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Crime / Re: Police Station Set On Fire In Orile, Lagos (Videos) by MNDY(m): 11:28am On Oct 20
Na the Revolution way be that. Fiilè bé. We used #EndSARS peaceful protest as an avenue.
Na signs of the Revolution wey we want be dat. More still loading.
Buhari must resign or restructure Nigeria or break Nigeria up.
Nigeria is not working and we are unable to even feed under his government.

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Volunteers To Be The Leader Of EndSARS Movement by MNDY(m): 11:04am On Oct 20
I stand with edo state the gallant youth are still on the street protesting despite the curfew

Over here in edo state we see it as a revolution, to remove hunger and set back from all nigeria the government are feeling the heat over here as the protesters are shouting
Buharimustgo, it is now a revolution here, so if the government can look away from other states definitely not edo, so they will try to distrubt the protest as possible

We need nigerians to support edo state and turn every protest in their state to #Buharimustgo or restructure now,
It is either now or never..... It is beyond endsars we want corruption out of the system

Dont blame edo state because your state is still shouting endsars, and the government is still the protest as child play in your state, i have been protesting in edo, the endsars didnt gain much respect here until it changed to Buharimustgo and the government is not finding it funny so they wont to hijack to protest with all they got

Bleep those government dogs on nairaland here making you hate the effort of the edo people and their bravery, we must take back our country and end corruption for once

ENDSARS is the trigger revolution is the goal

God bless my edo brothers
And godbless nigeria plenty

After this protest you all hater would regret hating on the edo peoples efforts

I just don't want to go back into corruption after this protest it would be a waste of time
Buhari is assumed dead in edo, if he still alive in your state then am sorry
Corruption mustgo
Badgovernance mustgo

Bello is a clown, if they let him in his state lead a protest i would understand why they let him establish ruga in their state too

I love you Edo guys so much. I've been with an Edo guy for a year (NYSC) and I know the Edo boldness. You guys are great.
Una too sharp and rugged.

Meanwhile, I feel insulted as a youth by Bello for this.

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Burn Vehicles Packed By ENDSARS Protesters In APO, Abuja(video) by MNDY(m): 8:53am On Oct 20
Any protest that involves the blocking of major roads and occupying of highways is no more a peaceful demonstration.

Is that hard to understand?

I condemn the attacks but you can't predict how people will react when your actions put their livelihood and well being at risk.

People fail to understand that the peaceful protester is also able to cause damage too. He is unable to afford things in the market and that makes him very angry. Buhari has made feeding a battle for the average Nigerian. Prices are scary.

Is it not the peaceful protesters that are blocking roads? Is that peaceful? Buhari should Resign Now. Edo and Ondo protesters have made it clear unlike others hiding it under #EndSARS. We want Buhari to resign and not just police reforms.

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Time to talk with Government - OPAN President, Austyn Ogannah by MNDY(m): 8:16pm On Oct 19
Nobody is talking to anybody. We are shutting thus country down until the politicians change the system.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 8:05pm On Oct 19

Through a Revolution, Buhari will be forced to either resign or restructure Nigeria or break Nigeria up? Zombie talk, Buhari should do the work of the National Assembly, & States House of Assembly? Mumu just shows you don’t know anything.

Have you not heard of leaders who bowed to pressure and resign amidst strong revolutions around the world?
Or are you being st.uuupid?
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 6:07pm On Oct 19

are u d one who will carry d revolution to d north?
do u think d Ba Turanchis give a damn about ur revolution.
Day dreaming is free though

Their own affair in the north is none of my business.

I just blame Lugard for creating this 2-in-1 country.

Southern revolution alone can make things happen.

If the north does not join, it makes the separation of the north from the south and the breakup of Nigeria an easy job.
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Protesters Use Buses To Block Roads Leading To Bwari In Abuja (Photos) by MNDY(m): 5:27pm On Oct 19
Bukharin must resignffgg
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 5:22pm On Oct 19

And the same youths will be sponsored to destroy the protest

Wat am saying in essence is this
lets channel our strength where it will yield positive results. Example, if its time for election and we all agree that we have been voting for nothing, this time around we will not vote, or we decide to all stand behind a young contestant irrespective of the tribe, then we will be heading somewhere.

Southern youths i can see a little bit of hope in
But what of northern youths, A huge chunk of them are not educated, they only attend islamic schools, and trust me all they want to hear is the candidate their imam is supporting.

Finally, there is no hope for a better "one" nigeria. Not today, not tomorrow. Visit the core north, u will understand

Through a Revolution, Buhari will be forced to either resign or restructure Nigeria or break Nigeria up.

Leaders around the world have bowed to pressure and resigned amidst heavy Revolutions. It is not a new thing and can happen in Nigeria too.

The int'l community will watch as Nigerians refuse to relent in calling for his resignation.

This is beyond just #EndSARS. The people are unable to buy from the market anymore and that alone is enough to keep their anger burning.

They have borne things for so long and can't take it anymore. This is a golden opportunity for them to change their country and they are not taking chances.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 5:12pm On Oct 19
I don't think this is a realistic demand. It's common knowledge that Edo state rejected Buhari during the 2019 elections. So a renewed call for Buhari's resignation will be largely seen as a political agenda to oust a democratically elected president.

It's better for protesters to focus on achievable demands. Insist on sincere police reform implementation. Ask for better governance, greater accountability etc. Not Buhari must go. it will give the agitation a pdp coloration.

To be honest, the crude toutish way Edo protesters are going about the protest will likely sabotage the valiant efforts of other protesters across the country.

He should honourably resign. That is actually what the people want. Other #EndSARS protesters elsewhere have not been able to boldly express it and have been hiding it under #EndSARS due to fear - and that is what you will not find in an Edo person. Very bold and stubborn.

You think after Ending SARS, Nigerians still want to continue with inability to buy things in the market under this man? He will be forced to Resign when #EndSARS transforms into a Revolution because this is a golden opportunity Nigerians have to change the overall country for good. Leaders around the world have been forced to resign before. It is not a new thing.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 4:47pm On Oct 19
my state be making me proud ��.....

I love you guys so much! I've been with an Edo guy and the boldness is admirable. No need to carry #EndSARS for head too much.

BUHARI MUST GO is what others have been avoiding and hiding it under #EndSARS. Edo guy get mind. They can even defy the curfew.

What we want is not just #EndSARS, na make Buhari resign or restructure or break Nigeria up, make the country better. But other protesters elsewhere have not been able to express it boldly.


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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 4:36pm On Oct 19
The boldness and stubbornness of Edo people is one thing I've seen in some of them I know.

They can defy the curfew sef.

Edo guy go do wetin dey him mind without sending you. They just did what others have been refraining from. Others are all about #EndSARS #EndSARS and scared of targeting the main target: BUHARI.

We all know it is Buhari Nigerians want to resign and go or restructure and/or break Nigeria up, to make Nigeria work. Because the Nigeria we have in his hands now na survival of the fittest. Pesin nor fit buy anything for market again.

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Edo Protesters Carry Coffin & Chant "Buhari Must Go" by MNDY(m): 4:27pm On Oct 19
Well done

In Edo state we don't make noise

We don't sell our people out for money like tinubu

We don't share kerosene in the face of filth and crime like Ikpeazu

We don't cry and pray while herds men kill our people like ortom of benue does

We don't raise touts to super stars like tinubu did mc oluomo.... just ask bobby

We in Edo state are a proud people

We don't chest beat like South East or practice hatred, betrayal and tribalism like South West does.

An Edo man's yes is his yes and his no is his no, we are not them, we don't change mouth

We lead the world follows

To be honest with you, I love Edo people - BOLD AND BLUNT.
I've served in NYSC with one and I saw those characteristics in him.

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Politics / Re: #EndInsecurityNow: DSS Detains Northern Group Leaders Over Planned Protest by MNDY(m): 4:44pm On Oct 17
Disadvantage of a protest having a visible leader especially in my country Nigeria.... A successful protest should not have a visible leader,it should be spontaneous, am taking a cue from #endsars protest

Runtown and Falz (especially) with Aisha Yesufu are indirect leaders of the #EndSARS protests. Thing is they are not leading it under the aegis of an organization.
Politics / Re: Endsars Protest In Benin City Today Friday.../10/2020 by MNDY(m): 8:33pm On Oct 16

Which one is cult war again?

War against the government or against themselves?

You guys shouldn't give these evil men reasons to apply force to these peaceful movements. I don't know why you guys are setting up a bonfire. Una be hunters?

I take the lives of those who this protest has taken to beg una.

You had to accompany it with that picture of Patoranking trying to tell someone at the protest ground wetin happen 4 Abule.
Crime / Re: Edo EndSARS Protesters Shot & Stabbed By Hoodlums (Photos, Video) by MNDY(m): 7:56pm On Oct 16
Now that the protesters are aware of hoodlums, na to rush the hoodlums when next they appear. The protesters can subdue any number of hoodlums coming at them.
Crime / Re: Policeman Ordered Out Of A Man’s Truck In Lagos For Trying To Extort Him by MNDY(m): 7:47am On Oct 16
See as the police just waka comot
Before bois go use tire burn am grin
Dem for break him head fess

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Politics / Re: End The Protest Now - Segalinks, The Coverner Of #EndSARS, Warns Youths by MNDY(m): 7:37pm On Oct 14

The new demand is EndSwat and #EndBuhari.

Water don enter pipeline.

Next week, We are starting our own in Kogi State.

Una think say una mad abi?

Una never see anything.

Babe, e don set o.

Lokoja own don start.
Boys don block Government House Lugard House for Lokoja dis afternoon. I de enter Lokoja from Abuja dis week.

God punish devil.
Everywhere go burst.
#EndSARS #EndSWAT dey, but na to kuku change am for dem join. Dem go hear word.

We go fall dis Nigeria. Buhari must step down. Bello must step down.
Nigeria is not working: Restructure or Break up.
Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend During EndSARS Protest At Alausa, Ikeja (Photos) by MNDY(m): 10:30pm On Oct 13
Nl alfa males come and see your fellow man kneeling to propose to his girlfriend. The guy self might be part of these red pillers forming alfa male online and kneeling to propose offline.
SIMPs are getting married and building successful homes while our alfas continue bashing naija women and get more frustrated.Simping really pays. cheesy
HML in advance to them, may their marriage be devoid of protests.
This is def an alfa male. grin

Whenever your own man proposes without kneeling, reject it. Since you want it your own way. Be very careful fa. GIRLS AND WHAT THEY WANT.

That Simp is not an Alpha Male or a Redpiller.


Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend During EndSARS Protest At Alausa, Ikeja (Photos) by MNDY(m): 10:19pm On Oct 13
Yes, from the kind of stupid comments you guys make, it's

How e dey do you...
If your man proposes without kneeling, reject na. Since you want it your own way.


Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu: We Rejected Governors, Emefiele’s Moves To Stop EndSARS Protests by MNDY(m): 10:12pm On Oct 13
We are not leaving the streets until Buhari either steps down, restructure Nigeria or Nigeria breaks up. NIGERIA is not working.

Nigerians are dying and suffering untold hardship. EndSARS is but just an avenue for the bigger gbege ahead.

We the youths are ready to overpower any security forces unleashed on us, and if we perish we perish.

NIGERIA must change for good even if not for we in this generation, for the next generation.


Crime / Re: EndSARS: Man Protests With Waist Beads In Port Harcourt by MNDY(m): 10:01pm On Oct 13
Naive people see waist bead, while people with foresight sees beyond waist bead.

The sweetness of madness is best known to a mad man.

You've been there and done that to know this.

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Health / Re: Another Man Commits Suicide By Hanging In Benue State (Graphic Photos) by MNDY(m): 9:52pm On Oct 13

Nigerians are in deep shit. Life is extremely hard and help is not coming from anywhere.

Buhari should step down or restructure Nigeria or let Nigeria break up. NIGERIA is not working. The hunger and suffering suffered by Nigerians at the moment is a near-death experience.

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Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo Receives Range Rover Autobiography Gift From Friend (Photos, Video) by MNDY(m): 9:44pm On Oct 13
This is not something you see everyday. so don't feel weird if you think it's a gift from a homosexual relationship.

If I were to be a Nigerian celebrity, I would completely cut off from the social media like the likes of Ramsey Noah. Nigerians and their bad mouth fit make pesin hang himself.

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Sagay Says FG May Forcefully End Protests If Youths Continue by MNDY(m): 9:33pm On Oct 13
I'm really waiting for it to get to that.

Then we will be free to do the revolution that have long been overdue.

And trust me sir...

You are marked.

NIGERIA must restructure or break up. Or Buhari must step down.

NIGERIA is not working. We are tired and angry and ready to overpower security forces. Long years of docile followership and the bottled up anger for this country makes the youths ready to face death to make a better NIGERIA possible. For the next generations.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Sagay Says FG May Forcefully End Protests If Youths Continue by MNDY(m): 9:25pm On Oct 13

Any such use of force will trigger dire consequences. The pent up anger and frustration of the Nigerian youth might just tip over.

There will be trouble. Nigerians are ready to overpower security forces. The long years of docile followership don do everybody. The youths don vex.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Sagay Says FG May Forcefully End Protests If Youths Continue by MNDY(m): 9:18pm On Oct 13

Even Trump used excessive force to quell BlacklivesMatter matter ptotest and nothing happened...

Don't dare the state!

Nigeria is not the U.S
By the time the very bitter people start overpowering security forces, you will know that the people are very angry and tired of Nigeria.
Education / Re: Public Schools: Tell Me The Truth - Zulum Begs At Meeting With Borno Principals by MNDY(m): 9:10pm On Oct 13
This is the only real Governor in the North

in Nigeria.
No past or present governor and politician is like him.

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Soldiers, Toyin Abrahim Protest In Ibadan by MNDY(m): 8:58pm On Oct 13
Enough is Enough is that a new Sex Style undecided cool

I've seen porn of a girl on top of a guy exactly like that fucking him. Don't know what the style is called.
Politics / Re: Nursing Mother And Her Baby Join EndSARS Protest (video) by MNDY(m): 8:52pm On Oct 13
Activism is in her blood. History will not forget this woman and her baby.

Before you blame this woman, remember the monsters has no respect for anyone. They can even arrest the woman simply because her baby is fresh and tag the baby Yahoo baby.

Protest against police brutality is everyone's duty.


This is beyond EndSARS.

She said she has suffered and doesn't want her daughter to suffer.

We are looking at making this protest metamorphose into something else.

NIGERIA is not working. Buhari should step down or restructure or let Nigeria break up. This is where the main bitterness of the people lies.

Long years of docile followership. Nigerians don vex.


Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Peter Okoye Protests, Storms Lagos Streets by MNDY(m): 7:01pm On Oct 13
I think there is more to this protest..... For damn sake sars has been dissolved by the IGP and confirmed by the president.....
Of what cause is this protest for, i need a valid explanation undecided

NIGERIA is not working.
That's where the main bitterness lies.
We want a Restructuring or a Breakup. Or even Buhari to step down. EndSARS is but just an avenue.

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Celebrities / Re: #EndPoliceBrutality: Phyno, Flavour, Others Protest In Enugu by MNDY(m): 6:50pm On Oct 13
O ye youths!
Now is the time. Now is the opportunity. Illbliss angrily said in the hook of one of his song: "Why are we struggling so hard in our own country?"

We've had it up to here. Dem goh hear am from the long years of docile followership. This is beyond just SARS. We goh change am for dem.
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