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Business / Re: First Bank Holding Confirms Femi Otedola As A Significant Shareholder by Neurotika: 12:53pm On Oct 24, 2021

If with N35b he can acquire 5% of the Bank's equity;
Since 5% X 20 squalls to 100%

It necessarily follows that the bank is worth:

N35b X 20, which is equal to:


35 billion unit of shares, not market value of 35 billion naira. He bought 1.8 billion units out of the total issued shares. You must know the current share price to know the market value of the company.

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Politics / Re: Bismarck Rewane: VP Osinbajo “Absolutely Correct” On Artificially Low Forex Rate by Neurotika: 3:51pm On Oct 13, 2021
Conflicting submissions. He inferred that the naira is overvalued and still went on to say the value should be 4 times stronger than what it is currently....makes no sense to me and perhaps we should be more careful with these "experts"....

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Warships Fire Missiles Near Japan ( Pics, Video) by Neurotika: 4:22pm On Oct 12, 2021
No one has a monopoly of violence...and no such thing as a victor in any 21st century war between heavyweights. I believe Russia is wise enough to know the basics.


Business / Re: Nigeria's FX Crisis: What You Should Know By Kingsley Moghalu by Neurotika: 8:18pm On Sep 21, 2021
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. He lost me when he opted for a free float system in a country with serious structural deficiencies militating against those invisible hands. Foreign debt overhang, inflation, market imperfection (speculation, collusive oligopoly especially in the parallel market), massive window for currency abitraging, bottlenecks in accessibility of FX at the official rate, interest rate, unilateral source of FX earnings, unfavourable balance of trade etc....cannot make such a system work in this peculiar situation. Hmmm, interesting times we live in....

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Politics / Re: NNPC Releases 2020 Audited Financial Statements by Neurotika: 9:58am On Sep 09, 2021
Hmmm how do you explain a gross loss increment of over 100% from 36.7b in 2019 to 81.1b in 2020 for the corporation. Even the dubious profit declared was due to the huge impairment reversal of over 400billion (with a vague disclosure to back it up). The level of inefficiency and waste in government owned parastatals is beyond comprehension.

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Religion / Re: Sexism Or Feminism? Which Is Worse? by Neurotika: 9:45am On Aug 15, 2021
Gone are the days women are treated as second class citizens...in today's reality they are more favoured than men. Men commits more suicide, have a higher mortality rate, records more depression, financial expectations and societal pressures...nearly 70% of divorce is initiated by women...the list is endless. At the end of the day, both genders are constantly embroiled in a battle of superiority with the females currently topping the charts.

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Alex: One Day, I Will Flog Children That Clean Cars In Traffic by Neurotika: 3:41pm On May 20, 2021
Of all the pressing problems of this country worth drawing Government's action to, this one chose hustling minors soiling her windscreen. Interesting times we live in....

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Politics / Re: Again, Ondo Amotekun ‘Deports’ 137 Northerners From State by Neurotika: 6:39am On May 05, 2021
This is no so wise thing to do. They hv broken tge law, prosecute them ad throw them in jail.

The process of prosecution and conviction involves some considerable amount of resources;manpower, financial etc. Why waste such on a sect with no significant impact on your indigenous development?. Besides, when they all have occupied most of the available jail cells, where will the locals be squeezed.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Is The Reason Why We Don't Have iPhone 9 (PICTURES) by Neurotika: 7:12am On Jan 28, 2021
Sèun osewa
Is 9-letters-word sad

Same as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.


Romance / Re: Save Me From Hell!!! by Neurotika: 8:53pm On Jan 23, 2021
All Gay's must die in 2021

I guess you're the Grim Reaper. undecided
Family / Re: Three Experiences That Make Me Think I'm Married To The Wrong Person by Neurotika: 10:43am On Jan 22, 2021
Marriage isn't for everyone. I read some comments and I've come to realize the modern wave of feminism blowing this generation has turned most of our men to masochists. They just marry. No substance, no true companionship, no deep understanding of each other, no love. To these weak dudes, women are doing them a favour by doing some basic crap men do everytime yet get no applause for. The op is fvcked already cos I don't see profound love in this home. You probably married cos of some self esteem issues or age considerations...now it's yours to deal with for the rest of your lives. All I know is that woman can never be your last recourse for any sort of emotional support. Your marriage is purely transactional. Deal with it.


Travel / Re: 10 Reasons Nigerian Immigrants Would Enjoy Canada by Neurotika: 9:27pm On Jan 04, 2021
On the flip side though, it's a fvcking boring country.

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Phones / Re: Who Uses Samsung Galaxy M30s Here? by Neurotika: 9:38am On Dec 27, 2020

Their is just a slight difference between M30s and M31 and M31 have an higher price with a 50k difference in price.

It makes more sense to go for m30s

34.43% more megapixels/camera quality, screen protection, wider aperture, latest version of Android, NFC, 150MBits/s (faster download), more RAM (if you're buying the 4gig version of m30s), shoots raw, supports ANT+, better hardware build (check YouTube for the stress test), accessibility of phone accessories/parts due to the phone being relatively less scarce in Nigeria than it's predecessor. Don't know about the price difference being 50k, but last I checked, it was around 30k thereabout. Nonetheless, I'll tell you for free; they aren't mates.
Phones / Re: Who Uses Samsung Galaxy M30s Here? by Neurotika: 5:57pm On Dec 25, 2020
Go for M31
Nairaland / General / Re: What Have You Lost Interest In? by Neurotika: 10:29pm On Dec 20, 2020
Health / Re: Covid19- London Put In Emergency Lockdown As U.K. Fights New Strain by Neurotika: 10:14am On Dec 20, 2020

What do you mean by the big pharmas not being economically motivated enough to find a cure for it? Do you think countries find it as fun to shut down their biggest economies. Other viral infections like HIV and Hepatitis have been existing for decades without a cure, it's Covid that's barely a year you expect a magical cure overnight. People like you think scientists are magicians, saying lockdown is an embarrassment to Science when they've been able to come up vaccines in the least possible time. What would you have Science do? Conjure a cure from thin air?

Dude relax and have an open mind...things aren't adding up. China was first hit with this and in few months they expunged it from their country. How? By locking people in their houses?...Go to the streets of Beijing now and you'll find majority walking freely without a face mask. Yet that's the country with one of the highest population density in the world. You really want to believe they haven't found a cure for it? Understand the dynamics of health economics before engaging in certain arguments. There are no strong patent laws in medicine and the imitation gap is very short. These big boys aren't charity organizations and the internationally present ones will normally be sluggish to spend billions of naira in research for a cure when the ROI isn't so enticing. Whichever angle anyone looks at it, the conclusion remains the same - things aren't adding up.
Health / Re: Covid19- London Put In Emergency Lockdown As U.K. Fights New Strain by Neurotika: 11:16pm On Dec 19, 2020
The regular adoption of locking people in their houses to reduce the spread is an embarrassment to science. It's either there's a political undertone to it all or the big pharmas aren't economically motivated enough to find a cure. The whole thing smells funny and I'm not eating it.


Car Talk / Re: Which Is More Stressful To Clean The Interior Or The Exterior Of A Car? by Neurotika: 1:31pm On Dec 10, 2020
For basic washing, exterior is more difficult cos of the tyres. The difficult part of interior is washing off the sands stuck in the rugs.


Crime / Re: Maryam Sanda's Death Sentence Affirmed By Court Of Appeal by Neurotika: 4:34pm On Dec 04, 2020
The anticipation of death is worse than death itself....

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Politics / Re: Dr. Betta Edu: "Build A Statue For Everyone Killed At Lekki Toll Gate" by Neurotika: 2:41pm On Oct 23, 2020
What happens to those killed in other locations?.
Crime / Re: #EndSARS: 17 Police Stations Burnt In Lagos – Police Spokesperson by Neurotika: 2:28pm On Oct 23, 2020
The monsters you fight against lives in most of you...

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Politics / Re: #endsars: Sporadic Shootings In Abuja As Soldiers Disperse Protesters by Neurotika: 10:23am On Oct 20, 2020
The protesters are as confused as the government. Of all the problems of this country, you singled out only SARS. Now when government answers that, you suddenly realize SARs isn't the only problem. Yet you want them to take you serious by constantly shifting the goal post. When the word revolution is called you'll call it political. "This is a start" is the usual rant...yet what's the assurance you'll get this opportunity again?. Nigeria's problem is deeply rooted in ALL the administrative structures designed by this corrupt and incompetent leaders. This should be the focus. And it goes beyond writing ambiguous words on placards. Men of integrity and competence needs to come together in their numbers and influence the system via elections. Imagine if all the people carrying placards all agree to a particular candidate in the upcoming elections. Imagine the broad impact this will have on the current system. The problems of this country is deeply rooted in the fundamentals and it's only an effective leader that can solve them. Treating symptoms of a disease won't get anyone anywhere. But then, you're all enjoying your rage so knock yourselves out....

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Family / Re: Can Someone Tell Me What Is Off With This Picture? by Neurotika: 12:21pm On Oct 16, 2020
Well, depends on what you mean by "off". Only thing I see here is just slight flaws in the drawing....the feeding bottle is bigger than the child's grip hence it's not logical the child is holding it in the first place....the man's right middle finger was also drawn awkwardly...

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Romance / Re: He Is Giving Cold Attitude by Neurotika: 9:46pm On Oct 07, 2020
I still don't see how she's "Manipulative" bro.

I've got no interest in teaching you semantics. Read up on the term if you wish, hopefully you'll comprehend better.


Romance / Re: He Is Giving Cold Attitude by Neurotika: 9:31pm On Oct 07, 2020
"The only mistake I made was that I forgot to tell my fiancé about the new development"

The young lady admitted to that very fact, so how's she manipulative?

We're free to criticize not "crucify"

Dude did you read what you typed up there? She agreed to the job offer which I'm sure took like probably 24 hours or more before she resumed there. In between this interval she would have spoken severally with the fiancé but she didn't remember she's gonna start work an "old male friend" gave her. She started the work, she still didn't remember where she was. Until the fiance made a video call to her she now remembered she didn't tell him. That's an enormous load of bulllshit.

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Romance / Re: He Is Giving Cold Attitude by Neurotika: 9:01pm On Oct 07, 2020
For someone you discuss with thrice daily, not to know about a major development such as you getting a new job shows the kinda woman you are....the context around it doesn't even look neat (old male friend, asking for money prior to it....). Narrowing it down to him being insensitive to your job needs shows how manipulative you are.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Finale: How Viewers Voted by Neurotika: 9:52pm On Sep 27, 2020
now that the show is over,i hope the stupid idiots always condemning the show will take the country forward.

I can't really tell your age but I can assume you're less than 30....or just a foool at 40. So I can understand your irrational exuberance. However time is of the essence and i really do hope you don't get old mixing up priorities. You'll be one of the national liabilities occupying unnecessary space. You call anyone that isn't a fan of BBN a stupid idiot and gives a snide allusion to their wasteful attempt to fix the country. An allusion merely entrenching your own worthless impact to your motherland. At least I agree with the whole point of your sarcasm...the existence of your lot in mammoth numbers is enough to draw a gloomy conclusion of the future of this country.


Education / Re: School Birthday Will Make Your Child Greedy by Neurotika: 6:15pm On Sep 24, 2020
Education / Re: School Birthday Will Make Your Child Greedy by Neurotika: 6:01pm On Sep 24, 2020
I'm yet to understand how an expensive gift will affect your child's education...the other reason you stated there is pure gibberish

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija Housemates Nominated For Eviction in Week 9 by Neurotika: 10:20pm On Sep 14, 2020
I don't know mahn but it's obvious the youths of this godamn country has lost it. I get the relaxation angle to the whole stuff and to each his own but c'mon, how do you fuckin make your whole reality about that?. You think, talk, shit BBN. We can do better honestly. Balance your life...Read up something edifying, travel, meet people, learn. And stop wasting your lives on TV and those damn keypads. Alot is happening out there mate. Be a player not a fuckin spectator!


Romance / Re: Help! Help!! Help!!! I Can't Sleep At Night by Neurotika: 11:00am On Sep 03, 2020
You aren't alone.

Use this 1 hour to 1.30min before going to bed. Thank me later.

Sports / Re: Barcelona sacks Head Coach, Quique Setien by Neurotika: 6:51am On Aug 17, 2020
Dead horse theory....The entire squad has outlived their relevance in modern football. For starters, Messi should be sold off asap. Same was done to Ronaldinho. Centering the team's strategy around a saturated oldie is ridiculous.

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