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Events / Re: Popular Nairalander " Wese90 " Ties Knot by KingKingKing: 7:33pm On Jun 30
Congrats man, God bless your home
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore: Free Kanu Now! Asking For Self-Determination Is Not A Crime by KingKingKing: 4:28pm On Jun 29
Sowore, KANU can never be freed!
Buhari already promised he would "treat him and his followers in the language they understand" and he, Buhari has started this.

My question is why would the UK turn their back against their citizen?

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Why I Jumped Bail, Escaped From Nigeria by KingKingKing: 3:59pm On Jun 29
You ran for your dear life when your house was stormed while you send your footmen on a suicide mission just for your own selfish gains. What a pity!

Heroes don't run , they aren't cowards they stay to fight for their people. Kanu's action has led to the death of hundreds of Igbo youths.

Kanu should have learnt a thing or two from Ojukwu. Self determination isn't Won by violence anymore but by diplomacy.

Kanu's end might be closer than we thought.
because I'm so sure that some of his kinsmen betrayed him by working in favour of the Nigerian Govt to ensure his arrest.

My Igbo brothers and sisters, IGBO KWENU! IGBO KWENU!! KWENU!!! KWEZONU OOOO!!!!!!
The time is now to speak up not by fighting but by educating your fellow tribesmen in the east to mellow down a bit, get their PVCs and come out en masse to vote In their preferred candidates. Victory shall be ours in Jesus Name.

God bless the land of the rising sun
God bless Igbos
God bless the East
God bless The Yorubas (My Tribe)
God bless the Hausas
God bless the greatest country on earth, Nigeria

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Religion / Re: A Cobra Was Found In My Office - Bishop Oyedepo by KingKingKing: 1:20pm On Jun 27

I tire! I once found a snake behind my bed in school around 7am. Obviously, it was there all through the night yet it didn't harm me.

I am not religious otherwise I would have shared a loud testimony. undecided

God kept you for a reason
Crime / Re: CCTV Footage Of Chidinma & Usifo Ataga At Restaurant Before She Killed Him by KingKingKing: 9:54am On Jun 25
May we not die untimely due to the works of our hands!

The man is gone for good, the lady's life is finished for life, Lady's family will leave to bear the shame for the rest of their life.

No better time to amend your ways than now, Fellas!

God bless y'all

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Harry/Meghan Interview: Buckingham Palace Admits Needs To Do More On Diversity by KingKingKing: 11:35am On Jun 24
Oya Nigerians with hypocrisy... They would come here to vilify the whites for Racism.. While they are the Most Tribalist ppl in the entire universe...

From Afonja, to Osu to Nyamiri to "Aboki" etc

If Nigerians were white this country would be the most racist in the entire universe.

How many of you Igbos or Yorubas have people from other tribes working for you?

Before you look into your neighbours' eyes , remove the log in your eyes first


Travel / Re: Vehicles On Fire At Ogeere, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway! Fire Fighters In Action by KingKingKing: 4:19pm On Jun 22
Strange things happening in Lagos since Buhari left Lagos, this man is a dead/cause Man

Read u no go read, travel u no go travel.. Na wa o.. How's ogere Lagos?

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Career / Re: Is It Okay To Post Engagement Pictures On LinkedIn? by KingKingKing: 1:21pm On Jun 22
I stopped opening LinkedIn cos of the "tensioning" going on in that cyberspace. Gosh, that place was too monotonous for my liking. However now, people have started posting things about Testimonies, birthdays, weddings etc.

Back to the main question, Love can be found anywhere. So if someone meets Career bae from LinkedIn, sure why not post engagement pictures? After all, it's still part of social media.

Let's get to know each other Folake.. We could make a great couple you know


Health / Re: Help Out Oral Infection Graphic Photo by KingKingKing: 10:14pm On Jun 20
Lol..silly fellows..keep fooling yourself

It is well.. I pray the Blessings of God Rest up on you Sandra
Health / Re: Help Out Oral Infection Graphic Photo by KingKingKing: 8:21pm On Jun 20
Am new here i just registered today, hoping to get answers i having be living with pains in my mouth. for months now and it gets worse daily. i have meant with doctors did a swap test and found nothing in their test, i was asked to return 2weeks time, but my conditions is getting worse i feel feverish, weak and pains all over my body especially from my throat there are red linings at the back of my throat and white puses on the tonsils, please help out,
Any solution even if its local

How can i get this to front page

I have exams and its really disturbing

I have also taking several antibiotics nothing worked my oral swab showed no growth of any microrobes in my mouth

Please what could it be and what solution can help out

Join NLP by pastor Bolaji idowu on Instagram.. The infection will be gone in 2 days
Career / Re: Considering The Situation Of Nigeria, How Are You Coping Without A Job? by KingKingKing: 5:30pm On Jun 17
If you don't have a job I hope you have a great family that helps you financially, if you don't have a great family I hope you have great friends that are benevolent.

Above all I hope you have God.

One day I will share my testimony on Nairaland.

Cuz to survive without a Job in Nigeria is crazy I must confess

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Crime / Re: Joy Saturday Kidnapped, Gang-Raped & Killed By Man She Bought Land From (Video) by KingKingKing: 2:09pm On Jun 17
They are planning on make this one IG in 2048 his job now is to blackmail southerners as criminals

You just an idiot


Politics / Re: Zaria Residents Sacrifice 2 Rams While Praying Against Incessant Kidnapping by KingKingKing: 8:30am On Jun 17
My own be say who come chop the rams wey dey slaughter?

Na wa o...

These bandits killing and maiming them are well known to the residents of the town.. They are always seen at the market purchasing food items, but the residents of this town would rather handle them with kid gloves because they consider them brothers and fighters.

Sometimes I wish a study could be carried Out on the thought process of an average northerner.. Cuz I just don't get how you harbour them , they would rather die in silence than call out this govt for abandoning them.

Babajide otitoju of TVC don really open my eyes to this insurgency going up north.. God bless that man

God bless the North
God bless Nigeria


Sports / Re: Christen Eriksen Alive, In Stable Condition - UEFA by KingKingKing: 7:15am On Jun 13
Thank You Jesus!
Sports / Re: Denmark Vs Finland Game Suspended As Medics Confirm Eriksen Is Stable by KingKingKing: 7:14pm On Jun 12
Match to happen at 8:30pm


Travel / Re: Lagos Ranks Second On World’s Least Livable Cities - EIU by KingKingKing: 10:10pm On Jun 09

Terrorism in the North is an anomaly created by greedy and wicked power mongers...

Remove that unfortunate misnomer, no sensible person will pick Lagos ahead of Maiduguri, Kano, Minna, Kaduna, Jos, etc...

I have lived and worked in almost all major Nigerian Cities including Lagos, so I know what I speak of.

No normal human being should live and raise families in that metropolitan madhouse. Fact!!!

How can u remove terrorism loll

U know d reason Syria is listed cuz of terrorism.

Remove Lagos migrants and u will hv a peaceful city


Travel / Re: Lagos Ranks Second On World’s Least Livable Cities - EIU by KingKingKing: 9:41pm On Jun 09
The stat is as fake as sand on.the moon

So u mean Maiduguri, Adamawa, yola, Kaduna, Benue .. Places u sleep with one eye closed are more livable than Lagos that houses over 20 million persons.. Ahn mk una dey sufree dey lie..
If na only petty crime I agree, but in terms of terrorism and loss of lives na wa o.

If u take Lagos from Nigeria then Nigeria ceases to exist...

Wait u mean chad wey rebels dey, safe pass Lagos? Lmaooo

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Health / Re: Is There Anybody Here With Irregular Heartbeats? by KingKingKing: 11:51am On Jun 04
Guy if u can see this, all you need is Prayers, join pastor Bolaji of harvesters on his Instagram live Mon to fri 6:30am to 7:30am his IG handle is Bolajiid.
It will be gone in days

Education / Re: Meet Ake Agatha: The First Female SU President In Benue State University Makurdi by KingKingKing: 7:59am On Jun 03
Damn look at her forehead grin I would love to cum on it grin

Early on in the morning, see what you are processing when your mates are out there hustling and bettering their lives

What a pity

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Politics / Re: UK company's 'Yoruba' trademark sparks outcry by KingKingKing: 3:17pm On May 26
Yoruba is a people, a tribe, a country, the most widely spoken language in Africa.

It can never be trademarked.

Proud to be Yoruba.

If I come this world again I must turn Yoruba.

God bless Yoruba
God bless Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Kaduna Crash: Adesina Opeyemi Deeziah Prayed Against 'Bloody May' by KingKingKing: 10:08am On May 22
Nothing happens without God first revealing it.

RIP to our gallant soldiers.

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Crime / Re: Kidnappers Storm Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos. Several Persons Abducted by KingKingKing: 8:01am On May 20
...you speak what you don't know, when people report a story verify first, I was in Lagos last week and samething happened to me I only survived by the grace of God at Ikeja airport road on my way to the airport by 5am... If I show u my face right now you will understand...we drove for more than two hours and they carted away everything I had with me, hit me forced me to open my mobile apps of my accounts, you wldnt want to hear the rest of the stories...it's bad to decline people's posts not good at all.,..the reporter is very very correct and accurate.

Oh sorry to hear this, I hope you are getting better, Stay safe man
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: Sanwo-Olu Increases Pension By 33% by KingKingKing: 7:43pm On May 19
I ask why do people hate Sanwo olu?

Could I get a logical answer?

I think his only crime is He his Tinubu's godson , if Sanwo was in opposition he would be loved by all and sundry.

Sanwo still remains the best gov in Nigeria at present.

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Crime / Re: Kidnappers Storm Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos. Several Persons Abducted by KingKingKing: 2:12pm On May 19
I doubt if this is a genuine piece of information. This particular handle reported this piece of information that occurred last night this morning on Twitter, I checked everywhere and no reputable news outlet reported this. My friends on the island aren't aware that such happened

Something of this magnitude wouldn't have happened in Lagos and it would go unnoticed , it would have been a trending story.

Nairaland pls vet every news before moving them to front-page,

This is more likely to be a fake news emanating from nowhere.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Lays Foundation For New Massey Hospital (Pictures) by KingKingKing: 4:46pm On May 18
Sanwo olu Is actually the best Governor in Nigeria at present

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Education / Re: Why Do Some Nigerians Think Being A Male Nursing Student Is An Abomination???!!! by KingKingKing: 7:54am On May 17
Only Nigerians that are ignorant and not well informed think like this.

When I was a kid though I always laughed at Male Nurses I always thought they were SIMPs.

The first time I heard men could be nurses I couldn't wrap my head around it.

I grew and knew better, Male nurses are the best , even more empathetic and caring than their female colleagues.

God bless every Nurse out there be it Male or Female.
God bless the Medical profession.
God bless Nigeria


Politics / Re: Saheed Akinade-Fijabi: Third Party May Emerge If Tinubu Is Denied APC Ticket by KingKingKing: 1:39pm On May 15
What is the likes of Tinubu still looking for in govt?
A win for Tinubu means a retrogressive Nation.

I have always been a fan of Tinubu for some seasons.

But Tinubu vying for the number one position in the country is a step taken too far.

We need a vibrant, articulate and visionary leader and Tinubu doesn't come close.

An Akinwunmi Adesina or an Osibanjo will be a perfect fit

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: The Champions League Final Moved From Istanbul To Porto by KingKingKing: 2:34pm On May 13
City all the way

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Sports / Re: Manchester City Win EPL Title After Leicester Beat Manchester United by KingKingKing: 7:51am On May 12
God bless Pep

Pls come back to Laliga.
Barca has become the Spanish version of Arsenal


Politics / Re: Igbos Have So Much In Lagos, Can’t Think Of Attacking It ― Ohanaeze by KingKingKing: 9:54am On May 11
Politics / Re: Kim Young-Chae To Nigeria: You Don’t Need Foreign Help To Solve Insecurity by KingKingKing: 8:33am On May 10
He went on: “In South Korea, we have a very strong defence which is rated number six in the world. The military is very dedicated and there is little or no corruption in the system. The military is the centre that holds the country together. If the military is corrupt, there is a high possibility that the whole country will be corrupt. Discipline and dedication are key in building a stable and efficient military.”

This says it all, "CORRUPTION"
Nigeria doesn't need any international interference, The military is corrupt hence the unending battle again at terrorism.

Rid the military off corruption then terrorism in Nigeria will be over in a month.


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