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Programming / Re: Kotlin Programmer Intern by Millerules(m): 11:47am On Sep 25
Stop making it look as if they are against your development. They all have said the truth.

The least you could do is provide electricity allowance for the duration your intern spends on your "next big thing" project.

You are in Nigeria, so stop acting like you don't know the power situation.

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Programming / Re: Can Somebody Help Me Debug This? by Millerules(m): 12:15am On Sep 16
Sorry to jump in.

These are actually easy to grab and very useful concepts. I want to believe you are talking Kotlin here (coroutine), so check out Android Development with Kotlin Course on Udacity. Those guys (from Google actually) explained in detail with MVVM Architecture.

android dev..i asked based on i just came across lifecycle, coroutine's and data binding. Is complicated unlike how i used to build apps b4
Programming / Re: Yoooo! Check Out This New App � by Millerules(m): 11:54pm On Sep 15
That's nice, and coming from this part of the world. Best!


Thank you very much.
Actually that the big plan.
We have a responders app to get incidents directly, and a growing database of agencies worldwide.
So eventually incidents can go from into Sety and be dispatched to the right responder based on your location and you can see the responses in real time.
You know we don't have a sound danger dispatch in Nigeria like 911 abroad. It's a huge problem we want to ease.

React Native

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Programming / Re: Yoooo! Check Out This New App � by Millerules(m): 6:52pm On Sep 15
very nice UI and from the vid , the UX as well.

If not for the tech situation in our dear country, an app like this could be linked to a police database, fire fighter, state hospitals etc.to report confirmed incidents.

I believe there is a market for this in countries with better tech awareness.

You're doing well OP.

Flutter / Native?

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Programming / Re: Review My App I Built From Scratch by Millerules(m): 2:15pm On Sep 11
This is nice. Thumbs up!
Programming / Re: Seun Must Hire Me As His UI Designer Oh, Take A Look At This Design For NL by Millerules(m): 8:22pm On Sep 06
Dumb! No creativity here bro.

Typical layout.
Programming / Re: New Online Forum......review Please..... by Millerules(m): 5:00pm On Aug 28
You are welcome.

No, a software developer.


thanks big buddy, but are u a ui designer?
Programming / Re: New Online Forum......review Please..... by Millerules(m): 1:03pm On Aug 28
Get a UI expert to join your team.

And try to be unique, nobody wants some new nairaland. It may take time to get frequent users but it wld b better.

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Programming / Re: Top 5 Challenges Faced By Beginner Developers In Nigeria by Millerules(m): 1:48pm On Aug 27
this is nice.

OK, everything you said is true to some extent. I'm not disputing any bit of it but here is something I think y'all hear.

I'm a self taught developer. True life story

I always wanted to code, so badly more than anything in the world but I was already doing graphic designs and had woes with the person who was teaching me graphics. So I decided to learn Web design on my own. I decided I was going to do it no matter what.

I decided to go for night class for the next 90days so I always have light. Also, Airtel night plan was #25 for 500MB and you could do it as many times as possible.

To cut the long story short I was like the best designer at my school after 90days. I now write React.js (that was acquired much later). There were nights with no light in school, also nights when Airtel network jonzed, but I never stopped.

In short just put your mind to it and be ready for anything and trust me even when you learn web development finish, get another skill as back up because this is Nigeria and we developers don't really get appreciated here!

In order news here is something I did in boredom MEMORY GAME

Cc: Chingel5, Karleb, SpambotLeaveMeNa, SegFault, ElanTraceey and finally BOSS Jetroolowole.

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Programming / Re: Top 5 Challenges Faced By Beginner Developers In Nigeria by Millerules(m): 1:45pm On Aug 27
Being realistic is what would make a programmer understand what he/she is up against.

Having a "money-first" approach to programming is bad I agree, also you will be a broke programmer if you don't think business along with your skill. It's when you think business and innovation that you'll be able to make money.

Also, yes, a lot of people are jumping on programming lately. But, let me ask you as a programmer is programming easy? Man lots of thought processing oo (aside basic web dev maybe grin). Most of those would likely jump out in no time.

And back to the topic. Power is really the major issue for me. Was bored lately, got on Reddit to get an app idea to play on, being stuck for two days now no light and other hustle dey.
Hopefully I will make it a codelab on here when am done sha to keep the forum interesting.

Last last, if you are good money will definitely find you.

And I forgot to mention one thing, if you want to become a programmer you have to be pessimistic (theres no such thing as realism suck it up bro), if you are learning to make money, I pity you the most. Think of it as a hobby lest it will end in tears, some sort of industrial revolution is happening in Nigeria and jobs like Programming, graphics design, photography are becoming more competitive because more and more people are going into these fields and it's about to become a tough battle, if you are entering into the field newly, just expect nothing, because you will be disappointed not to mention the prospects of something stupid like a spoilt laptop, bankruptcy in the family and other disasters that could occur that will pull you down to the ground and yes, I just remembered Africans especially Nigerians find it hard to get clients, unfortunately westerners appreciate tech more than we Africans face facts and with the recent rise in fraudulent crimes from this part of the country and thanks to the media, an average foreigner looks down on us as fraudsters, PayPal has closed its docks to us (you can only send but not receive cash) and PayPal is a platform for payment used by many freelance websites, I heard there's a way through but do that research yourself, fact is that unfortunately hostility towards Nigerians has grown and that will affect we programmers terribly.

Real truth from a fellow programmer, if you love writing fiction, just go and write, there are not much interesting contemporary reads out there so just write good books, writing has its negative sides like finding an editor and a publisher but its gain is sweet man, you can also write articles and all, less brain work for more money, that is so on point. If you can paint or draw just try your luck at it, you might produce a thousand dollar worth painting or even more cool. If you love business then go at it, because if you think programming must/will (noticed I used must/will, by saying this I am assuming you are one of those foolish optimists that deny life is empty and full of suffering and just by "thinking positively" good things will happen) fetch you with a stable source of living, face reality man. It might not happen (a 70% chance yes).
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Pen Sketch by Millerules(m): 7:25pm On Aug 21
Cool sketches. You are doing well.

Cc Lalasticlala

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Programming / Re: Check What I Just Built by Millerules(m): 8:59am On Aug 16
I will be glad to contribute. Mention me when you have something going.


ooh beautiful. Thanks for the tip..
would you love to be part of this?
Programming / Re: Check What I Just Built by Millerules(m): 11:49pm On Aug 15
Nice idea.

A mobile app to go with this will really be good. That way you can get users IMEI effortlessly and link to their account.

Usage history for hand-to-hand phones can easily be accessible. Stolen phones can easily be returned or reported by the new buyer etc.

If at all.. this may not make you much money though. But it's a nice idea.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unilever Future Leaders Program For Graduates (full Time Role) by Millerules(m): 8:29pm On Aug 07
Finance also?
Received a regret mail....after the long wait lool
Celebrities / Re: Patoranking Acquires A N85Million Lamborgini Urus 2020 by Millerules(m): 11:21am On Aug 05
Ok, good for him.

Seun Lalasticlala who reset my time spent online undecided I need to sue somebody.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unilever Future Leaders Program For Graduates (full Time Role) by Millerules(m): 11:13pm On Aug 04
I don't feel it matters that much, bt mine was not updated until today. Supply Chain.

Good evening everyone. Please is there anyone yet to get his/her unilever portal date updated. I mean the lower part that shows updated: (the date you took your HireVue digital interview) changed to a recent date?
Programming / Re: Dear Programmers, How Do You Remember Your Syntax? by Millerules(m): 8:35am On Jul 30
After understand the basics, practice practice and practice.

You can't be coding for 3-4 hours everyday and still have to worry about syntax few weeks into, it just sticks.

Dear programmers, How do you memorize your syntax and make sure it sticks even when working on complex projects.

Coding is really hard without mastering the basics


Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Millerules(m): 12:36am On Jul 23
Android Mobile Dev.

that looks great
What field are you into?
Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Millerules(m): 12:18pm On Jul 22
True bro
I see a lot of post about startup here, they go offline and the thread dies and nothing is being done and it makes me wonder if people here really has what it takes to start a company.

I am interested as long as the idea is solid, and u guys are serious
Programming / Re: Why Don't We Start The Next Startup? by Millerules(m): 12:16pm On Jul 22
If you guys are serious, it would be cool.

A Book Sharing Platform
Users could be on subscription, lend the books you have, borrow from anyone for a duration. Extra charges could arise for overdue book return. It would encourage reading really. But then I haven't thought much about this idea, don't know if there is any running at the moment.

A priceless barter system
Exchange what you have to get what others are offering. It could be goods/services/old stuffs etc. Startup can make cash via logistics/ads or some other ways.
None is available in Nigeria at the moment.

A dating site
Two actually, can't give this away yet. I researched these ideas, they are not available locally yet not even in Africa.

Please tag any UI/UX and Web Dev people you knw, it's not about ideas alone. Let's do something cool.

Tag business experts too.

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Programming / Re: Android Programmers, How Can I Set Gradle Proxy Settings. by Millerules(m): 11:04am On Jul 22
Change the http proxy settings to auto detect proxy. Do not set it yourself.

Connect your system to phone hotspot whenever you want to connect to internet.
Programming / Re: Android Programmers, How Can I Set Gradle Proxy Settings. by Millerules(m): 11:03am On Jul 22
Programming / Re: Best Free Figma Alternative Ever by Millerules(m): 1:07pm On Jul 20
Just checked it, nice features. Will try it out. Thanks.
Programming / Re: The Beginner/intermediate Programmer Learning Confusion. by Millerules(m): 3:36pm On Jul 16
Like most newbie, I started with HTML, CSS and little of Javascript. Then, I decided on what I really wanted, Mobile Dev. So I moved to Java, to Kotlin and now perfecting Android with Kotlin.

Yes, I got overwhelmed at the beginning. Wanted to know everything about everything at once, but with time the rush disappears. What helped was having a learning path, and sticking to it. Knowing what you want to achieve with a stack before learning it. One stack at a time


Nairaland / General / Re: How Do You Load Picture To A Thread On Nairaland by Millerules(m): 1:25am On Jul 11
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairalanders How Do I Insert Images On My Nairaland Posts by Millerules(m): 1:09am On Jul 11
Programming / Re: Seun We Need''dislike'' Buttons In The Comments Sections by Millerules(m): 6:57pm On Jul 03
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!
You haven’t died without one since. You can continue surviving without the function.

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Programming / Re: Why Do Self Taught Programmers Over Exaggerate by Millerules(m): 1:35pm On Jun 25
My Opinion:

I would blame the country's education system.

You can't be a CS grad in Nigeria and know shi*t if you don't drill yourself, when even most of your lecturers have never written a production level software in their life or contributed to any open source project. So tell me, how can the students be inspired? Why you see most CS grad writing bug ridden codes, and giving the "WordPress junkies" and their likes the impression that a CS degree is useless.

I am not a CS grad myself, I self learn. So, my conclusion is when you see anybody claiming a CS degree is useless just know they don't know jack shi*t. They've never even scratched the surface.

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Programming / Re: I Need Android Development Simplified Textbooks For Beginners by Millerules(m): 10:06pm On Jun 13
Give it a try. Good Luck!

The issue i am having is i only know qbasic and vbasic languages
How do i cope
Programming / Re: I Need Android Development Simplified Textbooks For Beginners by Millerules(m): 7:25pm On Jun 13
Well, before you "be" (meaning jump) into learning Java if you had done any research at all about what you just got yourself into you should know by now Kotlin is the official Android language.

Android is Google's so definitely the course will be in Kotlin. Brace up!!!

PS. You can follow this link and "play" with the Kotlin Bootcamp. Made by Google Devs, so enjoy cheesy

:::::: https://www.udacity.com/course/kotlin-bootcamp-for-programmers--ud9011
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unilever Future Leaders Program For Graduates (full Time Role) by Millerules(m): 11:03am On Jun 13
Nawa o with all this back and forth.

But then, Digital Discovery Center is very very possible. But I think it may not be from home. Candidates may be asked to visit their office(s), then all processes will be via Skype or any other platform but definitely real time.

Until then, we should be patient.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unilever Future Leaders Program For Graduates (full Time Role) by Millerules(m): 11:54am On Jun 07
You could have shared your view without the insult.


Some people are so dumb sha

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