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Politics / Re: Where Is Aisha Buhari? Her Health Causes Anxiety by MChaze25(m): 6:32am On Jan 25
In saner climes, this act alone is enough for her husband to loose the election.
So no good hospitals in a country you want your husband to rule again after 4 years?
Entertainment / Re: TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by MChaze25(m): 6:12pm On Jan 15

Tell your father to check his brain
Bloody nitwits on NL
Entertainment / Re: TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by MChaze25(m): 6:04am On Jan 15
We don't see lagbaja but we like his music undecided
Lagbaja knows how to work on himself.
If he looses feminine followership, Wetin him gain?
In as much as I like some of Teni's songs, her Tomboy attitude will make me feel detached from maximum followership as a male. Same with many Nigerian guys I know.
Hope you remember Thin tall Tony and many of them advising that Tomboy at Big brother 2017?
Entertainment / Re: TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by MChaze25(m): 5:59am On Jan 15
Please and please,stop comparing talented Teni to Peruzzi or Jacuzzi you call him.....If not for Davido that used his influence for him to be featured in 2face's Amaka song,what else?
Tuface saw his talent after he wrote great songs like "fire" for DavidO.
So na DavidO force Ice prince and many old artistes to feature the young man too?
Pls check your brain again
Entertainment / Re: TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by MChaze25(m): 5:53am On Jan 15

This is not a reason not to "go far". A lot of American artist don't "lacks the good look" but they went far in there career. The likes of Missy Elliot, 50 cent, Jaqees and Chamilionaire to mention a few "lacks the good looks" but made it big. Teni talent is exceptionally good, she is going to be around for a long time to come.
Be realistic.
She ain't singing for US people but Nigerians.
This is Nigeria. African peeps are different.
Truth hurts
Entertainment / Re: TENI’18 – Why Teniola Was Better Than Peruzzi In 2018 by MChaze25(m): 5:51am On Jan 15

Have you heard about an artist called Seal?
There is a difference between the fact that you have an ugly face with a great voice than the fact you look fat with a Tomboy appearance.
You don't know how men from this part of the world distance themselves from such ladies.
Even her mum called her a bag of beans.
She should work on that part ASAP.
Who will collabo with her?
Romance / Re: I Quit People Easily, Pls Help. by MChaze25(m): 5:22am On Jan 15
It's not a problem to me at all.
Mine is that I will forget you and what you look like.
You stop me anyday and your name is forgotten.
Even their faces most times.
That's why I do warn people that think they 're close to me not to get me angry coz I may wipe off their existence from my head any minute and they become total strangers in real life to me next time we meet.
Seriously I walk away as fast as lightening. As long as you ain't money or great ideas, you ain't worth the chase to me at all.
Many ladies have scolded me for walking away right the moment they ve started falling and about to say YES.
I don't really care. I just see myself as unique.
The last person to swallow your bullshit & pretend is me. If am doing that, just know that am waiting for a good day to hit you real hard on your own face!
I have great friends and I knew how I picked them.
I believe it's high self esteem issues and 95% Nigerian ladies & gentlemen don't know how to give maximum respect to whom it's due.

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Career / Re: What Was Your First Salary Ever?? by MChaze25(m): 5:28am On Jan 11
65k but I worked like a jackel even with a tear in my leg muscles. No one knew I had that injury for quite awhile.
Naija no easy shaa
Celebrities / Re: Soundcity MVP Awards: Peruzzi Shades  Teni Over Winning "Best New Artist" by MChaze25(m): 11:46pm On Jan 06
Make peruzzi sing one song on his own make e trend make we see undecided
E no matter was fire..
It was re-written by same artist into Assurance for DavidO and it became a smash hit.
Did you know you enjoyed a re-written hit?
NO you didn't..dumb fellow
Religion / Re: When A Bright Intelligent Child Becomes A Struggling Adult by MChaze25(m): 10:43pm On Jan 06
Success is what you call it.
For some people in this country, pushing drugs in Malaysia and cashing out is success.
For some Yahoo is success.
For some too, a job of 150k salary or 250k is complete success.
The real success is you developing your own business and minding it till it grows to global recognition.
Africans rarely define success.
Some will call Bubu a success but is he?


Politics / Re: NANS President Promise President Buhari 20 Million Votes, Nigerians React by MChaze25(m): 6:08am On Jan 05
Wetin Una expect from this combination sef?�
Celebrities / Re: Reekado Banks And Tolani, Femi Otedola's Eldest Daughter Spark Dating Rumors by MChaze25(m): 6:00am On Jan 05
So non of these girls that had the world at their knees no even reason better carrier...

all of them just want to be celeb by fire by force...

their mates dey CBN Abuja, NNPC, World Bank, UNICEF, Ecowas, some na Doctors for UK and USA. these ones just dey do celeb attachy by force...

thats why I like paddy Adenuga,... fine young man with brains doing Exploits
You think like a phone.
Who knows you and your medics?
Family / Re: Is It Right To Have A Favourite Child As A Parent? by MChaze25(m): 1:33am On Jan 02
If you see where this evil act has wrecked a whole family into pieces, you will hate such women. If I notice my wife practices this, we will go for paternity test for all my kids.
So abnormal....
It kills souls in a family so easily in gay abandon due to depression.
Any woman that practice this is evil.
It's mostly practiced by illiterate parents.
Everyone is my mum's favourite!
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye And Wife, Lola Omotayo-okoye Jet Out In Style by MChaze25(m): 5:53am On Jan 01
Pictures without smiles.
When you don't smile, you look older.
It even reaveals a lot from the inside.
A smile for the camera isn't that expensive to give
Family / Re: My Teenage Sister Already Having Sex With Yahoo Boys & My Father Is An Extremist by MChaze25(m): 3:46am On Dec 28, 2018
It's a hereditary trait that most parents ignore before marriage.
Between your mum or Dad, one of them lived that kinda life and is sitting down there pretending he/she is holy under the cover of marriage.
There is no smoke without fire!
It's only grace of God that turns things around for good.
I know many male friends I distanced myself from years ago just because they 're extreme womanizers with high sex libido. The worst is that they are always the ones to rush into marriage. No rehab or medical counselling. No spiritual attention.
You want to tell me they married women with low libido?
One even swore he must marry from a particular tribe in Nigeria because of the high sex libido known with the women from there.
Now imagine what they will produce as children?
Angels abi?...I don't want to laugh.
OP you sister needs Jesus and a good deliverance. Sought out a true man of God.
Another solution is to give a carefully articulated thunder slap once she walks in from any of her waka waka.
Just take your time with the slap. Don't kill her o


Food / Re: Name The Food You Hate, But Other People Like Eating It by MChaze25(m): 5:10am On Dec 26, 2018
There 're times that when I look at bread and tea in the morning, it looks more like poison to me.
There 're times when am damn hungry and need real food in the morning.
I just don't do artificial foods that much. They turn my belly.
Bread, sardine, tea, even cornflakes.
Am not cut out for such foods if am 100% hungry.
I don't select food. I just hate some funny combinations that people do with some meals.lol
Romance / Re: I Think It Is Wrong For Guys To Marry Older Ladies by MChaze25(m): 3:47am On Dec 26, 2018
With this crazy generation that even 7-13 year old re non-virgins already that I will decide to marry someone 2-6 years older than me?
Pls am not good at diving into big oceans especially the types that can swallow you and your entire vilage men!
Properties / Re: House For Sale In Asaba by MChaze25(m): 10:53am On Dec 20, 2018
Invest wisely and resale in years to come
Politics / Re: NLC Rejects Any Renegotiation Of N30,000 Minimum Wage by MChaze25(m): 10:27am On Dec 20, 2018
APC and propaganda.
So after budget presentation na to go beg abi?
Even with this new minimum wage I dey pity some companies & organisation that will find it hard to pay these kinda salary wages.
The types that made nonsense of their invaluable staff that were ready to sacrifice!
The types that had their best passionate workers resign due to their poor management and ineffective leadership.
Now them go hear am!
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid’s Outfit To His #WizkidVIPExperience Concert (Photos) by MChaze25(m): 8:36am On Dec 20, 2018
Family / Re: My Husband Subjects Me To Marathon Sex For Ritual, Woman Tells Court by MChaze25(m): 9:09pm On Dec 19, 2018
And yet you never die abi?
When a man lies, it seems a little reasonable but suspicious.
When a woman lies, you will just feel like slapping sense into her.
Celebrities / Re: "Sowore, You Need Someone Like Me As Your Running Mate" — Duncan Mighty by MChaze25(m): 10:48am On Dec 19, 2018
When Buhari gives you hope!!
Crime / Re: 18-Year-Old Boy Lodges In Hotel With 2 Girls After Staging His Own Kidnap. Photo by MChaze25(m): 10:38am On Dec 19, 2018
When Yoruba start to dey do master/apprentice business sef?
It's only common and successful with the easterners.
This kind thing rarely happens here o.
Politics / Re: Buhari Has Asked NBS To Change Statistics On Unemployment Rate —Presidency by MChaze25(m): 10:38pm On Dec 17, 2018
This is why I don't mingle with illiterates.
If you like be my neighbour, God knows I will never associate with you.
Business / Re: Access Bank Acquisition Of Diamond Bank: Nigerians React by MChaze25(m): 10:51am On Dec 17, 2018

When we generalize ,we tell general lies

Oga accept the truth..
No bank in Nigeria did more advert than Diamond bank last year and this year.
GTB only created the 737 awareness advert.
Access has little or no advert.
Who buy each other finally?
Business / Re: Access Bank Acquisition Of Diamond Bank: Nigerians React by MChaze25(m): 8:28am On Dec 17, 2018
Once a Nigerian bank starts doing mumu advert up and down, watch that bank closely and if possible take your money out.
Remember Bank PHB's mega adverts?
The truth here is that most igbo sons don't manage family businesses well.
Instead of maintaining their father's legacy and years of Hard work, they squander on it


Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Bags 'Religious Disruption Award'. See Reactions by MChaze25(m): 8:01am On Dec 17, 2018

its true but we givd man of god advice not to abuse or challenge them

If Buhari cannot listen or obey court cases, na those kinda men go listen to you?
You want to spoil business for them?
They have turned churches to business investments long ago.
Even the richest African woman has a church.
Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg know Wetin church be?
We African see anything as business which is too bad!
When Jesus saw the temple being used as a business place, did he went there to advice them as if they will listen to him?
He turned over the tables challenging them that his father's house is not a business center.
No just blame freeze Abeg.
David Oyedepo was never as popular as Zoe Ministeries during my primary school days.
Today where is Zoe?
I guess you don't even know that name today.
All these men will come and go like popular public figures do but true churches will stand.
Avoid man-made churches. One-man show ministries & look at those standing the rest of time and countless ages.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Looking Like A Million Dollars To Jayce’s Thanksgiving Service by MChaze25(m): 5:55pm On Dec 16, 2018
When baby is called a bastard and mummy is called a sperm thief.
Daddy is a player
What an amazing family.
Some people are shamless from birth!
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Bags 'Religious Disruption Award'. See Reactions by MChaze25(m): 5:14pm On Dec 16, 2018
Some one is doing this to the church we christain we are like,well done,i stand for u. I can see nigeria turning to islamic nation is more than posible when we cannot even respect man of god.useless people

If you check all the money used in fighting Boko Haram in this country and check the number of poor people these fat pocket pastors would ve lifted out of poverty, you will understand freeze.

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Bags 'Religious Disruption Award'. See Reactions by MChaze25(m): 5:12pm On Dec 16, 2018
Religious distuption award or Christian disruption award? That coward doesn't and can't try that nonsense with Islam.
Religion is one of the bane of Nigeria's progress
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Bags 'Religious Disruption Award'. See Reactions by MChaze25(m): 5:11pm On Dec 16, 2018
He is doing fine
Properties / Re: Legal Advice Needed, My Landlord Just Brought Quit Notice For All Tenants. by MChaze25(m): 10:11am On Dec 16, 2018
Guy pack comot. Shey na u build house for am?
Why should be?
Most of this kind of Landlords didn't go to school at all..
It's six months before quit notice takes effect!!!!
Most people in the country re illiterates talking trasu up and down

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