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Politics / Re: Open Grazing, VAT Bills Scale Second Reading At Lagos Assembly by macIB(m): 12:50am On Sep 07
This bill is pure wickedness directed against the North. The FG should be responsible for the collection of VAT and then distribute it to various state according to populations and no of LGA. The south should know that all lands belongs to God. If the SW follow the step and position of other southern states as regards the vat and open grazing then They should kiss goodbye to presidency come 2023.

lolzzzzz. E pain am

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Politics / Re: The House King Jaja Of Opobo Lived In Exile In The 1880's In ST Vincent by macIB(m): 1:28pm On Aug 24

He tried to resist the imperial/colonial high handedness and the pilfering natives resources to enrich and develop European industries at the start of the industrial age.

He had nonopoly/controlled of the Palm Oil market which the colonialist detested particularly the Royal Nigerian Company a British chartered company.

He was said to be one of the richest African of that Era and an astute businessman which the imperialist found baffling.

He was also one of the earliest African who saw through the heart of the wicked white man...so he resisted them and they didn't like "him".

He was indeed a great man.

I don't know why history is not thought in Nigerian school.

How do we discover ourself when we don't know where we are coming from...

Himself and Oba Ovonramwen. They did see through the whitemen's lies

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Autos / Re: Distress Honda Civic 2007 for sale by macIB(m): 8:00am On Aug 02
The instrument cluster is lit up like christmas tree.
What problems has the car got to enable pple make informed judgement on the price.
Car looks clean though!

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram, Bandits Are Northern Freedom Fighters - Adamu Garba by macIB(m): 8:42pm On Feb 28
God, why did you create me with these type of nonsensical pple?


Politics / Re: Profile Of The New EFCC Boss by macIB(m): 6:12pm On Feb 16
Propaganda has started

Address his theft and fraud allegations

Why is he from same state as Malami?

Malami is his uncle, hence from the same state and same tribe. Reason why Magu must go.
Romance / Re: Lady Slaps Her Husband, Pours Soup On Him For Going Out With Side Chic by macIB(m): 4:44pm On May 29, 2020
As much as I condemn cheating by men or women.....the video shows how much of a weakling the man is......a wife slapping the husband not once not twice.....
BTW I wouldn't be surprised if the woman's nasty and troublesome character pushed the man out to find love elsewhere

You are right. Some men look for love outside wedlock due to this type of nasty character.
Politics / Re: Just In: ASUU Rejects Buhari’s Condition For Payment Of Withheld Salaries by macIB(m): 8:22pm On May 11, 2020
not the same government. In Nigeria some of them are lecturing in 2 to 4 federal universities. That's means federal government is paying them 4 times every month while some graduate are looking for job for over 10 yrs.

You have a point.
Politics / Re: Just In: ASUU Rejects Buhari’s Condition For Payment Of Withheld Salaries by macIB(m): 8:20pm On May 11, 2020

Once you bring Nigeria matter someone must make reference to other parts of the world even if what they are saying is rubbish
Lecturers in other parts of the world work full time in just one university and in a consultative capacity to other universities only after taking permission from their school. That's why when you call a professor's name you also call the school he works for

You need not be stupid and uncivil when answering question. why the word "rubbish"?
Politics / Re: Just In: ASUU Rejects Buhari’s Condition For Payment Of Withheld Salaries by macIB(m): 3:46pm On Apr 22, 2020
ASUU are very corrupt . They still prefer to be lecturing in 3 to 4 different universities. Very selfish set of people

Is anything wrong in doing extra jobs to keep body and soul together? All over the world, university lecturers do more than 1 university job at a time.
To lecture no be moinmoin.

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Politics / Re: Former Vice President Son Struggling With Corona Virus by macIB(m): 11:43pm On Apr 19, 2020
This is a good example of jaundiced journalism.

1) The write up was poorly written. E.g what's invasive (instead of Intensive) Therapy in the management of a Respiratory disease?

2) Madam Kemi Olunloyo violated the confidentiality of the patient.

It's ethically wrong to be giving out information about the health condition of a patient .

You are the one that is wrong. There is invasive therapy in management of any disease whatsoever.
Secondly, she is an investigative journalist. She has not broken any ethical rules. She is not a doctor or any medics!
Crime / Re: Tola Azeez: Police Officers Who Flogged A Woman Yesterday In Osun Arrested by macIB(m): 6:41pm On Apr 19, 2020
They will just transfer him to one village in Sokoto and that's all...
That itself is a big punishment
Politics / Re: History Of Obas Of Lagos by macIB(m): 11:49am On Apr 05, 2020

Boss if anything the rule of Benin Princes ended with Akinsemoyin and that's been generous, since Ologun Kutere ascended to the throne a man who identified with the Yorubas.....everyone who has come after him is a Yoruba man....FACT

You are very right. Infact, Alagba was a babalawo who emigrated from ilesa to Lagos before he married Erelu kuti.

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Politics / Re: Ali Gomina: Osinbajo At Late Escort Rider’s Village, Expresses Grief by macIB(m): 9:46pm On Mar 14, 2020
The best thing that can happen is for this man to be president of Nigeria

You have said the best thing.
He is a good man at heart

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Health / Re: Discover Conoravirus Vaccine, Get N36m - FG To Scientists by macIB(m): 6:03am On Feb 16, 2020

Okay. But you sound your age.

I will just shake my head for people like you. #Immaturity

Silence is golden for your type.
Health / Re: Discover Conoravirus Vaccine, Get N36m - FG To Scientists by macIB(m): 2:56pm On Feb 14, 2020

Poor arguments you only attacked the person instead of the topic. Very poor logical arguments.

I repeat, you have a very poor basic scientific analytical mind hence your initial statement. Truth is bitter but live with the truth.
Politics / Re: What Happened To The $43M Found In Ikoyi by macIB(m): 11:07pm On Feb 13, 2020
Gone with the winds.....that is the narrative.
Health / Re: Discover Conoravirus Vaccine, Get N36m - FG To Scientists by macIB(m): 11:05pm On Feb 13, 2020

Your suggestions are perfect, but that is for the long term anyway.

Coronavirus needs urgent remedy and challenge like this can bring that quick result, Some people love challenge and will go beyond miles to prove they are the best.

Take for instance promise 20 million to first class graduates of any university in the country and see the number of first class graduates multiply by 10.

In Europe, challenges like this is the mother of incredible inventions.... e.g. The big clock on the London Bridge or something etc....

Point of correction, they only need a rat or something to test a new medicine, not human.

He has put both short and long term facts into that statement of his. I am of the opinion that you lack the scientific mind to analyse this hence your lack of comprehension of simple basic scientific methods and facts.


Health / Re: Discover Conoravirus Vaccine, Get N36m - FG To Scientists by macIB(m): 11:01pm On Feb 13, 2020

I didn't pick any sense in your write up... Read carefully what you've just posted.

He is making alot of sense. It is you that does not have the sense to comprehend simple basic scientific facts.


Politics / New Bank Charges; Has Your Bank Complied? by macIB(m): 1:05pm On Jan 01, 2020
Of all the banks I used today 1/1/2020, First Bank is yet to comply with the new CBN directive of charges reduction.
Stanbic IBTC have complied but still removed VAT charges despite stated in the directive that it is inclusive of the new charges.

I am now of the opinion that Nigeria banks are white collar thieves.

Let have your experience so far......

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Travel / Re: Lagos Government Begins Removal Of Roundabouts Responsible For Traffic Problems by macIB(m): 5:31pm On Dec 28, 2019

Give way to the car by the left. It works everywhere normal human beings I forgot about that. Yeap your idea is great.

No. Roundabouts cause more traffic hold-up. All over the world, govts are trying to remove roundabouts as much as possible.
Even studies have shown that junctions are better at vehicular control than roundabouts.
Politics / Re: Muslims Cannot Be Subjected To Christian Common Law by macIB(m): 6:46am On Dec 27, 2019
90% of this write up are lies after lies to cause friction.
Those British war or expeditions as they are called were all commercial in intent and never religious.
Again no church wedding is sacrosanct, same as nikkah, we must all go to court/registry to legalise whatever union you have done in a religious house.
The constitution left by the British was as Secular as it could be, putting all christian, islam and african-traditional religions in check as much as possible

Prof ishaq Akintola is a liar, a quasi-terrorist and a fermenter of religious violence and misunderstanding.
Dont ever listen to him. We are all Nigerians first with no Islamic, Christian or African-traditional religion bias.


Culture / Genius TV: What Do Yoruba People Like About Igbo People ? | Yorubas Respond by macIB(m): 8:37am On Dec 21, 2019

Alot of stuff hold us than what separate us.
Politics / Genius TV: What Do Igbo People Like About Yorubas | Igbo People Answer by macIB(m): 8:29am On Dec 21, 2019

Alot hold us together than separate us.
Education / Re: 16 Years Old Girl Denied Medicine Admission To ABU Scoring 320 In Jamb by macIB(m): 5:38am On Dec 19, 2019
Go to Unilag or OAU will give her admission.
Career / Re: Nigerian Doctors Defend Yourselves From Smooth-Talking Medical Jobbbers by macIB(m): 11:15pm On Dec 18, 2019
Another fight btw NMA exco and nigerian doctors is brewing..

Na wa oooo. i wan siddon look jare!


Career / Nigerian Doctors Defend Yourselves From Smooth-Talking Medical Jobbbers by macIB(m): 11:14pm On Dec 18, 2019

The medical profession has over the years suffered a lot from rogues doctors and smooth-talking jobbers who are only interested in enriching themselves through sucking average Nigerian doctor dry. These jobbers constitute themselves into a small group that sit in their arcane covens and do obscene arithmetic of how easy to suck the busy and naive doctors dry.

We have done the rough math before. There are over 40,000 - 80,000 doctors in Nigeria. If each doctor pays 20-40 thousand naira in the name of a Building Levy, NMA would be raking in over 10 Billion naira this December, that is if Nigerian doctors are so naive as the jobbers think to let this broad daylight swindle materialize. An alleged Committee constituted to oversee this heist has not sat since its inauguration. It must be noted that this money is different from the 10-20 thousand naira raked in yearly as Practising Fees that are not accounted for to those paying the Practising Fees. This is not to talk about the 2 thousand naira paid by each doctor monthly to Branch NMA in states totalling 24 thousand naira per doctor annually.

The math shows that in a year, an average doctor of ten years standing pays N44,000.00 to NMA and MDCN. Add the purported Building Levy and you get N84,000.00 per doctor. Multiply with over 40,000-80,000 doctors in Nigeria and you get over N20Billion. This is almost the budget of a state in Nigeria. There is no road constructed, no electricity generated, no schools built. In NMA, we have nothing to show for all these recurrent marrow sucking escapades. Why? Because a few coven jobbers are making their personal investments from the sweat and blood of innocent doctors who meekly pay the money. At the end of the year, the state NMA Excos will dole out a cooked financial statement before an AGM that is manipulated into a haste to disperse late in the night, to retire the humongous expending and doling out of our common funds and tied to phantom expenditures. The National NMA looks the other way, so that states in turn would not challenge the financial prescriptions, recklessness and expenditures of the National NMA. They maintain this symbiotic relationships to the detriment of the welfare and revenue of the average poorly-paid Nigerian doctors who ironically pay the money.

What we see today is another desperation from jobbers who can do anything and say anything to subtly threaten innocent Nigerian doctors into considering paying an illegal extortion. It must be expressly stated here that Nigerian doctors are not required by any Law in Nigeria to pay levy to anybody before they can pay their Practising Fees. Why would a few jobbers burn their late midnight oil concocting stories aimed at cajoling doctors who have squarely ignored the illegal Building Levy imposition in 2019 as well as in the coming 2020 practising years. How much is their share in the proposed imposed Building Levy. Why are they desperate. Are Nigerian doctors not wise enough to separate Practising Fees from the illegal Building Levy. May we ignore any post purporting to suggest that doctors need a second thought on the jobbers' job.

The Federal High Court sitting in Enugu today fixed January 30th for the continuation of sitting on the main suit challenging the imposition of an illegal Building Levy on doctors before they could pay their statutory Practising Fees. We are grateful to the Honourable Court for insisting that the suit would be pursued to a logical conclusion. The Honourable Court is sought to declare illegal the use of MDCN portal for the collection of NMA building levy. The court has also been asked to declare MDCN online validation after the payment of Practicing Fees as illegal. The Honourable Court has also been asked to declare the annual renewal of License as an illegal exercise that has no legal support in Nigeria. Doctors are only required by the extant medical laws to pay Practising Fees, and not to annually renew License. The Cornerstone Insurance sales are yet another item the Court is called upon to invalidate. The structure and anatomy of NMA where members are always ignored during the taking of humongous decisions affecting Nigerian doctors is also under the hammer of the Honourable Court.

The process of paying for your Practising Fees is still the same way you did it last year. Generate remita RRR (N10,000.00 or N20,000.00 as the case may be depending on your year of standing), go to any bank with the RRR and pay. Keep your remita receipt. That is all you need to practice next year.

The issue of Building Levy came up last year. Nigerian doctors ignored them and paid their Practising Fees through remita. It is still the same method this year. We all practised to the end of this year without any License processed. I for one have practiced for the past 5 years without processing any renewal of License because it is not in our laws. All I did was pay my statutory Practising Fees. The Court will lay this illegal Building Levy to rest on the judgment day. There is no judgement yet. Do not allow jobbers who are only after their share in the defunct Building Levy to deceive you with their contrivances. They are empty. The Court Registrar of the Federal High Court Enugu has ordered the Court Bailiffs to serve NMA and MDCN with the new date for the Court sitting. This information is already circulated. One then wonders where the jobbing desperadoes are getting their own misinformation that the suit is over.

Our struggles have even been fortified further by a new development. All the house officers who were forced to pay the Building Levy before they could be issued with their provisional license, and other doctors who were forced to pay the Levy one way or the other, are already signing up for immediate refund of the extortion through a different suit at the Federal High Court. This is heartwarming.
Dr Awkadigwe Fredrick Ikenna

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Politics / Re: The Link Between The Modern Yoruba And Ancient Egyptians By Reno Omokri by macIB(m): 10:53pm On Dec 18, 2019

By the spread of the language beyong the bites of Nigeria into up to four nations, a pattern of migration is ascertained. So excuse me, did they migrate from Yoruba land to Yoruba land? �

When someone says study up, why not try?

Instead of just condemning.

olodo, you no sabi anything with your sawdust brain.
Politics / Re: Why We Rearrested Sowore – DSS by macIB(m): 7:25am On Dec 08, 2019
Lies again. Is the person holding him down inside the court not a DSS officer?

Continue your lies Mr Afunanya.


Politics / Re: Buhari Punishing South-South And South-East With Bad Roads — Ijaw Youth Council by macIB(m): 5:52am On Dec 03, 2019
It is the right of every Nigerian to interrogate the government on its policies but I have questions for President of Ijaw Youth Council Mr. Pereotubo Oweilami:
How many times has Ijaw Youth Council sincerely and consistently interrogated NDDC over the years on how its funds were spent? How many NDDC projects has IYC tracked over the years even in Ijaw land to ensure completion and commissioning? That's where your action should start my brother. Your quietness about poor running of NDDC smacks of complicity and collusion just like your current statement on Pres. Buhari neglecting SE and SS smells of mischief.

If you don't know where the rain started beating you, you may not where it stopped.



Politics / Re: Allen Onyema: MASSOB Accuses Buhari Led-Government Of Persecution by macIB(m): 8:08am On Nov 27, 2019
A lot of times we try to justify what is wrong to be right, Because of ethnicity and religion, removing these two and looking at the bigger picture should be most important at this time.
Please don’t rub you children of the future they deserve because of your selfishness.

you have spoken well. God bless you
Politics / Re: The Link Between The Modern Yoruba And Ancient Egyptians By Reno Omokri by macIB(m): 8:58pm On Nov 25, 2019

By the spread of the language beyong the bites of Nigeria into up to four nations, a pattern of migration is ascertained. So excuse me, did they migrate from Yoruba land to Yoruba land? �

When someone says study up, why not try?

Instead of just condemning.

you are ignorant of the history of languages and yoruba language for that matter. so i am not ready to lecture because you seem adamantly ignorant.
Politics / Re: The Link Between The Modern Yoruba And Ancient Egyptians By Reno Omokri by macIB(m): 10:33am On Nov 22, 2019



The yorubas as a nation came in the 19th century (Ajayi Crowther's creation) but the language had been even before Oduduwa himself with the different dialects and accents associated with it.

Reno's story is a lie!


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