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Business / Re: Innocent Chukwuma, Africa’s Automobile Giant by MChaze25(m): 3:37am On Apr 03
The day Nigeria realizes that igbos has their technology genius in its hands, it will fly. Till then, let it continue in its slumber.
Thumbs up again to Innoson.
He thinks like I do
Celebrities / Re: What Police PRO Deputy Commissioner Told Me About Johnson's Death - Ruggedman by MChaze25(m): 3:04am On Apr 03
I knew it

Sgt Godwin Orji

Igbo police

Ogunyemi Olalekan and Sgt Godwin Orj

Pls note: it's either Olalekan have been brainwashed by Godwin Orji or olalekan Ogunyemi is an Igbo man. His real name is onyeka chizoba.. Media are only covering up for the Igbo people..
No igbo man answers Onyeka and Chizoba as surname.
It's like calling someone Taiwo Tunde.
Makes sense to you?

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Celebrities / Re: Adewale Adeleke Gifts His Girlfriend Kani A N9M Wristwatch For Her 26th Birthday by MChaze25(m): 2:44am On Apr 03
What's this guy doing for a living!
Family / Re: My Wife Doesn't Post My Pictures On Social Media, She Is Abnormal, Help! by MChaze25(m): 4:16am On Apr 02
Oga, you are not tall dark and handsome. Talk true make devil shame.

Anyways I understand what she's going through. Cause I almost got myself entrapped in such kind of marriage but counselling with my Pastor saved me on-time.
I'm not saying u are a bad person, neither am I saying u are ugly but the thing is this : you can be someonelse dream man , perfect and Denzel looking to another woman except your wife. Your wife has the idea of how her ideal man should look like.
Not all women are tall, dark and handsome as their ideal looking man. Some prefer average height, natural for looks with a muscular or athletic body. That's why God created us in different shapes and sizes.
And your wife who got married in her 30s must have seen it all, got heartbroken by the kind of guys, she would have love to marry and settle down with. But reality dawned on her, such guys won't make A good husband to her. Then u strolled along into life, she realised u are serious with marriage. She checked herself, she's not getting younger, what da heck! Lemme marry. I will simply resign my self to this marriage as long as I have a family with him. Who cares about happiness and love. Most marriages sef are just there.
And with what friends will always ring into our ears everyday. Marriage is not about love, it's about marrying a man who is ready and capable to stay married. Just be humble and calm, have your kids and have a business or career going for yourself. That's all. We don't always marry who we wish to marry and here we are with our kids. You cannot be selective anymore, forget about falling in love and just Marry! angry
That's exactly how your wife feels. She's resigned to her fate with u. She cannot leave u, cos she's determined to stay married. Her happiness is irrelevant as long as she's Mrs.

What a life sad

In my own case, I stopped myself on-time from marrying the guy who proposed to me, after opening my heart to my Pastor. My Pastor said do I want to be lifeless in the marriage, I said no with tears almost running down my cheeks. He said good, then don't marry him, cos u will regret it. Tell him kindly u simply don't love him, which is the truth. There and then I felt so free and alive, I even felt like hugging the pastor with so much joy! Lol
I told the guy, I'm sorry dear, I can't go thru with it. And I don't regret it. I feel free and alive! grin. I don't care about my age. I just want to feel at peace wit my soul and being.
The truth is that you yourself might wait forever to find love before you marry.
It's not even easy for anyone to find true love these days.
Irony of life.
Keep your faith up dear. We don even search tire.

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Celebrities / Re: "Adeleke, Where Is Chioma's Cooking Show?" - Kemi Olunloyo Diss Davido by MChaze25(m): 2:59am On Mar 31

Please marry me
Sorry for you
Education / Re: Lady accuses Madonna University of getting her brother locked up over a Facebook by MChaze25(m): 2:49am On Mar 31
So why are people still going to that school despite all the Negatives news from them ?
Cos 80% Nigerian parents believe such schools can train children that they themselves couldn't train. Like its a miracle character formation center.

Secondly is the fear of cultism.

Thirdly is the Catholic fanaticism that enshrouds their mentality to associate with such an institution bcoz they believe it's the only good thing around

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Business / Re: Innoson Speaks On How GTB Is Owing Him 8 Billion And Refused To Pay (video) by MChaze25(m): 2:01am On Mar 31


Celebrities / Re: JP Calls out Wizkid, Teni over plan to release song, Produced for him by MChaze25(m): 10:13pm On Mar 21

left to where? please explain...
To anywhere private
Business / Re: Court Sanctions Access Bank, Diamond Bank Merger by MChaze25(m): 2:17pm On Mar 21
I had withdrawn all my money there sef.

I now operate with access, uba, fidelity and zenith bank.

I once had an acc with first bank but it was closed down.
That first bank is the most stupid in this country I swear.
Someone should just buy them ASAP
Crime / Re: Lady Thanks God For A Successful Abortion by MChaze25(m): 1:42pm On Mar 21
Brain not plugged to senses
Celebrities / Re: JP Calls out Wizkid, Teni over plan to release song, Produced for him by MChaze25(m): 1:04pm On Mar 21
This industry is one scary one.
One hell of a copyright coven!!!
Thank God I left shaa
Celebrities / Re: Sonia Lareinaa Lists Things More Painful Than Breakup by MChaze25(m): 12:48pm On Mar 21
Lol...confused confusion
Celebrities / Re: Blackface Claims He Has More In Store For 2face by MChaze25(m): 11:47am On Mar 21
This life is a stage. Dont let it pass you by pls

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Government May Increase VAT To Fund New Minimum Wage by MChaze25(m): 7:32pm On Mar 19
Wahala dey sleep, something wake am up ooo
Politics / Re: To Say That Yorubas Are Traitors Because Of Gbenga Daniel Is Absurd - FFK by MChaze25(m): 4:50pm On Mar 19
Wetin Una be before?
Thunder fire you there
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by MChaze25(m): 10:58am On Mar 19

If not for you, she may have rekindled an old flame in one of the EXes and that may lead to FLIRTING and at the end of the day THEY WILL BE BLAMING THE DEVIL UPANDAN. .....That was exactly what i told her that i dont want old affections and emotions to be awaken but she is just so adamant and irritably sturbborn
Na wa o...
In my marriage?
Oga put her on serious probation pending divorce
Celebrities / Re: Nina Ivy Shares Photos With Her Parents by MChaze25(m): 8:53am On Mar 19
This one she looks like Bob risky
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nkwocha Ernest: Artist Uses Condemned Tyres To Create Artwork by MChaze25(m): 1:33pm On Mar 18
Raw igbo talent there!

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Travel / Re: Reason Commercial Airplanes Dont Have Parachutes Onboard For Passengers(Pics) by MChaze25(m): 12:19pm On Mar 18
Nice info from Explorer. The only solution to saving lives during crash is to install the plane with Whole Plane Parachutes that's the only way It May Save Lives It's work in progress and the practice has already been done in smaller planes that carried 5 passengers. So they wanna replicate it on bigger commercial planes that carry over 200 people on board.
You dont get it.
A burning plane with failed system will burn down your mumu parachute that you installed all around it.
Another fact is that the speed of free fall will never allow the parachute to have a stable fall.

That clip is very necessary to separate the wings and the pilot chambers.
Celebrities / Re: Themba Ntuli Marries A Tall Woman (Wedding Photos) by MChaze25(m): 7:27pm On Mar 16

Je gwaya nne muru gi inuna?
Expired sperm from an angry Dad
Celebrities / Re: Themba Ntuli Marries A Tall Woman (Wedding Photos) by MChaze25(m): 6:07pm On Mar 16

Hallucinating raa kwa nne gi dia.
Afo Anu
Celebrities / Re: Themba Ntuli Marries A Tall Woman (Wedding Photos) by MChaze25(m): 6:06pm On Mar 16

Hallucinating raa kwa nne gi dia.
Talking to you is like taking a pig to a five-star hotel room.
Celebrities / Re: Themba Ntuli Marries A Tall Woman (Wedding Photos) by MChaze25(m): 5:42pm On Mar 16
You'd see some Anambra omata that hardly brush their mouth coming out to say that Arthur Eze made Emeka Ihedioha win, some illiterates even went as far as saying Arthur Eze is richer than Ebonyi state and I wonder why Anambra roads are still in deplorable conditions when they have such a man with more "money than a state" and who likes sponsoring all state Governors in Igboland, possibly he can do what all states can do and even more.

One other fool said Okorocha was sponsored by Emeka offor and I ask did he also sponsor Okorocha when he contested Presidential primaries twice under the PDP and came second behind Obasanjo? What they don't know is that Rochas is richer than any Anambra man dead or alive before he even came to Imo state to contest the Governorship seat and he won because Imo people thought a rich philanthropist would not bother looting the state treasury and while the man in power then was hated because of his arrogance and his slap on priest.

The best way to ague with an Illiterate person from Anambra is to ignore him to masturbate over his foolery.

Some fools say Arthur Eze is the riches Igbo man and I ask what is his Forbes networth, is it officially up to 1billion dollars, only Apple colabo with Chinedu Echeruo made him 1billion dollar richer yet he is hiding himself, but these same Anambra touts will make little money and they will flaunt it like people who just came out from the most interior villages.
Stop hallucinating...say no to drugs
Politics / Re: Ruggedman Reacts As Underage Children Vote In Bauchi by MChaze25(m): 9:49pm On Mar 09
The problem of this country is the north.
Pls they should separate and leave we sane people alone na.
Which country in this life allows child voters?
I just hate those people.
They don't practice what they worship and believe in.
Very Unpredictable Hypocritical demons.
Politics / Re: See Why They Nicknamed Governor Okowa Of Delta State "The Road Master" (PHOTOS) by MChaze25(m): 7:45pm On Mar 07

I'm in Delta. i won't be bias. No PVC no voting.
The only thing Okowa has done is to recruit area chairmen and put them on monthly salary.
like some of them supporting him here.
For political purposes to destruct election processes like this time ....
You are speaking in French....
Politics / Re: See Why They Nicknamed Governor Okowa Of Delta State "The Road Master" (PHOTOS) by MChaze25(m): 3:53pm On Mar 07
I live in Asaba part-time and Okowa is really trying.
Bon-sac road is under heavy construction now upon say Election na Saturday.
Even if he has failed, he did better than Uduaguan's 8 yrs combined.
I must say the truth, he is a road master
Business / Re: Is N300k Enough To Start Phone Accessories Importation Business? by MChaze25(m): 3:55am On Mar 05
Go into online marketing, specifically CPA. Buy a laptop for #35000, buy ads for $10 = #3540. The profit is massive! You don't need a domain name I.e a website or blog.
Business / Re: Is N300k Enough To Start Phone Accessories Importation Business? by MChaze25(m): 3:52am On Mar 05
If you want a shop to be selling those accessories, 300k is a joke.
I spent 560k to brand my shop and get it the right attention it needs to sell itself.
Yet it's not complete in my own eyes.
I guess you are talking about just suppling or getting an umbrella stand with that 300k.
So first learn from someone.
Make your market survey in three states around you. Assume you dont know anything yet. If God helps you, you will find a good person to teach you with truth and hosnesty. That trade is fashion trade. If you miss the trend of the moment, sorry for you.
Buy only items that sell and don't even buy more than 3 items per product as a beginner.
Avoid a competitive area as par location.
Bring your products closer to help people in a locality from going far to buy.
Don't be greedy too when charging or you loose costumers easily.
Good luck.

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Politics / Re: Farouk Adamu: "The Oil Belongs To Jigawa, We'll Use Our Blood To Protect It" by MChaze25(m): 3:22am On Mar 05
Next level of illiterate leaders
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by MChaze25(m): 10:41am On Mar 01
PDP. should learn a lesson now. They should have seen the CJN issue on time coming.
Now it's time for them to dig deep at Ribadu, El-rurai and Fashola. Even Osinbanjo dirty wardrobes and skeletons should be in the open before 2020!!
Time for PDP to really strategize big


Politics / Re: 40,000 Nigerian Refugees Chased Out Of Cameroon by MChaze25(m): 6:29am On Mar 01
I don't do next level. Its a language for Zombies.
Abeg go brush your teeth. Its too early to ooze nonsense
Politics / Re: 40,000 Nigerian Refugees Chased Out Of Cameroon by MChaze25(m): 6:06am On Mar 01
You don't even make sense to yourself

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