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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 12:34am On Sep 20
God bless you too.

After that other thread, I moved on, never even noticed your username not to talk of remembering it. Yesterday, I was looking for a random someone to send the token to and saw a poster’s comment on another thread and it struck me. I dug deeper into the poster’s history and found out it was the same person I had a chat with a few weeks ago. To me, that was a sign God wanted the token to go to you.

Work hard and pray hard, just remember that whatever God has for you will come to you, that is what I have seen here. Best wishes!

Good evening boss, I received the money. I must say I am surprised at your gesture, I pray God will replenish you in multiple folds as well, thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:35am On Sep 19

Does your surname start with O?

Awaiting your response but I have to log out soon. Looks like you’re having internet issues?
He can send it later in the day in a couple of hours after I confirm your surname initial.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:29am On Sep 19
What! I remember you now. Thanks a lot, you don't know how much this means to me. Thank, really, you will never lack as well.

Does your surname start with O?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:24am On Sep 19
First Bank pls.

He wants to know if your surname starts with O?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:23am On Sep 19
First Bank pls.
Last time (different thread) I asked you what you sent to that other fellow, it was because I was impressed by your gesture and wanted to double whatever you sent him. Hopefully, what you get now beats that double. Keep pushing, God will not shame you.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:18am On Sep 19
Bank? I’m going to have someone send it to your account and they might be able to transfer right away if I can get the info to them in the next few minutes.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 7:09am On Sep 19
Wow, thanks a lot.

Seen your account number, you can delete. Can you please confirm name or initials and bank?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: What Kind Of Packaging Box Do You Need. by MMotimo: 6:34am On Sep 19

I have a token for you if you are able to provide your account number, I don’t want to do PM. If you’re not able without PM, I understand.
Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by MMotimo: 6:26pm On Sep 18
I saw this Omoluabi music video on @mrmacaroni1’s IG page. I am dedicating these lyrics to all the hardworking men on here:

Shout out to the ones wey dey run things
Behind the scenes dem no dey see you
You dey work, you dey try, you dey make sure say everything go dey okay
Tuale we dey hail you, we say Oluwa no go shame you

O se rere la fi n pon e le o - You have done well, that is why we are praising you
Omuluabi se rere o tun . . . . . . (don’t know the words here )
You are doing well o, my brother

Eku ise, o se daadaa, o se daadaa. Omuluabi se daadaa - Well done, you did good
Mo lo se daadaa, o se daadaa - I say you have done well

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Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by MMotimo: 5:20am On Sep 10

Valid. Unless the frames are also supplied with the doors, it’s almost near impossible to get a matching frame for installation and such installation always end in “We go work am” type of installation.

This is not completely true. Most decorators would rather make their doors than buy imported doors.

Have you noticed people have completely abandoned the use of foreign toilet door idea and go for locally built aluminum doors instead?

A search on the internet will show you what used to be and what people are doing right now.

Most of these imported doors can’t withstand harsh conditions.

But I didn’t say “most,” I said “top.” From spyder’s photo, safe to say there are imported doors that do well in Naija climate even after many years. Don’t get me wrong, I agree you can get anything in Naija for a price but I also know that typically (save for some very few exceptions), that means an imported version of that product and it’s going to cost significantly more because it’s imported. Reason why some folks brave the rigours of importation themselves.


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by MMotimo: 3:51am On Sep 10


We’ve been here for a while. Let’s see what our projects look like years after install.


Bold and happy to share my entrance door 8 years after install. I can guarantee the door will remain the same 20 years later.

#NoMaintenace #NoRegrets

Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by MMotimo: 3:51am On Sep 10
The problem with these arguments is when folks start to add salt and pepper and fail to compare apples to apples. It’s okay to have a bias, heck, we all do for whatever reason but let’s remain factual in these conversations. As adults, these displays of opinions should be wrapped with facts, it’s juvenile to misrepresent.

This front door pic is from 2014 not 2021. Maybe the door still looks like this, maybe not since there are no time stamps on photos but we can all agree that frame on the floor has not stood there for the last 7 years and that plant by the fence has not looked exactly the same for the last 7 years. Facts matter! As do fair arguments.

2014 pic on this thread https://www.nairaland.com/1793643/nexthome-project-gallery#24373737
2021 pic on last page undecided

Moving onto my own bias with this imported vs local topic:

Nigeria’s manufacturing industries, for the most part, with very few exceptions, are not where they ought to be. They have simply not made the progress they should have made when you consider when they started. This is not restricted to building construction alone, it encompasses every facet, even common biscuits, detergent, dish washing soap, bathing soap, etc. While quality standards continue to improve abroad, ours have not made progress or they have lost what progress they made in the past. Whose fault is that? Topic for another day.

Of course, importation is one thing, installation is another. For a lot of people who buy from abroad, the tears come if they can’t get a professional that will provide seamless, clean, finishing so that the material actually does looks like it should. That risk is enough to convince most people to not bother with importing, even when they can afford to.

A lot of the top interior decorators in the country import finishings. As the naira has continued to decline and importation has led to higher costs for the customers, some have started to explore locally produced goods for certain (not all ) finishing materials but with their own stringent quality control processes so that the local manufacturers don’t spoil their reputation. Those top designers also buy imported doors from Naija based suppliers. If you can get something at an affordable price from abroad, go for it but make sure you have the right professionals to install it.

With regards to the RR windshield, there’s no way the £1200 one is the mate of the #25k one. For £1200, I assume that is not an after market part i.e. it’s a part made specifically for that model VIN by the vehicle manufacturer. I assume UK would be similar to the US where for a part like that, the part is sourced based on the VIN and would have all functionalities of a windshield made for that specific VIN. Functionalities could include rain sensor to activate the wiper automatically once it starts to drizzle, visuals on the windshield from the dashboard, etc. Yes, £1200 is a lot and it’s okay to go for a cheaper option but we can’t pretend we are getting the exact same thing. £1200 to #25k is not comparing apples to apples. I am sure the UK also has after market windshields that would be a lot cheaper than £1200.


Agriculture / Re: How Profitable Is Cassava Farming? by MMotimo: 1:09am On Aug 31
Hi Softbread01, we can connect here or on a dead thread
Travel / Re: My US Adventures/Trips. by MMotimo: 12:46am On Aug 27
NY! kiss kiss kiss kiss

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York
New York New York

- Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys


Family / Re: To Students: Send Me Your Pitch For 10k by MMotimo: 10:22pm On Aug 26
Why pls?

I understand if you do not wish to disclose.
I was going to tell you why after I got your answer. Thanks for responding though.

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Family / Re: To Students: Send Me Your Pitch For 10k by MMotimo: 4:13am On Aug 26
Sent bro

Would you mind telling me how much you sent him?
Family / Re: To Students: Send Me Your Pitch For 10k by MMotimo: 5:17am On Aug 25

Have you sent him something?
Nairaland / General / Re: Im From Finland. Ask Me Anything! by MMotimo: 5:16am On Aug 25

We learn English at school I have been studying since the 2nd grade. We study it all the way to university.
Helsinki is a small city so you can just walk for an hour in downtown and you have pretty much seen everything. I would recommend visiting the Suomenlinna sea fortress and eating some finnish foods at the market square.
Finnish food isn’t really popular anywhere than Finland. I read a report that said Finnish food is the most unpopular in europe :DD

Thanks for all the information smiley
We hope to do a tour of the Nordic countries at some point and so, I was curious.
Family / Re: Lizzyangel by MMotimo: 8:18am On Aug 22
This is not for the OP, I wish her nothing but the best. These tips are for young people out there. A stitch in time saves nine .

Young women:

Value yourself, build your self esteem, never be desperate with/for any man.
From an early age, have a vision of your independent self doing well without a romantic partner so that you don’t spend your life chasing a man (or men) that has lost interest. You can be single, successful and happy. Marriage would just be jara.
Get as much education and/or blue collar training as you can. Build yourself up before jumping to marriage.
Learn about finances, how to budget, how to plan, how and when to spend wisely, how to save and invest.
Don’t go and get pregnant in poverty, do your suffering alone, not with innocent kids.
Never stop looking good, remember that poverty and stress will age you real fast. Do the absolute best you can with what you can afford.

Young men:

Have a sound plan for your future and stick to it. Sex is not worth future years of poverty induced lost dreams and frustrations. Don’t end up using money for your GRE, your master’s, your trade/business to buy diapers and baby food for an unplanned pregnancy.
Beware of girls that are willing to shirk family planning/contraception. You may already be targeted to become a baby daddy, whether you like it or not. Some girls are simply looking to hook somebody, anybody, rich or poor, ready or not.
If you did not intend marriage, don’t be forced to accept a baby mama to move in with you. Consensual sex is just that, don’t be railroaded into marriage.
If you are still struggling, flee from girls that are ready to get pregnant and “manage with you.” Let her manage without adding extra mouths to your already lean budget. A girl that is soaking gari with you and getting pregnant in poverty is not likely to be an asset.
Don’t sleep with a girl you cannot marry, one time is all it takes to become an involuntary baby daddy, forever yoked to a girl you may not respect nor like.


Never stop praying

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Nairaland / General / Re: Im From Finland. Ask Me Anything! by MMotimo: 7:34am On Aug 22
Hi everybody! Finn here whos been lurking nairaland for a while and finds nigerian culture interesting. Thought it would be cool to see what you guys would like to know about Finland!


For someone living in a country where the language of instruction is not English, you write very well. How did you learn to write in fluent English?

For a tourist visiting only Helsinki, what would you say are the top 3 to 5 tourist attractions in that city that must be seen?

Is there any savoury food native to Finland that is popular with foreigners?

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Family / Re: I'm Going Through Depression. I Need Counseling Pls by MMotimo: 8:23pm On Aug 20
I don’t understand the part about helping him to the detriment of your business. Why would you do that when he ran away before ? Your business/finances are very, very important and you need good money to raise your kid well, especially in today’s Nigeria.

If your business completely runs down because of him, do you have a solid plan B? Reminder that promises from someone that already absconded once is not a plan.

Best wishes


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by MMotimo: 3:12am On Aug 17
Men with wicked mouths LOL but I salute your patience and tolerance.
I don’t think it would be easy for a thread filled with women to be so accommodating for so long. Una don try. I know there’s a lot more that could be said about the gentleman but you have spoken with restraint.

PB, why do I think you’re female?

Me sef come in peace


Family / Re: Everything You Said by MMotimo: 2:37am On Aug 16
I think your biggest problem is that you have lost all sense of self worth. You don’t believe you are anything, you’ve allowed yourself to be beaten down to nothing and you have given up on yourself. It would be interesting to know your childhood background, I suspect this constant need for male validation is something that developed in your psyche before you even matured.

How can you explain leaving one man and jumping into pregnancy with a new man shortly after when you are still struggling to take care of the kids you brought into the world undecided The first guy was a liability to you and did not “put a ring on it” yet you were willing to start a new cycle with a new online moniker just like that! That person sexually molesting your kid is a testament to your poor decision-making yet you are not naming the pedophile, you’re more concerned about finding yet another new man. Your solution to your challenges is to find a man, any man, to come to your rescue.

Another problem you have is that you have become comfortable with poverty and lack so even when you see money, you cannot make rational decisions to use the money wisely and plan for a smoother tomorrow.

I don’t want to be harsh because your mental state is fragile but even at that, you are very cunning. You are still talking about baby face and seeking to attract a new man, even after everything! Do you think the men that are coming after you are stupid? You think it’s because of your baby face? No, hun! You are attracting predators whose job it is to seek prey and nothing spells prey to an abuser like prey that has been tried and certified through past cycles of domestic abuse and is still asking for more. Simply put, you are an abuser’s dream come true. You need to do a lot of work on your self esteem/worth before even thinking of another man. You would do well to stop thinking of yourself as some sort of Marilyn Monroe, you have real problems to deal with. Even now, it would be no surprise that you still have botrix on reserve as plan B.

I think the best solution for you would be a benefactor that is able to keep you on a leash - make all decisions (accommodation, work, school, etc) for you and your kids, manage your money for you and above all, keep you away from men until you are capable of making rational decisions. In some countries, it’s a legal arrangement described as a conservatorship. In Naija, let’s just say you need an angel, preferably female, not another romantic entanglement. Maybe there are people on Nairaland that can help you because right now, you’re on a path of self destruction and you seriously need help to focus.

Thats why i closed d newoldme account i opened.the fo ol changed my bjprodint acount password,would get angry wen ever he sees me on nairaland,and was jealous on one of my posts where i blew lalasticlala kises cos i was ftc(believe it or not,i am a very social person person and am fun to b with).he went on to abusing my 6yrs old daughter sexually,playing with her private parts.i left d relationship and was sleeping in a fuel station wit d kids under d december january cold.we slept in an open space with d help of d security man then,pregnancy happened,incomplete miscarriage happened,i called b otrix,he asisted me with 15k 4 emergency evacuation to save my life.i sold part of my properties and rented a room.i did pop corn busines,i taught in a sch.to earn 12k per month,i stoped because 12k was enough to take care of 2 kids and myself.my siblings couldnt help,they have their families to care 4.my father who retired 4rm his work 2 takecare of my mum who died about six years ago is jobles.believe it or not,i am ...

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Family / Re: Roles In The 'nigerian' Family by MMotimo: 2:03am On Aug 16

Good morning, I have a pending request for a meeting with you. Something like a Tea-talk or something.

I believe I can pick a lot of positives from your personality.
I have sent you a DM, kindly respond to it.

I didn’t get the request but I’m happy to chat here on the forum, I don’t check that email account anyway.
Mention me on an old thread and I will respond.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by MMotimo: 12:26am On Aug 08
Using our latest family home purchase as an example - we bought a 5 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 garage semi-detached in 2017 for £225k. We put down a 15% (£35k)deposit as we were buying as a family home. Interest was 2.18% so monthly payments just under £700pcm.

We then spent £55k (cash reserves) on the renovations. It included taking it back to brick internally, putting new windows (was single glazed), central heating, kitchen, re-wiring, created a 2nd bathroom by splitting the garage, carpeted it throughout. It took 5 weeks because we know people in the industry and also had somewhere else to stay so weren't living in a building site. Remember we have 3 children (they were 3, 1.5 and 1.5 then) so we're a family of 5.

Very nice! Property is not my thing but I love when fellow females have sound financial acumen to better their family’s financial future.


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