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Politics / Re: Remi Tinubu Watches And Celebrates Super Falcons Win Against Australia (Video) by moppie123(m): 5:10pm On Jul 27
God bless Our Firstlady!

She is so passionate about the Super Falcons!

So passionate about the Super Falcons yet they are being owed their wages
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 5:59am On Jun 29
When I complained about this administration, someone said I was a hater. He even went ahead to say I wasn’t from Anambra state. The truth is that some of us are gathered here because we want the best for our dear state. Nothing has improved since this administration came on board. The few roads being constructed lack some of the basic things modern roads should have. The tout menace has continued unchallenged and nothing has been done about sanitation. This thread was always busy when Obiano was the governor. I always saw updates on road constructions, tourism, community development, wealth creation, education and health. My town even had streetlights running through the major roads. Even during Covid, things were going on.

The truth is that Anambra needs a firm leader, most of the problems in Anambra can simply be solved with having the right laws and policies in place and these things will not break the bank. I expected the governor, as an economist, to come up with solid strategies on how to empower the people and create wealth. I felt so indifferent when I read that palm seedlings were shared to individuals without proper training and structure in place. There has been no innovative ideas on wealth creation, no different approach to capacity building, just the normal talk talk governance with loud mouthed praise singers.


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 2:14pm On Apr 20
Ekwulobia/Isuofia road
This is good and highly commendable, however more can be done. I think new roads can be dualised and paved with functional (keyword) walkways. It should be standard. It is not about being in a rush to construct many roads, it is about quality and how sustainable it will be in the future. These single lane roads will still need to be reconstructed and expanded with time so why not start now?


Travel / Re: Some Tips About Living In Uk by moppie123(m): 10:31pm On Mar 24
Still wonder why someone who can afford a comfortable life in Nigeria ,will nearly turn to a beggar all in the name of relocation.
The joke here is on Nigeria. Why would one really want to be a ‘beggar’ in a foreign land if not for how terrible things are in Nigeria. In Nigeria you are just one huge ransom away from losing all your savings. You are at a higher risk of losing your life to avoidable things.

In all, one shouldn’t just travel out without planning. You can learn new skills, get relevant and needed certifications and all. You can still get those big jobs in the UK but just as the OP said, you shouldn’t be selective especially when you are new because you need those menial jobs to survive.

As for the fake accent part. One shouldn’t fake British accent (you may be shooting yourself on the foot), however, it is very important to learn how to pronounce words well and communicate better. This helps in interviews (especially for jobs that have to deal with meeting people).

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Politics / Re: Ephraim Nwuzi: Rivers Rep Arrested, Remanded In Prison For Inciting Comments by moppie123(m): 7:48am On Feb 23
An example should be made out of him. People should value human lives for once in Nigeria. The way he was talking about killing at least 3 people, this is so wrong. Just because of politics? He should be thrown in jail for life. When people see or hear of him, they should shudder in fear and run away from all forms of violence.
Politics / Re: NOW: APC Angry With Wike For Sharing Pictures Of Tinubu Being Carried Into A Car by moppie123(m): 2:51pm On Feb 19


Nairaland / General / Re: Honouring The Memory Of Ekpemi Anni-Alatishe (Gamine) by moppie123(m): 12:59pm On Feb 08
RIP Gamine. May your soul rest in peace
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 1:53pm On Feb 03
These roads will not exceed 5 years with the way I see it. Soludo should man up and work smart. He has been playing around too much


Politics / Re: Koka Flyover, Asaba Commissioned By Atiku Abubakar by moppie123(m): 11:12am On Jan 26
These projects are things Wike and Udom (governors of other oil producing states) build for fun. Rivers has a terrible topography that means they have to spend a lot in projects yet, Wike builds these things like a walk in the park.
Phones / Re: Android Is Definitely Superior To Ios - User's Experience. by moppie123(m): 9:41am On Dec 15, 2022
I have been playing around with my brother's IPhone 14 pro and these are my observations.
The idea of Apple's IPhone being better than android is simply a marketing phenomenon
Hear me.
Obviously all phones do similar stuff nowadays anyway. A tech inclined person could find a way to bypass the bottlenecks on ios to achieve most things albeit with several jump arounds and compromises, so I could definitely live with iPhone if I have to.

Functionality wise, the iPhone is a joke and a testament to the Power of the American culture being able to impose any narrative on the world.
Imagine not being able to monitor your downloads in your notifications drop down or not being able to see actual progress of your downloads on the app store?

The various browsers are all glorified safari themes due to being forced to use only webkit engine.
Compare this to Android where Chrome, Firefox, etc all look like their desktop equivalents. You can even run Chrome extensions on Android if you use the right chromium browsers.
Summarily browsing the web is a better experience on Android.

I appreciate the sandboxed approach in terms of security but windows phone OS was also sandboxed but could at least connect to computers to copy files or even quickly share documents by Bluetooth so what are we talking.

The so called navigation gestures not being universal on iOS is a bit annoying too compared to Android where a back swipe works on any app.

The only thing Apple has going for it in my opinion is the video quality and ecosystem, which is brilliant anyway. Samsung has something similar going though with "Link to Windows" which can even open any app on your laptop. You can even make calls from your laptop or copy and paste text and images between both devices.

AirDrop which apple brags about is nearly matched by nearbyshare, even though Google is abysmal with marketing and no one knows about it undecided

My s21 ultra is still blazing fast after over a year so I don't know about this so called android lag.

Another thing is the perceived societal value the Apple brand carries, and subsequently the resale value which is only a bit decent with Samsung and Google pixel on the Android side.

I was really tempted to try switch to the iPhone 14 pro max but I now see it would probably be a downgrade from my S21 ultra.

"Less is more" ideology of apple is clever psychological marketing aimed at selling incompetence.
If Apple was as fully featured as Android believe me, they'd laugh at Android. grin

Hoping the S23 ultra brings better video though.
Having switched from a mere mid range Samsung (Galaxy A50), to Iphone 14 Pro Max, I can’t agree less with you. Based on functionality and versatility, top rated android phones trump over iphones. Apple has a good marketing strategy, modelling their phones as a premium and elite brand. This creates a fear of missing out in people and they all want to join the bandwagon. I still use my Samsung for so many things, especially my Zoom meetings where I have to split my screen and take notes on the other side.

PS: for those citing money as the reason people use android phones, note that Samsung premium phones are more expensive to buy and maintain. I noticed when people compare apple to android, they consider mid range and smaller brands in android. It doesnt work that way.


Properties / Re: Tenant Sues Landlady For Refusing To Sell Her House To Him by moppie123(m): 10:36pm On Dec 06, 2022
The real question to ask is where did a former Air commodore see N90m to N100m to negotiate and where did a former colonel see N135m to pay. Nobody should say salary or gratuity please... If only 2 people in the military,that are not even at the highest levels of their careers can quote millions like this, imagine what will be going on in the military.
Education / Re: Suing My University To Court: Any Hope For Justice? by moppie123(m): 9:58am On Dec 03, 2022
It is too much of "let the sleeping dog lie" that kept Nigeria where it is. A University, caused unnecessary pressure on the young man, denied him of his scholarship which in turn, made him start working in order to pay his fees and as a result of that, his grade dropped even further. Do you know how many jobs he may lose in the future because his grades are not up to the level recruiters want? Do you know that this "sleeping dog" can mar this guy's life?

My first option is for you to get a good lawyer (some will even do it for free and will ask for money when you win the case), and sue the University. This option will likely pay for all damages and future costs in your career. The second option however, is to get back to the scholarship body and explain what happened. You may be lucky to be paid back the amounts you are owed.
Let the sleeping dog lie my brother. Thank God you have moved on. Just ensure you make necessary corrections before your last paper.

Let me relate

I requested for a copy of my transcript to a UNI for my PG years ago. The course in the cover letter was different from that of my transcript. I was called from the PG school to contact my UNI. Can you believe I paid another transcript fee and courier charges for an error I didn't know anything about? In saner climes, I would be compensated. In Nigeria, you can loose all the years of struggle.

Just let it go. Better days ahead...


Travel / Re: Japa Story: The Cost Of Relocating To The UK With Family by moppie123(m): 10:26am On Dec 01, 2022
Team JAPA are among the lazy and irrational citizens. I wonder why many don’t think of the reason why they found themeselves to be citizens of Nigeria.

JAPA mentality IMO you have no plan to influence your nation or your society, it appears you’re not in tune with the purpose of your existence but only focused on your personal interest.

We’ve been lied to that life is what we felt it is when actually it’s extremely the opposite of what we’ve been told.

Don’t be surprised that citizens of civilized countries are tied of their country just as we’re tied too. Strict laws we don’t follow here, you’ll get there and comport yourself meanwhile, their citizens are tied of such laws cause they know some countries are lawless.

Wow, humanity on the run to nowhere when nothing is chasing them but themselves and they lament it’s life.
This money for relocation is enough to set up a micro enterprise to meet the fast growing population in Nigeria / Neighboring African country, with a plan for upgrade of the business as the cash flow increases. There is no free launch any where in the world. Africa has a lot of gap and opportunities to be filled and harnessed. All the same relocation is good with respective individual evaluation of the opportunities and risk.
For every thing in life, there is time and season for every one, so it is always good to get prepared for the opportunities.

My advise is that individual should relocate on personal reasons and not because your close friend or family member has travelled to the UK or Canada, The case varies and individual potentials, opportunities and luck varies.

A family of 4 that have truly "Japa" to the UK knows your total initial cost is highly exaggerated for the popular one-year masters.

1. School fees can be paid at an official rate (less than 500 nairas) and some schools require a 2k or 5k pounds deposit. This drops the tuition deposit to about 1m to 2.5m. If I assume a 5k deposit, it saves 2m nairas compared to yours.

2. For proof of funds (in interest), you need tuition balance + living expenses. Most school tuition is less than 13,000 pounds, and there are schools with less than 10000 pounds tuition. If you deposit 5000 pounds (2.5m nairas) for a 13,000-pound school, you will need about 8000 pounds (4m nairas) more for the tuition balance. You will also need 29,000 pounds for living expenses for a family of 4 outside London. (29,000+8000) pounds= 37,000 pounds (about 17.5m naira). At 3.5% interest, 17.5m naira will yield 612,500 naira. Saves about 1.9 million nairas compared to yours.

To-be continued..
All the best.!

Don't blame the JAPA people, blame the system. A system that kills you for being a young, hardworking man/woman. A system that kills your dreams even before you wake up. A system where you live everyday like it's your last, avoiding kidnappers, herdsmen, unknown gunmen, road accidents, police brutality etc.

Do you know how many businesses that have ended because of the numerous kidnappings on our highways? Or how many farmers that have closed up shop because of herdsmen ravaging their lands? Or how many commercial businesses that have closed up because of fluctuating rates? Or manufacturing businesses that have folded up because of poor power supply and poor purchasing power of the people? Just a few weeks ago, Nigeria lost a promising young talent on YouTube (Eboh's Media) whose only crime was travelling around the country, and making videos to showcase the beauty of his homeland. This is just one case out of many.

Nigeria is now running a sachet economy, an economy where everything is sold in sachets. From milk, to Milo, even to baby food. When you see things like that in the economy, just know that there is trouble. This happens when the price of the original products are gradually getting out of the reach of the masses. A country with about 70% of its 200m+ population living in abject poverty. That is 140m+ people. It will get to the point where Nigerians will start eating themselves if nothing is done, because when hunger takes over, the average human becomes savage.

Nobody says travelling abroad means you have gone to El Dorado where you strike gold but then, it pays for your hardwork and smartwork.

It's not all doom and gloom though. There is hope in 2023. Nigeria needs a leader who will put the country on the right path. I grieve when I see a country with hundreds of trillions of potentials, yet its citizens are poor. Nigeria's story is similar to that of a driver who drives his Ferrari like a keke. It simply means we need to change the drivers. They leave us uneducated and poor just to satisfy their greed. Things need to change.

We need to vote wisely.

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Sports / Re: What Year Did You Start Watching World Cup by moppie123(m): 10:25am On Nov 21, 2022
France 98. Saw a few scenes of USA 94, especially the hype and jingles, but was too young to understand what was really going on.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Emir Of Kano Again (Pictures) by moppie123(m): 12:32pm On Oct 27, 2022

One thing obvious here is what the amateurish politician and its politically-kindergaten followers dont know.
Politics is like a game of chess. Every move any politicians made could be analysed and interpreted not only for its significancy in the general electoral race but also the projected consequencies of such moves.

For the mathematicians, computer-scienist, biologist, the statistician, philosophers and so on. When i was in school back then, there is this topic Logic reasoning. Anybody ?

When i was in my first year, or second year in one of the aforementioned discipline. I was meant to understand Logical reasoning involves testing different sets of steps - or algorithms - to determine which sequence of rules leads to the correct solution.

It was confusing at first, until one of my prof. simplified it to me. You see, Logic reasoning really in a more plainer terms involves the relationship between A and B, and the study of the consequences of their immediate interactions.

Now back to the game of chess in relation to politics, any move is interpreted by the significancy or impact it will have on the wider electorate, now this moves may involve a false or possible moves.

The relationship between A(Obi and his Eye service) and B(the northerners) is non-existence, using every steps or algorithm(Taking into consideration past alliance, interactions, influence, intersection, structure and general public followership and sympathy) to want to arrive at any particular outcome(if obi really has a chance) ... Is zero, which means we are still going to arrive at Zero Outcome.

The Significancy of this visit in a chess game has little to zero impact on the wider electorate (the northern voters) and the projected consequencies of such needless visit still stands at Zero(inconsequential)

Kai, i wish somebody can see what am seeing

Coming from someone who says significancy. Terrorists are planning to take over your nation's capital and you are still here typing significancy. Flood has taken over 50% of your country, with no word from government and you are here typing significancy. Kidnappers are in every part of the country running rampage and you are still typing significancy.

My brother, if you like keep typing significancy up and down. I am sure you don't even have the wherewithal to execute your Plan B (if you even have one), should Nigeria collapse. Bros, please, learn to love your country. I will leave you with that last quote.
Politics / Re: Fact Check: Peter Obi Never Said He Pulled 439 Million People Out Of Poverty by moppie123(m): 6:53pm On Oct 19, 2022
Seon thinks he's doing Obi? grin grin Hahahaha. Go and check the current Nairaland stats. I remember when Nairaland was pulling an average of 50,000 views on almost any front page thread. On good days even up to a 100,000 views. Now even though it's elections season posts struggle to get 30,000.

When you work against God's anointed he will look into your matter and put you to shame. No be Peter Obi unna wan gang up against?
Honestly is it very shameful for the owner of a platform like nairaland, the supposed biggest forum in Africa to be playing partisan politics. This is damaging nairaland seriously. I was shocked when I saw people believing the post. It simply shows that the poverty in the country didnt even afford them enough money to buy data to watch the video before making baseless comments. Please my people if not for anything, love your country. Other countries are leaving us behind and it is shameful that Nigeria that has what it takes to be a global power is still struggling with bad roads, electricity, poorly equipped hospitals, ASUU strike etc. If you don't know, we have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with USA and UK if only we can get things right. N10,000, even N1,000,000 given to u today is of no value compared to the suffering in the country.... Please let's vote wisely, it is not about our tribesman, or brother, it is about love for country


Politics / Re: Ajuri Ngelale Trends On Twitter After Whitewashing Peter Obi And Atiku by moppie123(m): 12:45pm On Sep 19, 2022
You just took the words out of my mouth.

I'm not from Anambra but I can confidently tell you that no matter wherever you come from in Nigeria, your state is not producing more economically buoyant citizens than Anambra state, unless you come from areas like Lagos, Abuja (two places built by the federal government) or from states who get lopsided federal allocations as a result of the faulty 99 constitution. All these "gala and lacasera" talks are nothing but roadside jibes/taunts from a failed people, who are being economically dominated in their own land by those they insult to no end.
But then, if such makes you feel good, enjoy it. Doesn't take away the fact that Anambrarians are doing better than you in your own state. Envy and jealousy can't change that. A change of mindset and hard work will..

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Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 5:51pm On Jul 28, 2022
Please how much did Anambra State receive as her 13% oil derivation?
Just in

Today 27th July, 2022, Anambra just received it's first 13% derivative as oil producing state.

Legacy at it's peak. God bless Willie Obiano.
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 6:24am On Jun 28, 2021

You people make me laugh when you analyse things.
Na only person wey no sabi road for Ihiala, Okija and Uli that will waste precious time to Use Anambra Airport when within 50 mins he/she is at Owerri Airport or almost the same min, he/she is at Asaba.
Forget all the support we gave the governor. In reality, the Airport is for Awka, Aguleri, other Anambra North and Kogi people. Even some parts of the North will be best served at Enugu when you consider the time it will take to move inside Umuleri.
South and Central will either use Owerri and Asaba respectively than waste precious time travelling to Umuleri
Time is money

Honestly this is very unnecessary. If you know Owerri airport as u claim, then you will see why this your analysis is flawed. Owerri airport is about 35 mins from Owerri and for someone to get to Owerri airport from Anambra, it would take double that time which is anything from 70 mins and above.

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Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by moppie123(m): 6:22am On Jun 28, 2021
[quote author=BKayy post=103152124]
You people make me laugh when you analyse things.
Na only person wey no sabi road for Ihiala, Okija and Uli that will waste precious time to Use Anambra Airport when within 50 mins he/she is at Owerri Airport or almost the same min, he/she is at Asaba.
Forget all the support we gave the governor. In reality, the Airport is for Awka, Aguleri, other Anambra North and Kogi people. Even some parts of the North will be best served at Enugu when you consider the time it will take to move inside Umuleri.
South and Central will either use Owerri and Asaba respectively than waste precious time travelling to Umuleri
Time is money [Honestly this is very unnecessary. If you know Owerri airport as u claim, then you will see why this your analysis is flawed. Owerri airport is about 35 mins from Owerri and for someone to get to Owerri airport from Anambra, it would take double that time which is anything from 70 mins and above.]
Religion / Re: Is Qua Iboe Church The Oldest Church In South-East & South-South Nigeria? by moppie123(m): 7:39pm On Dec 26, 2020

Ok.. Do you have prove or facts?

Religion / Re: Is Qua Iboe Church The Oldest Church In South-East & South-South Nigeria? by moppie123(m): 8:16pm On Nov 18, 2020
St Andrew's Anglican Church Obosi, Anambra state, was built in the year 1882


Religion / Re: How Big Brands Are Celebrating Easter Using Creative Designs by moppie123(m): 3:25pm On Apr 12, 2020


Business / Re: Whatsapp Banking: All You Need To Know And Current Operating Banks by moppie123(m): 12:27am On Sep 05, 2018
FBN. More details soon

Travel / Re: Lagos Tops List Of Worst Cities To Live In Africa, 2018 – EIU Report by moppie123(m): 9:38pm On Aug 14, 2018
Sometimes, I begin to think there is some racist elements when they are grading Lagos and other African cities as the worst city to live in. , For a city in of one of the most corrupt country, it is quite impressive that Lagos still manage to work despite boosting a huge population. Some cities look very nice on the outside, but if you venture and live in those cities at night you go know e.g Chicago.
I still wonder the parameters you guys use in judging cities that work. The problem with people living in Lagos is lack of exposure even in the midst of sources of exposure. Lagos lacks so many basic amenities - maybe because of the large population, I can't say but a lot still needs to be done. Go to other developed cities to know what people mean when they say "a city works".
Properties / Re: Please Kindly Advise This Young Lady by moppie123(m): 3:24pm On Oct 15, 2017
With 500k she can build a very decent 1 bedroom apartment with long span roofing sheets sef and asbestos ceiling boards. As long as the soil is not weak. I can build it for her depending on the location. By the way I am a civil engineer. You can check my profile and send a mail to my email address if you need a run down of the quotation.

That amount can even get her a room with a small kitchen, toilet/bathroom and a small sit out.
Travel / Re: Avoid Concord Junction Tunnel Owerri, Imo State (Photo) by moppie123(m): 9:12am On Sep 26, 2017
Inasmuch as a shoddy job was done on the tunnel, these pictures do not show anything relating to the failure of the tunnel. The picture just shows where two slabs meet. Since there are no cracks at all (according to the picture), I think the tunnel is safe for now and wont attain its Ultimate Limit State soon.
Education / Re: Madonna University As A Ponzi Scheme In Nigeria by moppie123(m): 8:45am On Jun 08, 2017


Politics / Re: Obiano’s Overrated Fly-over Bridges Already Collapsing, Be Careful While Using. by moppie123(m): 9:48pm On Mar 14, 2017

Sure, I believe there is nothing wrong with the design, but there could have been a problem with the material selection. A designer might have recommended the use of carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced material for those props. These materials would have been 3times stronger, and 3 times lighter than the steel they eventually used for it, but would cost more. But to cut back the money, those guys could have decided to use steel.
That could be another twist to it though. I just hope something is done and fast.
Politics / Re: Obiano’s Overrated Fly-over Bridges Already Collapsing, Be Careful While Using. by moppie123(m): 4:56pm On Mar 14, 2017
The crack in the first picture is quite wide and water is entering and corroding the steel reinforcement. Erosion in the East is probably worse than anywhere else and the contractor should have place more emphasis on this. There should be clearly defined path for water drainage and also enough concrete cover for steel rebar.

However, I don't see any immediate panic. Hopefully, the bridge will survive another 5 years, just enough time for the expiration of Obiano's second tenure, if he wins grin grin grin

The dead load on that column (poor load transfer n uneven settlement), a quack decision in the name of fancy design, with the air of corrosive water will lead to it's eventual collapse in 10years.
The dead load on the column has always been part of the design right from time. Even in the 3D images before eventual construction, it has always been there. So the load would be considered in the structural design. I also don't think the columns cant take the load because looking at the picture, the load was evenly distributed on the columns and stands on a continuous end to end beam that supports it. My best guess would be soil movement or poor soil test considering the direction and shape of the crack. Anambra state and South East has issues with their soil though. My 2 cents tho

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Politics / Re: Soldier Lifts 50kg Bag With His Teeth (Photos) by moppie123(m): 9:49am On Mar 14, 2017
And that's how this soldier will come and slap somebody

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