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Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:58pm On Apr 27, 2020

It is easy to say but is impossible to do it. He os not going to give the money to anybody, trust me.

They brought state parliatives, I saw how it was shared. They distributed the state parliatives to LGAs, LGAs shared to Wards and then from wards it land in the hands of APC ward leaders. The ward leaders divided the entire parliatives into 2 brought out half. Gave bag of semo to a woman, a carton of noodles to her son, 4 litres of vegetables oil to her daughter meanwhile her husband is the ward chairman. Other families received i cup of oil and 2 or 3 noodles. In 1hr, everything has finished.

Later that night, the APC ward chairman's son was see pushing a wheel barrow with 5bags of semo and 5 cartons of noodles plus other items. It took him 3 trips from their house to the store.

The state thought the shared parliatives but no, this man does not eat semo in his house. He has never been able to afford them so he called Emeka the shop keep and sold everything to him for cash.

This is the reality. You can desire it but you cannot execute it. You can only show the food on TV that you provided but it will not get to where it needs to get. The politicians end up with 25% in their pockets.

What ever parliatives that isn't in form of cash or service, ends up in the wrong place.

Even if he buys 5 million testing kits, 2 million will end up in a private clinic or pharmacy that citizens will still pay for.

Are we comparing GDP? If the American GDP is giving parliatives of $1000, the smaller Nigerian GDP should consider giving $0-100 not to take from citizens.

So you think if 25% is deducted, the will not deduct loans, tax, contribution, levies etc? How do they become irrelevant when they will be deducted still.

All does deductions for years didn't provide what. They need to provide health insurance, or good infrastructure, certainly and month or 2 of heavy deductions will certainly not do anything. Just another fund to be looted while citizens become poorer.

Are uou aware that a civil servant in Kaduna state with a salary of 100k is at the level of assistant director? In the average, such a person should have less than 15yrs to retire so should of the mid to late 40's. That means the person should have an average family size of 6 with atleast 4 being adults. After all deductions and thw rise in food price, they will be left with 20-30k to feed for 30days.. say. 25k/6=4k

Each person of the house hold member will be left with less than N150/day to feed the entire month.

That is serious poverty that the governor plunged an assistant director!

You have no idea how messed up Nigeria is.

You have to realize no one will dispute what you've said.

The point is to make provisions. No society is immune from fraud. In the US, Social Security costs 1 trillion annually. Still, fraud and errors cost billions. That's essentially the pinnacle of modern civilization.

So if you're saying we shouldn't do anything because ignoble elements will exploit it, we might as well close shop, sell the country and let every one go home with his/her share. We can raise the issue of poor disbursement and have the churches, mosques, and CSOs handle the process. Besides, if the poor cannot tackle their immediate representatives, that's their own prerogative. We'd not do everything for them.

But something should be done, rather than just tell them to shutter in place, then tell them we'd do nothing because it wouldn't get to them. That's insincere and asinine.

As for the civil servant who has responsibilities. So do the poor who've been asked not to work for everyone's safety. Sympathy should apply to everyone.

Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:45pm On Apr 27, 2020

Where did I write that those things should be fixed first? The point, since you didn't get it, is that Nigerians already get a bad deal from the govt so they shouldn't be asked to sacrifice more.

You are free to do your part and donate 100% of your salary if you want. That's your choice.

Thankfully, it's mandatory. Since apparently it's okay if everyone makes sacrifices except you.

It's difficult to have sympathy for your position when you can't bring yourself to have empathy for others who are not doing as well as you.

It is temporary. You still get to keep 75% of your salary when millions have been sacked or have their wages slashed massively. It's for the most vulnerable. It'd apply to civil and public servants who earn more than you.

Dear, you might be a decent person; an amazing wife, mother, sister, daughter or whatever; and a law-abiding citizen; but your sense of civic responsibility is lacking.


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Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:34pm On Apr 27, 2020
Its fair enough that is when its done across all from the top governor to the least no shaking. After all its free pay many nor work for am the ppl i pity most in this covid period are those with private firm because majority won't get a dime see why functioning labour law good

The interesting part is that most of those in private are suppressing their anger; acknowledging these are not normal times. Even if they complain, who'd listen to them. The public service are heavily pampered.

You call yourself a civil servant working for the public. Oya part with a fraction of your compensation to help support the public; you're ranting. This is what the servant in your job title means.

Although to be fair, it'd be better if those in the well-paid private end and federal public/civil servants join this initiative. For instance, all Telcos should be made to part with same 25% or more.


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Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:26pm On Apr 27, 2020

Disagree with that.

My issue is not that the needy are not to be catered for, my issue is where that should come from. Especially in a country where people are already suffering from bad governance - bad healthcare, bad roads, no light. Now you are asking them to make sacrifices? Have they not made enough? The govt should sort itself out and leave the people out of it.

Are you saying we should wait until healthcare, roads, electricity, and other problems are fixed before we cater for those who've been the short end of the stick for the last month and would be for the next month?

Abi are you the only one suffering from bad governance? Everyone is. All El-Rufai is asking you to do is to help watch out for your fellow citizens by donating 25% of your take home pay. Everyone is pitching in. Do your part!

You're acting like if a teenage pregnant kid runs to you to take her to the hospital; you'll ask her to wait for her parents or partner. Do what you have to now. This rage you're feeling, which I completely understand, is only a fraction of the rage daily earners are feeling when told they can't go out to earn something for the next 30 days. So bite on a bullet, these are not normal times for anyone.



Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:12pm On Apr 27, 2020

The thing is baffling me. It is like Nigerians just love to complain.

Far from it.

We are all inherently selfish. The ones commenting are just unhinged about theirs.

Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:08pm On Apr 27, 2020
You guys are playing the ostrich.

You are still not getting the real picture of things in NIgeria.

You are campaigning and advocating for no more than 500,000 people who have been told to earn 50k and above in one month,

Forgetting about another one million people who do not even have access to 2k in one whole month.

You guys think na! Think!!

Are you a JJC?

They don't care about those 1m people. They just don't want to say it openly. Tomorrow they'd complain that politicians don't have the interest of "the masses" at heart. Oya join the politicians to care now, they're raising their arms in protest.

What is the difference between them and the politicians they like to rail on?


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Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 12:01pm On Apr 27, 2020
If not for our religious and ethnic differences, El-Rufia could have been a good president.

The major issue with him is his ethnic supremacy agenda. If we were a country with strong institutions that could rein that side of him in, he'd make an excellent President.

People have been asking, come up with indigenous solutions; and he pulls this out of the hat. Bravo!



Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 11:58am On Apr 27, 2020
What a brilliant move from El Rufai. Had it been that he was not a bigot and fulani supremacist, he would have my vote for president.

You can say that again.

Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 11:56am On Apr 27, 2020
The problem with is in this country is what I call delusion and ignorance.

The way we always shiit palliative palliative is so evident that majority are ignorant of the state of Nigeria since the military era.

We are a country of 200 million producing only crude oil but everyone wants the government to feed 150 million people everyday.


Let's do some math.

Let's use a conservative figure of #500 per day per person.

That is #75 Billion in one day.

Which is #2.25 Trillion in one month.

The people shouting palliative palliative upadan want the FG to feed us wth #2.25 Trillion every month shocked shocked

How much is our revenue?

El Rufia has come up with a good initiative.

Drop the hate for once.

I'd never vote for El Rufai. And I don't think I've every agreed with a zombie talking point before.

But El Rufai has my unwavering support for this. If Buhari does same and makes it compulsory for both public and private employees, he'd also have my support.

Same people complaining now were mostly applauding the lock down extension for 30 days and dismissing objections by those whose livelihoods have been crushed. Oya, support the latter with 25% of your salary; they're grumbling. That's wickedness.



Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 11:52am On Apr 27, 2020

Can I ask you a question, are you one of those impacted? It's easy to say something is fair until you are the one impacted. Why should it be made mandatory for people to contribute anything?

Also walk in the shoes of people who have not made a dime in 1 month because they're shuttered in.

If you're asking them to stay home without respite for the next 30 days for public health reasons, it is your civic responsibility to make sacrifices as well. No be only the bottom 50% go make sacrifices for us, we also have to make sacrifices for them.

This should be a federal policy and should apply to every worker and business man in the country with take-home pay or revenue of above 60k.

It's either that, or they lift the lock down. You dey see 75% of your income at home; you dey grumble. The ones wen never see pim since the lock down start, wetin dem go do?



Politics / Re: Kaduna Cuts Public Servants Salary By 25% To Fund Support Packages by LordAdam: 11:45am On Apr 27, 2020

And where do you expect them to get enough money to feed their household during lock down?

Did you ask the poor and daily earners this question?

In some states, they've been in lock down for up to 1 month.

Abi is it a case of "how is that my problem"?

Selfishness will destroy this country. Every one is making sacrifices for the public good. This is your sacrifice!

Politics / Re: APC Leaders Visit Jonathan In his Otuoke Residence (Pictures) by LordAdam: 8:37am On Nov 18, 2019
Strong men create good times , good times create weak men , weak men create hard times and hard times create evil men ..Truth be told Jonathan is a WEAK MAN bedevilled with zero strategic thinking , it's this shallow character of his that has left Nigeria with a satanic leader like Buhari and this weekend he made the same mistake again in his bid to frustrate Dickson he went into alliance with the evil party .. there are better ways he could have achieved this without working through the APC , he could have have forced Dickson to leave the PDP or he could have floated his wife's friend David Lyon under another party instead of APC ... Jonathan you are a USELESS MAN your penchant to weak and short sighted in all things ends up making things worse

Calm down. INEC has not banned decamping.


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Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 12:06am On Nov 18, 2019

That's just it....

Everybody knows who Tinubu supported in Ondo, yet he said vote for the party.

Even Lokpobiri, said vote the party.

I still don't think if PDP is united, Tinubu will back then. He will get someone with another party.

So, those who feel GEJ should be proud of dealing with "stubborn" dick-head are right if only they are neutrals.

If I were a card-carrying member of that party, I should be worried.

Guy no dey rzn ND politics like that o.

North play similar politics. Party is secondary to your political family's interests.

Abe made sure Wike won just to give Amaechi a f*ck you.

GEJ let Osho win to wreck the Igbinedion political family totally.

GEJ chased Ibori who bankrolled his joint candidacy into a British jail just to "whittle" his influence.

This is why Amaechi was spitting fire and brimstone in 2015. His own case would have been special.

We play a ruthless, winner-takes-all politics in the SS. It explains why our elections are uncharacteristically bloody.

When Dickson chose to take it all personal, publicly embarrass, and relegate GEJ; he pretty much signed his political death warrant. From that moment on, it was expected that GEJ crippled him to retain any semblance of control or influence in the Bayelsan polity. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

It's classic political survival, like Chimps. Dickson could have tried to pacify GEJ and other stakeholders somewhat by offering the DG slot to someone nominated by another elder. But no? He had to put in the Senator so he can go to the Senate.

So they let him play his hand and gang-r*ped him. He'd join the long list of prematurely finished politicians like Attah, Uduaghan, Omehia and co; who let transient power get into their head.

Lyon can always decamp, and it's not like he can single-handedly re-elect himself. Dickson is dead politically. That was the primary objective. You can only talk APC/PDP/Labor/Accord when you're politically relevant. Anyone who threatens that is not meant to be disciplined, but to be permanently disabled politically.

You learn this as a councilor over in the ND.


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Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 11:11pm On Nov 17, 2019

Tinubu would have used another vehicle to achieve his aim.....
The fact is:
Well, GEJ would soon leave partisan politics...he is just there for the time, maybe cos of wike(just saying)....
So he really had nothing to lose per SE.

My point is that there's a chance Tinubu may not use a different party to openly defy Buhari.

The reason is that Buhari has him by the balls. And he knows Buhari is the way, the truth, and the life of his presidential ambition.

Buhari and Jonathan both have 12m voters standby. To put this in perspective, Tinubu would barely even win Lagos against either of them.

That's why Tinubu has his tongue stuck in Bubu's as$-crack. From RUGA to rogue actions.

Knowing this, it's difficult to tell if Tinubu wouldn't just bend over and let Buhari shaft him.

The alternative may make GEJ-Ibori seem merciful.

As for Jona, he's still in active politics to reposition PDP and build PEJ's political profile.


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Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 10:31pm On Nov 17, 2019

We know he had the veto to do and undo...the endpoint is Tinubu would have had no choice but succumb, but will he back the PDP candidate?
He might have his separate interests.. In politics, you just don't know..
I don't think he will.

It's impossible to tell.

In such a hypothetical situation, he may have used another party (not necessarily PDP) to preserve some control. Maybe a handful of HOAs, HORs.

Just to hold out until 2023/7. Tinubu plays the long game. So I don't think he has a problem temporarily ceding control, then bid his time.

It's what GEJ did after 2015. Every idi*t who contributed to his defeat, he didn't lift a finger for any of them when they inevitably needed his help.

He used Atiku for example to shut the doors for Tambuwal, Saraki, and Kwankwaso. And when Atiku predictably lost, and Atiku & co were blowing hot, he did not utter a word in support.


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Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 10:04pm On Nov 17, 2019
The question I would have loved to ask was:-

If PMB had used his veto to insist Ambode run for 2nd term with APC, will Tinubu had voted or rooted for the PDP @ Gubernatorial levels?

What would PMB gain from backing Ambode?

He does not need the Yorubas for anything. If he wants to deal with Tinubu, the bullion van will be far more easier than backing a politically-reckless candidate like Ambode.


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Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 9:30pm On Nov 17, 2019
How will APC win benefit Jonathan? I'm just wondering for response.

Because if PDP had won, his political family would have been disenfranchised completely by Dickson's Reformation Group.

He just destroyed Dickson politically. Lyon (and Sylva) can always decamp.

Bayelsa is not like Delta and Akwa Ibom, where you have a dominant political family.

In Bayelsa, you have political clans, and interests have to align to come on top.

Dickson tried to go it alone and even the Southern Ijaw he was counting on abandoned him so as not to lose out of the regular chop-I-chop for the next 4 yrs.



Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 9:11pm On Nov 17, 2019
why didn't timi alaibe get a new party and contest...must it be PDP?

He is the insurance plan against Lyon.

Timi was advised to be a party man and wait his turn.

Because if Sylva and Dickson are any indication, Lyon go lyk show himself later.

Politics / Re: Jonathan Taught Dickson A Lesson With Governorship Election In Bayelsa by LordAdam: 8:43pm On Nov 17, 2019
It was clear since Day 1.

Like Dickson, like Okorocha.

PEJ slowly building her very own formidable political empire.

Godmother par excellence!


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Politics / Re: Moremi Soyinka-Onijala Appointed As Buhari Sets Up Police Funds Committee by LordAdam: 9:03pm On Oct 14, 2019

I've spent too much time on reddit to spot a subtle sarcastic comment when I see one. besides, adding /s wouldn't have made a lick of difference to nairalanders. some can't spot the simpliest sarcastic comments even when it rears up and hits them on the face.

Sarcastic replies on reddit, at least those by native speakers, leave no room for ambiguity.

And adding that notation would have made a difference to me.

Politics / Re: Moremi Soyinka-Onijala Appointed As Buhari Sets Up Police Funds Committee by LordAdam: 3:50pm On Oct 14, 2019

he was being sarcastic. read between the lines. it's a subtle and intelligent use of sarcasm.

If he was been sarcastic, he did a bad job at wording that comment.

There are plenty of arguably competent folks with privileged backgrounds that worked under several administrations.

The current UN Deputy SG for one. Sanusi and Dasuki are princes. Iweala is a princess.

However competent they may or may not be; their surnames certainly catapulted them to the corridors of power.

And if he wanted to avoid misconception since he preferred to type an ambiguous text, he could have signed off with "/s", which is netspeak for sarcasm.

Politics / Re: Moremi Soyinka-Onijala Appointed As Buhari Sets Up Police Funds Committee by LordAdam: 12:58pm On Oct 14, 2019
Moremi Soyinka trained as a lawyer and lived abroad until ex-President Obasanjo invited her home. Since coming back to Nigeria, she has worked under Obasanjo, Yar'adua and Jonathan administrations. Now, she has been called to work for Buhari administration. She must be competent in what she does to be this relevant. Obviously as an accomplished professional and experienced public administrator, this appointment has nothing to do with her father.

Congratulations Madam.

It has very little to do with competence.

Appointments of this nature are mostly based on slots. Elites get the pick of the litter.

If Nwando Achebe returns to the country, appointments will be waiting for her as well by virtue of her last name. If not with the FG, then with a state.

This applies to all of them from the Gowons to the Kutis.

When your for-bearer pays the path for you, you gain the right of first refusal.


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Food / Re: How Much is a Bag Of Rice Now In Your Area?? by LordAdam: 7:39am On Oct 13, 2019
me too,I want the masses to suffer,since am well doing.and I pray Buhari rules us till 2050 this will give me great joy,,,atleast just to get back to the people that brought us here,one die hard apc supporter in my office has been living like a mad man after his wife put to bed,e nerver buy baby food for two months e don they borrow from Peter to Paul,d guy na junior staff anytime I see him begging or looking for were to borrow or filling cooperative form I immediately get an erection cuz I warned him during d elections but he kept deef ears

The guy you quoted also sold Buhari as a savior.

Awon "The Sowores." Ex-Buharists who bad policies have reset their substandard level of reasoning.

Dem flenty for NL. Shame no dey gree dem open mouth; na jor to dey drop hints here and there lyk say dem be TANoids from b4 b4.

Personally, I'm a fan of the suffering and economic distress. You can't sow corn and expect to reap orange. That's not how the universe works.


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Crime / Re: Obinwanne Okeke Aka Invictus Obi Busted By FBI (Full Details) by LordAdam: 8:55am On Aug 17, 2019

The story would not die.

I would continue to preach it to my kids.

No one gives a F*CK about what you preach to your kids!

It's not like the story not getting rehashed stops you from preaching it to your kids.

For crying out loud you're a Nigerian living in Nigeria and earning within Nigeria; It is highly unlikely you haven't had a questionable financial dealing this year. Moralistic tw*t!

I'm sure as hell you support one of these politicians who send billions of dollars overseas annually; then turn around and try to make this guy the poster child of the reason for your poverty.

The guy committed a crime, he is doing the time. Like every criminal the world over. If your kids don't know that yet, you've failed as a father.



Crime / Re: Obinwanne Okeke Aka Invictus Obi Busted By FBI (Full Details) by LordAdam: 7:15am On Aug 17, 2019
Really you guys are going to milk this.

Not everyone who is rich made their money legitimately. This is not a Nigerian-only fact.

Elizabeth Holmes was worth as much as $4.5b. She wasn't just ranked on Forbes, but celebrated the world over as the youngest richest self-made female billionaire. Turns out, she was running a scam. Today, she's looking at multiple lawsuits that could send her to jail.

Texan Billionaire Stanford effectively ran a $7b ponzi scheme. He's serving time now for 110 years. In case you're wondering; no he is not a Nigerian.

Forbes wasn't compromised then. Why would it be now?

Good thing Okeke is getting his comeuppance. But that is all there is to it. Now let this story die already!


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Investment / Re: Which Is Better; Fixed Deposit Or Bonds? by LordAdam: 5:23pm On Jul 14, 2019

Sometime last year I was in your shoes.
Do you know what I did?
Being someone that thinks to paper and acts from paper. I brought out a paper and pen.

I wrote down how much to be invested, thought about occurrences that may make me need the money urgently and how reliable is my current financial support.

In your own case, how much do you want to invest and is it something you may not be needing regardless how urgently you may need money.

Zenith tbills doesn't do less than a million, if you can't have patient with bond longevity, then go for tbills if the money is over half a million, since banks like GTbank do accept that.

In my own case because I really hate waiting and I can't deal with bond since our government policies can affect it and the country is not really stable and most shares due to same government policies are volatile. I split the money into four places, invested on fd,tbills respectively, then for the remaining two I bought two cars, one for e-hailing services and the other for outright higher purchase. I was using the both dividends to reinvest on fd and tbills and they did- still doing tremendously well as we speak.

If the money is over 5-10mill then go for bond, knowing fully well you have the patience and can stand the risk- yes I said RISK, because that's what it is in all ramifications. Thinking about government ill policies and what if the country ends up parking up/splitting up.

My two cents tho.

From a strictly technical POV, T-Bills, Bonds, and Fixed Deposits are primarily to save money in an ultra-low risk instrument that beats annual inflation. This is why the inflation rate and t-bills/bond rates sit within the same band.

In Nigeria with inflation in the double digits, it's no surprise t-bills/bonds are in the double-digits. In much of the Western world where it's mostly 1.5% +/- 1% or less; bond rates hover around 1% +/- 1%.

As such to be clear, you're certainly losing money if you save in the bank (due to inflation), but t-bills/bonds/fixed deposits and similar instruments aren't really investments that'd move the financial needle substantially. For that, you have to invest in a business.

It may be direct like when you buy or start a local business in full or in part, or indirectly via shares. With the latter, you do not only have to concern yourself with the share price performance, but dividend yield. Both are riskier than government or private bonds (or FD/CD); but they can rapidly increase your wealth if you strike gold.

To put this in an analogy you may better understand; consider your own plan. Invest in FD + T-Bills + e-Hailing + Car Resale. e-Hailing and Car Resale would yield better returns than FD and T-Bills all things being equal. They are businesses. However, they're riskier.

It doesn't make economic sense to channel all of your business returns (net profit) into FD/T-Bills/Bonds. Some of it, sure, as a matter of financial prudence. But most of it should be channeled to expanding the businesses you run, starting others, or investing in other well-run businesses you know. Unless of course, you're completely satisfied with your current financial standing, are very risk-averse, or have too much on your plate already.

Growing and managing wealth is almost never as simplistic as the advice shared by most on threads of this nature. I usually ignore, but decided to give my 2 cents on your plan, since it is not hypothetical.

Folks should read more on investing, how money works, and preferably talk to licensed financial advisors before taking financial decisions of note.


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Celebrities / Re: One Of The Reasons For Depression Is Lack Of Fulfillment - Linda Ikeji by LordAdam: 7:08am On Jun 24, 2019
I think the best way to stay happy is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to be and embracing what your life is.

Easy to say when you're a billionaire.

See stop giving these tongue-in-a-cheek advice and just refer people to psychologists who know their sh*t. Sure, mental health is a big deal; but it's ridiculously easy to give terrible advice; because mental health is very personal.

Chester (RIP) was the arrowhead of one of the biggest rock bands the world has ever seen. Had a wife and kids, band mates who respected him, and millions of fans (me inclusive) who practically worshiped him. Dude lost a friend, went on a downward spiral, and committed suicide. Still stings to this day.

This advice would have meant nothing to Chester.

Moreover, people want to be the best they can be. It is natural to want to be a better version of yourself regardless of how nice your life is objectively. Moderation is necessary, but contentment isn't all that it's made up to be. It goes against our very nature.

Realizing that and telling people that's normal but it's also crucial to know when to hit the brakes is actually better advice than sitting in a vantage position and telling others they should be contented with their lot in life; right as you're trying to increase your riches tenfold.

Leave the issue of mental health to the pros.


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Politics / Re: Most Governors Spend Days In Abuja While Their States Are In Flames - Shehu Sani by LordAdam: 6:03am On Apr 09, 2019
Another of numerous valid reasons to restructure.


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Business / Re: Jeff Bezos Agrees $35bn Divorce by LordAdam: 4:09pm On Apr 08, 2019

Actually a standard 6 months quit notice is served the temant before the expiration of their rent in Lagos, so might be the same in all states

We're talking about people who stay with a tenant automatically becoming tenants at will themselves usually after staying for a number of days. This is not the case in Nigeria.


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Business / Re: Jeff Bezos Agrees $35bn Divorce by LordAdam: 4:05pm On Apr 08, 2019

when i see a man being abusive and defensive, i know he is dumb as Bleep.. get a real proper life where you wont have time writing trash or trying to prove you are smart on NL, i have never considered you smart before, not because you write long piece of nonsense, but because you are trash and i smell it, you think everything is about losing or winning an argument.

you are the one that needs to STFU, you are as dumb as a jelly fish...

i am giving you facts here you are busy writing rubbish here

go and check all the facts on grounds and see how wealth are created and how it is made.. so you believe in the nonsense work and life balance, there is nothing like work and life balance for millionaires and billionaires who control businesses. lets see how you want to have time for your family when competitors are always on your neck, lawsuits and many other stuffs, i guess you never done anything in your life except reading about hypergamy and feminism, rather than complaining, be smart and deal with reality. creating and being in business is a sad endeavor and comes with lot of responsibilities and activities, you can call me names if you want but it will expose how ignorant you are.

As usual what do you understand except reading headlines, that article about micheal prest was done in 2013, do you read his appeal, as usual only a fool will conclude without researching further or did you read the court documents and how the supreme court came to an agreement, what the woman thinks he has and what he said he will give her, so you think millionaires and billionaires are fools, they dont protect their asset against divorce, they dont hid their money in trust or hid their money using complex offshore process and creating all type of shell companies that you cant trace, pls stop writing like a kid, your write up shows you just copy and paste from the internet without thinking.

And about the California tenancy law, stop acting like some expose fool, what you claimed earlier is different from what i wrote, you talked about guest, i am talking about lease agreement, you need to understand the law before writing nonsense.. the Notion Guest according to the law says that a guest must have stayed in a given house for 2 weeks and then be included in the lease agreement to have rights, also the landlord also has a duty to place rules on how a tenant can receive guest, so since the law says 2 weeks, if i invite someone to my house, i can throw the person to the streets before the 2 weeks even without serving any notice.. simple as abc.do you understand anything, what the law says or just copying anything you see on google search and pasting it for all to read.

pls get sense.. i am done with you.. this is the last time, i will reply your nonsense.. got better stuff to do today.

Voluminous trash!


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