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Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Blessings: I Don't Wear Pad Or Pant, I Insert Cotton Wool For My Period by magictonic(m): 1:38pm On May 13
Dear Friends,

please NEVER have anything to do with someone who has no shame. They will rubbish you and feel good about it.


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Religion / Re: This Is Apostle Suleman's Nude Photo - Stephanie Otobo Says by magictonic(m): 3:59pm On May 09
But where is the noode
Phones / Re: Mark Zuckerberg Announces New WhatsApp Reactions by magictonic(m): 7:33pm On May 05
Duh! Nothing brilliant about that...left to me, emojis, smileys and gif should be totally eliminated. If you can't type or express yourself in words...then pause! I can only tolerate words, voice call, video call or probably voice note.

Every other thing looks childish.

where's your sense of humour bro?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Finally Approves Heavy Weapons For Ukraine by magictonic(m): 6:57am On Apr 29

As myopic as you could channel it , you go around saying tagging it a support for USA.
The USA can never do this Stupid invasion ,but are logical and does,it's affair giving you a free will to choose.
If you asked, what exactly did Ukraine a sovereign country did to Russia to warrant all this harm? if you saying because they wants to belong to NATO on their free will ,then that is a stupid reason.

Point of correction: The USA actually did a silly invasion. Iraq2003. Against the advice of sound minds, George Bush and his gang of lunatics invaded a country that wasn't even a threat to the US, with the ostensible reason of disarming Iraq of their WMDs.

Today, Iraq still doesn't have WMDs

I believe the Russians have more altruistic intentions than their US counterparts.
Business / Google Sheets Vs Microsoft Excel: Which Is Better For Small Businesses? by magictonic(m): 8:28am On Apr 03

Hello friend,

I like to discuss the best spreadsheet you can use in your small business.

There are 2 most common spreadsheets that small businesses use for their record-keeping.

They are Google Sheet by Google and Ms Excel by Microsoft.

There are more spreadsheet tools out there. For example, Apple has Numbers spreadsheet which comes in MacBooks.

Small business owners keep asking - Should I use Google Sheets or Excel?

Here is my opinion.

Please note that my opinion may be different from yours for your own reasons.

My opinion is based on the reasons that I will provide, and these reasons relate to small businesses.

I advise small businesses to use ...

Read more:

Business / What To Do When A Government Agency Demands Payment by magictonic(m): 12:29pm On Apr 01
My dear friends, the government generates revenues from the activities that you and I perform. Every government charge on you is backed by a law. Anyday, anytime that someone hands you a letter from any government agency, please I beg you, demand for the Law and go and read it. The law is always crystal clear and easy to understand. If they walk into your shop and ask you to pay for Radio and TV license, demand and read the law.

Negotiating a bribe is not the first thing to do. The first thing to do is to understand the law.

When they brought me a letter to pay for the signage in front of my former office, I demanded for the law. The lady was nice.
She told me to download a PDF copy online. I did it immediately.

The law was very clear. It explained the sizes of various signage and how much to pay.

They had billed me with an estimate that was far bigger than my real size. I bought 100 naira tape and measured my signage. I got a lower reviewed bill. I paid at the bank and gave her the evidence. She thanked me and went away.

Stop negotiating what you don't understand oooo.

Everything is not bribe. Try to understand before you start negotiating.

You get a bill of 470k. You negotiate 300k. You are happy. Meanwhile, maybe the official price is maybe 80k. Are you not a mumu?

Why are we so afraid to seek knowledge? Demand for the law and read it.

Whoever brought the letter knows the law. Just ask for it. Everything is not bribe. Stop shooting yourself in the feet. There are laws for everything.

Demand it. Research it. Read it.

I hope this helps someone who is struggling with one letter now.

Go and read the law.

Thank you!

Credit: Mrs. Chioma Ifeanyi Ezeh

For more business nuggets from Chioma Ifeanyi Ezeh and other Business professionals, please join our Facebook group for free.

Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy: Travel Advisor Wanted In A Travel Agency by magictonic(m): 12:27pm On Feb 15
A reputable Travel Agency in Owerri, Nigeria needs the services of a Travel Advisor

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

• Driving the sales and marketing campaign of the Agency to attract more quality clients to the agency.
• Advising and guiding clients who want to make foreign trips (whether on Business, Tourist or Academic purposes) using our agency.
• Facilitate the travel (visas) of clients going to other countries - secures their visas, medical insurance information for all travels including itineraries related to flights, hotel accommodation, etc.

• Prepare Documentation for traveling clients
• Help with ticketing and reservations
• Procure clearance tags at the airport
• Manage correspondences with international aviation companies

The ideal candidate must:
• Have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a reputable Tertiary Institution.
• Have relevant working experience in the Travel or Hospitality industry.
• Be teachable and willing to learn
• Be living in Owerri, or ready to relocate
• Have very good computer skills (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Internet, etc.)

To apply, send a detailed resume to: careers@betheltravelsandtours.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Travel Agency In Owerri Wants Business Development Executive by magictonic(m): 2:38pm On Feb 06
still taking resumes
Sports / Re: 18-Year-Old Silas Nwankwo Joins Swedish Football Club, Mjällby AIF by magictonic(m): 7:02am On Feb 04
This dude should be in his late 30s nau. What sort of ru.bbish is this one?
Jobs/Vacancies / Travel Agency In Owerri Wants Business Development Executive by magictonic(m): 2:16pm On Jan 29

Business Development Executive in A travel agency at Wethedral Road, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Successful candidate must:

a) Smart and have the ability to deliver on expected targets.

b) Have relevant working experience in the travel or hospitality industry

c) Be teachable and willing to learn

d) Be living in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria or willing to relocate there.

e) Have very good computer skills (Ms-Word, MS-Excel, MS PowerPoint, CorelDraw, etc)

Send CV in pdf to careers@betheltravelsandtours.com

Applications end on 10th February, 2022
Agriculture / Re: What Is The Name Of This Strange Looking Fruit by magictonic(m): 11:32pm On Jan 25
This fruit is Sycamore. I have 2 grown sycamore trees in my compound.

The fruits just fall everyday and RoT away. Nobody eats them

Didn't know they were even useful
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICT Officer Needed In An Estate Mgt Firm In D-line, Port Harcourt by magictonic(m): 1:15pm On Jan 14
Applications closing tomorrow
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICT Officer Needed In An Estate Mgt Firm In D-line, Port Harcourt by magictonic(m): 10:18am On Jan 07
still receiving CVs
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICT Officer Needed In An Estate Mgt Firm In D-line, Port Harcourt by magictonic(m): 3:09am On Jan 01
still taking CVs
Jobs/Vacancies / ICT Officer Needed In An Estate Mgt Firm In D-line, Port Harcourt by magictonic(m): 8:00pm On Dec 31, 2021
A reputable Estate Management business needs the services of an experienced ICT Officer.
Location is D-Line, Port Harcourt

Job Responsibilities:
a) Manage the overall technology infrastructure for the Organization.
This includes Planning, Implementation, and management of the software applications and hardware infrastructure that support operations.

b) Troubleshoot and resolve issues with software or hardware.

c) Walk colleagues through steps to help them resolve their technical problems.

d) Maintain procedures and reports that provide technical support to the entire organization.

e) Liaising with Technology Service providers.

Send CVs to careers@cloudnaija.net before 16th January 2022
Crime / Re: Identities Of Police Officers Who Extorted ₦22M Worth Of Bitcoin From Lagos Men by magictonic(m): 10:26pm On Dec 19, 2021
The story is untrue.
1. Police asked for 200 million naira bail for doing nothing

2. You transferred 20 million naira worth of bitcoin to Austin. How many millions of naira worth of bitcoin do you have?

Nwanne, these police people never jam you before. If they jam (I pray they don't), i-ga ekwete.
Family / Re: When Was The First Time You Touched A Dead Person? by magictonic(m): 10:18am On Nov 14, 2021
We were gisting in the hospital.

I held her for a long time, telling her how much I loved her.

For a while, she stopped responding, I thought she wanted to have a nap.

I called on the Doctor-on-duty to come and check her.

That's when I heard the worst 6 words of my life: "Young man, your mum is dead"


Romance / Re: Phase 2 - Charming And Cunning Tactics (Life Lessons You Must Know) * by magictonic(m): 3:30pm On Oct 31, 2021
So much wisdom in this thread. This man is a master of mind games.
Family / Re: My Wife Is Having An Emotional Affair With Her Pastor by magictonic(m): 8:13am On Oct 14, 2021

1) Heart-to-heart talk with her. (signs of a simpleton)

2) Don't report to her family, so she doesn't lose her respect. (dude, what tha heck are even saying?)

3) Initiate Prayers in your home. Dude, seriously, go to bed. These your advise won't work. It will even embolden the whorish wife to continue disgracing the OP

Why should the OP do these things? For a woman who doesn't respect him?

OP, abeg report your wife to her family. Give them evidence of your allegation.

Maybe, you can also reach Bishop Oyedepo or Abioye and report this matter.

Raise dust over the matter. Threaten to post their conversations on social media and blogs.

Ensure you you have evidence before you do these things sha.

If she doesn't change and remain loyal to you, divorce her. There are many better women out there.

I hate Nonsense.


Don’t tell your family members including hers about it. Try to manage this within your home by having a hard conversation with her. Let her know the consequences of her continued affair with this pastor.
Many people fall into the same pattern until something drastic happens. You should have a plan Incase she calls your bluff or is too into the affair to care.
My plan would look like:
1. Have a heart to heart conversation about the issue including the consequences namely an end to your marriage and how it will affect the children.
2. Don’t contact the pastor, you have no issue with him. The problem is with your wife.
3. Try to spend more time with your wife outside the home. Take her places and build memories together.
4. If all else fails, then I would suggest you inform her mother first, also mentioning what you plan to do if she continues.
5. Demand a full apology from her and a commitment to end all forms of communication with the man. You also need to look at the scripture where it’s written that no man should come between a man and wife.
6. Try to initiate prayers in your home cos it seems your wife is the spiritual type and maybe you’re lagging in that aspect. Hence her continuous search for a spiritual leader.
7. There’s every possibility your wife is not romantically invested in that relationship. Just maybe she’s not exactly finding fulfillment in yours especially with regards to my previous comment of spiritual leadership. Many Nigerian women are like that.
Romance / Re: 32 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son by magictonic(m): 11:20am On Oct 10, 2021
I learned most of these things - not from my father, but from the streets.

Streets are fucking tough.
Romance / Re: I'm In Love With A Married Woman Whose Husband Is In Dubai by magictonic(m): 3:05pm On Sep 29, 2021
you need help


Politics / Re: Governorship Election: Maduka Tours Wards, LGAs In Anambra (Photos) by magictonic(m): 12:11pm On Sep 14, 2021
Free Digital Marketing short course for Small Business Owners in Nigeria on Monday, 20th September, 2021 by 7PM via a Zoom Meeting

Check my signature for details on how to join the class
Crime / Re: Man Stabs Woman's Buttocks With Syringe Filled With His Semen by magictonic(m): 11:57am On Sep 10, 2021
this man looks like Ole Gunnar Solkjaer - Manchester United's Head Coach.
Business / Re: What Business Can One Start With N15,000,000 / 29,000$ In Nigeria 2021? by magictonic(m): 4:38pm On Aug 24, 2021
Career / Re: Business Process Outsourcing?? by magictonic(m): 11:27am On Jul 18, 2021
Please I have a new company and I need the services of a professional financial expert to guide me on what books I need to keep and what products to focus on. I manufacture electronics and power supply systems. I also do home automation devices locally. I need a business expert to discuss with for a professional fee on what to do, what to look out for, how to maximize profit and what books to keep.

I downloaded a software called QuickBooks but I don't understand it. Its not my field. I rather pay a professional now

I'd advise you to retain the QuickBooks installation you have. Get an experienced person to sync it in line with your business needs.

I have been deploying ERP/CRM/AccountingSolutions for about 20years now.

Hit me up. (Zero, Eight, Zero, Three, Seven, Nine, Seven, One, One, Three, Nine) I will help you maximize your installation.


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Properties / Distress Sale (plaza - 42 Rooms) by magictonic(m): 2:22pm On Jul 05, 2021
HOUSE FOR SALE (Distress Sale):

42 large Rooms ensuite. Has a Large parking lot.

Location: Rumomasi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This building can be used for 4-star Hotel, Hostel for students, Primary/Secondary school, Shopping mall, etc

I have the CofO in my hand.

Asking Price is 150M
Interested? Call me on 08037971139

Politics / Re: Don’t Access Twitter Through VPN - APC Warns Nigerians by magictonic(m): 11:41am On Jun 09, 2021
I'm using Windscribe VPN to access Twitter. I'm in my house. Come and beat me.
Family / Re: Let's Be Sincere. "Can You Marry A Woman Like Your Mother?" by magictonic(m): 11:01pm On Jun 07, 2021
Religion / Re: Pastor Stephen Akinola Is Dead by magictonic(m): 1:45pm On Jun 07, 2021
This man dedicated me as a Baby in Deeper Life Bible Church when I was born. He was a friend to my father and a very good man. I know his wife and children very well. He is one of the few Pastors that I can trust.

When I heard of his demise yesterday, I just knew He had gone to Heaven (no doubt about that).

To the best of my knowledge, there was no hank-panky in his life.

I pray his Family receives comfort from Jesus.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Gushes About His Honeymoon Experience: “It Is Very Sweet!” (Video) by magictonic(m): 10:25pm On May 07, 2021
this pastor is too EAGER to talk about his sexual experience.

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