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Education / Re: How Do We Say NEPA Don Bring Light With Correct English by Microwhy: 4:18pm On Nov 25, 2023
NEPA has restored power
Has and Restored.. Check again
Food / Re: How Nigerians Should Eat Swallows By Zeelicious Foods (Video) by Microwhy: 5:34am On Nov 24, 2023
I remember when I was kid. One day I visited my grandmother in village. She was very kind and wise lady.
Sheepies of Pastor Noah...
Your grandmother is a nice LADY
I dont know who do this generation.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Hosts Trans-Women & Eats Lunch With Them At The Vatican (Photos) by Microwhy: 10:52pm On Nov 22, 2023
Even Jesus played host to the prostitute, if we were all perfect we wont be asking for forgiveness.

The pope is not endorsing any sin ,his holiness gives them strength for true repentance.
Continue to they decieve yourself the way Buhari supporters deceived themselves untill the last minute saying he's a good man
Politics / Re: The Most Corrupt Body Of The Year In Nigeria by Microwhy: 12:38pm On Nov 22, 2023
None of the above..
If you have Tint, make your permit readily available.
Inec only annouuce the best rigger.. if your party can buy more votes, so be it. Inec will only collate and announce what is presented before it.
If judiciary is as cheap and common sense as everybody now believe becoming a lawyer is a waste of time. Law is straight forward without technicalities. Then is not a waste of time to pick Kenneth Okonkwo profession and crown it.


Phones / Re: Help: A Thin Black Line Suddenly Appeared On My Iphone XR Screen by Microwhy: 11:56am On Nov 22, 2023
Nowadays i only come on here to catch jokes and fun, give insult and gladly take insuls too grin
From your comment, what makes you different..


Phones / Re: Help: A Thin Black Line Suddenly Appeared On My Iphone XR Screen by Microwhy: 11:52am On Nov 22, 2023

You made absolutely NO sense
I updated it to the latest iOS as someone suggested on Reddit and the line is gone when I woke up this morning. It’s so sad Nairaland is now filled with clout chasers and people desperately trying to be noticed
Four comments on my post and not one single person said a reasonable thing

Seun I think you can see what has become of your forum
Don't mind the empty head..
I watch a video on tiktok about a whiteman praising Nigeria but the first comment is from a Nigerian and as you already have guess right, it's so irritating and empty.
How can a citizen be so low and stupid to alway drag its own country even before global audience.
Nigerian politicians will always have their way with this type of thinking.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Experiences Working In A Private Company In Nigeria" by Microwhy: 7:06pm On Nov 21, 2023
Talk is cheap.
Actually, no be lie.
Easy to say than done.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Share Your Experiences Working In A Private Company In Nigeria" by Microwhy: 6:19pm On Nov 20, 2023
I can remember a staff, although she was due for 1 week leave, this man denied her despite the fact that this lady was seriously ill, he made her come to work even with the drip connected to her body as he told her she will be terminated if she doesnt work. This lady fainted twice at work that day and had to choose her life by resigning.
Trashy story... You all are cowards. Demand for his sack through a very solid channel.
Get yourself together after work and hold a meeting. Report to ministry of labour with evidences and witness.


Travel / Re: White Lady Complains About The Difficulty In Getting Nigerian Permit (video) by Microwhy: 5:59pm On Nov 20, 2023
May be she no wan bribe.
I trust those immigration people
Pour water for ground u will just be surprised that your money worked for you
9ja my country!!!!! When are we going to change for the betterment of our dear nation
Not in everything. She'll be entitled to so many things and alot of waivers. Permit is a loss to our IGR
Religion / Re: Man Shot Dead While Preaching On The Streets Of Peoria (photo) by Microwhy: 6:43am On Nov 20, 2023
I came acrose this heartbreaking hypocrisy of the west and could not help it but to share....

This man was shot dead while preaching in the states and there is no single public uproar or any single news outlet carrying it.... But imagine it happened in Nigeria, the states would have said Nigeria is this and Nigeria is that.... They would have even gone ahead to place visa restrictions and all sort of things.

The west really need to stop looking at others as bad while they are doing the worst things.
Long ago.. the have always been hypocrites
Politics / Re: Sultan Of Sokoto - How Fulani Brainwashed Hausa People. by Microwhy: 3:09pm On Nov 16, 2023
Islam is a cancer.

Remove it Hausa will breathe
You said Islam is a cancer?
Travel / Re: Abuja Airport Shut Down As Aircraft Overshoots Runway (Pictures/Video) by Microwhy: 8:14pm On Nov 12, 2023
Na everything una dey investigate?

Is it not very clear?

Which investigation dem want conduct again?

Simply write a report and apply sanctions where necessary, stop wasting time on any investigation.

ITK... In Aviation, nothing like simple report.
National Geography dedicated a program named "Aircraft Investigation"
One of their oldest and still airing program because of its vastness and importance.
Hence, AIB must and will always investigate no matter how minor or small the accident.

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Sports / Re: "Why I Still Live With My Mum At 34" – Anthony Joshua by Microwhy: 2:28pm On Nov 08, 2023
Technical Knockout to some genda...
A typical nigeria girl sees that woman as a potential enemy even without any connection with AJ.
Women supporting women..
They will troop out to support the future wife in hating her mother inlaw in advance.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protesters Block US Military Ship Allegedly Carrying Weapons For Israel by Microwhy: 10:46pm On Nov 07, 2023
grin Tank u! Hiding in the tunnel is equally WAR FOR U! Any how u can, provided the enemy Is defeated. As of now, Hamas is massively winning the hearts and minds war and social media. Check the mass protest in Washington DC for Palestinians! Soon Na only u go remain supporting Israel! U and all these clueless NL Israeli supporters
Isreal is a bully and a coward. Let the two state solution come to effect and the tension in that region will be over forever.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protesters Block US Military Ship Allegedly Carrying Weapons For Israel by Microwhy: 10:44pm On Nov 07, 2023
MUMU that is your name

More bombs on Gaza
Fvck that your olosho mother...
Go beg here for free paternity result.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protesters Block US Military Ship Allegedly Carrying Weapons For Israel by Microwhy: 10:41pm On Nov 07, 2023
Test the weapon on them, show no mercy.
What were they thinking when hamas invaded Israel?
Everyone was clapping for hamas but now that the game has changed hands, every hypocrite is crying wolves.
Hamas playing the victim game.
I know your type will be here that why I have to dock.
No doubt we all know the region you come from but I will take this your post personal.
It shall never be well with your generation if this how you think about humanity.
You Mr nobody can say whatever because people that are far more in trillion fold are already taking bold steps for humanity.
You're extremely stupid. That why Africa might never grow.
I m deeply hurt by your comment.
Very insensitive.
Family / Re: My Mom Refused To Do Omugwo And She’s Causing Havoc by Microwhy: 10:28pm On Nov 07, 2023

The screenshot has shattered my mom. She feels betrayed. My siblings who live with my mother are calling me a betrayer. I want to salvage the relationship between my siblings and I, not so much my mother. I have not spoken to any of them since the screenshot.
Story for the gods..
Let assume the story is true, you're truly a bustard. You're great grand father of asshole people.
Your story irritates.
Culture / Re: Tiv Umbrella Body Heads To Court Over Claim They Entertain Guests With Wives by Microwhy: 5:18am On Nov 05, 2023

Are you sure the tiv tribe didn't practice this act during their primitive era?

I've been hearing this since I was a kid, and a tiv friend of mine wen i was in school told us that they practiced it b4 but not anymore. He said they've stopped it.

So maybe you should investigate properly.
People don't know that tribe that's why some of them have the guts to come social media.
I swear, if you go close to a TIV, you will be surprise on how uncultured they're. They're very primitive till date. Those that are speaking out are not in any of their state (Benue). They're the ones that have mix up with other tribes in other states or countries.


Culture / Re: Tiv Umbrella Body Heads To Court Over Claim They Entertain Guests With Wives by Microwhy: 5:03am On Nov 05, 2023

Incorporated Trustees of Mzough U Tiv, an umbrella body for Tiv nationalities worldwide, has instituted a suit against the Tiv Area Traditional Council (TATC) over alleged cultural practice by the Tiv tribe.
The allegation borders on claims that the Tiv man entertains his stranger with his wife.
Yeye tribe, TIV tradition have many things to defend.
80% of TIV people are not good character people. I can defend this my claim anywhere.
Thank God they're now trooping out from their enclaves to mix with sane people in other part of Nigeria. They're very backward retards.
Its better to adopt them as slaves than making them a friend. Though, now that they're leaving their dead state with no physical development, their new generation will be much more better after mixing and marrying other tribes.
The Responsible Ministry should as a matter of urgency, ban TIV from marrying themselves. Or in a family of 4, 3 MUST marry from other tribe.In order to purge or extinct their extremely bad character.
They're very greedy and very selfish tribe. Quote me anywhere.

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Politics / Re: What Is A Presidential Yacht? Countries With Presidential Yachts by Microwhy: 10:48pm On Nov 02, 2023
Y'all they got it already
That news is just a disguise so we don't get so surprised when it arrived
Your assumption have become reality..
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Commissions Yaba Overpass (Videos). by Microwhy: 6:38pm On Nov 02, 2023

You might not know it, you are an enemy of this country

Instead of Palpitations or mocking the people holding their leaders accountable for good leadership, why not post the pictures of the bypass undecided

No be only accountable, na uncountable.
When you cant win a fight.
Politics / Re: Tinubu To Rollout One Million CNG Vehicles Nationwide by Microwhy: 4:58pm On Nov 01, 2023
The way these guys lie is indescribable. I don't blame the Zoo keeper, I Blame the animals in the Zoo.
Calling your mum animal in Africa is considered a taboo. How dare you call your dad animal.
Are you a born troway?


Politics / Re: Nigerians React As Tinubu Bans Son, Others From Attending FEC Meeting by Microwhy: 4:48pm On Nov 01, 2023
Tinubu's family members need to keep their excitement of being the first family in check. So they don't overstep spaces not met for them and invade places they are not invited
Oga even if its you or me, we'll sneak in and see for ourselves.
Its an opportunity I will like my grown up children to see and experience.
He's an adult and opportune to be first son.
Only immature adult son will not want to attend.
Politics / Re: Zakir Naik And Nigerian 'Muslim Airforce' At Abuja Airport by Microwhy: 9:19pm On Oct 31, 2023

The man is a terrorist!
He's a fanatic on YouTube. He post sermons and twisted verses of different types.
Maybe you don't understand the meaning of terrorism.
Politics / Re: Zakir Naik And Nigerian 'Muslim Airforce' At Abuja Airport by Microwhy: 9:32pm On Oct 30, 2023

Nuke fall on you.
That man's a terrorist. He argue blindly on YouTube like a janjaweêd denied of his 72 virgins.
Why quote him..
What do you mean by that.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Female Israeli Soldier Rescued In Raid On Gaza by Microwhy: 9:27pm On Oct 30, 2023
Today on CNN I saw Gaza residents stealing , dragging and begging for food to eat from a UN aid center. The will continue to depend of aids.

Gaza is a cursed land, nothing but death and hunger awaits Palestinians.
They are cursed people...., Go back to history it has always been like that since the beginning.

Even after this war, few years from now. I bet you, they will trigger another war with Israel and Israel will continue to kill and destroy them.
This is the word of God, The word of Jehovah. The God of Israel. His words does not come back void. I have no pity for Gaza.

This fight is a fight without end.
Quote the word let learn..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel IDF Drops Leaflets For Hamas With Instructions On How To SURRENDER (pics) by Microwhy: 7:16pm On Oct 30, 2023

More been born abi?and you are mad IDF is killing d more been born.
You people should keep choosing sides..
Travel / Re: Indonesia Conducts First Commercial Flight Using Palm Oil-blended Jet Fuel by Microwhy: 7:50am On Oct 30, 2023

Did he lie?
No! he did not lie, he spoke the heart of every igbo alive today.

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Travel / Re: Indonesia Conducts First Commercial Flight Using Palm Oil-blended Jet Fuel by Microwhy: 7:48am On Oct 30, 2023

We yet have elected politicians with the political will to allow for a functional economy and industrialization.
More annoying are their stupidly gullible asslicking electorates.


Who should we have elected out of all the major candidates?
Crime / Re: FUTMinna Lecturer, Adefolalu Funmilola Sherifat, Found Dead With Her Throat Slit by Microwhy: 7:22am On Oct 30, 2023

I fear who no fear the people with black dots on their forehead sad
Is this how much stupid and bigot human have become.
Those that brew all this things have truly achieved their aim.
How dare you relate or drag Islam to this.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel IDF Drops Leaflets For Hamas With Instructions On How To SURRENDER (pics) by Microwhy: 6:22pm On Oct 29, 2023
IDF are just fooling around because of the backings it has.
What is happening now will never happen again.
More Hamas are already born and next strike will be more sophisticated and more brutal.
IDF think the whole thing is about military superior power but its far from it.

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