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Romance / Re: Married Nigerian Lady Exposes Pastor Who Was Asking Her Out On Whatsapp (photos) by MathsChic(f): 10:46am On Oct 12, 2017
Why that is surprising beats me
Investment / Re: Is Farmcrowdy Truly Legitimate? by MathsChic(f): 10:40am On Oct 12, 2017
You dont expect a first level customer service or rep to have such details, besides it is normal for big companies to have a a pre determined answer so has to manage the information passed out and ensure consistency. The fact that you are a potential customer doesn't avail you access to such information.

Perhaps you could do what I just did and checkout Leadway's website to get an idea of the type of coverage they offer , below is an extract from the web

I disagree with you completely. Farmcrowdy owes every single potential investor details of the insurance on the farm they sponsor. It's called customer service. You don't go about sourcing this information yourself, as you'll never get the complete picture from outside of the deal. What's to say what you got from Leadway is what the insurance is about?

Anyways, I sent mails to their managers already and got all the details on the insurance I need to make a decision on my investments with farmcrowdy.


Investment / Is Farmcrowdy Truly Legitimate? by MathsChic(f): 11:42am On Aug 13, 2017
Hello All,

I'm sure some of you know about Farmcrowdy already. It's a digital agricultural platform where farm sponsors are able to purchase farms and reap rewards of up to 15% in 5-6months after gestation. Their website is www.farmcrowdy.com. I wrote about them sometime ago.

Now, I have come questions or concerns I'd just like to raise.

I had a chat with their representative online regarding the nature of insurance they provide for invested money. According to them, all monies invested are insured by Leadway Insurance, so investors don't lose money. However, the nature of this insurance is not disclosed. I pressed the representative further and all I got in return was that "this has not happened before". On asking how they intend to cover the loss they'll incur if it does happen, I got no response. I couldn't even elicit a response how this insurance mechanism is structured and how they interpret losses, if they do incur one. Is a loss when they fail to make their desired, expected revenue, or when they make only an insufficient percentage?

Responses from the representative were standard copy-paste responses, with some even repeated for the same questions. I find this a great concern.

I don't know if anyone has heard of Theranos (an american bio-tech coy). They came onto the scene making promises which turned out false. But it took the investigative power of a diligent WSJ journalist to out them. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not such a country gifted with tech journalists who go the distance in their investigations, else wouldn't it be nice to have someone on their case?

I'd love to know what you think of this. We need to get the detail of that insurance with Leadway.

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Romance / Re: How I Taught A Slay Queen A Lesson by MathsChic(f): 2:17pm On Jul 24, 2017
A brilliant and idle mind can be dangerous... With a little detective work I was able to uncover the Vivian in question.
I believe this is the number of which you speak. A brilliant and idle mind is indeed dangerous.

Politics / Re: Nigerians Criticise Senate For Asking CBN To Give Dollars At N200 For Pilgrimage by MathsChic(f): 8:54am On Jul 21, 2017
These guys don't understand economics one bit. There's no reason they should be making monetary policy decisions for the CBN. Unfortunately, the CBN itself is guilty of participating in this reckless exercise of dollar subsidy. As experienced as most of the directors are, they aren't seeing farther than their noses.


Celebrities / Re: Timi Dakolo Keeps To His Word, Surprises Couple At Wedding With Free Performance by MathsChic(f): 7:37pm On Jul 15, 2017
Rash thinking forced that initial slip out of his hands. He needs to exercise some restraints next time.
Properties / Re: Can A Single Guy With Income Of #60,000 Build A House by MathsChic(f): 3:38pm On Jul 04, 2017
with GOD
lol cheesy
Properties / Re: Can A Single Guy With Income Of #60,000 Build A House by MathsChic(f): 10:11pm On Jul 03, 2017
Anything is possible! smiley


Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Need To Understand That Some Women Have Financial Standards. by MathsChic(f): 6:55pm On Jul 01, 2017
One thing I have realized from reading comments on this website is that a lot of men do not understand that some women have certain financial standards when it comes to dating, and nothing can make them lower those standards. So guys, when a lady says she can't date a broke guy, try to first ruminate on the information I want to pass across before deciding to label her with derogatory appellations.

When I say some ladies, this "some" constitutes a certain category of ladies. This category includes ladies who are ambitious, hardworking and goal oriented. They are aren't idle or ignorant. They are intelligent, well informed and most times are financially bouyant. These are the kind of women I am categorically referring to. If this kind of woman says she can't date a broke guy, then she is justified in making such statement, and any guy who insults her for making such statement or tries to refute her statement with the kind of pathetic comments I read here, is indeed pathetic.

How does anyone expect a woman who is working towards being financially successful and expending time and energy towards this goal, to settle for some guy who earns WAY less than she does? How can a financially ambitious woman lower her standards and spend years waiting for some guy "who has potential" to make it? Let me unpack this last statement because it's a bit radioactive. There are different gradations of potential and that's why I used quotation marks. There are men who have an education that confers a high competitive advantage in the job market, or skills that can catapult them to high rungs on the financial ladder. If a financially ambitious woman meets this kind of guy and he is working hard everyday to become financially stable and secure, then she can lower her standards a bit and grind with him, but only for a while. If after few months or years and this guy isn't making any progress and she decides to go, no one should blame her. Maybe the guy isn't smart enough or isn't just lucky enough. She has the right to leave him and find someone who is financially compatible with her. Yes.
But this only applies to men who have real potential, not some guy who just has a degree or skills and isn't taking diligent steps to improve his finances.

What most guys don't realize is that being broke or just having enough money to subsist, are indicative of certain traits women in general aren't attracted to. Traits like laziness, unintelligence, lack of ambition, bad luck, and a lack of good education. It's not the fault of a financially ambitious woman who is financially bouyant herself if she doesn't want to mingle with broke people, let alone date them.

Instead of dating a guy that has good qualities, the kind of women I am referring to would rather find financially bouyant and ambitious men like themselves, and then proceed to look for these good qualities. And YES they are justified in doing that. Abi is it only broke guys that have good qualities?

Lastly, if any guy is asking out women who don't fall into the category of women I am referring to, then such guy has low standards and deserves the rejection he is receiving from his fellow broke girl.
Thumbs up! 10000+ likes smiley

However, it's almost a futile exercise explaining this to Nigerian men. Most don't even recognize that humans, right from ancient times, have always been driven to seek out mates who would provide the best for them in terms of quality of life. That gibberish about blindly loving, is just gibberish. Natural selection ensures that even successful humans are driven to better partners who are not only compatible with them, but can also cater for them. Like attracts like.

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Business / Re: Etisalat Directors Resign To Escape Criminal Charges by MathsChic(f): 7:22pm On Jun 30, 2017
God knows how much Bello-Osagie himself diverted. Irresponsible board! angry


Investment / Legitimate Investments You Can Make In Nigeria by MathsChic(f): 5:36pm On Jun 30, 2017
Hello All,

We have seen the rise (and of course fall) of sundry get-rich-quick investment schemes which all have the tinge of MMM to it. Though many have not learnt and continue to invest their hard-earned (perhaps not!) cash in these schemes, most who have been burnt and burnt hard have practically desisted from maintaining accounts with these Ponzi and pseudo-Ponzi investments. For those who have been burnt but who still seek to invest in legitimate concerns, please read on...

Today, I'll share with you a few verified means of actually making real money in Nigeria. These are not schemes with interest rates of 50 or 100%; not the types where you lose your money. Instead, they preserve your principal and actually help you rake a decent interest over your savings.

1. Fixed Deposit (6-10% annually)
You make fixed deposit investments with virtually all banks in Nigeria. Depending on such bank, you can reap interests of between 6-10%. Your negotiating power also comes into play. And should you boast sizeable savings in the million range, you could make something really worthwhile over several months. Fixed deposit investments are typically long term investments, are compounded and your bank can provide you with a monthly report on how your investment is growing.

2. Treasury Bills (~18% for 365 days)
You can make up to 18% in a year with treasury bills. For the long term investor, clearly this seems a better bargain than fixed deposits. Enquire from your local bank how you can invest in treasury bills. Though they may hesitate a bit in providing directions, continual persistence always makes them yield.

3. Mutual Funds (varying rates, ~15% on the average)
There are a host of investment firms offering the opportunity to invest in mutual or guaranteed funds. These investment firms basically help coordinate your funds by strategically placing it in treasury bills, bonds or fixed deposits, while taking their cut off the profits it yields. You should certainly consider putting your millions in these investments if you are the typical long term investor. Some of these firms are ARM, First Bank Capital, Stanbic IBTC investment arm, etc. Google them

4. Farmcrowdy (sundry offers such as 15% in 5 months)
Farmcrowdy helps connect sponsors with farmers. As a sponsor you put some money into Farmcrowdy which they in turn provide to farmers who farm with the money and generate profit. Farmcrowdy then refunds you your principal with interest. Quite a beautiful idea.
Watch on www.farmcrowdy.com when they make new farms available. Apparently, the farms are selling real fast, with the farms often selling out in less than a day on their sites. The good thing: your money is insured, i.e. should the farm or farmcrowdy fail, you are certain to get your money back, but without interest. However, that has not happened so far since the firm started operations.

5. Bitcoin
If only because it's a reliable store of value.

I hope these help smiley

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Politics / Re: Atiku’s Wife: How A Pastor I Trusted Defrauded Me Of N918million by MathsChic(f): 8:45pm On May 23, 2017

“My name is Florence Doregos, my name is Titi Amina Atiku Abubakar, the Mrs in the petition is a mistake made by my Lawyer.

“Florence is my name and it was easy for me to use Doregos while I was in state service.

“The name of my biological father is Dorego Albert, we are from Ilesha but I have cousins who are from the Republic of Benin.

“I can choose Doregos, I can choose Albert as my surname, they are all my names, even Dino Melaye, his name is Daniel but he calls himself Dino.

“I can twist my name anyhow I want.”
Years from now, Nigerians alive will look back at statements such as these and wonder to high heavens how it was that a few could do whatever they wanted with the greatest impunity, steal the nation dry and still rub it in our faces.


Romance / Re: Quiet Reserved Guys VS Loud Outgoing Guys, Your Pick by MathsChic(f): 12:12am On May 06, 2017
Mathschic, you must love maths. I love maths also. We hav same thing in common, and i am also the quite type too wink
Lol. Really? You love maths? Can you square a circle?
Celebrities / Re: 5 Celebrity Marriages That Have Scaled Through Scandal by MathsChic(f): 12:02pm On May 05, 2017

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Religion / Re: Buhari's Health: Joshua Iginla's Prophetic Message (Throwback Video) by MathsChic(f): 12:00pm On May 05, 2017
Utter nonsense. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the king. It doesn't matter if he sees no further than his nose. In a country where a significant subset cannot reason for themselves, the man who reasons only as far as his pocket commands attention.

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Romance / Re: Quiet Reserved Guys VS Loud Outgoing Guys, Your Pick by MathsChic(f): 11:29am On May 05, 2017
Quiet guys of course!

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 7:35am On May 04, 2017

i like the gossip style of this OP

abeg make nobody insult Op or ask her is that is her biz


I am enjoying her amebo grin cheesy

Lool cheesy
Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 7:22am On May 04, 2017
And her tummy is not yet big, away with your assumptions please.
I didn't say she was pregnant in Feb o. I'm only saying she's preg now! Proposal happened since Feb.
Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 7:13am On May 04, 2017

She isnt pregnant, dont ask me how I know.
You prolly saw that pic of her being pregnant and just concluded. angry
Which pic? The only way we can make a good inference is if they rush through the wedding. And we'll all see in nine months' time. You'll remember you read it from here smiley


Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 7:11am On May 04, 2017
OK, even if that's the case, what's wrong with that and how's that your own headache?

Just be happy for them, that's all!
Of course I'm happy for them. Only we should know the full truth.

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 7:10am On May 04, 2017
Their wahala, me too my wahala.

But on a more serious note, Op yhu can gossip for Africa.
Lol. Well, it's probably the truth smiley
Only a clever mind would know

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 4:59am On May 04, 2017
even if she is pregnant, its still the right thing he did at this moment when the social media's aura is so tensed up and any slight negative news, it goes like wild fire.. What would have happened if kanu's younger brother didn't marry Laura Ikeji and the media got to find earlier before the proposal...

Maybe. But they should at least let us know she's pregnant. Serena is not married yet, but she's pregnant and she shared that information.

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 4:57am On May 04, 2017

General knowledge ooorrr...


Cause from all what you saying now, you are just guessing....

If not "knowing banky" like you said,

He probably might have gotten a score of babes preggy before adesuwa...

So i no see how e b say na her go come hook am

I don't know about getting other babes pregnant. But I'm pretty sure this current girl is pregnant. Hence the coded proposal. Happened since February.

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 4:36am On May 04, 2017

Madam the madam

Are you sure?

No proof?

Just like that?

Lol. But it's true na. Watch the way they'll rush to do the wedding. She's def preggy. Me I know Banky.

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Romance / Re: The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 4:35am On May 04, 2017

That's a beautiful thing cheesy or what do you think? grin

Sure it is. But shouldn't they share that news if it's such a beautiful thing to be preggy before marriage?
Just watch them rush the whole wedding process in order to erase suspicion regarding the child's birth date smiley


Celebrities / Re: Wikipedia Updated Adesua Etomi's Biography by MathsChic(f): 4:18am On May 04, 2017
Are you guys that dumb? Wikipedia did not update it. Some random person did.

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Romance / The Truth Behind Banky's Proposal by MathsChic(f): 4:16am On May 04, 2017
Twitter went crazy after his proposal. And I'm hazarding a guess that Nigerians can't see beyond their noses. You want to know the truth behind his proposal? She's pregnant smiley

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Romance / Re: Wish a Nairalander a Happy Easter by MathsChic(f): 4:13am On May 04, 2017
Happy Easter Mathschic, Montezz, Lily4star, Dyt, Annikky, Dealslip.
Thanks naturalwaves. I know it's late. Sorry about that. Just not been around.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Held Pastors Spellbound During A Pastoral Job Interview by MathsChic(f): 8:52am On Mar 29, 2017
I made my first public speech when I was 15, and in JSS2. That was in a debate activity, a contest between SS3 and SS2 students. The competitors failed to impress our English language teachers. This made the teachers lambaste the senior students, and asked if junior students had anything to say.
-and ask

Like our proverbial Akpos, I walked out of the crowd with that gait suggestive of a clown's shameful confidence, and consequently threw my classmates into uncontrollable laughter. Their action was understandable, because I had hitherto paraded myself as a newscaster, who, during one of my comic sessions, had aired the news in which a commercial airplane caught fire in space, and no one was injured in the slightest.
-repeated "had"

They couldn't think of it that I had taken the debate topic to my uncle, who was a teacher. He wrote a nice argument for me, and I rehearsed it with fervour. I unleashed such a mastery that dazed everyone present.

Having tasted the thrill of the achievement, I started gathering resources on public speaking, and Mark Twain, Napoleon Hill later became my heroes. I trained myself more on the speech strategies that give pastors the hedge over their contemporaries. At 20, having led prayer sessions on many occasions in my local church, our pastor informed me that God has called me into the five-fold ministry with pastoral calling.

While in the university, I read works from great people like Plato and Socrates, and consequently discarded my Christian ideals entirely. It was then I explored Satanism and other faiths until I concluded that I'm the god I've been looking for all these while.
-works of
-all this while/all the while

As an animal scientist, I lost interest in that field, and was looking for a job that has to do with public speaking until an advertisement was made for the post of a chaplain in a psychiatric hospital. Certification was required, diploma in theology would suffice. I have nothing of that nature, but flaunted my two-time pastoral experience in two of the largest churches in Nigeria.

"I have worked before in a farm where we had a cow suffering from madcow disease. You would not need to be told that the flaccid disposition the horned herbivore was known for had deserted it. I wouldn't see the attacking cow as a traducer. I only have to be wary of the zoonotic form of madcow disease, which we in animal science call variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease(vCJD). In our case here, not all clinical cases are natural, and with my authority as a believer, I will put to flight the armies of the aliens. This will be done by faith, because 'By faith, the elders obtained good reports'", I answered.
-traducer? seriously!?

With split-second precision, I quoted ICorinthians 9:13 and said, "'Do you not know that those who labor in the Temple are provided for from the Temple, and those who serve the altar share in the altar?' Having reeled out this Scripture, I don't have to explain it for my betters in faith."
-I did not have to explain...

I will be showing you hidden public speaking rules personalized to suit various individuals and my personal experience in my next write-ups. To succeed in public speaking, you need to believe you are the only living thing on earth, while all other things are robots. That means you take responsibility for your failure to thrill the crowd of accolades and hangers-on.

Where in the world are you from!? So many errors of syntax; even more errors of semantics. And you want to teach people to speak? Evidently, your delusion is taking greater proportions. It was still cloaked to some degree in your previous posts. Now, it has lost its garb and is loose. I'd advise you seek help.

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Politics / Re: Andy Ubah Obtained His PhD From A Degree Vendor - Sahara Reporters (Photos) by MathsChic(f): 3:41pm On Mar 28, 2017
Oops. Not good
Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija Gifty Signs A Deal With MTN (Photos) by MathsChic(f): 8:34am On Mar 22, 2017
Why do I have a feeling she had to confess to being once married before she could get this deal?
TV/Movies / Re: Thin Tall Tony: “I Didn't Deny My Family” (Video) by MathsChic(f): 7:19am On Mar 22, 2017
I'm sure this one will make front page

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