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Politics / Re: Npower Beneficiaries Attack Atiku And His Media Team For Trying To Discredit It. by MChaze25(m): 5:47am On Oct 23, 2018
I had a friend in 2016 and he always complains that I relocated all the way from PH to come and be intimidating him and his family.
I was shocked beyond doubts.
I realized I even made friends with someone below my level.
I laughed at him in my mind and started watching him closely coz an envious person is worse than an enemy.
He didn't know he exposed his poverty mentality to me..
I wonder what I even have that was intimidating him and his family.
They live in their own house and it's a nice one too.
They ve a good jeep. Kilode oo!!
This friend reminds me of Buhari.
When you elect someone that has a poverty mentality, he trys to make everyone poor like his people so that he can feel less scared and more comfortable.
It will only be better to him if others 're taking peanuts while his family or backward minded people enjoy and cause nuisance everywhere.
He comes in, looks at the East, west and South and becomes completely intimidated.
How can someone come into power and the first thing he does is to shrink the economy into T.S.A?
Less purchasing power and even less poducts out there..
Does that show a competent team or someone with brains at all?
Nigerians use your heads for once!
We say no illiteracy and it's brothers and sisters.
We say no to evil being backed by the cloak of Christianity.
We say no to corruption operating in broad daylight.
We say no to envy that wants us to be as poor as they are and bring us par level with their mentality of backwardness.
We say no and yes to a better devil inrrespituve of the one claiming a saint with goddamn integrity.


Properties / Re: Fuelling Station For Sale!!! by MChaze25(m): 12:58am On Oct 18, 2018
Amazing investment
Properties / Re: Fuelling Station For Sale!!! by MChaze25(m): 6:19pm On Oct 17, 2018
Very good investment
Properties / Fuelling Station For Sale!!! by MChaze25(m): 11:51am On Oct 17, 2018
A petroleum fuelling station is for sale at Onitsha Enugu Express way, Umunya.
It consists of 2 and half plots and 2 years old to date.
It has 5 underground 45,000 litrs capacity. A two storey building behind it.
State government and DPR approved.
7 pump island and dispenser facility.
Toilet, Car wash pot, Servicing pit, Gen house, Security Tower and many more.
State government and an irrevocable registerd power of attorney satisfied.
Price Tag:- N120M
Contact:- 07063988862
Whatsapp or Call

Politics / Re: David Umahi: Peter Obi Is Competent To Be VP But... by MChaze25(m): 11:11pm On Oct 16, 2018

nna jiri ya nwanyo...those are the leaders that caused the blunder and not Ebonyi ppl...recently i took it upon myself to defend them not bc i have anything to gain but bc they are accused unnecessarily for what they no nothing about

think about when Theodore orji sacked non-Abians from civil service, majority of ppl affected were other igbos from other states..did it make everyone to start abusing the whole Abians,NO.

Nna hapu okwu, u are only counting the sins of Ebonyi leaders and holding it against their ppl forgetting u Anambra guys abuse this same guys from markets to school everywhere

all these things bring hatred ...no need for all these
That nonsense Theodore did was part of the reason I left my Ex. When I heard this story and realized she was also from Abia state, I discharged her.
Many Anambra men died coz of that.
I can't marry from a state that wish my people bad.

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Politics / Re: David Umahi: Peter Obi Is Competent To Be VP But... by MChaze25(m): 11:03pm On Oct 16, 2018
Useless man. Instead of you to pray for Ebonyi sons to achieve greater things than you have achieved so that Ebonyi will start being recognized, you re there ranting rubbish. Did you see Okorocha talk?
The selection was based on merit for people that has economic experience and expertise not state equity..
Is this man educated sef?
Someone should tell him to carry his fight against marginalization elsewhere and not spoil igbo unity and one voice.
Did Sam Egwu performed anything outstanding economically in Ebonyi?
You re Ebonyi state's first perfoming governor and it seems it's entering your head already.
I hate people that like showing themselves unnecessarily.
You guys re not being marginalized at all.
It's just like Rivers igbo claiming marginalization amongst igbo affairs but yet don't speak clear igbo language sef..lol

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Romance / Re: I Am Thinking Of Quitting My Relationship, Please Advise Me On What To Do by MChaze25(m): 11:44am On Oct 16, 2018
women are emotionally and mentally stronger than men. YES! Just because you bring a few coins out does not give you mental and emotional strength. Who is the lots that don't want to work for their money? Most homes in Nigeria today are surviving because of the woman

Millions of Nigerian women are working hard everyday, putting food on the table and providing for their children while covering their husbands' shame by lying to everyone that he is the one paying. Nigerian women are resilient, they are surviving. Most of them work multiple jobs, they not only work in civil service, they are also business women. Hardly will you find a married woman in Nigeria who isn't working two jobs and trying to make ends meet

I don't know where you people are meeting these leeches you surround yourself with, but most of the women I know are hardworking women who provide for their families without making noise. I know women who pay their kids fees. When my mother was alive she was paying I and my sister's school fees, she doled out 500k per year for our school fees, and let me not even count the clothes she always bought and the snacks she got from work everyday. My father only had to pay my little brother's fees. They both paid house rent with combined salaries, same with food.

Stop judging millions of women based on the ten or so you know. Are your sisters also leeches? Are you judging women based on stories on social media? The woman in Niger state that is entering a farm to break firewood, harvest cassava and cook, is she on social media? You think I am talking about the small girls you men enjoy courting? People that can barely stand on their own, are those ones women?

Nigerian women are strong and resilient. Women will always be emotionally stronger than men. Millions of women are living without husbands, many of them widows, they are making it work, they are surviving. The minute a man's wife dies, he is already hunting for another woman. Men only have brute force, they do not know what mental and emotional strength is. They will never understand it
Thank God you mentioned your mother.
That's older generation of women dear.
You see this 21st women like you eh...
Una no follow at all. Quite me


Romance / Re: I Am Thinking Of Quitting My Relationship, Please Advise Me On What To Do by MChaze25(m): 11:31am On Oct 16, 2018
Bro act and reason like me for once.
Once I detect a lady cheats, I will disconnect and turn her to a runs babe.
I will only be calling her when I need it.
She will even be the one complaining like you re troubled now emotionally. Me I will just be laughing in my mind.
If she becomes difficult to handle, I will give her the insult of her life and move on.
She will never forget you in hurry if you act this way.
School her brain. Tell her you re smarter. Train your heart to become a real man.
They never born any lady wey go talk anyhow to me and go free without getting the tongue lash of her life!
Use her well now you know what she is. Na she go run forget her pant sef


Programming / Re: Have Mobile-web App Ideas-let Me Work With You For Free. by MChaze25(m): 11:07pm On Oct 15, 2018
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Vs Peter Obi On A Vice Presidential Debate by MChaze25(m): 7:20pm On Oct 15, 2018
APC should properly investigate Peter Obi. The money he stole as a governor is worth billions which he used in creating his many businesses, especially that NEXT in Abuja. That guy is a bigger thief than his boss Athiefu. If the EFCC does it's due diligence, Obi criminal background check will be the longest and dirtiest thing ever brought to life. That guy looted Anambra dry and if it wasn't for Obiano, that state would still look like a pig pen.
Who even gave you 22 likes for your stupid comment?

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan To South-east Leaders: Accept Obi As Atiku’s Running Mate by MChaze25(m): 3:09am On Oct 15, 2018
What is paining me is that an Ebonyi man by name Gov Umahi started this nonsense.
Ebony na state?
Or is it because they recently saw little development?
Even Abia and Imo is far ahead of them.
Do they even speak good igbo language as such?
Thunder will fire that governor!!!
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Watsapp Group Chat For Fine Artist by MChaze25(m): 5:19am On Oct 08, 2018
Romance / Re: Lady Who Met Man On Facebook Visits Him, Refuses To Go Back Home. See Reactions by MChaze25(m): 4:45am On Oct 08, 2018
Just boldly tell her you don't co-habit.
It's my number one rule..
I will change my face and drop it like a bomb in your ears.
My face alone will send you parking ASAP


Business / Re: Is This Unionbank Advert The Best Advert This Year? by MChaze25(m): 3:51pm On Oct 02, 2018
The best

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Programming / Re: In Need Of A Mobile Developer by MChaze25(m): 6:23pm On Sep 19, 2018
Programming / Re: I Need Someone Who Can Build App by MChaze25(m): 8:15am On Sep 19, 2018
Family / Re: Husbands Urged To Do This For Their Wives So Their Marriage Could Work. Photos by MChaze25(m): 5:51pm On Sep 15, 2018
Same with my bf, he kept buying MacDonald's everyday until he got fed up and learnt to cook for himself. He cleans now and does the laundry too. Something he never did growing up.
Good to know
Family / Re: Husbands Urged To Do This For Their Wives So Their Marriage Could Work. Photos by MChaze25(m): 3:45am On Sep 15, 2018
Most men never lived as Bachelors. From their parents house, they jump into marriage to cuddle another woman that will serve and pamper them like their moms did.
YOU expect them ever do domestic chores?...lie lie
Some lived as Bachelors but rarely cooked their own meals..na to eat outside or buy takeaways or even control different set of girls to come around occasionally to cook for them.
Girls should open their eyes to these set of guys.
If you marry them ehhh... Your body go hear am


Family / Re: POF: My Marriage Is About To Be Ruined Becaus Of A Secret I Kept From My Husband by MChaze25(m): 7:20am On Sep 14, 2018
I understand the man very well here. Its not today most ladies started tricking men into marriage. They always think and assume they 're smart. They can pretend and hide a lot just to lure men into marrying them.
Men these days 're afraid of such women.
Do you know why?
Marrying a decent girl these days is a gamble talk more of the one that keeps or kept a secret.
A woman has three characters she unfolds after marriage.
She is like a good You bought in the market.
You go to market and buy and take time to unwrap whatever you ve bought. Anything you see, you take!
Whether them cheat you or not, nobody cares.
After 5 years of marriage, a woman will bring out her 1st character. In fact both man and woman sef.
After 10 years, she displays another version.
After 20 years, another person will come out.
See ehh, at a point, you will wonder if she is one you actually married.
Men know these things and to add lack of trust on top of it can kill a man faster!!!
So OP, put yourself in your husband's shoes.
You 're even lucky you 're still in that house o.
For my type wey no send Wetin people dey talk about me, you will be a goner already...lol
Just obey him and drop the job.
That is if you mean that apology you 're offering now.
Once a man starts being sensitive with his wife, she will walk thru hell and out.
Walk this path in faith and prayers.
Karma is a bitch but pray this will pass by as soon as it has started.
Don't blame him, obey him.
What if he was the one that said he had a child out of wedlock after marriage?
You will even file divorce ASAP.
I know Nigerian women and their psychology shaa
Celebrities / Re: Laura Ikeji Becomes My Neighbours Kitchen Ambassador (Photo) by MChaze25(m): 5:46pm On Sep 01, 2018
Bleached mum.
Ike gwuru...
Religion / Re: Pastor Elis Apologizes For Groping Ariana Grande's Boobs At Aretha's Funeral by MChaze25(m): 1:52pm On Sep 01, 2018
Na Bill Clinton start all this joke and like play, E come enter reality
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Newcastle United Vs Chelsea (1 - 2) On 26th August 2018 by MChaze25(m): 5:46pm On Aug 26, 2018
See Karma ooo.
The guy who clearly fouled Giroud before Newcastle scored (Yedlin) deflected Alonso's shot into his own net.
karma issa bitch

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Newcastle United Vs Chelsea (1 - 2) On 26th August 2018 by MChaze25(m): 5:45pm On Aug 26, 2018
Chelsea leads with 2 goals


Politics / Re: Okowa’s Special Assistants Lead 5,000 PDP Members To APC [PHOTOS] by MChaze25(m): 4:53pm On Aug 26, 2018
As far as Isoko is Concerned APC Needs to take Over To teach The many Political Jobbers Who Share d Common wealth of D Masses during Meetins,

From Ozoro-Emevor, Oleh-Igbide, Ofagbe to Umeh, Olomoro to Ugheli, PDP Has Taken Isoko for granted Infrastructurally
i dey laugh u shaa
Romance / Re: My Supposed 28 Years Old Boyfriend Shared Me With His Friends To Tempt Me by MChaze25(m): 10:03pm On Aug 25, 2018
You speak the truth a lot, investigate op well , she's one of those girls that love glittering white lies.
abi o.
What do i know?
Most Nigerian girls love lies and bad guys shaa. Its involuntarily their adam nature.
Thanks for the compliment.
Romance / Re: My Supposed 28 Years Old Boyfriend Shared Me With His Friends To Tempt Me by MChaze25(m): 6:54pm On Aug 25, 2018
What a world!
This life is funny.
I will give out my finger here just to have a lady lyk d Op and yet a guy is playing ping pong with a such a good person.
Op ur Ex & his guy re fuvk boys!
I hate them when i see them.
Be wiser now to easily detect such friends with eagle eyes at first sight.

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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Hugging A Man Deeply Backstage At O2 Indigo by MChaze25(m): 6:29pm On Aug 25, 2018

That's Mr. Sweet
yea i know.
Worked in the plaza around there long ago.

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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Hugging A Man Deeply Backstage At O2 Indigo by MChaze25(m): 4:33pm On Aug 25, 2018
If i say my mind now, you people will start insulting me by saying she is richer than my generation.
This is why she refused to stay in her husband's home.

She's just a Corporate 'Casablanca' or 'Mr. Sweet' girl
or Artillery PH Olosho...lol

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Sports / Re: Uncertainty Rocks N’golo Kante New Role: Questions On Chelsea Fans Lips by MChaze25(m): 1:24pm On Aug 22, 2018
Sarri shouldn't risk the best of our players with exposure to possible injuries. Any good oq top 'A' team will counter such attacks and give him back-to-back goals in style, and woe betide Chelsea if we lack players to injuries
I just pray he is brillantly flexible with the formation angles.
Family / Re: I Want To Expose My Wife And Her Colleague In A Bank, They Are Having Affair by MChaze25(m): 4:08pm On Aug 19, 2018
The way Nigerian ladies lie these days aint even funny anymore.
They lie into marriages.
I even know one getting married next week!.
OP use force divorce that witch before you die by food poison.
NB:- Do paternity test too
Education / Re: Dirty Toilets, Overgrown Grasses As Nairalander Posts Pictures Of Madonna Uni by MChaze25(m): 7:58pm On Aug 16, 2018
Na today?
One of the reasons I wanted to quit the school in 2007.
I was even in Medicine about to pay 1 million for second incourse.
I told my Dad I will use my school fees to do business if it enters my bank account.
He said I was foolish and useless.
I told him he is the one that doesn't know what scamming and being dumb was all about it he was there with me.
We used water from a pool that has dead frogs on top of it some morning.
How can I be paying high and be living in a shithole?
It was just my mum that knealt down and begged me to read any low tuition course and get out from that school. As for my Dad, I was ready to fight it out with him.
I told him that if Madonna was the only school in the world that I wasnt cut out for school then.
He called me names. Even my uncle said I goofed since I couldn't study their Yeye medicine that has 100 students per table of human cardavas during disection tutorial.
You need to see formalin everywhere sending tears from our eyes as we pretend to learn. UNIBEN is two or three students per cadavas so you can learn well.
Seriously that's why till today I hate anything from that school. Be you boy or girl. Everybody from there doesn't look normal to me expect my relation.
Nigerian parents can be so naive and dumb I swear.
My mistake was telling my Dad I wanted to Hijack that one million tuition fees. I should ve been a multi-milionaire by now. Who send that school b/4?
Mad people!!!


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