
Contradiction, My pal informed me that i shouldnt advise my worst enemy to visit South Africa, disect it!
Business / Re: Geriatric And Babe Diapers Machine by kenflipper(m): 12:00am On Sep 21, 2008

Good thinking, the secret of success in manufacturing/production is boldness. Dont be affraid to start small even from your bedroom. Most of the factories in Asia today started from bedrooms.
Travel / Re: Seychelles Travel Info, by kenflipper(m): 1:44am On Sep 18, 2008
/ 18SEP08 / 0128 UTC
National Nigeria (NG) /Destination Seychelles (SC)

Seychelles (SC)

Passport required.
- Passport and passport replacing documents must be valid for
at least the period of the intended stay.

Visa required.

Visa Issuance:
- On arrival: bona fida visitors will be issued with a
Visitor's Permit (SEE NOTE 19995) on arrival provided
holding: onward or return ticket (if not, an onward/return
ticket must be purchased on arrival); and sufficient funds
(minimum of USD 150.- per day) and proof of accommodation
during stay.
NOTE 19995: Visitor's Permit allowing a stay of up to one
month will be issued subject to the validity of the
onward/return ticket. Visitors wishing to stay longer than
the permitted stay stated, should apply for an extension at
least one week to its expiry.
Additional Information:
- For crew members arriving to join yachts, the yacht must
already be in port and the master of the vessel must inform
Immigration Office in writing of the arrival of the crew


Timaticweb Version 1.3
18 September 2008

For flights to seychelles check with emirates. For further information on what life is like on ground check with Darkroll he lives there if i aint mistaking!!!

Hope the info helps,

Travel / Re: Us Visa Help My Friend by kenflipper(m): 8:22pm On Sep 16, 2008
A copy of tourist visa requirement could be found at the embassy or on their website but! as a business man, you might want to make sure u have a copy of ur business registration, tax clearance covering past 2 to 3 yrs the more the better cos' they are very doubtful of a Nigerian intent.
Cancel the idea of booking a hostel rather book a hotel as it will show ur financial ableness at the embassy.
If u havent toured other locations in Africa, they might equally doubt ur intent as u might be refused on the grounds that u lack travel experience. So i'd advise that u visit ghana or any neighbouring country, except if u've travelled over the coast to europe or Asia before. Make sure you know specifically where u intent to visit in the USA, you will be asked and required to state the specific town!, that will give them a sense that you know where u are going and you have done prior arrangement and study. For example they already know u intend to visit the USA and u know once in the embassy, you are considered to be in the US, say for example ur going to dollywood, You simple say dollywood-Gatlingburg-Tennesseee Or Disneyland-Orlando-florida and make sure ur hotel is booked in the same location. Hopefully you are married make sure u are wearing ur ring on that day cos' it will be noted without ur knowledge when they take ur finger print and that will tell them if u have family ties to make u return back or not. Include any stock investment cert. u might have with all account details doesnt matter the kind of bank. Yes, u should have ur travel intinery which should include ur flight ticket. It could be a booking!, embassies like to know u re ready to go when they give u their visas in order to prevent the issue of passport loss or thieft that might result in their visa entering the hands of an unvetted individual. If u re deemed credible enough to travel and return u might get 2yrs multiple, if they re highly impressed by the way u answered questions and ur personality maybe 5yrs multiple. If not, a flat-out refusal with ties to return as an excuse.
Travel / Re: Cape Varde Tourist Info, by kenflipper(m): 5:12pm On Sep 16, 2008
Yes, they are working on joining EU isnt that funny?, but may be good for them. This is after OBJ visited the country when he was in power with financial packages. I learnt EU has told them to deport all foreigners and imposed strict visa regulation before they could be considered. If our govt would take care of its citizens and forget about our so called neighbours it would perharps do the country alot of good. Cape Verde is a poor country the only thing going on for them is salt, fishing and tourism which still isnt enough to run their govt they depend heavily of aids from USA and EU.

Travel / Re: Foreign Embassies:tax And Educational Certificates Verifications by kenflipper(m): 3:22pm On Sep 15, 2008
The rational behind their request for tax clearance is to determine if you perform ur civic duty as a good citizen, if you dont, it would mean ur not law abiding and they wont expect you to be law abiding when u get to their land, if u cant prove u are in Nigeria! On the issue of WAEC its simple, they need to know u have attained the basic education needed for you to communicated and differential between ur left and right!, most Britons and Americans dont believe we learn anything in school, cos of the kind of class room difficiency they see thro' the news on CNN and other news anchor, Here in the USA the structures, facilities and quality of teachers in High sch is 1000x better than what we have in the Universities back home. Average nigerian is naturally gift, that is why we are able to succeed despite the odds. Those students who fail in Nigerian would do excellently well if they had the opportunity to study here in the USA. Imagine u are at an event and u speak, then someone comes to u and say woooow!, u speak good. For me thats so embarrassing cos' it almost seem as if they werent expecting u to speak good cos u're an African.
Travel / Re: Please Guys, I Need Your Help! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee by kenflipper(m): 4:50am On Sep 15, 2008
@agba123 Yeah!, i saw ur reply.

hmmmmmm canadian citizen, this one is tricky, why hasnt he filed for US citizen, since he has been legal residence for 7yrs? 5yrs legal residence with out crime is all it takes to file! maybe he prefers holding on to his Canadian citizenship!
He should take a leave from his work place.
** With a letter of leave authorization from his employer and let him go to the embassy with his wife for a visit visa.
During the interview he could be asked if he has a leave authorization letter, that with other docs will show a proof of purpose of visiting Nigeria, thats how their system works at the US embassy world wide protocols are same ol!
While going to naija he should go with his work authorization card and tax clearance for 2005, 2006 and 2007, hopefully as a prof. he earns a 6 figure salary, that would also help alot.
Visit visa is one clear cut way out!
But a problem still exist!!! since her previous visa application was bogus (H visa) her interview questions will be centered around her quest for H visa, but with his presence and their marriage certification to show the kind of relationship between them, they should scale through. She should begin reasoning out an acceptable explaination, ignorance is an unacceptable excuse in the civilized world. She will not be allowed to work while in the USA, so if asked she should simply say no she doesnt intend to work, that all she wants is the ability to spend sometime with her hubby and return back to her job in Nigeria which she loves. Post this question cos' of of her previous H visa application they will try to make her use her own answer to disqualify herself from getting the visa.
Travel / Re: Cape Varde Tourist Info, by kenflipper(m): 3:50am On Sep 15, 2008
/ 15SEP08 / 0328 UTC
National Nigeria (NG)
Destination Cape Verde Islands (CV)

Cape Verde Islands (CV)

Passport required.
- Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid
at least for the period of the intended stay.
Passport Exemptions:
- Holders of Identity cards issued by the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs to foreign mission personnel.

Visa required, except for Nationals of Nigeria.
Visa required, except for Former nationals of Cape Verde
Islands, if holding proof thereof, including their spouses
and/or children.
- Non-compliance with visa requirements will result in refusal
of entry and deportation at carrier's expense.


Timaticweb Version 1.3
15 September 2008

Visa not required for Nigerians however a flat BTA of #1000 Euros or $1,500USD is required to be shown at the airport plus paid hotel reservation, failure to do that would result to direct deportation. Airsenegal and Caboair flies directly from Dakar in Senegal to capeverde for about $350USA return, Dakar-Capeverde-Dakar.

Warning: Cape Verde is a poor and very expensive Island, Nigerians have a bad reputation for drugs. Unless u re going on official duties it is not adviseable for anyone. There isnt any way out of and Nigerians are constantly been deported to dakar.
Remember information is a powerful tool and failure to adhere strictly to attained information, can be disastrous and life threatening. Themsay! isnt an existing word in the english dictionary its a Nigerian conjugated slang!

Travel / Re: Please Guys, I Need Your Help! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee by kenflipper(m): 1:52pm On Sep 14, 2008
What about you? couldnt he help you after all he is your uncle!, unless u re happy with Nigeria's slow economic and developmental growth.

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