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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Will Not Attack NATO But F-16s Will Be Shot Down In Ukraine, Putin Says by micodon(m): 8:12am On Mar 30

Lol when we say you people should read up una no go gree. Ask turkey what Russia did to their soldiers in Syria grin grin read up bro, ignorance is no excuse.

An olodo talking about reading up. Whatever happened in Syria wasn't a retaliation. It was a totally different matter. Again, what did Russia do to retaliate Turkey shooting down Russian fighter jets? What did the paper tiger do?

Dumb folks
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Will Not Attack NATO But F-16s Will Be Shot Down In Ukraine, Putin Says by micodon(m): 7:30pm On Mar 28
He's warning y'all again. The airfields where such planes will fly from will be destroyed simple English...... If you think Putin is bluffing then let the plane fly from any NATO member state to attack Russia first, then una go know.

When Turkey shot down Russian jets some years ago, what did Putin do? Oh, yes. Nothing!! You dumb f**ks come here and say shit cos of sentiments. Russia can't defeat Ukraine, let alone the greatest military alliance the world has ever known.
Programming / Re: I Want To Start An Escrow Company, What Do You Think? by micodon(m): 4:08pm On Feb 16
I know of 2 and they're doing great.

One is https://pandascrow.io/
ken panda advertising panda scrow. dude, if you want to advertise your website, do it with your full chest

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Programming / Re: Nigerian Universities API by micodon(m): 5:17pm On Feb 04
Got really bored of JavaScript and decided to try Go.

Built an API endpoint that provides a list of Nigerian Universities (federal, state and private)

The data is scrapped from NUC website

Link to API https://nigerian-universities.onrender.com/

For more, here is the GitHub repo


Nice one. One thing that can drastically increase your API response time is to store the contents of the json file in memory instead of loading and parsing it everytime a request is made.

So when your application starts for the first time, you can load and parse the content into a slice of structs (where each struct contains data for each University), then any API call will work in memory, greatly increasing performance.
Health / Re: Video Showing Nigerian Caregivers Abusing 89-Year-Old Granny Lands Them In Jail by micodon(m): 7:19am On Jan 19

Did you even watch the video? Always quick so support a Whiteman destroying your fellow black. Slave. Can't you see the woman was difficult that people had to come assist. Sending them to jail is just racism

You're a senseless retard. Would you treat your grandmother that way? Always playing the racism card. They got the job, didn't they?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel PM, Benjamin Netanyahu Visits Troops In Gaza Strip Amid War With Hamas by micodon(m): 7:07pm On Nov 26, 2023
You mean the Israeli Dependent Force.? struggling to contain poorly enquiped ragtag militia group called Hamas.

Unintelligent idiots like you won't know that it's easy fighting an asymmetrical war
Politics / Re: SUVs for NASS members: Nobody'll Contemplate such Under My Administration - Obi by micodon(m): 8:44pm On Nov 09, 2023

You see the consequences of going to pluck mango in the bush while government classes were going on?
So the President approves legislative arms budget? shocked shocked shocked
If you can provide a link where I can read more on how the executive approves (as against propose) any budget of any kind, I'd be happy to learn. Thanks.

Insulting people when you don't know jack. Whatever the legislative does, the president has to sign for it to become law

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Places Hofmanski Piotr Jozef On Most Wanted List by micodon(m): 1:15am On Sep 26, 2023
grin A typical example of tit for tat.

I dedicate “Clap Back” by Ja Rule to Russia.
Great jam!

Is it a case of "tit for tat"? No it's not. The man can go to so many more countries than Putin can go to. Putin couldn't even attend the summit in SA

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Crime / Re: Criminal Nabbed After Getting Busted By Voodoo "Juju" (Pics/Video) by micodon(m): 10:59pm On Sep 04, 2023
Abuses! as expected, If you had taken time to understand my first post, you would not be questioning my reasoning, but it's a usual thing here to quote and attack before understanding.

Coming from someone who called me gay. You can't have your cake and eat it
Programming / Re: Professional Laravel PHP Framework Developer Needed by micodon(m): 10:56pm On Sep 04, 2023

Who sells script fr 10k lol. Do i look like your brother. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Dumbo, the internet never forgets.

Programming / Re: Professional Laravel PHP Framework Developer Needed by micodon(m): 7:14am On Sep 04, 2023

Don't ask me jamb question . You can compare your resume with your colleagues, who is contesting with you? you better contest against poverty shior!

Says someone who earns a living on here by selling scripts for 10k
Programming / Re: Professional Laravel PHP Framework Developer Needed by micodon(m): 11:10pm On Sep 03, 2023

You think you know something, What have you done in your years of professional knowledge so far. Noise making? lol

Should we compare resumes?
Crime / Re: Criminal Nabbed After Getting Busted By Voodoo "Juju" (Pics/Video) by micodon(m): 11:10pm On Sep 03, 2023
I believe you are gay or a lesbian or probably you would like to change your sex since that's what the whites are asking everyone to do. It's a good thing to do as they say without asking questions right?

Is that what you descerned from my posts? Your level of reasoning is appalling
Crime / Re: Criminal Nabbed After Getting Busted By Voodoo "Juju" (Pics/Video) by micodon(m): 12:19pm On Sep 03, 2023
first you question is not relevant to the post you quoted, secondly as a thinking man you should be able to choose what works for you, instead of discarding it because someone says so.

It is very relevant. Wasn't the use of messengers working for you? Wasn't the use of town criers working for you? Why are you using a cell phone now?

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Programming / Re: Professional Laravel PHP Framework Developer Needed by micodon(m): 10:36am On Sep 02, 2023

The way you guys run your mouth like we're into some sort of competition here is amazing. So now because you figured it out properly that its flutterwave not flutter now makes you a senior dev?

Or makes you a senior php dev or what?

No. It shows that you don't know jack, and still claim to know. This isn't the first time that you've posted nonsense on someone else' thread. Last one I corrected you, you came and posted another wrong reply. Had to leave

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Crime / Re: Criminal Nabbed After Getting Busted By Voodoo "Juju" (Pics/Video) by micodon(m): 10:28am On Sep 02, 2023
Hmmm, these are the important traditions Africa abandoned because of what they white man said.

Why are you using what the white man invented?
Programming / Re: What Is The Major Difference Between SQL And Mysql? Can They Be Used Interchange by micodon(m): 8:51am On Jun 27, 2023
1)Mysql an open source database which have various alternatives and majorly used in a Linux environment while SQL language is used for querying databases.

2)Structured query Language used to access, maintain store and manipulate data while mysql is a relational database management system that allows you to process data by comparing it with other data sources.

3)SQL server uses a single engine to store data while mysql uses multiple engines ,this gives mysql developers the privilege to store data on the engine of their choice based on the requirements they desire.

4)SQL allows you cancel mid-query executions while mysql does not .

5)Based on IDEs ,MySQL boasts Oracle’s Enterprise Manager, while SQL Server uses Management Studio (SSMS).

Hope you've been enlightened! Visit https://bgcomuterscience.com.ng to learn more about Computer science.

MySQL is a database management software. SQL is a query language. End of story.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Vs Tinubu: 15th June 2023 Live Court Updates by micodon(m): 9:56pm On Jun 15, 2023

Obi lawyers trying to play smart and ambush the court by sneaking in fresh witnesses that they couldn't originally accommodate

You're plain foolish

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Foreign Affairs / Re: UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson To Resign Today by micodon(m): 10:03am On Jul 07, 2022
Putin na grand master oo

For those asking what concerns Putin grin
Have you forgotten the rubbish sanctions on Russia It back fire on Europe

Most countries leader will be changed

Please don't quote me if you don't understand what is going on

After blabbing that Putin will be removed in a coup guess who is about to be removed from office

USA don't trust Joe again

I pity Ukraine most leaders will start withdrawal of support

This is just a tip till when winter comes in Europe

List of victims

I wonder who is next

Note: I love democracy and I don't like dictatorship, but I also hate hyprocrites

Johnson is resigning as party leader because of the party gate scandal. Has nothing to do with Putin.


Computers / Re: My Computer Usually Wipes Off All My Saved Files Anytime It Goes Off by micodon(m): 11:44am On May 10, 2022
You're probably logging in as a guest user.

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Business / Re: How Do I Recover My Money From Union Bank? by micodon(m): 11:24pm On Apr 25, 2022
Send them a mail. Make sure you copy CBN. You'll see your money in less than 24 hours

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Foreign Affairs / Re: FIGHTING TALK: Boris Johnson To Hold Cobra Meeting Today To Discuss Ukraine by micodon(m): 7:08pm On Feb 22, 2022
Lol, this UK sef go dey do like big bro, e no go take Russia 1day to level the whole UK

How exactly will they do it?

1. Military projection?
2. Modern weapons?
3. Information Technology?
4. Economy?
5. Geography?
6. Military numbers?
6. Etc?

You know nothing about war!

Russia is at a massive disadvantage if they have to fight any NATO member nation.

Again I say, you know nothing about war
Programming / Re: 8 Reasons To Use Php In 2020 by micodon(m): 9:35pm On Sep 28, 2021
now we are in 2021 and I still find your comments useful, I need to ask you something I want to venture into full stack web developing which languages do you recommend for someone that want to work with freelance site

It all depends. My suggestion would be to start with PHP (or Python) and MySQL for the backend, HTML, CSS and JS for the frontend. You can then venture into Python (or PHP), then Golang.

Whichever way, developers never stop learning. You can decide to start with Ruby and still get to the top.
Programming / Re: How To Hack Nairaland In 30 Seconds. by micodon(m): 7:16pm On Sep 05, 2021
lol i see my comment of 2018 grin
nl is highly secured.
im a bit right. ports are secured. you can only attack users acct grin

Your first post was about NL not having an open port. And I'm still here to tell you that you're f*cking wrong. Still a novice


Programming / Re: Digital Naira Currency (NAIRA COIN) For Nigerians Has Been Launched O by micodon(m): 5:05pm On Jun 26, 2021
Looked at the source code. Utter crap!!! All it does is send HTTP requests to port 5000 of the same machine. Bullshit


Webmasters / Re: Dear Nairalanders by micodon(m): 11:04am On Jun 17, 2021
Website name: RicheeRank
Your NL Moniker: Richeemedia

If you want to promote your business, come out with your full chest and stop trying to deceive people


Education / Re: Why Is Any Number Multiplied By Zero Equals To Zero? by micodon(m): 12:44pm On Jan 14, 2021
Why is any any number multiply by zero is equal to zero?

10 x 0 = 0
100 x 0 = 0
1000 x 0 = 0

If i have 100 oranges on a table and i multiply it by zero. Why do i suddenly have zero?

100 oranges X 0 = 0
1000 pears X 0 = 0

front page please
mathematicians in the house please gather.

If you bring 100 oranges from abuja to lagos zero times, how many oranges did you bring to lagos from abuja?
Science/Technology / Re: Mysterious Beast Washes Up On Greek Island. Does Anyone Know Its Name? (Photos) by micodon(m): 7:00am On Nov 21, 2020
Sea Lion
Programming / Re: 8 Reasons To Use Php In 2020 by micodon(m): 9:36pm On Aug 02, 2020
Maybe you misunderstood it.

It is twice as fast at it’s counterpart. So are you satisfied now?

Meanwhile anytime you have a web project I see you running back to PHP grin grin grin

Thats not being fast.

Web project? You didnt go through my github repo? Smh
Programming / Re: 8 Reasons To Use Php In 2020 by micodon(m): 9:30pm On Aug 02, 2020

I didn’t say PHP is the best programming language. Please quote the place.

I said PHP 7 is very fast I didn’t compare it.

Thank you for understanding.

You cannot correctly say something is fast without comparing it
Programming / Re: 8 Reasons To Use Php In 2020 by micodon(m): 9:27pm On Aug 02, 2020

There is no need to argue further with you. You are just finding ways to condemn PHP. But have this PHP still power 81% of the web. In 30 years time. It ain’t going nowhere.

Thats not the point of this argument. The argument is that you said it's very fast. And I say:NO!!! It's not fast.

This you're argument about it powering about 81℅ of the web holds no water. It's like saying the Corolla is the best car in the world because it's the most commonly used.

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Programming / Re: 8 Reasons To Use Php In 2020 by micodon(m): 9:17pm On Aug 02, 2020

From the beginning of the argument didn’t you mention C#, Rust, Scala?

Yes, because they also faster. If PHP as as fast as you said it is, then I should not fear challenge from any language

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