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Autos / Re: Neatly Used And Well Maintained Toyota Camry 2009 by LaurelP(m): 4:16pm On Jan 21, 2023
Autos / Re: Neatly Used And Well Maintained Toyota Camry 2009 by LaurelP(m): 11:33am On Jan 21, 2023

Called you last night

Great, thanks.
Autos / Re: Neatly Used And Well Maintained Toyota Camry 2009 by LaurelP(m): 9:01am On Jan 21, 2023

Reply your dm

WhatsApp or call
Autos / Neatly Used And Well Maintained Toyota Camry 2009 by LaurelP(m): 9:44pm On Jan 20, 2023
In perfect condition, no repairs needed.
AC, gear, and everything is working perfectly.
It has extra accessories like car cover, Manual lock
Complete papers(customs inclusive)

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ("NERC") Is Recruiting. by LaurelP(m): 7:41am On Dec 07, 2022
Not at all. I used the correct address

And I have chatted and mailed them but no feedback. You can imagine going from Lagos to Enugu for the Physical test embarassed embarassed

I'm going to Owerri from Lagos.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ("NERC") Is Recruiting. by LaurelP(m): 10:23am On Dec 04, 2022
I've been reading this thread since and I'm laughing at some of your comments. Let me just save Y’all the stress
1. If you can't log in with the message (you no longer have access to this service), don't stress yourself. You are not shortlisted
2. If you can't Login with the errorr message (something due to slow connection), keep trying it's network
3. If you can see your photo card but no QR code it's obviously due to newtork or they haven't posted it yet (keep trying every morning and every night till the day of your exams) and on the final day if there is No QR code just print it like that and go.
4. You cannot change the exam Venue! There's No mail or customer service for that
5. Venue where chosen based on the availability of candidates on a giving location and how close your state of residence (the one you used to apply) is to the place.
6. Do not click on any link you see on this thread saying they'll give you past questions or add you to a WhatsApp group (except the ones that wants to meet up due to same exam centre) Don't click links!
7. Do not contact anybody for past questions especially when they want payment (The past questions are online just Google them) I can't post links I would have send them
8. You can't view your result
9. NERC is one of the Government agency known for giving appointments based on merit Rather Than Connection it's just a matter of luck. I'm not saying a there's no connection but NERc is known for its Merit. (If you have high score, Experience, you jave an upper hand already)
Good luck.

I don't think state of residence was considered, rather it should be state of origin. Which explains why many people would be writing the exam in their regions of origin, not residence.

I would just advice people to get hold of the job description for the position they applied for and revise based on it. And then know the basic concepts in your field.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ("NERC") Is Recruiting. by LaurelP(m): 6:34pm On Dec 03, 2022
Please who has an authoritative idea of NERC pay package , salary and allowances

Important info. One has to consider it before going through all these hurdles. Hope the pay is worth it, cos travelling in Nigeria now is risky, and expensive. Not even sure of the job yet.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ("NERC") Is Recruiting. by LaurelP(m): 5:54pm On Dec 02, 2022
Anybody scheduled for South East (Owerri) here? What's the plan? Let's coordinate movement.
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by LaurelP(m): 2:53pm On Jul 05, 2021
Any WhatsApp group for MBA part time? Please share link
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by LaurelP(m): 2:06pm On Jun 21, 2021
None of the appointment days are working. All saying "booking closed for this selected session". Anyone experiencing this?
Car Talk / Re: Car Talk Chat Room by LaurelP(m): 2:09pm On Apr 19, 2021
Hello experts in the house. My Toyota camry 09 is having problems starting after some time being off, especially in the morning. Takes at least 7 trials before starting. The exhaust shakes too while trying to start it.
What could be wrong?
Car Talk / Re: Remotely Follow Your Vehicle Repairs Online by LaurelP(m): 2:04pm On Apr 19, 2021
Gazzuzz can I bring my car tomorrow. Its having problems starting after some time being off, especially in the morning. Takes at least 7 trials before starting. The exhaust shakes too while trying to start it.
The front left wheel is making noise, the front lights are off. Camry 09
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by LaurelP(m): 1:54pm On Apr 19, 2021
Hello experts in the house. My Toyota camry 09 is having problems starting after some time being off, especially in the morning. Takes at least 7 trials before starting. The exhaust shakes too while trying to start it.
What could be wrong?
Autos / Re: Toyota by LaurelP(m): 10:58am On Mar 01, 2021

No phone number , no location ...how do a serious buyer reach u? You think everyone likes nairaland messaging ? Include your contact phone and location to enable me make offer

Location is Iju Lagos.
Autos / Toyota by LaurelP(m): 9:41am On Mar 01, 2021
Autos / Re: Very clean Toyota Corolla 2009 For Sale. (Nigerian used)N1.350m SOLD!!!!! by LaurelP(m): 3:44pm On Aug 14, 2019
Autos / Re: Check Out My Superneat 2009 Camry Muscle In Perfect Condition 1.550 by LaurelP(m): 2:17pm On Aug 14, 2019
Properties / Re: To Let: 2 No's of 2 Bedroom Flat at Nity Estate,Egbeda by LaurelP(m): 9:37am On Aug 12, 2019
Is this available
Romance / Re: Why do I keep getting rejected by girls? by LaurelP(m): 2:49pm On Aug 07, 2019
Let me advise you from experience.

Never let women be your priority. You are still a young man. I get the fact that you're under peer pressure, you see others of your age getting girls, and it's like you are not even living.

You need to focus. Read that again YOU NEED TO FOCUS. THIS IS NIGERIA, A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, THE WORLD'S POVERTY CAPITAL. You need to focus on:

Your education: Graduate with a good grade, your life will be very much easier in the nearest future.

Your mind : From the epistle you typed, I can easily deduce that you have esteem issues. Work on it, read good books, attend seminars, get a mentor. I always tell people that anybody born and raised in Nigeria should go for therapy session after sometime. Our culture and traditions mess with our minds.

Your relationships: Begin to surround yourself with goal oriented people. Both your mates and older people. It is these people that will provide what you will need in future. You will soon start searching for a job or looking to start your own business. Get closer to the people that matter.

It is when you are busy with your destiny that you will meet the right woman for you. Don't be in a rush, take it easy. Get your priorities right first. Once you graduate now, you need to settle down and look for a source of livelihood. Do you have a plan for that? That's what you should be thinking about.

Work on yourself. Take care of yourself. Look good, dress well and responsibly. Be happy, radiate confidence and happiness. Be eloquent. Make friends, mix up with people. Attend events. Travel, see places.

Then, you will notice that people, including women will move closer to you. You will attract them, not you hunting for them.


Phones / Re: How I Lost My Phone To One Chance Bus In Enugu. by LaurelP(m): 7:35pm On Aug 06, 2019
One of the most popular formats they use in Lagos. Another one is during struggle to board a bus.

They used it on me 2 years ago. I just left an interview at Magodo and got to the bus stop. Waved down a bus and they immediately opened the front door for me.

A man was already sitted there with the driver while the conductor was standing just behind me.

There were few passengers at the back. My mind was still thinking about the interview I had just finished. Shut the door and it opened back, tried again same thing.

Driver and conductor kept urging me to push harder. All of a sudden conductor starts accusing me of spoiling the door. A short argument ensues between us.

Driver asks me to alight immediately. I did. They speed off. I reached for my pocket. Nothing. My heart skipped a few beats.

I reach for my suit pocket. Nothing. Few more beats. I looked as the bus speed down the ever free Magodo Berger expressway. My mouth became dry. I couldn't believe it. I just bought the phone barely a month before. A Tekno phantom.

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Career / Re: Having Problem With A Terrible Boss Or Colleague?, Come In by LaurelP(m): 6:56pm On Aug 05, 2019
I don't know why women usually make terrible bosses. They will bring their personal life problems to work, frustrate your life and make you become a bitter frustrated person.

If you are not careful you will break down emotionally and even health wise. I am currently working with one and it's been hell.

I have always worked with men all my life, then one devil touched my boss and he sent me to work with a woman, a mannerless, untrained, uncultured one for that matter.

For the first time in my life I started contemplating resigning from my job. Just pray you don't get a female boss. Your life will never remain the same.


Family / Re: My Wife Changed 2 Weeks After Wedding!! by LaurelP(m): 2:50pm On Aug 04, 2019
3 options.

1. Sit her down and talk to her. Try to find out why she's acting like that. Why's she still in touch with her ex? Heart to heart talk. Give her a month, if nothing changes, go to 2.

2. Talk to her parents. Give her another month. If nothing changes, go to 3.

3. Talk to her pastor. If nothing changes...

My brother find your way.
Properties / Re: already gone by LaurelP(m): 11:11am On Aug 03, 2019
What is the exact location?
Business / Re: Rice Seller Cries Out: The Money They Paid Me Turned To Something Else by LaurelP(m): 9:41pm On Aug 01, 2019
Happened to me in school.

Saw a group of people gathered watching a guy performing some magical stunts.
I joined to catch a quick glance and all of a sudden another guy comes around, touched me and whispered that I should leave that place.
Guess that's when it happened.
By the time I left there, I gave them my phone and the little cash I had.
If I had more money I would have given them, thank God I was broke then.

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Properties / Re: To Let:: Executive Mini Flat @ Alausa Ikeja (pictures) by LaurelP(m): 4:29pm On Nov 02, 2018
Jobs/Vacancies / Experienced Cleaners And Supervisors Needed Urgently On Lekki Axis by LaurelP(m): 1:06pm On Feb 24, 2018
Experienced and professional Cleaners and Supervisors are needed around Lekki axis urgently. Must be skilled and experienced in corporate cleaning.

Forward your CV to freshdewcleaning@gmail.com
Whatsapp/ call 07086350370.
Or 08156254742

Pay is attractive.

Emphasis on Experienced, Professional and Lekki axis

Thank you.
Science/Technology / Re: Trapped Manatee Caught And Butchered In Bayelsa By Residents. Photos by LaurelP(m): 7:56pm On Sep 23, 2017
These are rare species...so unfortunate they found their habitat in a hunger stricken country like Nigeria.

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Romance / Reasons Why Many Ladies Complain About Being Dumped By Men. by LaurelP(m): 4:22pm On Sep 13, 2017
I am going to be elaborate on this thread, so if you're allergic to long posts I advise you take a walk. Or better still, read with an open mind and correct me where I am wrong.

Several times I've seen and heard ladies talk about how men "use and dump" them after "getting what they want". Many of them complain that men are unfaithful, men are wicked, men are dogs, men are cheats, men are the same etc.

It's either the men left them after sleeping with them or the men left because they refused to sleep with them. The ones that had sex are complaining that they were left, so also the ones that didn't have sex.

Now I want to address this issue once and for all.
The problem here is that many (not all) of our ladies have just one thing to offer a man: Sex.
To these ladies, once they can satisfy a man sexually, they have done enough. Infact the man should be grateful to have a hot sexy woman who satisfies him sexually.
This is the reason why most ladies go to lengths to take care of their bodies in order to look good and presentable but never develop their minds.

Ladies, a man cannot stay with you just because you give him sex. If you don't have something extra to offer a man apart from sex, then forget it you can't keep a man.
Let's look at it this way. The longest sex lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The man releases and it ends. There are 24hrs in a day, what do u have to offer in those remaining 23hrs? Or is he gonna have sex throughout the day all his life?

You need to develop yourself if you want to be able to keep a relationship. Personally I can't be in a relationship with a woman who only has sex to offer.
As a lady are you sound mentally? Can you initiate or sustain an intellectual discussion or interaction? Can you represent a man outside the home? Can you offer a useful advice to a man? Can you support a man spiritually? Can you keep a home neat and tidy? Can you take care of a man? Can you boost a man's ego and confidence? Can you offer a man a useful advice that can change his life. Do you even respect a man or you're the type that thinks every man should worship you because you're beautiful?

Listen ladies, no man in his right senses can leave a woman who has something upstairs. Men like women who are confident, intelligent, goal oriented, smart, hardworking and independent.

Sex is not everything it's just a spice, an icing on the cake of the relationship. If that is all you have then you're not qualified for a relationship yet. A man can get sex so easily these days. Even in my street there's a place where you can get it for just 500 naira and the girls are hot.

Develop yourself ladies. Read books, watch good programs on TV, not Telemundo and Africa Magic. Take a course, travel, go for trainings. Most ladies aren't just interested in self development, they don't have any direction in life. Some don't even know what is happening in their street talkless of the country or international.

When they tune the TV to news they run away. They will never pick up a newspaper or magazine to read unless it's about makeup and fashion. Some are so materialistic, all they know is the latest stuffs in the market. Some don't know the name of their state governor and they don't care.
The average Nigerian lady is so ignorant and carefree cos she feels men will always come.
How do you want a man to keep a lady who's so ignorant.

Ladies you need to build yourself. Build yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Build yourself up so much that a man will be afraid to loose you. Be a beauty and brains.

No man wants a liability these days. Sex is everywhere and very cheap. But virtuous women are so scarce. All I see these days are overly makeup freaks and Kim Kardashian wannabes.
Build yourself for yourself, not even a man. I recommend every lady should read this book: Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady.

Y'all need to think like men. Men think independence, they are always on the lookout for ideas, opportunities, something to learn. Men are very inquisitive, if something is happening they want to know what it is and why it's happening and how to stop or increase it. That's why they end up successful most times.
You need to keep yourself busy doing something productive. Not slaying on facebook and instagram.

Build your internal being, that is the only time you can get to keep a man. Am talking about quality men, not boys. Boys want sex, men want companionship.
I hope I made sense.

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Romance / Re: See What I Saw In My Hubby’s Phone, I'll Skin That Bitch Alive - Lady Cries Out by LaurelP(m): 2:44pm On Sep 13, 2017
You found what you were looking for. Stop snooping around.

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Celebrities / Re: I Laugh When I See People Talking About Friend Zoning Men - Tonto Dikeh by LaurelP(m): 7:39pm On Aug 30, 2017
Those lines are actually from Prince EA. He said that in the video he released early this year.
They will be copying without acknowledging the real owner.


Career / Re: In Dilemma,save a Friend's Career by LaurelP(m): 11:00pm On Aug 29, 2017
Face your job. Forget any international nonsense. U will go and come back now and start from square one again.

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