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Nairaland / General / Re: I Was Moved To Tears When Barcanista Dumped The APC by kosovo(m): 5:46pm On Feb 18, 2015
Stop opening thread for that slowpoke please

To the best of my knowledge, this didn't break any Nairaland rule.

I think you should start appreciating good things, it would make you sleep better at night..

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Nairaland / General / I Was Moved To Tears When Barcanista Dumped The APC by kosovo(m): 5:36pm On Feb 18, 2015
Someone messaged me and said; there is one Nairaland user whose sympathy for the APC knows no bound!

I decided to watch him closely, realising not everyone is an e-thug.

I can't verify if he is being paid, but the level of work he puts into his threads are really unbelievable..

He was so emotional to issues relating to Pa. Buhari, that any thought of him dumping the old man would be dead on arrival.

Change is the only thing constant, I guess the real change is people making conscious effort to lay issues of non-conformity to rest.

Barcanista deserves all the hype he is getting here, and Seun is aware!

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Politics / Re: APC Challenges Fayose’s Victory At Supreme Court by kosovo(m): 3:14pm On Feb 18, 2015
I thought litigation at the state government level ends at the Appeal Court
Politics / Re: Seun Unban Barcanista Now!! by kosovo(m): 3:40pm On Feb 16, 2015
Barcanista is actually an intelligent chap...

I do not think Seun actually banned him, so it's not right to drag him into everything.
Politics / GEJ Would Loose If We Read "Only" Sahara Reporters by kosovo(m): 2:09pm On Feb 16, 2015
One of the ways President Jonathan failed in his government was his choice of people who surrounded him, who should sell his achievement but they failed woefully. Other anti-democratic agents capitalized on it to destroy whatever the president has done.

Since the president see nothing wrong, it isn't my duty to help him sell his good works.

On the issue of Sahara Reporters,

We all know how they started, they have never contributed to the nation building. The vision of the guys who run the shameless media outlet was to lie, blasphemy against the government and make little money. Until someone finds them and inject huge amount of money into the platform to force Nigeria hate and kill themselves.

This however worked like a charm for them, they are enjoying from the gullibility of some Nigerians. They sit, think, turn on their PC and write anything - Other propaganda media outfit like BBC make a story out of it and the guys who are on the Presidency paycheck have no clue on how to reverse the damage.

If Nigerians read only Sahara Reporters, GEJ's re-election bid would have been dead on arrival.
Politics / Obasanjo Well On His Way To Absolutely Devastating Nigeria by kosovo(m): 1:48pm On Feb 16, 2015
I have been called every name in the book that evokes clueless slowpoke for my repeated takes that Obasanjo has lost it, not only with his sanity, but in his rascal behavior. And, finally, we have preliminary proof I might not be so stupid after all.

In the last few years, Obasanjo has constantly shamed the office of the president, which gave a large section of Nigerians the privilege to undermine the once highly rated office. The office of the president has been dragged to the mud, little wonder why anybody can insult the president and go scot-free.

As an old man that Obasanjo is, he does not represent the future of Nigeria, his old and discredited political policies can't salvage Nigeria. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to be rendered irrelevant, even when his true self, that portrays him extraneous in Nigeria struggles for identity.

The difference between John, the GM, the Gate Man and John, the GM, General Manager is in what they know. Unfortunately, "some" Nigerians seem to represent one of the most gullible set people in the world. "Some" Nigerians actually go to school to become foolish and it's a shame, we let people who should be rotting in jail, run the affairs of this great nation. Worse still, a large section of "some" Nigerians dignify their ignorance when they echo words of Obasanjo and give him unnecessary relevance.

President Goodluck Jonathan is by no means the best president Nigeria has ever had, but Obasanjo lacks the moral standard to constantly abuse, attack and blackmail the president. Obansajo is the reason why Jonathan became president in the first place. His devilish calculations brought in the best Nigeria president, in the name of Yar Adua of blessed memory who would be replaced by President Jonathan; a man whom Obasanjo thought could control from his Ota Farm developed from looted tax-payers money.

Unfortunately, President Jonathan played a fast one at him, forcing the ex-dictator to connive with the opposition party to "seize" power, which has not yet happened. Obasanjo accuses the president of being corrupt, no-doubt, but Obansjo has not the moral standard to label Jonathan a corrupt president.

Have we forgotten so soon the Halliburton scandal, the Siemens scandal, the $16 billion NEPA scam and the evil "Third Term Agenda?" Obasanjo is corruption personified and its a shame we give relevance to old men who think Nigeria belongs to them.

Out of mere despiration, Obansojo wrote an open letter, downgrading the president, what did Nigeria say? "Ignore the messenger and accept the message." For me, that's the most callous statement can make and such a person has a Bs.C, he doesn't deserve it. He should do the sane Nigerians a favor by dumping the ill-gotten certificate in a trash can. If the biblical Apostle Paul was a serial fornicator, commanding Christ followers not to fornicate, the bible wouldn't have exist, since there no moral justification for it to be available.

Leaders are not known by titles, they are know by vision. Obasnjo and his colleagues; IBB, Buhari etc, had no vision. They seized power and did nothing to uplift the nation.. These are the people who put Nigeria in the laughable position it is today, nothing works currently because they were the foundation! If the foundation is faulty, nothing can stand on it.

It is quite unfortunate that president Jonathan is the recipient of the failure of government in the last five decades, it is also a shame that Jonathan, the first true civilian president would be the most insulted president in Africa, simply because he decided to follow the democratic and faulty system he inherited.

Any other president would put Obasanjo on the note, but Jonathan gave him that privilege to undermine the office of the president. We didn't hear George Bush basing Bill Clinton, neither did we here Preisdent Obama slamming Bill Clinton. There is more to it than Obasanjo wants Nigeria to believe. Why the sudden love for Nigeria and good governance by OBJ when he has left power, where was the love when he was a dictator and a president from the prison? If truely he loved good governance, he wouldn't have humiliated his Vice President Atiku Abubakar and DESTROY that man political career. In case you don't know, Atiku's political career is totally dead, I heard he lost his ward in the last presidential election.

If Obasanjo loved Nigeria so much, he would have fixed power for Nigerians instead of fixing Ota Farms for himself, owning Bells University and having the largest shares in Oando. if Obasnjo loved Nigeria and wants us to believe, he would not have fradulently made Jonathan president, when there were enough credible governors during his dispensation. He turned a blind eye, because he thought Jonathan would be controlled from his farm.

The old man has torn his PDP membership card. For me, this is good news! He is no longer a distraction to the ruling party, they can now focus instead of trying to please an old man who couldn't control his family.

Nigerians need to re-think! If all the people saying President Jonathan is bad, and they are from one clique, it means President Jonathan is doing something right! But we are not just seeing it because the constitution of our mind has been designed to see only bad things. It is hoped that we begin to look into issues in a pro-active manner and build this nation. Otherwise, posterity will insult us, like we have insulted our ancestors and these old men who won't take care of their grand children but believe it is their birth-right to control the resources of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Sambisa Forest Mission: Military Destroy 6 Buffer Camps Of Boko Haram Terrorists by kosovo(m): 10:23am On Feb 14, 2015

Thou you do not have any sympathy for any political party as you claimed, but you have spoken very well.

God bless you now and forever.

Thanks, God bless you too.. smiley

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Politics / Re: Sambisa Forest Mission: Military Destroy 6 Buffer Camps Of Boko Haram Terrorists by kosovo(m): 8:03am On Feb 14, 2015
This is just one of the news Nigerians ought to have heard 3-4 years ago. However, because of how complex Nigeria is and sympathy to ethnic bigotry, I guess the president was slow to avoid rebellion from the North, which is still obviously visible.


Had the president declared full scale war on these terrorist before Now. The Northern statesmen who have sympathy for these terrorist will start their madness, insisting a Minority leader is killing the Hausa(s).

We heard one of the careless statements from BUHARI, where he wanted faceless terrorist to be given same treatment as the Niger-Delta militants. He concluded by saying "an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North"

When President Yar Adua wanted Amnesty for the militants, it was Vice President Goodluck Jonathan they picked as the negotiator. The VP went into the creeks without his security men. They secured a deal which ended the crises.


Buhari is picked as the negotiator for the faceless terrorist fighting for an Islamic state which is not justifiable like the what the militants fought for. (note the usage of militant and terrorist for Niger-Delta and Boko Haram respectively). Buhari accepts initially, then rejects the process because he sees that he can use the insurgency to gain sympathy votes which is what could have happened today. Buhari claims he can end insurgency in one month, but can only do that from Aso Rock. This does raise eyebrows. If he decides to sit and watch the throat of innocent Nigerians being slit by these terrorist, when he can do something but refuses, it sends a very strong message to those who can make use of their brain to think.

Why the sudden offensive by the Presidency?

Good question. If you read scenerio1, you'd realize a lot has changed. Chad and Cameroon decided to show total commitment to ending insurgency.. Then, there was a boost from the AU, which affirmed 7,800 troops for the same cause. Obviously, the Northern elements can't use Jonathan as the scapegoat when the bombardment of the region starts. It's no longer an internal issue, forces from the AU decision makes it a continental problem.

Is Jonathan Afraid to Lose?

If Jonathan was scared of loosing, he would have quickly accepted the suggestion of IBB at the security council meeting not to conduct elections in the troubled states (Buhari's stronghold). President Jonathan rejected the idea immediately it came, insisting elections must be carried out nation-wide. Things like this, you are probably reading about it for the first time because the media we have today, only search for bad things and these are further echoed by APC apologists.

President Jonathan would be returned elected, Nigeria hasn't got to that point where you can oust an incumbent president whose powers know no bound. It is not enough to perform media hype with a slogan. This isn't the United States, elections are not won online but by grass root politicking and on the day of the election.

Most of the APC agents would be rendered powerless on the day of election by the monetary power of the PDP. It's always going to happen.. Anyone deceiving the APC and her candidate is really doing a nice job.

Until we have a democratic system, where Police and Army chiefs are not nominated and appointed by the president. Until we have a system where the electoral chairman isn't nominated and appointed by the president.. We would keep enduring this wild goose chase.

Let me state here that I have no sympathy for any political party and/or their candidates.

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Politics / Re: Nigerien, Nigerian Armies Row Over ‘coward Claim’ by kosovo(m): 7:09am On Feb 14, 2015
Wether people like let them be deceived, nigerian army will finish boko haram in one minute, but for the islamic brotherhood. Muslims will find it difficult to kill a fellow muslim especially when theyy see that the head of the central government is a christian. Nigerian army is an arabic and muslim army with over 85% personell muslim and 95% generals from the north.

Spot on. This is obviously the talking point; one which the APC apologist know but don't want to talk about.

It's much difficult fighting internal terrorism than external ones. The reason of this, is because the human factor is still there. The northern solders, though they claim have no sympathy, do have sympathy for the terrorist because they are from the same geo-political zone and believe in the same faith.

If these gallant solders were sent to South Sudan, over same issue, you should see instant result.

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Politics / Re: Let's Talk About CEO Of Nairaland.. by kosovo(m): 5:01am On Feb 14, 2015
Hello Supreme Military Commander! smiley wink
Politics / Re: Let's Talk About CEO Of Nairaland.. by kosovo(m): 4:26am On Feb 14, 2015

Good to see you here. Welcome back.

Thanks alot.. really do appreciate smiley
Politics / Re: Let's Talk About CEO Of Nairaland.. by kosovo(m): 4:19am On Feb 14, 2015

son of a gun!! Is this the same kosovo who used to be the mod of the Politics section? shocked

Wow.. Yeah.. been a while though .... Missed you guys wink
Family / Re: Caught My Neighbour's Kids Having Sex...should I Tell Their Parents? by kosovo(m): 2:55am On Feb 14, 2015

Which kind sense you get? u think say na america be this

dont worry, the day your son fvcks the hell out of your daughter nobody will stop or correct them. Nonsense people that want to copy oyinbo lifestyle..mtchhheeew

What has America got to this with this?

You don't go about flogging people's kid..

You may flog the wrong person..

I know what I am saying, Nigerians can be annoying.. if you want to flog, go and give birth and flog your kid. Period!
Politics / Re: Let's Talk About CEO Of Nairaland.. by kosovo(m): 2:51am On Feb 14, 2015
Seun is a troll

Shut up!
Family / Re: Caught My Neighbour's Kids Having Sex...should I Tell Their Parents? by kosovo(m): 8:38am On Feb 12, 2015
You had no right to flog them.

You should report them to their parents immediately. They are responsible for the children and need to know.
If they believe it or not is no longer your problem.

For God`s sake don`t go asking their teacher or anyone else. That is wrong because the kid`s are not in your care.
You know I was just trying to imagine you catching them and flogging them there. It is a perverse picture,

This kind of thinks happens among siblings, it actually occurs at a much younger age- not sex but the curiosity about each others bodies.

That it developed into this is because there was neglect and lack of parental care.

He was a complete mog to flog them..

Who gave him that right?

I pity any thug that will lay his immoral hands on my kids..

This is jungle justice and I have no sympathy for anyone who practice or encourage it.


Politics / Re: Just In: The Real Reason Why OJB Is Angry With GEJ by kosovo(m): 8:35am On Feb 12, 2015

Which OJB? You mean OJB Jezreel?

Politics / Just In: The Real Reason Why OJB Is Angry With GEJ by kosovo(m): 6:51pm On Feb 11, 2015
When President Jonathan took the 2nd oath of office, one of his promises was to fix power in 4-years.

He had everything set in motion, but the cabal proved too strong. One of the biggest benefactors of the collapsed power sector in Nigeria is OBJ who spent $16 billion on the sector while he was president.

Reports show that not even a transformer was acquired with such astronomical amount of money. President Goodluck Jonathan however refused to probe the sector because of how OBJ played a vital role in installing him as the President of Nigeria.

GEJ sent words to OBJ that he was going to fix power, one of those steps included the privatisation of PHCN.

OBJ warned the president to rescind his decision, as this would break his stronghold on the sector. GEJ went ahead with the plans which gave OBJ's enemies; Dangote and Otedola unimaginable access to the power sector.

Close source to the ex-General confirmed that OBJ swore with his life to frustrate the re-election bid of the incumbent president.....

The source also claims that OBJ developed sudden rage when he learned the president had sent the PIB to the house, a bill that will ratify the oil sector amongst other things. The ex-General has used his boys in the lower house to frustrate the bill and ensure it is dead on arrival.

The President isn't deterred by the actions of OBJ and has promised to re-send it to the new assembly when he is re-elected for a second term in office.


Politics / Why I Am Seriously Scared Of The APC Change Mantra by kosovo(m): 6:34pm On Feb 04, 2015
According to the Webster dictionary, CHANGE simply means to make (someone or something) different; to become something else.

From the definition, two things can be deduced;

1. CHANGE without improvement (Negative or retrogressive change)
2. CHANGE with improvement (Positive or progressive change)

Unfortunately, APC is yet to tell Nigerians what kind of change she wants to offer Nigerians.

I am an undecided voter, I have read alot of stories online and equally gone back to the archives, finding out facts for myself.

I feel the opposition has been too critical on the issues facing Nigeria. It is really shameful that the APC uses insecurity and the frequent bomb blast to score cheap points in her camp. This is where I have my rage...

When the 9/11 attack happened, Americans didn't blame George Bush for the attack. Infact, the attack made United States more united, everyone, including the opposition Democratic party collectively teamed and braced up to protect their country.

Over here, the reverse is the case... I can not trust a political party which claims can end insurgency in 4-months but will not assist government unless they seize power, while the throat of innocent Nigerians are being slit by the terror group.

I cannot trust a Party who wants to create 3-million jobs in a year... without showing a roadmap of how such a feat can be actualized.

I cannot trust a Party that see everything the government has done as BAD! It's crazy that the APC doesn't see anything good the government has done, because they have concentrated their effort in searching for faults and error. They are simply not being honest because their only agenda is to seize power.

Political campaign ought to be issue-based.. That's what the APC promised. Unfortunately, all we have heard is how they will ban corrupt officials, ban certain goods, provide millions of job, increase power generation to 20,000MW.. All of these are promises, without concrete policies detailing how their government would actualize such.

I have not heard the APC saying they would fix roads because there would be nothing to fix if they eventually assume office, fixing roads was one of the campaign slogan of the CPC in 2011. This simply means that the government has at least succeed in some areas. I read 85% of Federal Roads have been re-constructed or re-rehabilitated - A figure I can't verify.

Basically, I do know that it's the undecided voters like myself who will determine who wins the next election. The APC has to try harder to woo more voters to their camp. The debate would have been an absolute prolific avenue for them to elaborate on some of the things they intend to do.

Campaign rallies don't do much, they only comprise of rented crowd who don't even hear anything the candidates have to say. Their mindset is on the money to be collected after the "event". The PDP and APC are experts in renting crowds. However, with the debate, APC would have been able to drive home their model of change and if it's realistic, why not! They would get the shot to implement in Aso Rock..

The argument that PDP didn't attend debate in 2011 is not an excuse for the APC to chicken out of two separate debates platform in 2015. As a party preaching change, they ought to know that every avenue to further sink the Change mantra in the hearts of Nigerians should not be taken for granted. If Nigerians say they want a debate, the APC should seize the opportunity and give Nigerians want they want.

I do not have sympathy for the PDP but I do think the initial near perfect APC campaign is been ruined by some elements and its a shame! angry

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Politics / Re: PDP Names Ahmadu Ali As Jonathan’s Campaign Director by kosovo(m): 3:29pm On Dec 23, 2014
please don't spoil my happy mood. Merry Xmas in advance

Hohoho! Same to you.. and welcome to parent-hood.. More responsibility cheesy
Politics / Re: PDP Names Ahmadu Ali As Jonathan’s Campaign Director by kosovo(m): 2:28pm On Dec 23, 2014
Hello Nairalanders, you guys should help me and thank almighty Jesus. My wife just delivered a baby boy this morning. Am now a father

Get a life cheesy
Politics / Re: Unveiling President Jonathan’s Classmates & His Msc, Phd Supervisor by kosovo(m): 9:07pm On Dec 21, 2014
All this group of people must be clueless cos birds of same feather flock together!

They are clueless and one of them is the president... Where is your father?

You should be totally ashamed your miserable life...


Politics / Re: Photo : Will Mandela's Statement On Buhari Become Prophetic? by kosovo(m): 5:29am On Dec 21, 2014
may Buhari drms come tru (amen)

lets gv dis man a trial and if e fails, den we shld loose hope in our leaders

though gej isn't dat bad but I wll never frgt his statement in 2011 so will I trust u wen u r nt a man of ur word?

You really have no brain..

Didn't Buhari say 2011 election was his final election..

Didn't Buhari say he won't go to the tribunal if he loses..

What is Buhari doing in 2015 polls?

Please go to bed... Delusional e-thug!
Nairaland / General / Re: Home Page Updates: We Need Your Feedback! by kosovo(m): 8:40am On Dec 19, 2014
The new idea does make sense..

But there is much that still needs to be done..
Celebrities / Re: Banky W Takes To Twitter, Laments APC's Non-selection Of Fashola As VP by kosovo(m): 1:29pm On Dec 17, 2014
Banky just need's cheap attention.. Seems music isn't working over there.. cheesy

Who cares about Muslim-Muslim ticket? Really? Banky must be living under the rock to ask such a ridiculous question..

Because he worked in Lagos, doesn't mean he can work in Nigeria.. Lagos isn't Nigeria.. Banky is such a clown.. undecided
Politics / Re: PDP Has Failed Nigerians -- Gov. Adams Oshiomhole Says by kosovo(m): 6:16am On Dec 15, 2014
LOL.. Look who is talking about change..

Someone who doesn't have certificate..

He had to set ablaze the result center at the ministry of education when his pants was on fire

Someone who called Igbenedion a thug publicly.. And the next month, he was at Igbenedion birthday uninvited... Screaming.. Igbenedion was his father.. S
uddenly a thug has become his father..

Someone who has used 6 years in building a structure in Edo central hospital... Yet no sign of completion in another 6 years

Someone who is spending 32 billion naira on a ridiculous open drainage system. Using an amateur construction company owned by Tinubu. He promised three and half year completion.. After 5 years.. Only 25% completion rate has been recorded..

Someone who deceived Edo people he was the one constructing roads.. Until the minister of works came to disgrace him.. He has not recovered from his cheap talks..

Someone who turned thungry in Edo to a lucrative business.. Where thugs are the ones you see in government house.. If you doubt.. Go there and see the thugs smoking Marijuana in government house..

This disgrace can not win his constituency election if he dares himself.. He should be ashamed that his popularity has dropped by 80%..

The "Go and Die" governor should keep living in self deception thinking he is still relevant in Edo...


Politics / Re: South-East Will Support Jonathan Though He Failed Igbos - APGA by kosovo(m): 4:44pm On Dec 13, 2014
The truth is that GEJ is inept, clueless and incompetent.

Nigerians have never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines.

There are no excuses for failure. He blames the opposition for everything. We can't rely on leaders who keep making excuses. We need results!!! Anyone who can not deliver should not even smell the Aso-Rock in the first place.

Didn't he consider the situation of the country before contesting in 2011? If he did, why did he make all those promises? Are you going to give him 4 more years to prove his abilities? Is 6 years not enough for any reasonable leader to achieve something tangible?

If GEJ's ist tenure is this bad, I can assure you that his 2nd tenure will definitely be worse because he has nothing to lose this time. The case of Mimiko of Ondo state is a classic example.

Let's vote for change!!! If GMB messes up, we'll drive him out in 2019. Competition is necessary for any democracy to survive. Nigerians will benefit when there is competition, not when anyone that PDP imposes would become the President.

It is irresponsible for us to keep screaming vote for Change.. We have to know what kind of change we are talking about..

There can be changes without improvement.. but all improvement comes with a change.. It's really foolish for someone who has a BS.c to think any positive change can from GMB.. An old man who thinks he can stabilize oil prices from Aso Rock.. cry

You guys will rather insult on social network and believe the lies being spread by APC.. None of these so-called digital youth do read.. They have not read the history of GMB.. They just scream in their little cubicle with EDGE network asking for change..

When you don't read history... You repeat history!!!

In this case we cannot afford a bad history to repeat itself...

Until APC has someone who has a vision and agenda, they stand no chance of being behind the gates of Aso Rock!

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Politics / Re: Political Bias Of Nigerian Media (Newspapers/Blogs, TV/Radio Stations) by kosovo(m): 8:23pm On Nov 09, 2014
Phones / Re: Russians Take Down iPhone Statue Over Apple CEO's Gayness by kosovo(m): 8:13am On Nov 04, 2014

stop being so incorrigible!
This is a Nigerian forum, homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria, so dont speak like a reporter in one of those pro-gay countries.

Terrorism is a crime, theft is a crime etc.. and they all get reportage in similar fashion..

Why does this make you flame? Is homosexuality the only crime in Nigeria?

You better man up cheesy


Celebrities / Nigerian Reggae Singer Majek Fashek Joins Politics by kosovo(m): 8:10am On Nov 04, 2014
There is enormous money in entertainment, but it seems Nigeria entertainers have seen politics as a place where the inflow of money is infinite. They won’t be needing to crack their brain and do all the stuffs in the studio.. With just a “biro,” they can create wealth in ways never imagined. Only in Nigeria though, lol.. I didn’t say anything.. Hoho!

Well, Reggae man Majek Fashek has finally decided to join politics and will be supporting President Jonathan’s re-election bid next year.

Majek Fashek

Makek Fashek practically controlled the Nigerian music scene in the 90s, he still thinks he is relevant in 2014 and equally has the capacity to push any aspirant to victory.

“Next year, I’m going to be entering into politics. I am going to be in the PDP”, Majek declared. “I will support the president. I will support the president and the governor, that’s why I enter into politics. With my knowledge in the American world, presidency is not my calling, I’m a revolutionary musician, so what I can do with the power God gave to me is to support the government so that they can help the poor.”

Majek Fashek also revealed that he has no interest in occupying Aso Rock. For him, it is too much of work to be the president.

“The presidency is too much work, I don’t like it. Instead of me to become a president, I will support the president.”
Phones / Re: Russians Take Down iPhone Statue Over Apple CEO's Gayness by kosovo(m): 7:52am On Nov 04, 2014
Op, hope you know that 'homophobic' is a word used by homosexuals and pro-gays to refer to those who dont subscribe to their insanity.
The right word is anti-gay
Did you read what you typed or someone helped you?


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