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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 2:44am On Jun 20, 2022
Thanks, i appreciate

Seneca college's waiver code: SENE1496572279

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 2:37am On Jun 20, 2022
Thank you


Expires 30th June

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 2:34pm On Jun 19, 2022
Please, i need Seneca college waiver code for 2023 January intake. Thank you
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 8:45am On Jun 17, 2022

[quote author=AmiDelight post=113877414][/quote]
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 6:30am On Jun 17, 2022
Waiting for my visa.. am heading to conestoga college too

Good day Everyone �
I just received my PPR

First time Applicant

*Upfront medical: 28th January, 2022
*Application submitted: 7th May, 2022 (� I was too eager to do my medicals)
*Biometrics: 18th of May, 2022
Updated next day
*PPR and BVL: 16th of June, 2022
(5 weeks, 5 days)

Thank you Jesus����

Who is going to Conestoga College this September?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:16pm On Jun 15, 2022

May we testify to the grace of God very soon.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 9:20am On Jun 14, 2022
We applied the same day lol. Also waiting for ppr

Today being June 14, is exactly one month since I submitted my application.
God I'm next to testify
May 14 applicant here

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 12:18am On Jun 14, 2022
I understand you frustration. God will perfect your next application.

What's your timeline please? Was your medical passed? And which part of Europe did you apply from?

I greet everybody

I was refused a study permit today. First time applicant and I applied in Europe.

The reasons they gave for the refusal are:

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as required by
paragraph R216(1)(b) of the section-216.html).

I am refusing your application because you have not established that you will leave Canada, based on the following factors:

• Your immigration status outside your country of nationality or habitual residence.

• The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the
details you have provided in your application.

• Your current employment situation does not show that you are financially established in
your country of residence.

You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can
demonstrate that your situation meets the requirements.

Please, I need advice on how to tackle these concerns next time.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:04pm On Jun 13, 2022
Canada needs to improve their visa application. The seems to be the only Advanced country that takes so long to approve or deny visa ( 12 weeks ). In 21st century?? That's insane

They need to improve their technology and manpower. Visa shouldn't take more than 10 days.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:35am On Jun 10, 2022
Congratulations to everyone that received his/her PPR. God is so merciful and marvelous.

Am next in line. Amen


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 6:24am On Jun 01, 2022
Same to you. I will testify too

Happy new month all... i book my PPR in this new month with a lot of blessings attached. Amen
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 9:00am On May 31, 2022
Take heart, God will perfect your next application. Amen

Morning everyone... i just got served breakfast... cry cry cry cry cry cry
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 11:47pm On May 27, 2022
God will perfect it, believe


My application is from August 2021. Been waiting on my medical response since October.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 12:29pm On May 27, 2022
2021? They have forgotten about you ooo

October 2021 applicant!!!

Please is there any disadvantage sending mail to this people again after 3 weeks to ask them how far.
I don refresh my mail tire, I don check portal tire. What else should I do?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 1:53pm On May 26, 2022
My eligibility started on 20th may too, waiting for visa approval too

Congratulations �

God just did it for me!!!

Application submitted: March 20

Biometrics: March 24

Upfront Medicals: April 4

Medical Passed: April 6

Eligibility Review: May 20

Visa Approval: May 26


Politics / Re: Buhari Meets APC Governors Others Ahead Of Presidential Primary by Nelson2k: 11:37am On May 25, 2022
That's how it happens even in USA. Trump endorsed 57 aspirants and they all won their primary election. Buhari is not imposing anyone but will endorse his favorite, majority out of respect will obey.

Omoh. The ball has entered my court.

But, I’m so disappointed. It irks me when people say “buhari”s candidate” or wanting to know Buharia”s favorite candidate.

Is that how it’s supposed to be in a democratic government? Isn’t that Godfatherism in broad day light

Damn blooooddy!
Politics / Re: Buhari Meets APC Governors Others Ahead Of Presidential Primary by Nelson2k: 11:34am On May 25, 2022
Consensus have different meaning o. Once majority agree, it becomes consensus. Anyone who doesn'tagree will be disgraced at primary ground. No northern governor will disrespect buhari. Simple


SlaveOfAba, I hope you're aware the governors unanimously rejected anything that has to do with consensus? You'll cry on Monday by the time Tinubu emerges.

BTW, consensus can only happen if all aspirants agree to step down. You cannot force consensus on the party. But you're too dull to know this!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:38pm On May 24, 2022

And 2 days after, I got my PPR. What God cannot do does not exist. After 2 refusals, I got it on this third application. I am coming back with my testimony.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:36pm On May 24, 2022
I changed the date of Birth on my waec certificate. I paid10,000 naira but it took 6 months to be finalized.

Go and change the date on your passport with affidavit from court because that one is easier to change than the age from waec, that's my view

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:32pm On May 24, 2022
Congratulations oooo

I got PPR request today! Jesus did it for me!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 7:19am On May 22, 2022
Application takes 11 weeks, at least wait till month end before you start messaging them.

Hello Good morning. I applied for my study visa in April and did my biometrics precisely on 6th May. It's been over two weeks now and they haven't gotten back to me. Is there anyway I can contact them or I should just for them to contact me. Thanks
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 3:49pm On May 21, 2022
Congratulations, i tap into your blessing. AMEN

author=Afolavid post=113041859]My Longggggggg PPPPPPPPPPPRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Gist!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly don't know where to start but I'll sha start somewhere. It's going to be long but hopefully, you'll enjoy reading it cheesy

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for the Likes, Shares and "Congratulations" messages that filled my mentions. I pray and hope that we all celebrate with everyone who's expecting their PPRs on this thread very very very soon. I'm sorry I'm just dropping this, it's been an extremely exhausting week of activities for me. Now to the main gist!

The desire to travel out of the country has been burning inside of me for a long time and It has always been USA on my mind but I get discouraged and/or carried away by one thing or the other most of the time. The last attempt I gave was in 2019, I wrote and applied to few US Universities but GRE was always the culprit, so I started reading, studying and preparing so hard to write GRE with a friend. She was very determined and motivated me a lot but I just got sick of the whole thing at a time, especially because I was so busy with my businesses and I didn't have much time. BTW, I was making some money from my business that time so I was just like - 'What am I finding in USA self when I'm making a lot of money here', 'what if I get there and one white police shoot me or kneel down on my neck' and so on grin Village people cheesy . Gradually, the travelling to US passion disappeared and I faced my business and life here. My friend eventually wrote GRE, got admission in the US with full funding + graduate assistantship and has been in the USA since late 2019. Amazing!!! shocked

Fast forward to 2021, after I had witnessed the way the Government sprayed its citizens and denied it during the October 2020 protest, I was very sure nothing good is coming out of the country, at least not anytime soon, so I made up my mind to leave before the next election. At that time, Canada was the only country on my mind, so I started the Canada Express Entry process. I evaluated my credentials with WES, wrote IELTS and entered the pool but the FSW draws have been stopped then due to Covid19. I waited for the whole year without any draws and no solid assurance it will start anytime soon (info as at then). During the wait, my brother convinced me to go through the study route that it was faster than EE, which I'm also aware of but I knew I'd be spending a lot of money, almost four times more than I'd spend via Express entry, I was like why spend that much money via study route when my profile, credentials etc will give me good CRS scores and earn me ITA/PR via the EE route? ** Ijebu me grin After almost going bald due to the long wait, I decided to give the study route a shot in January 2022. Little did I know then that I was about to start an adventure that will be fun-filled, stressful, exhausting, tiring and at the same time, fulfilling.

January 2022, I applied to Fanshawe college free of charge via Applyboard, after submitting all my documents, they asked me for my WAEC certificate, something I didn't use throughout Uni till then, well, I quickly drove down to Osun state to collect it, my bills had accumulated in WAEC office grin but I sha paid it and collected the certificate. I uploaded it on my Applyboard dashboard and I was given admission in less than 24 hours. I was so happy when the admission letter dropped. Like play, like play, this was when I went all in for the kill... Fanshawe wanted me to pay almost $10k within 30 days, after reading the refund/withdrawal policy, I said no wahala and processed the payment via e-form A in February. Thanks a lot to Teemenzo who hinted me on a lot of things and motivated me, I just hitted him up via this thread since we're going to the same school in Canada, funny enough, we live like next street to each other without knowing cheesy so we linked up, shared experiences, encouraged ourselves and stuffs. Thanks a lot Bro, I pray and hope your PPR drops unfailingly this month. I can't wait to read your PPR gist ooh cuz you don too tryyyyyy.

Moving on, as a self employed and self sponsored applicant, I started making arrangements on how to gather all my documents, my NYSC certificate was the most difficult to get cuz I didn't collect it during my POP back then [Marlians no dey collect certificate nah grin], I had to travel to Abuja at the NYSC Headquarters to collect it, them catch different cruise with me - "you are just coming for your certificate since 1914 blah blah blah", "haa, you don finally see job, na why you remember the certificate" etc. In my mind, I was like no be una fault, na me Bleep up. cheesy I got the Certificate and used that opportunity to undergo my medicals in Abuja (I already booked ahead).

When I got back from Abuja, I paid a guru here to write my SOP for me, he wrote a good SOP but I wasn't okay with it, I understand he wrote the normal things he's meant to write BUT my guy, "no one can write about you or hype you more than you" motivational speaker isonu grin I was like, at least, he has given me a format/layout/idea already (good part of it) so I re-wrote the SOP myself based on his structure/idea. After about 3 weeks of writing/editing, an SOP of 3 pages or so eventually became 8 pages when I finished. [Big thanks to Ominii, who reviewed the SOP for me free of charge, he pointed out a few corrections to make. I'm glad you have your PPR already as well wink See you in Canada!!!] The finished SOP was too good, my head dey always swell anytime I read am, I suppose print and frame am for my wall cheesy but unfortunately I had a virus attack after submission while looking for hacked Netflix to pass time, this rendered my PC useless and I lost all my soft copy Docs ** free things dey run belle true true embarassed * .

As a business person, it was easy to accumulate my POF, since my account always have good inflows and outflows. After getting all my documents ready, I started merging, demerging, unmerging until I got the perfect arrangement I wanted then I submitted my application on the 31st of March, 2022 (some minutes past 10PM) via the New IRCC Portal. My BIL dropped about 30 minutes later, I rushed to book my biometrics appointment, when I checked Lagos, the next available date was 2 weeks away (April 13 or so) Lagos and wahala cry , I checked Abuja and there were even slots for the next day self (friday) so I booked Biometrics in Abuja for Monday, April 4. Traveled all the way to Abuja again for Biometrics, did it on the 4th of April and was updated the same day. My upfront medical (which I did in February) was passed the next day. I logged into my portal everyday to see if there's any new changes, on April 8, 2022, my eligibility review started. Omo! This V.O dey motivate me ooh grin I was very sure my application will be fast, with the way the VO was working. Thank God I didn't wait for Lagos, Imagine!!! my eligibility review has already started on the 8th of April, while I'd have waited till April 13 thereabouts to do my Biometrics If I had insisted on doing it in Lagos. Everyday I'd read, read and read this thread until there's nothing to read again, then I'll move to the other travel threads. Na so so Canada dreams I dey dream every night until I got tired in my dreams and just took my mind off it, my application was air and water tight so sooner or later, PPR go drop grin Exactly a month after my application was submitted, I ordered GCMS notes to see the present concern of the VO, the GCMS note hasn't dropped till now (the ETA is May 30).

My brother had gotten admission in a University in British Columbia so he submitted his application on the 10th of May, he was also in the same situation I found myself in (2 weeks before he'd be able to do Biometrics in Lagos). So I advised him to go do it in Abuja. Since I also needed to take my mind off my application, I decided to go to Abuja with him, so we set out on a road trip to Abuja, drove all the way up to Abuja, was fun sha. Before leaving, my mind told me to take my passport with me just in case I get PPR but I was like 'I go need carry all my files be that, because of biometric slips and other docs' so I ignored and we set out. We got to Abuja, he did his biometrics the next day (Friday, May 13). On Saturday, we went to the market with my Big Sis (solely because I wanted to buy big travel bags), my brother discouraged me from buying the bags since I don't even have PPR yet not to talk of knowing when I'll be travelling. I insisted and bought the bags. (I get coconut head nah) smiley 2 days later, which is the next working day, at exactly 1:52pm, I got a mail from IRCC, telling me to check my application for new messages, haaa! my heart started beating so fast, I couldn't even check it, I was so scared. My brother checked it for me, it was BVL and PPPRRRRR!!! Na so the jubilation start ooh. cool Travelled back to Lagos the following day, then sent my passport and docs to Abuja VAC the day after (Wednesday). The TRV has been affixed and already on its way back with Monday as EDT. LOI dropped this morning as well. cool

Application Timeline

Portal - New IRCC Portal
App Submitted - Mar 31, 2022 (11PM)
Upfront Medical - Feb 24, 2022
Biometrics Done & Passed - Apr 4, 2022
Medicals Passed - Apr 5, 2022
Eligibility Review Started - Apr 8, 2022
BVL/PPR - May 16, 2022 (1:52PM)
Duration - 6 Weeks (1st time Applicant)

Documents Submitted

Letter of Acceptance
Tuition Receipt (Paid 1st Semester Fees)
WAEC Certificate
BSc Certificate
NYSC Certificate
IELTS Result (General - 7.5)
Comp Engineering Cert (I.T School)
Internship Letter (IT dept of IITA)
Pics of myself taken in uniform during my Internship
Pics of Routers & Switches that I Installed
Transcripts for BSc and IT School
International Passport
Birth Certificate
Driver's License
Vaccination Card
eMedical Slip
Birth Cert/Int Passports of Siblings
Mum's ID Card
Family Pictures (Labelled everyone)
Parents Marriage Certificate
6 months MBS - Personal Account (9.2million balance, 81m inflow/74m outflow)
Registration Docs of my company (CAC, Memo, Article of Association etc.)
Registration Docs of 2nd company (CAC, Article of Association etc.)
FIRS Tax Clearance Certificates
Auto Dealership Certificate (2nd Biz is a Car dealership)
Auto Dealer Customized Plates Number
Custom Papers of Cars available for sale from my Auto Business
Picture of Cars and Heavy duty Equipment Available for sale (Stated their worth in SOP)
Revenue receipts from Lagos State Govt
My Business Cards and I.D Cards of me and few staffs (Both companies)
Few Sales Invoice/Receipt (Client's name on receipt matches the inflow in Bank account)
Office Pictures and pictures of Items for Sale in the main company
My Land survey and purchase documents
Pictures of ongoing building projects (showing different stages)
My Dad's Death Certificate
Dad's Land Documents
Dad's House Documents (Approval plan, C of O, etc.)

I think these are all the documents I submitted. There are some notable things I did in my application that made it a no brainer for me and the VO... I was sure of how almost perfect it is that I set aside some money for Judicial Review just in case I get a refusal (even though I might not do JR cuz it even takes more time than reapplication) grin
- My brother is the assistant-director in one of my companies (backed it up with Particulars of Directors, Memo, his ID card, etc.), so I stated it clearly in my SOP that he'll be the one managing both companies while I'm away. I also emphasized on the fact that the company makes a 7-figure profit monthly and he'll be sending 80% of the profits to my personal account every month (Company Docs shows 80%:20% shares) which makes it even perfect.
- I added the ongoing building project (pics, docs, proofs, etc.) and stated it clearly that I intend to live in there upon completion, when I return from Canada after my studies.
- I added the documents of my dad's property and stated that it is being managed and monitored by my Brothers and I.
- I also added pics, docs and estimated value of cars & equipment for sale in my auto biz and stated that the funds from the sales will be easily accessible to me since I'll be the one to review and approve the sales.

These are the things I can remember right now and that should be all. Thank you for reading my longggggg PPR gist and timeline, I hope it'll be useful to others one way or the other. I wish everyone who is expecting a positive result soonest. I'll stay tuned to this thread and keep giving back to the community that helped me. With the massive amount of information I got here in just a few months, Omo! Travel agents got nothing on me ooh. Cheers!!!!!!!!![/quote]


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 1:54am On May 21, 2022
Maybe yours is been processed in Kenya. Mine is Philippines because i applied from korea

Very fast. I submitted May 8, upfront medical March 28, biometrics May 13th. Nothing has reflect on the portal.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 4:02am On May 20, 2022
Good news. My eligibility started today. I applied on the 14th of May, medical passed on the 17th and biometric on the 18th.

The process is fast� ( old portal )


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 1:49pm On May 18, 2022
I don't want to be among o.. i want mine approved in 10 days lol


That is how it should be... so relax. So long as it’s upfront medicals... it’s likely to be passed or do you want to be among those complaining about medicals?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 9:09am On May 18, 2022
Good morning gurus in the house... i submitted my visa application on 14th of May... did my biometric today ( completed ) . Am shocked how my medical passed so fast 3 days after i submitted lol. Am hoping for the best �


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 1:20pm On Apr 30, 2022
Please, after submission of visa application. How long does it take to be called for biometric?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 1:32pm On Apr 18, 2022

Calculate the year you clocked 18yrs so from then till after your education, which you will fill in as unemployed.

Thank you
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 10:53am On Apr 17, 2022
Education / Re: Transport University, Daura To Take Off In September 2022 by Nelson2k: 4:23am On Apr 12, 2022
This idiot didn't take transport university to his hometown he gave it to the hausa for presidential ambition

Transportation university is also located at his home town ubima

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Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi Declares Intention To Run For 2023 Presidency by Nelson2k: 5:11am On Apr 10, 2022
Hope he resigned before his presidential declaration?

Is not constitutional for him to resign. Court Ordered that the section be removed from the constitution. For now hr is still a minister and presidential aspirant
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 21 by Nelson2k: 4:44pm On Mar 19, 2022
Hey guys, Greetings everyone.

I recently got admission to university of Regina in Canada- Petroleum Systems Engineering. Please I wanna know, is there anyone presently attending the school or was given admission recently?... it would be really great to assist with certain informations; anyway you can.

Thanks you.

I applied for public administration but still on final review which takes 10 days for a decision. But i have admission from conestoga college already even paid for deposit but still waiting for university of regina decision. When did you apply? They are taking forever for admission which takes less than a month in korea

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