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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 2:50pm On Jul 23

Sensible all through.

The world today is far from normalcy. The more we humans evolve along an avalanche of civility, the more we move closer to self destruction. Man is an irony such that I sometimes wonder whether the Creator himself even understand us. We want the 'best' but at the same time crave the 'worst'. Well, that's a topic for another day. cool

You were right about racial ideology vis-a-vis the United States. The self-acclaim bastion of democracy in modern human history. Yeah, the US waste no time in lecturing, sanctioning and even declaring wars on other nations for not respecting democratic principles especially in the area of human rights, when itself has very little or no respect for coloured people on it's soil.

Here is a country whose political, social and econonic institutions thrive on covert racism. Even in 21st century America, a black kid who sees the police, turns his back and run simply out of fear get multiple shots from behind, but if the kid was white, the police would, in most cases, only just give a chase or even let them be.

Of all the developed nations of the world, it's only in 'democratic America' that a criminal black man is mugged, stripped and threated like a slave, and sentenced twice for similar crime committed by a white felon who can work into a church, kill black worshippers and after his arrest, the police buys him a burger.

If anyone tells you that racism is a thing of the past just because the Jim Crow's slave era is no more, well, tell them to wake up from their delusive sleep. Racism is well and alive in the US, just that it's in its covert form; in democratic institutionalized uniforms.
Nothing more to add.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 9:01pm On Jul 22
Thanks Livelystone. I can drive from Downtown Chicago to my home in Oak park which is 72% white and in the process, i will drive through many neighborhoods including White, Hispanic and Black neighborhoods and you will see young people outside playing sports that are available to them in their vicinities. My Oak Park has a big swimming pool and i can say 90% of the youths there are Whites because that's what is available to them. It's jst few years ago they start putting tracks, Baseball fields, Basketball fields and Football fields too because we jump on the city mayor that the city belongs to us all irrespective of our color or gender.
Thanks for the clarity.
Information is one way that guarantees sound judgment.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 8:56pm On Jul 22

I believe that the sentencing is a problem. They should do more studies as to why blacks get more time. That might be racism. I have seen complains about that but I haven't looked into it. But there are other cases where offenders and criminals are being released by the court and they went on to kill people. That's the reason situation in Chicago.

As for racism, it will never go away, there will always be someone that is a racist.

The race issues you see today that was not this bad during Bush and Clinton is as a result of the media and politicians making everything about race. It divides the nation and increase racism. There are groups hating each other because of what they are being told.
Your last paragraph says it all bro.
The politicians everywhere will always take advantage of current issues to rile up their bases.

But concerning the race issues, we have seen clearly that it exists in reality even if they are not permitted on paper.

Thanks for your engagement so far, I'd be glad to engage on other topics that are hot today if you can.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 8:15pm On Jul 22
What happened with sports in America is that certain sports are generally loved by Black teens and certain sports are loved by White Kids. It's not uncommon to go to any Black neighborhood in America and see Basketball courts, American Football fields, Racetracks and baseball fields everywhere and if you go to lilly White neighborhoods, you see hockey rings, swimming pools and lacrosse fields and sometimes you see 9 hole golf courses there. It's what you have in your neighborhood that will get your attention hence Blacks dominating those Sports and vice versa. Now Black are getting into the White Sports too and they are showing that they are capable of excelling there. I remember when you can hardly find a Black Quarterback in the NFL and now my Brothers are dominating the Quarterback positions in the league.
Now this is why i don't like talking much on some issues, especially when I don't have all the facts.
Now you have given a clear answer as to why there are more whites in those sports and blacks in the others.

It is normal for a guy who have something in his yard to be good at it if he trains consistently.

Well done.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 8:10pm On Jul 22

Your first paragraph says hardwork pays and if African Americans can't work hard they should not be complaining the system is there to put them down. Nigerians holds the most degree than any other ethnic group including Asian Americans. Nigerians are professors and lecturers. They are very successful becauase of the hardwork they invest into their career.

There are white people who are not getting it easy and their situation is no different from the next person. What's most important is their qualifications.

About athletics, no one is telling blacks they can't do anything. In the United States, they have good PE and sports programs embedded in their schools. They discover the strength of athletes there and help them decide their career path. That's not to say they are not going to streets and ghetto to harvest talents who are not in schools, they do that also but to he an athlete from the schools they require a good grade from you and if you are lacking then they may kick you out of the sports you are interested in and have you focus on your grades.

During Malcolm X, time was hard and bad for blacks but things has changed.

Take south Africa for example, there was a time blacks were not allowed to get the same level of maths. But as I said things has change and it is left for everyone to take their chances.
Cool reply bro but let me say this fact. Ideologies hardly die when there are willing people ready to front it. Racism may be dead on paper, but there are silent voices operating in it today. Court judgements and cases sentencing are examples.
How do you explain different sentencing for same crime between two different people, let's say black and white in the US today?

Can we also relate this to what is happening in Nigeria today?
Because racism is just an international term, there is a whole lot of "isms" playing out here locally.

The Igbos are hardworking, yet they are still talking because it is the right thing to do.

Truth is, there is no level playing field anywhere in the world where a tiny little dot of "ism" exiat, that's what I am talking about in the US.

Things might be normal on paper, but the reality on ground is way different and unless you are trying to ignore that, I don't think anyone can help and make things better.

One of the reasons people are fighting against racist abuses on the media today is because they might be texts today, but if not checked now, who knows what might happen when they pick up arms and begin another holocaust tomorrow.

Finally, it is difficult to understand the pains of someone who's putting on a shoe with pins inside. Unless you try it on, you'd shout at him to stop making noise.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 7:54pm On Jul 22

You may also want to check out the sports Blacks dominate. (Sprint, Relay, Basketball, e.t.c). These are sports where a child from a poor black ground can participate in without costing the parents an arm and a leg.

There is a reason blacks don't dominate sports like Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, e.t.c

It's an entire topic on it's own

You have a point bro, like I said, times have changed and things are getting better for the blacks, albeit, slowly.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 1:19pm On Jul 22

Its alright. You can reply whenever you like. I will respond. I had a debate once with GalaticHorde and the debate was about qualification and how Nigerians are doing better than African Americans. Nigerians are black and most times are on student visa and as a result Nigerians had to put more efforts. There is a reason Indians dominate computing in almost everywhere they go because they are qualified and they get employed.

Before anyone can say discrimination or systemic racism, look at the qualifications. Asians are on top of the food chain and they are not whites. Stereotypes builds as a result of performance by one ethnic group.

Being under represented is not becuase of uppression. It could be a case for a country that does not function like Nigeria.

What do you think about athletics? Blacks dominate right? They are over represented because they are good in that aspect.

So let's look at qualifications.
Nigerians live in a rigorous system here and when they travel, they see opportunities and grab it because they are seeing results for their hard work. Also, a Nigerian who is over there knows why he went, to better his life and family, therefore, he will work double to meet up with his targets. Most Nigerians work 10hours for peanuts here, they'd rather work 12hours nonstop over there tohave a better pay to meet up.

As for the area of athletics, I think the reason the blacks are dominating it is because of years where they were pushed into that corner by segregation and words of negativity concerning other areas of education. Imagine a man who has been always told he cannot do anything in engineering and other areas, what do you expect him to do now that his esteem has been crushed?, He will just face his talents and see how others like him are doing better in that area.
I think the blacks are more respected and accepted in the field of athletics from the time where systemic racism was at its peak and it has stuck with so many because that's where they are valued.

It is a self esteem issue. (I like you to watch or read about how Malcolm X was discouraged by his white teacher that he would do better as a waiter instead of being a lawyer. Thank God he found his mojo in prison)

But now, most blacks are moving into other areas and that's a good thing.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 11:03pm On Jul 21

Systematic racism was laws and policies put in place to keep blacks down. Today, modern day America has abolished those laws.

But if you know any systemic laws that discriminate against blacks list them out let's discuss it.
You are right bro, on paper, there is no law that encourages systemic racism (which I know as of today), but we know that's not what is at play on ground.

It's just like Nigeria where the constitution seems fair on paper but on ground, the Easterners (Igbos) are suffering from another reality.
They are underrepresented in the nation in so many areas beginning from the number of states, to other areas where this government has acted in line with the marginalization they are crying against.

But to be fair, I accept that there is no law on paper for systemic racism in the US, except there is one I do not know about, but my take is about what is being practiced on ground.

Sorry for my late reply, I was so busy and also went to church this evening.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 4:56pm On Jul 21

CRT argues that race is not biologically grounded and natural but is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of colour.

Is race biologically grounded or not?
Do you accept the CRT definition of race? If yes why? If not why not?

Why I crossed out number 3 is because it fell in line with crt definition of race. Notice he does not differentiate groups. This is more in line with the race is a social construct narrative. And if we go by this definition a racist is the oppressor towards the oppressed. According to crt whiteness is oppression and blackness is victim hood. If this is the case then someone like Obama can be racist because he was part of the system which they label whiteness.
First of all I have said I'd never talk about the CRT because i don't understand what it is, I haven't even taken out time to check it out and I won't because it has become a political weapon.

Also, before I say more i want to ask if you understand or know that systemic racism exists in America.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 2:00pm On Jul 21

Definitions of race

1. any one of the groups that humans are often divided into based on physical traits regarded as common among people of shared ancestry.

2. a group within a species that is distinguishable (as morphologically, genetically, or behaviorally) from others of the same species

3. Race is socially constructed, not biologically natural.

From all this definition. Cancel out the one you disagree with and why.

Also, define what you think racism is.

1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

2. a belief that a race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences pproduce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

3. The system oppression to the social, economic and political advantage of another.

Also, systemic racism which is more or less of an issue today is seen as a deeply rooted prejudice, combined with institutional power and systemic oppression of certain groups of people."

Please cross out the things you disagree with and give me your take on the above.

I agreed with your definistions of race.

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Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by Livelystone01: 1:42pm On Jul 21
He knows how to use his lenght which is attacking the rim
That I noticed.

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Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by Livelystone01: 1:28pm On Jul 21

Its truly a beauty cos i can't just believe it from two games down and win the championship is just unexplainable i was waw.
I was watching game one and two and asked myself how the Bucks were going to overturn this game when they are not too good with three points throw and Giannis was missing some free throws too.

In game 3 and 4, I saw the aggression and knew it was what they needed.

Aggression and Giannis became more of a beast each game.

This game 6 just solidified his place as a hall of famer.

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Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by Livelystone01: 8:52am On Jul 21
50 points....no be beans.
Sometimes, i imagine how he gets his numbers because he's not a consistent three pointer like Durant and Curry but then I also know that he's a very powerful forward.

The Bucks are very disciplined. How they came from two games down to win this championship is truly a beauty.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 1:11am On Jul 21

We can discuss this further if you are interested.

We can start by understanding what race and racism is.
I can discuss with you.
Just drop what you think is race or racism, I'll reply your mentions.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 8:47pm On Jul 20

Don't see it as group, see it as individuals. And there are people who risk their lives or make huge donation for others yet remain anonymous so it does not remove attention from the ones in need.

In CRT, it focus more on the systemic structure of the society and also race is a social construct which means racism is a matter of oppressors and the oppressed.
Ben, there are people who'd risk their lives like you said, but when it has grown to become more people with the same agenda, it becomes a group with same ideology which may become cunning or weaponized if it is not checked.

Racism and almost every issue that of discussion today became so as a result of social construction.
Racism is real buddy, I'd support your claim if you say it (Racism) is weaponized today which is true.

As for the CRT, I have not and will not make any claims, I haven't studied it neither will I study it because I see it as a weapon on both sides.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 6:34pm On Jul 20

Its nice you brought up this argument the way you did. Others will be shouting coon, kkk bla bla bla without saying any tangible thing.

In life, there are people who use people, sometimes they do something for you because it benefits them but THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. Critical race theory has made it to always be the case which is why I said it's stupid.

Let's say democrats(white) promise minority free cash($300) every month. According to Crt it's racist because this advancement only occurs because it benefits the dominant group. But the same people making this argument will turn around and call Republicans racist for telling the blacks to pull themselves up. At the end if whites do anything for blacks it's racist and if they don't do its racist. No matter what they do its racist.

Now the CRT itself is being pushed by democrats, in their school which is part of the systemic structure CRT says is used to keep black people down. If white teachers are pushing it, the systemic structure put in place are use to push it, is it not the case that critical race theory itself is used to keep the dominant race dominant? Because what you and I are discussing is about

The truth is, no group will ever want to help another in this life if they won't gain anything at the end of the day.

Me I haven't said anything about the CRT because I have not fully grasped it. In short, I have never focused on it.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Livelystone01: 3:34pm On Jul 20

Calm down and let's talk. Be civil smiley so you believe this

Race and racism are “materially deterministic,” that is to say, race and racism advantage the dominant group and therefore any racial advancement or racial equity measure will only occur if it benefits the dominant group (in the case of the U.S., white Americans).


Bros, I try to be silent whenever I scoop out time to be here, even though I read comments but I need to call your little bias to light about the CRT. (I have my reservations about it though but I have never made any comment on it until understand the whole issue)

You see your comment I highlighted in block letters, it was a bullet from a smoking gun you pointed at yourself and other GOP supporters here.

Before now, you people claim that one of the reasons the Democratic party is fighting for the blacks is because the party is using them to further their evil agenda. That the party need the blacks in order to carryout their aim of winning elections and that the blacks are being controlled by their narratives.

Now, if the whites in the Democratic party are using the black to further their agenda, isnt that the same as only supporting the blacks because they will gain from it?

Isn't that the same with your highlighted quote above?

Make I hibernate again.�
Religion / Re: Why Winners Pastors Were Sacked By Daniel Breakforth by Livelystone01: 3:18pm On Jul 20
If that is the basis for the sack then it is justified. You can't abandon your primary duty to pursue something else and at the same time expect growth.
The truth is that the pastor who ran to the media is cunning. There are many new winners branches opened today and not all have enough members, so if it is about offering or tithe, thousands would have been sacked.

I am always skeptical of people who run to social media to cry about their personal stuff.

If the pastor is a good christian, he would have been worried about what his actions would draw towards the body of Christ in the first place.

Also, most if these young graduates are using the unemployment problem in this country as a means to apply as pastors in LFC because they know that the church pays your rent and gives you monthly stipend. Many of then woukd never have been pastors if they had jobs in the first place, this is why they are unproductive or passionate about their tasks.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Sacks 40 Pastors 'For Low Income From Their Branches' (Video) by Livelystone01: 12:49pm On Jul 18
If true, It wouldn't be surprise because this is a sad but true reality of what the church has turn into these days.

Not much different from the world to whom the church was sent.

One man who I had great respect while growing up was Benson Idahosa. If I'd be honest, I respected him more than God. If God says a thing and he says something else, I would easily take what he says over that of God. So when I see many Christians do same today with their church leaders, i understand where they're coming from because i've been there and done that myself.

One day in late Nineties, a bishop in Idahosa's church, when there were just three of them, who was a family member lamented seriously about how it had become about how much money they brought to the headquarters in Benin City where Benson Idahosa was still in charge.

Although I wasn't yet saved at the time, I wasn't very comfortable with that news, as Benson Idahosa was a man i looked up to with great respect, and that didn't sound very nice in my ears.

It was clear that he had drifted from what he used to be, and began to chase the riches and things of this world which Jesus says chokes the Word and make it not to bear fruits to perfection in one's life.

It was that glaring that after his death his church made it a mandate to go back to their founding principles of evangelism being their supreme task.

So when i speak the way i do about the loss of focus of today's church leaders concerning the things of God, that they now prioritize the lesser things like tithing, I am not speaking because I just want to speak, but I know what I'm talking about.

It's the sad reality of what the church has become today.

I pray the church gets back to the ways of the early church where it was all about God.

God bless.
Someone like you make criticism looks beautiful.

This is how a critique is supposed to speak, not someone who has hidden hatred.

The truth is that the church needs critiques in order to be kept in line, the pastors are humans and they need to be reminded of their mission, but these people criticizing should speak without bias.


Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 4:31pm On Jul 12
Oga park well you're sentimental, Hungary no be balling country yet France n Germany no fit win them, European teams are stronger basically than others that's why Fifa allocate 12 slots for them, checkout FIfa top 15 teams in the world European country make up 80% and you expect them not to be given 12 slots?
My original mention with the first person never talked about the reason behind their numbers but the opportunities one has with more number of chances.

Try to learn how a conversation is flowing before joining.
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 4:28pm On Jul 12

He should view the match stats.
I too thought it was an was an evenly matched melee and was bored to death for most parts,
But the post match stats were a shocking read and revealed Italy out-posessed, out-gunned and out-passed the English.
Even total distance travelled showed the Italians ahead though their average age was considerably higher.
Shows they worked much harder for the victory.
Thank experience helped them to be calm in the grandest stage of the competition where they could have crumbled due to the early goal and the fact that they were playing at Wembley with the fans behind the English team.
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 12:16am On Jul 12
Can you listen to the nonsense you're blabbing, Europe is a continent of more than 55 balling countries South America is just 10 countries and they even beg other continent to come and join them play Copa America, do u expect FIFA to give 10 slot of world cup to 10 of them South American teams?
Some of you are so poor with comprehension basically due to being too emotional instead of being logical.

I need to address your assertion of Europe with 55 balling nations.
It shows that you do not know what the meaning of balling is. Hungary, Ukraine, Montenegro, Macedonia, iceland and about other 45 of them are balling nations abi?
The only balling nations in Europe are not more than 10.
Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, England, Portugal, France, and maybe two or three more are the nations that are with a chance of lifting the trophy because they are the ones balling.

Let's go with the number of nations in a continent. Africa has about 50+ but gets 5 slots, Asia also.

But I never even cared about the reason for the numeric advantage, I only focused on the statistics of opportunities and chances.

You have enough opportunities as your chances increase in every adventure, that's my argument.

But you were too emotional to see through that do you? Make una no dy allow emotion dy drive una life o, e no dy end well.


Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 12:06am On Jul 12

You were talking about sancho not rashford
Both of them.

They entered the match almost 90seconds to go.

Imagine Rashford playing as a right bawheb he came in.

He came for the penalty.

Southgate should have allowed Henderson and Walker to remain and played their pebalty instead.

Bringing on children to take on tbe pressure of sucj magnitude is a disaster move.

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Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:38pm On Jul 11
grin grin grin him watch am for black & white national TV inside cupboard
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:31pm On Jul 11
Did Spain not outplayed Italy after the Italians scored first?

Did Brazil not outplayed Argentina after Argentina scored?

It's normal with football. Both sides are good, if the Italians scored first, England would have attacked enmass and the Italians would have been on the backfoot.

It's normal between two great teams.

With all the possession the Italians had, there was no clear chance at goal.
I mentioned you because you said England played better.

In this match, italy outmatched England, EOD.


Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:26pm On Jul 11
Italians are known for the best keepers in the world right from ages.
Apart from Buffon and this guy, who else can you mention in the last 30years as a very popular goal keeper for Italy?

Germany (Kahn and Never), England (Seaman), Spain (Cassilas), have been other nations with specially talented goalies.

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Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:22pm On Jul 11
Italy did nothing special. They score a scramble goal they scored. If you know your football well, you'll know when a team scores against another big team, it's normal for the losing team to attack. It happened to Italy against Spain. Except your are trying to be funny, the English team was way better than the Italian team.
They sat down to defend all the attack from Italy and they did it real good if not for the goal man scramble that gave the Italians the goal.
The only fault the coach made was bringing in Saka for Tripper. He should have brought in a ball holding player like Grealish and maybe, just maybe, he would have made a difference.

As for the penalties, Rashford was stupid, Sancho, never really saw him play a penalty but his penalty was so poor, but to cap it all, after God gave them another chance, an Arsenal player(don't know if anything good can ever come out of arsenal), a left footed player for that matter, player the most foolish penalty I have ever seen in my life.
Bros be sincere na, Italy outplayed, outclassed, outmatched, bossed and controlled the game.

Check the stats of the game you will understand.


Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:18pm On Jul 11

correct guy, I love ur honest opinion
Thanks bro.
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:14pm On Jul 11
Euro tournament has ended, the player of the tournament went to a goal keeper lol.

Kane was silenced throughout the match to be honest.

England as a team were dominated and bossed in all parts of the pitch.

The better side got the important luck that goes with penalty shootouts.

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Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:09pm On Jul 11

abeg make una forget about this superstitious of a thing jor
Well, history is part of the game but the beautiful thing is that it can change.
Eh, tonight and Argentina.

I fully admit my error for sticking with history instead of looking at the present chances.
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 11:07pm On Jul 11
I tire o..only them go get 20 teams..then others 6..6..very stupid overrated fools with media hype..if these players play for clubs in south America thier leg nor go touch ball I swear.. even against Chile or Uruguay very boring competition that Didn't live to d htpe
The truth is that Europe is like the epicenter of football and the popularity there makes people follow the teams.
But one thing that is true is that the most disciplined and most talented players from South America are playing in Europe because of popularity, and the finances induced into the sport.

Europe is not more special than south America, after all those winning the world cups fron Europe for the last 40 years or more are powerhouses and are very few.

Germany, France, Spain, Italy.
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by Livelystone01: 10:59pm On Jul 11

Do you understand the criteria for choosing the number of countries from each continent?

Please, do find out.
Stop deflecting bro, I replied your mentions by being factual about what happens at the world cup, not before.
I never said any about criteria in my comment, you can check again. I only gave you the statistics of how much opportunities you will have as your chances increase.

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