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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage: "The Person Sucking My Boobs Is Not Complaining" - Replies Troll by LordOfNaira: 3:23pm On Jun 19
Ehhheen, if they call beautiful Tiwa boobs flat, I wonder what they will call mine
Tiwa can do no wrong in my eye, she is just perfect.

I am not complaining.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh And Daniel Amokachi Have Dinner by LordOfNaira: 9:17am On Apr 19
See below

You don't know how to do business. Drop games for today and use it to draw customers. Showing game results proves nothing.
Romance / Re: What's The Most Shocking Lie Your Partner Ever Told You? by LordOfNaira: 1:28am On Feb 07
I remember a certain nursing student that I liked back in the days. She looked decent. Whenever her friends came around, they would sit at her balcony and I would hear them sharing their sexcapades but this girl would say nothing.

So, I got friendly with her and we became very close friends. She told me she was a virgin and I accepted. But one night, we went on a date and returned home and somehow, the devil got into us, and we tore each other's clothes and landed on my bed. My dick slid easily into her and I was shocked. I could not even thrust.

I asked her, "But you told me you were a virgin."

She said, "Yes."

I asked, "What happened?"

She said, "You just disvirgined me now now."

Men, I just weak right there and then.

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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 12:36am On Feb 07
[quote author=PaulAris post=75479867][/quote]

You don't understand what belief means, my friend.
Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 3:34pm On Feb 06

Absurd claims you claim?
What is wrong with people sef. I believe English isn't d problem, you're just avoiding answering the question as you're supposed to.
A theist asked you to propound her set of questions with your supposed ideology, that of an atheist. But nah, you squeezing the question, making sure the aim has totally dripped out
Now who said anything about evidences in the light of it.
Cause I find it hypocrisy to not find the WHY of your belief and tackle the HOW of another person's belief.
That's why I find y'all atheist funny when you tackle a Christian on their set of beliefs with the words of the Bible(the Law that governs them). I mean since y'all do not believe in a God, why do y'all consider reading it, so to have more points? How silly and ridiculous
I'd love to say mor but wat's point of wasting my tym tryin to win you guys, so y by-force do dat 2 theists

Beliefs? Which beliefs are you talking about? I don't believe in your God. I have given my reasons. I am not an atheist. I am not as certain as an atheist that there is no God. I am willing to believe if I see signs of this God. You Christians are not helping at all. All you have as proofs are writings by ancient astronomers and magicians.

Presently, I don't have a set of beliefs like you Christians.

As for why we read Bibles when we don't believe, well, I can only speak for myself. I was born into a Christian home and my reading of the Bible as I grew older opened my eyes to the many ridiculous stories contained therein. I have embraced freethoughts since then. I still read the Bible, but it is not the only supposedly sacred texts that I read. I read the Qur'an too and the philosophies of Buddha. We can't deny that the Bible for all its ridiculous stories contains words of wisdom. Jesus, for instance, was undeniably a man full of wisdom. However his claim as the son of some sky daddy was nothing but a product of dementia.

For me, reading Bible stories is no different from reading Harry Potter.
Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 6:48pm On Feb 04

With this your lil' writeup, I guess you saying Atheists too don't have questions to all these
And however so, they'll believe in any religion that can find sensible answers for these questions?
Uhh.. here I was thinking Atheists were free-thinkers who could surmount questions in any "silly-religion" with the set of believes that govern them.
Guess I was wrong then
I would have left my conclusion of you atheists, however so, but nah.
Rather give y'all time to fully understand the cause of your religion before I tell you why y'all are truly atheist; agnostic or not. Lol
Cheers! anyways

Frankly, I don't understand a word of what you wrote.
Politics / Re: Atiku Promises To End ASUU Strike, Name Cabinet On First Day In Office If... by LordOfNaira: 6:09pm On Feb 04
2015, I voted wholeheartedly for Buhari but I am not sure I want to this time around. I think it is about time he returned to Daura and left politics alone. He is just damn too old to make an impact in Nigeria in the 21st century. I would not blame him for the recession because experts had predicted it months before Buhari picked up a nomination form. But I think he needs to rest now. Frankly, we don't need him anymore.

As for Atiku, I feel so ashamed that he has become an option. This is a man whose image internationally is dirty. His knack for cronyism and money laundering is still been discussed in the United States till this day while many Nigerians have purged him off his sins and are ready to sing his praise as the savior of the country from the rot he helped establish. I wouldn't have imagined that in 4 years, a large proportion of citizens would be singing the praise of PDP again.

We are not short of choices. As a matter of fact, no election in the history of the country from 1999 has presented us such variegation of young, energetic and untested men and women whose past are not tied to the rot bedeviling our country.

Why are people still clamoring for Buhari who is obviously too old to manage his own immediate family? How can a man that old manage the affairs of a huge country like Nigeria? How can some other people be rooting for Atiku who plundered our resources as a mere VP?

What is wrong with our people? Revolution is all we need. And this cannot be achieved by mere words of mouth. We must go to the polls and vote against the satanic APC and demonic PDP. We must make a statement. If we fail to do so, these old men would continue to take us for granted.

Atiku is not and can never be a perfect replacement for Buhari. He and Buhari should be voted against to warn politicians never to take the power of the electorates for granted.

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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:46pm On Feb 04
You know what friends? I'm not going to sit here and argue all day, its not worth the argument.
If you don't believe that there's God now, one day, you will SURELY believe, but I just pray it wont be too late for you by then to accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour.
You are free to continue with the argument, but am done. Do have a nice day all.

Why is it so hard for this person called God to show himself to me? Why does he need to send you to us? He should show himself.

Be honest with me, why don't you believe in Sango or Amadioha? The reason why you don't believe is the very reason why I don't believe in your God.

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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:35pm On Feb 04

the answer to all your questions is HARRY POTTER... yes, it was all created by Harry Potter, and unless you have any proof to the contrary, this is the utmost truth!!


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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:31pm On Feb 04
At the end she will either deactivate or runaway. I don't know how someone would believe this whole Adam and Eve crap while disbelieving Sango's story.

It baffles me too.

I am sure their Jesus was talking about them when he told them to remove the log in their eyes before attempting to remove the ones in the eyes of another.

In spite of easily swallowing up all those loads of absurdities in their Bibles and from their pastors, they are still always quick to think of an atheist's disbelief as absurd.

If anyone can swallow up the ridiculous creation story in Genesis, then why should they have any problem believing that Oduduwa created the world by pouring sand into the ocean and asking a chicken to spread the sand all over the world?

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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:17pm On Feb 04
Don't mind the dunce. You know everything the white man does is pure and true, that's why they hang on to this Jewish myth while disregarding their ancestors. grin

Am sure in her little mind she thinks she has asked a question that has never been asked before.

She is a newbie grin


Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:04pm On Feb 04

Saying there's God answers the question because God is the Creator of the whole universe and everything that is therein.
How come no Atheist was there when the world was created but still they do not believe the clear account that it was God that created the earth?

Which clear account? Is it the account in the Bible or the one in the Qur'an?

For instance, were you there when Sango ruled Oyo? No. So, how come you do not believe that Sango ascended into heaven and became a god?

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Religion / Re: "I'm Sure There's No God" Please Help Me To Answer These Questions If You Can. by LordOfNaira: 5:01pm On Feb 04
Please my Atheist friends that said there's no God, I sincerely have some questions that are bugging my mind, which I will like to get some answers from you if possible.
�How did this first heaven that we are seeing come to be? You can call it the cloud if you like, and the things that are in it; the stars, the moon and other planets. Did it just appear on its own and hanged there without falling? If yes, when did it appear ? and what is holding it for it not to fall, where are the pillars?
�How did this earth and everything in it come to be? the trees, animals, oceans and so many other things, apart from the ones that were made by man, like cars, houses, etc. And finally,
�How did human beings come to be? Did one man and one woman suddenly appear and started multiplying? If you say they evolved from animals like apes, who created the animals? Did the animals, come out from stones or from the ground? And how did the ground they came out from even come to be?
How possible is it for an animal to start forming into a human being and completely turn into a human being? And why are there still apes today? why didn't all of them evolve into human beings?
Why is it that when apes give birth today, they still give birth to apes, and when human beings give birth, they give birth to human beings? If it's apes or chimpanzee as some claim that evolved into human beings, why don't their offsprings today look like human beings when they are born? Or are the ones that alive now still going to evolve later?�
Are there also black and white apes? That is, white people and black people? I thought all apes have one colour. And are there also beautiful apes and ugly ones? That's why some people are beautiful and some are ugly? I also thought all apes have one facial structure? How come people have different facial structures?
If you say there's no God that is the Creator of heaven and earth and everything that is therein, please tell me how these things came about because I'm confused about your belief.

It is you people who make absurd claims about some God that should provide evidences.

Atheists would believe you when you back up your claims for God with solid evidences and not with a book full of fairy tales.

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Religion / Re: Why Should I Believe In Christianity? by LordOfNaira: 10:00am On Jan 25

No they don’t

There are contradictions. There is no need for you to deny that there are contradictions. However, being a writer myself, I can make a case for the contradictions. But the fact remains that there are contradictions in the gospels.

It would be an argument ad populum if I were trying to argue that Christianity is true because a lot of people believe so, but I’m obviously not arguing that because that would be silly and logically fallacious. I’m using the fact that so many people believed it despite violent hostility to lend credence to the notion that the gospels were reliable and accurate in that time. I don’t mean to say that it’s true because people believed, but rather that we would expect people to believe in such a hostile environment only if they could be reasonably certain that it’s true. But this fact only bolsters the case and is actually unnecessary as evidence for Christianity.

You are using evidences of religious fanaticism to lay credence to the notion that the gospels were reliable and accurate? Can we also lay credence to the notion that Islam is also right simply because many Muslims, including Mohammed, endured persecution?


Career / Re: Keke Driver Returned N1.1M To Owner, Rewarded With N200 For Recharge Card by LordOfNaira: 12:41pm On Dec 19, 2018
Lol...Nigerians sef
This is what's wrong with the country, the entitlement mentality from the masses is way over the roof. See them eating the man raw for giving only N200, do you know his plans for the money? What if he actually can't touch it in the name of rewards, what if it's not his to begin with, what if it's all the money he has in the world and he has already made plans for it and cannot remove a penny more.

People should f***ing make up their mind, if you want to be good then be good without expecting to be rewarded for it, if you want to be bad then you should also be responsible for your own choices undecided

But he lost the money initially.

What if the keke driver never returned it?
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 4:13pm On Dec 13, 2018

long replies help to understand better.

don't worry you'll understand better someday it takes jus one encounter with God - like apostle Paul

take care

Anyway, I hope to encounter God today.

Take care of yourself.
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 11:55pm On Dec 12, 2018

of course we give credit to our military, doctors, and even citizens who succeed in the fight against insurgency . why not

But when we pray for peace in that prayer is
1 prayer for wisdom for our leaders to make the right decisions

2 prayers for confusion in the camp of the enemy
3 prayers for strength to continue in the fight .

and so on

I think you should reread my comments

I never said only prayers makes things better.
when man prays God by working with people. Also by working on the minds of certain people.

So prayers work with people evil also works with people
but when those perpetrating evil are so much more and a hundred time more than those doing good and even a thousand times more than those praying then it will seem as if nothing is happening.

There is a big picture to everything going on in the world right now.

The Antichrist is about to be revealed is the power behind every major terrorist group in the world is the power behind the Antichrist.

How do you manage to reply with epistles cheesy

Anyway, I don't agree with your posts one bit. Your argument has a lot of holes and it is not convincing at all.

However, I like you because you don't seem like the rest of the Nigerian Christians that I have had a chat with here.
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 11:50pm On Dec 12, 2018

" (A Song of degrees for Solomon.) Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:

except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."
(Psalms 127: 1)

Except God watches the city the soldiers are doing it in vain.

So, God must be in Japan and not in Nigeria. Because, in spite of being so religious, it appears like we are laboring in vain. For how can you explain that we pray for electricity and all our effort to provide uninterrupted power supply has failed over the years.

However, Japan that is largely irreligious seems to be enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 8:02pm On Dec 12, 2018


God can only do as much as the people allow him to do. The earth is our jurisdiction and he can't just force his ways on us.
That's why we say : let your will be done
That's why for every plan of redemption , he needed a human or humans to carry it out
Jesus Christ , the apostles and so on.

Prayers will be limited by the joint of actions of the people .

Africans are generally selfish

Even before Christianity was introduced our forefathers gladly sold those whom they saw as lower (slaves) to the white man for mirrors etc

Even African Americans have the same attitude towards each other.

We hurt ourselves, destroy howselves and play the victim

look at yahoo boys ruining our image in the international community. when you ask them why they do this their response is ' the white man took from us years back so we have a right to take their money by crook'

isn't that stupid?

you make someone a victim (steal their life savings ) and play the victim

Isn't it the same major scam our leaders are playing with us.

When the people are bad and seal up their conscience to do evil catastrophe, chaos, sufferings etc are the only things that will reign whether they are largely Christians or Jews

You can google how Jerusalem was first destroyed and the Jews exiled to Babylon due to an increase in evil despite being GODS PEOPLE

You see Nigeria is filled with a lot of bad people especially in the elms of affairs.

These people in their quest for power are ready to do anything to get there.
These people join cults
All the cults in the world are tied to the devil
The devil came to steal, kill and destroy

so what does he do?

He tells them in other to get to the position they want to they must make human sacrifices .

There is nothing that clogs the spiritual atmosphere and hinders cities and nations access to God like an increase in human sacrifices in that land.

The spiritual atmosphere of this country is clogged my brother
There are sooo many wicked people in this country from the average yahoo boy on the streets to the average CEO to the average politician

So money mad, so power hungry.

darkness is so Much in the land.

people are ready to do anything for money

My dear , have you ever seen a fish trying to swim against the tide or a bird trying to fly against the wind? if you haven't try goggle the video and watch.

That's the life of an average christian in a place where darkness reigns. Its also the way it seems when you think our prayers don't work but they do.

When a people have the right values and their leaders are concerned about their citizens the country will thrive whether or not they are bhuddist, Christians , Jews etc

However I'll implore you and everyone reading this not to be fooled by the seeming prosperity the UAE, China, Japan , etc

There is nothing new under the sun

The Hittite nation
tyre and Sidon
The roman empire
and so on
All those countries where not only the most prosperous, they were more organized and had standard military forces. They were much more technologically advanced and as such were world powers at some point in time.

At some time some these nations even oppressed 'Gods people' and took military, economic and political control of them

I would like to ask you and you answer me, where are these empires today?

Where are these civilizations today?

Egypt has lost its glory
Greece is in financial trouble
The rest don't even exist anymore

on the other hand

a city that had been fought over sixteen times in its history. During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.

Let's not forget how Jews over the years have been slaughtered by Muslim jihadists and were the prime targets of the Holocaust

How thess people still manage to rise to being world power is still a mystery
how Jews and their descendants have won more Nobel prizes than any other people is a mystery
25% of american billionaires have Jewish origin and Jews make up 2% of Americas population.

Maybe its not a mystery
maybe its just one word


Abraham's covenant with the creator of heaven , earth and the whole universe made it possible for his offsprings never to be wiped out from the earth and still reign.

When there is peace, you say it is due to the prayers of a few.

When there is war, you say it is due to the people within the country.

My sister, can't you see the fault in your argument?

There are thousands of soldiers and medics and logistics put out there in Bornu ensuring that the whole country is not overridden by insurgents (and becoming like Afghanistan) but you would rather overlook their sacrifices and give honor to the prayers of a few nameless people.

Nigeria is better than Afghanistan because of prayers but when it behoves you to make a case for our underdevelopment, you blame it on people.

If people can take the blames for underdevelopment, why can't they take the praise for Nigeria being ahead of Afghanistan?
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 5:53pm On Dec 12, 2018

The last phrase in your post only goes to show you how one-dimensional Christian's in Nigeria are.

A country as big as ours with all the resources it possesses is thankful for prayers keeping it just above the level of Afghanistan.

It's the stup1d nonsense they regurgitate from the garbage spewed by these charlatan pastors. All in a bid to keep the mumu sheeple like that lout you quoted under their spell; under the impression that they are doing something.

Predominatly Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim countries are prospering and attracting all the investments globally while we with the highest number of churches and pastors per capita should be grateful for prayers keeping us just above Afghanistan.

I think the average Nigerian Christian needs to donate his/her brains to science for research, just to see the kind of stupid that resides in our cranial matter. Even then, science would most likely return it because of the high unprecedented levels of Moronism and imbecility rampant in those brain cells because the Nigerian Christian must be a lunatic to even entertain that thought

What annoys me the most is not even the fact that they are exasperatingly stupid but the arrogance they display even in their ignorance.

How can one even help people like that?
Religion / Re: Freeze's Disciples Please Gather Here!!!! by LordOfNaira: 11:21am On Dec 12, 2018

so , would you blame God who created the world and equipped it with everything in it necessary for mans survival in it?

or would you blame man who couldn't manage that which the Good lord gave him on a platter of gold.

First he sold his authority to Satan

Then he works hand in hand with Satan ( either directly or indirectly ) to cause wars, famine, hunger , diseases, rebellion etc

A father bequeats to his son a vast empire and total control over it and the son wrecks the empire based on bad decisions he made and you blame the father?

clap for yourself

God isn't responsible for all the suffering in the world.
Satan and Man are

Our loving fathers heart bleeds at the the way the imposter(Satan) slave driving his creation.

Ones who were meant to be princes are dying like mere men.

However, even in his love God is just.

The spiritual realm is legalistic in nature.

when Adam sinned he made a pact with Satan to be his ruler and the ruler of his children.

God is just and can't just waltz in and break a legally binding agreement by two parties.
He is all powerful and the creator but he won't interfere in a lawful binding agreement between two parties. That would be UNJUST two one party.

The only way by which such a pact could be broken was if a perfect human (like Adam was ) fulfills all the requirement of the law of living a righteous life .
Jesus fulfilled all the requirements.

Jesus did what Adam couldn't do. He lived and died a perfect man.
But because he was perfect when he died , death couldn't hold him. It had no right to perfect blood. The curse for sin had no power over perfect blood.

So he couldn't stay dead and so he rose from the dead.

while on earth , Jesus also came to teach Gods creation how to walk in the original dominion Adam had before he fell and everything including the waters, wild animals and the earth rebelled against man.

That was how he was able to perform miracles , walk on water, multiply food and feed thousands.

That knowledge and power is still available today for those who seek it.

For us christians living in the world right now, we are in enemy territory.
Remember Satan and his demons took over control when Adam sold his authority. just like book haram took control of sambisa forest and certain northern villages and forced everyone to serve their purposes.

Imagine living in enemy territory and living like a king. Yeah that's the power available to born again Christians who know how to access this power. Some Christians are still living in bondage unfortunately. Bondage of their mind. They are free in Christ but their mind is bound.

For those who aren't born again Christians they may not be able to withstand Satan and his cohorts ( demons and humans ) having a field day with them, Their lives and children.

Prayer works. Very powerful. I'm a living witness to the power multiple times in my life.

Prayer and living a righteous life can change Nigeria, prayer can change the world too

However do not think our common enemy (Satan ) would just sit down and watch. since he controls a lot of things he would fight tooth and nail. He really has nothing to loose. He has lost already . So he would destroy as much as he can before his final defeat and destruction.

It might seem like he has the upper hand because darkness keeps covering the earth.

There is gross darkness, but light will shine through Always.

I'm am reitrating it that if not for the prayers of a few Nigeria would be an Iraq or Afghanistan already

You are reiterating something that you cannot prove. Isn't that rather comical?

I can say if not for America, Nigeria would be an Iraq or Afghanistan already and it would be my word against yours.

I can even say if not for Osun and her priestess, Nigeria would be an Iraq or Afghanistan already

So, you see, anyone can draw up easy conclusions but evidence(s) is what makes it conclusive.

And as a bonus, if prayers have made sure Nigeria did not become like Iraq or Afghanistan, how come prayers have not made Nigeria become as developed as Germany or Japan?
Religion / Re: How Did Satan Convince 1/3 Of The Angels To Betray God? by LordOfNaira: 7:55pm On Aug 03, 2018

Since you have pointed out that I have been "defending" God, this is my last reply, Dude's almighty, He can defend Himself

And yes, I don't understand everything in the Bible yet, but i believe and its enough for me

So you're saying that God doesn't have the right to be disappointed?
Is that it?

Bro, is God all-knowing? I want a honest answer, please.
Religion / Re: How Did Satan Convince 1/3 Of The Angels To Betray God? by LordOfNaira: 12:01am On Jul 29, 2018

No it is not, regretting something doesn't necessarily mean it's a mistake, it just means it didn't go quite how you planned it

You can't defend lies, my friend. The fact is that the Bible is a book of fables.

God is supposed to be perfect. How can REGRET be exhibited by something that is perfect?
Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 2:07pm On Jun 25, 2018

I explained that already.
Read my post again, carefully this time perhaps with a dictionary as a guide.

Maybe I should help you.
During sleep there is a mental processes going on which is synonymous to imagination and is called dream. Ejaculating while asleep is a functional consequence of a sexual happenings in the dream which the dreamer may think he is unconscious of but it is actually usually the dreamer's imaginations while awake that attract it and when that happens, the dreamer wakes up with semen.
But when under the influence of drugs, no mental process takes place, no imagination to attract any mental process, the genital may respond with an erection if the drug is also a sexual stimulant not ejaculation will happen.
Ejaculation is only stimulated by pleasure but erection is stimulated by both pleasure and drugs.

You are very myopic.

What do you even know about the nervous system?

Can you explain yourself using the neural pathway involving the peniss? Perhaps, I might understand your point better.
Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 7:21am On Jun 24, 2018
Lol, I doubt the story earlier.
Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 7:19am On Jun 24, 2018

It's not possible for someone under the influence of some hypnogogic sexual enhancement to ejaculate.
Erection may be involuntary especially during sleep but ejaculation is solely voluntarily hormone induced, even ejaculation during sleep is hormone induced due to mental voluntary action resulting from sexual circumstances taking place in the dream.

Someone can ejaculate while asleep.

Do you have anything against the statement above?
Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 7:57pm On Jun 23, 2018
Yes, erection to the extend a lady will ride and satisfy herself. According to the twitter user, the lady ride him twice

Yes, it can happen. Many men have erections in their sleep and one such reasons put down for it is that it is the joystick's way of exercising. cheesy

A woman can make use of that erection but that would constitute rape.

But it is very possible to get an erection while asleep and even ejaculate. A lot of men wake up with an erection every morning. Some of them have as many as 5 erections in a night and still wake up with an erection. A woman can make use of any of those erections.


Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 7:47pm On Jun 23, 2018
A girl raped a guy while he was asleep

It is very possible.

But your question is not full enough. Are you wondering if it is possible to get an erection while asleep or are you wondering if it is possible to rape a guy without waking him up?

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Romance / Re: Is This Possible? Guys Only (18+) by LordOfNaira: 7:24pm On Jun 23, 2018
How is that possible? Guys explain
How is what possible?
Romance / Re: You Are Free To Dislike Gays, But Don't Be A Homophobe" - Nigerian Writer by LordOfNaira: 3:57pm On Jun 05, 2018
even Adam loved pussey cheesy
What about Jesus? It appeared like he was gay.
Romance / Re: It Is Unnatural To Be Gay, No One Is Born That Way by LordOfNaira: 7:23pm On May 25, 2018
I am so tired right now, i don't think i can answer your questions thank you

Alright, I will wait.

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