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Nairaland / General / Re: Seun, Please Stop Ishilove From Closing This Thread To Hide Her Offense! by logicboy01: 2:28pm On Dec 12, 2014
She has already closed this thread once to hide her history of abuse and derailment.
Nairaland / General / Seun, Please Stop Ishilove From Closing This Thread To Hide Her Offense! by logicboy01: 2:26pm On Dec 12, 2014
I reduced my activities on nairaland because it started to become boring and I was irritated that I.shilove was made a supermoderator. I usually just watch on the sidelines as a guest.

Recently, one of my friends opened a thread asking about me. I logged in to comment about why I left, mentioning the two reasons above only for I.shilove to come with her minions and troll and abuse others on the thread.

When I complained, I was banned from all sections on nairaland for a week. Note that none of my comments were abusive. The flimsy excuse for my ban was rule 20. Check out the thread https://www.nairaland.com/2038131/where-logicboy01#28758875

The painful thing is that the name of the moderator who banned me was not stated. I suspect foul play. (My username that was banned is JACKBIZZLE)

20. Please cooperate with the moderators, super-moderators, and administrator. Treat them with respect.

I.shilove is someone that has a history of derailing and abusing and I wonder why she was made a supermoderator.

You dont have to take my word for it. Just look at her actions in these two threads;

Worse, is the fact that the supermod has not been doing a good job. People have been complaining left and right

(to I.shilove) i will deactivate my account if all the mods were like you!! A mod is abusing a user, you are the most selfish mod i've ever known. a mod that will ignore a user intresting post because he/she hates that user, such mod deserves to be tagged "selfish".

I rest my case
Education / Re: Top Ten Signs That You Dont Undestand Evolution At All by logicboy01: 9:04am On Oct 28, 2014
i have my mind sealed off and unaffected by a set of horrible,fake and fallible theories.Could it be because i'm a Christain?Hell No!...I think it's more like because no one is offering a cool,cogent explanations to the theories since Charles Darwins died,not even from CERN or any other ultra-scientific institutions.Even Einstein carefully distanced himself from those theories invented in the moments of scientific idiocy.And mr op,even your own post is flawed[I sincerely doubt he's the original writer of this treatise]....You wönder @ how theories of evolution attack the existence of God and the credibility of christanity....After posting such an educative article[God alone knows who's getting educated by this,because i did the entire reading with a look of scorn in my face]...you displayed ignorance for someone so learned to come up with post number 10......For God's sake,Darwins was a certified atheist!...and i don't expect him in his time...just as a couple of atheists on NL these days....not to question God's existence and mock religion....HIS THEORY OF EVOLUTION WAS A SEEMINGLY PERFECT WAY OF ACHIEVING THAT!


You are not well.
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 5:12pm On Oct 07, 2014

Whatever it is you hope to accomplish everytime you try to oppose me grin

lol....you're not special.

I only challenge your nonsense posts because it is amusing. You, Joshthefirst and Anony are just sport.....
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 3:29pm On Oct 07, 2014

Don't quit. Keep trying, bro. grin

keep trying what?
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 3:17pm On Oct 07, 2014
Mynd44 abeg bring my thread back from the islam section ooo!!!

My thread is clearly about an atheist talking about what he has learnt from the islam section.
I clearly stated in the op of that thread that I was addressing it to christians and atheists.

Guy, please do the right thing. I do not want anything to do with that section seeing how some have behaved recently

(sorry to bring this here but it seems here is where people come to get mynd44's attention)
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 2:53pm On Oct 07, 2014

Right. Whatever makes you happy. cheesy


Dont stop preaching on my account.

Afterall, zero qualifications never stopped fake preachers from cashing in on the church business
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 2:16pm On Oct 07, 2014

Hahahahaha...too much for you to handle. It was just a small explanation to help you. grin

lol......my point was made. I just didnt want to expose you further. wink
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 12:40pm On Oct 07, 2014

Lol. So any fool can be a critic, ehn? I like that.

Let me help you a bit. To be a critic of anything you must know how it ought to work. If you know how it ought to work, then you can teach it too. So a critic IS a teacher and criticism is negative teaching: it is a telling how things ought not to work.

As for qualification, formal education essentially means passage through a widely accepted system of tutelage. But formal education is not the only credible or authentic sort of education. Each field of study began with one person who ventured into the unknown and each field was established by the authentication of experience. Therefore, I can teach Christianity and be an acceptable authority merely on the authentication of experience. If people test out what I teach and it fails to hold up its claims then I have taught false things and can be called to order. If it does hold up, it becomes canon.

Thus, I'm well within my place to teach. And since I am offering something in public space I have subjected myself to proofing.

And you have no leg to stand on to denounce me as a teacher.


Take it easy.


Islam for Muslims / Re: 10 Lessons I Learnt From Islam On Nairaland by logicboy01: 12:38pm On Oct 07, 2014
Are u trying to islamitize nairaland or what better still create your own website with d name islamic site of nigeria

Please, reread the op. I am not a muslim
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 11:19am On Oct 07, 2014


You want to go back to my first answer?

A critic is different from a Teacher.

Experiencing religion is not enough to be a teacher.

A critic does not need to be an Engineer to spot a bad car
A teacher has to be an engineer to teach people how to repair/create/modify cars properly.
Religion / Re: 6 Things People Believe About Islam That Simply Aren’t True by logicboy01: 11:17am On Oct 07, 2014
A little over a week ago, political comedian Bill Maher made some pretty controversial remarkssurrounding Islam on his HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”
Maher has been heavily critical of organized religion throughout his career, concentrating particularly on Islam. In his view, Islam is an inherently oppressive faith, which violates human rights and stands as an affront to liberal values.
Quite frankly, much of what Maher has said and believes is simply false.
The debate over Islam continued this past Friday when actor Ben Affleck appeared on “Real Time.”
The conversation between Maher, Affleck and the other panelists got quite heated. It was apparent that the actor was offended by Maher’s views and some of the remarks made by other guests on the show.
In Affleck’s opinion, Maher’s views on Islam are “gross and racist.” He contends that it’s wrong to make generalizations about a religion with over one billion followers. Indeed, Affleck is correct.
Most Americans knew little to nothing about Islam prior to 9/11. While the tragic events of that day certainly fostered increased interest in the faith, it’s evident that many people still have a lot to learn about Muslims.
The rise of ISIS has seen a resurgence of misperceptions and stereotypes surrounding Islam, as the terrorist organization adheres to a distorted and fundamentalist interpretation of the religion.
Despite the fact that these extremists represent a minority within Islam, individuals like Maher seem determined to paint all Muslims as violent radicals.
This is wrong, and dangerous. It is precisely this kind of intolerance that leads to the type of oppression that Maher wishes to condemn.
Here are 6 things that people often get wrong about Islam:
1. Islamophobia doesn’t exist.
Islamophobia can be defined as “an irrational fear and hatred of Muslims categorized as an identifiable group.” It is real, and it’s a major problem. It leads to hate crimes against Muslims, and breeds intolerance.
Moreover, a large part of the reason terrorists, like ISIS and al-Qaeda, are able to recruit is that they claim the West is at war with Islam. When people in the media, like Maher, condemn Islam and describe it as one of the world’s greatest evils, they are fueling the propaganda of terrorists.
2. Islam is inherently violent.
Islam does not promote violence.
Some might argue that the Quran, the holy book of Islam, condones violence. Yet, in many ways, the Bible is far more violent than the Quran. Thus, most Muslims, like Christians and Jews, try to take contextual, rather than literal, interpretations of their holy book.
In fact, Islamic texts, including the Quran, specifically prohibit the killing of innocents.
You cannot condemn an entire faith because a minority within it takes a radical approach. This is precisely why Muslim leaders from around the world have called ISIS an offense to Islam.
3. All Muslims hate America and the West.
Muslim people do not automatically hate Americans and the West. This was an apparent perception following 9/11, which has obviously continued.
The fact of the matter is, however, that some Muslims are likely frustrated by American involvementin the Middle East. When it comes down to it, they have every right to be.
The United States has habitually supported dictatorships in the region, and has been at war in Muslim countries quite frequently over the past two decades or so.
Likewise, as the foreign policy expert Fareed Zakaria puts it, “It’s not an Islam problem but an Arab problem.” Simply put, animosity towards the United States from Muslim countries in the Middle East is political and cultural, rather than a product of religion.
4. All Muslims are jihadists (terrorists).
A majority of Muslims do not support terrorism. In fact, extremism is one of the Islamic world’sgreatest concerns.
Likewise, Muslims have decidedly negative opinions of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS. One only has to look at the #NotInMyName movement as an example of this:
5. All Muslims have the same values.
There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, that’s about 23 percent of the world’s population.
Islam is a very diverse religion in terms of demographics, which also translates into differences in values.
Believing that all Muslims have the same values and traditions would be like claiming Catholics and Protestants are basically the same, or that Eastern Orthodoxy isn’t different from other Christian denominations.
Muslims reside in multiple countries across the world, and some do not really adhere to traditional Islamic values whatsoever. For example, Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol. Azerbaijan is a majority Muslim country, but the people there drink like fish.
6. Our values (Western values) are better than Muslim values.
Part of the reason Maher condemned Islam is that he believes the religion promotes the violation of human rights.
While it’s true that certain majority Muslim countries have less than stellar records in regards to civil and human rights, it’s wrong to assume that Western or liberal values are that much better.
After all, the United States is guilty of immense human rights violations, such as the use of torture during the War on Terror, and its continued use of targeted killings with drone strikes.
America also has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Furthermore, as the events in Ferguson revealed, this country is obviously still struggling with racism and police brutality.

Likewise, values and morality are ultimately subjective, it’s wrong to assume that we know better than the rest of the world. This is an imperialistic mentality, and extremely problematic.
It’s important to promote civil and human rights, but this can’t be done by making generalizations.

I agree with everything except the part in bold.

Western values are far superior to values from the Quran.

You mention racism as if it is only the West that has a problem with racism or police brutality.


Islam for Muslims / Re: 10 Lessons I Learnt From Islam On Nairaland by logicboy01: 11:11am On Oct 07, 2014
undecided undecided undecided undecided

We have a new terrorist.

Please explain
Islam for Muslims / Re: 10 Lessons I Learnt From Islam On Nairaland by logicboy01: 11:07am On Oct 07, 2014
This thread is for those who have experience and common sense on nairaland wink

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Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 11:00am On Oct 07, 2014

And that qualifies you to criticize religions and philosophies. Lovely.


What qualifies me is that I have practised the religions that I criticize.

Being a critic is easy. I do not have to be a an Engineer to know a bad car
Islam for Muslims / 10 Lessons I Learnt From Islam On Nairaland by logicboy01: 10:55am On Oct 07, 2014
1) There is power in unity. When people are united for cause, great things can be achieved. For instance, expensive islamic charity projects getting done, making the owner of a forum listen to your demands etc

2) Fear is a very powerful tool and motivator of people. If you want people to bend to your demand show them their greatest fear. Death is one thing that everyone fears. A death threat can keep the most unruly person in check.

3) When you are afraid of having your beliefs questioned, you become paranoid and isolate yourself

4) Banning or threats of banning is also a good motivator to stop other people from questioning your beliefs on a forum

5) When a group of people isolate themselves from others, they start to become a "circlejerk" or engage in "groupthink". This leads this same people to start to make some irrational judgement because they wouldnt be able to see their own mistakes from the "outside" that others can see.

6) Power corrupts. Power corrupts. Power corrupts. The more power a mod has, the more corrupt he or she can be. 100 years ban?

7) Power always bring sycophants. You will notice that some mods have their group of cheerleaders

cool Nigerian leaders (both in business and politics) usually choose personal benefit over the needs of the many Nigerians. An equally religious or fair forum versus one that guarantees profits and the calming down of powerful elements?

9) There is power in numbers. Atheists will always come last after Christians and muslims....especially muslims.

10) Majority of people are followers and like to be followers. You will notice that majority of the good/knowledgeable threads come from a few religious "scholars".

Bonus points.

11) The nail that sticks out will be hammered. If you are a minority or a unique sect when it comes to religion. You will be discriminated against.

12) No thread criticizing something in islam will make front page (since 2013)....except it is boko haram news with which our overlords will tell us has nothing to do with islam.


Important points to note
-This is my last thread/topic on islam. I have given up since the latest drama from that section
-I have not used any bigoted language towards anyone on this thread
-I wrote this thread for christians and atheists although anyone is free to comment
-There are different interpretations of islam. Islamic forums in UK are different in behaviour compared to Nairaland.
-Hence, when talking about nairaland islam, I am not talking about ALL MUSLIMS

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Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 10:34am On Oct 07, 2014

Not much better than you then. Or do you have any formal training in philosophy and religion? smiley


I do not have a religion. I am not a rabbi or a religious teacher.
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 10:20am On Oct 07, 2014

My qualification is by birth. My degree is by experience.

So you are like every fake preacher. No formal education in theology; you just make it up as you go.
Religion / Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by logicboy01: 3:39am On Oct 06, 2014
A while ago I started to think about putting together a sort of study on Christianity in a kind of chronology. The idea was to begin at the New Birth and proceed from point to point on to the New Destiny. I thought that it would help Christians to better appreciate their calling and new identity. I knew that I myself wanted to know as clearly as possible what being a Christian meant, not just in this world's terms but in the eternal sense.
The question largely was "what have we got into?" What does Christ mean? What are we looking forward to? Why do we have to live in the prescribed way in this world? Basically, what is Christ and thus what are we?
I know what we tend to do here and how poor my availability can be but I think we can make this work. I think it will take a while to study these questions and make peace with their answers. But it will be totally worth it.
So, anyone interested?

Where did you get your degree/qualification in christian theology?
Religion / Re: Difficult Bible Questions by logicboy01: 3:37am On Oct 06, 2014

And if it is to disguise you are the number one chairman undecided

By creating 18monkiers

Even seun the owner of Nairaland doesnt have up to 3monikers.

You are the most stewpid person i have ever come across undecided undecided

angry my signature is not just there for decoration

It addresses doofus like you undecided

grin grin grin grin

E pain am!!!

Lol....creating monikers = foolishness?

Even your greatest scholar, Tbaba has more than 2 monikers grin grin grin grin


That aside, we all know that you cant even talk about your own religion. You are ignorant about your own religion (islam), yet you go and basj another religion.
Religion / Re: Difficult Bible Questions by logicboy01: 8:47pm On Oct 05, 2014

cry amd they couldnt answer this question

See this one!

If it is to attack the bible, you will be acting like the chairman.

If it is to defend the Quran, you run away from the thread!

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Religion / Re: Why Are Atheists Obsessed With A God They Dont Believe In? by logicboy01: 8:45pm On Oct 05, 2014


LOL, I bet he still prays for forgiveness after spewing blasphemies online grin He has drank too much alter-wine; there is no escape for him grin

You can lie!!

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