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Religion / Re: Jesus Disciple Fellowship Expose by MikeBetty(m): 3:05pm On Jan 30

What's there view about salvation and freedom from sin
Christ came for the salvation of mankind. Salvation is not free. You must work it out Philippians 2:12. Yes you have a role to play.
Religion / Re: Jesus Disciple Fellowship Expose by MikeBetty(m): 2:38pm On Jan 30

Jesus disciple fellowship also known as Christ disciple fellowship in Nigeria, the group are well organize and modernize cult in Nigeria, west Africa. One basic feature that reveals the founder as a cult leader was his strategy to convince member and general public about his kingdom program and lack of appearing in the public for public investigation and examination. But this is the opposite of Jesus popularity and fame among people, both children, women were seen by Jesus often in the street and towns of Israel.
The following can be used to consider Jesus disciple fellowship a cult group not a Christian church.
They had all the character of a cult in their social and theological practice but they are like Pentecostal churches because they believe in born again but their method of preaching it is different. They also believe in Holy Ghost baptism but their emphasis look strange and twisted.
Sign of cult in this fellowship.
A cult is a group of people who have a religion or a set of beliefs. In modern times the term "cult" usually does not mean a mainstream religion, but a group set up "in opposition to a centre of established authority".[1] New Age religions were often called cults because they were thought to be deviant social movements.[2]
The word cult originally meant a system of ritual practices. It was first used in the early 17th century to mean homage paid to a divinity.[3]
A cult is often a small, newly started religious movement. Cults have beliefs or practices that many people think of as being odd, or that have practices that most people in the world do not practice. More than that, cults have often been led by people who are not elected, and control the group according to their own wishes.[4] Some cult leaders have been dangerous criminals (Charles Manson; Peoples Temple) or even lunatics. Killings and mass suicides have occurred in cults (Order of the Solar Temple; Heaven's Gate). Of course, a "suicide" enforced by armed guards carrying sub-machine guns (Peoples Temple; Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God) is not a simple suicide as generally understood. It is at least an assisted and coerced suicide.
Whether a religious group is or is not a cult can be a hard question to answer. What is at one point in time considered a cult may later be accepted as a religion and what at one point of time is considered an accepted religion may later become a cult.
Mind control[change | change source]
Some form of persuasion or mind control can be used to recruit and maintain members. The objective is to prevent the faithful from thinking critically, and making choices in their own best interest.
"I will state that coercive persuasion and thought reform techniques are effectively practiced on naïve, uninformed subjects with disastrous health consequences. I will try to give enough information to indicate my reasons for further inquiries as well as review of applicable legal processes".[4]
The following methods have been used in some or all cults studied: [1][5][6]
1. People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;
2. Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
3. They receive what seems to be unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader or group;
4. They get a new identity based on the group;
5. They are subject to entrapment (isolation from friends, relatives and the mainstream culture) and their access to information is severely controlled.[7][8]
This view is disputed by some.[9] Society for the Scientific Study of Religion stated in 1990 that there was not sufficient research for a consensus, and that "one should not automatically equate the techniques involved in the process of physical coercion and control with those of nonphysical coercion and control".[10]
Management style of cults[change | change source]
An oft-repeated criticism of cults is that their management style is dictatorial and exploitative. The following is one example:
"The beliefs of all these cults are absolutist and non-tolerant of other systems of beliefs. Their systems of governance are totalitarian. A requirement of membership is to obey absolutely without questioning. Their interest in the individual’s development within the cult towards some kind of satisfactory individual adult personality is by their doctrines, very low or nonexistent. It is clear that almost all of them emphasize money making in one form or another, although a few seem to be very much involved in demeaning or self denigrating activities and rituals. Most of them that I have studied possess a good deal of property and money which is under the discretionary control of the individual leaders".[4]
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2. The leader does not appear in the public scene to be view and interrogated
3. They refuse Sunday worship with argument based on Sabbath day.
4. They don’t allow too much questioning in the class
5. They deny and refuse baptism
6. They strongly believe their leader without question
7. they lie about our dispensation to be kingdom age not church age(that church age is past)
7. Lie about Spirit movement (liken earth movement to be God’s move)
8. They claim not bear a name but their fellowship is call “Jesus disciple fellowship”
9. They don’t associate with other Christians
10 they recognize themselves as the only group chosen for this end time
Jesus disciple fellowship came with a strategy that actually work for them, called the kingdom program this is not Jehovah witness kingdom program but a modernise way of winning people to their kingdom they fear lost people into thinking that all other churches had fail and not qualified to make heaven that God is trying to regroup people that will enter his kingdom through this program. they historically trace the transition from law dispensation to prophetic age then to grace and now to kingdom age which is the program that God has chosen to recruit people and they do this by using the educational system of teaching illustrating flesh and spirit struggle and fight over man’s soul through writing board and whiteboard pen.
For more information on how to recognize a cult read our article on , how to recognize a cult
9 Signs of cult church and How to recognize it
If you want to know if your church belong to cult organization or an anti-Christ church then read this to find out and avoid them before you are trap, hypnotize and eternally deluded forever. So many people were trap by cult group before they realize it becomes too late. Cults are of different categories, we have sociological cult and theological cult. Some churches are sociological cult, their conduct and ways of life look like a cult but their doctrine look like Pentecostals churches. While the other have a theology and belief that made them cultist but their outward appearance and social life look Pentecostals. None this group should confuse you there are birds of the same feathers. If you see the following sign run away. Read more

Jesus is the head of Kingdom fellowship. Therefore no man has power to present himself to be seen as the head. Not even the man God used to found it. If you are not an elect of God, you cannot comprehend the teachings. Workout your salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12. If you like hide under GRACE to commit stealing, fornication, envy, malice, hatred, idolatry, greed etc. Or forget to do the work of righteousness and hope to enter into the kingdom. You must be pure like Jesus before you talk about entering the kingdom.
Politics / Re: Tinubu And The Balablu Of Errors - Phrank Shaibu by MikeBetty(m): 9:14pm On Aug 27, 2023
You mean the female graduated as a male, how possible is that, because the university herself confirmed and released pictures of him, they confirmed he was their bonafide student, he might have lost his certificate and instead obut if you believe he was a female but graduated as a male, that means you must be part of those that have submitted their brains to Kanu nnamdi, that believed killing your fellow igbos will give them biafra
instead of going through the rigors of asking for replacement, ""he did another one"" define forgery.

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Politics / Re: Timi Frank Condemns Sham Election In Zimbabwe, Accuses AU, ECOWAS Of Silence by MikeBetty(m): 5:07pm On Aug 27, 2023
Wetin consern Timi with Zimbabwe election?
the same thing that concerns Nigeria when there is coup. Injustices births coups. Can't African leader prevent another looming coup? Why is it that people are dangerously silent whenever there's political coup but very vocal whenever there's military coup? Africa is sitting on a keg of gun powder waiting to explode.

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Politics / Re: Bode George Quries Nyesom Wike by MikeBetty(m): 6:10pm On Aug 24, 2023
He wrote letters or not, WIKE is now minister of FCT . BODE GEORGE when are you relocating from Nigeria as you promise? TINUBU is now president of Nigeria
therefore wike is now yarimo's lord and savior. Politicians are the dogs that goes back to it's excreter.

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Romance / Re: I Regret Not Making My Marriage Work, And Now My Husband Is Happily Remarried by MikeBetty(m): 8:49pm On Aug 14, 2023
Chai! It's really painful when you realize you can no longer right your wrong. I feel for her..

I have a similar regret cry
maybe she joined the spinsters gang who became advocates of " I don't need a man in my life" because they are not wife materials. I don't have pity on her. The Bible says " do not follow the multitude to do evil. Women are copy cats, they always compare "others". Forgetting that no man's marriage is a standard for others to follow. Find out what works for you, not what worked for others. You are architect of your own marriage, build or demolish it by yourself.
Health / Re: This Is What Happens When We Die(photos) by MikeBetty(m): 8:10pm On Aug 09, 2023
I don't believe in incarnation too, but people do say jinns,evil spirit do take people resemblance to cause people harm
yes that is not reincarnation it is manipulation. That is, the evil forces will use the face of loved one to torment another. Making Him to believe that the loved one is responsible for the misfortunes.

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Politics / Re: Video: Why I Came to Visit President Tinubu in Abuja– Professor Okonjo Iweala by MikeBetty(m): 8:06am On Aug 09, 2023

The better tomorrow includes her own ambitions for a future 2nd term in office as DG of WTO.

She has come to terms that Tinubu is the President of Nigeria and would be the one pushing her candidacy just as Buhari did for her 1st term.

Let everyone go and meet the person they consider their own President, let us see who among them have presidential power like Tinubu.
na your family member go contest it with her? As Nigeria is today, Tinubu need the woman more than the woman need Nigeria
Politics / Re: Nigerian Airforce Jets Bomb Ships Carrying Stolen Oil by MikeBetty(m): 7:33am On Aug 09, 2023

Nigeria Blows Up Illicit Oil Vessels In Airstrike Operation

By Charles Kennedy - Aug 07, 2023


As a major crackdown on illegal oil activities unfolds in Nigeria, security forces have launched airstrikes at vessels carrying stolen crude in the Niger Delta, destroying the vessels and their cargo.

A security operation in Nigeria’s Rivers State caught three vessels stealing crude from a pipeline and launched air strikes designed to completely destroy the vessels and serve as a potential deterrent for others involved in illicit oil activities.
Nigerian security forces also said it has spotted another illegal refining site “with tanks and reservoirs loaded with suspected illegal refined products”. That site was also destroyed in an airstrike over the weekend.

this is waste of resources. The vessel is not a submarine why not force them to anchor, arrest them and the goods. Did they consider pollution and it's adverse effects on the sea? They should act professionally. Kudos though.

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Health / Re: This Is What Happens When We Die(photos) by MikeBetty(m): 7:11am On Aug 09, 2023
Free will and the natural order

The natural order of souls existing in the universe is to explore, grow and evolve. What this means is that naturally, every soul has free will to do as it pleases in order to aid its evolution.

This means that a soul, if it chooses, can decide to incarnate in a physical form experience existence in that physical form. And when that physical form dies, they are free to exit it and occupy another physical form and RETAIN ALL THEIR MEMORIES and knowledge acquired in their previous physical forms.
there is no incarnation. If there's explain

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Health / Re: This Is What Happens When We Die(photos) by MikeBetty(m): 6:59am On Aug 09, 2023
The body is likened to a grave where the soul of a man is buried. The real man is the soul/spiritman that never die. The immortal man.


Politics / Re: Breaking: Niger Protesters Gives Nigerian President New Name by MikeBetty(m): 8:10am On Aug 04, 2023

The actually people that are foolish are Obi supporters. The president of your country is been insulted by citizens of another country just because of Subsidy removal and instead of you and your useless Obidients to condemn such because the Subsidy have been milking the country dey and kept us underdeveloped, you choose to keep a tent with them just because you hate Bola Tinubu.
Yes, we know all obi supporters are cultists and senseless but at least we should have 1 or 2 that are reasonable.
that enter through the window? The civilian coup perpetrated by INEC is the national and international embarrassment here. A nation where blurred and ulterated results were used to compute figures despite spending nearly half a trillion naira is a national embarrassment. What would you want obidents to do? To fight Nigeriens? You are high on green weed.
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid And Jada P Is A Clear Definition Of Age Is Just A Number: See Their Age D by MikeBetty(m): 8:20am On Jul 26, 2023
Age is just a number is what old unmarried spinsters uses to entrap small boys like wizpikin. If 80 years old man marry 18 year old lady, will they still maintain their stance?
Politics / Re: Exposed: Tinubu Is Working For Igbos!!! by MikeBetty(m): 3:10pm On Jul 23, 2023
I'm actually surprised that most Nigerians haven't discovered that Tinubu is actually working for Igbos. It might appear ironical considering that many of his fans support him because they think he is anti Igbo. I'm going to explain how Tinubu's policies is best for Igbos and worst for his supporters:

1. Massive Increase in School Fees: the announcement that Unity schools are going to pay 100,000 per term and federal universities paying in 100's of thousands shocked Nigerians.

The effect? It will hit hard on Northern Nigeria where school enrollment is abysmally low as well SW. Already, Igbos usually fill up spaces in federal schools in the East while others who couldn't due to limited slots had to go to other regions. Unfortunately for them, quota system & high cut-off marks were used to keep them at Bay while less qualified students from those immediate regions are allowed to get admission. Now that school fees are very exorbitant, there would be lots of openings in other regions since most of the indigenes can't afford the fees. But for educationally advanced Igbos, there would always be large numbers who can afford and will be willing to pay.

The result? This is a return of the first republic and a survival of the fittest scenario. The same fear of Igbo domination during that first republic will now become a reality!

2. Floating of the Naira: this is another policy of Tinubu that has alarmed Nigerians. Virtually all currencies are now performing better than the naira including the likes of CFA & Cedi.

The effect? This policy will also benefit Igbos more. There is no country in Africa and beyond without a large Igbo community. From Cameroun to Gabon, Senegal to Ivory coast, Mozambique to Benin republic, China, S.Korea, US etc.

The result? Their huge remittances will now have more buying power in Nigeria. Igbos can also supply their goods to other African countries at cheaper rates and make profits.
Deranged mind

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Politics / Re: Subsidy: ‘Endure, Tinubu Repositioning The Country’ – Keyamo Tells Nigerians by MikeBetty(m): 7:21am On Jul 23, 2023
Festus Keyamo, immediate past Minister of State for Labour and Employment, on Saturday, sent a message to Nigerians amid the hardship they are facing.

Keyamo urged Nigerians to endure the pains of the steps President Bola Tinubu is taking to reposition Nigeria.

He said Tinubu was repositioning Nigeria into a better, healthy, and vibrant economy.

Tweeting, Keyamo wrote:

Keyamo, you should be ashamed. You worked under Buhari in the same party yet your party didn't reposition the country's economy. The same person that said he will continue from where Buhari hard economic policy stopped is here telling Nigerias to endure.
Politics / Re: If FCT Is A State, Why Did They Not Hold A Governorship Election On March 18? by MikeBetty(m): 2:38pm On Jul 22, 2023
And why do think individuals living in Abuja are so special to decide for the whole nation base on their choice of candidate.
Still base on why the constitution deprived them their constitutional rights to choose their own Governor. QED. Before you appoint a minister to rule over them, they must trust you they must trust you. This is a special status.
Politics / Re: INTEGRITY: Peter Obi Will Be Arrested Tomorrow by MikeBetty(m): 2:16pm On Jul 22, 2023
Long overdue
read before you reply. Tribalism don sama you finish.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Guinean Citizenship Expired Once His Passport Expired- Wole Olanipekun by MikeBetty(m): 11:08am On Jul 18, 2023

Exactly if obidients say otherwise they should present their proof. Afterall as Nigeria if my passport expires i wont be allowed into the country unless i have proof from Nigerian embassy, LGA or any relevant authorities..

Let obidients show us the proof..
how many Nigerian are out there without Nigerian passports? How many military and paramilitary officers are here without passport? Does it make them less Nigerians? Is there any place Tinubu renounce his oaths of alligence?

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Politics / Re: Tinubu's Guinean Citizenship Expired Once His Passport Expired- Wole Olanipekun by MikeBetty(m): 10:56am On Jul 18, 2023
Fact! grin
so you cease to be a Nigerian at the expiration date of your Nigerian passport? Sense far oooooo
Romance / Re: Should I Stop Making This Married Woman Happy? by MikeBetty(m): 8:08am On Jul 03, 2023

so if the husband and myself are like terms,why should you castigate me then?
you are committing sin called adultery with another person's wife. Did the husband divorce her? Which man will give you permission to have sex with his wife? Repent today and ask her husband for forgiveness. Free yourself from the impending curse.
Romance / Re: Should I Stop Making This Married Woman Happy? by MikeBetty(m): 7:49am On Jul 03, 2023

do you know what the husband self is doing with other people's wives?forget.
even if the husband is doing with other people's wives, does it justify your actions? Must engage yourself in that evil circle? Despite the fact that there are many single ladies out there, do not follow majority to do evil.
Romance / Re: Should I Stop Making This Married Woman Happy? by MikeBetty(m): 7:13am On Jul 03, 2023
There is this married woman in my neigbourhood that am currently banging.This woman knows no joy since her husband took a second wife for himself and reduced this woman to the status of a mere house-help.He starves her with care,especially sex,wittingly.To make matters worse,he beat her with a piece of wire recently to the extent that there was bruises allover her body.(Some men are scumbags,by the way!)
This woman made me privy to her ordeal every time she hawked her wares to my compound.She said she's sex-starved and don't want to fornicate.
One thing led to the other-as i was examining her bruises in empathy at my varenda,she said her body was moving that i should tell her if i wanted to go over her.long story short,this woman actually cried in bed,thanking me profusely for making her feel like a woman again.since then,several doggy had followed behind the door everytime she came around.I dont know how words started to spread.I advised her to stop but she begs me not to take away her joy.
What can i do?
you pitybanged secretly, karma dey real, another will bang yours openly

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Politics / Re: FG Discontinues Funding Of Professional Bodies, Councils by MikeBetty(m): 2:58pm On Jun 29, 2023


Previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/7744252/subsidy-professional-bodies-removed
to cut cost of governance, 50% cut of political office holder's pay. Stop constituency projects funding, this is because majority of them does not execute them. Funding of National pilgrimage. That is one of the most useless govt funding I have ever seen. Why must govt sponsor few for religious tourism abroad while educational sector begs for financing. I know some will term it blasphemy. Some of the pilgrims end up stealing, escape like prisoners. All in the name of going to pray.
Celebrities / Re: "Ifeanyi Adeleke Was A Girl" - Kemi Olunloyo by MikeBetty(m): 9:03am On Jun 29, 2023

Ifeanyi is a unisex name.
where are you from? Are you Igbo to spew this trash? If you are onye Igbo, you deserve 30 lashes. Ifeanyi is not and can never be unisex. Ifeanyi is short name for Ifeanyichukwu. Which woman dey answer Ifeanyichukwu for your village?

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Family / Re: Wife Sister Naming Her Baby After My Wife Ex Boyfriend by MikeBetty(m): 2:01pm On Jun 28, 2023
Good day all,
I met my wife 4years ago, before we got married she told me that she has a boyfriend and she do call him pet name as ( MAJESTY) and I do see it wen ever he calls her not until our relationship became strong and we eventually got married.
However, before we got married my wife changed her sim card entirely and even till today I have never witness any strange number call her and we have been happily marriage.

Not until last week, my wife older sister gave birth to a baby girl and we both went to visit her and the baby with gifts. Infact my wife took along with her so many things in our house including baby baff my mum bought for her wen she put to birth.

My worry now is that, my wife sister named her daughter after my wife ex boyfriend and that has been disturbing me because the name still rings in my memory and I'm yet to know why among so many names on earth why I'll she chose (MAJESTY) as a name for her new born?

Note: this my wife sister is not yet married, she just got pregnant for a married man even as I write, the married is claimed to have traveled to London.

Please ur kind advice is highly needed.

why you no carry rope and hang yourself? The baby she name majesty is another man pikin. Na you dey responsible for the pregnancy? Did you cheated your wife with her sister?
Religion / Re: Jesus Never Existed. It Is A Roman Fabrication by MikeBetty(m): 10:42am On Jun 28, 2023
When una go get sense?

The English people who taught you this nonsense don’t bother with church anymore.

They’ve converted their churches to schools, nightclubs, banks and bars.

They have done the research and realise the Jesus tale is a MYTH.
A fool has said in his heart, there is no God.
A Roman fabrication.

He never existed.

When will you colonised cretins stop this Jesus nonsense and finally GROW UP?
Politics / Re: EU: 2023 Elections Lacked Transparency, Trust In INEC Severely Damaged by MikeBetty(m): 9:53am On Jun 28, 2023
Last time I checked, Nigeria was still a sovereign state. Someone should tell this European bloc to stop pokenosing into our internal affairs. You want to criticize us, do it constructively. Anything African is never good enough in their eyes.
some people mumu nodey do? EU was invited by Nigeria (INEC) as observers, what bring issue of sovereignty here. Did EU impose anything on Nigeria?


Travel / Re: Inside The Ill-fated Oceangate Titan Submarine That Imploded Killing 5 (Pic/Vid) by MikeBetty(m): 10:25am On Jun 27, 2023
No matter How perfect or sophiscated a thing, place or whatever is on this earth, do not put your trust in it.

It may be a House, an automobile, a fat bank account, an Expert in a field, a jet, an equipment or whatever.
Never put your trust in it.
As long as it is from Human , it can fail. It can crash.
Depend on GOD to make it work.
Only JESUS CHRIST never fails.
that is the exact truth. The curse following that ill-fated titanic is still following anything or exploration connecting it. I learnt that the owner of titanic boasted that even God can not sink TITANIC.
Romance / Re: Do We Still Have Men That Run From Naked Women Like Joseph Did In The Bible? by MikeBetty(m): 12:26pm On Jun 26, 2023
Nowadays some men pride themselves in sleeping with married women.

Most men dispite their religion will succumb to the prowess of a naked woman.

Other men not withstanding their commitment to God’s word will still fall for the temptations of a naked woman.

I know most of them will disagree saying no it’s not possible, I have self control etc .

Truth is most men are sex starved,Joseph was too but we don’t have men like that in this era any longer.

All most men think about is how to satisfy the lustful desires of Their flesh for their male organ.

When they have successfully fornicated or committed adultery,they hide and when they are being caught they say it’s a mistake .

Drops mike ….
oh yes, we have. The knowledge of God in a man and the grace HE gives His very elects leads them.
Crime / Re: Usman Buda: Mob Beats Butcher To Death Over Alleged Blasphemy In Sokoto State by MikeBetty(m): 9:06am On Jun 26, 2023

this is foolishness. How will someone kill for god? My God made life secred. Stoning someone in the name of fighting for God or prophets is primitive foolishness in modern age. My God is a merciful God. He teaches us long-suffering. GOD'S hands are not short that He can not smith evil dowers including blasphemers, but as a merciful God who is slow in anger, he leave everyone expecting all sinners to repent or face his wrath on the judgment day. When will they stone 🪨🪨🪨🪨🪨🪨 one short Kaduna state governor who blasphemed against Jesus Christ?
Romance / Re: How Do I Know My Fianceé's Ring Size Without Her Notice by MikeBetty(m): 7:19am On Jun 24, 2023
Hello everyone,

What steps do I need to take to know the size of my fiancée's finger size without letting her get involved (I'm planning a surprise proposal on her birthday).

N/B: she lives in outside my county
All contributions are welcome.
very simple. Cut that particular finger, take it to where you want to buy the ring. After buying come back home and fix her finger back to her. Do this and thank me later.
Fashion / Re: Lady Goes Naked To Fix Nails In A Salon (pictures) by MikeBetty(m): 8:27am On Jun 23, 2023

Well only God knows why you jumped into a thread of a naked woman since you are that holy
I am here to preach to "some lost souls" to turn unto God and be saved. Repent or this chat will stand as a witness against you before God


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