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Crime / Re: 14-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped By 10 Boys During Cult Initiation In Anambra. by kolawoleibukun2: 4:29pm On Oct 06, 2018
Mutual consent for a minor? Oga na wah for you oh. No minor is allowed to make decisions for herself. That thing na rape. Even blind man fit see am clear. Those men need the consent of her parents or guardian. You cannot keep siding evil. Grow up

But there's a form of mutual consent...
I don't think this constitute as rape. Going by definition.
Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie: Bride Price Should Be Abolished, I'm Not A Fan Of It by kolawoleibukun2: 1:14pm On Sep 23, 2018
Are you sensible at all? Is bride price approval?
You no even know culture and you day defend culture way you no sabi? sense comes from knowledge and she get am but you dont.
I no see where she kicked against marriage or approval of the parents. If parents no approve how bride price take come about?

Say her husband pay her bride price no mean say she no get sense and she can open her doctorate mouth anytime she can cos' she earned it. How much you get, you way won pay bride price? u don fit buy slipper for your underage girlfriend before you begin open your stench mouth to insult person? You fit pay if dem give you list?

many guys day house just day fork day preggo babes anyhow. no be say dem no wan marry na tradition hold dem. you no fit help the jiggas dem and you day hold on to your yeye culture. na only beggars go day give their fellow man list of consumables way dem go chop and sheet within 30 days. una day hungry? bride price money na wetin? una go day claim say una be christians and una hold tradition pass atheists. where your Jesus say make you collect bride price? show us for Bible. Bride price na nonsense. all you need is the blessing or consent of your parents.
I been no want jsust talk since but your chupidness carry weight.

My sister, shey your husband no pay for your bride price?

If he hasn't, both of you are indulging in fornication.

He needs to pay and get the approval of your parents because you didn't birth and train yourself.

Put small sense in your feminism madam undecided undecided undecided ;


Politics / Re: EFCC Arraigns John Abebe by kolawoleibukun2: 12:42pm On Jul 27, 2018
I do not encourage that form of insensitive and tribalistic remarks. I do not believe in one Nigeria and I no believe in separation either. Mi cyan say east side ah bumbowhole. buh if yuh wah crack up the batty crease country mi nuh wah be part of dem Hausa people. Dem bloodclaat sharia religion nuh fi ride with me, bredda.
A weh dem cum fram me nuh care. dem boko haram bully dem ah worse than igbo fellas.

bless up!

Politics / Re: EFCC Arraigns John Abebe by kolawoleibukun2: 7:48pm On Jul 26, 2018
ah ah no na. Buhari you day dig your grave oh. you dont come for obasanjo oh.

why Buhari never still move on? that old man get childish and vengeful mindset. this na oligarchy oh.

well is still good for OBJ cos when GEJ day recontest for the presidency, OBJ who was the godfather of the party tore his party card publicly. the guy open the door for APC to gain a stronghold.

Our federal coffer day Abuja. all the major political loci are held by northerners. since Buhari enter power, no hand don touch any northern embezzler. only him longtime enemy Dasuki way him lock up becos of unfinished personal business way two of dem start back in the 80ies oh.

EFCC has centered on western/southern/eastern politicians and magnates. no sector in nigeria is accountable. every head just day do as them like. monkey swallow money dem talk am like joke. snake swallow money e en for comedy. no justice. how much did this man forged that Kwankwaso has not. Look at the north, no matter all the resources and embezzlement, it still looks like idp camp. the major investments for there na igbo men and politicians get dem. still dem no wan gree people rest. if all the igbos pull out for north, they will annex most northern states join sahara desert.

is this forgery bigger than the certificate forged by Buhari? what of the one forged by a serving minister of finance? all these na witchhunts. they are attacking any influential magnate that can influence the outcome of the election. wetin concern Buhari concern Abacha regime for 1995? what is the business of Millennials in this 1995 forgery? the thing clear well well.

na oppression be this to sway the minds of the opposition.


Celebrities / Re: Doris Simeon And Son, David Ademinokan Celebrate Her Birthday In The US by kolawoleibukun2: 7:39pm On Jul 26, 2018
yohr granfadah there. who you day talk to? my opinion, my life, and my time. must i think wetin you think. i choose to be a freethinker and there is nothing you can do about it. I post whenever and on whatever topic i choose. if you no like am jump enter lagoon go die and smell for there. never you quote me and call my post rubbish again. stoopid peeg.

Must you post
Celebrities / Re: Elizabeth Danjuma Had 2 Holes In Her Heart - Caroline Danjuma On Her Daughter by kolawoleibukun2: 9:30pm On Jul 25, 2018
madam carry your overcooked story enter evil forest.

many children day die every day and the parents no get money to run test to know weda hole day their pikin heart sef. you have the money and asset to care for you and your baby go and sleep inside gutter.

people way deserve media attention na poor people. how much you give OJB when e day die? how much you give Ngozi Nwosu? so, why telling us about your daughter? go and solve your problem.

the christian girls way dem day kill day rape for north who go talk their story?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Man Going For Interview Speaks Rudely To Prospective Employer Inside KEKE NAPEP by kolawoleibukun2: 9:28pm On Jul 25, 2018
hehehe I say eh. e hard for woman to just send her husband to someone like that. the first thing any man go ask na the number of the person e day go meet.
You catch that liar redhanded.
a grown woman go just wake begin think the lie way she go lie in order to trend. and she day claim say she be ceo. all these lies can hurt the reputation of her business.

and she called herself gold. gold day enter keke? she say i paCked my car hehehe CEO. where she pack the car go?

"she park in one location then sent the address" how did she know the address of the place that she parked? she asked someone to send her husband over and promised to pay his tfare. what an insult.

she is travelling out of town and she is asking the interviewee to come. wetin the man won come do for the public location way she park her car? interview for road? LOL na wah.

I never see the man way go say make this girl to pay him fare and her fare for nigeria when she enter midway. she agreed to pay the tfare for the man and she alighted at the junction and walked to her car. LOL she for fly to her car. she be really gold.

she comot for keke come sitdown inside her car day warm herself LOL until the man come. this girl don overwatch nigeria film well well.

when the man finally come, she shed tears. then she come stop warming herself then she come zoomed off. LOL abegi the girl na clown.

The man didn't collect her number from the wife before leaving home. He had to call the wife to call her to tell her he's at the venue.

No record of the man recognizing her and apologizing or maybe he reported back to the wife as usual.

Then why did she have to block her friend's number? Is it the friend that sent her husband message?

Na wa

Politics / Re: Defected Lawmakers Are Like Malaria Parasites In APC’s Body – Sagay by kolawoleibukun2: 8:44pm On Jul 25, 2018
parasites to who? who is APC?
all these old men have no shame. is about time the youths begin insult all these men. old men way day create poverty and suffering for people. wetin sagay don contribute to APC? wetin APC don contribute to nigeria?
the only parasite that I see there na APC itself.

a party of shameless old rogues.

those ediorts too way day defect are vagabohnds. all of them na the same thing. every politician day enter power to collect him own share. see dino after showcasing luxury cars way him just park for house. he go commission borehole and transformer for him constituency.

Nigeria na nuclear waste. a dangerous place to live. under GEJ nigeria overtake south africa as the bigger economy in nigeria. business day boom. this deaf rope Buhari just come sink the ship.

weda na atiku o or na buhari oh. all na the same thing. we need a fresh blood in politics. why alakija no run for president?


Politics / Re: Who Is The Most Performed Among Buhari's Ministers? by kolawoleibukun2: 8:44pm On Jul 25, 2018
trying to compare is like insulting the average citizen. the entire government is dysfunctional.

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Celebrities / Re: Doris Simeon And Son, David Ademinokan Celebrate Her Birthday In The US by kolawoleibukun2: 8:31pm On Jul 25, 2018
all the people day funny me.
when them go foreign country dem go day take pictures for outdoor but for nigeria dem go go hide for one corner of their wall or beside one door.

check all tonto dike pictures na for one backyard door she day pose. a celebrity way day dash people millions. she just pack cheap grass put for the corner to beautify the background.
person, no fit build house get garden? dem day copy oyibo day import Italian marbles and dem day fit plasterboard for their ceiling. but apart from pool, their exterior no get landscape.

As I don big grow, I never see one celebrity pikin way invent mosquito medicine or one iPhone. They are as good as the average Nigerian pikin. weda dem like make dem carry dem go ISS or Mars. Almost all the billionaires and success stories way we day celebrate today so, na poor men children.

this story no worth frontpage. i prefer stories from those AJ children way day break barriers. why bloggers no day reach out to those poor kids in the ghetto?

the other time na 2face pikin dem post for us. make we celebrate their papa come still celebrate the children too? na so our mumu tay?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Man Going For Interview Speaks Rudely To Prospective Employer Inside KEKE NAPEP by kolawoleibukun2: 8:31pm On Jul 25, 2018
hehehe your head day there. As in eh. the over-explanation for the reason for entering under the rain LOL and entering keke as if to say big man no day enter keke before. must person explain why e enter keke? I enter keke simple. story continue
then the part of tears rolled down my eyes LOL i nearly spill the fruit juice way day my hand for my body. lies. very cheap lies way people go day lie to stay relevant.
employer with bad spelling and grammar "i was inside my car warning myself" LOL na wah.
Lol @tears rolled down my eyes
Education / Re: Ondo School Prints Names Of Indebted Students In Magazine (Photo) by kolawoleibukun2: 9:55pm On Jul 21, 2018
Under FIRED?
I am in pain.
Travel / Re: Nigeria Air: Qatar & Ethiopian Airlines Compete To Own Largest Share by kolawoleibukun2: 9:54pm On Jul 21, 2018
you will flew one of them one day as you haven't flown either yet.

Buhari day bring better one for you. all na still dream yet. election cajolery.
I haven't flew with either carrier. My mom has flew with Quatar airways and she thinks their service is top notch. I guess Qutar since they have impeccable service.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Painting Her Own House (Photos) by kolawoleibukun2: 8:35pm On Jul 21, 2018
so, since your president has taken his time to cater to all those problems, wetin him don achieve?
why una be like this? ppl day think of way forward una day set una self back. with your kind reasoning how people with good intention go succeed?

our president does literally nothing. if he no get time to paint him own house but he get time for marry many wives, he get time for commission substandard hospitals etc. he just day fly from one place to another with nothing to show for it. what is the use of al his foreign trips?

he for spend that time milk noonoo for us sef
You can't compare her with our presidents, dem no get problem. No Boko Haram, no Fulani herdsmen, no MEND, no IPOB, no SARS wahala, no opposition party wahala, no thief thief of government money, in short the list too plenty. That is why she can afford to have plenty time to paint house.
Celebrities / Re: Pat Ugwu: My Pant Got Torn While Dancing On Movie Set by kolawoleibukun2: 12:49pm On Jul 21, 2018
hehehe is this what nairaland has turned to?
dem day sensor comments like this but na the same kind talk day make frontpage. wahala day for nigeria o.

country way poor man no get mouth and e no still get breath. na wah oh.

imagine a whole professional crew day watch actor day dance with tear tear pant. nobody tell her. the story sounds true of a typical nigeria. maybe dem won add that part for the show make e for sell well well. or this babe just want hype her stance.

anyway, we day here day judge old woman way tear her pant when the future of our children day hostage. some sick deaf and old men just catch everybody for hostage. at 70+ years many old men don recline for village. but these men no want rest dem want hold on to power. Mugabe no day live fine now? him no day sleep well now?

wetin go make old men just sit down for power to day rape the future of their greatgrand children and these young lazy thugs go still day support them. where is the way forward abeg?

the reason why many people enter this thread na to see tear tear pant. but many sensible topics day and dem no go read am. which way forward abeg? nigeria no get solution oh. see images of victims of boko haram full everywhere government no move. nobody care about those victims. no compensation nothing at all. and ppl are moving forward as if say nothing day happen

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 2000-Year-Old Stone Coffin Discovered In Egypt Finally Opened (Graphic Photos) by kolawoleibukun2: 10:53am On Jul 20, 2018
Why are they unearthing the coffin, why are they opening it.
Phones / Re: What Is Your Favorite Mobile Phone Game ? by kolawoleibukun2: 10:21am On Jul 20, 2018
Would you want a moment to think about your addiction and match it will your aspirations? Think, if it could lead you to your objectives in life. If you have a passion for it, have you ever thought of monetizing it? Just being a brov wink
Absolutely nothing. I am just an addict.
Phones / Re: What Is Your Favorite Mobile Phone Game ? by kolawoleibukun2: 9:50am On Jul 20, 2018
And, what will you achieve out of it?
I can play Pes for 2 days without eating or drinking.
Politics / Re: Delta Youths Burn Down Houses Of Opposition After Death Of Chairman. Photos by kolawoleibukun2: 1:09am On Jul 20, 2018
When has dialogue been a decider in nigeria? The only decider is violence. No be person way chop belleful day sit down quiet for court? The ppl for SPDC no be the same benefactors or embezzlers?
The youths know the ground pass you. They know their power line.

Even though the elders are have been siphoning funds meant for the development of the community. That does not warrant the burning down of their properties. There are better and non violent ways of handling such issues. Now law enforcement agencies like the police, and army will go after those youths. And in due time they will be aressted and these crook elders will make sure they don't return from police custody any time soon( Na d power of money).
At the end of the day these same criminals who called themselves elders will win. They should take their greviances to SPDC and make them understand what is going on. Not destroying peoples properties. My 2cent.
Politics / Re: Delta Youths Burn Down Houses Of Opposition After Death Of Chairman. Photos by kolawoleibukun2: 1:04am On Jul 20, 2018
I disagree with u. U no get any right to judge ppl from a geographical location like that. You have no home training if this is your best reasoning. That is how dem teach us say hausa ppl na shoe dem day polish until i visit north myself.
The old woman you visited does not represent the collective millions from there. I have worked and lived in the same place for years and ur judgement is sentimental. I grew up in Lagos and I am more disappointed with the mental shape of Lagos than anywhere else.
I know your type. Racist and tribal with no concrete evidence. Your perception before your visit to the place remained the same after your visit. You learned nothing.

After my last visit to Delta state am very convinced it will take minimum 10 years for the people of that area to start reasoning like humans as the home I visited the old woman there was acting the militancy way was at Asana and Illah the behaviour there was simply riotous .
Those people are simply animals in human skin .
Celebrities / Re: Grace Oyelude Looking Graceful At 86, Years After Winning First Miss Nigeria by kolawoleibukun2: 6:38pm On Jul 18, 2018
abi na
Yoruba amaka


Romance / Re: Lesbian Couple Looking For Sperm Donor On Twitter (Photos) by kolawoleibukun2: 6:37pm On Jul 18, 2018
hehe you yeye oh
I can donate happily, but I must insert it myself (personally) ....
Business / Re: Wrong Bank Transaction, How Can I reverse it by kolawoleibukun2: 6:12pm On Jul 17, 2018
good response
is that the only thing that captivated u in my profile
Fashion / Re: Beautiful Bride With No Makeup, No Earrings (Photos) by kolawoleibukun2: 7:27pm On Jul 16, 2018
my gawd
this na serious word oh

Anybody ask you to be like that?

First fix your wedding date

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Politics / Re: EFCC To Ayo Fayose: See You Soon (Photo) by kolawoleibukun2: 3:17pm On Jul 15, 2018
it is shocking.
just imagine tweet. power day catch them
this effc is the must useless agency of govt. see statement coming from agency that ought to be neutral
Crime / Re: Cynthia Dike: Lady Raped And Killed In Imo, Nude Body Dumped In A Bush (Graphic) by kolawoleibukun2: 3:13pm On Jul 15, 2018
Nigeria is overtaking India in all the evil that it is known for.
okay dem rape her finish and kill her.
is a lesson to all girls to be safety conscious. if you have to do night waka carry your boyfriend or brother. it increases your chances of staying alive.
the country don cast
This is not acceptable.
Someone's daughter
Someone's sister
Someone's aunt
Someone's wife to be...
Why not go and find olosho and do your thing.
God help us
Romance / Re: Young Guy Kisses And Proposes To His Old White Lover (Pictures) by kolawoleibukun2: 3:10pm On Jul 15, 2018
good question
no mind that insect way day yarn dust. is not a big deal na all the Senators children day find am.
do you have it?
Family / Re: My Husband's Pride Wants To Ruin Our Home by kolawoleibukun2: 4:48am On Jul 15, 2018
No man with Good motives will kick his wife n kids out of a house they call home or ask his wife to change the ownership of a house to his name. You must fight for the interest of your kids first. Your husband has proved to you what he is capable of. You and your kids would end up in the street if you make one final mistake for selfish gains. Marriage is seldom doomed to fail. Do not ruin the lives of your kids. Secure that roof for their future.
Let the man go if he wants to go. Hold on strong, dear sister.
submission does not reflect on properties. As a matter of fact, many spouses who genuinely love each other sign prenups.
The door is open if he wants to live with the family. He is probably tired of you. This is a huge sign for you. And check his moves, he may even assassinate you. Ensure that all the documents of the house are far from his reach. If he makes any mysterious move, make it open. Do not be anonymous. Get the police involved for your own safety. He is telling his own family, tell yours too. Some of your family members might see things from a shallow perspective all for the sake of their tradition and selfish protection of family name. Talk to modern experts, not old traditionalists. Marriage no be do or die, many women are doing fine being single or divorced.
Avoid pastors and prayer warriors, cos' they will only push you to the man. Be strong and do not show your soft side for the sake of your kids. It is still his home if he sincerely needs his family.
I had to open this account for anonymity
I'm in a dilemma, let me start like this, when i and my husband first got married we did a joint business that fetched us a huge amount of money, the aim was to build a house, when we got the money, he decided to use his' for his parents (i had no problem with that) then mine for what we wanted to use it for

Two weeks ago we had a major misunderstanding, it was soo intense to the extent that he told me to park out of the house, in the heat of things i told him that cannot be possible that the house is in my name, he was shocked, saying it is impossible we built it together that it's in his name, i had to remind him what happened then, he was furious saying it was wrong of me to use my name, that he cant believe he has been staying in a house that does not belong to him, he told his family what i did claming victim, then he packed out saying he wont come home till i change the name to his full name, i begged him to no avail, i dont even know how to tell my people, imagine if it was in his name, i and the kids would have been out of the house by now, he has requested for transfer from his office to another state cos of this, who does that?? He cant expect me to change it to his name.

Pls i need other advise to go about this, he is a good man but he feels his ego has been bruised, i need other options.

MODIFIED For those viewing this, i have made some clarifications down to page (1),

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Sports / Re: Mikel Obi And His Twins Looking Adorable In New Picture by kolawoleibukun2: 2:06pm On Jul 13, 2018
you just day respond to my comment since last year abi? dem don finally release you from yaba left. congratulation!!
dem release you quick oh. you sure say you complete your dose so?

no forget to day take your drugs oh. to avoid going back


HI Mr. Ghetto Kolawole:

You are long over due for mental slavery emancipation. You've always been sickly and diseased in your line of thought.

Seek immediately, a psycho-neurologist for mental re-engineering of your brain. Stay blessed during your healing process. Bless you child.
Crime / Re: 13-Year-Old Boy Cuts Off Gay Police Inspector’s Manhood In Katsina by kolawoleibukun2: 2:01pm On Jul 13, 2018
oga, am not a kid and I have seen professional coaches assault kids many times. I have kids of my own and I know that it is wise to let other parents know that the only safe place for their kids is home. the fact that you set your table out to make a profit for yourself does not give you the right to misinform parents.

simply speak on the quality of services that you offer but do not fool anyone into thinking that professional coaches are free from any history of rape or assaults.

I am not here to sell a product or disparage anyone or his product. I come to speak my truth and nothing less.

for sure na God go judge me before and I did not judge anybody. saying that the safest place for a child is home is not judgment. when you sell your product next time you should use that as a selling point.

and to be incongruous, if you are truly a professional coach you should have paid for an advert and attach your website and business registration number. you will not come to nairaland comment section to delude innocent parents. judge yourself by yourself where is professionalism when you come on this sections to lure parents to give you their kids cos you are a professional.

Next time do not condemn another to make yourself appealing. just directly advertize yourself.
business advice: meet a graphic artist to make a quality business card for you that contains all the catchy phrases and genuine information (website, bus name and reg no, address, contact, and a link to a reputable company if possible etc.)

i wish you all the best in your business. try to keep the standard and you will have nothing to worry about.


How would you feel if someone just walk into your place of work and start telling people to stop patronizing you because everybody doing your job is bad without even getting to know you? how would you feel? I hand you over to God for judgement.

You should be wise enough not to judge people without even getting to know them. We have good and bad people in all professions, not everyone is bad.

Many school teachers have also been convicted of rape and assault, does that mean you should stop your kids from going to school?

Just because people die in plane crashes doesn't mean we should stop flying.

This is the more reason you allow ONLY professional swimming coaches train your kids.

Foreign Affairs / Re: President Donald Trump's First Official Visit To The U.K. (photos) by kolawoleibukun2: 5:35pm On Jul 12, 2018
na uber dem day use pick Buhari for london LOL. nobody day know say e come sef. he walks through economy doors. no motorcade no convoy no reception no media buzz just nothing LOL
e be like roadside peas for UK.
but buhari don travel like 86 times
all meaningless


Crime / Re: 13-Year-Old Boy Cuts Off Gay Police Inspector’s Manhood In Katsina by kolawoleibukun2: 5:29pm On Jul 12, 2018
that is if the gay or rapist is not in the summer camp.
many coaches and trainers have been convicted of rape and assault.
nowhere safe pass home oh. if u get money build the poor in your home for your kids. or follow them to the pool and teach them yourself.
What is this? God help us...

Meanwhile, This is the time parents begin to roll their eyes; "Oh, my kids are on another long holiday break"....You can't just let them sit at home doing nothing, why not make them learn a life saving skill, get them occupied.

There are many summer camps they can go learn basic and productive skills, swimming is one of them. Swimming is fun and is a life saving skill, kids love to swim.

Get a professional swimming coach that teaches your kids professional strokes as well as ensure their safety in and around the pool area.

IF YOU STAY IN LAGOS, Call me or send a whatsapp on Zero 8 Zero 5 Zero 7 Eight 8 Two 8 Five.

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