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Politics / Re: Soldiers Invade Orlu, Allegedly Open Fire On Civilians - The Guardian by Masterkernel1: 1:11pm On Apr 19, 2022
God bless our Gallant officers
Nigerian Army should not display their mutilated bodies e get reason
We warned them

I wish your father and your only son was one of them.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Completes Questionnaire For EU Membership by Masterkernel1: 8:30am On Apr 18, 2022
Why is this zelensky allowing himself to be pushed beyond his capacity. I won't be surprised if mad Putin takes this war to the extreme.
Why announce Ukraine is about to become a member of NATO?

Remember, War doesn't determine who is right. It determines who is left. By the time this war is over, Ukraine will be left in both physical and psychological ruins that will take years to recover from.

He couldn't have kept it secret, because its a open discussion between NATO member states, obviously it's not secret.

Secondly, Germany became highest economy 30 years after World War II, I don't think you'll allow a man like you beat up your wife and you'll quite because he's stronger than you.
Politics / Re: Oluwo Of Iwoland: South-East Cannot Produce President For Now by Masterkernel1: 7:31pm On Apr 17, 2022


This king is proudly an ignoramus. Did he ask an agent to get him a property, and they refused him the right to buy?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkish Ship Rescued 54 Sailors On Damaged Russian Naval Cruiser Moskva by Masterkernel1: 9:55pm On Apr 16, 2022
actually yes

This is a USA vs Russia war

Using Ukraine as a battle ground

Ukrainian president is a fool

Hope your neighbor who's bigger than you kills your father, hope you'll thank him for peace to reign?

I have a feeling that religion ruins a whole lots of your reasoning.

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Politics / Re: What My Sister Told Me About ESN, SIT AT HOME In The South East. by Masterkernel1: 6:12pm On Apr 11, 2022
Rubbish ipob member defending his brothers

I blame Buhari for all of these rubbish..

Wish he can destroy Ipob,kill them,burn all of them alive..

I hate ipob,I hate their land ,I hate anything Biafra..

We need a real leader like tinubu..

You hate them, but your grandfathers couldn't stay in Nigeria without them.
Politics / Re: What My Sister Told Me About ESN, SIT AT HOME In The South East. by Masterkernel1: 6:10pm On Apr 11, 2022
Nobody that lives in Anambra will say this, so stop being stoopid

My friend stop saying things you aren't sure. I'm resident in Onitsha, I've not seen UGM. I've never seen Fulani herdsmen in a long while.

I didn't go to work today, and I'm not complaining.
Foreign Affairs / Re: A Mass Grave Has Been Found In Bucha, In The Outskirts Of Kyiv Ukraine by Masterkernel1: 9:34pm On Apr 05, 2022
Zelensky is a bastard!

See the woes he has brought up on his people now...

He allowed United SNAKE of America and NATO to finger his brain.

Senseless boy. You better surrender before it's too late for you too.

Fuckîng idiot.

You think everyone will be your country that surrendered to bandits and insurgents, right?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Denmark, Italy Expel 45 Russian Diplomats. Denmark 15, Italy 30. by Masterkernel1: 9:20pm On Apr 05, 2022
grin grin

Russia should abandon Europe and tilt towards Asia and Africa, that is where the world population is, leave those Covid19 infested clowns joor

You need education. What is population if they aren't productive? Why isn't Africa or Asia the Russian's biggest market?

Head slammers grin always thinking like Northerners.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania And Estonia Closing Borders With Russia And Belarus by Masterkernel1: 7:06pm On Apr 04, 2022

They are out of sanctions, unfortunately for them the initial sanctions imposed on the Kremlin are no longer effective, the EU and USA are even filling the heat more than Kremlin.
Mean while has anyone seen Biden lately?,

Head slammers gringrin Watch Cable TV stations you'll see and hear the comments of Biden and all European Prime Ministers over civilian massacre in Bucha, Ukraine.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainians Have Retaken Irpin From Russian Invaders by Masterkernel1: 10:29pm On Apr 01, 2022
They withdrawn what a misleading headline

I can't stop laughing at you. Russians didn't expect resistance, just like in Georgia and Cremia, the world is laughing at weak Russian military and economy.

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Car Talk / Re: Nord Faults Low Patronage Of Locally Assembled Vehicles by Masterkernel1: 6:24pm On Apr 01, 2022
If una like, make una no vote Peter Obi na una sabi.

How does that affect you?
Politics / Re: Touts Shun Soludo’s Orders, Attack Tricycle Riders Over Levies by Masterkernel1: 7:51am On Mar 21, 2022
So "Owo mi da" is dangerously existing over there ?

Soludo first mistake as Governor. He is putting the cart before the horse . He needs to find something for these guys to do first, but this is very difficult considering the nature of cash flows this type of touting brings... alternatively convert them to government revenue agents based on sharing formula or commission on their daily collections through once off payment issuance of daily cards patterned after what Oshiomhole did in Edo, then gradually phase them out .

You're not informed on matters like this. Touts have hierarchy resulting to huge losses of revenue, and hate against the government.

90% of Lagos transporters will gladly pay a N1000 daily, directly to state Government in form of ticket or toll, than face touts on very stoppable distance.
Politics / Re: Why Tout In East Are Called Agbero,yoruba Nomenclature by Masterkernel1: 1:24pm On Mar 20, 2022
Touts exist everywhere in Nigeria.

But the name is what the thread is talking about.

And I said using the word "agbero" to describe touts by non Yoruba speaking na copy copy.

For your information, agbero doesn't mean tout, but it is a word commonly associated with touts and hooligans.

The word agbero doesn't mean tout.

The only reason why we call it Agboro is because it's alien to our culture, its a Yoruba thing.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Carrier Sails Through Taiwan Strait Hours Before Biden - Xi Call by Masterkernel1: 1:20pm On Mar 20, 2022
Hope you saw how powerful US was in Afghanistan? grin

They had Afghanistan to the balls, till they felt it was time to leave.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Carrier Sails Through Taiwan Strait Hours Before Biden - Xi Call by Masterkernel1: 2:33pm On Mar 18, 2022
By 2030, China military will be able to stand the US military toe to toe

Hope you've seen how powerful Russia is? grin grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pentagon Says Frustrated Putin May Use Nukes If War In Ukraine Is Unwinnable by Masterkernel1: 11:46am On Mar 18, 2022
Pentagon talks too much....Ukraine had won on social media

Annexation is evil irrespective of who's involved. Invasion of Ukraine is bad, same goes to America invading Iraq.
Foreign Affairs / Re: UK Considers Supplying Anti Aircraft Star Streak Missiles To Ukraine by Masterkernel1: 9:06pm On Mar 09, 2022

UK and other NATO countries want to finally bury Ukraine.
Instead of UK to seek for a peaceful and diplomatic way of ending the crises they are planning to supply anti-air missile to Ukraine, this is just like giving catapult to to someone that is fighting an enemy with AK-47.
Very soon US will donate Tucano jet to them

Well I only blame ukraineans that voted a comedian as president

You're a product of religion. Head Slammers.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US To Deploy THAAD, Patriot To Shoot Down Russian Missiles by Masterkernel1: 8:46pm On Mar 08, 2022
America knows how to make noise ... but we all know say nothing dem no fit do shi-shi to mother Russia. Death to all capitalist pigsgrin

Slammers you think America is responsible for your moon-god catastrophe.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Considers Ban On Russian Oil Imports by Masterkernel1: 1:48pm On Mar 07, 2022
Lol. African ignoramuses prepare to be exploited.

USA's alternative is Venezuela. The country that they have successfully rendered useless.
For those of you that don't know Venezuela. She is the country with highest oil deposit in the world but thanks to USA, they are unstable, destabilised and witness tons of USA sponsored coups/attacks on their presidency whenever they are trying to make progress to stop/push USA out.
Did I forget to tell you ignoramuses that they are "independent?" Yes they are but such (Democracy and Independence) doesn't matter when it is USA.

You only support the West/USA when you know nothing, or being controlled by their media.

And you see USA as the devil when you're slamming your head downwards.
Politics / Re: Innocent Chukwuma Receives More Than 150 Cows Donation For Mum’s Burial Rites by Masterkernel1: 1:30pm On Feb 25, 2022
Hope GT Bank has donated theirs grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Must Go Down, He Doesn't Mean Well For Us.., Aregbosola by Masterkernel1: 2:47pm On Feb 15, 2022
grin grin grin Aregbesola is now an Igbo man.
Tinubu's sabotage will be internal, implosion.

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Politics / Re: Duoye Diri: Nigeria Didn’t Use Cocoa Money To Develop Oil by Masterkernel1: 11:38pm On Feb 11, 2022
Ode, be always grateful to people that one way or the other helped you in the past. Go and check the revenue collection that sustained Nigeria before oil was discovered in Nigeria. No reasonable person will join issues with a nuisance opportunist governor and his likes.

Is your father's name Ode, since your started your statement with that.

Illiteracy isn't far from you. Every events that matters in Nigeria was documented by the British, stop fooling yourself.

So what happened to the Cocoa since it was a gold mine? Ndi Ara.
Crime / Re: Hotel Owner Stab Security Guard To Death In Delta by Masterkernel1: 4:12pm On Feb 11, 2022
Delta people are very primitive. I lived there and know this.

Be ashamed okay?
Crime / Re: Hotel Owner Stab Security Guard To Death In Delta by Masterkernel1: 4:11pm On Feb 11, 2022
That is what anger can do,for him to call police first he stabbed him and now called police

You're right. It was purely anger. He won't stay more than 6-7 years, first... It's not murder, but manslaughter which has lesser sentence of 10. If he pleads guilty, they'll drop jail term.
Politics / Re: PSC Defers Decision On Abba Kyari, Police To Conclude Investigation In 2 Weeks by Masterkernel1: 3:59pm On Feb 11, 2022
Super Corp
Abeg release that man make he continue to de deal with those cannibals cheesy

Super Corpse grin grin grin An International certified criminal on the watch list of FBI.

We'll deal with him internationally, not locally.
Car Talk / Re: Innoson Chukwuma Gifts Rev. Jonas Benson Okoye G80 (2023 Model) - Pictures by Masterkernel1: 4:43pm On Feb 10, 2022
9ice cool
Bt please don't sell substandard vehicles to FG again. See what happened in anambra the other day.
Say no to cannibalism of your kingsmen cheesy

If your father was half this man, you won't be on Nairaland trolling others.

If your narrative is to be taken serious, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes would have parked up.


Politics / Re: Duoye Diri: Nigeria Didn’t Use Cocoa Money To Develop Oil by Masterkernel1: 4:28pm On Feb 10, 2022
Oga governor shut up ...it's well known that the eastern regional government as at that time spent millions of dollars prospecting oil

Infact the agreement nnpc use today was agreement between shell n eastern region government

Cocoa didn't found oil exploration alone
Cocao from cross River ( largest cocoa producers in Nigeria ) and abia/imo ...

rubber from bayelsa ,cross River ,akwa Ibom ,rivers , abia .....

Cashew nuts from Abia , Enugu , cross River

Palm oil from the whole eastern region ( akwa Ibom , ogoni , etche have the best oil )

These things made the eastern region fastest growing region in the world ...but some people allowed propaganda work on them and here we are

Show just one document from the British that says that! Which Cocoa when Nigeria was running a regional system.

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Politics / Re: Duoye Diri: Nigeria Didn’t Use Cocoa Money To Develop Oil by Masterkernel1: 4:25pm On Feb 10, 2022
This is irresponsible talk from a clown because of hatred and pomposity. This is a dangerous talk that can make the westerners impose themselves forever on Nigeria oilfields and nothing can anyone do about it

I won't be surprise, if you're still feeding from your mother's pot.


Politics / Re: GTBank Gave Osinbajo Campaign N200m In 2015 (Above N1m Limit) - Gazette by Masterkernel1: 8:04pm On Feb 08, 2022
The truth is that Osibanjo is not contesting, he can't contest against Tinubu, even if he does, he doesn't stand a chance. The plan is for him to step down and declare his support for Tinubu, before the primaries
Modified; after coming back to read the full story, I realized they were talking about 2015 election

Do you realize, that the law was broken? it doesn't matter when.
Sports / Re: PSG Ready To Make Mbappe Highest-Paid Player Ahead Of Messi, Neymar by Masterkernel1: 1:09pm On Feb 08, 2022
Money has spoil football, too much money.

I generally feel players are overpaid and overhyped

Some of them bring a whole lots of deals and endorsement to the team. They increase the commerce, image and value of the team.

Example imagine just Messi leaving Barca, made them look like a mid table team.

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Politics / Re: Cow Ban In South East From April Irreversible - IPOB by Masterkernel1: 9:51am On Feb 08, 2022

trash..you people should stop associating urself to us Nigerians lols

You're the one begging for unity. we don't want you. Moveee!

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